The Florida Officer Is Not Alone—5 Times School Cops Hurt Kids—While Refusing to Help Them


As several of the students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School call for gun control to prevent future mass shootings, the sheriff in Broward Country has revealed that the deputy who was stationed at the school failed to intervene and instead chose to cower outside while a gunman shot and killed 17 people inside.

While the actions of this one officer have shocked and angered many, the fact is that he is not alone. He may be one of the few officers who would choose to spare his own life while an active shooter killed innocent students, but he is far from the first officer whose actions hurt and traumatized the students he was assigned to protect.

Here are five times police officers assigned to schools hurt their students, instead of helping them:

1. A School Security Officer was Caught On Video Assaulting a Handcuffed Student with Cerebral Palsy in a Wheelchair in Oakland, California

Former School Security Officer Marchell Mitchell was pushing a handicapped student to class when he began assaulting the student in the hallway, as shown on security cameras in May 2014. Francisco Martinez had cerebral palsy and was confined to a wheelchair, and although Mitchell should have been aware that the student’s condition may require additional patience from the officer, he gave the opposite response.

When Martinez reportedly slapped Mitchell’s hand, the officer responded by handcuffing the student and unleashing a fury of punches that knocked Martinez out of his wheelchair and onto the floor. Following the assault, Mitchell lost his job, was convicted of felony assault, and was sentenced to five years of probation.

2. A School Resource Officer Was Caught On Video Assaulting a Student for Wearing the Wrong Uniform in Baltimore, Maryland

A school resource officer was caught on camera repeatedly slapping and kicking a 16-year-old student in March 2016 for the crime of wearing the wrong uniform to school. Officers accused the boy of “trespassing” on school grounds, but the school later confirmed that he was enrolled as a student, and he had just worn the wrong uniform.

While the actions of officer Anthony Spence may seem extreme, given the fact that the student did not appear to be a threat to him or anyone else, it should be noted that Spence was previously fired from his job as a Baltimore Sheriff’s deputy for the use of excessive force, and he arguably should never have had access to children.

3. A School Resource Officer Was Caught On Video Violently Slamming a Female Student To The Ground and Then Arresting Her in La Mesa, California

At least two men stood by and did nothing as they watched a school resource officer grab a 17-year-old girl and violently slam her onto the ground before putting her in handcuffs. While the department supported the actions of the officer and insisted that he was following through on the request from teachers to escort the girl out of class, fellow students claimed there was more to the story.

A family friend said that the girl asked to be excused from class because she did not feel well, and the teacher responded by accusing her of “being on drugs,” forcefully searching her backpack for illegal substances, and then attempting to send her to in-school suspension when she found pepper spray in the girl’s backpack.

4. A School Resource Officer was Caught On Video Violently Assaulting a Female Student While Removing Her from Class in Richland County, South Carolina

A school resource officer resorted to assault when he attempted to intervene after a teacher claimed that she asked one of her female students to leave the classroom in October 2015. While there were no reports of the girl becoming aggressive, violent or combative, the officer is seen on video grabbing the student, placing her in a headlock, flipping her backward and then throwing her to the ground and dragging her several feet.

Despite the fact that the cellphone footage of the assault went viral, the only people who faced disciplinary action for their roles in the attack were the girl who was assaulted by the officer, and the classmate who was courageous enough to film it.

5. A School Security Officer Was Caught on Video Choking, Assaulting Female Students in Corpus Christi, Texas 

When two middle school girls got into a fight in the schoolyard last week, they were apprehended by a school security guard who arguably did more physical damage to them than they would have done to each other.

The guard was caught on video attacking both the girls who were taking part in the fight, and a third girl who attempted to intervene. He even put his hand on one girl’s throat, forcing her to the ground with all of his weight, and then put his knee on her throat before forcefully flipping her over. It is not clear yet whether the officer will face charges for the assault.

All of the incidents mentioned above received attention because they were caught on video. While the clear evidence does not guarantee that the offending officers face consequences for their actions, it does serve as a reminder that there are a number of incidences that are not caught on camera.

