Japanese Bus Drivers Are Striking By Refusing to Accept Fare for Rides

by Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Most people protest by forming a picket line. But in the Japanese city of Okayama, bus drivers are protesting by giving free rides to commuters.

According to The Guardian, the dispute began in April, when a rival to the Ryobi bus company advertised cheaper fares. Japanese media reports that concerned drivers asked for more job security. When no agreement was made, drivers continued to cover their routes but refused to take fares from passengers.

Protests of this kind are unique, but they are becoming increasingly common. For instance, last year in Sydney, Australia, bus drivers from 12 depots gave free rides for a day. They turned off card machines to protest government plans to privatise services. And last July, bus drivers in Brisbane offered fare-free days to protest low wages and ask for better rosters and safety measures to be implemented.

How has the company responded to the strike? According to Japan News, officials say the free rides are helping the bus company preserve its relationship with the passengers in the face of new competition. What this means for the drivers on strike is unknown.

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Source: BBC, The Guardian

Image Credit: Wikimedia

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Police Refusing to Investigate Massive Child Sex Ring, Say Girls as Young as 11 ‘Consented’


As the Free Thought Project reported earlier this month, a jaw-dropping independent investigation has revealed that hundreds of children, some as young as 11-years-old, are estimated to have been drugged, beaten, and raped over the last several decades in a single town. According to the investigation, the abuse was allowed and is continued to be allowed because authorities look the other way. Now, TFTP has confirmed that this is indeed the case.

The investigation claims that allegations dating back to the 1980s were mishandled by authorities, who repeatedly failed to punish a network of abusers, according to the Telegraph. 

According to a new report, it appears police were told from within their own department—via an internal memo—claiming that “in most cases the sex is consensual.”

Countless victims and former victims have come forward detailing their abuse and the current abuse taking place in the British town of Telford. Despite hundreds of testimonies and graphic details, police have failed to act as they hide behind the like that a child can somehow consent to sex with an adult.

The report found that West Mercia Police sent the memo out a year after the ostensible “investigation” into the ongoing child sexual exploitation in Telford. The memo determined that the children, who were being severely abuse were working as prostitutes.

Commenting on the revelations, UKIP London Assembly Member David Kurten, blasted police, saying, “Telford Police memo on children consenting to abuse is despicable. The UK age of consent is 16.

“Gangs and their child abusing ‘customers’ that groom, rape and pimp out girls under 16 are rapists. If the police do not know this they are not fit for purpose.”

In what is being referred to as “Britain’s biggest ever child abuse scandal,” the evidence is so damning that Lucy Allan, the Conservative MP for Telford, has called for an inquiry into child sexual exploitation. According to the Telegraph, Allan calls the latest reports “extremely serious and shocking.”

This is the second time Allan has called for such an investigation.

“There must now be an independent inquiry into child sexual exploitation in Telford so that our community can have absolute confidence in the authorities,” she told the Sunday Mirror.

Also lashing out at the memo is child abuse lawyer Dino Nocivelli, who said, “The authorities just don’t seem to get it. Children cannot agree to sex.

“Just because a child is not being physically forced to carry out sexual acts, it doesn’t mean they consented.

“Many of these children will have been groomed and manipulated by their abusers and would have been threatened to keep silent. How can you say an 11-year-old is capable of consenting to sex with a 40-year-old? This is rape.”

The release of the memo follows a statement from Telford police chief Tom Harding who claims that the abuse scandal is being “sensationalized,” and that he “significantly disputed” claims of the 1,000 children.

It is likely for this reason, according to the victims, that they have very little confidence in the authorities as they have looked the other way for the last four decades.

As the Telegraph reports:

The investigation claims that allegations dating back to the 1980s were mishandled by authorities in Telford, who repeatedly failed to punish a network of abusers. Victims claimed that similar abuse, which has been linked to three murders and two other deaths, has continued in the area.

According to the investigation, social workers were aware of the abuse in the 90’s and did nothing to stop it. Furthermore, police allowed the abuse to continue for more than a decade before they launched Operation Chalice which looked into child prostitution in Telford but only led to the arrests of a handful of men.

