Shocking Report Shows America’s Top 1% Now Richer than Bottom 90% COMBINED


Another jaw-dropping report was released this week that draws attention to the staggering wealth of just a small handful of people as compared to everyone else. America’s richest one percent now own more wealth than the poorest 90 percent of the entire country—combined. Indeed, according to the most recent data by economist Edward N. Wolff, this very elite group of people owns nearly half of the entire country’s wealth.

The paper, written by economist Edward N. Wolff, used data from the federal Survey of Consumer Finances. The data showed that the wealth owned by the one percent shot up by nearly three percentage points since 2013, from 36.7 percent to 39.6 percent. That number represents the most wealth owned by the one-percenters in over five decades.

As the rich got richer, the poor got poorer as the data shows the wealth of the poorest 90 percent has decreased. As a result, the top one percent of households now own more than the bottom 90 percent combined.

To put this disparity of wealth in perspective, Wolff notes that the mean net worth of the top one percent is roughly $26.4 million while the mean net wealth of the poorest 90 percent is actually negative at -$8,900.

“The percentage increase in net worth from 1983 to 2016 was much greater for the top wealth groups than for those lower in the distribution… all in all, the greatest gains in wealth were enjoyed by the upper 20 percent, particularly the top 0.1 [percent],” Wolff wrote in the paper.

Wolff’s data is not an anomaly. As TFTP previously reported, just 20 people own more wealth than half of the entire country combined.

The report, titled Billionaire Bonanza: The Forbes 400 and the Rest of Us, “exposes the extreme wealth concentrated within the fortunes of the 400 wealthiest Americans and compares this wealth to the much more meager assets of several different segments of American society.”

Chuck Collins and Josh Hoxie, the authors of the report, described a compelling picture about the top 20 of those 400 people.

America’s 20 wealthiest people — a group that could fit comfortably in one single Gulfstream G650 luxury jet –­ now own more wealth than the bottom half of the American population combined.

Let that sink in. A group of people that could stand in your living room owns more wealth the 160,000,000 other Americans.

So why is that?

Of course, becoming rich is no reason for alarm. Many people work very hard to save money and acquire wealth. This is the beauty of the free market. However, it is how these few people gain such vast amounts of wealth, that is cause for concern.

The ruling elite in the United States quite literally hand-pick politicians and pay for their campaigns to put them in office. More than half of all donations provided to the 2016 presidential candidates in the year 2015, in both parties, proves this notion as they came from a mere 158 families. 

The 158 families, who’ve donated billions of dollars to these candidates, have entirely different reasons for choosing their politicians versus Joe Sixpack. Consequently, it is for this reason that Joe Sixpack’s requests are completely ignored by the next puppet to be placed in office who claims to represent him.

The United States government is, by design, a machine to redistribute wealth. This wealth redistribution, however, is not what the political blowhards on the TV and radio say it is. Since the inception of the income tax and the Federal Reserve, the United States government has become excellent at separating you from the product of your labor.

While you’re told by the Sean Hannitys of the world that the government takes from the rich to redistribute to the poor, on the grand scheme, the reality is actually the opposite. The state fleeces the poor and middle class in America, and that money is, in turn, redistributed to the most wealthy Americans.

As Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter, David Cay Johnson points out, the results of such a government system are,

“policies that take from the many and redistribute to the already rich few through stealth techniques that rarely make the news but can be found in the public record. Among these policies are a failure to enforce the laws of business competition, severe restrictions on unions and subsidies galore for big companies.”

When the topic of the ultra-rich controlling elite is brought up, most of the time the free market gets the blame. But most of these opinions fail to take the role of the state into consideration.

Such massive inequality reflects not market economics but political influence that tilts the economic playing field,” explains Johnson. “And because of their political influence, those at the very top get tax favors, especially the deferral of taxes into the distant future, which transforms the burden of taxes into a bonanza of increased profits.”

The reason that nothing ever seems to get accomplished in Washington D.C. is due to the hard truth that your elected officials have no loyalty to you.

As we’ve seen from nearly every political candidate in the last century, including Trump, the “promises” made on their campaign trails are but fleeting memories once they get into office. After all, how can a politician keep true to their campaign promises when they are busy creating and passing into law, loopholes, and subsidies for the very small group of people who put them in power?


