NFC South 2018 running back rankings: Freeman claims top spot in a very good group

Devonta Freeman has become one of the most dangerous running backs in the NFL. He is dynamic as both a runner and receiver for the Atlanta Falcons. There are not many running backs as good as him in one area of the game, let alone both.

Freeman missed two games last season, which possibly cost him a third-straight 1,000-yard rushing season. He is a bit undersized and has an impatient running style that leads to big hits. Those hits have resulted in a pair of concussions that caused him to miss three games in his career (one in 2015 and two in 2017).

He ranks 23rd in rushing attempts, 25th in rushing yards, 18th in rushing touchdowns, 12th in yards per rush attempt and 18th in yards per touch among active players.

Here are the next best nine quarterbacks on NFC South rosters. Note: all stats and rankings come from Pro Football Reference and any contract information comes from Spotrac.

#2 – Alvin Kamara

Kamara burst on the scene last season as a rookie. The New Orleans Saints drafted him in the third round despite having Mark Ingram and Adrian Peterson already on the roster. Kamara quickly showed he is the best of the bunch. He spent the season as the backup, but still posted over 1,500 total yards from scrimmage and had a league-high 6.1 yards per carry. He has very good speed, but is very difficult to tackle because of his balance. When defenders get their hands on him, he still finds a way to escape. His carries and catches should increase this season with Ingram serving a four-game suspension to begin the season.

#3 – Mark Ingram

Ingram had his best season in the NFL last year for the Saints. Despite splitting time with Kamara all season and Peterson in the first couple weeks, he posted career-highs in carries (230), rushing yards (1,124), rushing touchdowns (12), receptions (58), receiving yards (416) and yards from scrimmage (1,540). He is a solid, well-built back with the ability to run between the tackles and catch passes. He and Kamara are as a good of a duo as there is in the league. What makes them so dangerous as a duo is that they both can do the same things, but do it different. Kamara is more elusive and a slasher and Ingram is more of a pounder and physical runner. He ranks 18th in rushing attempts, 13th in rushing yards, 11th in rushing touchdowns, fifth in yards per rush attempt and 24th in yards per touch among active players.

#4 – Tevin Coleman

The Falcons drafted Coleman in the third round one year after taking Freeman in the fourth round. Freeman took off as the starter. Coleman has been a very good No. 2. Coleman is bigger than Freeman, but is fully capable of playing any down and any situation. He has a very similar skill set to Freeman and probably could be the primary ball carrier for the majority of the teams in the league.

#5 – Christian McCaffrey

McCaffrey has the perfect skill set for today’s NFL game. His versatility and ability to play multi-roles in the offense got him taken eighth overall in the 2017 draft by the Carolina Panthers. He was targeted nearly as much in the passing game as he had carries. McCaffrey has a lot to prove as a running back, but his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield and lined up as a wide receiver should make the Panthers very excited about his future.

#6 – C.J. Anderson

Anderson was cut by Denver prior to the 2018 draft after setting career-highs in games played (16), carries (245), rushing yards (1,007) and yards from scrimmage (1,231). Even his 2017 totals look good, he hasn’t been as good the last two years as his first three. He averaged over 4.7 yards per carry over his first three years, but less than 4.1 yards per carry the last two. He also saw his rushing touchdown numbers have dropped in every year since 2014. He is a short, stocky runner that will complement McCaffrey as a short-yardage, pounding back. He ranks 29th in rushing yards and 24th in yards per touch among active players.

#7 – Ronald Jones

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have not had a running game or consistent running back in quite a few years. Doug Martin had two very good seasons, but the other four seasons were marred by injury and poor play. After releasing Martin in February, the Buccaneers skipped free agency and turned to the draft to find his replacement. Jones was not one of the most talked about running backs in the draft, but he has the ability to create big plays on the ground. He is a slashing runner that hits the hole with speed and can pull away from defenders.

#8 – Jacquizz Rodgers

Rodgers has quietly had a solid career in the NFL as a backup. He has played for three teams over seven seasons and amassed nearly 2,000 rushing yards and just over 3,200 yards from scrimmage. He is an undersized running back that is willing and capable of grinding out yards between the tackles and won’t fumble. He has just three fumbles on 512 carries in his career, including a streak of 244 straight rushing attempts without losing the ball dating back to the Week 5 of the 2014 season. He will likely spend the season as the backup to Jones in Tampa Bay, but will be ability to fill in as the starter if the need should arise. He ranks 13th in yards per touch among active players.

