Wounded Marine, With No Legs, Running 31 Marathons In 31 Days

Only 0.5% of the population has run a marathon. Hours on your legs, to cover 26.2 miles. Seem impossible? Well, imagine running 31 marathons in 31 days in 31 cities. Up for another challenge? Now, imagine doing all of that with no legs.

That is the exact challenge Rob Jones set for himself.

Why would he do this? Besides for accomplishment sake, Jones wants to raise awareness and money for veterans.

According to ABC News:

Jones has almost reached his goal, and Friday will be the double amputee’s 30th marathon in 30 days. Jones lost both his legs while on a mission in Afghanistan back in 2010.

After an honorable discharge, Jones decided to use his situation to raise awareness and funding for services for wounded warriors across the country,

“Instead of seeing it as a tragedy or a hardship in your past blocking you, it’ll be better of your if you somehow flip that around and see it as a challenging for you to overcome and in doing so become stronger than you were before.”

His run today started at 7:00 a.m. at Camden Yards. Jones has support from local police and many businesses who will be running with him and cheering him on.

He will run his 31st, and final, marathon Saturday in D.C.

For the average American, it takes four hours and twenty minutes to run a marathon. Assuming his prosthetic legs make him slower, we will round up to five hours.

That means that Jones will have spent 155 hours runnings in the last 31 days.

Motivational, inspiring, and philanthropic. But that is the marathon.

Those miles create a particular type of grit, perseverance, endurance in a runner. The emotion is palpable.

Every person in the race has spent countless hours on the road, sacrificed Saturday morning sleep ins for long runs at sunrise, pushed away dessert for kale, and fought the demons in their head that keep asking “WHY are you doing this”?

For anyone who needs a little inspiration in their life, go watch a marathon. You’ll see what once seemed unbelievable come to life.

Those who have overcome physical injury are that much more miraculous.

There are many other examples. Take, for example, British and American war vets Ivan Castro and Karl Hines.

They ran the Boston Marathon this year. That race pushed their cumulative list of marathons to 200:

Though they didn’t know each other during their tours in Iraq, both runners were injured in bombings and turned to running as a recovery tool. Hinett was left with burns over 37 percent of his body. Castro was blinded in both eyes. Despite their health hurdles, both men said marathon running has brought them a new mission and new friendship.

“Our countries have a great partnership,” Castro said. “As soldiers in the U.K. and U.S., we train, we fight, we bleed, we recover, we heal together so come Monday we are going to run this side by side. We’re going to start and cross the finish line together.”



Source Article from https://worldtruth.tv/wounded-marine-with-no-legs-running-31-marathons-in-31-days/

No longer a conspiracy theory: China running "chemical warfare" against America with steady supply of deadly opioid chemicals

Image: No longer a conspiracy theory: China running “chemical warfare” against America with steady supply of deadly opioid chemicals

(Natural News)
When we think of weapons of war, most of us typically think about machine guns, frag grenades or bulletproof tanks. But in 2017, manmade machines aren’t the only type of weapon that is being used by various nations to harm their enemies.

Just days ago, President Donald Trump left the United States for a 12-day tour of various nations in Asia. During his visit to Beijing, Trump plans on addressing China’s production and distribution of the synthetic opioid known as Fentanyl, which is considered by the DEA to be one of the most dangerous types of narcotics due to its cheap price, widespread use, addictive quality and it’s devastating effects. Considering the fact that the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission has called the problem “China’s deadly export to the United States,” President Trump should be praised for speaking out about it on his tour of Asia. Indeed, forcing China’s hand on the production and distribution of Fentanyl is the right thing to do.

Known as “China Girl” or “China White” on the streets, Fentanyl is a highly dangerous chemical that has destroyed countless American lives, making it an extremely valuable export for Chinese-run drug cartels and distributors within the United States. Considering the fact that China’s authoritative government has control over virtually every aspect of its citizens lives, from what young people learn in school to what type of content is allowed to be spread across the Internet, it is without question that the regime would also be capable of stopping the production and distribution of Fentanyl as well. But just because they can doesn’t necessarily mean that they will.