The abuse continued because government officials considered the sex-trafficked children “prostitutes” so they didn’t care about them. When asked why they didn’t keep details of the abusers, the council allegedly claimed that they did not want to be accused of racism.

It is also claimed that abused and trafficked children were considered “prostitutes” by council staff, that authorities did not keep details of abusers from Asian communities for fear of being accused of “racism” and that police failed to investigate one recent case five times until an MP intervened.

“These children were treated as sexual commodities by men who inflicted despicable acts of abuse. The survivors deserve an inquiry,” Nocivelli said. “They need to know how abuse took place for so long and why so many perpetrators have never been brought to justice.”

A dozen victims spoke with the paper and accused more than 70 abusers. A 14-year-old girl detailed her abuse, describing how she became pregnant twice as she was being trafficked and forced to have abortions.

“Hours after my second termination, I was taken by one of my abusers to be raped by more men”, she said.

“Night after night, I was forced to have sex with multiple men in disgusting takeaways and filthy houses. I must have been getting the morning after pill from a local clinic at least twice a week but no one asked any questions.

“I was told that if I said a word to anyone they’d come for my little sisters and tell my mum I was a prostitute.”

Child trafficking and abuse in the United Kingdom is a horrifyingly common practice. As TFTP has reported on numerous occasions, authorities are either ignoring most of it, or, they are complicit in the abuse. This case shows that they are not at all interested in stopping it.

Nathan Ryding, the Chairman of Young Independence, said: “That is utter nonsense and I am appalled that those comments have come from the police. These girls were below the age of consent, meaning just that, they can’t give consent!

“Absolutely disgusting attitude towards a case so sensitive. Actions like these are part of the many reasons why the public don’t trust the police.”

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/police-refuse-11-consented-child/

Student Suspended for Refusing to Leave Classroom During Gun Control #Walkout


The idea that this week’s school walkout was some grassroots movement by students who are seeking to challenge the status quo is a farce. The entire walkout was organized and sanctioned by the establishment and, as an incident out of Ohio shows, in one instance, choosing a side was even mandatory.

On Wednesday, millions of students across the country were encouraged by the government, mainstream media, and even their own school systems to walk out of class and demand the government take away their rights. It was, by no means, a challenge of authority and, in fact, it was a celebration of it.

Hilliard Davidson High School senior Jacob Shoemaker proved this point when he received a suspension for refusing to leave the classroom to participate in the walkout.

According to school officials, students were told they could participate in the walkout or go to the commons area for an alternative study hall. Shoemaker said he did not want to choose a side so he remained in the classroom instead.

Shoemaker told the Associated Press that school is not the place for divisive politics and to make his statement, he chose not to take sides. So, the 18-year-old was suspended.

School district spokesperson Stacie Raterman said official policy prohibited school officials from leaving Shoemaker unattended in the building for “security reasons,” 10TV reported.

Shoemaker told 10TV that he knew remaining in class would come with consequences and he was prepared to receive whatever punishment he had coming.

When he received the suspension, a friend published a photo of the notice online where it quickly went viral.

“Student refused to follow instructions after being warned repeatedly by several administrators,” the letter said. “Student not permitted on school property.”

The school promptly responded to state that Shoemaker was not suspended for choosing to abstain from the gun control debate. However, as Shoemaker explains, by forcing the students to leave the classroom for a political event—when they are supposed to be in class—he was compelled to take a side by the school and he chose not to do so.

Scott Shoemaker, Jacob’s father told 10TV that he thought the punishment his son received from school was harsh and they had no idea how much attention it would garner them.

To show how politicized the public education system is becoming in America, Shoemaker was not the only one to receive punishment for their views or lack thereof that day.

According to Jerusalem J. Greer, a blogger whose 17-year-old son attends Greenbrier Public School in Greenbrier, Arkansas, her son and two other teens face actual physical harm from the school for participating in the walkout.

“My kid and two other students walked out of their rural, very conservative, public school for 17 minutes today,” said Greer. “They were given two punishment options. They chose corporal punishment. This generation is not playing around.”

