South Africa’s white farmers reportedly being murdered & tortured off their land

RT–Violent attacks against South Africa’s white farmers are on the rise, according to Paul Toohey, a reporter from Australia’s Daily Telegraph, who traveled to the country.

Last month, South Africa’s parliament voted to allow white-owned land expropriation without compensation. That followed South Africa’s new President Cyril Ramaphosa’s pledge to return the lands owned by white farmers since the 1600s to the black citizens of the country. He claimed the land was “taken under colonialism and apartheid.”

This is normal in South Africa to be attacked on a farm,” a 39-year old farmer Berdus Henrico told the reporter.

Berdus and his 51-year old partner Estelle Nieuwenhuys have been raided in the Limpopo province. The farmer has three bullet wounds – two through his shoulder and one through his face that came out the back of his neck.

“They took my hunting gun, my shotgun, two cell phones, our DVD player, our TV,” said Berdus, adding that Estelle was praying, out loud, begging them to stop.

“They want money and they want guns. They want the people off the land so as they can go on like they want to. They want it here like it was in Zimbabwe a few years ago when they chased all the whites out and let it go to the ground.”

According to AfriForum, a group that was set up to draw attention to the farmers’ plight, there were a record 404 farm attacks in 2017, four times the number recorded in the country a decade ago. The 2018 figures are expected to easily top last year’s numbers.

AfriForum is trying to work with police and government to raise awareness.

“If we see a white farmer being tortured, being burned with torches or clothing irons, gang-raped, we don’t see any focus on these cruel crimes,” said Ian Cameron, head of AfriForum Community Safety.

The organization’s statistics show the number of commercial farmers in South Africa declined from more than 60,000 to 35,000 during the past two decades. More than 60 percent of farm attack victims were over 50 years old.

Cameron explained that the government views farm attacks as “normal” crime.

“The cruelty that goes with farm attacks is disproportionate compared to other crime,” he said. “An urban crime might last 10 minutes, but [on farms] people can be tortured for up to nine hours.”

There is something warlike in the country, according to Cameron. “This country is damaged. We are psychologically damaged,” he said.

South Africa has a population of over 50 million people. According to a 2017 government audit, white people own 72 percent of farmland.

The leader of South Africa’s radical Marxist opposition party (the Economic Freedom Fighters) Julius Malema said recently the mayor of Port Elizabeth should be removed because he is white.

“We are cutting the throat of whiteness,” said Malema.

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‘It’s a Movie Script’: FBI Insiders Reportedly Expose ‘Official’ Vegas Narrative as Entirely False


Damning information has allegedly been reported by FBI insiders who claim that the “official” narrative about the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history is a fiction, perpetuated by law enforcement to keep Americans ignorant as to what really happened in Vegas.

The report comes from True Pundit who claims to have been contacted by several FBI insiders and high-ranking intelligence officials who are making the bombshell claims.

“It’s a movie script that was written after the shooting to rewrite what really happened,” one FBI agent said, according to the media outlet. “The investigation is an entirely different story that we are not allowed to talk about. If we do and get caught, we get fired and probably charged (criminally).”

According to the report, the entire premise of the shooting—as in Stephen Paddock acted alone—is completely false.

As True Pundit reports, after months of corporate-infused spin by MGM Resorts and outright lies from officials in the FBI and the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, federal agents and intelligence officials are spilling the beans about what really happened on and before the Oct. 1 massacre.

According to the FBI officials, as reported by True Pundit, the following jaw-dropping cover-ups:

