Autopsy Doctors Say Sheriff Overrode Death Findings to Protect Law Enforcement

Two San Joaquin County forensic pathologists have accused the sheriff of meddling in death investigations in order to protect officers of the law. Documents released Monday by a pathologist who announced her resignation last week raise serious questions about the integrity of investigations of people who died in the custody of law enforcement officers who used Tasers or other types of force.

Dr. Susan Parson, who performs autopsies for the county, accused Sheriff-Coroner Steve Moore of interfering with her work, and sent copies of emails, notes and other correspondence to the district attorney and the Board of Supervisors documenting her claims.

‘The sheriff was using his political office as the coroner to protect police officers whenever someone died while in custody or during arrest. … I had thought that this was initially an anomaly, but now, especially beginning in 2016, it has become routine practice.’

The documents, obtained by KQED, also include correspondence and memos written by the county’s chief forensic pathologist, Dr. Bennet Omalu.

The Nigerian-born neuropathologist rose to national prominence in 2005 after he published his discovery of a degenerative brain disease in football players he named chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE. His discovery was documented in the 2015 film “Concussion,” starring Will Smith.

San Joaquin County hired Omalu in 2007 to raise the standards of death investigations. But in a memo Omalu wrote on Aug. 22, 2017, he indicated it was a losing prospect.

“I have always believed that the longer I spent in the office, the better the office would become,” Omalu wrote. “I was wrong.”

In March 2017, Omalu and Parson began documenting incidents they believe show wrongdoing by Sheriff Moore. The two doctors allege the sheriff labeled certain deaths as “accidents” rather than “homicides” to shield from prosecution law enforcement officers who were involved.

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  • This bastard needs to be voted out of office by the people of San Joaquin County. I say this because you, and I, both know that the state AG will never bring charges against this douche who calls himself a member of law enforcement. Can you say recalll…

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Beware of Jellyfish: China Unveils “WMD” to Protect Aircraft Carriers

Home » Asia, Technology » Beware of Jellyfish: China Unveils “WMD” to Protect Aircraft Carriers


Upon discovering that swarms of mush-like jellyfish are apparently a threat to its new aircraft carrier, The Liaoning, Beijing quickly moved to develop applicable methods on how to deal with the problem.

One of the techniques, called a “jellyfish shredder” has lately been put to the test, according to Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post.

The new counter-jellyfish mechanism consists of a net, several hundred meters long and wide, which is towed by a tugboat ahead of the carrier. As it moves it sweeps a path through coastal waterways, freeing them of enormous masses of jellyfish, which then get mashed into a sticky soup once stuck in the cooling vents.

One of the solutions currently in use is to pump the waterways with bubbles, forcing jellyfish to surface and spread chemicals upon them. Yet, another issue arises as fish, having eaten poisoned “jellies”, appear on dinner plates, sparking concern with scientists and locals alike.One of the downsides to the technique is reportedly a further migration of stingy creatures to coastal areas popular with swimmers, since their bites feel itchy and may cause inflammation or in the worst case prove to be lethal, experts argue, citing some sort of “active venom” in jellyfish bodies.

Jellyfish irruptions are pressing for urgent action along the Chinese coast, since their worrisome quantities signal a mass environmental upheaval which the country is currently facing following its sweeping construction projects in the South China Sea.



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Russia to classify state purchases to protect foreign firms from US sanctions

The step is reportedly aimed at protecting the firms from another round of US sanctions, which might come into effect as early as February 2018. The measure is temporary with state purchases to be classified until July 1, 2018, according to the order.

The list of exemptions includes the Ministry of Defense, the Federal Security Service (FSB) and the Foreign Intelligence Service. The decree allows departments and companies to make the ordering process secret and not to announce competitions, their results and bank guarantees of participants.

No information about foreign contractors will be openly published so they would not be punished for cooperating with Russia. From now on, companies are only obliged to post the results, the method and the price of the procurement.