#9 – Charles Sims

Much like the rest of the Buccaneers running back group over the last few years, Sims has been injured or inconsistent throughout his career. Sims is an athletic receiver out of the backfield with good size and blocking ability. He is the perfect third down back in the NFL. He does not have the power running style or ability to be a primary back, but will help the Buccaneers offense stay on the field and get points. If he can stay healthy, he is a valuable asset to an offense.

#10 – Peyton Barber

Barber joined the Buccaneers as an undrafted rookie in 2016. He was waived and re-signed within a week before the start of the regular season. With the help of injuries, he finished last season as the starting running back. The Buccaneers drafted Jones in the second round and Rodgers and Sims are healthy, which puts Barber in a battle to earn a roster spot. He is a big back with good athleticism and balance. He will grind out three or four yards, but doesn’t have the explosiveness or straight-line speed to be a primary ball carrier.

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Pakistan blocks US diplomat from leaving country after running red light, killing cyclist in April – UPDATED

pakistan joseph emanuel hall


Pakistan has prevented a US diplomat from leaving the country after he allegedly killed a motorcyclist by driving through a red light last month.

Local press said on Saturday that a plane was sent by the US to collect Col Joseph Emanuel Hall, a military attache, but was denied clearance.

US officials have previously said he cannot be arrested or tried because he has diplomatic immunity.

The incident has increased political tension between the countries.

Ateeq Baig, 22, was killed in the crash in Daman-e-Koh, north of Islamabad, on 7 April.

CCTV footage showed a white four-wheel-drive – said to be driven by Col Hall – ignoring the red traffic light at an intersection, crashing with a bike at speed and then braking.

The US embassy has denied reports in Pakistan’s media that Col Hall was drunk while driving.

The dead man’s father has called for the colonel to stand trial at Islamabad High Court (IHC).

Comment: From a report of the accident at the time:

“The traffic signal was red but he broke it and hit the motorcyclists coming from other side,” a senior police officer told The Express Tribune. Police said there were two youngsters on the motorcycle, one of whom died on the spot while the other sustained injuries.

The deceased was identified as Ateeq Baig, 22. He hailed from Talhar village in the Margalla Hills while his father works as a security guard at a govt school in Saidpur village.

At the police station, the US official produced his diplomatic card issued by the Foreign Office as well as his driving licence. Police also contacted the US Embassy which sent its security chief to the police station.

“We have impounded his car and have also kept his diplomatic card and driving licence. We informed the Foreign Office and handed him over to US Embassy officials as per rules,” another officer said.

Police also registered a criminal case against the diplomat late on Saturday night on the complaint of the victim’s families. In the FIR registered at Kohsar Police Station, Hall has been booked for unintentional murder through rash driving.

An officer said police cannot arrest or prosecute him due to his diplomatic immunity. “The case will be dealt with by the US embassy and govt itself,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Office said they were looking into the incident.

“An accident involving a US Embassy vehicle occurred in Islamabad. Ministry of Foreign Affairs is looking into the matter. Investigations are being carried out,” tweeted FO spokesperson Dr Mohammad Faisal.

Further, the US embassy in a statement confirmed the incident, saying they are in contact with the local authorities.

In a stark similarity, in February 2013, a Capital Development Authority (CDA) employee died and his companion was injured critically when an over speeding vehicle with US embassy number plate hit their motorcycle.

On Friday, the IHC had ruled Col Hall does not have absolute immunity.

He had already been put on a travel “black list”, which meant airports had been told not allow him to leave.

Neither the US or Pakistan has officially commented on Saturday’s news.

Relations between Washington and Islamabad have been in the spotlight since US President Donald Trump’s New Year’s Day tweet, where he accused Pakistan of “lies and deceit”.

In January, the US government said it was cutting almost all security aid to Pakistan, saying it has failed to deal with terrorist networks operating on its soil.

Pakistan has denied the accusations and responded by saying it would no longer share intelligence with the US.

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Woman Calls for Help to Catch Two Dogs, Cops Respond by Running Over, Shooting Them


Newark, Delaware – Police officers are being criticized for their response to a call about two stray dogs, and the concerned citizen who called animal control to ask for help is saying that the officers’ actions were actually what she hoped she could save the dogs from.

Leigh Spencer told Fox 29 that she was horrified when she witnessed the officers intentionally trying to run over over the dogs with their patrol cars. “I was the one that called Animal Control, and this was the outcome,” she said.