  • When FBI brass was provided with forensic evidence of multiple gunmen, they told agents to stand down and focus on Paddock only. Even a key internal audio captured by a hotel guest of multiple rifles firing from Mandalay Bay went ignored, covered up.
  • When FBI brass was provided the names of persons of interest who likely assisted Paddock, agents were instructed not to interview the individuals. One would-be target was never pursued despite pleadings from intelligence officials and agents that he was possibly the second shooter.
  • The FBI uncovered specific evidence showing that Paddock was anti-Trump and had an affiliation with ANTIFA, though it never was divulged to the public and agents did not follow such leads, per orders of their superiors.
  • When FBI brass was given evidence that the shooting was possibly linked to ANTIFA radicals working with an ISIS-linked terror faction — including the full identities of some of the suspects with ties to both radical groups and at or near Mandalay Bay the night of the deadly shooting — agents were never instructed to follow up on the investigation and pursue the suspects.
  • When intelligence officials approached the FBI and LVMPD with external evidence that Paddock was only one member of an organized terror cell — which included as many as five gunman who planned to fire from the Mandalay Bay suite — the compelling evidence was covered up. Never pursued.
  • When FBI brass was provided with forensic evidence that Paddock’s death was not a suicide, the intelligence was never pursued by the FBI and LVMPD. FBI sources said Paddock suffered two gunshots. His autopsy report only details a single bullet to the head. FBI sources maintain Paddock’s autopsy was doctored and is a fraud.
  • When an ISIS-linked “businessman” from Turkey was pinpointed in the investigation — and found to be residing near Las Vegas at the time of the shooting — FBI agents were not instructed to follow up and pursue intelligence leads showing possible links to the massacre.
  • FBI and intelligence officials believe Paddock and associates chose to strike the Las Vegas country music concert with over 22,000 people because they likely supported President Trump. FBI agents said they were instructed to keep that key motive quiet too.
  • When MGM refused to share cctv footage from Mandalay Bay, FBI agents were threatened by superiors that any whistle blowers divulging such revelations to the media would lose their jobs. The FBI still has never been provided all the camera footage from the Mandalay Bay, FBI agents said.
  • When FBI agents and agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives informed FBI bosses that Paddock didn’t start buying dozens of guns until after Trump’s election, they were told to keep that fact quiet and shrouded.
  • When FBI agents followed up on an ABC News report that Paddock wired $100,000 to the Philippines shortly before the rampage they confirmed the report was untrue. Instead of disputing it, FBI bosses embraced the false story, saying it helped build the narrative the Bureau was constructing about Paddock. FBI agents believe the story was planted with ABC by their superiors.

While some of these points attempt to paint a partisan motive for this attack, it is important to remember that all sides would love to use Paddock to “blame the other guy” and this should not lead to the creation and hatred of stereotypes nor should it be used to divide Americans. If it turns out that Paddock was indeed anti-Trump, then this should not be used to demonize others who are also opposed to Trump.

Anything outside of a thorough investigation to seek the truth is an insult to the victims and their families. Those who would attempt to use this tragedy for personal or political gain are no better than those trying to cover up the truth.

According to True Pundit, Monday’s report is one of many they will be releasing that will contain all the information given to them by their FBI and intelligence sources.

As we’ve done throughout this campaign of misinformation and lies that is the Vegas Massacre, the Free Thought Project will continue to sift through all the evidence to find the truth.

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Hiding in the skies: US spy drone reportedly spotted near Crimea

The RQ-4 Global Hawk cruised over war-torn east Ukraine before coming within 30 kilometers of Sevastopol’s coast. CivMilAir, which monitors military aviation flights worldwide, announced as much in a tweet on Friday.

The unmanned craft is thought to have taken off from a US Navy installation at NATO Base Sigonella in Sicily, Italy. 

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US and NATO air patrols have become increasingly common in international airspace near Russian territory, in many cases leading Russian fighters to intercept the mischievous aircraft. In January, a Russian Su-27 intercepted a US Navy EP-3 Aries surveillance aircraft over the Black Sea, leading to accusations from the Pentagon that the Russian fighter flew too closer to the US plane.

A more high-stakes incident occurred in June over the Baltics, when a NATO F-16 approached a plane carrying Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu. An escorting Su-27 politely tipped its wing to the NATO jet, displaying its arsenal of air-to-air missiles. 

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EU Parliament Reportedly Demanding Over 420,000 Euros From Euroskeptic Parties


The Europe of Nations and Freedom, a group of European Parliament members, is obliged to reimburse Europe’s parliament for expenses which include meals costing more than 400 euros per person and one hundred Christmas presents worth more than 100 euros each, according to AFP.

Agence France Presse has seen a document drafted by the European Parliament’s budget control committee, which cited the more than 427,000 euros ($527,000) which a group of right-wing parties, dominated by France’s National Front, should pay back.

The parties include the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENL) group of European deputies, including those from Italy’s Lega Party and its leader Matteo Salvini, who dominated last week’s general election in Italy.

“The ENL group has, since 2016, insufficiently justified 38,889 euros ($47,950) of expenses and violated the rules of tender on another 388,278 euros,” the document reportedly reads.

The expenses, due to be paid back by the ENL to the European Parliament, include meals worth more than 400 euros per person and another hundred Christmas presents worth more than 100 euros each.

Additionally, ENL deputies should repay money spent on about 230 bottles of champagne, according to the European Parliament’s watchdog.

At the current stage, the watchdog’s document remains advisory and is scheduled to be submitted to the European Parliament office on March 12.

