Cops Charged for Raping Teen in Van May Walk Free Because Cop/Suspect Sex is LEGAL—In 35 States

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It has been over four months since then 18-year-old Anna Chambers (not her real last name) accused two on-duty NYPD officers of raping her in the back of a police van on the night of September 15th, 2017. As emphatically as she claims she was raped and did not consent to having sex with two police officers, she asserts not only have the police continued to attempt to intimidate her but the very justice system she’s now looking to for help is set up to help the alleged rapists.

In other words, defense attorneys have been victimizing the victim, attempting to discredit her story by bringing up her past, and insist the sex between two cops was consensual. She’s endured hours upon hours of decepositions, cross-examinations, and had to explain her various social media posts and comments to defense attorneys. She’s also had to be present in the same courtroom where she says her attackers sat mere feet away from her.

The attempts to intimidate Anna started before she even left the hospital where she went to have a forensic exam performed by emergency room personnel. As statistics reveal, few rape victims ever present at the emergency room and file a police report, but when the perpetrators are police officers, surely the courage to make such accusations does not go unnoticed. The police noticed. According to Anna, there was a steady stream of police officers from varying ranks walking by her hospital room the night she was allegedly attacked.

That fateful night back in September, Anna was stopped by two of NYPD’s finest who told her she was being taken into custody for marijuana possession. Her two male friends were told to leave and the cops took only her. After the police officers reportedly told her friends not to follow the police van, the two had other things in mind for her. According to Buzzfeed News:

Anna said the detectives took turns raping her in the backseat as the van cruised the dark streets and as she sat handcuffed, crying and repeatedly telling them “No.” Between assaults, she said, the van pulled over so the cops could switch drivers. Less than an hour later, a few minutes’ drive from where it all began, the detectives dropped Anna off on the side of the road, a quarter-mile from a police station, surveillance footage shows. She stood on the sidewalk, her arms wrapped around her chest, looking up and down the dimly lit street and pacing slowly before borrowing a cell phone from a passerby to call a friend.

Surely dropping her off near the police station is not standard procedure when someone is being arrested for pot possession. But defense attorneys aren’t interested in such minor details. They’re too busy combing through her social media accounts, her sexual history, and her comments on Facebook to enter into any plea bargaining. And the law is on their side.

It turns out Anna happens to live in one of 35 states where police officers can claim sex with someone they have taken into custody was consensual. Buzzfeed News describes the situation in New York:

It is one of 35 states where armed law enforcement officers can evade sexual assault charges by claiming that such an encounter — from groping to intercourse — was consensual.

All of this means if the jury believes the police officers’ testimony over Anna’s, they’re going to walk free, probably get their jobs back, and continue to hide behind their badge when they have sex while on duty.

Anna isn’t taking it lying down. She’s been voicing her objections to being subjected to the legal system’s definition of justice. When Anna’s story was questioned by a skeptic, she replied with reason:

Listen man it doesn’t fucking matter they’re on duty police officers its a fucking violation these are the people we call for help not to get fucked.

Buzzfeed’s Albert Samaha researched the phenomena of police officers being accused of rape. He said of the 700 officers accused of sexual assault of someone in custody since 2006, only 158 officers actually had criminal charges filed against them. Of those, 26 officers had their cases dismissed or charges reduced because of the consent loophole.

Anna reportedly told Buzzfeed she came forward so that other victims will do the same. She said she wanted “to encourage other victims to come forward,” adding, “Police aren’t supposed to be doing this.” Watching her story “blowing up” reportedly leaves her optimistic the phenomena of police officers using their badge to engage in on-duty sex with detainees will cease and that more women can find justice. She said, “all it took was one voice.”

If there’s ever been a time and an occasion where politicians could make a noticeable difference with public policy it is now, in the middle of the #metoo movement. How easy would it be for legislatures all across the 35 states, where sex with detainees is legal, to pass laws banning such claims of immunity.

