Four-Year Search for Missing Flight MH370 to End Soon

The Boeing 777 airliner vanished en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in March 2014 with 239 people aboard.

The initial search for the plane, coordinated by Malaysia, China and Australia, was called off in early January 2017 after the three-year investigation was unsuccessful at explaining what happened to the doomed flight.

So far, the only evidence of the jet is debris collected from Indian Ocean islands and on the east coast of Africa. At least three plane parts found have been confirmed as coming from the missing plane.

In October, Malaysia’s Civil Aviation Department announced that it had hired Ocean Infinity, a Texas-based seabed exploration firm, to search for MH370 on a “No Find, No Fee” basis.

Ocean Infinity started a new search for MH370 January 22. The company allotted 90 search days to look for the plane, which have been scattered over several months due to bad weather. However, that will all come to an end on May 29.

Several theories have emerged over what could have happened to the ill-fated plane.

On a episode of “60 Minutes Australia” last week, a panel of aviation experts accused the pilot, 53-year-old Zaharie Ahmad Shah, of purposefully killing the 239 people aboard in a murder-suicide.

In 2016, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull similarly speculated that it was “very likely that the captain planned this shocking event.”

However, on Tuesday, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) defended its claims to the contrary: that the plane was out of control before it crashed and it was, therefore, an accident.

During a Tuesday parliamentary hearing in Canberra, Australia, ATSB Chief Technical Officer Peter Foley, who led the organization’s search for the missing plane, said, “I can say with great confidence that we considered every piece of evidence that we had at the time in an unbiased fashion.”

“We have quite a bit of data to tell us that the aircraft, if it was being controlled at the end, it wasn’t very successfully being controlled,” Foley said.

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How A Google Search Doesn't Really Give Us What We're Looking For

I have some ideas about how we are not being granted our natural rights and freedoms, and how we may be inadvertently authorizing our own enslavement. I wanted to get a handle on what it meant to become a ‘Sovereign Citizen,’ and what arguments can be made in favour of this concept. I hope to try to simplify the concepts and present them in a cohesive manner, as it relates to us taking back our power and sovereignty as a collective.

Search Results

But as I read carefully through the content of my search results, and got a growing conviction that I would not easily find what I was looking for, it slowly got me thinking of writing a different article first—THIS article. Here is what I got on the first page of my search:

Wikipedia: Referencing Forbes writer J. J. McNab, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the FBI as primary sources

The Southern Poverty Law Center: ‘The strange subculture of the sovereign citizens movement, whose adherents hold truly bizarre, complex antigovernment beliefs…’

The FBI: ‘Today, we look at a third threat—the “sovereign citizen” extremist movement.’ (regarding terrorism)

Vox: Title: ‘Why some far-right extremists think red ink can force the government to give them millions’, referencing The Southern Poverty Law Center and the FBI as expert sources.

CTV News: Title: ‘Canada’s sovereign citizen movement growing, officials warn’

RationWiki: Sovereign Citizens’ beliefs are ‘based on idiosyncratic readings of the Declaration of Independenceand Bill of Rights.’

CBS News: ‘a movement the FBI now considers one of the nation’s top domestic terror threats.’

Forbes: ‘They generally entered the movement by buying into a scam or conspiracy theory that not only promised them a quick fix to their problems, but wrapped such solutions in a heavy layer of revolutionary rhetoric.’

The Anti-Defamation League: ‘The key distinguishing characteristic of the sovereign citizen movement is its extreme anti-government ideology, couched in conspiratorial, pseudohistorical, pseudolegal and sometimes racist language.’

PoliceOne: ‘The threat to officer safety posed by sovereign citizens is well known.’

Lol. And here I thought that doing a Google search on ‘Sovereign Citizen’s Movement’ would give me, oh, maybe, the ‘Sovereign Citizen’s Movement’ website? No such luck.

Nowhere In Sight

Things didn’t get much better on pages 2, 3 or 4 either, with ‘Cop Killer’ the most prevalent meme from a cursory scan of headlines. So I tried ‘Sovereign Citizens Movement Website.’ Same exact results as above. I finally found a Facebook link on page 3. Going onto the Facebook site, I noticed the last post was from January 2015, and there was a link to a chintzy website which was entitled ‘Sovereign Citizens American Liberty Merchandise’.

