Photo: Baby on board! Tiny loon rides on mom’s back

Who wouldn’t want to hitch a ride on the best-feathered boat in the lake?

Cutest thing of the day? We’ve got it right here: A baby loon riding on its mother’s back. Just stop! This is a thing that actually happens – though likely rarely photographed as nicely as this, thanks to photographer Tony LePrieur. Most sources suggest this behavior has to do with keeping the chick warm; though it probably serves as a way to reduce predation as well. Whatever the case may be, it’s undeniably sweet.

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Japanese Bus Drivers Are Striking By Refusing to Accept Fare for Rides

by Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Most people protest by forming a picket line. But in the Japanese city of Okayama, bus drivers are protesting by giving free rides to commuters.

According to The Guardian, the dispute began in April, when a rival to the Ryobi bus company advertised cheaper fares. Japanese media reports that concerned drivers asked for more job security. When no agreement was made, drivers continued to cover their routes but refused to take fares from passengers.

Protests of this kind are unique, but they are becoming increasingly common. For instance, last year in Sydney, Australia, bus drivers from 12 depots gave free rides for a day. They turned off card machines to protest government plans to privatise services. And last July, bus drivers in Brisbane offered fare-free days to protest low wages and ask for better rosters and safety measures to be implemented.

How has the company responded to the strike? According to Japan News, officials say the free rides are helping the bus company preserve its relationship with the passengers in the face of new competition. What this means for the drivers on strike is unknown.

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Source: BBC, The Guardian

Image Credit: Wikimedia

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Photo: Snowy owl rides the ice on Lake Ontario

Our photo of the day comes from beautiful Lake Ontario.

Just a snowy owl, riding on the ice. Photographer Christina Anne M describes this photo as, “Snowy Owl floating on the ice on Lake Ontario,” which she took while aboard a ferry heading to Amherst Island, Ontario. Who says owls don’t like to have fun?

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Koala rides 16km trapped behind wheel until driver hears her cry (PHOTOS)

An unsuspecting koala went on what turned out to be a traumatizing road trip last weekend near Adelaide, according to the Advertiser. The marsupial had apparently crawled under a four-wheel-drive vehicle and was later discovered by the driver. 

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The man immediately called the koala hotline, which asked firefighters to help rescue the animal. After the wheel was removed, the koala was “really wedged in there tight and hanging on for dear life,” Jane Brister from Fauna Rescue said.

Apart from being frightened, the koala suffered “superficial injuries.”

“I could smell her burnt fur. It would have been hot in there,” Brister told Reuters.

Named after one of the rescuers, Kelli the Koala was released back into the wild Friday after recovering from the shock.

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Uber Is Giving Wheelchair Users In The UK Free Rides To Polling Places This Week

By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

On Thursday, the polls will open up for citizens in the UK to vote for either Jeremy Corbyn or Theresa May to become the next Prime Minister. To ensure as many voters turn out as possible, ride-sharing app and company Uber has promised free rides to wheelchair-bound citizens so they can visit polling stations.

The Verge reports that anyone who needs a lift for the elections between 7AM and 10PM in London, Birmingham, or Manchester can use the UberACCESS feature to request wheelchair-friendly transport for free. Even though Uber is paying for all the rides, the company partnered with the disability charity Whizz-Kids to spread the word.

Said Whizz-Kidz chief executive Ruth Owen:

“Exercising your right to vote is such a fundamental milestone in transitioning from childhood to adulthood. For many young wheelchair users across the UK, this year will mark the first time ever they’ve been eligible to vote in a General Election. So it’s important that the barriers that can stand between them and making their voices heard are removed … We hope Uber’s generous move will inspire many young wheelchair users to get out and vote on Thursday.”

Uber’s UK general manager, Jo Bertram, added:

“Accessing convenient, safe and affordable transport can sometimes be a challenge for wheelchair users. That’s why we’re proud to offer a fully wheelchair accessible option in London, Birmingham and Manchester with many more cities to come. Everybody should be able to have their say on election day, so we’re delighted to work with Whizz-Kidz to offer young wheelchair users an easy way to get to the polls.”

Voters who would like to take advantage of the offer can either receive two $13 vouchers via the Uber app or download the vouchers from Whizz-Kids.

Considering Stephen Hawking proclaimed Theresa May in office would be a “disaster” for the UK, Uber can count on a lot of voters taking advantage of its gracious offer.


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