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Step inside the Texas school district that already arms its teachers

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Charter School Chain Founder Michael Feinberg Fired Over Sexual Abuse Claim

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Cop Suspended As Video Shows He Cowered in Fear as Shooter Slaughtered Kids in The School


Parkland, FL — Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, during a press conference on Thursday, announced that he has suspended the deputy who was responsible for “protecting” Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after surveillance video showed that he cowered outside of the building instead of using his weapon to engage the shooter.

The deputy in question, Scot Peterson chose to resign Thursday as a result of being exposed.

“I am devastated,” Israel said. “Sick to my stomach. He never went in.”

According to Broward, who described what happened, Peterson remained outside of the building while Cruz was inside slaughtering defenseless students.

According to the Miami Herald,

A review of surveillance video showed that the deputy was in position and armed but never entered the building. He remained stationed outside the building while the shooting went on.

Israel said Peterson should have “Went in. Addressed the killer. Killed the killer.”

He said the video was part of the investigation and Israel said it may never be released.

What’s more, two other deputies have been suspended for their failure as well. As the Miami Herald notes, Israel said two other deputies, Edward Eason and Guntis Treijs are also under investigation and have been put on “restrictive duty.”

Exactly what these deputies did in regards to the shooting remains a mystery. However, as TFTP has reported, police were warned at least 20 times about Cruz making death threats to other students and they did nothing.

Everything that was supposed to prevent this tragedy from happening was in place and unfolded as it was designed to do. Nikolas Cruz was reported to the FBI by citizens for publicly declaring that he wanted to become a “Professional School Shooter.” However, the FBI apparently chose not to act on that information.

All the police state measures of see something say something happened ‘correctly’, armed police on school campuses happened ‘correctly’, and even the shooter himself publicly claimed that he was going to carry out this atrocity months before doing it—yet it still happened.

As TFTP previously reported, seven months ago, Cruz wrote, “I am going to kill law enforcement one day they go after the good people,” in the comments section of a video clip from the NatGeo show “Alaska State Troopers: Armed and Dangerous” that was posted on YouTube.

Then six months ago, he commented on a YouTube video titled, “Antifa Gun Club,” writing, “Im going watch them sheep fall f*ck antifa i wish to kill as many as i can.”

He also said he’s going to be a “Professional School Shooter.” 

Cruz also posted photos of dead animals and bragged about killing them on his Instagram. By all measures, this kid threw up every single red flag and set off every single warning there is—people reported this to law enforcement—and nothing.

No arrests. No questions. And, all of this was in spite of the Florida law called the Baker Act which allows for involuntary examination which can be initiated by judges, law enforcement officials, physicians, or mental health professionals.

Police in Florida already had more than enough power and help from citizens to stop this tragedy, but they didn’t use it. How on earth would giving them more power, like Israel is demanding, solve this problem?

So, what’s the answer? Should we just hand over more power to the police who demand it? Should we put more cops in schools? Should we ban guns?

The answer to the problem of mass shootings lies not in the reactionary nature of the above questions. As we’ve seen over the years, building a police state through a problem, reaction, solution methodology does little to prevent future tragedies as they go after the symptoms instead of the cause.

In America, instead of attempting to understand the psychological triggers of mass shooters—and the potential pharmaceutical chemical imbalance that caused them to snap—tragedies are exploited for political gain, used to passed legislation, and pushed to stoke political divide.

As this case helps to illustrate, schools do not become safer with more police presence. However, after the tragic shooting legislators began hinting that they would up the police presence in schools.

Aside from conditioning children to grow up in a police state, this move is terrible for other reasons as well. Research shows that police officers in schools create an environment that funnels children into the criminal justice system at a young age.

Normal adolescent behavior is criminalized and leads to arrests instead of detention. As the case above illustrates, this cop never even confronted the shooter, making his entire presence on campus little more than symbolic.

Schools in America are starting to more closely resemble prisons than learning facilities— and more cops facilitate this. Video after video shows the horrific nature of such a practice as children are seen being maced, beaten, and tasered for normal childhood behaviors.

The mere act of being a child is now criminalized.

Instead of attempting to solve a problem with logic and reason, schools are now taking the easy road and turning to the barrel of a gun to force compliance.

The reality is that no amount of police state will ever prevent future tragedies and until we focus on the cause—instead of the symptoms—the problem will only persist.