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Search for missing children in California crash continues amid new evidence

“I’m to the point where I’m no longer calling it an accident,” said a Mendocino County Sheriff. “I’m calling it a crime.”

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Why We Use The Search For Love To Escape Ourselves

By  , Lonerwolf


Most people want love. The craving for approval and affection from others is embedded into our DNA. There’s probably nothing else on earth (other than the survival instinct) that is as strong and primal as the longing for love.

We need to belong. We NEED to feel loved. This is all normal. It’s a wonderfully exciting and ecstatic quest that we all walk sooner or later.

But what happens when our search for love becomes tainted with unconscious motives? What happens when our search for love comes from a place of avoidance and fear?

The answer: we suffer. But we don’t just experience garden-variety-type-suffering, we go through cyclical suffering, meaning that we repeat the same toxic patterns over and over again. In other words, when the love we have obtained doesn’t distract us from ourselves enough, we jump ship. We break up. We divorce. We try to find someone new who will fill that hole inside of us. We get bored or scared. We leave. Then the cycle starts again.


One of the simplest reasons why we use the search for love to escape ourselves is simply because that’s how we were programmed as children.

Growing up, we were conditioned to believe that romantic love was the greatest pursuit of life. From the tender age of two or three, we were read fairy tales that depicted princess and princesses falling in love and eventually getting married. How many times do you remember the sentence, “…and they lived happily ever after”? These beliefs surrounding romantic love were deeply ingrained in our fragile young minds. (Hell, I even have drawings from the age of 5 of kings and queens getting married.)

As we grew up, the idea that the search for love is the Purpose of Life was reinforced by Hollywood films, books, magazines, pop songs, and even self-improvement workshops – and every day it continues to be bolstered by social media, Hollywood, and the people around us.

Can you see why so many of us fall into the trap of using love as a form of escapism? We were virtually brainwashed as children to see it as the only path to happiness and fulfilment.

The second reason why we use love as a drug to numb and avoid our pain is that the high of falling in love is incomparable. It is pure ecstasy – and much better + long lasting than the drug variety. Life suddenly feels magical and awe-inspiring again. Anything feels possible. Tidal waves of joy wash over you. You feel warm, tingly, elevated, and drunk all at once. Optimism replaces your negative outlook on life – you feel like a new person!

Falling in love is an amazingly transcendental adventure. It is a great blessing to experience something so pure and sacred. So how can such an experience become corrupted? The answer is that our motivations sully the experience. And remember that we aren’t always conscious of our motivations.

When finding love is used as a way of escaping ourselves, it becomes more like a drug to numb our pain, rather than a spiritual journey. The experience is cheapened as conditions are placed upon the relationship in order for it to work. The dominant unspoken condition is: “You must make me happy and distract me enough from my pain and emptiness in order for this to work.” When this condition isn’t met consistently, the relationship begins to sour, decompose, and break apart.

We humans are quite resourceful when it comes to escaping our inner sorrow, rage, loneliness, and emptiness. Virtually anything – so long as it keeps us distracted – can be used to bypassing facing and overcoming this suffering. Popular examples include food, TV, gossip, drama, sex, partying, workaholism, social entanglements, and of course, drugs and alcohol. But perhaps most dazzling of all is the pursuit of love.

What better way to distract yourself and fill the void inside of you than chasing after your soulmate? It is a quest that promises to give you a “happily ever after” (and therefore solve all of your problems) – not to mention it’s so damn exciting and a million times better than a telenovela. Oh, and there’s no stigma attached to using love as your form of escapism, unlike drugs. So you get the social approval as well. How convenient.


I’m a person who values truth. I hope you do too. The thing about truth is that it can hurt badly. So if you have gotten a stinging reaction to this article, please take the time to reflect on what that reaction truly means on a deep level.

Love is a touchy topic, and many people prefer to live in a fantasy land rather than in reality – which I understand. But love doesn’t need to be used as a form of escapism for it to be intoxicating and profoundly life-changing. In fact, if you are genuinely wanting to experience authentic and mature love, I recommend ruminating on the topic of this article. Ask yourself, “Am I using the search for love to escape myself?” Be proud of yourself for taking this courageous step. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to love (and basically everything in life).