To say that China has a solid understanding of just how effective a manufactured Opium War can be when it comes to destroying an entire nation is an understatement.  This is because, in the 19th century, China experienced what they now call the “Century of Humiliation,” which first began amidst widespread opioid addiction and lasted until the mid-1900s. Now, it appears as though China is taking the lessons that it learned during those devastating hundred years and using it against its enemies, albeit under the radar.

The opioid epidemic in the United States is arguably more serious than it ever has been, with millions of Americans becoming severely addicted to the drug and hundreds of thousands of families being torn apart as a result. People are dying, and our nation’s leaders are working relentlessly to find an effective solution.

Last month, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump urged the people of the United States to join the fight against this ongoing opioid crisis and declared a state of emergency. “As Americans, we cannot allow this to continue,” the president said. “It is time to liberate our communities from this scourge of drug addiction. We can be the generation that ends the opioid epidemic.” (Related: Opioids are killing thousands of Americans but alternative medicine backers say there has always been a better way to treat pain.)

Trump put emphasis on the fact that drug overdose deaths are the leading cause of unintentional deaths, and that opioid addiction kills more Americans than gun homicides and car accidents combined. “For too long we have allowed drugs to ravage American homes, cities, and towns,” he said. “We owe it to our children and to our country to do everything in our power to address this national shame and this human tragedy.” (Related: Opioid drug manufacturers have been caught bribing doctors with lucrative kickbacks.)

President Donald Trump also took time to address the importance of treatment for opioid addictions. “We understand the need to confront reality right smack in the face – that millions of our fellow citizens are already addicted,” he argued. “We want them to get the help they need.”

Sources include:





Source Article from http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-11-06-no-longer-a-conspiracy-theory-china-running-chemical-warfare-against-america-with-steady-supply-of-deadly-opioid-chemicals.html

UN Troops Will Be Running the FEMA Camp Extermination Centers

UN Troops Will Be Running the FEMA Camp Extermination Centers



It is laughable that some in the Independent Media are still in denial about the existence and true nature of concentration camps in America, commonly known as FEMA camps. The evidence is overwhelming and from certain documents we can ascertain how “detainees” will be captured and transported to these infamous FEMA camps.

One of the purposes of this article is to demonstrate, that from the government’s own documents, they tell us what kind of hell-on-Earth is awaiting the American people courtesy of the United Nations.

 In Parts 1-3 of this series, it was established that the globalists have organized a plot designed to overthrow the US government and the American people.

Their first objective is to bring holy hell to the United States. Antifa (ie MS-13 and ISIS), along with CIA support, Deep State resources and the use of the FBI cover-up elements, are in the midst of bringing so much chaos to American soil, that UN intervention will be deemed necessary based on previously covered prior agreements between the US government and the United Nations. Three days ago, I cited a Fox News report which stsated that UN soldiers (eg Russians and Chinese et al) will seizing guns and imprisoning those deemed to be a threat to the New World Order. In the threee previous parts of this series, I documented how the UN troops have been practicing for the takeover.

This articles examines the fact that it will be UN forces that will be operating the FEMA camps of mass incarceration.

An Irrelevant Question

Some time ago, I received the following email from someone in the Independent Media:

Mr. Hodges,

You are discrediting the movement of the Alt Right media with your crazy claims about FEMA camps and that millions of Americans will be sent there to either die or be re-educated. What bullshit. You are a discredit to the entire industry and you misleading millions with these baseless conspiratorial claims.

There are no FEMA Camps and there will be no re-education. There are no Russians and Chinese in America, You are paranoid.

I suppose you believe that Hitler killed  six million jews. Why don’t you go back to whatever useless job you had prior to pretending that you present real news?  

The defender of the truth movement and the author of this email somehow forgot to sign their real name to this scathing communication. Let’s see if this person is right. Is the notion of a FEMA camp that will do bad things to American citizens merely a flight of paranoid fantasy?

An examination of this topic should begin with a simple question: “Will American soldiers fire upon American citizens upon a martial law roundup of millions of Americans”? Unofrtunately, the answer to that question is a moot point. It is clear from analyzing data from Army concentration camp materials, that American soldiers will be used  to round up detainees. However, the camps in which people will be deported to will ultimately be staffed and run by foreign troops and these troops will be under UN control. This document will make this point abundantly clear.

Point #1: FEMA Camps Are Slave Labor Camps

As was the case with the NAZIS, slave labor will be a part of the landscape as evidenced by the following Army document.

