China and Russia ‘preparing for war with West’

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Re: Sudan is preparing its strategy for a conflict with its neighbours

With the recall of Sudan’s Ambassador from Egypt, the closure of the Eritrean Border and a recent visit by Turkey’s President in which a Turkish takeover of a strategic island port fuelled uncertainty, it is safe to say that Sudan has moved closer than ever before to direct military conflict with its neighbours. The country now finds itself preparing its strategy to deal with major geopolitical issues facing the region.

The relative calm was arguably first disturbed by the Sudanese President’s visit to Sochi on 23 November last year, where he met his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. Omar Al-Bashir’s brief encounter set off a chain of reactions adding disquiet to the already tense atmosphere between his country and Egypt, and served to worry Sudan’s neighbours across the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia.

Many commentators were astonished by Al-Bashir’s outburst in which he blamed the US for Sudan’s problems and for partitioning a once united country. His request to the Russians for protection “from the interventionist aggression of the United States” was viewed as a rather clumsy attempt to alter the dynamics of the geopolitical balance in the Nile Basin region.

Equally, the possibility of Russian naval vessels plying up and down the Red Sea also became a worry. Fortunately for the US and Egypt, Russia’s announcement that it was not in need of a military base in Sudan allowed opposing voices to heave huge sighs of relief.

Read: Sudan threatens to sue Egypt over mistreatment of Halayeb residents

However, the visit by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the decision to grant Turkey a 99-year lease on the former Ottoman port of Suakin Island — once a haven for Muslim pilgrims heading to Makkah — brought back memories of “foreign” occupation of the Nile Basin.

Even before Erdogan’s two-day visit was over, the Egyptian media launched a scathing attack on Sudan. In Emad Adeeb’s stinging opinion piece headlined “Omar Bashir’s political suicide” the writer sensed a conspiracy and summarised Egypt’s concern: “Sudan is violating the rules of history and geography and is conspiring against Egypt under the shadow of Turkish madness, Iranian conspiracy, an Ethiopian scheme to starve Egypt of water and Qatar’s financing of efforts to undermine Egypt.”

Iran and Qatar have not commented on all of this, but on the third day of Egypt’s media frenzy Khartoum and Ankara issued separate statements firmly denying that Turkey was about to set up a military base on Suakin. The late denials only help to fuel the firmly held theory surrounding Turkey’s high profile stance in the Muslim world, which claims that Erdogan is trying to re-establish the Ottoman Empire. An article published in the Huffington Post titled “Erdogan: The Sultan of an illusionary Ottoman Empire” claimed that the Turkish President is hell-bent on using Islam as a tool to “indoctrinate the public in a subliminal way to his perspective of the glorious Ottoman period.”

To add fuel to the fire, media reports — described as “fake news” by Cairo, unsurprisingly — suggested that Egypt had attempted to cut Sudan out of the Nile water agreement by calling on Ethiopia to have direct talks. Ethiopia’s decision to build the Grand Renaissance Dam on the Nile has rattled Cairo. Despite trilateral meetings and the signing of accords guaranteeing Egypt’s water share, Cairo has sought to obtain firmer pledges from Ethiopia in the form of binding written agreements.

Read: ‘Obstacles’ threaten agreement over Ethiopia dam

A few days ago, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates moved troops and heavy artillery into the Eritrean base of Sawa. The move has not only troubled Sudan but Ethiopia is also reported to have deployed military reinforcements on the border triangle with Eritrea. Over the weekend, Sudan first denied that thousands of its troops were amassing on the Eritrean border, but then the Governor of Kassala in east Sudan announced a complete shutdown of the border, with neither goods nor people being allowed to enter or leave the country.

It appears that Sudan, Ethiopia and opposition groups in both countries are preparing for the worst-case scenario of an Egyptian air strike on the Renaissance Dam. Such a move would be a disaster for the region, bringing chaos and retaliatory strikes, the first of which, according to sources in Sudan, would be an attack on Egypt’s Aswan High Dam.

However, whilst the withdrawal of Sudan’s Ambassador from Egypt was a sign of Sudan’s displeasure, observers say that Khartoum is holding out for a de-escalation of tension, leaving room for the issues to be resolved through diplomatic means. The strongest illustration of that hope will be if Ambassador Abdel Mahmoud Abdel-Haleem gets on a flight to Cairo and normal diplomatic relations between the neighbouring states are restored.