Signs that you’re using the search for love to escape yourself include the following:

  • You believe that you’re “not complete” without a romantic partner/soulmate/twin flame
  • You can’t cope with being alone or spending time by yourself
  • You are a Relationship Hopper: you jump from one relationship to another quickly
  • Your life centres around the pursuit of finding your One True Love
  • All of your personal hopes and dreams are wound up in your search for love
  • On some level, you believe that the Perfect relationship will solve all of your problems
  • You have had very dramatic and stormy relationships in the past
  • You feel a looming/subtle sense of anxiety and endangerment in your relationships
  • You want a deep and soulful relationship, but you always somehow end up with shallow/surface partners
  • You consider yourself a Romantic or an Idealist (or both)

Why did I choose these signs? If you are using the search for love as an escape you will be driven by romantic idealism and the belief that your One True Love will complete you. This is a fallacy because it makes your self-esteem, self-worth, and happiness dependent on another person, making you feel a sense of constant underlying anxiety and endangerment. A sense of wholeness can and must be found only within yourself, not within another.

Once you do find a partner, you will attract a person who fulfils your unconscious need to escape and numb yourself. But because your relationship is based on this unspoken desire, once it stops fulfilling this function, it quickly begins to disintegrate, leaving you heartbroken. Because you feel empty or alone inside, you can’t stand being by yourself, so you will hop onto another relationship, and another, and another, leaving you exhausted.

Sound like a familiar pattern?


When your search for love is driven by the unconscious motives of escaping or numbing your inner pain/emptiness, you will always be unhappy. After a while, you might even give up hope of everhaving a satisfying relationship. Worst of all, you might become a cynic and declare that romantic love is pointless or not for you.

In order to carefully remove yourself from this sticky web of suffering, you have to, first and foremost, be self-aware. You must clearly and honestly OWN this as your issue that must be worked through. There can be no growth or progression without this first step. A similar rule applies for addicts: in order to heal, you must first get over the denial stage and agree that there is a serious issue.

Love, in a way, can become an addiction. Yes, it is a socially approved addiction, but it is an addiction nonetheless. And we all know what addiction does to your life: it can quickly turn it into a living hell.

If you think you might be struggling with love escapism, here are some steps you can take to experience a deep, authentic, and genuinely magical relationship:


Understand that chasing love only creates more frustration and hopelessness. Really try to understand this concept and dig your teeth into it. Chasing happiness creates suffering. I wrote more about this topic in this article about surrender.


It is very difficult to just stop doing something you’re habitually inclined to do, cold turkey. In order to temporarily prevent yourself from relapsing into old habits, find something else to distract yourself with or pursue. Healthy forms of escapism may include learning a new skill, creating goals, and pursuing new hobbies such art and craft, cooking, reading, blogging, vlogging, dressmaking, tarot, animal rearing, gardening, yoga, tai chi, martial arts, travelling, veganism, horse riding – you name it. Find something you are interested in or passionate about and channel your energy towards learning about and mastering it. To help you set new habits, I strongly recommend reading The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.


Spend time thinking about what feeling or state of being you’re trying to avoid. Go as deep as you can. For example, you might think you’re trying to avoid boredom, but if you go even deeper, you might find that what you really afraid of is loneliness. Or you might think that you’re afraid of being lonely, but what you’re really afraid of is emptiness and disconnection from your Soul. Common things people run away from include self-loathing and poor self-esteem, heartbreak, grief, depression, fear, anger, loneliness, and emptiness. Creatively expressing these thoughts and emotions will not only serve as a form of emotional catharsis but also a way to experience more clarity. I recommend journalling and art therapy as a way of diving into your innerscape.


Facing and embracing your demons is what I call Shadow Work – it is about coming in contact with that darker and hidden side of yourself which you would normally prefer to avoid completely. Once you have discovered what your greatest fear is, there are only two paths. The first path is to willfully avoid facing your fear (and continue suffering). The second path is to courageously face your fear (and eventually experience freedom). Mind you, Shadow Work is not for the faint of heart. You must seriously commit to this work, but it’s OK to take breaks. Sol and I have written numerous articles on Shadow Work which will help you out. Here are some you might like to start with:


Instead of chasing love, let it come to you when the time is right. The Universe can’t be forced or manipulated into giving you what you want. Be humble and let go of the need for control. Your soulmate/twin flame will come when the time is right, and not a moment sooner. But although you can’t control when your beloved will appear in your life, you can control how receptive and open you will be to such a meeting. I will explore that next …