Spencer said that about a dozen police officers initially showed up and began clapping their hands and whistling, which made the dogs even more scared than they were before. She should know as she claimed one of the dogs actually came to her and put its snout in her hands. She was about to get control of one dog but she said police “brushed her away.”

After none of the officers were successful in getting control of the two strays, police then made the decision to run them over with their patrol cars. Both dogs were injured when the SUV hit them. One dog was then shot and killed by an officer, while the other dog successfully got away.

Spencer said she now feels guilty and blames the officers for doing the unthinkable. She said the dogs did not need to be run over. “It’s really upsetting and sad for me. I feel horrible,” she said.

Predictably, the Newark Delaware Police Department (NDPD) is defending the trigger-happy actions of its officers. In a statement, they claim the dogs were vicious and dangerous, even though Spencer claims otherwise. Not only did she make physical contact with one of the dogs but when it had an opportunity to bite her, it didn’t. NDPD said in a statement:

The dogs were aggressive towards the officers by sprinting towards the officers, baring their teeth, growling and foaming at the mouth. There were civilians in the area, including people walking and riding bicycles on the sidewalk on Ogletown Rd and others patronizing local businesses. The dogs began to chase these passersby and the officers were able to divert the dogs’ attention back towards the officers in an effort to protect the public. The dogs would then again charge at the officers.

Apologists for police, who seem to never question official police statements, will likely stand behind their boys in blue. But Spencer said it all could have been avoided and that running over the dogs was completely unnecessary. There were other witnesses as well who tell what they consider to be the true story of what happened.

In a series of Facebook posts, Spencer and her friends described the killing and attempted killing of two living creatures. Both Spencer and her friend, Ashton Cleveland, were present for the entire ordeal. Ironically, both are connected to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) International. Cleveland is a current employee and Spencer a former one.

Cleveland wrote a scathing rebuttal to the NDPD. She said the two animal advocates were threatened with arrest for attempting to help the so-called authorities:

I am sickened by your officers actions today. They cornered and taunted stray dogs that were initially acting FRIENDLY to the point that my friend almost had them leashed. I, an SPCA employee, and my friend a very recently former SPCA employee of 3 years were told to back off and threatened with arrest while trying to save the dogs.

Cleveland said no attempt was made to get control of the dogs with “catch poles” (poles with nooses on the ends to slip around the dogs’ necks). Instead, police officers immediately took out their service pistols to resolve the conflict. She named two NDPD officers, Keating and DiFrancesco, as being responsible for the shooting and the running over of the dogs by SUV.

They drew their weapons instead of using catch poles and then officer Keating SHOT ONE OF THE DOGS. Then, gave us a THUMBS UP after killing this dog. Then another officer, DiFrancesco,went out of his way to run the other dog over with his SUV. You should be ashamed. Complaints are being filed.

Spencer also went into very graphic detail as to why she called police, how she was threatened with arrest for attempting to help, and how she was unsuccessful in filing a complaint with the police department as the NDPD sent out DiFrancesco (the one who ran over the dog with his police-issued SUV) to accept her complaint. Spencer wrote that the dogs were no threat to anyone, simply scared and needing help:

Hey Newark Delaware Police Department you just threatened to arrest the person that CALLED animal control on the two loose, terrified dogs on the side of Ogletown road. I am appalled by the fact that approx. 10-12 of your officers have failed to simply detain these clearly non-aggressive dogs in OVER 45 MINUTES. Not to mention most of your officers wielding tasers/weapons instead of catch poles and protective gear.

Spencer also said she was taken aback at the NDPD’s lack of training and proper equipment to handle the situation.

The incompetence is truly eye opening. Your animal control officer literally failed to use a catch pole, a tool I’ve used a multitude of time in my years at the Delaware SPCA. One of your officers charged the dogs, then ran away, taunting them. I suggest you examine the people you’re hiring that are supposed to know animal behavior and care for the well-being of creatures. I’ll let attitude from the cop who tried to arrest me slide, but only because I know it runs in the fucking business.

Update: after Officer Keating (squad car #935) shot the dog, she turned around and looked at me and my two friends and gave us a THUMBS UP. She’s the same one who threatened to arrest me.

Update #2: according to witnesses, one of your officers HIT ONE OF THE DOGS WITH HIS POLICE VEHICLE. This is truly unacceptable and disturbing.

Update #3: went to the police station to file a report to an “impartial supervisor.” He told us that he’s the one that ran over the dog with his police SUV. Unreal.