As the Daily Beast reports, Greenbier Public Schools “authorizes the use of corporal punishment to be administered in accordance with this policy by the Superintendent or his/her designated staff members who are required to have a state-issued license as a condition of their employment.”

Students are “given an explanation of the reasons for the punishment and are given an opportunity to refute the charges.”

When people questioned why she would let the school physically harm her son over the walkout, Greer said, “They choose this and we supported their choice.”

In the ostensible land of the free, children are swiftly becoming pawns of the establishment. These incidents illustrate the notion that through the public school system, children are being indoctrinated into the two-party paradigm.

What’s more, through this indoctrination, students are being divided and conquered before they become old enough to even challenge the establishment on their own. A bleak scenario indeed.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/student-suspended-gun-control-walkout/

19 States Take On Videographers Refusing to Shoot Gay Weddings

Matt Reynolds–New York, California and 17 other states filed a brief with the Eighth Circuit arguing against a Minnesota couple who claim they should not be forced to make wedding videos for gay couples because of their religious beliefs.

In December 2016, Carl and Angel Larsen and their media production company, Telescope Media Group, sued Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson and Kevin Lindsey, commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, alleging they faced fines of up to $25,000 and 90 days in jail for running afoul of the state’s anti-discrimination laws.

Minnesota is regarded as one of the most LGBTQ-friendly states in the nation and created provisions under the Minnesota Human Rights Act to protect gay and transgender citizens from discrimination in public and at businesses.

Commissioner Lindsey said at the time that the Larsens’ lawsuit was part of a “pattern of nationwide litigation that is now aimed at eroding the rights of LGBTQ Minnesotans.”

The couple had proposed posting a statement on their business website that would make clear their religious beliefs that marriage should only be between a man and woman.

Last year, U.S. District Judge John Tunheim in Minneapolis likened the statement to a “white applicants only” sign. The judge dismissed the Larsens’ claim that state anti-discrimination law violated their right to freedom of expression and free exercise of religion under the First Amendment.

“Posting language on a website telling potential customers that a business will discriminate based on sexual orientation is part of the act of sexual orientation discrimination itself,” Tunheim wrote.

The couple appealed to the St. Louis-based Eighth Circuit last October.

Ten states – Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, and West Virginia – filed a brief in support of the Larsens.

On Tuesday, 19 state attorneys general answered by filing a friend-of-the-court brief defending the Minnesota Department of Human Rights and the constitutionality of the state’s anti-discrimination law.

“Free speech and personal beliefs do not give business owners the right to discriminate,” New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said in a statement. “Our coalition of attorneys general will continue to fight to protect New Yorkers and all Americans who are entitled to equal protection, no matter who they love.”

The coalition of attorneys general argue that states have created laws to prevent discrimination against the LGBTQ community, including at businesses, and U.S. Supreme Court rulings have found that requiring businesses to comply with anti-discrimination laws is not unconstitutional.

Granting an exemption to those businesses would curtail anti-discrimination laws, according to the brief filed with the Eighth Circuit.

“Many Americans would face exclusion from a host of everyday businesses or, at the very least, the ever-present threat that any business owner could refuse to serve them when they walk in the door – simply because of their sexual orientation, or their race, religion, or gender,” the 32-page brief states.

The attorneys general of California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington joined the brief. Massachusetts State Solicitor Elizabeth Dewar is designated counsel of record.

Conservative advocacy group Alliance Defending Freedom represents the Larsens and has filed five similar lawsuits on behalf of businesses and churches.

The group also backs Colorado cake maker Jack Phillips in the closely watched U.S. Supreme Court case Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. Phillips refused to design and make a cake for a gay couple who came into his store, arguing he is an artist who “strives to honor God in all aspects of his life.” The nation’s highest court is expected to issue a ruling this summer, at the end of the current term.

Carl Larsen said in a statement on the Alliance Defending Freedom website that he and his wife “believe marriage is a sacred covenant between a man and a woman” and that “marriage exists to put God’s goodness on full display to the world.”

“We want to tell the stories of couples who agree with this reality,” he said.