Would you like to meet your soulmate/twin flame and have a happy and fulfilling relationship? The best way to be open to this experience is by learning how to love and respect yourself. When your love quest is motivated by unconscious fear or self-loathing, your relationship will inevitably be tainted. But when you already feel confident and secure within yourself, then your relationship is more likely to be rich and rewarding. Why? The answer is that you are not relying on your partner for validation or self-worth: you already possess these qualities. So learn how to be whole and complete by yourself, and your joy will be doubled when you meet your beloved – not out of quiet desperation – but out of the sheer delight of sharing your life with another.


Break free from the societal conditioning which makes you believe that your self-worth, fulfilment, and fundamental wholeness is based on whether you’re in a relationship or not. Learn to love being alone. Enjoy your own company. Explore who you are. Do some soul-searching. You don’t need another person to fulfil you. As a person who has found their twin flame and is in a wonderfully strong relationship, I can tell you that your partner will not fulfil you. Only you can fulfil you. Your Soul is already complete. You just need to break through the obstacles of the ego to realize that. Romantic partners can be our companions, confidants, best friends, lovers, and so much more, but they do not complete us. Such a mentality only creates profound unhappiness and confusion. If you want to experience the reality that you are already complete yourself, I highly recommend that you seek out a shaman and try plant medicine such as san pedro, psilocybin mushrooms, or ayahuasca. Plant medicine is a doorway into the Divine and a portal into the Soul. (But please ensure that you’re mentally stable before consuming it. Plant medicine is not something to be trifled with!)

To distil the message of this article: become self-aware. Are you using the search for love to escape yourself? If so, I strongly recommend using the advice in this article to liberate yourself. Deep and soulful relationships need a strong foundation, and the only way you can achieve that is by learning to face your fears, enjoy being alone, and love the person you are.

I hope these words have inspired you to look deeper and cut through the invisible bonds of enslavement to the idea that you must find love to be happy. You can most certainly be happy alone. And relationships are a delightful bonus.

Image Featured/Credit: Pixabay

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Treasure hunters and FBI search for lost Civil War gold in Pennsylvania

A story that $55 million in Union gold was lost during the Civil War has long been dismissed as a myth — but this week, a team of FBI agents joined the search in rural Pennsylvania.

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Google Caught Red-Handed Censoring Search Results Asking Questions About Parkland Shooting


Google may be the world’s most popular search engine, but it has also been the subject of a number of accusations in recent years that it is purposefully censoring searches and influencing results. In the case of search results related to the Parkland shooting, that alleged influence is becoming even more apparent.

This week, the staff at The Free Thought Project began testing various keywords related to the Parkland shooting on different search engines, and we noticed that if our search terms were controversial, the first page of Google results was filled with entirely different information than the other search engines. The information showed on Google was often not relevant to our search, and the results always seemed to support the official narrative.

The most striking of these results came when we searched for the words “girl says 3 shooters parkland,” expecting the news footage of an eyewitness from the school saying that there were multiple shooters.

On Google this video did not come up, nor did any articles about the statement that the student made to the news, despite the fact that our search was extremely specific. Don’t be fooled by the top article “Calling B.S in Parkland, Florida,” it is an op-ed promoting gun control.

Oddly enough, when we searched for the same keywords on Yahoo, Bing or Duck Duck Go, each search engine brought up exactly what we were seeking. Try this experiment yourself and see what you come up with. It does not just have to be for this story—if you find other stories and search terms that Google appears to be suppressing, let us know. Below are screenshots from Duck Duck Go and Bing. We did not post Yahoo because their results were identical to Bing.

Google became the most popular search engine on the web because it connected people with the links that were close to their searches while offering up a wide variety of different sources. But now it is obviously far past time to move onto more trusted platforms.

In the early days of the internet, search engines and service providers like youtube acted as a gateway to the world. But over the years the most powerful of these companies have increasingly begun to act as gatekeepers, caving into pressure from the government.

In the last two years, censorship on the internet has been brought to an all-time high, thanks to “fake news” hysteria and a consistent campaign from the mainstream media to silence dissenting voices during times of tragedy when the official story has come into question—like the recent shootings in Las Vegas or Parkland.