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German far-right ‘Reich Citizens’ planning own army, preparing for ‘Day X’ – reports

The stunning revelation came into the spotlight earlier this week after Germany’s Focus magazine published a report citing an assessment of the domestic intelligence agency, the BfV.

Responding to Focus’ request for comment, the BfV, the agency in charge of monitoring extremist groups threatening constitutional order, said the number of Reichsbuerger (Citizens of the Reich in German) members had grown to 15,600 as of January – with the figure marking a dramatic increase of more than 50 percent within one year.

The highest number of extremists is in Bavaria, where the authorities recorded about 3,500 “Reich Citizens.” The former hotbed of German Nazism is followed by the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg with 2,500, and North Rhine-Westphalia with 2,200 members. Further down the list are Lower Saxony with 1,400, and Saxony with 1,300 Reichsbuerger.

In addition, the extremist movement is reportedly nurturing plans to set up an armed wing and stage violent acts, Focus reported. “They have begun preparing themselves for Day X,” an unnamed security official told the magazine, allegedly referring to a day of reckoning or uprising against the government.

The Reichsbuerger, a loose association of nationalist groups spread across the country, believe that modern-day Germany and its political institutions are run by a puppet government installed by the victors in World War II, which makes them illegitimate.

Many members of the group are considered to be on the extreme right. They maintain that the old German Reich – which ceased to exist in 1945 after the capitulation of Nazi Germany – should be restored in its pre-1937 borders, which included large swathes of land in Poland, Czech Republic and other neighboring countries.

In the past, members of the Reichsbuerger movement were often perceived as eccentric conspiracy theorists, but a string of attacks on police prompted the German government to take aim at the extremists.

The radical movement made headlines both nationwide and internationally in October last year, when a 47-year-old gun enthusiast, Wolfgang P., shot and killed a rapid response police officer on his doorstep.

On the day the shooting happened, police officers arrived at Wolfgang P.’s house in the Bavarian town of Georgensgmuend, when the man, already armed with a loaded shotgun and wearing a kevlar vest, began shooting, firing 11 rounds in total. Three officers were injured, and one would later die in hospital.

In August 2016, Adrian Ursache, a former Mr Germany winner, opened fire at officers and was injured during a police raid on the house belonging to his parents-in-law, which he had proclaimed an autonomous state, ‘Ur’. In May 2014, police in Rhineland-Westphalia arrested the self-declared ruler of an imaginary state called ‘Germanitia’.

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January 10th, 2018

Disclosure: I hold cryptocurrencies.

Via: CNBC:

South Korea’s justice minister said on Thursday that a bill is being prepared to ban all cryptocurrency trading in the country.

That news is a major development for the cryptocurrency space, as South Korea is one of the biggest markets for major coins like bitcoin and ethereum.

According to industry website CryptoCompare, more than 10 percent of ethereum is traded against the South Korean won — the second largest concentration in terms of fiat currencies behind the dollar. Meanwhile, 5 percent of all bitcoin are traded against the won.

“There are great concerns regarding virtual currencies and justice ministry is basically preparing a bill to ban cryptocurrency trading through exchanges,” Park Sang-ki said at a press conference, according to the ministry’s press office.

Bitcoin tumbled more than 12 percent following Park’s remarks. At 12:35 p.m. HK/SIN, the cryptocurrency traded at $13,042.79 per token.

He added that he couldn’t disclose more specific details about the proposed shutdown of cryptocurrency trading exchanges, adding that various government agencies would work together to implement several measures.




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Ukraine preparing drone attack in Crimea says former deputy PM ‘main goal is information noise’



A Russian State Duma deputy has warned of an impending drone attack planned by Ukrainian special services against the annexed Crimean peninsula.

After Russia’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, Moscow has repeatedly accused Kiev of plotting attacks against the Black Sea peninsula.

Ex-Crimean Deputy Prime Minister Ruslan Balbek claimed that the drone attack would bear similarities to last week’s strike on Russian military installations in Syria, the state-run RIA Novosti news agency reported on Thursday.

He said that the that the attack would be portrayed as an act of resistance by members of the Crimean Tatar community, which largely opposed Russia’s annexation of the peninsula.

“The saboteurs don’t believe in the successful outcome of the attack, the main goal is information noise,” he said.

