EXCLUSIVE: Cop Pulls Man Over, Tickets Him for Illegal Tint—But His Windows Have NO TINT


Milford, NH — If ever you think that all traffic laws are for your safety, one thing can change that view—window tint. In the land of the free, if police feel that your window tint is too dark, they will claim the right to extort money from you. If you resist this extortion, police will claim the right to kidnap or kill you.

Unfortunately, in the land of the free, these instances happen so frequently that they are often caught on video too. The video below, however, is different as it shows cops can merely claim you have illegal window tint—even when you do not—and still extort you.

Cyrus James was on his way to the dentist last week when he was targeted for extortion by an officer identified on the citation as Ryan Rothhaus for his window tint. The only problem is that James’ windows are completely tint-free. Not only is his tint not illegal—but it doesn’t even exist.

As James explains, “‪I am disgusted and broken down to pieces knowing that I live in a town where the police are harassing, being brutally corrupt and profiling every friend and family of mine they see. I got pulled over this morning on my way to the dentist by Ryan R for having “window tint”. I have absolutely no tint to my car windows as these windows came from the BMW dealership with the car when it was new and are OEM.

During the stop, a distraught James pulled out his phone and began video recording the incident. He shows the officer as well as those watching the video the fact that he is telling the truth. There is no tint on the windows.

This truth, this hard fact, this reality—of no window tint—however, had zero bearing on the officer’s extortion process and, according to James, he was given the ticket anyway.

Sadly, according to James, this is a common occurrence in his town.

“I have heard numerous reports of this officer harassing so many others for insignificant reasons such as swearing at minors, following people to their driveways, giving tickets for not pulling over quick enough and even ripping somebody out of they’re own car because they looked ‘suspicious,’” said James.

Indeed, even if James did actually have ‘illegal’ tint on his windows, the officer is in no way morally justified in pulling him over and demanding money. There is no victim in this situation other than the extorted driver which makes the actions of the police officer criminal—not the man with tinted windows.

Sadly, however, window tint laws exist in municipalities across the country and countless people every minute of every day are pulled over, harassed and extorted because they like less sunlight and more privacy.

“Just because you wear a badge does not make you any more powerful what so ever,” wrote James in his Facebook post. “We are all the same on the inside and should be treated that way. It hurts knowing not just me or my friends but even the parents/guardians are getting harassed that I know of and many others. The profiling being done to the citizens is brutal and after growing up and living in Milford my whole life it hurts me inside seeing something like this happen to the town I love.

“The police motto in Milford is to serve and protect but recently I’ve felt like I’ve been stalked and harassed every single day. I hope this message gets across to the right people in the respectful way it should.”

Indeed, we hope the video below helps to shine a light on the corrupt and often deadly practice of policing for profit and extorting citizens for window tint.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/cop-tickets-man-non-existent-window-tint/

Hero Fireman Pulls Woman from Wreckage, Saves Her Life, So a Cop Arrested Him


Meansville, GA – When a veteran fireman witnessed a horrific car accident, he jumped into action and did everything in his power to save the victim. But even though his actions saved a woman’s life, the police officer who finally made it to the scene thanked the fireman by arresting him and throwing him in jail.

Rick Rickerson, 56, joined the Griffin Fire Department in 1985, and he has devoted his life to saving lives. He told 11Alive News that when he witnessed a car flipping over on the highway after its driver lost control, his immediately acted on instinct.

“My training pretty much kicked in as soon as I witnessed the wreck,” Rickerson said. “You go into the mode of firefighter when you see this happen. Many times, the worst thing you can do is nothing.”

The driver of the car, Rebecca Buchanan, was trapped and not breathing when Rickerson reached her. Other good Samaritans stopped their cars on the side of the highway and rushed to help Rickerson help Buchanan from her car.

In addition to administering CPR to help Buchanan breathe, Rickerson also called 911 multiple times and gives the dispatcher clear and concise reports of what was happening, and how police could help.

“This 911? Pike County? This is Rick Rickerson, I’m a retired battalion chief, Griffin Fire Department. I’m on the scene of an overturned single vehicle with a single occupant, unresponsive at this time,” Rickerson said on the first call.

The second call was made after Rickerson cleared Buchanan’s airway so that she could breathe. “No first responders are here yet; can you advise your officer in charge of fire responding that Rick Rickerson is on the scene and I would suggest them requesting life flight,” he said.

The dispatcher then relayed the news over the radio to a state trooper who responded, “I’m actually a trooper with the state patrol; I’m in training, so I’m kinda off. If you have access to life flight, I would definitely have them en route.”

