Singer Performs Wearing Anti-Gun ‘Protect Our Children’ Shirt at Billboard Music Awards

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Cop Fired After Video Showed He Lied to Protect His Partner Who Tasered Teen on ATV, Killing Him


Detroit – A police officer has been fired after he was caught lying on a report about an encounter in which he was driving his patrol car, and his partner launched a Taser out of the car’s window, targeting a teenage boy on an ATV, which resulted in the boy’s tragic death.

Damon Grimes was just 15 years old when he was killed last year after Michigan State Trooper Mark Bessner deployed his taser, striking Grimes while he was riding his ATV. The shock sent the boy careening into a parked truck, and he died. Bessner is awaiting trial for murder and now, reports claim that his partner was fired for falsifying the police report of the incident.

Trooper Ethan Berger was fired following the teen’s tasing death because he lied on his police report. The details of the internal investigation were made public this week after the Detroit Free Press filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the documents. According to the Michigan State Police Department’s own Internal Affairs investigation, Berger not only knew about the Taser being deployed by his partner riding, who was shotgun in the patrol car, but he also covered it all up. Following the discovery and video evidence of the alleged murder, Berger was fired.

According to the IA report, dated March 19, the department directly accused the officer, saying:

You knew the other trooper committed criminal offenses for which he was later charged…You drafted a false police report with the intent of assisting the other trooper with avoiding discovery, arrest, trial, or punishment after the crime occurred.

The scathing rebuke of the officer continued:

Your report intentionally contained significant deviations from the truth and what is shown on the videos, and your report was a clear attempt to justify your and the other trooper’s actions during the pursuit.

Grimes’s death was shocking, to say the least. Berger and Bessner were pursuing Grimes, who was quite possibly unaware they were following him. As the cruiser approached the ATV, Bessner reached through the passenger side window where he was riding, fired his Taser, and immobilized the teen who then slammed into the back of a parked pickup truck and died. The IA report also rebuked Berger for not rendering first aid to Grimes, while the teenager lay dying on the street.

Berger could—and probably should—still be charged as an accomplice in Grimes’s murder but District Attorney Kym Worthy has declined to charge him, citing insufficient evidence.

Also disciplined was an MSP supervisor who failed to include pertinent details in his report following the accident. Sergeant Jacob Liss failed to inform his superiors that Grimes had been tased from a moving police vehicle. The office of Internal Affairs for MSP rebuked Liss for failing to mention the taser in email correspondence with command officers shortly after the murder. The report claimed:

Both emails stated troopers were pursuing the ATV and it appeared the driver attempted to drive off the road onto the sidewalk, lost control, and crashed into the rear-end of a pickup truck…Neither email contained any information about a Taser deployment.

Not only was Liss complicit in hiding details of the tasing from his superiors, in text messages with MSP Det. Sgt. Todd Poppema, it is clear that Liss meant to keep quiet the knowledge that Bessner tased the teenager from a moving squad car while Grimes was riding his ATV. Poppema was informed in a phone call from a member of the Grimes family that a taser had been used.

In an attempt to assure the family member that the teen was not tased, Poppema reached out to Liss in a text message. He asked Liss to, “check (everyone’s) Taser from the chase today? Maybe have them downloaded to show no use…Family is claiming he was Tasered.”

Liss responded, “Yes. I will take care of it.”

Berger is still drawing his salary as his firing is being appealed and is currently in the arbitration process. Representing Berger is the Michigan State Police Troopers Association.

In a grievance filed on behalf of Berger, the trooper claimed the punishment was not fair and wrote, “The proposed discipline should be set aside or significantly reduced.”

Bessner is scheduled to be tried for the 15-year-old’s murder this summer. Berger has been fired, and Liss has been reprimanded, but nothing can bring back the teenager who was simply going on a joyride through town. We at The Free Thought Project will keep you up to date with any developments in the officer’s trial.

Grimes’s case serves to illustrate the long-held belief by critics of law enforcement that not only will police kill unarmed individuals, but they will do their best to cover up evidence of their culpability.

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Eating walnuts found to protect the colon from cancerous tumors

Image: Eating walnuts found to protect the colon from cancerous tumors

(Natural News)
If you’re not a big fan of walnuts, now might be the time to start snacking on them because they can help decelerate colon tumor growth, according to a study led by Dr. Christos S. Mantzoros, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

The researchers ran tests on mice and their findings revealed that the daily consumption of walnuts effectively slowed colon tumor growth. It also influenced genetic molecules in the tumor that are crucial to gene expression.