Instead of investigating stories and asking tough questions, the mainstream media simply regurgitate press releases from police and government agencies. Before the internet gave birth to the alternative media there was only one side to every news story, the official narrative, and for the most part, everyone believed it. Even if news outlets have partisan disagreements about politics, they always sell the basic version of reality, especially when it comes to questioning information handed down from those in authority.

As the alternative media has grown in size and relevance in recent years, there has become a wide range of perspectives for people to choose from, and there is no longer just one side to the story when large news events happen. Now there are many different investigations and theories behind every event—from the brilliant to the insane—leaving it up to the reader to use their own critical thinking when reading this news.

Critics see this as some type of breakdown of reality, where everyone just adopts whatever version of the world that suits their needs. While this is a legitimate problem that does happen to some extent—in the case of online echo chambers and actual fake news—these things are far less dangerous than allowing an all-powerful media cartel to think for us.

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Swedish rights groups up in arms over Google’s ‘anti-Semitic’ search results



Google has been blasted for producing links to anti-Semitic blogs and a notorious neo-Nazi website as top search results relating to the Holocaust or Jews in Sweden. The tech giant has been branded “repulsive” over the debacle.

Searches for the website of the infamous Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM), a Nazi group which repeatedly praised Adolf Hitler and gave lectures about Nazi Germany, appeared as news, Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter found.

When Googling for the Holocaust, users were directed to an anti-Semitic blog post containing detailed information on a number of Swedish Jews, including their names, occupation and even pictures. Dozens are described in a humiliating and derogatory manner.

The Swedish Committee Against Anti-Semitism compared the blog post to Nazi lists containing Jewish names before World War II. “This list is one of an old classical tradition, that Nazis and anti-Semites prepare so when the political climate changes they know who to pick, who to send away, who to kill,” the committee’s chair, Svante Weyler, told the Swedish daily Expressen.

According to the outlet, Google owned-YouTube also allowed NRM to share a video of its member, Bo Nilsson, on the video sharing site. Nilsson was convicted of inciting hatred against minorities in the footage, which has since been removed.

Described as a National Socialist organization, which is also active in Finland, Norway and Denmark, the NRM has a history of marches that end in clashes with police arrests. Despite criticism, however, the group registered as a political party in 2015.

Google has been lambasted by politicians and human rights groups. Search engines are letting illegal material stay, but Sweden can’t allow it, Swedish Justice Minister Morgan Johansson told SVT broadcaster. “We have freedom of opinion. But Nazism is not an opinion, it’s a crime against humanity,” Johansson said.

The Swedish Committee Against Anti-Semitism said: “The fact that Google wishes to be associated with the type of list used by Nazis and neo-Nazis to locate Jews prior to and following the Second World War is as incomprehensible as it is repulsive,” it said on Friday.

The ‘Nazi hunting’ Simon Wiesenthal Center, which documents the crimes of the Holocaust and continued hatred towards Jews, has said it wants “to investigate Google for anti-Semitic content.”

“It’s extremely worrying,” Rabbi Abraham Cooper said. “We would like to look at this material on the Swedish end where Google has failed to act, and if we agree, we will add our voice directly to those companies.”

Google, meanwhile, has promised to remove all offensive content and comments that violate Google’s policies. “Sometimes search results that both we and users find offensive can show up. But there are also concerns about suppressing material based on personal opinion,” Google Sweden wrote on Twitter, “We must, like everyone else, comply with the law.”

As of Tuesday, Google searches for ‘Holocaust’ or ‘Jews in Sweden’ doesn’t show any anti-Semitic results.

This is not the first time the digital giant has experienced such criticism. Back in 2016 a Jewish heritage museum slammed Google over its search engine hits, accusing it of profiting from Holocaust denial. The search giant accepted money from the museum to stop a neo-Nazi website from appearing at the top of the results.

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Cops Rip Out Innocent Woman’s Tampon, Vaginally Search Her in PUBLIC—To Look for Drugs


San Antonio, TX — A disturbing lawsuit was filed this month in federal court detailing a horrifying nightmare endured by an innocent woman at the hands of San Antonio police. The victim, Natalie D. Simms had her tampon pulled out by police who then conducted a vaginal cavity search—in public—all to search for non-existent drugs.