David Brunori, a Forbes contributor, noted three years ago concerning a report titled, “Subsidizing the Corporate One Percent,” that “three-quarters of all state economic development subsidies went to just 965 corporations since the beginning of the study in 1976. The Fortune 500 corporations alone accounted for more than 16,000 subsidy awards, worth $63 billion – mostly in the form of tax breaks.

“Think about that. The largest, wealthiest, most powerful organizations in the world are on the public dole. Where is the outrage? Back when I was young, people went into a frenzy at the thought of some unemployed person using food stamps to buy liquor or cigarettes. Ronald Reagan famously campaigned against welfare queens. The right has always been obsessed with moochers. But Boeing receives $13 billion in government handouts and everyone yawns, when conservatives should be grabbing their pitchforks.”

Grossly inflated subsidies are provided to the oil and gas industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and the agriculture industry, or Big Ag. Corporations garner tax subsidies from state and local governments. And the biggest corporations fund lobbyists — and win hundreds of billions in federal contracts.

And those are only a few of the ways corporations and executives game the system to amass huge fortunes.


The fleecing is actually getting worse too. Politicians have become so addicted to stealing the product of your labor, that they have created a virtual black hole of debt that is impossible to ever pay back. It is a mathematical certainty that this unsustainable system of fascism and theft will come crashing to the ground.

The US government has become a snake – eating its own tail.

Johnson lays out this situation quite clearly as he expands on the analogy put forward by Collins and Hoxie,

So think about that image — a top-of-the-line Gulfstream G650 jet and 160 million Americans, each with the same net worth. Now imagine a much smaller jet, with 12 or so oligarchs, and ask yourself just why you are paying taxes to enhance their fortunes instead of your nest egg.

Unfortunately, the only solutions proposed by those within the system to offset the ruling elite and their fleecing of the citizens is, ironically, more legislation — because it’s worked so well in the past, right?

Attempting to change the system by using the criminals within the system is akin to asking a mugger to stop mugging you.

The good news is that people are beginning to understand this exercise in futility and they are creating and operating systems that exist outside of the state-controlled monopoly. Bitcoin is an excellent example.

As the thinkers in the world build new systems to act outside of the old ones designed to rob them, the government is constantly vying to shut them down. However, ingenuity and free enterprise—which the government lacks almost entirely—always wins, even though it may get worse before it gets better.

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Dr. Phranq Tamburri is a naturopathic physician specializing in men’s health with a sub-specialty in prostate cancer. In tandem to these fields, Dr. Tamburri treats male hormone deficiency, low energy, and sexual performance. Although naturopathic medicine is a specialty in itself, Dr. Tamburri has garnered recognition as an expert in the field of prostate cancer assessment, diagnosis, and treatment; each of the preceding from a balanced natural and allopathic perspective. His training in this area has been varied and wide in scope. As Chief Resident from his Alma Mater, he trained under Mayo trained urologist Bernard Gburek, M.D. at Scottsdale North Hospital while at the same time apprenticed under CMO and Physician of the Year Thomas Kruzel, N.D. who specialized in natural urology. Dr. Tamburri later was director of the Men’s Health Clinic at his local teaching clinic. Currently he is long term professor of Clinical Urology at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and also sits as a member of the AZNMA and is the only naturopathic physician on the AZ State Funded SW Prostate Cancer Awareness Council. Dr. Tamburri has been published in this area along with multiple lectures to fellow physicians at yearly professional conventions. Recently he has been asked to serve as expert witness for the State of Arizona Board of Medical Examiners with regard to the management of natural prostate cancer assessment and treatment.

Dr. Tamburri, on his limited down time, loves to study Early American and World History in both didactics and in travels. He has taught inline skating for many years, hikes often with fellow doctors, and recently began pursuit as a poi practitioner!

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High alert for US troops in Afghanistan after Jerusalem move – report

“We’re all in a ‘one hour notice to move’ status right now,” an unnamed military official told the paper. “Notice to Move is the third-rate QRF [Quick Reaction Force] they run here with the Theater Reserve Force. We’re supposedly able to move anywhere in Afghanistan or CENTCOM [US Central Command] if necessary, wherever air can take us.”

Alerts can be given for “any sort of contingency,” and the troops are typically trained for rescuing downed pilots, according to the official. The notice in question was allegedly a result of heightened threats in the region after the White House announcement, he said.