***JUST SO EVERYONE IS CLEAR*** I was threatened with arrest if I neared the dogs. OBVIOUSLY my first instinct was to save them. I’ve devoted my life to them. When the dogs came up to me, I was screamed at, and told to back off. Please stop accusing me of not doing enough to save them.

Unfortunately, in the United States, police officers are allowed to investigate themselves, even in cases where their officers are accused by members of the public of intentional homicide. As long as there is no federal law requiring police departments to be investigated by outside agencies, not only will police officers continue to be allowed to kill family pets, they will also continue to be allowed to kill family members.

We at TFTP believe the two actions—killing an animal and killing a human—are related. When police officers are so desensitized to the point that they can kill someone’s pet, they will have no trouble killing a human, and often do, even when that person is as unarmed as those stray dogs were in Newark, Delaware.

Newark, DE Police Intentionally Run Over Dogs

In Newark, Delaware, after spending 90 minutes trying to corral two loose dogs, police officers intentionally ran over the pair. Police say both dogs looked as if someone had abandoned them and they did not have any tags. Somehow, after getting hit by police cruisers (and Newark police did use the plural in their news release) both dogs managed to try to run away. Only one made it and tonight that German Shepherd is still somewhere out there, but now injured. The other dog, a pit bull, ended up dying after officers decided to shoot him or her after running down the dog.All this played out this past Friday after a woman who was scared the dogs could get hit by a car called animal control for help. The dogs were on Ogletown Road. Leigh Spencer made the call and says a dozen or so officers were chasing the dogs and clapping their hands to try to corral them. She says the dogs were terrified but, in the middle of the mayhem, one of the dogs made it over to her and put its nose into her hand before police brushed her away.Police say three animal control officers from the Office of Animal Welfare were part of the team trying to catch the dogs with catchpoles and treats before they resorted to lethal measures and they have a starkly different story from Spencer’s.In the news release, Newark police say, “The dogs were aggressive towards the officers by sprinting towards the officers, baring their teeth, growling and foaming at the mouth. There were civilians in the area, including people walking and riding bicycles on the sidewalk on Ogletown Rd and others patronizing local businesses. The dogs began to chase these passersby and the officers were able to divert the dogs’ attention back towards the officers in an effort to protect the public. The dogs would then again charge at the officers.”Our Sabina Kuriakose interviewed Spencer tonight who says “I was the one who called animal control and this was the outcome, so it’s really upsetting and sad for me. I feel horrible.”A Newark police spokesperson told Sabina they ran over the dogs because they couldn’t contain them. Tonight at 10 on FOX 29, Sabina will have much more on this developing story.

Posted by Lucy Noland FOX 29 on Sunday, May 13, 2018

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YouTube censorship RAMPAGE running amok as all the GOOD people keep getting terminated

Image: YouTube censorship RAMPAGE running amok as all the GOOD people keep getting terminated

(Natural News)
YouTube’s mass censorship is still underway, as more conservatives, libertarians and anyone else who stands in the way of the leftist cult from pushing their propaganda are having their channels taken down left and right. YouTube’s unceremonious account terminations seem to be yielding two responses: Horror, from those who understand that this behavior is disgustingly authoritarian — and applause from the useful idiots who erroneously believe that it’s okay to silence dissenting opinions, as long as it fits their political agenda.

In a war of ideals that seemingly comes straight out of 1984, the “Ministry of Truth” is tearing down anyone who dares to disagree with their left-wing dogma — claiming that these accounts are “violating” YouTube’s policies by spreading “misinformation,” among other ridiculous claims. Apparently, telling the truth and advocating for freedom is now “misinformation,” under the leftist scheme to quash their opposition. Many good people have been silenced under the iron curtain of YouTube’s “moderation” efforts.

We’ve seen it before

As George Orwell wrote, “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — for ever.”

That is where we are headed, if corporations like YouTube are allowed to continue their role as acting thought police. Fortunately, there are alternatives to YouTube available, like Real.Video. But the greater problem of YouTube and other social media giants engaging in acts of mass censorship still exists. As SGT Report contends, this is “blatant corporate fascism” at its ugliest, and it simply cannot be ignored any longer.

Earlier in 2018, independent journalist Mike Cernovich revealed that YouTube had taken down his video footage of violent Antifa activists. At the time, Cernovich commented, “YouTube is censoring honest, unedited reporting about ANTIFA’s actions. This can mean only one thing — they endorse far left wing violence.”