When Georgia State Patrol trooper, Sgt. Rodney Jeter finally arrived on the scene, he seemed to care very little about the fact that there was a woman who was in desperate need of emergency medical assistance. Instead, he was more concerned about the fact that when Rickerson jumped out of his truck to save the woman’s life, he left it in the middle of the road with the keys in the ignition.

Rickerson told 11Alive News that he remembers Jeter approaching the group working to revive Buchanan and demanding to know who owned the car. “I said, ‘It’s mine, I need you to move it.’ And I looked over at him and I said, ‘I’m not leaving this patient,’” Rickerson said.

The police sergeant, who apparently cared more about his bruised ego than the woman whose life was hanging by a thread, responded, “Sir? I said I want this truck moved!”

But Rickerson argued that because there were no other emergency personnel members on the scene, he needed to stay by Buchanan’s side until they arrived.

In his report, Jeter claimed that Rickerson was not rendering aid to the victim of the car accident at the time Jeter arrived—which is a conflicting story that goes against the accounts of both Rickerson and other witnesses. Jeter insisted that he asked Rickerson to move his vehicle “to make room for emergency vehicles that are coming,” and that Rickerson responded:

“I don’t care who you are. You can take me to jail, but I’m not moving my vehicle or leaving this patient right now.”

Rickerson told 11Alive news that Jeter then proceeded to continue badgering Rickerson, claiming that he was a trained paramedic.

“And I questioned him, ‘You’re a paramedic? You didn’t put your hands on that patient. You didn’t help us open that door,’” Rickerson said. “All paramedics have vehicle extrication training. But he didn’t do anything to assist us with this patient.”

One of the witnesses volunteered to move Rickerson’s truck, and first responders finally arrived and loaded Buchanan onto a stretcher. However, the comments made by other officers and sheriff’s deputies on the scene were much more alarming.

A Dash Cam on one of the police cruisers caught the officers discussing Rickerson’s conduct, and saying things such as, “He thinks he knows every single thing there is to know about everything,” “He is a piece of shit. He’s a piece of shit,” and “I just hate. I hate. He is a piece. I told you there was something wrong with him.”

Jeter then confronted Rickerson and decided to read him the right act about the situation. Rickerson stood his ground, and Jeter asserted his dominance by arresting the hero who had just saved a woman’s life for “obstruction of a law enforcement officer.”

The officers on the scene were caught on the Dash Cam saying, He’s going for a ride,” and “He’s locking his ass up!”

Rickerson was taken to the Pike County Jail where he was forced to spend several hours waiting. He now faces the first mark on his record in more than 30 years after the incident occurred on Oct. 10, 2017. But he told 11Alive News that he would do it all over again, because in the end, Rebecca Buchanan survived, and her 5-year-old daughter did not lose her mother.

“I would not do anything different. The outcome is this lady is alive. There’s no cross on the side of the road of that highway.”

Unfortunately, as The Free Thought Project has reported, Rick Rickerson is not alone. A similar incident occurred in 2003 when Capt. David Wilson, a veteran firefighter with 27 years of experience, arrived at the scene of a nasty car accident in Hazelwood, Missouri. As he was attending to the victim, he was approached by a police officer who seemed to care more about the position of the truck, than about the survivors of the crash.

When Wilson ignored orders from Officer Todd Greeves to move his vehicle, Greeves became agitated and decided to take matters into his own hands. Greeves arrested the firefighter and kept him detained by a patrol car for 23 minutes until a supervisor told him to let Wilson go. Wilson filed a civil rights lawsuit and received $17,500 in damages.

Then in March 2014, a volunteer fireman in New Roads, Louisiana, was rendering aid to a woman who passed out in her home. He was the first one on the scene, and when police arrived, instead of asking about the state of the patient, they demanded that the fireman move his truck. When he did not comply, the officer arrested and detained him for nearly 15 minutes.

In February 2014, when Jacob Gregoire, a veteran firefighter with 12 years of experience, was responding to the scene of an accident in Chula Vista, California, he was also ordered to move his truck. Gregoire ignored the commands from a California Highway Patrolman, and he was arrested and detained on the side of the highway for 30 minutes.