Balbek claimed that he was tipped off about the plan by members of the Ukrainian-based Crimean Tatar community.

“The very fact that this will be claimed a ‘Crimean-Tatar resistance operation’ should have the effect of an exploding bomb,” he said.

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Sargon of Akkad Preparing for War Against the Alt-Right


The “skeptic” movement is a mostly YouTube-oriented phenomenon which emerged largely from #Gamergate and was popular between 2014-16 as a response to SJWs, feminists in particular. By the end of 2016, they had pretty much bullied most SJWs off of YouTube and so were struggling for content. Several in the movement suggested attacking the Alt-Right.

Their position, you see, is “radical centrism” – they believe that both the far-left and the far-right are somehow mirrors of each other in that they are “too extreme,” and thus have attempted to solidify a “reasonable middle ground.” By far the best way to understand this is to understand that they are basically arguing for 1990s normalcy.

Last year, the popular skeptic personality “Kraut and Tea” attempted to “debunk” the Alt-Right. When he failed to do so, he created a secret team to dox and defame members of the Alt-Right. Then the chat logs were leaked, and he resigned from the internet in disgrace.

Note that the situation started when a female YouTuber, who had been popular within the skeptic movement, cited one of my articles in a video.

Now, the mac-daddy of the skeptic movement, Carl Benjamin, known on YouTube as Sargon of Akkad, has now thrown his hat into the ring.

With a seemingly modest video entitled “8 Questions for the Alt Right,” he has signaled that he intends to go to war.

Watch the video above. He has a questionnaire he’s created for the Alt-Right. Disregarding the fact that he has no ability to ensure that Alt-Right people are the ones answering it, which makes the data itself irrelevant, there are several other troubling aspects.

He has based the entire thing on Millennial Woes, a rather obscure Alt-Right YouTube personality who does not represent the mainstream of the movement. This is a strategic move, trying to define the movement by a person who he believes is easy to attack.

What he is attempting with the questions – and this is rather shocking, after he watched what happened to Kraut and Tea – is a “gotcha” move that he believes will somehow bring shame on the Alt-Right. He throws out several different attempts at this, trying to grab specific threads that he then believes he will be able to break down for his grand “gotcha.” This is a weaselly, disgusting thing and he should be embarrassed of himself.

Let me comment now on each of the 8 questions, so as you can grasp what it is he is trying to do here.

1. Are Jews Oppressing White People?

This is a ham-fisted attempt to push the Alt-Right into a box as “right-wing SJWs.” The idea is that white people who are opposed to Jewish power are no different than black people that are opposed to white power. Or women who are opposed to male power. Or whatever.

This is such a low-level, idiotic non-argument that I was shocked he had the nerve.

A yes or no answer to that question is wrong. What Jews have done is infected white society as a virus. They worked their way to the top of our societies and replaced our traditional culture with a culture they are comfortable with, and one which serves their interests – interests which include ethnic replacement of white people in formerly white countries, along with a breakdown of the entire social order.

It simply is not debatable that Jews are behind immigration, feminism, racial egalitarianism, the homosexual liberation movement, the international financial system, the pornography industry, etc. etc. etc.

They created a new religious moral order based on the myth of the Holocaust and used that new morality to reshape the entire order of our societies.

We have been dominated by Jews, from the inside of our own systems. And there is no way to argue otherwise with any type of acknowledgement of empirical fact.

2. Should Interracial Couples be Forced to Separate?

Here is starts with the attempt to do a “gotcha” on the freedom of the individual, which is the main thrust of his gotcha agenda.

It is another trick question – he wants you to say you would force your will on people and destroy families, then he will lead you down a path from there.

The fact of the matter is that interracial couples were illegal in white countries up until very recently. Please peruse the “Anti-Miscegenation Laws” Wikipedia page for more information on that. They were all repealed following WWII as the Jews entered our systems on a large scale and began reshaping our society.

The US Supreme Court decision of Loving v. Virginia in 1967, which was the final ruling on the legality of miscegenation, was backed by the NAACP, an organization that was founded and largely entirely run by Jews.

The fact that mixed-race couples do now exist because of this Jewish action against our people is tragic, and it will be a nuanced issue to deal with. However, the primary agenda should be reinstituting the laws which prevent these types of relationships from forming in the first place.

