Mixed Reactions as Norway Gets First ‘Hospital Imam’ Due to ‘Popular Demand’


While the director of Norway’s largest hospital argued that this “cure of souls” would expand the range of services provided to patients, some Norwegians claimed it was Islam that was being given special treatment.

Muhammad Azeem has the distinction of being Norway’s first “hospital imam.” From now on, Muslim patients at the Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen can avail themselves of his services once a week, national broadcaster NRK reported.

“It’s a difficult time being hospitalized, and patients always want to share their thoughts with a cleric,” Azeem told NRK. “I spend time with them, and they feel safer when talking to an imam. In this way, they also know they are talking to one who shares their culture and religion,” he added.

The Haukeland University Hospital pioneered the initiative in Norway and is currently the only facility to offer this kind of service. Hospital priest Liv Ingrid Svela argued this was a step in the right way and welcomed Azeem as a member of the team, alongside four other priests.

“From time to time I used to get questions from patients who wish to talk to an imam. And due to popular demand on the patients’ part, we have managed to grant their wish,” Svela explained.

Hospital director Eivind Hansen concurred that having a “hospital imam” expanded his institution’s religious and cultural services for the sake of patients’ well-being.

Liberal Party MP and Vice President of the Norwegian parliament Abid Qayyum Raja, himself a practicing Muslim of Pakistani descent, called introducing hospital imams “courteous” on his Facebook page.

Sjukehusimam, dette var artig:-)

Posted by Abid Q. Raja on Monday, February 12, 2018

However, Iranian-born psychiatrist and author Shahram Shaygani was skeptical about the step, while at the same time arguing that opening up a “spiritual” and “existential or ontological” dimension was good for healthcare. Instead, he recommended a person with theological or philosophical education, with a general knowledge of religion and metaphysical dilemmas.

Other users’ reactions were even less enthusiastic. One called the idea “laughable,” venturing that the public sphere should not have expenses related to “people’s superstitions, be it God, Jesus, Allah, Thor, Odin or the flying spaghetti monster.” Another cited the strained finances of the Norwegian healthcare sector, suggesting more clowns for sick children. Still another wryly stressed the necessity of having Jehova’s witnesses banging on hospital ward doors. Demands for a “Harry Potter priest” for the more adventurous patients were also heard.

“Do other religions get the same treatment, or will Islam alone continue to eat its way into democracy? Are we living in Norway or in Islamabad??” user Bjørn Tore Pettersen inquired.

The Haukeland University Hospital is located in Bergen. It was founded in 1902 and is currently Norway’s largest in terms of patients served.

Norway’s Muslim community has been growing steadily since the 1960s. At present, the Muslim community is estimated to account for around 4 percent of the national population of 5.2 million, reaching as much as 10 percent in urban areas in and around Oslo.



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Fly the flag’: MP proposes plan for popular support of Russian Olympic athletes

I propose that our National Olympic Committee issues an address to the people and asks them to fly the Russian tricolor on their homes for the period of the 2018 Winter Olympics as a sign of support and solidarity with our athletes,” Vitaly Milonov (United Russia) said in a recent interview with RIA Novosti.

They have banned our athletes from competing under our flag and forbid them to bear any signs of their nation on their clothing. But regardless of all that they still remain Russian athletes who are defending our country’s honor. We must support them regardless of any resistance offered by our enemies, both open and hidden,” Milonov told reporters.

No one can forbid us to love our athletes and sympathize with them. They must know that people still support them at home and wait for their return. The flag is a symbol of our solidarity with them,” he concluded.

The official letter with the proposal was sent to the Russian National Olympic Committee on Monday.

In early December, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) suspended the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) from the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics after studying the results of two separate investigations of alleged Russian doping – one concerning individual athletes, the other institutional violations.