The study looked into how diet and a walnut’s omega-3 fatty acids are linked to cancer risk by targeting micro-RNAs (miRNAs), the small non-coding chunks of RNAs that seem to have a role in cell development and apoptosis (cell death).

Earlier research produced findings which imply that both nutrients and phytochemicals can affect how miRNA is expressed in cancer cells. The current study referenced research by the same group that posits walnuts have “a protective role in colon cancer.”

“This research adds to the overwhelming mountain of scientific evidence demonstrating that many everyday foods contain powerful anti-cancer nutrients which can help prevent, treat or in some cases reverse cancer,” noted Food Forensics science author Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. “Yet to this day, the FDA absurdly insists there is no food-based phytochemical that has any efficacy whatsoever in preventing cancer, even in the face of irrefutable evidence that a vast array of molecular constituents in common foods exhibit powerful, scientifically documented anti-cancer effects,” Adams said. (Adams is also the publisher of, which documents much of that scientific evidence.)

Walnuts have alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an omega-3 fatty acid. They also contain other phytochemicals and vitamins that are the focus of research due to their role in health and cancer protection.

For the study, mice were randomized into two diet groups. The first group was fed ground walnuts, which was worth at least two daily servings for humans. The control group was fed a similar diet, but the walnut fats were replaced with corn oil. (Related: Are walnuts the key to fighting prostate cancer? Researchers think so.)

Once 25 days have passed, the mice were examined. The colorectal tumors decreased in the mice that consumed walnuts compared to the control group.

Tumors in the mice that were fed walnuts contained at least 10 times the amount of total omega-3 fatty acids, such as ALA, compared to the control group. A smaller tumor size was linked to a greater percentage of omega-3s in tumor tissues.

Upon closer analysis, it was determined that the tumors from the mice that ate walnuts had different miRNA expression levels for several of the molecules than tumors from the control mice. This implies a notable dietary influence.

Dr. Mantzoros said that miRNA can regulate cancer development in several ways, like by affecting “apoptosis, cell invasion, migration, and proliferation.”

Several human studies have proven that diet can help lower the risk of various cancers. While this animal study is not directly applicable to people, the findings it produced can help experts further understand the mechanisms concerning colon cancer development and growth.

Dr. Mantzoros also noted that the results offer “novel prevention, diagnostic, and therapeutic opportunities” that can be tested in humans in future studies.

Aside from skin cancers, colorectal cancer is the third leading cancer diagnosed in the U.S. According to the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR), at least 50 percent of colorectal cancer cases in the country can be prevented with proper diet, regular exercise, and weight management.

Fast facts on colon cancer

  • Colon cancer, also called colorectal cancer, occurs in the colon or rectum.
  • If diagnosed early, colon cancer can be treated. Even if cancer spreads to nearby lymph nodes, surgical treatment and chemotherapy are effective treatments.
  • For severe cases, such as when colon cancer has spread to the liver, lungs, or other sites, treatment can allow some patients to undergo surgery. Treatment can also prolong an individual’s quality of life.
  • Most cases of colon cancers first develop as polyps, or “abnormal growths inside the colon or rectum.” Polyps can turn cancerous if they are not removed immediately.
  • Men and women of all racial and ethnic groups can develop colon cancer, especially if you are older than 50.
  • Take note that cases of colon among patients younger than 50 are steadily increasing.
  • Colon cancer kills at least 50,000 people every year.

You can learn more about colon cancer and the natural remedies that can prevent it at

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This How the Russians Protect Their Citizens In War-What Is Your Government Doing for You?


This is what the Russians do to protect their people in times of war, especially nuclear war. What does your government do for you?



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The UK Disarmed Its Citizens, Murders Now Skyrocketing as Police Fail to Protect Defenseless Populace


In the early 20th century, British citizens were trusted by their government to own firearms. In fact, then-Prime Minister Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, the Marquess of Salisbury once said he would “laud the day when there was a rifle in every cottage in England.” However, beginning with a law requiring a permit for handguns, Britain would embark down the slippery slope of a total citizen disarmament, and by 1996, all guns, including handguns, were banned in the UK.