3. Should the Government Prevent Citizens from Leaving the Country to Preserve the Race?

Here again, he is going after this “you want to destroy the rights of the individual” gotcha.

It is a weird question which I have never even thought about, but which he says he’s pulled from Millennial Woes. I’ll just have to trust him that MW said this. I certainly would not say it.

Again, he chose MW to base his attacks on because he is obscure and says some irregular statements. If he genuinely wanted to “disprove” the Alt-Right, he would go after Daily Stormer or The Right Stuff, the two media outlets which best represent the mainstream of the Alt-Right. The fact that he even asks this question shows how dishonest this thing he is trying is.

After all, I was the one cited in the YouTube video that triggered the skeptic interest in the Alt-Right. Most people in the Alt-Right do not even know who Millennial Woes is.

Of course people should be allowed to go where they want to go. We do not have a problem of people leaving our countries, we have a problem of aliens coming in. Most of the people who do leave permanently – a very, very small number of people, mind you – leave because of some effect of the Jewish system, whether financial or social.

4. Should the State Control Education?

In the video you will see the context of this question, which is apparently the idea that we want to brainwash people against critical thinking – which apparently he believes is currently being taught in schools, which are obviously already run by the state.

The fact that all states control education makes this a bizarre question.

So I will answer the gotcha itself instead of just saying “well, every state controls education” – that question being: “should critical thinking be taught to children?”

Of course critical thinking should be taught to children. Everything that the Alt-Right believes is the result of working through data using a methodology of logic and reason. All of this logic and reason should be explained to children, and they should be given the opportunity to challenge any of it.

Obviously, if the children try to do “gotcha” questions on us like Sargon is attempting to do with this video, than the wrong-headed nature of that gotcha attempt should be broken down with honesty and reason, as I am doing right now to Sargon.

5. Should the State Control the Media?

He elaborates in the video that to him, the only way of keeping Jews from running the media (which he admits is the case) would be to have the state control the media.

My answer would be that Jews should be prohibited from owning media companies. In fact, ideally, Jews should be prohibited from being in our countries at all.

I also argue that media MONOPOLIES (oligopolies, technically) should be illegal, and that existing media monopolies should be broken up under anti-trust. Having a totally centralized corporate media is always going to be bad, with or without Jews.

That said, the internet makes this a lot simpler. Right now, the old media is attacking and trying to thwart rising new online media. Just look at what has happened with the censorship of the Daily Stormer. And long before this, I was locked out of all financial services. If there was not this attempt by the old, Jewish media to silence rising alternative media, then there probably wouldn’t even be a need to break-up existing monopolies, as they would simply collapse under their own weight.

If the question is actually “do you believe in free speech?” (and I think that is actually what he is asking) – I absolutely do. In the ideal white country, people who believe in communism and whatever else should be allowed to shill for their ideologies. In this age of information, however, they are not going to make any inroads with such an ideology in an open market of ideas.

6. Should the State Control the Economy?

What do you know, another “gotcha.”

The answer is that the economy should be one which serves the interests of the people, and so should be regulated based on what is for the good of the nation. What is and isn’t good for the people is easy enough to figure out if you genuinely have the interests of the people in mind and you come at the issue rationally.

Sargon is not an Anarcho-Capitalist, and believes in a mixed-economy of some kind. And I think we pretty much all agree, outside of a few fringe elements in the movement, that a mixed system with some social benefits as well as a free-but-regulated market works best.

About half of American billionaires are Jewish and we live in a predatory system that is run by Jews where there are such things as artificial scarcity. We also live under a globalist open-market which has largely sucked the blood out of the West. The solutions to these things are not easy, but they are relatively straight-forward.

7. Do the Decisions of Individual White People Matter to the Alt-Right’s Goals?

This is another attempt to gotcha on individual freedom, I guess, though it is more obscure.

Individual decisions do not matter for any large social goal, as people in a society that is functioning properly will generally always abide by the norms of the society. The goal is to return the society to a traditional framework, wherein individual choices will be in line with the whole of society.

For thousands of years before the mid-20th century, white western civilization existed without the input of Jews, and it generally worked out. Yes, empires rose and fell, but that was not the result of individual choices, but of large societal trends based on a complex web of internal and external elements made manifest over generations-long periods of time.

The question is worded weirdly, and I don’t know if he is asking “should people be allowed freedom of choice” or something else – either way, the answer is that individual choices don’t matter to a society, because of the way individuals behave when they exist in a society.