“Analysis of traffic in the Russia’s central public procurement portal shows that most of the inquiries are coming from abroad,” said Georgy Sukhodolsky, a procurement analyst at the Government Expert Council told Russian business daily Vedomosti. He added that Western countries are deeply interested in getting information on supply chains.

Under the new US sanctions, both individuals and corporations across the world may face the same penalties as Russian businesses after any substantial transactions connected to Russian firms, including Rostec, Russian Helicopters, Sukhoi, Kalashnikov Concern and many others. The penalties include asset seizure, a limitation on the export of US goods to the violator, a ban on lending from US banks and visa denial.

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FDA, DEA running massive conspiracy to criminalize Kratom in order to protect Big Pharma’s obscene opioid profits

Image: FDA, DEA running massive conspiracy to criminalize Kratom in order to protect Big Pharma’s obscene opioid profits

(Natural News)
Federal agencies who have declared a national emergency over the burgeoning opioid epidemic are simultaneously continuing to criminalized kratom, which is a non-addictive, natural plant that has allowed scores of Americans to be weaned off their opioid addictions.

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) announced plans to place the substance on the government’s list of Controlled Substances in 2015 — which is the same drug classification as heroin. However, after a public backlash the agency decided to shelve its plans, instead relying on a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) “review” and “advice.”

The DEA’s reversal gave hope to kratom activists and supporters, but also led many to let their guard down as well because they trusted the FDA would be more reasonable in the long run and keep kratom unclassified.

Not so.

Long known to be influenced, even controlled, by Big Pharma, the FDA is now joining the DEA (which has also put CBD oil on the same list as heroin) in attacking kratom, indicating that the die may be cast and the substance’s future as an all-natural treatment for opioid addiction may be short — that is, if activists for the plant-based substance are unsuccessful in getting the agencies to drop their push to regulate.

As The Washington Post reported last week, the FDA actually issued a warning claiming that kratom is “deadly” and is of no use whatsoever in treating opioid addiction. (Related: Kratom helps transplant recipient avoid relying on prescription medications.)

The paper noted:

The Food and Drug Administration issued a strong warning Tuesday to consumers to stay away from the herbal supplement kratom, saying regulators are aware of 36 deaths linked to products containing the substance.

The FDA’s claims about kratom are not new. As Natural News reported a year ago, the agency said the substance serves no useful medical purpose.

But as we also noted, “drug companies actually hold patents on kratom’s medicinal compounds,” which gives the appearance of Big Pharma using its influence with the FDA to ensure that a much cheaper, all-natural alternative to drugs (especially addictive drugs that actually are killing people — by the thousands).

There is data showing that:

Three compounds in particular – MGM-9, MGM-15, and MGM-16 – serve as proof that kratom holds therapeutic potential. Each of these synthetic opioid compounds was synthesized from various alkaloids present in the kratom plant; MGM-9 came from a compound known as mitragynine, while MGM-15 and MGM-16 came from 7-hydroxymitragynine. These two compounds are considered to be among the primary active constituents in kratom. 

MGM-15 and MGM-16, in particular, have shown in studies they are useful in the treatment of chronic pain. Also, other studies have shown that they have analgesic properties that are potent but non-addictive. Kratom is safe, it’s effective, and users do not get hooked on it.

And yet, the federal government wants to ensure that it’s effectively banned — even as it continues to wage a nationwide battle against opioid addiction caused by drugs it has approved.

What kind of sense does that make? Answer: None.

As reported by Natural Blaze, however, scientists and researchers who have worked with kratom don’t believe any of the government’s apocalyptic claims about the substance.

Also, the site says that “the FDA’s claims of 36 deaths have been largely disproven before the FDA even made the claims, with many of those deaths attributed to people who had drugs in their system in addition to kratom or who died of other causes.”

In response to the FDA, the American Kratom Association said in a statement, “For years, the FDA has published scientifically inaccurate information on the health effects of consuming kratom, directly influencing regulatory actions by the DEA, states, and various local government entities.

“It is inconceivable that the FDA would favor a policy that would foreseeably force a patient who [has] been weaned off of opioid [addiction] back to dangerously addictive and potentially deadly opioid prescription medications,” the group added.