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13yo Ohio student sneaks rifle into school & fatally shoots himself in bathroom

school shooting


A 13-year-old student has died after shooting himself in the restroom of an Ohio middle school. The teen managed to take a large-caliber rifle unnoticed all the way to school just days after a horrific school shooting in Florida.

Seventh grade student Keith Simons died on Wednesday, the day after he had shot himself inside the bathroom of Jackson Memorial Middle School.

“I have a student who shot himself in the bathroom. He has a strong pulse but I need an ambulance,” a person seeming to be a school official told the 911 operator right after the incident, according to a recording circulating in local media. The 13-year-old took the 22-caliber long rifle from his mother’s house and smuggled it into school by concealing it beneath his clothes, according to police. The student took a school bus, but no one noticed the gun despite the boy having multiple conversations on the way.

“I think it’s important to know that he was in contact with numerous people on his way to school. He did ride the school bus to school, and nobody noticed that he had anything with him,” Jackson Township Police Chief Mark Brink told reporters. He added that the case is not being treated as a suicide so far and the police are waiting for the autopsy results.

Apart from the rifle, Simons had additional items in his backpack such as “bottle rockets” and batteries. However, nothing indicates that the student had a bomb, the police chief stressed. The police still have no clear picture of how the events unfolded before the boy came to school on Tuesday morning, according to Brink. The investigation is still ongoing with the officers trying to understand Simons’ motives.

The incident comes less than a week after a 19-year-old former student opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, killing 17 people and injuring over a dozen more. In the wake of that shooting an Ohio sheriff offered to organize conceal-and-carry classes for teachers hoping that it would prevent such tragedies in the future.

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump echoed the proposal during a ‘listening session’ at the White House, where some Florida survivors were present. Trump believes that teachers “adept at firearms” could quickly “end the attack,” though the controversial proposal is still up for discussion.

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18 School Shootings this Year? Leftist Disingenuousness Helps Nothing

Editor’s Note: This piece has been cross-posted with the author’s permission from Lone Conservative. This piece was submitted to Lone Conservative after the Parkland, FL school shooting.

As a general rule, I don’t debate gun control anymore. There are only so many times one can explain the difference between a legal semi-automatic rifle and an illegal assault rifle. There are only so many times one can explain how semi-automatic rifles account for fewer than 1% of shootings in America, and that banning them would have little-to-no effect on the rate of shootings. There are only so many times one can explain that the NRA is not a causal factor in any shooting, let alone a tragic mass shooting. There are only so many times one can point out that most mass-shootings happen in “gun free” zones, or that violent crime skyrockets in countries with strict gun laws.

Frankly, partaking in these seemingly endless monstrosities of irrelevant debates has left me bored. The left may as well be plugging their ears and stomping their feet because they certainly aren’t listening. I have therefore decided that until honest, open debate can be had on the topic, further debate is fruitless.

However, I emerge today from my self-imposed retirement to address a specific and rather pernicious swindle that the left is perpetrating after Wednesday’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre.

The mainstream media are pushing the narrative that Wednesday’s shooting was the 18th school shooting of 2018. One might wonder, like I did, how they could possibly have missed the other 17 school shootings that took place over the past 46 days in America. School shootings are, of course, immensely publicized events. Flip on CNN or open your Twitter feed and it is the only topic that you will see covered today.

So did all of the media make a secret pact not to cover the first seventeen school shootings this year, with noting that number eighteen was fair game? Did all of America fall into a vegetative state for the past 46 days, thereby missing the other seventeen school shootings only to awake to Wednesday’s tragedy? Did the media miss the first seventeen due to simple incompetence? While the latter could perhaps be argued, it seems most likely that the left is being disingenuous in making this claim.

Luckily, our friends at the Daily Wire published an article last night addressing the issue. I read the piece shortly after waking up this morning and took screenshots of it, anticipating that the “18 school shootings” narrative would part of today’s discourse. In fact, it was.

This misleading claim was made by Everytown for Gun Safety, a non-profit whose stated mission is to fight for “common-sense reforms to reduce gun violence.” That message might seem benign and bipartisan on its face, but Everytown for Gun Safety made all of its 2016 donations either to Democrats or against Republicans. According to OpenSecrets, the group spent $19,165 supporting Democrats, and $162,484 against Republicans during the 2016 election cycle. Everytown for Gun Safety is a decidedly leftist organization, committed to funding pro gun control candidates (read Democrats).