The committee still allowed “clean” Russian athletes to compete in the 2018 games, but under condition that they do so under a neutral flag and do not publicly display any signs or symbols associated with Russia. Competing as neutrals without a national team means that athletes will not take part in the opening ceremony, and their country’s anthem will not be played if they win any medals.

On February 1 the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) cleared 28 Russian athletes and coaches of doping charges and ordered to lift the lifetime ban on their participation in the games. However, the International Olympic Committee still refused to invite Russian athletes to the 2018 Winter Olympics. 

In explanations over this step the IOC said it had considered “additional elements and/or evidence” that were unavailable to other instances, but refuse to reveal the full reasoning for the decision.

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Mohammed Is Most Popular Name For Newborn Boys In Holland For 2nd Year Straight


Dutch mainstream media reported that Noah was the most popular baby name for boys in the Netherlands, but a little digging turned out a different finding.

The name Noah was putatively considered the most popular boy’s name for 2017, having been given to 635 new-born boys in the Netherlands. But as VoE reports, a journalist from broadcaster Powned did some research into the database, however, and noticed that another name, a non-traditional Dutch name, was slightly more prevalent.

This journalist checked for Mohammed and its alternative spellings.

He thus counted:

Mohammed 221, Mohamed 211, Muhammed 110, Mohammad 51, Muhammad 43 and reached a total of 636. Other forms like Mohamad, Muhamed, Muhammet, Mouhamed, Muhamad and Mahamuud could not be checked for “privacy reasons”.

Of course, other forms of Noah like Noa and Noach should be checked as well for the sake of fairness: both, however, were not listed according to the Dutch journalist.

The author says, it is the second year in a row that Mohammed is the most popular name for baby boys: In 2016 there were 724 baby’s named Mohammed (or one of it’s Arabic alternatives) in the Netherlands.

He also mentions that the same tendency was seen in England in 2016: It is not Oliver, but Mohammed (with all its permutations), that is the most popular name for baby boys.



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Moldova’s government suspends popular president again in order to push through anti-Russian policies

Moldova's Constitutional Court has temporarily suspended pro-Russian President Igor Dodon


Moldova’s Constitutional Court has temporarily suspended pro-Russian President Igor Dodon from his post in order to allow the ruling coalition and the government to enact decrees that Dodon had refused to promulgate.

This is the third time Dodon has been temporarily suspended in recent months, and the second time since the beginning of this year.

The court suspended Dodon to allow the government to promulgate a bill that bans Russian propaganda, agora.md reported on January 5. Moldova’s parliament on December 7 endorsed an amendment to the media law to ban radio and TV programmes “with informative, analytic, military and politic” content produced abroad, except for those produced in the European Union, the US, Canada or signatories of the European Convention on Transfrontier Television.

Earlier this month, the court suspended Dodon in order to allow the government to appoint seven new ministers as part of a broad reshuffle. Dodon had previously argued a reshuffle of such a size should have been endorsed by the parliament and furthermore questioned the quality of the nominees, many of whom have served in the governments involved in the costly bailout of the troubled banks at the cost of the public money, Dodon argued.

The latest incident serves self-declared pro-EU political leader Vlad Plahotniuc, who is seeking Western support for his fragile ruling coalition against Dodon but also against the pro-EU opposition parties. In a column published in the Wall Street Journal on December 27, Plahotniuc called once again for more support to be given by Western countries to nations like Moldova sitting on the front lines of Russia’s “informational and military aggression”. Indirectly, such repeated calls are aimed at enhancing the credibility of the Moldovan ruling coalition, which is broadly suspected at home of having preferred pro-Russian Dodon over his pro-EU rival Maia Sandu as president in the 2016 elections, in order to capture Western sympathy and avoid debates about its genuine democratic orientation.

Moldova’s pro-EU opposition parties have accused Plahotniuc of driving the country toward an authoritarian regime rather than a truly democratic market economy.