J. D. Heyes is also editor-in-chief of

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Eat oranges, protect your bones: New study shows vitamin C cuts risk of hip fractures

Image: Eat oranges, protect your bones: New study shows vitamin C cuts risk of hip fractures

(Natural News)
In order to have stronger, healthier bones, all you need to do is to drink orange juice daily. According to a report by The Daily Mail, a new study suggests that increasing your intake of vitamin C can reduce the risk of hip fractures.

Researchers from Zhengzhou University in China carried out a meta-analysis to assess the association of dietary consumption of vitamin C and the risk of hip fracture. In the study, they analyzed data from a total of six previous studies on vitamin C and fracture risk, with more than 10,000 study participants in all. For this study, they observed the vitamin C intake of 2,899 patients with hip fracture. Then, they compared the results with 7,908 healthy volunteers of a similar age. The meta-analysis on vitamin C and its effect on bones revealed that vitamin C consumption, whether by eating foods rich in vitamin C or drinking their juice, make bones stronger and prevents fractures.

The findings of the study revealed that the risk of a hip fracture can be reduced by five percent for every 50 milligrams intake of vitamin C per day, which is equal to nearly one medium-sized orange or one-fourth of a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. This means that one eight-ounce glass of orange juice could possibly lower the risk by 20 percent, while two glasses could reduce the risk by 40 percent. The researchers concluded that increasing the amount of vitamin C in your diet can reduce the risk of hip fracture. To strengthen bones, vitamin C works by triggering cells known as osteoblasts to become mature bone cells.

“Our results strongly support the idea that increasing dietary vitamin C can decrease the risk of hip fracture,” the researchers wrote.

The study was published in the journal Osteoporosis International.

The increasing incidence of hip fractures

The study is relevant as more people suffer from bone fractures. Every year, osteoporosis causes over 8.9 million fractures in people all over the world. Osteoporosis, as defined by the National Institute on Aging of the United States, is a disease that impairs bones and make them fragile. The bones are living tissues, and in order to keep them strong, the body breaks down old bones and replaces them with new bone tissues. However, as you get older, at around the age of 30, bone mass stops increasing. Furthermore, around the age of 40 to 50, lesser bones may be replaced while more bones may be broken down.

Bone fractures caused by osteoporosis are most common in the hip, spinal cord, and wrist.

Osteoporosis is commonly experienced by older people, especially older women, although it can develop at any age. Globally, one in every three women aged 50 and above will experience a bone fracture, while one in every five men over age 50 will experience the same. In the U.S., more than 300,000 people aged 65 and above are hospitalized for hip fractures every year.

Vitamin C and its functions

Vitamin C is essential for the growth and repair of tissues in every part of the body. It is used to form a key protein that makes skin, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. It is also used to heal wounds and form scar tissue, repair and maintain cartilage, bones, and teeth, and help in the absorption of iron. The recommended vitamin C intake for male adults is 90 milligrams per day, while female adults need 75 milligrams of vitamin C a day. Aside from orange and orange juice, other citrus fruits, tomatoes and tomato juice, and potatoes are major sources of vitamin C to the American diet. (Related: Vitamin C helps eliminate chronic disease.)

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Congress Takes Up Bill to Protect the Unborn with a Heartbeat – 69% of Americans back the bill

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4 rational reasons to avoid the flu shot and what to do instead to protect your health

Image: 4 rational reasons to avoid the flu shot and what to do instead to protect your health

(Natural News)
It’s that time of year again where the weather cools down and doctors, nurses, and pharmacies inject the fear of the flu into your mind so you will drive directly down to your local clinic and willingly let them inject you with the flu.

Sounds kind of silly when you think about it. By getting the flu shot you have essentially agreed to have a strain of the very virus you are trying to avoid, injected directly into your body.

What makes this even more of an exercise of cognitive dissonance, is that these flu shots contain adjuvants that facilitate the development of not just the flu, but several other disease processes. You are aware that toxins, no matter the amount, are partly responsible for virtually all the diseases experienced today, right? So, if you put your thinking hat on, it makes sense to avoid them at all costs, at least what you can see and know about, right?