Right now, these right-wing parties are continuing to gain momentum in Europe, including Salvini’s Lega Party which managed to obtain more than 18 percent of the vote during the March 4 general election in Italy.

Lega Nord is part of the country’s center-right coalition, also consisting of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia, the right-wing Brothers of Italy and Us with Italy, which gained 37.48 percent of the vote.



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JAY-Z and Beyoncé’s ‘On the Run 2’ tour reportedly confirmed by inside source

After announcing that they were working on an album together and much speculation around a joint tour, JAY-Z and Beyoncé appear to have announced their On the Run 2 tour to take place this summer, according to Pitchfork. Jay and Bey set Twitter and indeed the whole internet abuzz when they posted a tour date on Ticketmaster as well as Beyoncé’s Facebook page. 

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Those posts, however, were quickly deleted, adding to the mystique. But information gathered by E News from an inside source seem to confirm the tour is going down, although dates are still TBD. Keep it here at AXS for updates on JAY-Z and Beyoncé’s On the Run 2 tour.

As the name suggests, the On the Run 2 tour follows JAY-Z and Beyoncé’s 2014 On the Run tour. At the time, both artists were promoting their respective solo albums, JAY-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail and Beyoncé’s self-titled record. The couple also recently collaborated on the Grammy-nominated track “Family Feud” from JAY-Z’s latest record 4:44. You can check out the video below.

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Mysterious Radioactive Substance Reportedly Detected in Alaska

A “highly unusual aerosol particle containing a very small amount of enriched uranium” was tracked at an altitude of seven kilometers above Alaska’s Aleutian Islands, according to a US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) study published by the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity.

The scientists underscored that the particle with the enriched uranium-235 was spotted for the first time in twenty years of observations.  The uranium-235 is specifically used for making nuclear fuel and bombs.

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“Analysis of wind trajectories and particle dispersion model results show that the particle could have originated from a variety of areas across Asia,” the study said, citing China, Japan and North Korea.

Given that the particle was detected in August 2016, it excludes the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in 2011 as a possible source.

Remaining in the dark about the origin of this particle, researchers suggested that it is “definitely not from a natural source.”

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“One of the main motivations of this paper is to see if somebody who knows more about uranium than any of us would understand the source of the particle,” NOAA scientist Dan Murphy told Gizmodo.

At the same time, he said that it’s too early to jump to any conclusions about possible atmospheric radiation caused by this particle because “it’s not a significant amount of radioactive debris by itself.”

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Vegas Shooter Reportedly Warned His Brain was ‘Hacked’ and He Was Under Gov’t Control


Las Vegas, NV — Shocking information on Stephen Paddock was recently reported which has gone completely unnoticed by the mainstream media. The report entails testimony from one of Paddock’s high-priced escorts who is blowing the whistle on how a prostitute who met with the deranged shooter just before the massacre has since gone missing and noted how Paddock thought he was under the control of the government.

The escort was reported missing by her boyfriend just after the shooting and now, a former escort who once dated Paddock is speaking out about the sheer insanity involved in this case.

“She was telling girls after work that she was scared something would happen to her,” claimed former escort Mikaela, whose full name is being withheld to protect her identity according to Radar Online. “She was booked the day before or the day of the shooting before she disappeared.”

As was widely reported after the shooting, Stephen Paddock allegedly acted out depraved torture fantasies with the escorts, paying them upwards of $6,000 an hour to tie them up and pretend to rape them.

In a text message to the escort, the killer boasted about how he was “born bad” and had the “bad streak is in my blood” thanks to his bank robber dad.

He wrote: “I didn’t have anything really to do with him (my dad) but the bad streak is in my blood. I was born bad.”

Indeed he was.

As TFTP reported at the time, one quote from a Las Vegas prostitute tied Paddock to a group of people who question the U.S. government.

“The 27-year-old woman said Paddock, 64, would often rant about conspiracy theories including how 9/11 was orchestrated by the US government.”

Now, however, thanks to testimony from Mikaela, who has since moved out of the country according to Radar, things have gotten even stranger.

As Radar reports:

Mikeala was hustling for an escort agency when she first met Paddock, a habitual high roller, in early 2015. After two dates the smitten 64-year-old volunteered to be her “sugar daddy.”

Soon she was hooking up with Paddock two to three times a month at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, even inside the same hotel room the madman used as his sniper’s nest during the worst mass shooting in American history.

What’s more, Radar has learned just before the rampage Paddock began sending bizarre text messages to another of Mikaela’s call girl pals, showing he was becoming completely unhinged and paranoid.

