Rob Reiner: We’ve Never Had TV Networks Align with a President!

Movie director Rob Reiner appeared on Friday’s Morning Joe to announce his historical verdict: This is the first time in American history that “state-run TV” networks like Fox and Sinclair ever “aligned with a president of the United States.” The networks never aligned with JFK, or Bill Clinton, or Barack Obama.  

As usual, Reiner played up the Russia conspiracy theory that “the president of the United States is in conspiracy with that foreign power. This has never happened before in this country. You can see why the other side is putting out a full court press, because they know that what’s coming down the pipe, conceivably, it is the biggest scandal in American history and we are fighting right now for the soul of our democracy.”

Then he turned to the wacky talking about TV networks aligning with the president: 

ROB REINER: You’re under attack. The press is under attack and right now, if you remove the ability to get the truth out, then you’re going to have the destruction of democracy. We don’t have anymore — there’s no checks and balances coming from Congress. Right now, the courts are holding, but this is the first time in American history where you have a state-run television — Fox, Breitbart, Sinclair, Alex Jones aligned with the president of the United States. That’s very, very tough. The battle lines have been drawn. And we’re going to see whether or not democracy survives.

Substitute host Nicolle Wallace praised Reiner as a “storyteller” and wondered whether “the coalition you just listed, the president of the United States, his lemmings in the House Republican Freedom Caucus who are doing his bidding, basically waging a war against the Trump-appointee-led Justice Department and FBI, the network you just listed. Are they doing a better job telling a false story than the truth-tellers are doing?”

Reiner replied “No. The truth tellers are telling the better story. The problem is that when you’ve got 40 percent of the country that is only tuned into the lies, and they are cemented, it’s going to be very hard for the truth to break through when all the information comes out.” 

So, for the purpose of this discussion, any media outlet that isn’t liberal is broadcasting “lies” and the liberal ones are the “truth tellers.” 

It’s fascinating that this same MSNBC that constantly sounded like state-run TV when it was Chris Matthews having leg tingles over Obama and then once he was president, oozing that “The President showed his analytical mind….He was at his best intellectually. I thought it was a great example of how his mind works….What a mind he has, and I love his ability to do it on television. I love to think with him.”

Or this from Matthews: “I’m saying it again, I’m getting a thrill….We agree, we girls agree. I don’t mind saying that. I’m excited. I’m thrilled.”


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Inbred, violent and deranged Judaic Rob Reiner–‘Trump would rather have a military parade than defend democracy from Russia’

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Director Rob Reiner Sad That MSNBC’s ‘Intelligent People’ Have to Watch ‘Racist’ ‘Liar’ Trump

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Rob Reiner on MSNBC: Trump's an 'Accessory' to Murder by 'Stoking This Stuff' on Race

MRC’s Brent Baker caught a nasty attack from Hollywood director Rob Reiner on MSNBC’s airwaves Saturday after the news broke that a woman counter-protesting white supremacists was hit and killed by a car backing up at extreme speed. Reiner called Trump an “accessory” to the death for “stoking this stuff” of white resentment. Here’s Brent’s tweet: 

Reiner started out with a typical liberal lament, that Trump wasn’t calling out white nationalists like other Republican leaders: 

ROB REINER He’s looking at the people that got him there, and that’s all he cares about. I mean, you mentioned it earlier, Joy, you had Marco Rubio, Orrin Hatch, Paul Ryan – all saying the right thing. But he’s the president of the United States, and he needs to condemn these groups. He once said, you know, “I could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue, and I wouldn’t lose any support.”

But then he lurched into the blaming the president for the automotive homicide: 

REINER: Well, this is like, a person died today, and so, he didn’t shoot him, but you could consider him an accessory, in a sense, because he’s been stoking this stuff for years! So unless he comes out in a full-throated condemnation of what we saw today, then, and risk losing these people, then he’s not the president of what we know as president of the United States.

It’s not true that Trump didn’t issue a full-throated condemnation of the violence. It’s just that Reiner wanted Trump to denounce the initial cause of the violence — white nationalists protesting Charlottesville taking down a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee. The irony of these protests — this is the second of what the racists promise will be many — is that the white racists are lucky to rally with 100 people, and thousands march in counter-protest. The media rush to cover these to prove how deeply racist America remains….when 100 racists show up. 

We know what Reiner would say to the charge that Barack Obama was an “accessory” to rioting in Baltimore and Ferguson. The blame for rioting belongs to the rioters, just as the blame for this violence-by-car is on the driver. 

Speaking of “stoking stuff,” Reiner has a history of intemperate remarks against Trump and conservatives and statements exploiting violent events for liberal messaging. When Rep. Steve Scalise and others were shot at a Virginia baseball field in June, Reiner tweeted an attack on Trump: “The tragedy in Virginia has brought us together. Now we must come together over Russia’s attack on our democracy. POTUS, stop obstructing!” 

A few days later, Reiner was at it again, preaching the need for all-out war: “When Fox says that DT colluding with the enemy is not a crime, the fight to save Democracy is now an all out war. US-Stay strong. #Treason”

So much for unity and peace. 


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