It is not surprising that troops would be put on alert in Afghanistan because these forces are always ready to react to threats and events in the region, according to Air Force Lt. Col. Michael Andrews, a Pentagon spokesperson.

In the meantime, there has been “no overall directive from CENTCOM or theater-wide order,” Andrews told the paper, adding there has been “no change in posture.”

CENTCOM neither confirmed nor denied that any forces had been put on alert following the US president’s decision. “At US Central Command, we have not issued any special orders or directives. We have a policy not to discuss force protection measures,” it said.

The command added, however, that it has “contingency plans in place in the event that violence breaks out across our area of operations.”

The report comes just a day after Iraq’s Shiite paramilitary grouping Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba – part of the powerful Popular Mobilization Units – warned that the US Jerusalem decision may unleash attacks on US troops deployed in the region.

“Trump’s stupid decision… will be the big spark for removing this entity [Israel] from the body of the Islamic nation, and a legitimate reason to target American forces,” said Akram al-Kaabi, the Iraqi organization’s leader.

The Yemen-based terrorist group Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) said the decision to move the US embassy in Israel was the result of what it called “normalization steps” between some Gulf Arab countries and Israel. It also urged its militants to be ready to support the Palestinians, calling the recent step by Washington “a clear challenge to the Muslim world.”

Trump announced his decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on December 6. “Today, we finally acknowledge the obvious – that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. This is nothing more or less than a recognition of reality,” he said during a speech which sparked fury and outrage across the Middle East and beyond.

On the night and day that followed, massive anti-American rallies erupted in the West Bank, Jordan and Turkey, often involving burning of Israeli and US flags. Protesters shouted anti-American insults and called for revenge.

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Media Refuses to Report on Proven Trump Collusion—Because It’s Not With Russia


In Russia, there are free speech zones, gays are persecuted, and speaking out against the state is often met with police brutality — just ask the activist band Pussy Riot. Vladimir Putin is no hero. That being said, however, on a larger scale, Putin is not attempting to build an empire, he is not destabilizing the Middle East and installing dictators, he’s not funding ISIS, and he tends to resist moves by the globalists that are harmful to the well-being of the Russian people and their money.

Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, is destabilizing the Middle East, they are funding terrorism, they are carrying out the wholesale slaughter of innocents and genocide in Yemen and when it comes to reporting on these crimes, corporate media at large is utterly and irresponsibly silent.

This irresponsible reporting by corporate media has led to a frenzy of disinformation filling the digital airwaves of entirely unprovable Russian collusion in the 2016 election. If the media was so hell-bent on ousting President Donald Trump’s corruption, why then are they only reporting on the non-existent evidence of Trump-Russia collusion while ignoring the mountain of evidence proving his collusion with the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world?

If corporate media were actually interested in exposing the alleged crimes of Trump, then why are they spending so much time faking headlines and lying about Russia when they could easily expose his ties to terrorists in Saudi Arabia?

Since Trump has gotten into office, he’s proven to America that he has no intention of making America great again. Every step forward he takes, like halting the flow of cash from the CIA to ISIS, he takes several more steps back.


His foreign policy, like that of his predecessors, does not fight terror. In fact, it does the opposite by creating blowback, thus ensuring the future and endless creation of terrorists for years to come.

Bombing Syria actually got him praised by the very media who claims Russia helped Trump get elected.

Even if a smoking gun comes out and one day proves that Putin and Trump colluded to steal the election, would it really change anything?

Just like his predecessor, Barack Obama, and just like Clinton would’ve done, Trump cozied up to Saudi Arabia once he got elected and is carrying out the agenda of the neocon deep state dead set on provoking war.

To see how overt this Saudi Trump collusion actually is, we need only look at his stance on Saudi Arabia before he was elected.

While speaking with supporters at a campaign event in Bluffton, South Carolina in 2016, then-Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said if he is elected “you will find out who really knocked down the World Trade Center.”

“It wasn’t the Iraqis,” Trump said.

“You may find it’s the Saudis.”

Trump was referencing the fact 15 out of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia. He also, somehow, had knowledge of what was in the 28 pages that would be declassified a few months later in July.

Trump went on to say the government has “papers…that are very secret” which may implicate the Saudis.

Before he was elected, Americans did find out that the 28 pages proved the United States government knew the Saudi Arabian government had a hand in and supported the terrorists who carried out the attacks on 9/11 — and covered it up.