Alliance Defending Freedom senior counsel Jeremy Tedesco said in a statement that the Larsens should not face fines and jail time, even if they don’t comply with Minnesota law.

“Every American – including creative professionals – should be free to peacefully live and work according to their faith without fear of punishment,” Tedesco said.

Source Article from http://govtslaves.info/2018/03/19-states-take-on-videographers-refusing-to-shoot-gay-weddings/

Brave SWAT Cops Suspended For Refusing to Stand Down and Trying to Stop Parkland Shooter


Parkland, FL — In the aftermath of the recent Parkland school shooting, the cowardice of many of the police who responded to the shooting has created an ongoing conversation in the media about the role of individual officers in life-threatening situations.

As we reported last month, 4 officers from the Broward County Sheriff’s office took cover and waited for backup during the shooting instead of going inside to stop the killer. The officer’s actions sparked outrage and left many people horrified at the fact that so many cops would stand on the sidelines as children were being murdered.

It turns out that there were actually a few officers who had the courage to go in after the killer—but now they are being punished for it. According to the Sun-Sentinel, two Miramar SWAT team members are being suspended for going into the school to stop the shooting because they did not have permission to do so.

The SWAT members were suspended on the grounds that their attempt to help created an “officer safety issue and left them unaccountable for their actions.”

Miramar SWAT team commander Captain Kevin Nosowicz wrote a memo to the officers on Feb. 22 which stated, “On Wednesday, February 14, 2018, you responded to an incident within the city limits of Parkland. This response was conducted without the knowledge or authorization from your chain of command. Self Response to incidents outside of our jurisdiction creates a lack of accountability for your actions. This type of response also creates an officer safety situation due to dispatch not knowing your location or activity. Effective Immediately you have been temporarily suspended from the SWAT Team until further notice. Please make arrangements with the training department to turn in your SWAT issued rifle.”

The memo went on to say that their actions were discovered through social media, and it somehow made the city look bad.

“It was discovered that there were several social media posts that were posted on the City of Miramar websites. These posts were found to have a direct connection to you and the incident that occurred within the city of Parkland. These posts were found to have a negative connotation to our city and the Miramar police department. The indirect dissemination of information regarding crimes or incidents is a violation of the department’s social media policy,” the memo stated.

A Miramar PD spokesperson said that they were not suspended for responding, but for not going through the proper protocol.

“Miramar PD had numerous officers and a victim advocate respond, without incident. The two SWAT officers temporarily suspended from the SWAT team, but not active duty, were not suspended for responding, but for NOT advising that they responded. They did not advise prior to self-dispatching, during the incident, nor immediately following. This is an officer safety issue, a violation of policy and goes against incident command training and the best practices learned from other mass casualty/shooting incidents,” the spokesperson said.

Broward County PBA President Jeff Marano commended the officers despite their suspension.

“While it may have been a violation of policy to not notify their supervisors that they were going there, their intentions were brave and heroic, I think,” Marano said.

As TFTP reported, all first responders were told to stand down and not enter the school. Some of them have spoken out, noting that they “could’ve saved lives” if they were allowed to go inside the school. Instead, children were left bleeding out instead of receiving the care they so desperately needed that could’ve saved them.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/swat-officers-suspended-for-responding-to-parkland-shooting-on-their-own/

The Florida Officer Is Not Alone—5 Times School Cops Hurt Kids—While Refusing to Help Them


As several of the students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School call for gun control to prevent future mass shootings, the sheriff in Broward Country has revealed that the deputy who was stationed at the school failed to intervene and instead chose to cower outside while a gunman shot and killed 17 people inside.

While the actions of this one officer have shocked and angered many, the fact is that he is not alone. He may be one of the few officers who would choose to spare his own life while an active shooter killed innocent students, but he is far from the first officer whose actions hurt and traumatized the students he was assigned to protect.