In fact, so scared of its citizens having guns is the United Kingdom that in 2006, the government even banned toy guns under the guise of “reducing violence” with the Violent Crime Reduction Act. Fast forward to 2018 and — as gun rights activists have consistently warned — only criminals and the government have guns. 

The result of the incremental stripping of rights has left the citizens of the United Kingdom sitting ducks merely waiting for violent criminals and a corrupt government to take hold. According to multiple new reports, this now seems to be the case.

Scotland Yard has since called an emergency meeting as London is now gripped by unprecedented violent crime. This violent crime spike comes as an ex-senior officer says “police have lost control of the streets.”

Following a massive spike in murders — one that has now passed that of New York City — police chiefs are scrambling to try and tackle knife and gun violence in the city.

“London is currently experiencing an exceptionally high level of gun and knife crime,” the invite to the emergency meeting read, according to the Guardian. “It is important that our response is fully informed by community concerns and any community tensions are rapidly identified, heard and responded to.”

According to the Guardian, among those attending the meeting were the Labour MP for Tottenham, David Lammy, and Nicola Calica-Myall, an activist against knife crime whose own son was stabbed 37 times when he was just 17 and survived.

“It’s important to know that our fears as a community are being recognized and things are in place,” Calica-Myall said, according to the Guardian. “It’s everybody’s problem and more Londoners need to recognize this situation may not go away any time soon.”

Indeed, the problem has gotten so out of hand that six teenagers were stabbed this week, in the space of only 90 minutes.

Although many of the solutions proposed with undoubtedly involve more police, the former head of head of diversity and policing, Victor Olisa, warned that police are losing control of public spaces and hit out at senior officials for their “deafening silence.”

“Communities are saying we don’t see the police around anymore,” he said. “It appears to people I have spoken to as though the police have lost control of public spaces and the streets,” the Guardian reports. “The silence from senior officers in the Met is deafening. They should say we need more information from the public, this is what we are doing, this is what the results are.”

The need for police would be drastically diminished if the citizens of London could simply defend themselves. However, that is not an option unless they use sticks or knives (under three inches): a futile choice considering the fact that criminals have illegal guns and knives at their disposal.

Even many police chiefs in the United States understand that police cannot be everywhere to stop every crime. As TFTP has reported, police chiefs across the country have urged that citizens arm themselves because a well-armed citizen is the best defense against crime — not police.

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24 states now pursuing free speech bills to protect conservative speakers from left-wing bullies and liberal authoritarians

Image: 24 states now pursuing free speech bills to protect conservative speakers from left-wing bullies and liberal authoritarians

(Natural News)
A total of 24 states across the country have now either introduced or passed legislation in defense of the freedom of speech on public college campuses, according to Campus Reform.

The states that have already passed legislation in defense of the freedom of speech on campus include Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Colorado, Utah and Arizona. Lawmakers in 16 other states, including Texas, California, New York, Washington and others, are currently campaigning to pass similar free speech legislation.

The last state to pass such a measure was the state of Florida, whose governor Rick Scott recently signed a bill banning “free speech zones” on college campuses. In addition, the legislation also gives individuals the ability to sue universities if they violate their “expressive rights,” which will undoubtedly curb the amount of political censorship that occurs on campuses across the country.

Kentucky is following in Florida’s footsteps, as the state has recently passed legislation that would protect the First Amendment free speech rights of both students and faculty at colleges and universities. “The problem with this free speech area is it’s not even close to a lot of activity on campus,” explained Republican State Senator Will Schroder, a sponsor of the bill. “It really restricts individuals to a certain location.”

But the problem with these so-called “free speech areas” that Sen. Will Schroder was referring to is not just that they aren’t close to a lot of activity on campus, but that they are often extremely small spaces – far too small for any individual or group to effectively get their message out. Some colleges even have square boxes taped to the sidewalk for students to stand in if they wish to practice their First Amendment rights. It goes without saying that our liberties shouldn’t be restricted to certain “zones” or “areas;” they should be universal and recognized from coast to coast, and that includes every square inch of every college in the country.

States that have yet to pass or even propose campus free speech legislation include the following: Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Indiana, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine. With any luck, these states will jump on the bandwagon sooner rather than later, because if there’s one thing that thousands of schools across the country aren’t so good at, it’s upholding and protecting the freedom of speech for all students.