If we are simply talking about the degree of individual freedom that should exist in a society, under an ideal Alt-Right system it would increase in many ways and decrease in several others.

Right now, people are restricted from freedom of association, various property rights are infringed upon, people are denied freedom of thought through various mechanisms of financial pressure (or legal pressure – outside of the United States and sometimes inside of it), small businesses are overly-regulated while big business isn’t regulated enough, personal privacy is routinely violated by the state. We would increase personal freedom in these areas.

Conversely, the use of hard drugs and pornography will be banned. As stated above, we will reinstate anti-miscegenation laws, as well as laws against sodomy. Parents will be blocked from giving their boys estrogen injections in order to “transform” them into girls. Various other forms of “new freedom” will be banned. Social and moral norms will be lined up with the 19th century.

8. Should Women Have a Role in Public Life?​

Sargon accurately states that the Alt-Right has not fully come to a conclusion on this issue. I certainly have come to a conclusion, and my answer is a hard “no.”

Women should go back to the role they had before the women’s suffrage movement and throughout all of history before that. We have experienced exactly zero benefit from the “liberation” of women. Not only have men not benefited, but women have not benefited. Women consistently report significantly lower levels of personal happiness with every leap of the liberation movement. Women were biologically designed to live in the home and raise children, and that is the role they should keep to.

To Conclude

My hope is that Sargon will respond to these answers, rather than continue to do this thing where Millennial Woes is taken to represent the Alt-Right. But this entire “opening move” is so fundamentally dishonest that I don’t expect him to do so right off the bat. I expect that he will continue to attempt to obfuscate the issue, as I think it is clear that he knows that without obfuscating the issue, he cannot win.

To be clear, I am not bothered by what Sargon does, necessarily. I agree with much or even most of what he says, even while I obviously do not believe he goes far enough. He is now a major YouTube personality, and it makes sense that he would want to stay within an established mainstream paradigm while slightly working at the edge of it.

He’s evolved a lot since we had our first run-in back in early 2015.

So honestly, I don’t really understand what he hopes to gain from this. He was a confidant of Kraut and Tea during that debacle, and it has been said (though I have not heard the tape) that he told Kraut to simply leave the Alt-Right alone. That seems to me to be the wisest path. But, presumably, he is hemorrhaging supporters to the Alt-Right, and thus feels it necessary, for professional and financial reasons, to “take us on.”

It is a very bad move. And it is something that he will not recover from unless he converts, which he appears to be unable to do (if he was capable of doing that, he would have done it already).

Sargon, you have to know that this is a battle you cannot win.

It is not too late to simply back down and scurry away.



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Is North Korea preparing for a devastating Anthrax attack on South Korea?

Image: Is North Korea preparing for a devastating Anthrax attack on South Korea?

(Natural News)
A soldier who defected from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to the communist regime’s southern neighbor has been identified as having total immunity to anthrax, possibly suggesting that North Korea could be planning to utilize the deadly bacteria in an upcoming chemical weapons attack.

According to reports, the unidentified individual had to have either been exposed to anthrax or vaccinated against it while living under dictator Kim Jong-un, as his body recently tested positive for anthrax antibodies.

This latest discovery has generated renewed fears that North Korea could be planning to attack one of its neighbors – the most likely candidate being American ally South Korea. If North Korea’s own soldiers are immune to anthrax, as appears to be the case, then chances are the rogue entity is conspiring to go after its enemies who aren’t.

Earlier evidence pointing towards this scenario emerged back in 2015 when analysts found that the Pyongyang Biological Technology Research Institute, which is run by the Korean People’s Army Unit 810, possessed dual-use equipment capable of producing pesticides and something else. This something else, reports suggested, could be biological weapons.

Just last month, it was further claimed by officials in Pyongyang that North Korea is now actively testing biological weapons, the aim of which is to lead anthrax-laden warheads onto its intercontinental ballistic missiles. If this is the case, then even the United States is now at risk of a possible biological attack.

As reported by Japan’s Asahi newspaper, U.S. officials were apparently aware that these tests were taking place. It was understood that North Korea was in the process of evaluating whether or not anthrax bacteria was capable of surviving high temperatures upon re-entry into the atmosphere from space.