Everytown includes both an attempted suicide on school property and a successful suicide on the property of a different school in its 2018 school shooting tally, but it is patently ridiculous to call these incidents “school shootings.” When someone shoots him or herself, we never call the incident a “shooting” in any other circumstance. We call it a suicide, because the word “shooting” connotes the idea of firing a weapon at someone else. Including these suicides in the total number of school shootings is a disingenuous scare tactic used by Everytown for Gun Safety to produce a shocking headline.

Also included in the “school shooting” category were four occasions on which a gun was fired at a college or in a dorm. On three of those occasions, a bullet was fired out of a window. One of the four incidents involving colleges or dorms was deemed accidental. Another of the four involved a BB fired from a BB gun, not a bullet. No one was injured in those incidents, but that’s apparently just a minor detail.  

In another incident, a high school student fired a gun on campus and no one was injured. In still another, a gun was fired from a car in a parking lot onto school property, again with no reported injuries.

About two weeks ago, five children were injured when a gun went off at their school. That shooting was ruled accidental. A bit more than a week ago, a student in Maryland was shot “outside” of his high school. It is unclear whether this student was on or off school property.

All of these incidents were considered to be “school shootings” in the report prepared by Everytown for Gun Safety. Added up, at least 10 of the incidents called “school shootings” by a leftist organization that pushes for gun control do not fit the average person’s connotation of a school shooting.

When the average person hears “school shooting” he thinks about Columbine, Virginia Tech, or the senseless act of violence committed Wednesday in Florida. The average person’s perception of a school shooting involves names like Dylan Klebold and places like Columbine, Virginia Tech, or most recently Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, not the barely-reported story of a teen who committed suicide with a gun in a school bathroom.

To be unequivocally clear, all of these incidents are tragic. I am surely not taking a stance that should be construed as support for committing any type of violence with a weapon at a school, or anywhere else. The ideal number of shootings anywhere, even in self-defense, is zero.

But in a debate that is already hotly contested, and usually brought to the forefront right after a tragedy while emotions are running high, is the accuracy of basic facts like how often such tragedies occur is essential. It neither bolsters the level of discourse surrounding gun violence, nor helps to provide a solution. The left is not helping anyone by promoting this lie. Treating the firing of a BB gun through a dorm window as equivalent to what happened Wednesday in Florida is both morally wrong and insulting to the victims of the actual tragedy. Worse, it’s done by an organization that is purposefully lying, knowing that it will profit from its tactics.

Adequately resolving a problem requires honesty about the problem itself. Why don’t we start there and see where it takes us?

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Only Armed Personnel In Every School Can Protect Our Children

Gun free zones is where students go to die.

I did my student teaching at Columbine High School in Littleton, CO. Do you think I am sensitive to the topic of school shootings? Once upon a time, I was very proficient in martial arts and various forms of self-defense and I have taught classes to individuals and groups. Individuals like myself and Bob Griswold and myself have a degree of situational awareness that most in our society do not have. Anyone with any degree of training in self-defense will tell you, that our present level of self-defense practiced in our schools is criminally negligent.

Do not blame the teachers, the administrators or even the school boards. They are overwhelmed by mindlessfederal and state government liberal bureaucrats that believe that the designation “gun-free-zones” somehow makes our students safer. What a joke! Such a declaration is a message of “open season” on defenseless students and teachers.

The liberal morons who run much of our society don’t even give a second thought to protecting the targets of a would-be-mass-murderer. Their only response is to seize the guns  which is an exercise in futility. There are over 300 million guns in America. No amount of registration and even gun confiscation can even make a dent. Why? Because they FBI tells us that 90% of the gun used in a crime are stolen, that’s why! Ron Paul put out a statement where decries the illogic of such a move.

We have George Soros inspired and funded young people who just magically organized themselves into organized protest rallies promoting gun confiscation, like a teenager would know the first thing about organizing such a movement. This is the definition of an orchestrated event.