Just a few days ago, a college student from Indiana University of Pennsylvania by the name of Lake Ingle was thrown out of class for arguing that there are only two genders, despite the claim of liberals and social justice warriors alike believe that gender exists on a “spectrum” and that it’s more than just “male” and “female.” (Related: This study reveals why intolerant university leftists cannot see reality – they have been trained to cognitively miss details that don’t conform to liberalism.)

After Lake’s professor asked the female students in the class for their opinions on the matter, not a single one spoke up, prompting Lake to raise his hand and throw his own opinion into the discussion. “My professor pretty much just tried to shut me up because she was just letting women speak,” he explained. “I brought up the fact that biologists don’t agree that there’s more than two genders and I said the wage gap she’s referring to – 77 cents on the dollar – that even the New York Times debunked that.” (Related: Harvard is now punishing students who join single-gender social clubs on campus.)

Not long after the incident, Lake received a letter from the university informing him that he was barred from attending class, and that he had to write an apology letter to his professor for his “disrespectful references to the validity of trans identity and experience.”

Hopefully there will come a day when all 50 states pass free speech legislation for colleges and universities, but until then, this blatant censorship of conservative points of view will sadly continue.

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The antioxidant activity of saffron found to help protect against diabetes

Image: The antioxidant activity of saffron found to help protect against diabetes

(Natural News)
Diabetes – in particular, Type 2 diabetes – is a long-term condition that may result in complications in the liver and the kidneys. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition & Intermediary Metabolism sheds light on that topic with their findings indicating that an alcoholic extract from saffron reduced blood urea nitrogen and uric acid in patients with Type 2 diabetes.

Saffron (Crocus sativus L.), an herbal medicine in Islamic-Persian traditional medicine, is reputed to be the most expensive traditional spice for years. The plant, which is native to Iran, contains compounds – crocin, safranal, crocetin, and picrocrocin – known to provide health benefits, one of which is reducing oxidative stress. Moreover, saffron and its crocin were found to reduce levels of liver enzymes in male rats that suffered from fatty liver disease. Its extracts also contain flavonoids and carotenoids. (Related: The golden spice saffron has golden health benefits too)

However, the effect of a saffron hydro-alcoholic extract had not been previously analyzed, in particular, to people with Type 2 diabetes. To answer that burning question, a team of researchers in Iran did just that: They studied the effect of a saffron hydro-alcoholic extract on the parameters of the liver and renal functions in individuals with type 2 diabetes.

The research team then recruited 54 individuals with Type 2 diabetes for the study and randomly divided them into two groups: Half of the study participants were tasked to consume 15 mg of saffron extract, while the other half were tasked to consume placebo capsules. The team measured the participants’ alkaline phosphatase, aspartate and alanine aminotransferase, uric acid, blood urea nitrogen, and creatinine levels. In addition, they measured the physical activity, dietary intake, anthropometric measure, and blood pressure of the participants.

Results indicated that the saffron extract reduced blood urea nitrogen and uric acid in patients with Type 2 diabetes. While liver enzymes and alkaline phosphatase were also reduced, the reduction was not significant. Also, no significant changes were seen between the saffron and placebo group at the end of the study. In addition, alterations in other profiles, such as liver enzymes, were not statistically significant in both groups. Furthermore, there were no significant improvements observed in the blood pressure, dietary intakes, and physical activity of the two groups.

“Although, saffron hydro-alcoholic extract may improve renal protection in saffron treated type 2 diabetic patients by itself, the protective effect was not significant when compared with placebo,” the researchers concluded.

Saffron consumption combined with resistance exercise improves diabetic parameters

However, consuming saffron, in combination with resistance exercise, provides a potent therapeutic effective factor on diabetic parameters in-vivo, according to a separate study published in the journal Scientific Reports.

In the study, the researchers divided diabetic and non-diabetic male rats into control, training, extract treatment, training and extract treatment. The exercise treatment, as well as the 40 mg/kg/day saffron treatment, lasted for six weeks.