“You will find out,” Trump said.

However, after he was elected, the only thing we’ve found out from Trump in regard to Saudi terrorism is his unwavering and overtly nefarious love of the terrorist nation.

Speaking to the New York Times last year, as the Intercept notes, Trump claimed that, without U.S. support and protection, “Saudi Arabia wouldn’t exist for very long.” The real problem, he continued, was that the Saudis are “a money machine …and yet they don’t reimburse us the way we should be reimbursed.” Asked if he would be willing to “stop buying oil from the Saudis” if they refused to pull their weight, Trump responded: “Oh yeah, sure. I would do that.”

Not surprisingly—he didn’t do that.

After going from implicating them in the worst terror attack ever to take place on US soil, Donald Trump is now best buds with the terrorist regime in Saudi Arabia. In fact, in May, Trump “completed largest single arms deal in US history, negotiating a package totaling more than $109.7 billion.”

Tis quite amazing what being president of the United States can do to a person’s integrity. But those of us who’ve been paying attention saw this coming a mile away. Just like George W. Bush and Barack Obama did, Trump bowed down to his Saudi masters.

While he showed the opposite of collusion with Russia by recommending sanctions against them—a de facto act of war—his collusion with the Saudi regime first became evident during his travel ban earlier this year.

Out of the 43 people who carried out terrorist attacks on US soil, only three of them came from the seven countries on Trump’s list — the other 40 terrorists came from countries who were not banned.

This handful of attacks on American soil hardly justifies restricting the travel from these countries once we look at the countries Trump did not ban — which are responsible for 93% of all terrorism in the United States causing death on a massive scale, including Saudi Arabia.

The majority of the 40 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, while the others were from Pakistan, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Guinea.

As the Free Thought Project previously reported, during his campaign Trump registered eight companies tied to hotel interests in Saudi Arabia alone. And, in 2001, the alleged Saudi-hating Trump sold an entire floor of Trump Tower to the Saudis for $4.5 million.

Trump is openly showing favoritism toward, colluding with, has financial ties to, and sold billions in weapons to the terrorist nation of Saudi Arabia — yet the media still remains focused on unprovable Russian collusion. Make no mistake that this is deliberate.

While the media uses fairy tales of Russian election hacking to distract, Trump is proving to be just like all of his predecessors — fooling people into thinking he’s ‘MAGA’ while bowing down to the military-industrial complex. All the while, his ostensible resistance is rendered impotent by buying into lies deliberately devised to keep them from seeing the reality that he is no different than Obama or Clinton.

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Gov’t Report Now Proves Cops Were Told to Stand Down in Charlottesville and They Covered It Up

Image: ProPublica

Charlottesville, VA — There is no shortage of violent footage of clashes between neo-nazi white supremacists and counter-protesters from the Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally back in August. Multiple violent battles raged on for several minutes as blood spilled onto the streets of this college town. Only several feet away were police officers — who did nothing to stop it.

A damning report, conducted and commissioned by the city of Charlottesville on the mistakes, missteps, and failures of local police, now proves officers were told to abandon their posts and stand down, leading to deadly and disastrous results.

One such post that was deliberately abandoned led to the death of Heather Heyer after a white supremacist drove through the once guarded barricade and mowed down peaceful protesters in his car.

As the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports:

A police officer radioed for help as angry protesters swarmed around her: “They are pushing the crowd my way and I have nobody here to help me.”


Tammy Shiflett, who had just returned to active duty as an elementary school resource officer after two months recovering from a shoulder surgery, was the only person assigned to block traffic at the intersection where a deadly car attack began in Charlottesville on Aug. 12.


Instead of sending reinforcements, a superior instructed her to abandon her post and move the car that had been positioned in the intersection, leaving a wooden sawhorse as the only barrier keeping vehicles out of the area. Roughly an hour and a half later, a white nationalist drove his car down that very street, striking a crowd of counterprotesters and killing 32-year-old activist Heather Heyer.

Shiflett was one of many officers told to stand down during the chaos on that fateful Saturday back in August which led to wholesale public beatings and even guns being fired in public as cops did nothing. As to why the police were told stand down, according to the report, it’s was because police were more concerned with protecting their own than doing their jobs.