If you’re nodding your head yes, I’m glad we are on the same page. Let’s now move on to more stunning evidence on why you should avoid the flu shot, and what you should do instead to protect yourself.

Flu shots are not proven to actually work

If you read the indications and usage verbiage on the FLULAVAL vaccine, you’ll find the following admission:

“…there have been no controlled trials adequately demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination with FLULAVAL.” 

That’s kind of a kick in the pants, isn’t it? Getting injected with a flu virus strain and toxic adjuvants, and there’s no trials actually showing it works? After reading this, submitting yourself to a flu shot (if not forced) is an automatic application for the Darwin Awards.

Flu shots are not proven to be safe

It would be nice to ride the rainbow on a pet unicorn named Bliss and pretend there are no safety issues with the flu shot, but in this case, ignorance and bliss do not go together. By their own admission on the FLUAVAL insert, you can read in black and white:

Safety and effectiveness of FLULAVAL in pediatric patients have not been established.”

Furthermore, the insert also goes on to state:

“FLULAVAL has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or for impairment of fertility.”

The flu shot was also proven to be the most dangerous vaccine of them all when it was reported in June of 2014, that 70 percent of all vaccine injury cases (55 of 78) were settled for the flu shot, including one death.

Flu shots contain toxic adjuvants, including arguably the most toxic substance to humans on the planet

So, while you are being injected with the flu virus, there are any number of other dangerous toxins accompanying it, notably the most obnoxious toxin the body has ever been commonly forced to deal with — mercury.

This toxin shows up in the ingredients as thimerosol, a mercury derivative, and is added as a preservative. Each dose contains 50 mcg of thimerosol, which is an extremely dangerous level of mercury for the body.

How dangerous? Tests conducted via ICP-MS using a 4-point mercury calibration curve for accuracy, found that there were 51 parts per million of mercury in the FLULAVAL vaccine, which is 25,000 times the maximum contaminant level of inorganic mercury in drinking water set by the EPA. [Learn more about mercury at]

As a comparison, this is 100 times higher than the highest level of mercury ever tested in contaminated fish. Also, keep in mind that these vaccines are injected into the body, bypassing several detoxification systems that would be in place when eating fish. This makes the injected toxicity by the flu shot exponentially more dangerous.

If that isn’t punishment enough, each dose also contains residual amounts of ovalbumin, formaldehyde (known neurotoxin), and sodium deoxycholate from the manufacturing process.

Flu shots have toxic side effects

On the FLULAVAL vaccine insert, you can also see a section that lists reports of side effects of actual users. Some of those adverse effects experienced after the flu shot include:

  • Eye pain and chest pain
  • Arthritis
  • Dizziness, tremors and losing consciousness (syncope)
  • Convulsions and seizures
  • Gullain-Barre Syndrome
  • Cranial nerve paralysis or limb paralysis
  • Swelling of the brain
  • Partial facial paralysis

This isn’t even the complete list. Are you really interested in subjecting yourself to something that reports these as side effects? Please say no. There’s a better way.

What works better for building the immune system?

At this point, it should be plenty clear that the flu shot is not as effective, safe, and free of side effects as you may have been led to believe. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to properly build their immune system.

So what do you do? Here’s some simple but effective advice.

First of all, in times when the immune system is challenged, it becomes more important to avoid foods and beverages that can put more stress on it. This means largely or entirely avoiding sugar, processed foods, conventional dairy, gluten, soy, and alcohol.

In addition, make sure you are adequately hydrated with pure filtered water, eat plenty of clean produce and herbs (garlic, onion, ginger, cruciferous vegetables, dark leafy greens), and get adequate rest.

For supplementation, you will want to provide extra immune system and liver support. In this realm, the Health Ranger’s Nutrition Rescue Buffered Vitamin C, Turmeric Gold, and Reishi Mushroom are excellent options to explore. Probiotics, vitamin D, and zinc should also be considered.