It is important to point out that even if the sex is consensual, the officer’s position of authority over their detainee removes the ability to consent as the threat of arrest or charges could dangle over the victim’s head as a reason to engage in sexual acts. Being threatened with jail time to have sex with a cop is hardly “consent.”

Many critics believe that not only should all police officers who have sex on duty be fired (even if it’s between co-workers) but mandatory charges and minimum sentencing for police officers should exist for any law enforcement officer who has sex with detainees.

Doing so would set a high standard of accountability for law enforcement agencies across the country, and rid the courts of such cases of he said/she said consensual sex claims. Both officers’ DNA was found on Anna’s person. She says she was raped. They say it was consensual but ignore the fact that they had kidnapped her and held her as their prisoner. The courts will now decide.

As for Anna, she says police are continuously posted outside her home in an attempt to intimidate her. She also says she was charged with marijuana possession weeks after she came forward with her rape allegations.

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Update: Video of Quentin Tarantino saying he thinks raping 13 year old girls is OK if they are “in to it” has been removed!

The below video has been removed due to “copyright” reasons conveniently today after the Huffington Post,, and published articles including it.

Here is a screen shot of this article earlier today.

And now…

This is clearly part of a cover up. Below is the original article.

I don’t know how This video fell between the seats. I have never seen it before today. As I listened to this Howard Stern interview with Quentin Tarantino where he is an APOLOGIST of Roman Polanski’s RAPE of a 13 YEAR OLD GIRL, I could feel the blood boil just under the skin of my face.

I felt like I didn’t need to ever say this… A 13 YEAR OLD CANNOT CONSENT TO ANYTHING without a parent or legal guardian’s consent. Even then, a parent cannot consent, legally, to just anything PRIOR to the act. SEX WITH A 40 YEAR OLD WHILE DRINKING ALCOHOL, AND CONSUMING ILLEGAL, SCHEDULE A, NARCOTICS UNDER AGE (BEING PROVIDED BY SAID RAPIST, ROMAN POLANSKI) IS RAPE AND IS ILLEGAL.

Let that sink in… Read what was just written above once more.

Quentin said it was not rape because she was “in to it”. Robin and Howard were appalled and agreed that it is rape, credit where due.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - MAY 04: Quentin Tarantino attends the ceremony honoring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell with a Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame held on May 4, 2017 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

You need to be 18 or older to consent to sex, legally, in practically every US state. It is one thing for a 16 & a 17-year-old to hook up. There is some grey area legally there if both parents are somewhat aware and don’t see harm in the two dating. But a 40-something-year-old “man” (more like predatory human piece of shit) GIVING DRUGS AND ALCOHOL TO A 13 YEAR OLD GIRL to COERCE FALSE (AND ILLEGITIMATE CONSENT)… That is something else all together.

Fucking shame on you Quentin Tarantino, I hoped you would never make my shit list. Don’t let me catch you engaging in pedophilia. Including when you think they are “in to it”. I know what your colleagues are into. We have the videos. We have the photos. We have the tapes.

You’d better hang up that chick habit, hang it up “daddy-o”, or we will cut you up in two. – Chick Habit (off the Death Proof soundtrack)

More resources

Polanski The Predator

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Brooklyn Cops Accused of Raping Prisoner Will Face Rare Departmental Trial Before Criminal Proceedings

In a rare move, the NYPD will internally try two Brooklyn cops accused of raping a prisoner — before their criminal trial takes place, the Daily News has learned.

Police Officers Edward Martins and Richard Hall are charged with raping and kidnapping an 18-year-old woman they picked up for drug possession in Brooklyn on Sept. 15.

Martins, 37, and Hall, 32, who have already been demoted from the rank of detective, say they had consensual sex with the teenager.

Typically, the NYPD holds off on taking disciplinary action until the conclusion of any criminal proceeding.

That’s done because when a cop is grilled by Internal Affairs, they are compelled to answer all questions under threat of termination, and anything the cop says can’t be used in a criminal case.