“Supervisors devised a poorly-conceived plan that under-equipped and misaligned hundreds of officers,” the report says. “Execution of that plan elevated officer safety over public safety.”

Not only did superiors tell the officers to stand down but, according to the report, they also tried to cover that fact up by deleting evidence of it.

The review, led by Tim Heaphy, a former federal prosecutor who now works for Hunton & Williams, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, also found:

• Despite repeated public statements by state and local officials that officers were not instructed to “stand down,” police had in fact been instructed only to intervene in conflicts between white nationalists and counterprotesters in the event of serious injury.

• A Virginia State Police commander made an “off-plan” decision to keep state officers behind barricades instead of sending them into the streets to break up fights and make arrests.

• After clashes began, Police Chief Al Thomas was heard by several people in the command center saying to “let them fight, it will make it easier to declare an unlawful assembly” and shut down the rally.

• Thomas attempted to obstruct the city’s investigation, deleting relevant text messages, attempting to hide his use of a personal email account to conduct some official police business, and creating planning checklists that were not actually used to plan for the rallies.

As the report notes, police—on all fronts—were told to take a passive stance and simply stood by as violence broke out in front of them. As TFTP reported at the time, this led to cops doing absolutely nothing as a white supremacist fired a round into the crowd right in front of them.

“Hey, nigger!” the crazed racist says right before he fires his gun. Whether he was firing at a specific person or simply trying to terrorize the crowd was unclear. He appeared to be firing in the direction of Corey Long who was in an altercation with another group of people and had made a makeshift flamethrower with an aerosol can. However, what was entirely clear was the reaction from police—there wasn’t one.

“We all heard it and ran — I know damn well they heard it,” said Rosia Parker, a community activist in Charlottesville when speaking about the police. “They never moved.”

The man who fired the shot was never arrested that day. In fact, not until two weeks later did police act. Richard W. Preston, 52, was arrested and charged on August 25 with discharging a firearm within 1,000 feet of a school during the so-called “Unite The Right” rally.

What is notable about this report is the fact that despite multiple independent reports of police being told to stand down, that notion was widely regarded by the media as a conspiracy theory. Now, however, the dismissive tactics by the corporate media have proven to be false and those who were paying attention are once again vindicated.

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REPORT: Blood pressure declines 14 to 18 years before death

Researchers from UConn Health and the University of Exeter Medical School in the U.K. looked at the electronic medical records of 46,634 British citizens who had died at age 60 or older. The large sample size included people who were healthy as well as those who had conditions such as heart disease or dementia.

They found blood pressure declines were steepest in patients with dementia, heart failure, late-in-life weight loss, and those who had high blood pressure to begin with. But long-term declines also occurred without the presence of any of these diagnoses.

“Our work highlights the importance of conducting research evaluating older patients like those seen in physician practices everywhere,” said George Kuchel, one of the study authors and director of the University of Connecticut Center on Aging at UConn Health.

However, Kuchel emphasized, “I would be very concerned if anyone were to interpret our article as suggesting that hypertension should not be treated in late life or that they should stop their blood pressure medications.”

The findings should make both doctors and researchers carefully consider what dropping blood pressure really means for older patients, he added.

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CORBETT REPORT: Vin Armani on Self Ownership, Property and Morality

I need your help to survive. If you have the means, please consider making a donation to fund my work. While most sites make THOUSANDS a month pushing intrusive ads down your throat, I make ZERO and rely strictly on reader support. As most know these are trying times for the independent media, Google, Facebook and many other fascist organizations are trying to silence anyone who dares to speak out. If you find the information I provide valuable please consider making a donation, your support will undoubtedly go towards the many expenses this site incurs. Thanks for your continued support, Thomas @ Gov’t Slaves

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Report: ABC News President Bars Brian Ross from Reporting on Trump

In a CNN scoop out Monday, Oliver Darcy and Brian Stelter reported that ABC News President James Goldston angrily tore into his staff on Monday during an editorial conference call, “and announced that [Brian] Ross, the network’s chief investigative reporter, will no longer cover stories related to President Trump.” The move comes after Ross was suspended for falsely claiming former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was prepared to testify that, as a candidate, Donald Trump directed him to contact the Russians.

According to CNN, Goldston could be heard on an audio recording of the call fuming: “I don’t think ever in my career have I felt more rage and disappointment and frustration that I felt through this weekend and through the last half of Friday.

