Robert De Niro Says The U.S. Replaced Science With Ignorance. And He’s Right.

Climate change was on everyone’s mind at today’s World Government Summit in Dubai. It’s not hard to see why. American Samoa was being hit by a tropical storm. Flooding caused a state of emergency in Harlan County, Kentucky. And earlier in the week, parts of New Zealand also entered a state of emergency due to powerful storms. During one session, actor Robert De Niro took to the stage to call for bold action. He began by blasting the United States, calling it a place replete with ignorance and science denial. “I flew here last night from a backward country,” he began, “It is a place where science once reigned. It has been replaced by ignorance.”

De Niro continued by discussing several recent political developments, the far-reaching ramifications of which highlight the sad state of science in the U.S. today. “In the country I am describing, government ministries have been warned against using terms like ‘science-based’ and ‘evidence-based.’”

He continued, “Let’s just say we are suffering from a case of ‘temporary insanity,’” and told the room he believed Trump would eventually be voted out and replaced. The room broke out in applause.

De Niro justified his criticism by noting that the academic world accepts the reality of climate change, while the Trump administration staunchly denies it. “There is a consensus among scientists that man-made climate change increases the size and intensity of major weather events,” he said.

And he’s right. Our planet has already been irreparably altered by global warming, and those changes are not something we’ll need to look hard for in the years to come. The evidence is all around us. Extreme weather patterns are causing costly and unprecedented devastation, arriving in the form of floodinghurricanes, and forest fires. Warming temperatures are destroying the planethastening extinctions, and altering the course of human evolution, most immediately through our migration patterns.

Humans are both directly responsible, due to our stubborn reliance on energy sources that aren’t clean and renewable, but also indirectly through our lackadaisical attitude and outright denial of the situation’s current — and growing — severity.

Reiterating the need for immediate action, De Niro called upon individuals and nations alike to heed the words of scientists and commit to international cooperative efforts to reverse the devastation caused by man-made climate change.

In the end, whether or not the governments, citizens, and corporations of the world are ready and willing to accept responsibility, what’s undeniable is that every decision we make (or fail to make) has a ripple effect. Influence is not limited to those in the immediate vicinity of the catalyst — indeed, climate change is proof of that. “We can and do have an effect on our brothers and sisters 10,000 miles away,” De Niro said.

We may not have control over the chain of events that follows the decisions we make, but once we recognize that we’re part of a global community, we can make decisions in support of a better world.

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Victoria Nuland, wife of Arch-Neocon Robert Kagan on Russian ‘hacking’– ‘The Hairs Really Went Up on the Back of Our Necks’

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The CSS-Red Dawn Invasion-X-CIA Robert Steele-Beginning of Chemtrails

Dave Hodges, the host of The Common Sense Show.

Hour 1 Kathy Rubio- The coming Red Dawn Invasion

Hour 2-David Robert Steele on how Trump could become the greatest President ever

Hour 3- The Beginning of the Chemtrails- Ronnie McMullen and the Frank Olson Saga

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From the Hagmann blood sugar protocol to the Hodges joint protocol, Dr. Broer has helped hundreds of thousands of people. There is something for everybody at 



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01-23-18 — Davi Barker – Robert Anthony Peters – Charles Goyette — (VIDEO & MP3s LOADED)

Robert Anthony Peters


Hour 2 – Robert Anthony Peters (Vice President of FIJA) on his Freedom Summit Presentation: The Art of Jury Nullification and Why It Matters Today 


Hour 2

2018-01-23 Hour 2 Robert Anthony Peters from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Robert Anthony Peters

Robert Anthony Peters is Vice President of the Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA). He sat in on FIJA’s 2017 federal trial regarding free speech rights of juror rights educators at the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse in Denver, CO.

Robert completed his BS at the University of Arizona in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, was a Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow in DC, and trained at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in NYC. A member of SAG-AFTRA, he has been acting, producing, and directing professionally in theater, film, voiceover, and more for over a decade. He has been an active libertarian for even longer. Currently he lectures internationally on the relationship between art and liberty, speaking at several Students For Liberty events, the State Policy Network annual conference, the Bastiat Society, APEE, FreedomFest, Arizona FreedomFest, Coins in the Kingdom, the Hero’s Journey Conference, Libertopia, PORCfest, FEE seminars, Institute for Liberal Studies Summer Seminar series, and the Free Minds Film Festival.