Censorship of conservative voices has been going on for a long time. The demonetization and flagging of right-leaning accounts were just the beginning — now we are seeing accounts being terminated without warning or provocation. Even liberals aren’t safe, as Carl Benjamin, also known by his online moniker “Sargon of Akkad,” will tell you. Benjamin, a classical liberal, was locked out of his Google account, and subsequently his YouTube channel. Google, which owns YouTube, gave him a message which said it “looked like it was being used in a way that violates Google’s policies.”

They didn’t even try to pretend that they had proof he violated their terms, they just “suppose” he might have a violation. Benjamin noted at the time that his account had “zero strikes.” He reportedly told Breitbart, “the entire company is riddled with a far-left ideological orthodoxy that has taken hold to a radical degree.”

And, as you might expect, the left-wing media is all but cheering them on. A recent Buzzfeed article described the kinds of content being censored by YouTube as videos that were promoting “hate speech” and “unsafe” content. Seriously?

Who knew living naturally was so controversial?

Apparently the Health Ranger’s video feed, predominantly featuring videos about nutrition, gardening, natural medicine and the like, is “hate speech”to liberals. Newsflash: Just because someone posts something you don’t like or don’t agree with, doesn’t mean you can silence them — not as long as this is still America.

Leftist cult members are using terms like “hate speech,” “fascism,” “white supremacy” and other “four-letter words” to suppress divergent thought. These words, which once had real meaning, have been co-opted by the Left to serve their agenda. They are not fighting against fascism — they are creating it.

Censorship is only the tip of the iceberg, and the manipulation of language (and subsequently, thought) is already underway. What will come next in this vicious circle of suppression and tyranny?

Keep up-to-date on the latest acts of thought control and free speech blunders at

Join to be part of the new YouTube alternative, a platform for free speech, launching this July.

Sources for this article include:



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Officer Accused of Running Child ‘Fight Club’ Breaks 14yo Boy’s Nose With His Fist on Video


Broward County, FL — Law enforcement in Broward County cannot seem to keep themselves out of the news lately, and as the incident below illustrates—it’s for all the wrong reasons. Prosecutors have just ruled that an officer who slugged a skinny 14-year-old child in the face so hard that it broke his nose—in two places—was justified.

Instead of being held accountable for quite literally smashing in the face of 14-year-old Andrew Ostrovsky, former lockup officer Darell Bryant was allowed to quietly resign and keep his pension.

In a “close-out” memo signed earlier this month, prosecutor Christopher Killoran with the Broward State Attorney’s Office said that Bryant “was justified in his use of force and his actions that day,” according to the Miami Herald.

The decision from prosecutors not to hold Bryant accountable now has Uri Ostrovsky, Andrew’s father, speaking out. In an interview with the Miami Herald, Uri said that officers have “permission to abuse children,” and noted that his son is not a violent person.

The incident began last year after Andrew was arrested for joyriding in his dad’s vehicle and sent to Broward Regional Juvenile Detention Center.

According to Bryant, who was investigated by Fort Lauderdale police for the beating caught on film, he was forced to break the skinny 120-pound boy’s nose because he failed to comply with an order to stand against the wall.

The encounter began while Andrew and another juvenile detainee were in some sort of altercation. Bryant told Andrew to stand against the wall, but he did not immediately comply.

Bryant claimed that Andrew became “combative” and punched him. However, the video does not appear to show this. According to a report on the incident, it was after Andrew became combative that Bryant “redirected” him to the ground.

“According to Bryant,” the report said, “the single punch was delivered in order to gain compliance from [Andrew], and was ‘reasonable and necessary due to the aggression of the youth’.”

As the Herald notes, prosecutors concluded that Bryant was permitted to punch the teen under Florida law.

“Based upon Bryant being an authority figure at the facility whose mandate is to control the juvenile detainees, when certain situations arise, for instance when one detainee is attempting to attack another, an employee must utilize force to gain compliance,” the report stated.

What’s more, there is no record of prosecutors ever interviewing Andrew and, according to the close-out memo, they never talked to the boy’s father either.

Andrew apparently told investigators with the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) in June 2017 that he had previously complained to Bryant about the other teen who “kept talking junk to him.” According to Andrew, that’s when Bryant suggested Andrew “hit [the] youth when no one is looking.”

To show the difference between the story prosecutors found in their half-cocked investigation and the one conducted by the DJJ, the DJJ actually found excessive force.

When the DJJ watched the same video, they, like our readers will likely find, that Bryant “slammed youth into the wall” and then was seen “violently throwing the youth to the floor…Bryant was then observed hitting youth with a closed fist while he was on the ground.”