If it isn’t obvious to everyone in this news division, we have taken a huge hit and we have made the job of every single person in this news division harder as a result,” Goldston vented at his staff. “It’s much, much harder. We have people in Washington who are going to bear the brunt of this today and in the days forward. Very, very, very, very unfortunate. Really, really angry about it.

Goldston was also upset that Ross managed to somehow get his false report on the air with no prior approval. “We just went on air with that information. We hadn’t approved doing that. And the thing that just kills me about this is all we had to do was wait. We had to wait a few minutes.” He noted that all they had to do was wait a few minutes for the charges against Flynn to be made public and they would have seen that Ross’s information was “just plain wrong.

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He also apparently ripped his staff over how abysmal their response was. “The thing that compounded our mistake is that not only did we make a mistake, if we had then corrected ourselves right away, again — we wouldn’t be in this position,” he exclaimed. “And then it took us seven hours, eight hours to get our story straight. This is not acceptable. It’s not acceptable. And we will all pay the price for a long time.

CNN also spoke with numerous anonymous sources inside ABC News who painted the picture that everyone was treating Ross like he had the plague:

“No one wants to work with him,” said one ABC News employee.

“The future doesn’t seem bright for him,” added another.

ABC News employees have also told CNN that there is great internal embarrassment over the blunder.

“It’s a major embarrassment,” one ABC News employee said.

“It makes me cringe,” echoed another. “This is not what any networks needs when people are so quick to say ‘fake news’ to you. It makes me sick to my stomach.”

In an appearance during Sunday’s Reliable Sources on CNN, Darcy told Stelter he spoke with ABC employees who were uncertain if Ross would continue to work for ABC News past his four-week suspension. With how angry Goldston appeared to be, it’s possible that the rumors could prove to be true.

If Ross was ultimately fired, it would be long overdue. In July of 2012, Ross falsely claimed the shooter responsible for the Aurora, Colorado massacre was a member of the Tea Party. And long before that, in 2001, Ross falsely linked Saddam Hussein to the anthrax attacks.

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ABC Corrects Explosive Michael Flynn Report That Drove Down Stocks

ABC News issued a correction late Friday to its report that former national security adviser Michael Flynn was prepared to testify that Donald Trump told him to reach out to Russian officials during the presidential campaign.

The network amended the story to note that Trump instructed Flynn to do so during the transition after the election — not during the campaign. Flynn was told to discuss working together to defeat the self-described Islamic State militant group in Syria, according to ABC.

The Dow plunged 350 points after the ABC report, and the story was widely picked up by other media. The network initially issued a “clarification” to the story, then later changed it to a more definitive correction.

The difference in the stories is critical in the context of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of possible Russian collusion during the campaign. An anonymous source cited in the report said that Trump only instructed Flynn and other associates during the campaign to explore ways to “repair relations” with Russia and other regions.

The original story was presented at 11 a.m. Eastern Standard Time in an ABC News special report after Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Sergei Kislyak, the former Russian ambassador to the U.S.

The Associated Press and The Washington Post reported that Flynn admitted in his plea that he spoke to the Russians at the direction of Trump transition team officials. One of those officials was Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, sources told CNN.

ABC investigative reporter Brian Ross announced a clarification of his story on “World News Tonight” at 6:30 p.m.

Referring to his source, Ross noted: “He said the president had asked Flynn to contact Russia during the campaign. He’s now clarifying that, saying, according to Flynn, candidate Trump asked him during the campaign to find ways to repair relations with Russia and other world hot spots. After the election, the president-elect asked him to contact Russia on issues including working together to fight ISIS.”

ABC tweeted the clarification at 8:30 p.m. The network changed it to a correction just before 11 p.m., after ABC was slammed on social media.

Former White House spokesman Sean Spicer lashed out on Twitter, saying ABC owed the American public an “apology” and not simply a clarification. He called the clarification a “cop out” and “another reason for the decline in trust of the media.” 

Axios political reporter Jonathan Swan also sharply criticized ABC. “Retract. Correct. Don’t use weasel words to describe” an error, he tweeted.

The CEO and co-founder of Axios called for a “massive correction.”

CNN media reporter Oliver Darcy criticized ABC’s foot-dragging on moving from clarification to correction, and emphasized the importance of getting a second source for potentially explosive stories.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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