He is president of Laissez Faire Media and the Culture of Liberty Institute and a producer with Ozymandias Media – purveyor of top quality web content for freedom-oriented think tanks and businesses. He records audiobooks, is a policy advisor for the Heartland Institute, is on the inaugural FEE Alumni Board, leads discussions for Liberty Fund, and is a contributor to The Freeman. He also manages his family’s retail shipping store in Tucson, AZ. Look for his film directing debut with “Tank Man.” His website is

His website is


Robert Anthony Peters Demo Reel:

Robert will be speaking at the Freedom Summit on the following topic:

The Art of Jury Nullification and Why It Matters Today



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Robert David Steele and Dave Hodges -Hawaiian False Flag Missile Attack -Pt 2

Nuclear war was barely averted. In part two of my interview with Robert David Steele, we explore in more detail what happened with regard to the attempted false flag attack in Hawaii. We also discussed some key elements connected to Deep State politics and the Trump administration.



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 Dave Hodges is a satisfied customer.  Listeners to The Common Sense Show will receive 10% off their next order by mentioning “Hodges10” in the coupon code box.  Don’t wait until it is too late. Click Here for more information.


If the bad guy has night vision and you don't he wins. Don't be a victim, find out more by CLICKING HERE

If the bad guy has night vision and you don’t he wins. Don’t be a victim, find out more by  CLICKING HERE  


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From the Hagmann blood sugar protocol to the Hodges joint protocol, Dr. Broer has helped hundreds of thousands of people. There is something for everybody at 




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ABC Anchor Meditates On How Liberal ‘Hearts Soar’ Over Robert Mueller

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AG Sessions should ‘step up and fire Robert Mueller’; Rep. Gaetz repeats

Rep. Matt Gaetz


Rep. Matt Gaetz has repeated his call for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to be removed and for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to get involved in the Russia investigation.

Speaking to Ed Henry on “Fox News @ Night” Tuesday, the first-term Florida Republican said Sessions is a “spectator” at this point after recusing himself from all matters related to the Russia probe.

Sessions’ deputy, Rod Rosenstein, appointed Mueller to look into Russian interference in the presidential election after the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

“If Bob Mueller were any more biased, we’d have to give him credentials for the mainstream media. … I’ve been calling for Mueller to be fired for months now,” Gaetz said.

Henry pushed back, saying that even some Republicans have conceded that firing Mueller would set off a “constitutional crisis.”

“[The problem is] we’ve got an attorney general who is a spectator, rather than the leader of the Department of Justice and that undermines our democracy,” said Gaetz. “There’s no legal requirement for him to have recused himself in this matter. He needs to step up, be the attorney general, fire Mueller and appoint a second special counsel to evaluate the Clinton Foundation.”

Meantime, Yahoo! News reports that Mueller’s team is “pursuing new leads, interrogating new witnesses and collecting a mountain of new evidence, including subpoenaed bank records and thousands of emails from the campaign and the Trump transition.”

Watch full interview:

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Robert F Kennedy Jr & The World Mercury Project Targeted For Sharing The Truth About Vaccines

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American consumers, particularly parents, should be asking some hard questions about why the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) apparently have no interest in improving vaccine safety. In the face of snowballing vaccine scandals—from fudged safety trials that use other vaccines as placebos, to persistent use of neurotoxic aluminum adjuvants, to the accelerated rollout of unproven vaccines that may be causing more problems than they solve—these and other vaccine advocacy organizations are not only turning a blind eye but are actively circling the wagons while beefing up public relations (PR) intended to stifle discussion. These PR efforts are on revealing display in an April 2017 IAC webinar on “Vaccines and the New Administration” that unsurprisingly singles out the activities of the World Mercury Project and its Chairman, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  Expressing equal parts alarm and disdain, the AAP rhetorically asks, “Vaccine safety: here we go again…?”

Due to the well-funded medical-pharmaceutical-media apparatus that endlessly repeats the mantra that all vaccines are safe for all people all the time, it is nearly impossible to get a fair hearing for common-sense questions about vaccine safety, no matter how urgent such questions may be. The biases apparent in mainstream discussions about vaccine safety have come into even sharper focus since the changeover from one political administration to the next. In February 2017, shortly after the inauguration, several hundred national and state-based organizations rushed to sign a letter lobbyingPresident Trump to “redouble” efforts to drive up the vaccination rate. The IAC and the AAP were two signatories of that letter, which summarily dismissed concerns about vaccine risks as “disproven.” 

World Mercury Project on the radar

The April webinar and the slides presented by the AAP (Figure 1) give clear insights into the efforts under way to shut down any questions regarding vaccine safety. Although the AAP also briefly considered two other perceived threats to the vaccine program—1) candidate Trump’s legitimate questioning of vaccine safety and timing and 2) citizen pressures on Congress to hold hearings on vaccines—Kennedy and World Mercury Project garnered fully one third (3/9) of the AAP’s slides. The three slides took note of the following events:

  • The January meeting between Kennedy and President-elect Trump to discuss a possible Commission for vaccine safety and scientific integrity;
  • The February 15 press conference convened by Kennedy and actor Robert De Niro at the National Press Club; and
  • The March 31 “Revolution for Truth” rally in Washington, DC, sponsored by World Mercury Project and four other organizations.