Analysts quoted by Deutsche Welle believe the ruling coalition will not permanently suspend Dodon from his post unless his credibility among voters drops low enough. This would require a referendum, and Dodon still enjoys robust support among Moldova’s pro-Russian electorate. In his turn, Dodon hopes his Socialist Party (PSRM) will win the parliamentary elections this year and replace the incumbent ruling coalition.

Source Article from https://www.sott.net/article/373618-Moldovas-government-suspends-popular-president-again-in-order-to-push-through-anti-Russian-policies

The most popular TOXIC food ingredient in the United States – CANOLA OIL

Image: The most popular TOXIC food ingredient in the United States – CANOLA OIL

(Natural News)
You’ve heard the saying “The devil’s in the details,” well… the devil is actually in the ingredients list. It’s called Canola oil and it’s quite easy to find in almost all of the prepped and processed food products at two of the top “healthy” food grocers in the country. No, Canola oil didn’t just “get a bad wrap” (pardon the pun), because it’s been bad all along. Let the truth be told: Canola oil is bad for your health. Did you think otherwise? Were you conned because you believed some hoax of a slogan, “Heart Healthy” – with a cutesy logo from the insidious American Heart Association? Remember that the AHA is comprised of clowns who want us to trade out butter to eat more toxic oils, like genetically modified Canola, soy and corn.

Now, we know what you’re thinking – maybe if Canola oil is organic and expeller pressed, then we’re safe to eat that kind. Wrong. Scientists are now warning against long-term consumption of Canola Oil as it could worsen symptoms of dementia and cause weight gain. It causes plaques in the brain that lead to degenerative diseases in animals.

The “Heart Healthy” LIE has been perpetuated for decades by another Big Food myth. Most Canola oil is exported from Canada to the United States because Canada has a National Health Plan (Canadian Healthcare) that’s free and the government does NOT want to have to pay the billions of dollars in sick care costs from giving their own people clogged arteries and dementia.

Primary health concerns for regular Canola oil consumption include cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity. United States consumers are sucking down over 2 million tonnes of Canola oil a year, and add to that over 3.5 million tonnes of Canola meal. Oops. It’s the second most popular edible (if you can call it that) oil in the country. It’s almost everywhere now, invading nearly all types of food, including many “healthy” options and organic, like salad dressings, cereals and protein bars.

It’s surprising Big Pharma isn’t using it in vaccines yet. It’s surely in lots of baby food products and the “protein” drinks served up for the sick and weak at hospitals. And remember, organic or not, it coagulates, causing weight gain and dementia. Therefore, choosing “expeller pressed” or “Certified Organic” won’t matter when you experience what the medical doctors will call a genetically inherited memory loss (Old timer’s disease) and can’t remember or even recognize your immediate family.

Top foods at Whole Foods that contain coagulating, memory-damaging Canola Oil

This is just the tip of the iceberg of over a hundred products at Whole Foods that contain Canola oil: 8 Whole Grains Multigrain English Muffins, Cornbread, Light White Sandwich Bread, Prairie Bread, Sandwich Bread, Stuffing Cubes, 10 Minute Stuffing, Blueberry Muffins, Lemon Poppyseed Muffins, Molasses Ginger Cookies, Chocolate Confetti Cake, Vanilla Confetti Cake, Salted Caramel Cake, 365 Organic Mayonnaise, Applegate Chicken Nuggets, 365 Organic Homestyle Waffles, 365 Organic MultiGrain Waffles, Dr. Praeger’s California Veggie Burgers and Spinach Cakes, 365 Organic Vegan Lasagna, and the list just goes on.