The findings revealed that six weeks of resistance training, together with saffron treatment, led to insulin resistance reduction. In addition, serum glucose, cholesterol, triglyceride, low-density lipoprotein, very low-density lipoprotein, insulin resistance, and glycated hemoglobin levels were reduced in treated rats compared to untreated rats. The researchers concluded that consuming saffron together with resistance training could enhance diabetic parameters through redo-mediated mechanisms and the GLUT4/AMPK pathway to regulate insulin or glucose.

“Our study provides a key insight into diabetes, but significant evidences for the benefits of the combined factors have not been obtained,” the researchers wrote.

If you’d like to read more news stories and studies on herbal medicines, visit

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Internal border checks must stay until EU can "effectively protect" its borders – German minister

r border crossing point Germany/Czech


Internal border checks must stay in place in Germany for as long as the EU fails to protect its external borders, newly-appointed German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said, slamming the Schengen Agreement.

“As things stand now, there are not too many border points in Germany that are permanently occupied,” Seehofer told German weekly newspaper Die Welt am Sonntag.

“We will discuss whether that needs to change. After all, it is not just about preventing people from crossing borders illegally. Border controls also serve other protective functions.”

Seehofer lambasted the landmark Schengen Agreement, which allows border control-free travel within the passport-free Schengen zone, made up of 26 European nations.

“Internal border checks must be in place for as long as the EU fails to effectively protect and control the external borders,” the former Bavarian prime minister said. “At present, I don’t see it succeeding in this in the near future.”

Schengen has repeatedly faced severe criticism for allowing migrants and home-grown terrorists to pass through borders “safe and sound,” i.e. unchecked.

Some blamed weak border control systems for allowing Anis Amri to stage the mid-December 2016 Christmas market attack in Berlin, which killed 12 people. Following the fatal attack, Amri managed to escape Germany first into France and then into Italy, where he was finally tracked down and killed in a shootout with Italian police in late December, 2016.

In September 2015, Germany became the first EU country to reintroduce internal controls. Back then, authorities opened checkpoints along the border with the neighboring Austria, to curb the flow of tens of thousands of refugees from the Middle East and North Africa. Border controls are also in place on flight connections from Greece.

Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and France (which reintroduced border checks after a series of deadly terrorist attacks in November of 2015) followed in Germany’s footsteps. The five countries were later authorized to extend their temporal border controls until May 12, 2018. France will continue to conduct checks at the borders with the other Schengen zone states until late April.

The Schengen Borders Code allows member states to reintroduce border control at the internal borders for up to six months in the event of a “serious threat to public policy or internal security.”

The duration of such a measure is strictly limited in time, allowed to be extended up to a maximum of two years.

Seehofer made waves earlier this week when he said that “Islam doesn’t belong to Germany.”

His stance is at odds with previous remarks from his own chancellor, Angela Merkel.

Merkel, who has faced backlash for agreeing to take in up to one million migrants, reaffirmed her view of a multi-ethnic Germany.

“There are now 4 million Muslims living in Germany and they practice their religion here and these Muslims belong to Germany, as does their religion – Islam,” she said on Friday.

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Supreme Court Has Affirmed Cops Have No Duty to Protect Citizens and Parkland Proves It

Image Source: YouTube

(Rutherford Institute) — In the American police state, police have a tendency to shoot first and ask questions later.

In fact, police don’t usually need much incentive to shoot and kill members of the public.

Police have shot and killed Americans of all ages—many of them unarmed—for standing a certain way, or moving a certain way, or holding something—anything—that police could misinterpret to be a gun, or igniting some trigger-centric fear in a police officer’s mind that has nothing to do with an actual threat to their safety.

So when police in Florida had to deal with a 19-year-old embarking on a shooting rampage inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., what did they do?


There were four armed police officers, including one cop who was assigned to the school as a resource officer, on campus during that shooting. All four cops stayed outside the school with their weapons drawn (three of them hid behind their police cars).

Not a single one of those cops, armed with deadly weapons and trained for exactly such a dangerous scenario, entered the school to confront the shooter.

Seventeen people, most of them teenagers, died while the cops opted not to intervene.

Let that sink in a moment.

Now before your outrage bubbles over, consider that the U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly affirmed (most recently in 2005) that police have no constitutional duty to protect members of the public from harm.

Yes, you read that correctly.

According to the U.S. Supreme Court, police have no duty, moral or otherwise, to help those in trouble, protect individuals from danger, or risk their own lives to save “we the people.”