In response to the incident, Chula Vista Fire Chief Dave Hanneman called CHP’s behavior “ridiculous” and the firefighters’ union president John Hess praised Gregoire’s actions. He made all firefighters look good. He was there to protect the citizens and he was willing to take a stand to do that,” Hess said.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/hero-fireman-saves-woman-cop-arrested/

Whoa! Boat Captain Pulls Rusty Hook from Mouth of 7-Ft Long Shark

By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Meet Elliot Grant Sudal, a modern-day hero who recently removed a hook from a 7-foot-long shark. In addition to working as a captain in Florida, the 29-year-old tags sharks for the NOAA Apex predator tagging program. As GoodNewsNetwork reports, the organization’s work is vital, as it monitors and tracks shark migration routes, reproduction, and growth patterns.

While working off Sanibel Island last month, Sudal was preparing to tag a 7-foot-long tiger shark when he noticed a wire hook protruding from its mouth. An animal lover and a seaman, he took the time to carefully remove the intrusive object with plyers.

As InsiderEdition reports (below), only experienced anglers should attempt such a maneuver. Thanks to his activism, the tiger shark is now hook-free and is being monitored by NOAA.

Watch the video below:

Due to Hollywood’s unfair portrayal of sharks, most people run the other direction when they see one. However, there are actually many reasons to respect — not fear — sharks. A few follow:

1) Far more sharks are killed than humans each year

Every year, between 26 and 73 million sharks are traded in markets around the world. Some people, particularly in Asia, believe there are medicinal benefits to consuming shark fin soup. As a result, millions of the beasts are illegally hunted then sold on the black market — even in countries where the “delicacy” is banned.

2) Shark attacks are rare

Contrary to what you might learn from movies like Jaws or The Shallows, shark attacks are extremely rare. In fact, your chances of being the victim of an unprovoked shark encounter are lower than your chances of being struck by lightning, injured in a hunting accident, or even attacked by a domestic dog.

3) King of the food chain

As the Smithsonian points out, sharks have six highly refined senses: smell, touch, hearing, taste, sight, and electromagnetism. Together, these senses — combined with a sleek, torpedo-shaped body — make sharks deadly hunters. This is a reason to respect the marine animals — not demonize them.

What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

Read more: Hundreds of Dead Sharks Just Washed Ashore in the Persian Gulf

Source Article from https://truththeory.com/2017/12/29/whoa-boat-captain-pulls-rusty-hook-mouth-7-ft-long-shark/

Cop Pulls Gun on Unarmed Man, Then He Shoots His Fellow Officer


Sturgeon Bay, WI — Highlighting the dangerous nature of police and their propensity to point loaded weapons at unarmed people, a cop in Sturgeon Bay, Wis. just shot his fellow officer. Naturally, as in the case in most every accidental police shooting TFTP has covered, police are claiming the officer’s weapons simply went off on its own.

The incident began early Monday when police were called out to a residence at which a 26-year-old man was threatening his parents with a knife. According to police, the young man’s father told officers that his son was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or both.

The first officers on the scene did an incredible job at de-escalating the situation and managed to convince the young man to drop the knife.

“The officers got there, they had to talk the subject down for a good amount of time. They were able to get the knife away from him. But then the subject went into a defense posture, an aggressive posture. The officers took him to the ground, had to be tased,” Police Capt. Dan Brinkman said.

To recap, the 26-year-old man, who was “going after” his father, had been successfully disarmed and was being taken into custody by the officers who then tasered him when he resisted. During this struggle, another officer—who was not involved in the hands-on action—pulled his gun and fired off a round.

“During that hands-on period, another officer, who was not part of the hands-on handcuffing, uh firearm discharged, and it struck another officer in the leg,” Brinkman says.

“This was an unintended discharge,” said Brinkman.

Notice the language used by Brinkman in the press conference to try and portray a scene in which the officer had nothing to do with shooting his fellow cop. The cop didn’t accidentally shoot a fellow officer but, rather, the “firearm discharged.”

Luckily, the officer who was shot was not seriously hurt and he was subsequently treated and released from the hospital.

The status of the officer whose gun “accidentally discharged” is that he is not facing any charges as of yet for shooting a cop. However, the chief noted that he is “shook up.”

As is standard procedure, the Wisconsin Department of Criminal Investigation has been called to help with the “investigation.”

Aside from the above the law treatment of the officer, the excuse of the weapon accidentally discharging is nothing short of asinine.

Guns do not fire themselves.

Weapons companies spend a significant amount of time and money making sure their guns don’t simply ‘go off.’ While it is entirely possible for older single action revolvers, which required the hammer to be cocked, to go off when dropped, the idea of a modern pistol accidentally firing without someone pulling the trigger is simply absurd.