However, North Korea itself denied all of this. And ironically, the regime promised to “take revenge” on the U.S. simply for making this insinuation (with anthrax?).

North Korea says actions taken against it represent ‘act of war’

Meanwhile in Seoul, South Korean officials are trying to figure out how to respond to this potential threat. The South Korean military has yet to deploy an anthrax vaccine, and South Korean defense ministry spokesman Choi Hyun Soo says that it probably won’t be released until at least the end of 2019.

These mounting tensions don’t bode well for world peace, as the warning signs of looming world war continue to escalate. The United Nations Security Council recently passed new sanctions on North Korea, which the regime has officially declared to be an “act of war.”

“We define this ‘sanctions resolution’ rigged up by the U.S. and its followers as a grave infringement upon the sovereignty of our Republic, as an act of war violating peace and stability in the Korean peninsula and the region and categorically reject the ‘resolution,’” reads a statement issued by the KCNA news agency.

What the Chinese ally plans to do from here remains to be seen. Should it decide to stoke the flames  further, the U.S. and its allies could decide to take things up a notch.

As far as anthrax is concerned, this infection caused by the Bacillus anthracis bacterium can be contracted a number of ways, including through the skin, lungs, and intestines, as well as intravenously.

Symptoms of infection include raised spots or blisters on the skin, fever and chills, shortness of breath, chest pains, and shock. Contracting anthrax from an airborne source is the most deadly type of exposure. Unless treated immediately with antibiotics, those who become infected can die within a matter of just a few days.

Beware of false hope promised by anthrax vaccines, however. These concoctions are often deadly in and of themselves, their toxic ingredients increasing one’s risk of developing Gulf War Syndrome and other vaccine-induced illness. Follow for more coverage of biological warfare agents.

Sources for this article include:



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CHINA preparing to JOIN forces with North Korea in WORLD WAR 3


The People’s Liberation Army of China has been conducting military exercises on the Korean border in preparation for war breaking out between the US and North Korea.

The fear of war between the two countries has risen over the past several months after China’s neighbour carried out a number of illegal missile tests and threatened to target the US territory of Guam with a nuclear missile.

Following the announcement regarding China’s new military drills, military expert Li Jie has given her verdict as to who the country would side within any future conflict.

She said: “The timing of this high-profile announcement by the PLA is a warning to Washington and Seoul not to provoke Pyongyang any further.”

China’s Air Force sent its surveillance aircraft to the Yellow Sea and East China Sea in the last few days claiming it was there to ”improve combat-readiness and safeguard the country’s strategic interests”.

The aircraft took a flight path not previously flown to regions they had never previously operated in, and coordinated with fighter jets, alert aircraft and guided missile forces, spokesman Shen Jinke said, according to a post on the Air Force’s official microblog.

The move comes as the US prepares to conduct its own military drills in the region with South Korea.

The allies currently have up to 260 aircraft training in an exercise which simulates how an air war with Kim Jong-un’s rogue state would play out.

The two countries have been carrying out the war-game scenarios for decades.

Russia and China had urged the cancellation of the US’s five day programme, in exchange for North Korea halting its weapons programmes.

Beijing formally calls the idea the “dual suspension” proposal.

President Trump’s military refused to do so and may be partially responsible for why China chose to conduct its own training drills.

China has become increasingly frustrated with US President Donald Trump’s handling of Kim Jong-un’s rogue nation.

The US had tabled a resolution in September to the UN Security Council which increased sanctions on the country.

However, Trump has since gone further and demanded that China cease all trade with their neighbouring country.

China has reacted angrily to the demands.

“The nation’s state-run Global Times said: “We can neither persuade Pyongyang nor sway the opinion of Washington.

“When tensions on the Korean Peninsula reach a new height, a large portion of the pressure is transferred to China.

“But the US and North Korea must shoulder their own responsibility without making China the scapegoat.”

They went on to say: “The only thing China can do next is to firmly uphold its principles, strive to alleviate tensions while at the same time preparing for the worst.”

It concluded: “Beijing is fully prepared to use its prowess to defend its national interest. China owes no one anything, and other countries must know this.”

It has long been believed that China has been loyal to North Korea because they fear the destruction of the state would leave them responsible for dealing with any refugee crisis that may emerge.