In other words, you can be outraged that cops in Florida did nothing to stop the school shooter, but technically, it wasn’t part of their job description.

This begs the question: if the police don’t have a duty to protect the public, what are we paying them for? And who exactly do they serve if not you and me?

Why do we have more than a million cops on the taxpayer-funded payroll in this country whose jobs do not entail protecting our safety, maintaining the peace in our communities, and upholding our liberties?

Why do we have more than a million cops who have been fitted out in the trappings of war, drilled in the deadly art of combat, and trained to look upon “every individual they interact with as an armed threat and every situation as a deadly force encounter in the making?

I’ll tell you why.

It’s the same reason why the Trump Administration has made a concerted effort to expand the police state’s power to search, strip, seize, raid, steal from, arrest and jail Americans for any infraction, no matter how insignificant.

This is no longer a government “of the people, by the people, for the people.”

It is fast becoming a government “of the rich, by the elite, for the corporations,” and its rise to power is predicated on shackling the American taxpayer to a life of indentured servitude.

Cops in America may get paid by the citizenry, but they don’t work for us.

They don’t answer to us. They’re not loyal to us.

And they certainly aren’t operating within the limits of the U.S. Constitution.

That “thin, blue line” of loyalty to one’s fellow cops has become a self-serving apparatus that sees nothing wrong with advancing the notion that the lives—and rights—of police should be valued more than citizens.

The myth of the hero cop really is a myth.

Cops are no more noble, no more self-sacrificing, no braver and certainly no more deserving of special attention or treatment than any other American citizen.

This misplaced patriotism about police and, by extension, the military—a dangerous re-shifting of the nation’s priorities that has been reinforced by President Trump with his unnerving knack for echoing past authoritarian tactics—paves the way for even more instability in the nation.

Welcome to the American police state, funded by Corporate America, policed by the military industrial complex, and empowered by politicians whose primary purpose is to remain in office.

It’s a short hop, skip and a jump from the police state we’re operating under right now to a full-blown totalitarian regime ruled with the iron fist of martial law.

The groundwork has already been laid.

The events of recent years have only served to desensitize the nation to violence, acclimate them to a militarized police presence in their communities, and persuade them that there is nothing they can do to alter the seemingly hopeless trajectory of the nation.

The sight of police clad in body armor and gas masks, wielding semiautomatic rifles and escorting an armored vehicle through a crowded street, a scene likened to “a military patrol through a hostile city,” no longer causes alarm among the general populace.

Few seem to care about the government’s endless wars abroad that leave communities shattered, families devastated and our national security at greater risk of blowback. Indeed, there were no protests in the streets after U.S. military forces carried out air strikes on a Syrian settlement, killing 25 people, more than half of which were women and children.

And then there’s President Trump’s plans for a military parade on Veterans Day (costing between $10 million and $30 million) to showcase the nation’s military might. Other countries that feel the need to flex their military muscles to its citizens and the rest of the world include France, China, Russia and North Korea.

The question is no longer whether the U.S. government will be preyed upon and taken over by the military industrial complex. That’s a done deal.

It’s astounding how convenient we’ve made it for the government to lock down the nation.

Mind you, by “government,” I’m not referring to the highly partisan, two-party bureaucracy of the Republicans and Democrats.

As I point out in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, I’m referring to “government” with a capital “G,” the entrenched Deep State that is unaffected by elections, unaltered by populist movements, and has set itself beyond the reach of the law.

I’m referring to the corporatized, militarized, entrenched bureaucracy that is fully operational and staffed by unelected officials who are, in essence, running the country and calling the shots in Washington DC, no matter who sits in the White House.

This is the hidden face of a government that has no respect for the freedom of its citizenry.


Constitutional attorney and author John W. Whitehead is founder and president of The Rutherford Institute. His new book Battlefield America: The War on the American People (SelectBooks, 2015) is available online at Whitehead can be contacted at [email protected].

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President Trump Is Failing to Protect the Very People Who Got Him Elected


Trump needs to act right to protect those who got him elected

America is on the verge of losing the 1st Amendment. If this happens this country will quickly descend into Civil War. This article discusses how President Trump is not protecting his base and working to preserve the 1st Amendment which is our first line of defense against tyranny.