FIGURE 1. April 2017 IAC Webinar: AAP Presentation

In each instance, the AAP lobbyist, Patrick Johnson, used his PowerPoint to undercut the impact of the events, first, by downgrading the potential Commission from one focusing on vaccine safety and scientific integrity to one supposedly focusing “only” on autism; second, by describing the congressional briefing that followed the February 15 press conference as “sparsely attend” [sic]; and third, by stating that the March rally had “very little press coverage.” Of course, Johnson did not mention the powerful role of pharmaceutical industry advertising dollars in shaping mainstream news and disincentivizing true journalistic curiosity, nor was there a nod to the influence of pharmaceutical dollars on congressional (or AAP) priorities. (To put the pharmaceutical industry’s financial impact in perspective, total pharmaceutical revenues worldwide began exceeding one trillion dollars annually in 2014, with the U.S. pharmaceutical industry dominating the global market.)

The AAP’s co-conspirators

In addition to the AAP, three other organizations contributed content to the IAC webinar. All four entities profess to be reliable sources of information on vaccines but share a concerted PR focus that aims to head vaccine safety concerns off at the pass. All of the organizations frame their aims in terms of cementing vaccine infrastructure and funding. The AAP’s three sister organizations are:

  • The 317 Coalition: The 317 Coalition derives its name from Section 317 of the Public Health Service Act, which authorizes federal purchases of vaccines. The 317 Coalition’s organizational members include vaccine manufacturers. The Coalition’s “sole” focus is advocacy for increased Section 317 funding. Federal vaccine purchases currently depend on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for over half of their funds, giving rise to Coalition worries about what might happen with an ACA modification or repeal (Figure 2). The 317 Coalition is staffed by Cornerstone Government Affairs—a PR firm based in Washington, DC, that specializes in “federal and state government relations” and “strategic communications.” Mark Mioduski, one of Cornerstone’s senior founding partners, presented webinar content on behalf of the Coalition.
  • Every Child by Two (ECBT): ECBT works to “share [the] value of vaccines with federal and state legislators” and generate vaccine safety “talking points” (Figure 3). The webinar presenter, Amy Pisani, is ECBT’s Executive Director.
  • The Adult Vaccine Access Coalition (AVAC): AVAC focuses on “bringing necessary federal policy changes” to increase adult vaccination rates, in particular. The webinar presenter, Abby Bownas (employed by another Washington, DC-based PR company called NVG LLC), routinely lobbies policymakers in support of “legislative and regulatory solutions” to get more adults to line up for vaccines.

There are many overlapping connections between these (and similar) organizations. For example, ECBT’s Amy Pisani serves on the 317 Coalition’s six-member Steering Committee and on Paul Offit’s Vaccine Education Center Advisory Board. Offit, in turn, sits on the ECBT Board of Directors as well as the 317 Coalition Steering Committee. The IAC’s Executive Director and Chief Strategy Officer are two of the remaining members of the 317 Coalition Steering Committee.

FIGURE 2. April 2017 IAC Webinar: 317 Coalition PresentationFIGURE 3. April 2017 IAC Webinar: ECBT Presentation

Going after “vaccine hesitancy”

Vaccine proponents have handily coined a new term to describe virtually anyone who raises any questions about vaccine safety (or effectiveness). The term—which contrasts with the vaccine complacency that holds sway in public health and medical circles—is vaccine hesitancy. A highly visible vaccine hesitancy article published in Pediatrics in 2016 defined the term and sought to enhance health providers’ persuasive tactics against the growing pushback from worried families.

The Pediatrics article paints vaccine-hesitant individuals with a broad brush. They are, according to the authors, “a heterogeneous group who hold varying degrees of indecision about specific vaccines or about vaccinations in general,” including individuals who “accept all vaccines but remain concerned about them,” “refuse or delay some vaccines but accept others,” or “refuse all vaccines.” The Pediatrics authors express confidence in the ability of “targeted discussion strategies” to vanquish most of these objections (particularly because “vaccine discussions continue to occupy the media and Internet”), but they also agree that “some families still will not be persuaded to vaccinate,” even when a pediatrician threatens a family with dismissal from their practice “as a last resort.”

It is no coincidence that Pediatrics is the official journal of the AAP, which does not think twice about using the journal to push its party line on vaccination. The IAC, too, has got vaccine hesitancy squarely in its sights. Its website conspicuously features tools (including a role-playing video and PowerPoint slide sets) intended to help health professionals deal with recalcitrant parents. The IAC’s “save-the-date” newsletter about the April 2017 webinar even promoted attendance by stating that the webinar would discuss “encouragement of vaccine hesitancy by some elected officials, including the president.”