In 2016, Natalie Simms had done nothing wrong, she had harmed no one, and had committed no crime when she was approached by San Antonio’s finest who had a hunch that she might have an illegal substance.

She had no such substance.

In spite of being completely innocent, Simms was approached by a male cop as she waited for her boyfriend who then demanded to search her car. Simms consented to the search and nothing was found. Continuing to rely on a hunch, the male cop called in a female officer to search Simms. Officer Mara Wilson responded and this normal police harassment then turned into a nightmare.

The entire horrific scene was captured on the officer’s body camera as those who are sworn to protect proceeded to violate an innocent woman on a public sidewalk in the most depraved manner.

While the body camera has yet to be released publicly, the lawsuit release portions of the conversation. They are documented below.

Wilson: Stand up straight. Kind of lean back a little bit. (Inaudible) This
is — these are shorts? Oh, it’s a skirt-short?

Simms: Yes.

Wilson: Oh, hell. Okay. Look straight ahead, okay. Spread your legs. I’m
gonna ask you, do you have anything down here before I reach down here?

Simms: No. I don’t have nothing in my –.

Wilson: Okay.

According to the lawsuit, the officer assured Simms that she would not “reach” and, instead, “just look,” however, Simms kept flinching as she was being violated in public.

Wilson: Uh-huh. Are you wearing a tampon, too?

Simms: Yes.

Wilson: Okay. I just want to make sure that’s what it is. Is that a tampon?

Simms: Come on. Yes.

Wilson: Huh? Is that a tampon?

Simms: It’s full of blood, right? Why would you do that?

In her futile attempt to catch Simms with an arbitrary substance deemed illegal by the state, this officer pulled out an innocent woman’s tampon and proceeded to penetrate her vaginally. All of this was done without Simms’ consent as she repeatedly protested.

The entire time, Simms was pleading with the officer, trying to tell her that she had nothing on her. But this vile public servant continued to violate her, all the while sarcastically degrading and mocking her victim.

After the officer raped Simms, she then forced her to turn around in an attempt to do the same thing anally.

According to the lawsuit, “Wilson had violated Natalie vaginally, and now it appeared that she might violate Natalie anally. She was doing so without a warrant, with no medical personnel present, and on a public street in view of several people as well as those passing by. Officer Wilson continued to reach down in a manner indicating that she intended to search between Natalie’s buttocks and potentially engage in an anal cavity search. Natalie, in her continued shock and protest, responded.”

Simms: Why are you searching me like that out here?

Wilson: I have to check your back, because —

Simms: No. We can go to the station to do that.

Wilson: I ain’t going nowhere. I’m gonna search you right here.

Simms: But, Miss, this is like in public. Come on now. You already pulled the tampon out.

Wilson: Yeah, I know, but turn around.

After this entirely innocent woman had been publicly raped by a female officer who mocked her the entire time as five male officers watched, Simms was told she was free to go.

During the entire search, Wilson continued to assure Simms that she had nothing to worry about as long as she didn’t possess any illegal substances. Would officer Wilson agree to be publicly raped in the same manner if she didn’t have any illegal substances on her?

As the lawsuit points out “If Officer Wilson’s assertion were true, members of the public could be searched by police officers, at will, in malls, theaters, shopping centers, and grocery stores, and even the tourist-busy San Antonio River Walk, and the searches could include body cavity searches. As long as such citizens had no illegal contraband on them, according to Officer Wilson, they should have nothing to worry about regarding body cavity searches.”

Wilson is wrong, however, and her practice was and is entirely illegal and a violation of Simms’ constitutional rights.

Wilson would later admit to removing the innocent woman’s tampon in court, telling a detective she was “searching everything” and had to literally rape this innocent woman because she “just wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything in there.”

For admitting to publicly raping an innocent woman on the side of the road as strangers watched, officer Wilson faced no charges and was allowed to quietly retire last year.