  • Camp administration and installation maintenance.
  • Agricultural work.
  • Public works, public utilities, and building operations that have no military character or purpose.
  • Transportation and handling of stores that are not military in nature or purpose.
  • Domestic service

I apologize and I do not wish to call anyone ignorant and uninformed, but this information comes directly from Army files that were leaked with their original administrative numbers.

From the perspective of history, concentration camps are notoriously known for being institutions of murder. Based on this notion, I scoured the Army concentration camp manual entitled FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations (PDF), and found only scant reference to the subject of deaths in the concentration camps. Now wait a minute, this document painstakingly describes interrogation processes, food preparation, the transport and care of detainees, but they barely mention how they are going to deal with dead bodies?

In a facility filled with a divergent population with regard to age, health status and physical conditioning, should the authorities be concerned with what happens when an inmate dies from an unexpected heart attack or stroke? What would they do with the dead bodies?

If proper preparations are not taken for the proper care and disposal of dead bodies, wouldn’t that imperil the health of fellow inmates, not to mention the guards and other military personnel? This should be a primary concern for any facility. However, this is the one area where the FEMA camp Army manual is relatively silent.

From the aforementioned references, the following passages speaks to how the Army deals with the subject of death as it is related to the concentration camps:

5-69. When a detainee in U.S. custody dies, the attending medical officer will immediately furnish the detention facility commander or hospital commander (or the commander of the unit that exercised custody over the detainee if the death did not occur in a facility) with the

-Detainee’s full name.

-Detainee’s ISN/capture tag (mandatory).

-Date, place, and circumstances of the detainee’s death.

-Initial assessment as to whether the detainee’s death was, or was not, the result of the deceased’s own misconduct.

-The initial assessment as to the cause of death.

What is interesting about 5-69 is the cause of death is not categorized in any meaningful manner except to say that there is a conscious effort to determine if the death of the inmate was due to “their own actions”.

5-72. …the Office of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner is responsible for completing a final DD Form 2064 that will include a statement that “death was (or was not) the result of the deceased’s own misconduct” in the block labeled “Circumstances Surrounding Death Due to External Causes.”

Notice in the above (5-72) that only meaningful categories of inmate death are (1) the detainee’s own misconduct and (2) death due to external causes.

5-73. The NRDC will notify the ICRC of all detainee deaths. The NDRC will maintain detainee DD Forms 2064 for the period of hostilities or occupation, for the duration of any other military operation, or as otherwise directed. When authorized, the NDRC will archive detainee DD Forms 2064.

There is a key phrase that barely goes unnoticed. the phrase is “The NDRC will maintain detainee DD Forms 2064 for the period of the hostilities or occupation…”  In other words, there will be no Nuremberg trials for genocide because the records will be not be permanently maintained (i.e. destroyed).

For a manual which spells out, in detail, every possible consideration of how detainees will be handled, they omit the disposal of dead bodies. Will there be a military regulation that nobody can drop dead in the camp of a heart attack? Or, is this because except for the occasional spontaneous death, the Army seems very unconcerned about disposing of dead bodies at a facility of mass detention? I can only come to one conclusion, most of the deaths associated with the detainees, will not occur at the facility itself and this explains why the Army is seemingly unconcerned with this issue. 

This opens a whole host of possibilities. Are the unhealthy going to be transported to a tertiary facility to be humanely treated while their medical conditions will be treated? I think it is fairly easy to see where I am going with this. Can we really expect the “authorities” who have committed an inhumane act by incarcerating people for no legitimate reason to suddenly discover their conscience and treat the infirm with compassion and dignity?

“This appendix addresses aspects of developing confinement officers in other countries. For the purposes of this appendix, the terms foreign and HN confinement officers are synonymous”.

For several years, I have interviewed numerous eyewitnesses on my talk show about the presence of foreign troops (mostly Russian) training on American soil. Sherrie Wilcox has presented videotape and still photo evidence. Others have provided their firsthand accounts of these events. I have detailed the existence of a FEMA bilateral agreement with the Russians to bring in 15,000 soldiers for “disaster training”.  And despite all the evidence, there are people who have roundly criticized The Common Sense Show for accurately claiming there are foreign troops on American soil. Those who have refused to look at the evidence owe my people an apology. Second, the “bury their head in the sand crowd” ,will never know what will hit them when all hell breaks loose.