That same IAC announcement also used “Robert Kennedy Jr.’s claims about a new vaccine safety commission” as a sound bite to spur webinar attendance and marshal the troops. Even though there are other nonprofits that have long advocated for a deeper look at vaccine safety, the disproportionate attention to the relatively new-on-the-scene World Mercury Project from the IAC, AAP and other members of the vaccine juggernaut is telling. Perhaps the stellar reputation of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in fighting for underdogs is making it tougher for these vaccine apologists to make a smear campaign stick. Regardless, members of the public should be asking themselves where the true conflicts of interest lie.

In Part Two, World Mercury Project further explores the glaring conflicts of interest that characterize the AAP and its colleague organizations.

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Jewish historian Robert Dallek for Newsweek– ‘Donald Trump should be removed and replaced with Mike Pence’

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Robert Redford to TIME: GOP ‘Tax Scam’ Is ‘Dirty Deal’ for Americans

Robert Redford, who is best known for starring in such movies as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Sting and All the President’s Men, wrote an article for the December 11 issue of TIME magazine, which describes him as also a “director, producer and environmental activist.”

In an obvious effort to live up to that last description, Redford hammered President Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress for “trying to break” a promise “to protect and preserve the national splendor of this country.”

The article began:

I’ve always believed our country’s wide open landscapes reflect our unique American spirit.

It’s that sense of boundless opportunity, personal freedom and the pursuit of equality that’s defined us as a people and inspired us from our start as a nation.

“Those values created what is often called America’s best idea,” he continued, “the promise to protect and preserve the natural splendor of this country, not just for some, but for all of us. And not just for today, but for all time.”

Redford then accused President Donald Trump of “trying to break that promise and sacrifice spectacular lands for the sake of oil and gas profits. His target is the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, one of the last truly wild places left on this Earth.”

“The Arctic Refuge is a national treasure, so majestic and wild and beautiful” that some people “call it ‘The Sacred Place Where Life Begins,’” he continued, which is “part of the reason Republican President [Dwight] Eisenhower set aside the Arctic Refuge more than 50 years ago.”

“Oil and gas companies have coveted those lands ever since,” Redford added. “They’ve tried, and failed, more than a dozen times to break down the protections that guard the refuge from drilling and the harm they cause.”

However, “Congress is about to shell out tax cuts to these same big corporations,” he stated, “and you may not know their deal includes a provision to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling.”

“They are claiming to pay for proposed tax cuts by charging oil companies $100 million a year to mine the Refuge, but we all know what’s really going on,” Redford noted, that while “$100 million sounds great, … don’t be fooled. It won’t even pay the interest on our new debt for even a single day.”

“And it’s not even close to being worth the trade for giving up the Refuge,” he stated.

“It’s a dirty deal — but it’s not a done deal,” the activist asserted. “Republicans are scrambling to get their tax scam out of Congress and onto Trump’s desk by Christmas. I believe we can still stop it —  but we’ve got days, not weeks.”

“Join me right now to stand up for this special place,” Redford pleaded. “Tell Congress you’ll hold them responsible if they give away our lands to the most profitable companies in the world.”

“Remind them of our American spirit, the will to fight and to stand up for causes and ideas bigger than ourselves,” he concluded.

As NewsBusters reported in April of 2011, Redford told TIME that “I’m not a left-wing person. I’m just a person interested in the sustainability of our country.”

During September of 2015, the actor/director also starred as disgraced CBS anchorman Dan Rather in a film entitled Truth, which was based on the book Truth and Duty: The Press, the President and the Privilege of Power, written by Mary Mapes, the disgraced producer of 60 Minutes during Rathergate, who was also terminated from CBS News.

The environmentalist later stated in an op-ed for the Washington Post in April of 2017 that he “was so impressed with Woodward and Bernstein that he made a movie out of their self-promoting journalistic hero story.”

Then on September 13 of this year, the actor/director/activist told Esquire’s Michael Haney that former presidents Richard Nixon and Donald Trump, as well as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, “are not helping us at all. They’re taking us backward in time.”

Redford also stated that Trump serving in the White House is “our fault,” and “You can’t blame him for being who he is.”

Four days later, the liberal actor and director claimed that global warming skeptics as simply “afraid of change” during an interview with former CNN host Larry King.

During the discussion, Redford asserted: “If you belong to a certain group of people that are afraid of change, which I think some people are. And so, I think they’re going to deny change when it happens.”

After championing all these left-wing causes, can Redford still believe he’s not a liberal activist? Nevertheless, Hollywood can be a strange place sometimes.

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