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In search of peace at the MSC

The compass needle still points towards confrontation. For this very reason: More support for the voices of peace!, by Karl Müller / Switzerland in dialogue with Russia Duma Members of Parliament visit Berne, by Eva-Maria Föllmer-Müller / A voice for peace with Russia / Nothing but NATO parties are running for elections, by Manlio Dinucci / Why the Swiss sovereign would hardly agree to an institutional framework agreement with the EU, by Marianne Wüthrich / New referendum on direct democracy started Government to remember election promises, from the editors of the Austrian “Wegwarte” / Austria is a democratic republic.. Its law emanates from the people. A new parliamentary citizens’ initiative / The think tanks lodge themselves in the heart of the state. Expert networks try to paralyse all and any resistance to neo-liberal dogma, by Dostena Anguelova and Roland Gori / Strengthening human education and community or consolidating power strategies and neoliberal economy? / Resistance to non-transparent governance in the education system, by Urs Kalberer / Pressure to perform and selection of the gifted instead of kindergarten?, by Felice Pensatore / Civic cooperatives – for the intergenerational cohesion in the community. “Bürger helfen Bürgern e.V.” (Citizens help citizens , registered charity), the civic cooperative Weingarten, by Heinz Schammert / Events of the cooperative Zeit-Fragen/Current Concerns
on the Leipzig Book Fair.

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Why The Search For Sasquatch Is So Important

Next Story

Bigfoot is a household name and is even known by different names (Sasquatch, the Yeti, and the Skunk Ape, for example), but he or she is just a myth, according to almost anyone you ask. Even most UFO, alien, and paranormal researchers can’t seem to find the time or patience to properly cover Bigfoot.

So, Bigfoot sticks around as a likeable storybook character, but nothing more.

However, there are many reasons that Bigfoot, and other cryptids like unicorns, fairies, and the Loch Ness monster, should be talked about in the same way that UFOs, aliens, and other more serious fringe topics are revered.

“Legend of Bigfoot” oddities store in Northern California. Photo credit: Amit Patel,

If learning about a mystical, ape-like cryptid doesn’t seem worthwhile to you, here are some reasons to take the Sasquatch seriously… seriously.

Bigfoot Helps Us Make New Discoveries

Since 1930, hundreds of new species of animals have been discovered, 17 of them large animals –  a new species of orangutan was discovered as recently as 2017! In fact, over the years many mythological creatures have turned out to be real, including the giant squid. The search for new lifeforms is not just happening in outer space, but also right here on planet Earth. By following the evidence for Bigfoot, many cryptozoologists have found evidence for real animals, too, including bears and apes.

Painting of Giant Squid attacking ship by Pierre de Montfort, 1801

And who knows? Maybe one of these days someone will find hard evidence of an actual Bigfoot.

 The Witnesses Are Telling The Truth

The thing that most Bigfoot witnesses have in common is the location of their Bigfoot sighting, often rural secluded areas like the woods, swampland, or the mountains – not the promise of money, attention, or fame. Although “Bigfoot” may be a misnomer, witnesses of the elusive Sasquatch range from modern-day mothers of two to Native Americans tribes that have passed down stories of the large, hairy, and peaceful creature for centuries.

It is unlikely that so many credible eyewitnesses are lying since it’s not in a person’s best interest to associate themselves with Bigfoot.

Instead of the “missing link” between human and ape evolution, Bigfoot could be the “missing link” between dimensional and inter-dimensional evolution.

In addition to eyewitness accounts of Bigfoot inexplicably disappearing into thin air, there have also been accounts of Bigfoot showing up right after a UFO sighting. These cases have led many researchers to believe that Bigfoot could be an alien or ghost-like inter-dimensional entity that may even be able to teleport. It is worthwhile for alternative researchers to take a good look at Bigfoot evidence.

Ronan Coghlan is one of those researchers. The paranormal author and researcher stated in an interview that if there are “worm-holes on Earth, it would be quite easy for anything to come through, like a Bigfoot, and it’s quite possible any number of anomalous creatures could find their way through from time to time… That would tend to indicate there’s a worm-hole in the vicinity; such as Point Pleasant, West Virginia, where the Mothman was seen.” As sci-fi as this sounds, the concept of a “wormhole” has been debated by mainstream scientists since the 1920s.

An Open Mind Is A Healthy Mind.

Imagining that Bigfoot, unicorns, and the Loch Ness monster are real is a healthy activity for your brain. Practicing open-mindedness helps a person to avoid dangerous patterns of “groupthink” as well as maintain a positive attitude and high energy level in day-to-day life.

So, the next time someone jokes about Bigfoot at a party, be polite and laugh, but then ask the room if anyone has ever seen Bigfoot. You may be surprised by the serious conversation you started.

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