If you are forced to take the flu shot, these recommendations are even more important to support the body’s natural elimination processes. Make sure to focus on a good MSM, zinc, turmeric, and chlorella a few days before and after to support this natural process. Seeking Health Optimal MSM and Clean Chlorella are great options.

Finally, for a more complete guide on how to avoid the flu naturally this year, read How To Optimize the Immune System Naturally.

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Healthy gut bacteria can protect you from just about ANY age-related disease, new study finds

Image: Healthy gut bacteria can protect you from just about ANY age-related disease, new study finds

(Natural News)
Regular readers have long known that healthy gut bacteria is the key to better health overall, but a new study finds that it also helps protect you against virtually any age-related disease or condition.

Even better: You can improve your gut bacteria by simply changing your diet.

Researchers at the University Medical Center Groningen, The Netherlands, found that imbalanced gut bacteria is very likely to blame for a number of age-related diseases. The scientists found that poorly-balanced gut bacteria in older mice is responsible for “inflammaging” in younger mice after it was transplanted into them.

Inflammaging is a condition where there is chronic inflammation, which is common in aging, and it is linked to most all serious age-related health conditions like dementia, cardiovascular disease and strokes, the U.K.’s Daily Mail reported recently.

The news site added:

Scientists know that elderly people tend to have different gut bacteria profiles from younger people. This new research suggests that this change in balance is linked to inflammaging, which is in turn related to most late-onset diseases and disorders.

In recent years, we’ve found out that the gut is at the heart of just about everything, with many calling our second brain.

Inflammaging is a general term for a tendency among older people to have generalized inflammatory conditions. Researchers believe that the inflamed condition is linked to changes in the body’s immune system as we grow older. (Related: Healthy gut bacteria help prevent age-related diseases.)

So far research has not made clear whether or not getting older actually causes inflammation or whether inflammation causes us to age.

Since researchers knew that the bacterial microbiome also changes as our bodies age, the team, which was led by Dr. Floris Fransen, sought to examine the relationship between the three factors.

Taking samples from the older mice — whose gut bacteria changes with age as it does in humans — they placed them in younger mice and, after the procedure, the latter developed chronic inflammation which resembled the inflammaging that normally takes place later in life.

In addition, researchers also put gut bacteria from a group of younger mice into a separate group of mice of similar age, in order to gauge whether the immune response was directly tied to the transplanting of foreign bacteria.

The team found that only mice with transplanted gut bacteria from older mice developed the condition of inflammaging.

Researchers from previous studies know that when bad bacteria proliferates, it makes the lining of the gut much more susceptible to toxins that can in turn leak into the bloodstream and lead to inflammation in the bowels, obesity, anxiety, autism, diabetes and even cancer.

“The study suggests a causal relationship between aged gut bacteria and inflammaging in mice, and, though the same has not been proven in humans, the researchers report that a correlation has already been observed,” the Daily Mail reported.

Fransen said that his team’s research reinforced the belief that developing a better diet and taking probiotics worked to “reduce inflammaging and promote healthy aging.”

The new research contributes to existing research proving that healthy gut bacteria is beneficial to the body.

In September 2016, Natural News reported that “new study out of Washington University in St. Louis has found that maintaining healthy and balanced gut bacteria — that is, the beneficial microbes that naturally populate your intestinal tract — may help prevent weight gain and actually fight obesity, which now plagues more than one-third of all Americans.”

The following year, Natural News reported that health gut flora helped prevent metabolic disorder, improve digestive health, strengthen immunity and more.

“According to the American Heart Association, the disorder typically surfaces when a “cluster of metabolic risk factors” — high triglyceride levels, abdominal obesity, low levels of HDL cholesterol, high blood pressure and high fasting glucose readings — occur together,” we reported.

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Youtube Moves to Protect President Trump From Assassination- But From Who?



This may be the most bizarre report ever filed in the history of The Common Sense Show. You willl not believe that Youtube is protecting the President. However, the most incredible thing about this report, is from who?


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