But Martins and Hall refused to answer any questions in their Internal Affairs interviews — so the NYPD set a Tuesday date in the department’s trial room.

The officers could conceivably quit before then — or not even show up for their trial.

“They know they’re f—-d,” one source said.

Their lawyers, who advised them not to talk to Internal Affairs, refused comment, though they previously questioned the validity of the victim’s account.

The woman’s attorney Michael David said the department can’t get rid of Martins and Hall soon enough.

“We’ve always called for their firing from the time this thing happened,” David said. “We felt they should have been fired immediately.

“(My client is) upset they are still out on bail,” he added. “She thinks this whole thing sends a very bad message.”

Prosecutors said Martins and Hall broke away from a buy-and-bust operation in Brighton Beach and drove to a Gravesend park, where they pulled over the victim’s car.

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Two NYPD Cops Charged for Kidnapping Teen, Cuffing Her, Then Raping Her in Their Van


New York, NY — The two New York Police Department detectives who were accused of raping a handcuffed teenage girl in the back of their van have reportedly been indicted on first-degree rape charges.

According to a report from the New York Post, officers Eddie Martins and Richard Hall are facing a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 25 years in prison if they are convicted, and they are expected “to turn themselves in early next week for arraignment in Brooklyn Supreme Court.”

Martins and Hall were working as narcotics officers in south Brooklyn on Sept. 15 when they arrested an 18-year-old girl on the allegation that she was illegally possessing cannabis and an anti-anxiety drug. They drove her to a Coney Island Chipotle parking lot, “where Martins raped her and both of the officers forced her to perform oral sex, she has alleged through her lawyer,” according to the report.

Not only did the officers not deny that they had sex with the girl while she was handcuffed and in their custody, they had the audacity to claim that it was consensual. In response, the victim’s lawyer, Michael David, told the Post, “She just wants everybody to know it’s an absolute lie. She was viciously, brutally raped in handcuffs.’’

Both detectives were dressed in plainclothes when they pulled over a car the girl was riding in with two male friends. One of the friends told The Post that the officers proceeded to search the car, where they found his Prozac pills and Klonopin pills inside the young woman’s purse.”

“They said she’s not allowed to have them outside the bottle, they’re a controlled substance, and she has to go to the precinct,” the friend said. “I saw them put her in cuffs. She was like, ‘Are you serious?’ ”

While the fact that the detectives searched the car in the first place should be called into question, the report claimed that “under New York state law, someone can be charged with a felony they did not physically commit if they acted in concert with a co-defendant who did so.” Because the pills were found in the girl’s purse, she was the one who was targeted—but the fact that neither of her friends were targeted by the officers raises questions about whether they sought out a reason to justify arresting her, in order to rape her.

According to a report from the New York Daily News, after news of the horrific rape allegation surfaced, Martins and Hall were “demoted from detective to police officer” and placed “on desk duty and stripped of their guns and shields.” They were finally suspended after the indictment was announced on Friday.

NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill condemned the officers’ actions on Tuesday, saying, If this case turns out that it actually happened, again, it goes to the trust we’ve been trying to build over the last three years. I’d be extremely disappointed.”

“Not all 36,000 cops deserve to wear their shield around their neck,” O’Neill said. “If these two detectives did something wrong, then they’ll pay the price.”

While it appears that it was not until the story of the gruesome rape allegations began generating media attention that the accused rapists were finally demoted and then later suspended, there is a chance that they will face some form of justice for brutally raping, and forever changing the life of, an innocent teenage girl.

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Cops Accused Of Raping A Teen Say Her “Provocative” Selfies Prove She’s Not A “Depressed Victim”

A Brooklyn teen who has accused two NYPD officers of sexual assault is now having her credibility “smeared,” her lawyer told BuzzFeed News, after a report the police were citing her social media use to deny her claims.