Stop! The following may contain images and messages which are troublesome to those who suffer from cognitive dissonance and corporate media group think. 

What lies below is more proof that it will be foreign troops killing American citizens, not American soldiers who cannot be counted on to violate their oath to the Constitution.

Training U.S. Trainers

N-43. Soldiers and Marines who are assigned training missions receive a course of preparation to deal with the specific requirements of developing the target HN confinement officers (i.e. foreign detention officers). The course should emphasize the cultural background of the HN, introduce its language (to include specific confinement-related terms and phrases) and provide insights into cultural tips for developing a good rapport with HN personnel.

The beginning of this section attempts to create the illusion that foreign troops will be under the complete control of Army personnel. However, I believe it is likely that the mass exterminations of the detainees will take place when the American military is withdrawn from the facilities. If there was any doubt as to the fact that our soon-to-be jailers will be foreign and will have no hesitation to carry out mass genocide, the following regulation from the document should remove all doubt.

Training Methods
N-48. Training programs are designed to prepare HN personnel to eventually train themselves. Indigenous trainers are the best trainers and should be used to the maximum extent possible.

The plan, associated with the activation of the FEMA camps has been set into motion. Antifa led confederates will raise hell. The UN will generously offer to intervene based upon new agreements. The plethora of false flag terror attacks designed to create the chaos necessary to bring in the UN has already begun.

I apologize for confusing my critics with the facts, but please allow me to ask a question. Why would FM 39.4 ever be written if it were not going to operationalized at some future date? If the intention and the possibility did not exist then why waste the time on these elaborate plans?

There is another point to consider, what justifications will be used to forcibly house people in these camps? This will be the topic of discussion in Part 5 of this series.

“What’s coming is no longer coming, it is already here”

Steve Quayle



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After Trump Win, Hollywood Conservatives Consider Running for Office

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WATCH: ‘I’ll F**king Shoot You!’—Cop Shoots and Kills Man Running Away


Salt Lake City, UT — Earlier this year, the Free Thought Project reported on the Salt Lake City Police Department’s training program which taught officers de-escalation tactics and how that has prevented their officers from killing since 2015.

However, at least one officer has forgotten that training and a recent killing, captured on body camera, has ruined their non-lethal streak. To make matters worse, this man was attempting to flee when he was killed and the officer who did it was justified.

On Wednesday, the Salt Lake City District Attorney’s Office announced that the officer who killed 50-year-old Patrick Harmon, officer Clinton Fox, was legally justified in his actions.

A letter disseminated Wednesday afternoon by District Attorney Sim Gill’s office said that “After conducting an Officer Involved Critical Incident (OICI) review, the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office has determined that the August 13, 2017 Use of Deadly Force by a Salt Lake City Police Department officer in [sic] was legally justified.”

As Desert News reports, the stop was initiated over improper bicycle lighting:

Harmon was initially stopped by police for riding his bicycle across six lanes of traffic on State Street near 1000 South and for not having a required tail light, the report states. After giving officers several different names, police learned that Harmon had several warrants out for his arrest.

Fox said Harmon seemed emotional, distraught and nervous, talked about “getting right with God,” and said he was trying to take care of his warrant, the report states.

During the video, we can see Harmon begin to cry as he realizes that he is going to go to jail. Then, all of the sudden, he realized he was not going to go.

“Harmon pleaded with the officers not to go to jail. The officers took Mr. Harmon’s hands and placed them behind his back. As Mr. Harmon’s hands went behind his back, Mr. Harmon bolted from the officers and ran,” the report states.

As Harmon tried to flee, he appears to briefly turn back toward the officers for a split second—a decision which would end his life.

“Fox said Mr. Harmon came at the officers with something in his hand. Officer Fox said he was terrified by how close Mr. Harmon was to the officers when Mr. Harmon stopped and turned toward them,” the report states. “Officer Fox said he feared if he didn’t immediately use deadly force, Mr. Harmon was going to stab him and/or the other officers.”

Fox fired his weapon three times, according to the report.

“Officer Fox said that in 10 years of law enforcement and two military deployments, it was the scariest situation he had ever been in,” investigators wrote.