There are more guns than people in the United States. It is estimated that Americans own around 357 million firearms. If these weapons were so prone to accidentally firing, there would be a lot of dead Americans. However, that is clearly not the case.

The reality is that these cases of guns “accidentally firing” most always involve police, who are entrusted by the public to responsibly carry weapons, failing miserably at their jobs. You could rest assured that if a mere citizen were to shoot and injure another person ‘accidentally,’ they would be cast out by the anti-gun crowd and plastered across the mainstream media. They would also be in jail.

However, if your job is to carry a firearm for a living to ostensibly protect society and you shoot your own colleague while doing this job — you are immediately presumed innocent and given special treatment.

Just over a year ago, TFTP reported on three instances in a single week in which officers accidentally fired their weapons. Some of the unintended victims were not as lucky as the cop in Sturgeon Bay.

At a Halloween party in October 2016, a cop in North Carolina shot and severely injured her own daughter as she showed off her service weapon. She has not been charged.

Prior to that shooting, a cop in Ohio fired his weapon into a daycare center — while it was fully occupied.

Just after those two shootings, a 20-year veteran deputy of the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department was shot and killed by his fellow officer. Officials immediately ruled it an accident and began the narrative that the gun somehow just went off on its own.

Deputy Sgt. Rod Lucas was having a conversation near the Fresno Yosemite International Airport about how to carry backup weapons when one deputy’s weapon was discharged striking Lucas in the chest.

Lucas was in the room with two other deputies, and, according to Mims, there was no dispute at the time — ironically, just a conversation about weapons safety.

“The detective had his weapon out. During this discussion, the detective’s weapon discharged,” the sheriff said. “Sgt. Lucas was struck by the bullet in his chest, and he dropped to the ground.”

Case closed.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/cop-pulls-gun-on-unarmed-man-shoots-fellow-cop-in-the-process/

WATCH: Bully Cop Pulls Innocent Couple Over, Claims It’s Illegal to “Disrespect” Him


Frankfort, KY — Freedom of speech, in the land of the free, is not guaranteed. Despite the wording of the First Amendment, claiming that “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech,” there are countless laws across the country designed to do exactly that. However, even when there aren’t archaic anti-speech laws on the books, police will all too often deprive people of their freedom — for practicing their freedom and expressing themselves.

Flipping the bird has also been ruled to be free speech many times over. In fact, in a 14-page opinion, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit addressed the specific action of flipping off cops when it ruled that the “ancient gesture of insult is not the basis for a reasonable suspicion of a traffic violation or impending criminal activity.”

However, we’ve seen citizens pepper-sprayed, assaulted, and arrested for this act of free speech. And, as the video below shows, police could not care less about protecting your free speech if it’s something they don’t like.

It has been clearly established that all Americans have the right to record the police as well as flip them off. For an officer of the law to remain willingly ignorant of this precedent is at best, dereliction of duty, and at worst, unlawful deprivation of rights. Either way, this officer was in the wrong.

The video, submitted to us by the person who took it, who TFTP will refer to as Steve, shows what happens when police officers feel they are being disrespected. Steve runs the YouTube channel I Says News NetworkHe says he named it that because “the government is all about ‘do as I Says, not as I do.’”

As the video begins, Steve is being pulled over by an officer, who he identifies as Kentucky State Trooper M. Dennis.

Trooper Dennis had no probable cause to pull over Steve. However, because he was ignorant of the law, he incorrectly thought that it was illegal to disrespect police officers. He was also clearly ignorant of the First Amendment which guarantees the right of a citizen to film cops in public.

“Turn it off!” Dennis says, issuing an unlawful order to Steve.

“What am I being stopped for?” asks Steve.

“Turn it off!” Dennis says again. “I didn’t give you my consent,” Dennis asserts again—incorrectly.

For the first 30 seconds of the stop, the trooper is more interested in Steve legally filming him than he is with articulating the reason for the stop.

“Am I being detained,” Steve asks finally getting the cop’s attention away from trying to stifle his first amendment rights.

“Yes you are,” replies the trooper.

“For what?” asks Steve.

“Because of your disrespect,” replies Dennis.

“You can pull someone over for being disrespectful?” asks Steve.

“Yes, I can,” replies the Trooper. 

“What KRS is that?” Steve asks, referring to the Kentucky Revised Statutes.

“It’s called respect of the law!” asserts the trooper. “Disrespect,” he says.

TFTP searched through the Kentucky Revised Statutes and we found no such law. However, as the trooper walked away, he told Steve that he could be charged with “Menacing” for the disrespect and subsequent filming. We looked up that law within KRS as well and Steve comes nowhere close to breaking it.