Here are five times police officers assigned to schools hurt their students, instead of helping them:

1. A School Security Officer was Caught On Video Assaulting a Handcuffed Student with Cerebral Palsy in a Wheelchair in Oakland, California

Former School Security Officer Marchell Mitchell was pushing a handicapped student to class when he began assaulting the student in the hallway, as shown on security cameras in May 2014. Francisco Martinez had cerebral palsy and was confined to a wheelchair, and although Mitchell should have been aware that the student’s condition may require additional patience from the officer, he gave the opposite response.

When Martinez reportedly slapped Mitchell’s hand, the officer responded by handcuffing the student and unleashing a fury of punches that knocked Martinez out of his wheelchair and onto the floor. Following the assault, Mitchell lost his job, was convicted of felony assault, and was sentenced to five years of probation.

2. A School Resource Officer Was Caught On Video Assaulting a Student for Wearing the Wrong Uniform in Baltimore, Maryland

A school resource officer was caught on camera repeatedly slapping and kicking a 16-year-old student in March 2016 for the crime of wearing the wrong uniform to school. Officers accused the boy of “trespassing” on school grounds, but the school later confirmed that he was enrolled as a student, and he had just worn the wrong uniform.

While the actions of officer Anthony Spence may seem extreme, given the fact that the student did not appear to be a threat to him or anyone else, it should be noted that Spence was previously fired from his job as a Baltimore Sheriff’s deputy for the use of excessive force, and he arguably should never have had access to children.

3. A School Resource Officer Was Caught On Video Violently Slamming a Female Student To The Ground and Then Arresting Her in La Mesa, California

At least two men stood by and did nothing as they watched a school resource officer grab a 17-year-old girl and violently slam her onto the ground before putting her in handcuffs. While the department supported the actions of the officer and insisted that he was following through on the request from teachers to escort the girl out of class, fellow students claimed there was more to the story.

A family friend said that the girl asked to be excused from class because she did not feel well, and the teacher responded by accusing her of “being on drugs,” forcefully searching her backpack for illegal substances, and then attempting to send her to in-school suspension when she found pepper spray in the girl’s backpack.

4. A School Resource Officer was Caught On Video Violently Assaulting a Female Student While Removing Her from Class in Richland County, South Carolina

A school resource officer resorted to assault when he attempted to intervene after a teacher claimed that she asked one of her female students to leave the classroom in October 2015. While there were no reports of the girl becoming aggressive, violent or combative, the officer is seen on video grabbing the student, placing her in a headlock, flipping her backward and then throwing her to the ground and dragging her several feet.

Despite the fact that the cellphone footage of the assault went viral, the only people who faced disciplinary action for their roles in the attack were the girl who was assaulted by the officer, and the classmate who was courageous enough to film it.

5. A School Security Officer Was Caught on Video Choking, Assaulting Female Students in Corpus Christi, Texas 

When two middle school girls got into a fight in the schoolyard last week, they were apprehended by a school security guard who arguably did more physical damage to them than they would have done to each other.

The guard was caught on video attacking both the girls who were taking part in the fight, and a third girl who attempted to intervene. He even put his hand on one girl’s throat, forcing her to the ground with all of his weight, and then put his knee on her throat before forcefully flipping her over. It is not clear yet whether the officer will face charges for the assault.

All of the incidents mentioned above received attention because they were caught on video. While the clear evidence does not guarantee that the offending officers face consequences for their actions, it does serve as a reminder that there are a number of incidences that are not caught on camera.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/parkland-officer-not-alone-school-cops-hurt-children/

Parents Lose Custody of Daughter After Refusing to Support Her “Transition” to Male

Home » Crimes, Immorality, Injustice, North America, Social » Parents Lose Custody of Daughter After Refusing to Support Her “Transition” to Male


Hamilton County reportedly took legal custody of teenage girl diagnosed with depression, anxiety.

Ohio government authorities forced parents to give up legal custody of their daughter after the mother and father said they opposed the girl’s decision to identify as a ‘boy’ and transition to being ‘male.’

The Hamilton County Job and Family Services took legal custody of the teenage girl, 17, who, according to court records, suffers from gender dysphoria. The teen is currently living with her maternal grandparents. The girl’s name and the names of her parents are under court seal.

The minor was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and gender dysphoria after being hospitalized in 2016. Doctors decided that because she wants to identify as a male, she should be given testosterone and sex “change” drugs.