While the video does show Harmon turn back around, neither of the other officers felt they needed to resort to deadly force. In fact, had Fox not killed Harmon, the other officer’s taser—which was deployed—could’ve brought him down without incident.

Police Chief Mike Brown issued a statement saying he and the department “trust the process and support the decision” from Gill‘s office. “I believe our officers have the training, judgment and ability to make split-second decisions in dynamic situations,” Brown said.

According to City Weekly, Harmon’s sister, Antionette—who drove 1,300 miles along with eight other family members to attend a rally for her brother—recalled Patrick Harmon, four years her junior as “goofy” and remembered him as “a protector”—someone who defended his only sister whenever needed.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/police-officer-shoots-fleeing-man-killing/

WHO warns world running out of synthetic antibiotics, but refuses to acknowledge power of natural herbal antibiotics

Image: WHO warns world running out of synthetic antibiotics, but refuses to acknowledge power of natural herbal antibiotics

(Natural News)
The rise in antibiotic resistance has now reached the point where the World Health Organization feels the need to announce that the planet is running out of antibiotics. Not enough new antibiotics are being developed, according to their report, particularly when it comes to treating antibiotic-resistant infections.

This is indeed concerning. WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus sums up just how dangerous the situation is when he says that we could be “forced back to a time when people feared common infections and risked their lives from minor surgery.” After all, our modern medical system is essentially built on the foundation of antibiotics. Many common treatments, operations and even the care of premature babies simply cannot be carried out without dependable antibiotics.

When bacteria mutate and become immune to a particular antibiotic, it is known as antibiotic resistance, and it’s been a growing problem fueled by the overuse of antibiotics as well as the use of antibiotics in animals that are later consumed by people. Making matters worse is poor education on the matter, with a WHO survey finding that 64 percent of those questioned thought antibiotics could be used to treat the flu or cold even though they are caused by viruses. Meanwhile, two thirds of respondents thought that people who take antibiotics as prescribed won’t develop antibiotic resistance, and nearly half believed that only those who take antibiotics on a regular basis were susceptible to superbugs.

One of the many infections that is growing resistant to currently available antibiotics is gonorrhea, which affects 78 million new people every year. The U.N. health agency recently updated its guidelines for sexually transmitted infection treatment, warning that only three antibiotics are currently being developed for the treatment of gonorrhea, and there is no guarantee that the drugs under development will even make it to the market.

For pharmaceutical companies, there isn’t much profit in antibiotics because they are quite costly to develop and are typically only taken in short courses, unlike medications for cholesterol or blood pressure that must be taken long-term. In fact, most of the new antibiotics development is being funded by philanthropic or public research grants, according to the WHO report.

However, there is one important distinction that needs to be made: The lack of antibiotics the WHO is lamenting is only referring to synthetic antibiotics. There are actually quite a few potent natural herbal antibiotics out there, but they don’t get nearly as much attention as their Big Pharma-funded counterparts.

Nature provides us with antibiotics

One of the best natural antibiotics is raw honey, which fights infections on multiple levels. This approach makes it difficult for bacteria to become resistant to it. Garlic is another powerful antibiotic, and it also boasts antifungal and antiviral properties. This is why it was used back in the 1700s to help ward off the plague.

Oil of oregano is also known for its ability to kill bacteria, making it suitable for controlling MRSA and other common infections. A 2001 Georgetown University study found that is just as effective at killing germs as most antibiotics, and it also boasts antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, pain relief, and anti-parasitic properties, making it a great all-around essential oil. Another essential oil that has been shown to kill antibiotic-resistant MRSA on skin is tea tree oil.

Olive leaf extract possesses the ability to fight bacterial infections, and it’s so effective that some European hospitals are using it in the battle against MRSA infections. While fighting antibiotic-resistant infections, it also supports the immune system.

Nature has provided us with the solutions to many of the health issues our world is facing, and overlooking its power is costing us lives every day.

Sources include:






Source Article from http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-10-02-who-warns-world-running-out-of-synthetic-antibiotics-but-refuses-to-acknowledge-power-of-natural-herbal-antibiotics.html

Mind-Blowing Video Of Plastic Trash Running Through River Will Make Your Stomach Drop

By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Did you know? Every year, humans create enough trash to circle the globe four times. Unfortunately, only a fraction of that waste is recycled. It’s estimated that 80 percent of the trash we humans toss into landfills make its way to the oceans, where collects in giant converges. The biggest one is called the Great Pacific Garbage patch, and it is twice the size of Texas.