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The Evidence Mounts That ISIS Is Preparing to Disperse the Pneumonic Plague From CIA Supplied Drones

The Evidence Mounts That ISIS Is Preparing to Disperse the Pneumonic Plague From CIA Supplied Drones

The Pneumonic plague, which is essentially a lung-based plague, is always fatal in infected individuals if the pathogen is not immediately treated with extreme medical treatments.

It is accurate to state that some people are in an unwarranted state of panic. Some people are understating the danger. The following paragraphs represent these divergent views and the reader is left to decide for themselves.

I recently received an email from Tim Spencer in which he asserts the following:

“It does in fact seem that this strain Pneumonic Plague may, repeat may, have mutated.  Anecdotal reports certainly lead to this possible conclusion.

WHO (World Health Organization) has now publicly stated that the possibility of a pandemic does in fact exist.

The death toll thus far is most likely under reported, particularly from rural areas.

There is no indication that we have seen to lead us to believe that this reportedly new strain is intentionally weaponized – it could well be that this plague has simply mutated on it’s own due to many decades of antibiotic use in patients that would have died from the plague without treatment.

If this version of the Pneumonic Plague does reach North America, and that is a very big “if” right now, without further mutation we do not see this bug spreading rapidly if the news stories below are true – if this version really does kill the host within three hours of noting symptoms the spread should be slowed considerably.”

These facts are somewhat reassuring and it appears that it is far too early to panic. However, there are other voices, quieter voices, which tell a different story.

The pathogen has already killed more than 171 people in Madagascar alone. Nobody is actually certain as to the actual death toll because there are thousands of  confirmed cases across the this beleagured African country but the linkage of the contraction of the virus to mortality is not well tracked in Madasgascar. However, there is clear evidence that the patogen is spreading.

The nation of Malawi has joined the previous nine nations to be placed on high aleart for a possible pandemic. The number of nations that are impacted has grown to ten. Please keeep in mind that this disease wiped out a third of the medieval population as the epdemic killed more than 50 million Europeans in the 15th centure.

Madagascar’s government is not taking any chances, as their health officials have imposed medical checkpoints across several areas in the capital city of Antananarivo. The checkpoints carry the force of law and can be used to detain anyone suspected of carrying the virus.



As of November 15, 2017, anestimated 2,000 people in Madagascar are thought to be infected, according to a spokesperson representing the nation’s health officials. This very serious report is given even more credibility as noted infection and immunity expert Dr Matthew Avison, of the University of Bristol, stated that the health crisis is likely to “get worse before it gets better”. The report in which doctors have reported and subsequently issued warnings about a new strain of the airborne disease which “can kill in three hours” is once again substantiated by yet another authorative source as Dr Derek Gatherer, from Lancaster University, claimes that the plague could spiral out of control in the same way Ebola did back in 2014.


In the face of the 2014 Ebola outbreak, I previously reported the following:

The Spanish government said it is concerned that terrorists could use the Ebola virus as a biological weapon against the West. A close eye is being kept on online chat rooms, where such attacks are reportedly discussed among jihadist groups.

Extremists connected to the Islamic State (IS, previously ISIS) have been considering using Ebola as a weapon against the West, Spain’s State Secretary for Security, Francisco Martinez, said in an address to the parliament.

Martinez stated that this type of activity serves as further proof that the internet is an “an extension of the battlefield” for the Islamic State, which uses cyberspace for “threatening enemies through propaganda, preparing operations, exchanging information, ideological training, recruiting new members and acquiring finance.”

There are “many examples” of online terrorist chat logs discussing the use of biological warfare against the West, Spain’s RTVE public broadcasting corporation reported.

The most recent talks took place in a “jihadist chat room,” related to the Islamic State, in mid-September. “The use of Ebola as a poisonous weapon against the United States” was the topic of conversation, Martinez said.

There were also a number of tweets that talked about the use of “deadly chemical products from laboratories,” he added, stating that terrorist organization Ansar al-Islam was involved.

Despite increasing evidence of biological attacks on the West, US Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson denied allegations of the Islamic State’s plans to use biological weapons. “We’ve seen no specific credible intelligence that

At this point in time, it cannot be accurately stated that ISIS will be flying over American cities, tomorrow, and dispersing extremely lethal biological agents which will spread beyond control among the population. However, there is indeed credible intelligence that ISIS has acquired drones for just this purpose and even from a cautious and conservative perspective, there is a lot for the Trump administration to be concerned about.


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