Broward County’s chief public defender, Gordon Weekes was also outspoken about the cover up involved in the official investigation, calling it “an incredible example of revisionist history” and “very, very loose with the facts.”

“The message this sends to children at the facility — and the message it sends to staffers and guards at the facility — is that we will protect officers who cross the line, hurt children and beat children up, even when these acts are captured on video,” Weekes said.

“He has him subdued. He has him controlled. But he still takes the next step and punches him in the nose. He let everyone know that you don’t mess with us, or this is what we are going to do to you. This is how we will take care of you if you don’t fall in line,” Weekes said, adding, “This guard beat him into submission, and the state attorney agreed with that.”

Adding an ominous undertone to this story—outside of the severe injustice—is the fact that Andrew is not alone in his claims that the officers encourage the children to fight.

The Herald has been tracking these claims and compiles them in a list they refer to as the Fight Club Files.

Image from the Miami Herald on their Fight Club Files investigations.

According to the Herald,

Andrew was one of several detained or incarcerated youths who told investigators, their parents or the Herald that officers incited teens to fight each other. Often, the youths said, teens would be offered honey buns, hamburgers or other treats as a reward for attacking another youth, records showed. The beatings that followed often were called “honey-bunnings.”

Andrew’s claims, however, never were evaluated in DJJ’s 10-page inspector general report on the incident, and Andrew never is quoted by prosecutors in the April close-out memo.

“It’s wrong,” Ostrovsky said. “They are trying to cover it up. I am mad. I am really mad.”

“They gave permission to abuse children,” he added.

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Cities around the world should prepare for running out of water, experts say

It’s called “Day Zero”: when Cape Town, South Africa’s bustling port city, sees its water taps run dry, and its population thrust into a perilous situation.

Originally projected for this year, the impending crisis has been delayed in part by severe measures — the city instituted restrictions that amount to less than one sixth of an average American’s water consumption. Yet despite that effort, “Day Zero” is still projected to arrive next year.

And when it comes, the crisis will see the government switching off all the taps and rationing the resource through collection points.

That future isn’t just Cape Town’s. It’s a scenario cities around the globe may face, experts say.

It may be hard to fathom just how cities could be at risk of a water scarcity crisis when approximately 70 percent of the world is made up of the resource. The stark reality, however, is that the percentage of fresh water probably only amounts to about 2.5 percent, according to often-cited assessments.

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Millions of European Clocks Are Running Up To 6 Minutes Slow

A DECADE AGO, THE LANDLOCKED state of Kosovo declared independence from Serbia. In the years since, 113 UN states have come to recognize this diamond-shaped block, a little smaller than the state of Connecticut, as a country in its own right. Its neighbor Serbia, however, has not. Tensions between the two territories persist, particularly as many ethnic Serbs continue to live in a country they do not believe exists.

As an act of protest, many of these Serbs, based in northern Kosovo, have refused to pay their power bills to the country’s utility department. And so, late last year, the Kosovan government announced that they would stop subsidizing that electricity—a decision which has plunged Europe’s power grid into disarray, and sent electric clocks from Portugal to Denmark running on the wrong time. Because of this disagreement, since January, 113 gigawatt-hours of electricity has gone missing, reports John Hyphen, an employee at a European environmental NGO, on Twitter. “That’s the annual consumption of about 10,000 homes,” he writes.

Millions of European clocks run on mains electricity—blinking timepieces on microwaves, radios, cookers, DVD players, and games consoles alike. To keep time, they rely on the frequency of the electricity grid. The standard frequency in Europe is 50 hertz, or 50 oscillations per second. (In Canada and the United States, it’s 60 hertz.) Almost all of Europe is on one tremendous grid, stretching from Turkey all the way to Portugal, and allowing these countries to “share” electricity, so electricity produced in Germany can be used in, say, Hungary, if that’s where it’s needed. (Only a few countries are “off the grid”, including the United Kingdom and some of the Nordic countries.)

Over an area this large, the amount of electricity used must be carefully balanced with the amount produced. If the balance is off, the frequency dips below or shoots over 50 hertz. The 113 gigawatt-hours discrepancy between supply and demand has lowered the frequency for the entire European grid: At the time of writing, according to the Swiss grid website, there was a grid time deviation of 362 seconds, or just over six minutes. The situation is slowly being rectified—Kosovo’s public energy firm agreed last week to start temporarily paying those bills—but it might take weeks to claw back those six minutes and get Europe’s clocks back to normal once again.

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