The 18-year-old from Brooklyn, who goes by the pseudonym Anna Chambers on social media, has alleged that she was sexually assaulted by two undercover cops in an unmarked police van last month. She and her lawyer are now calling for charges to be laid.

Lawyers for accused Officers Richard Hall and Eddie Martins have cited Chambers’ “provocative ‘selfies’” and other social media posts as an indication she was not assaulted, according to a letter the attorneys wrote to the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office that was obtained by the New York Post.

“This behavior is unprecedented for a depressed victim of a vicious rape,” lawyers John Arlia and Mark Bederow reportedly wrote of Chambers’ online activity.

The lawyers requested that prosecutors “further investigate Chambers’ dubious claim before you ask the grand jury to return an indictment against Martins and Hall.”

Bederow, one of the lawyers representing the accused officers, declined to comment to BuzzFeed News “on anyone’s characterization based on the Post article,” but “caution[ed] people not to assume the accuracy of what happened simply upon unchallenged accusations.”

Chambers referred a request for comment to her lawyer, Michael David, who called the officers’ attempts to “smear” his client “disgusting.”

“She’s a teenager; teenagers post on social media all the time,” said David. “And what is a rape victim supposed to do? She’s not supposed to post on social media?”

“Whatever photos she puts up…that doesn’t make [her] into a bad person that’s ‘asking for it,’” said David. “It doesn’t change what happened to her.”

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson Accused of Raping a Former Student

Since the downfall of Harvey Weinstein, the movie producer who has been accused of sexual harassment or assault by more than 40 women, people all around the world have come forward to call out abuse by men in power. The most recent name on that list is popular astrophysicist and science communicator Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Last week, a journalist writing for Medium listed Tyson as a “screen celebrity” who had been accused of “rape.” As a fan of Tyson’s activism and writing, and someone who has met him in person (I also quote him several times in my new book, No Sacred Cows), I decided to delve deeper into the allegation and tell the whole story (as it has been reported from both sides).

Who is she?

The accuser is Tchiya Amet, a “musician, healer, and teacher” who says she studied Galactic Astronomy in the graduate program at the University of Texas in Austin and she wanted to become the first black female astronaut. In a blog post in October 2014, she claimed she was a grad student at the same time Tyson was there, and that he drugged and raped her.

Amet said the alleged assault started when she went to his apartment to visit, like she did almost every day.

He offered me a glass of water. I accepted a liquid in a cup made out of a coconut shell. I recall coming back to consciousness briefly, then next thing I remember is seeing him in the hallway the next day. I have lived in this nightmare for 30 years, and it stops today.

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Transsexual Now On Trial For Raping 10 Year Old Girl In The Girls’ Bathroom

There’s a special place in fiery pits of hell for people who molest children. There’s also a special place for those who make provisions for such molesting (see Minnesota Schools to ‘Segregate’ Students Uncomfortable with Trans Bathrooms. and PRIORITIES: Berkeley to Charge Millions in Student Fees for… Transgender Bathrooms).

Remember when we told you passing bathroom bills to allow trannies in the stalls next to your daughters, nieces, and grandchildren would lead to terrible things? Uh huh. Well, this tranny raped a 10-year-old girl in a bathroom. A girls’ bathroom.

The trial for Miguel Martinez, who goes by the name Michelle, began on Monday, the Billings Gazette reported. Martinez allegedly invited the young girl into the bathroom with him where he allegedly fondled the girl’s breasts and genitalia, before penetrating her. The girl told police that “it hurt inside” and she started to cry, the Casper Star Tribune reported.

Nurses at a nearby medical center “completed a sexual assault exam and found redness and abrasions on the girl’s genitalia,” according to the Gazette’s report.

Martinez told police that the girl had been “talking crap” and dismissed the accusations as a “publicity stunt,” according to local reports.

Okay, firstly to the people who’ll say “But, but, he took her into the bathroom! He wasn’t already in there! See, see, trannies in bathroom laws haven’t changed a darn thing!”