In addition to being inconvenient, pollution is also toxic to the environment. As it breaks down into micro-particles, it is ingested by wildlife and, in some cases, kills innocent animals. This conundrum, which is by no means new but has come to the forefront of attention in recent years, is easy to ignore when it’s “out of sight and out of mind.” The video below is impossible to forget, however, and will make your stomach drop:

The video above was shared to Facebook by the organization Glass Walls.  The caption reads: “An animal detrimental to humans or human concerns is defined as a ‘pest’. Are humans Earth’s worst pest? Are we too smart for our own good?”

In today’s world, it’s nearly impossible to avoid using plastic. However, each of us can make an effort to take reusable bags to the grocery store, use recyclable containers, and eat an organic, whole food diet which requires little to no packaging.

Please share this video to raise awareness about the extent of the issue and comment your thoughts below.

Read more: BREAKING: China To Ban All Petrol and Diesel Cars


I am Luke Miller, content manager at Truth Theory and creator of Potential For Change. I like to blend psychology and spirituality to help you create more happiness in your life.Grab a copy of my free 33 Page Illustrated eBook- Psychology Meets Spirituality- Secrets To A Supercharged Life You Control Here


Source Article from https://truththeory.com/2017/09/30/mind-blowing-video-plastic-trash-running-river-will-make-stomach-drop/

Man Paralyzed In Crash Now Running Half Marathon With His Surgeon & The Driver Who Hit Him

When Dean Otto came to Dr. Matt McGirt’s operating table, the surgeon estimated that the father of two had just a two percent chance of walking again. Two percent.

Dean Otto, now 52, was an active dad. He took his kids fishing, was an avid cyclist, and loved the outdoors. But one day, that passion for physical activity caught up to him. At 6 a.m. on September 24, 2016, Dean was struck by an F-150 truck while he was out riding his bike.

Dean flew off the bicycle, hit the ground, and passed out. When he came to, he couldn’t feel his legs.

His back was dislocated and fractured, he’d broken his pelvis, tailbone, and ribs. But upon waking up, and while he waited for the ambulance to arrive, he didn’t yell at the driver who’d plowed into him.

Will Huffman, a 27-year-old salesman, had been driving the truck. Naturally, he expected anger, resentment.

Instead, Dean greeted Will and his passenger: “He said, ‘Hey, I’m Dean, what are your names?’ And, then, he said, ‘How are you guys doing this morning?’”

Dean says of the odd exchange and forgiving Will, “I knew if I didn’t, the resentment would eat me alive.”

When he got to the hospital, Dean’s doctors knew that time was of the essence, so they sent him straight to surgery. That’s where Dr. Matt came in.

Matt’s team relieved the pressure on Dean’s spinal cord and put his spine back together with “a bunch of titanium.” Just hours after he came out of surgery, he could wiggle his toes! While Matt was hopeful, he remained realistic, telling Dean’s family that he could be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

“‘You don’t know Dean. If there’s a chance, he’s going to take it,” they responded.

And take it he did! Dean pushed through rehab making literal strides to get back to fighting shape.

According to Matt, who remained in touch with Dean, the father of two challenged his life saver to a run down the road: “Look. In a year from now, if I can run a half[-marathon], you’ll do it with me.”

Matt laughed it off, “I’ve seen some pretty remarkable outcomes. But did I think a guy could go out and run 13 miles with all that titanium in his spine? No way.”

Sure enough, a year to the day, Dean will run a half-marathon in Napa, California… with Matt at his side. But he’s not the only one who will support the spinal injury-survivor; Will, the man who put Dean in the hospital, will be there, too.

The two have formed quite the relationship over the past few months. Will says, “I wasn’t so much surprised that he forgave me,” but he is grateful that they were able to turn the tragic accident into a friendship. “I think most people would stop there and say, ‘Nice meeting you, but I’m done.’”



Source Article from https://worldtruth.tv/man-paralyzed-in-crash-now-running-half-marathon-with-his-surgeon-the-driver-who-hit-him/