“A person is guilty of menacing when he intentionally places another person in
reasonable apprehension of imminent physical injury,” states KRS 508.050. At no time was trooper Dennis ever facing imminent physical injury.

According to Steve, this video happened in January 2016. When he called the Kentucky State Trooper’s office to report trooper M. Dennis, a major in the office told him that Dennis did nothing wrong because his officers have earned respect. Steve was then subsequently summoned to court over the incident. However, the trooper never showed up and now, after he’s been cleared, Steve has released the video.

The Kentucky State Trooper’s office would do well to reexamine their definition of ‘respect.’ According to Webster’s dictionary, respect is defined as “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.”

Respect is earned and given voluntarily. When it is demanded through the barrel of a gun, this respect becomes tyranny.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/watch-bully-cop-pulls-couple-claims-illegal-disrespect-authority/

WATCH: Cop Forgets What Month it is, Pulls Over Couple For Expired Tags and GETS OWNED


A couple took to Facebook Live to document their encounter with Oregon Police, after officers detained them in a parking lot and claimed that the couple had been reported for possession of a torch, or butane lighter, and a methamphetamine pipe.

After making contact with the couple, police reportedly placed them in handcuffs, demanding to see their identification and said they must either be meth users or meth dealers. The man claimed he tried to explain to the officers that the torch they were using to light their cigarettes is cheaper than a Bic lighter, and that there were no drugs in the car, nor was there any reason to stop and harass them. The couple refused to produce any identification.

Under Oregon law, citizens are not required to hand over their identification upon demand. While other states do require such actions, Oregon does not. According to the Daily Emerald:

“Oregon law doesn’t require you to disclose your name or ID upon an officer’s demand. Refusing to give your name or ID or failing to carry ID is generally not an offense. The U.S. Supreme Court has previously found other states’ laws requiring citizens to carry or show ID unconstitutional.”

Strange as it may seem, the officers then informed the couple that if they got into their vehicle to drive away, they would be immediately stopped and at such time would have to produce identification.

The unnamed narrator identified the woman in the driver’s seat as “Sadie.” He said that he and Sadie decided to challenge the officers’ promise to pull them over if they proceeded on their way, something they believe is harassment on the part of the police.

Referring to the patrol car’s lights as “cherries and berries,” the man said, “This is the kind of shit American citizens put up with,” while the police were following them. “We employ police to police our fucking cities…and they harass us instead,” he said, describing the daily occurrence of police pulling over citizens on nothing more than a hunch.

The man, whose face is tattooed with the proverbial “FTP” tattoo, did not have to wait long to be pulled over. The officer, who was identified in the video as “Deputy Barton” approached the vehicle and asked Sadie if she knew why she was being pulled over. She responded that she did not know why the officer pulled her over. Barton explained, “For your tags, they’re expired.”

Sadie rejected the notion the tags were expired by saying she had purchased the car in September and suggested he take another look. The tatted up passenger couldn’t contain his emotions, one could say, and broke his silence screaming and speaking directly into the camera, which was live streaming the video to Facebook. “This is gonna be great!” he exclaimed several times and told the officer to go look at the license plate.

“You guys are gonna be embarrassed as fuck, we’re taking you to court,” the man said several times. “How’s that taste you idiot?” he asked, indicating the officer had made a serious mistake by claiming the license plate was expired and using it as probable cause to stop the couple and impede their civil rights.

The officer and his partner took a closer look at the license plate of the vehicle the couple was driving. Upon returning to the driver’s side window to make contact with Sadie again, the officer took on a more serious demeanor.

“The tags on the back expire October 17, October 2017. Do you know what today is?” he asked Sadie. She quickly fired back, “Yeah. September. It’s 2017.”

Clearly humiliated, Barton put on a big smile, possibly knowing he had been caught using a bogus excuse to pull over the couple. “Oh, okay. You’re free to go,” he said. The couple both started laughing, knowing they just caught the interaction on camera, and verifying the officer’s incompetence, who didn’t even know what month of the year it was, apparently.

The episode appears to be a rare moment of levity when a motorist got a little payback for police who routinely attempt to use their badge and their authority to harass law-abiding citizens. The video ends with the couple screaming absurdities and profanities toward the officer. The man even admitted he was in fear of getting shot, but that fear seemed to immediately disappear when the mocking of the police officer began. The lesson for police to learn is you do not have the right to pull people over without probable cause, and you better know what month of the year it is if you do.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/couple-cop-doesnt-know-calendar/

Woman pulls up skirt in crowded station calling to criminalize ‘upskirting’ (VIDEO)

Russian student Anna Dovgalyuk, who describes herself as a public activist, published a “video manifest” in which a young woman stands in the middle of a series of crowded St. Petersburg subway stations and hikes up her red dress in front of the camera.