Stop it. He’s a man who dresses like a woman. Which, right now, means he’s in a protected class of people. He’s also a predator who uses his protected class to get close to children. And he’s using his ability, as a member of a protected class, to enter a place the left says he should have every right to enter. In this case, a girls’ bathroom. The absense of laws here isn’t comforting.

Would this have happened regardless of the recent passing of bathroom laws? Hard to say. People break laws all the time, despite the existence of those laws. But when we raised concerns over men in stalls next to girls, the left poo-pooed us, calling us hateful bigots.

Yet here we are.

So maybe, just maybe, we shouldn’t make it any easier for sexual predators to be sexual predators. By erasing laws for the sake of social justice causes. Good idea?



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Hollywood’s Harvey Weinstein Accused Of Sexually Harassing & Raping Multiple Women

Next Story

After an astonishing number of people came forward accusing Harvey Weinstein of sexually harassing or raping them, The Weinstein Company officially fired its co-founder this past Sunday. Surprising most of the nation, Weinstein’s reputation instantly shifted from Hollywood mogul to sexual predator.

Both Harvey and The Weinstein Company are currently under public scrutiny. One-third of the company’s all-male board has already resigned and another four members have taken a leave of absence. Though the company hasn’t fully addressed these allegations yet, they maintain that Harvey was fired because he broke their code of conduct.

The sexual harassment cases date back decades, as multiple former employees and actresses have come forward accusing Harvey Weinstein of such crimes. Politicians are publicly expressing how appalled they are by his actions and are returning his contributions, women’s rights organizations are speaking out against him, and actors and actresses alike are publicly addressing what happened.

Not only was this abuse taking place right under the noses of The Weinstein Company and Miramax, the previous company Harvey co-founded, but Harvey paid off many of these women as well. Well, no longer will these women be silenced, as more and more victims are coming forward to speak their truths.

The Harvey Weinstein Sexual Harassment and Abuse Cases 

Let’s start from the beginning. Harvey Weinstein has been making international headlines for the past week, after a report was published by the New York Times revealing decades’ worth of sexual harassment and abuse allegations.

The article started by addressing some of the older cases, including one involving Ashley Judd. Weinstein invited Judd to a “business breakfast meeting” about two decades ago, which ended up being an invitation to his hotel room. Weinstein continuously harassed her, asking her to massage him, watch him shower, etc.

Eventually, Judd ended up “weaselling” her way out of the hotel room, but while connecting with other women harassed or abused by Weinstein she learned that she was not the only woman to experience this. As Judd explained, “Women have been talking about Harvey amongst ourselves for a long time, and it’s simply beyond time to have the conversation publicly.”

While interviewing multiple women harassed by Weinstein, the interviewers noticed a very clear pattern of behaviour. The women were typically in their mid-20s and looking to get ahead in the film industry. He often approached them, requesting for these naked massages in the same “quid pro quo” manner. And it wasn’t necessarily a secret within the industry, as one woman interviewed even advised other women to “wear a parka when summoned for duty” by Weinstein.

To refresh your memory, here’s a portrait of the Hollywood star:

The New York Times then fast forwarded decades later to a case in 2014, when Weinstein asked Emily Nestor, a temp who had been working at the company for only one day at the time, to “accept his sexual advances” and in return he’d kickstart her career.

Only a year later, another female employee came forward, admitting that Weinstein harassed her until she agreed to give him a massage while he was naked. A memo was then drafted about the incident and sent to multiple executives, explaining that sexual harassment and other misconduct had occurred by Weinstein, and that “there is a toxic environment for women at this company.”

Weinstein paid off at least eight women to keep quiet about their sexual harassment and “unwanted physical contact.” These cases ranged from as early as 1990 and as recent as 2015, and keep in mind that these are only the known settlements as published by the New York Times.