As a matter of background and context, it is accurate to say that myself and many of my esteemed colleagues in the Independent Media risked everything, including our lives, to get Donald Trump elected as the 45th President of the United States. I told my family that if Hillary Clinton won the election, we would likely have to leave the country. If Hillary had been elected, I am confidant in stating that we would be at war in Syria, the process would be well underway to eliminate the Constitution as the supreme law of the land and political persecutions for people like myself would already be underway under the “snatch and grab” provisions of the NDAA which does not require due proces to remove an “enemy combatant” from society without a trace.

It is also accurate to say that without the combined efforts of people like Steve Quayle, Dr. Ted Broer, Paul Martin, Mike Adams, Alex Jones and myself, Donald Trump would not be the President.

The Deep State and their minions at the mainstream media made a gross miscalculation in 2016, they did not think we had enough power to remove the stranglehold on true news prior to the 2016 election. The 2016 election was supposed to be a coronation of Hillary Clinton. The globalists discovered that the collective efforts of the Independent Media carried more weight than the entire MSM put together. We overcame extreme MSM bias and villification (eg  The Common Sense Show was overtly accused of being a Russian spy by the Washington Post) in order to help Donald Trump to achieve final victory.

The establishment media, beholding to the Deep State, made a gross miscalculation with regard to the 2016 election. They thought they could just ignore us and it cost them the Presidency. Now they have learned their lesson. For example, the social media giants, who are unregulated monopolies, are being allowed to violate anti-trust laws in the name of blatant censorship of anything that is pro-American, pro-Christian, pro-family values and pro-Constittution. The DOJ has the low-hanging fruit of legal cases against, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube (Google) and Google’s manipulation of Internet search engines awaiting legal prosecution from the Department of Justice.

The Deep State, social media and the mainstream media have all learned their lessons. They have all combined their efforts to drive the Independent Media out of business. In the case of The Common Sense Show, Google, who controls 80% of all Internet searches, have turned their sites on people like my organization.  Google search engines used to comprise 20% of all organic traffic to The Common Sense Show (CSS).  Since the Inaugaration, that number has dwindled to .3%.  On Youtube, the attacks upon the CSS are even more devastating and pronounced. Overnight, my Youtube traffic was cut in half and this happened in October. This is because the CSS Youtube has zero organic traffic thanks to Google censorship and traffic manipulation. Back in October, the CSS had 92,000 subscribers. When one reaches 100,000 subscribers, special share options appear and Youtube is doing everything they can to prevent the CSS from reaching the 100,000 mark. Since October, the CSS has added a net gain of abot 1,700 subscribers per month according to Youtube’s own metrics. According to Youtube, I should 103,000 subscribers. However, they only list me at 93,000 subscribers. Youtube demonitizes nearly every video I made as being “unsuitable from most advertisers”. However, I have caught them, with screen shots, advertising their products on my”unsuitable for advertisin”g video. This is fraud, but without the help of the DOJ, there is no way to strike back at these mafia tactics. After 5 days, Youtube will remonitize almost all of the videos but only after the traffic and the profits have passed. This is collusion to drive one out of business. What I have described here is happening to EVERYONE in the Independent Media from Steve Quayle to Alex Jones to Dave Hodges.


The fate of our country lies in the balance. The Deep State is an arm of the New World Order (NWO). The NWO is intent on the destruction of the United States. Our freedoms and economic power cannot allowed to stay in place if the globalists are going to introduce a “New Wold Order” which will be tyrannical and autocratic.

Thomas Jefferson introduced the 1st and 2nd Amendments to the Constitution. The 1st Amendment was put into place as a watchdog against criminal and tyrannical activity on the part of government. This is why the freedom of the press and the freedom of religion are protected under the 1st Amendment. These two groups (ie reporters and clergy) were to be the nation’s watchdogs against tyranny. The clergy have failed in their prime directive thanks to 501c3. The 2nd Amendment was designed to be the last line of defense against tyranny when the 1st Amendment was ineffective. America is quickly losing the 1st Amendment and now the 2nd Amendment is under attack.

If the people were unsuccessful in stopping tyranny through the use of the 1st Amendment, there were to defend themelves under the 2nd Amendment. President Trump has yet to step up to the plate in this issue. I also have questions regarding Trump’s committment to the 2nd Amendment.  This will be the topic of Part II.


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