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Taxpayers Shell Out $175K for Brave Cop Fired by Dept. for Refusing to Kill a Man


Weirton, WV — As TFTP reported last year, former Weirton police officer Stephen Mader sued the city after he was fired for not killing a suicidal man who needed help.

It was reported this week that Mader will be receiving $175,000 in a settlement as a result of his unnecessary firing.

“At the end of the day, I’m happy to put this chapter of my life to bed,” Mader said. “The events leading to my termination were unjustified and I’m pleased a joint resolution has been met.

“My hope is that no other person on either end of a police call has to go through this again,” said Mader, who still lives in Weirton with his family but now drives trucks for a living, according to WPXI.

As we reported at the time, on May 6, 2016, Mader responded to a domestic call about a suicidal person. When he arrived on the scene, Mader confronted 23-year-old Ronald D. Williams who was armed and mentally distraught.

Madar said that he began talking to the young man in his “calm voice.”

“I told him, ‘Put down the gun,’ and he’s like, ‘Just shoot me.’ And I told him, ‘I’m not going to shoot you brother.’ Then he starts flicking his wrist to get me to react to it.

“I thought I was going to be able to talk to him and de-escalate it. I knew it was a suicide-by-cop” situation,” Mader said, adding that, “He wasn’t screaming, yelling, he wasn’t angry. He just seemed distraught. Whenever he told me to shoot him it was as if he was pleading with me. At first, I’m thinking, ‘Do I really need to shoot this guy?’ But after hearing ‘just shoot me’ and his demeanor, it was, ‘I definitely can’t.’”

Mader showed incredible restraint in the situation, even though Williams was attempting to provoke a suicide by cop.

Sadly, as Mader began to reason with Williams and de-escalate the situation, backup arrived, and another officer immediately shot and killed Williams without a second of consideration.

To add insult to injury, Mader was fired for his restraint, and the officer who murdered Williams was cleared of all wrongdoing, showing that the police department is explicitly encouraging indiscriminate killings.

Now, Mader is understandably reconsidering his career choices and has filed a lawsuit against the city that employed him.

“I loved being a police officer. And for them to say because of this incident you’re not going to continue here was heartbreaking. It had me questioning myself, should I be an officer,” Mader told NBC.

West Virginia attorney and ACLU representative Timothy P. O’Brien is helping to bring the lawsuit against the city.

“The City of Weirton’s decision to fire officer Mader because he chose not to shoot and kill a fellow citizen, when he believed that he should not use such force, not only violates the Constitution, common sense and public policy but incredibly punishes restraint.

When given the tragic and far too frequent unnecessary use of deadly force, such restraint should be praised not penalized. To tell a police officer, when in doubt either shoot to kill or get fired, is a choice that no police officer should ever have to make and is a message that is wrong and should never be sent,” O’Brien said.

“There’s the thin blue line, and one of the ironies of this case is that as we’ve seen across the county how many instances police have used deadly force in circumstances where that force is questioned, but nothing is ever done. In most cases, you don’t see training or suspension. When you contrast with what Officer Mader did and how he’s been treated, and officers who’ve used deadly force and how they’ve been treated, it speaks volumes to why we have a problem with deadly force in this country,” O’Brien added.

Mader has no regrets and still believes he did the right thing.

“I wouldn’t change anything. Even after them saying that I failed to eliminate a threat and that it should have been handled differently, I still believe I did the right thing. And a lot of people think I did the right thing, too. I know it’s not just me,” he said. And he’s right, TFTP knows Mader did the right thing, which is why we’ve been reporting on it for two years.

Shooting and killing suicidal or mentally distraught people sadly seems to be the standard operating procedure for police across the country. We have covered countless cases over the years where officers have indiscriminately killed suicidal people instead of helping them out.

Obviously, if a family member makes a phone call to police because a loved one is suicidal, the last thing they want is for someone to get hurt, but when police arrive the situation tends to escalate quickly and result in violence.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/taxpayers-shell-175k-brave-cop-fired-dept-refusing-kill-man/