“From the outside, it seemed golden — the Oscars, the success, the remarkable cultural impact,” explained Mark Gill, former President of Miramax Los Angeles. “But behind the scenes, it was a mess, and this was the biggest mess of all,” he stated in reference to Weinstein’s mistreatment of women.

Popular actress Gwyneth Paltrow also came forward, explaining that Weinstein sexually harassed her, asking for more of these naked massages while “placing his hands on her.” Though she refused his sexual advances, she confided in her then-boyfriend, Brad Pitt, who addressed the matter directly with Weinstein. Weinstein then confronted Paltrow, intimidating her so she wouldn’t tell anyone else about what happened.

Angelina Jolie also addressed Weinstein’s sexual harassment, detailing her own experience with him.

“I had a bad experience with Harvey Weinstein in my youth, and as a result, chose never to work with him again and warn others when they did,” Jolie explained. “This behavior towards women in any field, any country is unacceptable.”

Three other women came forward and admitted that they were raped (forced vaginal or oral sex), and four women stated that they experienced unwanted touching that they considered to be sexual assault. I will not go into detail regarding the specific details of these rapes, but you can read them in The New Yorker‘s article.

This wasn’t necessarily news to the companies he co-founded, either. Sixteen former and current executives as well as assistants at Weinstein’s companies stated to The New Yorker that they witnessed or knew that Weinstein had sexually assaulted or harassed people at events associated with Weinstein’s movies or in the office.

According to these employees, it wasn’t uncommon for Weinstein to hold meetings that would end up being “a little more,” as he’d make sexual advances towards the women he was meeting with. These employees all noted that his misconduct and mistreatment of women was a well-known fact within both of these companies, yet people continued to turn a blind-eye.

“This wasn’t a one-off. This wasn’t a period of time,” a long-term executive who worked with Weinstein told The New Yorker. “This was ongoing predatory behaviour towards women—whether they consented or not.”

Final Thoughts 

The sad part is that this isn’t uncommon within the entertainment industry. Tons of people and children have been victims of sexual assault and harassment, as so many executives have used their positions of authority to either rape or sexually harass others working within the entertainment industry.

One example that comes to mind is former child start Corey Feldman, who explained:

I can tell you that the number one problem in Hollywood was, and is, and always will be pedophilia. That’s the biggest problem, for children in this industry. . . . It’s all done under the radar . . .  it’s the big secret. I was surrounded by them when I was 14 years old . . . they were everywhere, like vultures… there was a circle of older men that surrounded themselves around this group of kids, and they all had either their own power or connections to great power in the entertainment industry.

Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood has spoken out about this issue as well (though he was never sexually abused himself). “Let me be clear: This subject of child abuse is an important one that should be discussed and properly investigated,” Wood said.

“What bums me about these situations is that the victims can’t speak as loudly as the people in power,” Wood stated. “That’s the tragedy of attempting to reveal what is happening to innocent people: They can be squashed, but their lives have been irreparably damaged.”

Another example is the Jimmy Savile pedophilia case. Savile was an eccentric TV personality who hosted a number of TV and radio shows, including positions within the BBC. Many people knew him as a flashy, opportunistic celebrity, but what they didn’t know was that over the course of his career, he used his celebrity status to exploit and sexually abuse hundreds of children.

These are only a few examples of sexual abuse and harassment within the entertainment industry, and they really only scratch the surface.

However, what’s particularly inspiring about the Weinstein case is the number of women who came forward, and the overwhelming amount of support they’ve received from the public. Celebrities have publicly addressed this subject, standing by the victims and expressing their support for them, and even politicians have spoken out about this particular case.

It’s crucial that we remain supportive and allow victims to be heard with open minds and open hearts, so we can encourage people to feel safe in sharing their experiences with the public. The best way to prevent these cases from happening in the first place is to share these stories with others. Not only will this warn other people about the abusers themselves, but it could also help to give the victims peace of mind.