There is an objective, from the liberal left, on why they want all the guns and they are willing to exploit school shootings to achieve their objective, but that is another topic for another day. For the purposes of this article, I want to call attention to the fact that we virtually doing nothing to protect the lives of the 50 million people who enter our public schools everyday. We have armed guards and searches of people entering sporting events, concerts and to board a plane, but somehow, we don’t care enough about our children to protect them.

Across America, it is pretty much the same when it comes to student defense during an active shooter event. There is virutally no defense against a live shooter. The only official strategy is for the teacher to lock one’s classroom, turn out the lights and get on the floor. The strategy seems to presume that the classroom door and the surrounding walls are bullet-proof. They most certainly are not.

When a classroom contains students and their teacher, and the gunman shoots his way into a locked room, the massacre begins and it is like shooting fish in a barrel. These people are virtually defenseless. Wait! There are some high-risk strategies that could be taught to unarmed civilians caught in a confined space with an anticpated gunman entering their space. These stratgies are usually going to fail, however, at least it gives the would-be-victims somewhat of a fighting chance. Many school shootings are carried by assailants with an assault rifle and there is a moment when one enters a classroom with the assault rifle that they are vulnerable to being disarmed. If one were to position themselves adjacent to a door as the shooter enters the room, there is a time when a trained person could get inside the pivot range of the shooter and his weapon as they enter a doorway. The goal is get between the rifle and the shooters body and force the assailant to drop the weapon, where presumably a second, third and fourth person would be able to assist in getting the gun away from the would-be-mass-murderer. If the assailants gun is secure, the perpetrator must be instantly killed. Why? Because they could have a holstered weapon elsewhere on their body. How do I know this? In my martial arts training, conducted by an ex-special forces operative, we trained varous civic and private groups on self-defense methods. This is not a good fall-back strategy, however, it is better than the “lie-down and die” concealment strategy that we have in place, now. in our public schools.

The other strategy that should be employed in an active shooting event, is to run like hell away from the direction of the shots. If intended victims in venues, like the 2015 Paris theater and any public school could be taught this strategy, statistically speaking, lives would be saved because it is harder to shoot a moving target in the open, moving in a zig-zag pattern, than it is to murder a classroom full of students in a confined space with no escape. Our school safety policies are so flawed, we don’t even teach basic survival skills. In effect, schools rely on the statistical rarity that there school will not be victimized. I can accurately say that school defense has been reduced to a strategy of random chance and statistical unlikelihood.

In summary, our schools do not teach basic self-defense and rehearse the strategy. Our schools do not teach escape strategies and rehearse them. The students are taught to lie down and wait for the inevitable.

As previously stated, the present strategy is based upon concealment and is practiced, across the nation, by virtually every public school. In many states, the practice of this strategy is mandated by statute and the use of a n0-response strategy is required by law.

We have signs in many schools that state “This is a gun-free zone”. The sign may as well say “Come kill our students because they have no way to defend themselves”.

In reality, there is no solution for school shootings. Approximately 25% of the schools in the country have a school resource officer who is armed and trained. This is an important obstacle to a would-be killer. However, what about the other schools, don’t their students deserve some measure of protection? I had someone tell me that the school monitors are a resource against danger. What an absolute joke. In an active shooter event, a school monitor does not even constitute a speed bump to a live shooter.

The only thing that can give our children a fighting chance is to have multiple armed guards in every school. If the school budget is an issue, then volunteer school personnel and be trained in CCW. The liberals, who would sacrifice your children in the name of gun confiscation, have stopped reading at this point. But in the preesnt moment, we don’t even bring the proverbial butter knife to a gun fight. I will not be silent until I begin reading headlines like the following:

If liberals want to sacrifice their children in the name of their political agenda, that is their right. However, I will not rest until we move to protect our most vulnerable population with decisive action. This needs to become a mid-term election issue. And of course America, an institution that practices depraved indifference towards its client base will soon go out of business. Schools should be no different. If our leaders will not move to protect our children, then the rest of us should home school our children. Have you ever heard of a homeschool shooting?

One final thought, why don’t other countries have school shootings? Why is this just an American phenomenon? Banks get robbed, drug deals go bad and people get held up in other countries, but why aren’t their students murdered as they are attending school? Can someone please answer that question?


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Alex Jones pushes another baseless, grossly inaccurate school shooting conspiracy

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