Unhinged and paranoid was an understatement. According to her testimony, Paddock claimed to be a government experiment.

“There’s messages where Stephen is telling her he’s a government experiment and that they are listening to everything he says and does, and they can hack into his brain and take over,” Mikaela said.

While these alleged texts may or may not have occurred, the fact remains that Paddock did reportedly act out very strange fantasies with prostitutes and was on record in the press as having mentioned government conspiracies.

It is also important to note that documents revealed that the CIA planned for and participated in “influencing human behavior” with electronic signals like Paddock was alluding to.

In one of the more ominous documents released in the JFK files, titled Commission on CIA Activities within the United States the CIA admits to numerous campaigns of propaganda and public deception.

One bullet, in particular, deals with the CIA’s “involvement in research on techniques for influencing human behavior and on methods of protecting Agency personnel against hostile use of drugs or “brain working” techniques.”

As if attempting to influence individual human behavior wasn’t threatening enough, the same bullet point mentions the “testing of equipment measuring physiological responses in human subjects.”

For those familiar with the CIA’s MK Ultra program, the above-mentioned techniques are shockingly telling, to say the least.



What’s more is the fact that the CIA has declassified these mind control experiments in which they used prostitutes and psychedelic drugs to attempt to control people’s thoughts.

Amid fears The Russians might perfect mind control before the United States government could manage to do so, the CIA turned unapologetically to experiments with LSD, leaving victims none the wiser — setting up fake brothels in San Francisco and, later, Marin County, where hired prostitutes would bring the agency’s prey: the unremarkable men of the lower and working classes who would be unlikely to retaliate if anything went awry.

“The CIA was scared stiff the KGB was going to get all this LSD and come over and start dosing people,” Richard Stratton, a former hippie pot kingpin ultimately caught and imprisoned, explains of Midnight Climax (the CIA LSD brainwashing program). “So, we bought every drop of LSD in existence at that point.”

Not only is this information not conspiracy theory, but it was aired publicly on the history channel last year. And this is only the information that has been declassified. Imagine what they are not telling us.

As people continue to search for reasons as to why Stephen Paddock would kill so many innocent people that night, we continue to find more questions than answers. Although the idea that Paddock was some brainwashed MK ultra experiment gone awry may seem like some wild conspiracy theory—the fact remains that the government is on record trying to create that very thing.

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Hillary Clinton Reportedly Kept An Adviser Accused Of Sexual Harassment On The Payroll

A top adviser for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign was allowed to keep his job after Clinton learned he had been accused of sexual harassment, The New York Times reports.

A 30-year-old staffer made a complaint at the time against Clinton’s faith adviser, Burns Strider. She said Strider had displayed inappropriate behavior: kissing her on the forehead, rubbing her shoulders and sending suggestive emails.

Clinton’s campaign manager, Patti Solis Doyle, suggested to the candidate that Strider be removed from his position, sources told the Times. But he stayed, according to the report. He was docked pay for several weeks and ordered to attend counseling. The woman who made the complaint was moved to a different role. 

Strider later went on to work for Correct the Record, an independent group that supported Clinton’s 2016 presidential run. He was fired months after he started that job amid accusations that he harassed a female aide, according to the Times. 

Read The New York Times’ full report here.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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Teen fatally shot over iPhone was reportedly killed by a friend, mom says

A New York woman claims her 15-year-old son was fatally shot over an iPhone by one of his own friends.

“I know the friend that killed my son,” Annie Johnson said of her son, Trevor Rhudd, to the New York Post. “He was being robbed for his phone.”

Trevor was found dead by police with a gunshot wound to the chest Saturday afternoon. His pants pockets were turned out.

“I saw my son dead on the ground with his mouth open, I can’t get that out of my head. They turned his pockets out to steal his Christmas money,” Johnson told the outlet.

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Local authorities had footage of Trevor being lead into an ambush by four of his friends, his mom said.

“They had four kids waiting for him, they rushed him out of the house to kill him,” Johnson said. “Nowadays you don’t need a reason to kill someone. My son was well known and well liked.”

Later on the surveillance footage, a man appeared, Miles Sutton, who Johnson said was captured running out of a stairwell where her son was.

“He came running out of the exit. It looks very suspicious,” Johnson said.

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Sutton, 31, had been arrested in the past for tampering with evidence, criminal possession of marijuana and criminal possession of a gun. He has not yet been charged with murder.

Johnson does not believe Sutton was not the killer, however. She claimed the last number on her son’s phone was the number of the friend who killed him.

The shooting is still under investigation.

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