I’ll leave you with the words of Meryl Streep, who publicly expressed her remorse for the victims and how appalled she was by Weinstein’s actions: “The behavior is inexcusable, but the abuse of power familiar. Each brave voice that is raised, heard and credited by our watchdog media will ultimately change the game.”

Much love!


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LMPD Officer Accused of Raping Six Women has Resigned

LOUISVILLE, KY – It has been confirmed that an LMPD officer accused of raping six women has resigned from the department.

Pablo Cano is currently under a Public Integrity Unit Investigation with the department.

He also faces a lawsuit in which three women claim he raped them.

LMPD issued the following statement via Facebook.

“Pablo Cano submitted a letter of resignation from service today. That resignation was effective at approximately 2:30 p.m. this afternoon.

Our position is unchanged.

The fact Mr. Cano no longer works for Metro Government does not diminish the scope and intent of our investigation – to determine if crimes have been committed, and together with the Commonwealth Attorney’s office, to decide what criminal charges should be levied. This remains an open and active criminal investigation.”

Cano had been placed on administrative duties after the lawsuit was filed. No report was ever taken by the department before the lawsuit.

Cano was an officer for two years at LMPD. He worked in the fourth division.


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Filming Cops

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Doctor gets 18 years for healing son with cannabis as cop gets no time for raping, urinating on woman

The daughter of a doctor who was sentenced to 18 years in prison after he was reported for using cannabis to help his autistic son, is now speaking out about how the state went after her father and ensured that he received the maximum sentence.

To highlight how corrupt the system is, around the same time the doctor was sentenced to 18 years for helping people with a plant, a deputy who admitted to despicable acts against an innocent woman received no time behind bars.

Former deputy Robert Retford, with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department, was arrested last November on charges of sexual assault. His alleged victim was apparently seeking help from the deputy when she said he beat her, raped her and defecated on her, and then made her drink his urine. This month, Retford pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting the woman and will not spend a single day in jail.

The blue privilege plea deal was negotiated last May, and for admitting to the heinous crimes against his victim, he was only sentenced to six months probation — no jail.

The Free Thought Project first reported on the story of Dr. Gordon Piland III in March. He was arrested after a school social worker reported that he was giving cannabis-infused goat milk to his autistic son. When conducting a follow-up search of Piland’s home, police found marijuana plants growing in the backyard, two bottles of decades-old prescription pills, and a small bag of poppy seeds, which was a gift from a horticulturist.

In an exclusive interview with TFTP, Piland’s daughter Lucy Snow claimed the prosecution used the fact that Piland was in possession of his deceased parents’ prescriptions, and his property’s proximity to an unmarked daycare, as impetus to charge him with trafficking in heroin. As a result, Piland was sentenced to 18-24 years in prison and a $500,000 fine.

As we previously reported:

“Monroe Gordon Piland III (69) has lived an amazing life according to some estimates. In the late 1960s early 70s, Piland served as a naval officer, during the Vietnam war. Upon his return to the states, he earned a degree in nutrition from The University of California – Berkeley, and later a medical degree from the prestigious Wake Forest University, formerly a Southern Baptist university. He completed his medical residency in Elizabeth City, NC, and was a board certified medical doctor from 1979-1984.”

While Piland has managed to keep his love for cannabis under the radar since in the 80s, he was going through a tenuous custody battle over his autistic son. His son’s mother was not a cannabis advocate, yet Piland would offer his son goat’s milk infused with cannabis as treatment for his behavioral and cognitive deficits. When the school’s social worker discovered the fact, she sent police to his home to investigate.

As TFTP has reported, many parents—including some politicians—are now giving their children cannabis for autism with astounding results.

That home visit led to the medical doctor’s arrest and conviction in March. At trial, Piland didn’t stand a chance. Snow said her dad’s first mistake was to represent himself in court and take on Assistant District Attorney Alex Bass head-on.