“This video is ‘dedicated’ to all who love to peek under skirts. On the behalf all women who became your victims – here, look! And stay away from us,” the caption on the video reads.

The idea behind the demonstration is a call for the authorities to make upskirting a criminal offence.

Source Article from https://www.rt.com/news/407949-woman-upskirting-protest-video/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS

Florida Deputy’s Son Steals Patrol Car, Pulls Ex-Girlfriend Over, Orders her New Boyfriend Out of Car, then Robs him

One day after a Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy shot his ex-girlfriend in the back before turning the gun on himself, the son of another deputy stole his father’s patrol car and pulled his ex-girlfriend over.

Christopher Combs, 22, who is a paid cadet with the sheriff’s office, then ordered her new boyfriend to step out of the car via intercom, directing him to lay on the ground and empty his pockets.

The victim, who said he felt a metal object pressed against his head, said he robbed of his personal belongings, according to WPTV.

He also said Combs was laughing.

Combs, the son of Palm Beach Sheriff’s Lieutenant David Combs, was arrested nine hours later after the department tracked the car down through its GPS and notified Broward County sheriff’s deputies.

Combs was initially jailed on a $300,000 bond on four felony charges, but was released on a $120,000 bond.

Combs said “he became upset and that was why he started messing with (the couple),” according to the arrest report.

The victim was under the impression that a passenger was in the unmarked patrol car, who pressed the metal object against his head, but deputies have not mentioned anything about another suspect.

According to Jose Lambiet of Gossip Extra, who broke the story this afternoon:

The younger Combs allegedly got in his father’s squad car Friday night near the family’s Boynton Beach home and decided to drive south.

Allegedly, Combs tailed a car where his old girlfriend was riding alongside her new boyfriend, and eventually pulled the couple over.

Eventually, PBSO tracked down the car with the GPS installed on its service radio. By then, the younger Combs was driving in Broward County, records show, and got pulled over by a BSO deputy at 10 a.m. Saturday in Pompano Beach.

On top of it, the younger Combs appeared to be drunk although he wasn’t charged with DUI.
Combs was charged with impersonating a law enforcement officer, robbery with a weapon, and two counts of false imprisonment.

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Filming Cops

Source Article from http://filmingcops.com/florida-deputys-son-steals-patrol-car-pulls-ex-girlfriend-orders-new-boyfriend-car-robs/

[WATCH] Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Deputy Pulls Gun on Motorcyclist While Driving Because He Was in Fear

ALBUQUERQUE – A video captures the moment a Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Deputy pulled his gun on a motorcyclist while the two are traveling on Tramway. BCSO is now explaining the incident.

The video has surfaced on several social media platforms and accounts with its original source unclear.

The video shows a motorcyclist doing a wheelie on Tramway Saturday afternoon, when a BCSO patrol car pulls alongside him. A passenger deputy can be see drawing his gun and aiming it at the motorcyclist as the two vehicles go through an intersection.

BCSO confirmed that is the deputy’s service weapon – not a taser. BCSO says deputies received several calls Saturday of this group of roughly 50 bikers racing and driving recklessly in the Heights.

Deputies says what’s not shown in the picture and video is the bikers flashing gang signs and surrounding deputies as they tried to pull them over.

The sheriff’s office says the deputy who pulled the gun was ‘in fear of an immediate and impending battery.’

BCSO would not release any more information, but they are asking anyone who knows the identity of the biker to come forward.

The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office released this statement:

After receiving an overwhelming number of responses and messages from our community we would like to reassure citizens the incident clearly warrants further investigation. We are seeking any eyewitnesses of this incident. We are thankful for everyone’s comments and messages. Please rest assured, Sheriff Manuel Gonzales III and BCSO staff will continue to protect the rights of all citizens of Bernalillo County. Incidents like this are taken serious and a thorough investigation will be conducted.

Source: http://krqe.com/2017/10/07/deputy-pulls-gun-on-motorcyclist-while-driving-bcso-says-deputy-was-in-fear/

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Source Article from http://filmingcops.com/watch-bernalillo-county-sheriffs-deputy-pulls-gun-motorcyclist-driving-fear/