“He was super content to go to court to share his knowledge of medical cannabis and let the chips fall where they may,” Snow said. “But, unfortunately, he couldn’t find a lawyer that wasn’t intimidated by Bass’s trumped up charges and that was willing to fight for him, so he resorted to representing himself, which had disastrous consequences.”

Snow said that instead of charging Piland with possession of marijuana, a misdemeanor in the State of North Carolina, Bass decided to charge him with trafficking heroin. Here is what Snow said was found by police when they searched Piland’s home:

“What was found: A 2009 half-full bottle of Percocet/Oxycodone in my grandmother, Lillian Piland’s name, that my dad had failed to dispose of/recycle properly. A single full bottle of Duramorph, belonging to my grandfather, but this wasn’t a charge or used in court as the bottle was full. A few poppy seeds were gifted from my uncle, my mom’s brother, who is a landscape architect and gardener.”

According to Snow, Bass used the Percocet belonging to Piland’s deceased mother and the fact that a home daycare was located nearby to throw the full weight of the law against her father. She said the fact that he was in possession of several pounds of marijuana was never presented in court, making the cannabis activist seem like a heroin dealer and not the curative shaman that he was.

“I don’t know why my dad kept the old pharmaceutical pills, but he tended to be kind of a pack rat or just not be bothered by the little things,” Snow said, noting that one of the key pieces of evidence used against her father was something he didn’t realize he had. “Dad says he didn’t even remember having them as they were found in the back of a drawer.”

“After the search and seizure of his house, I think my dad really thought he had a chance to lay his life’s passion and work all out there. I think similar to say, Caitlyn Jenner, somewhere inside he just didn’t want to hide anymore, knowing what he knows and being the ripe age of 70. He was super content to go to court to share his knowledge of medical cannabis and let the chips fall where they may.”

After the prosecution presented its case, and without his own legal representation, the jury took less than 30 minutes to convict Dr. Piland of trafficking heroin—presumably due in part to his possession of 58 grams of poppy seeds. Here’s what about twice that amount looks like:

Snow told The Free Thought Project that she wishes her father had been given a plea deal, but said the prosecutor knew he could easily get a conviction, due to the fact that the senior citizen was choosing to represent himself. As a result, the physician’s daughter now views her father’s conviction with disdain, and especially resents ADA Bass who she says lied about her father and mischaracterized him.

“DA Alex Bass stated my dad had ‘a large cache of dangerous and highly addictive opioid drugs for sale and distribution’ and he knows this is a lie. The truth is only a SINGLE nearly decade old forgotten pharmaceutical bottle belonging to my deceased grandmother and the happenstance of living near an unmarked daycare was used as evidence for sending my non-violent father to prison for life.”

The teacher and daughter of a marijuana activist now accuses prosecutor Bass of sending an innocent man to prison and says he knew full well Piland was no heroin trafficker.

“Bass’s decisions were not only immoral, but go against many standards that Prosecutors are sworn to uphold,” Snow said. “He knows good and well, without a doubt, as does anyone who looks at the evidence, that opium or heroin selling, trafficking, or usage was not occurring.”

Snow said the punishment does not fit the crime, and she pointed to other cases where people were convicted of trafficking in heroin but received much softer sentences.

Piland’s life story might have been written differently had he resided in a state other than North Carolina. To date, there are 29 U.S. states that have legalized medical marijuana in some form. In fact, in some of those other states, Piland may very well have been able to serve as a certifying doctor for medical marijuana, given the fact that he once held board certification as a practicing MD. But he chose to live in the state he loved, and now has to pay a heavy price for dabbling in marijuana.

Looking at the bigger picture, Piland’s case may serve as an indictment of a justice system and a pharmaceutical industry that will go to great lengths to ensure the truth about cannabis is never told. After all, Piland is a medical doctor who gave up his medical practice to pursue a lifetime of research into cannabis. Unfortunately, anyone who may want to glean from what he knows will have to go and visit him in the Marion, NC Correctional Institute.

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