Top foods at Trader Joe’s that contain coagulating, memory-damaging Canola Oil

This is just the tip of the iceberg of over a hundred products at Trader Joe’s that contain Canola oil: Butternut Squash Soup, Mediterranean Hummus, Vegan Spread & Dressing (Mayonnaise with the first ingredient as Canola Oil – meaning it’s mainly that), Almond Butter Granola, Peanut Butter Protein Granola, Cornbread Stuffing Mix, Turkey Stock (broth), Spud Crunchies Potato Snacks, Beet and Roasted Garlic Dip, Chocolate Covered Pretzel Assortment, Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake, Chocolate Mint Flavored Cupcakes, Vegetable Pastry Puffs, Ranch Seasoned Crispy Chickpeas, and of course you’ll find coagulating Canola oil in the Trader Joe’s Brand Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing & Dip.

Still not sure whether or not you plan to continue consuming Canola oil? Watch this home video of how badly Canola oil coagulates when left in a bowl for a few weeks. Imagine what this does when it gets trapped in your digestive tract, your cleansing organs, your blood and your brain! Alzheimer’s disease barely existed in America 75 years ago. Still thinks it’s hereditary?


Check out the real deal about nutrition, food, supplements and even toxic chemicals like Canola Oil at NaturalPedia.com. It’s the online encyclopedia you’ve always wanted, and it’s right here at your fingertips. Let the truth be told!

Sources for this article include:











Source Article from http://www.naturalnews.com/2018-01-02-the-most-popular-toxic-food-ingredient-in-the-united-states-canola-oil.html

Most popular Yahoo News photo galleries of 2017 – The countdown

Source Article from https://www.yahoo.com/news/popular-yahoo-news-photo-galleries-2017-countdown-050441225.html

Our 10 most popular stories of 2017

From giant whales and tiny living to Tesla, trees, and death cleaning, the year’s most read stories are like a field guide to groovy green living.

And it’s a wrap! Well that was quite a year, right? While many of our news feeds were focused on, you know, other things, a lot of you still made the time to come over to TreeHugger to see what we had to say … of which we had plenty. Curiously, many of our most popular stories had to do with hitting the road and getting out of Dodge, whether by escape to nature via wheels or moving to a lighthouse or even a new country altogether. Go figure. There were a few nods to Mother Nature – trees and whales, some of her finest work – and tiny living was big, as usual. Of course it wouldn’t be TreeHugger if Tesla didn’t show up somewhere in the top … but our number one story? Well scroll down to see, and in the meantime let us wish you some happy “dostadning” for the new year…

10. 11 facts about blue whales, the largest animals ever known to live on Earth

Blue whalefilckker photosFlickr/CC BY 2.0

Balaenoptera musculus, the blue whale, is the largest animal ever known to have lived on the planet – movie monsters aside. Even at birth it is one of the world’s biggest animals! The planet is covered with amazing, fascinating creatures, but the blue whale ranks among one of the most superlative.

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9. 6 lighthouses the government is selling for nothing

Detroit River Lighthouse© U.S. Coast Guard

If your dream home checklist includes seclusion, round rooms and the sound of waves all night and day, these obsolete lighthouses are/were up for grabs thanks to the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act of 2000, which “provides a mechanism for the conveyance of federally owned historic light stations to qualified new stewards,” once the lighthouse is no longer needed.

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8. There’s a lot to learn about small space living from this Volkswagen camper van

Volkswagen side view© Volkswagen

If you’ve ever had a dream of doing a big circle around the continent in a van, this Volkswagen California Camper prototype might just be the dream vehicle to do it in.

Read: There’s a lot to learn about small space living from this VW camper van

7. 15 of the most remarkable trees in America

angel oak tree photo© Pat Canova/Getty Images

While they aren’t celebrated as much as they should be, few things are as iconic as a country’s trees. They stand witness to history, being rooted in place sometimes for thousands of years, as generations of people come and go. From the world’s largest to ones that were here long before the Mayflower, these noble trees are nothing less than U.S. national treasures!

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6. Let’s go camping! A tour of teardrop trailers

Isetta with teardropPinterest/ BMW Isetta with Teardrop Trailer/via

According to one history, the teardrop trailer was originally designed by Louis Rogers of Pasadena, California, as a “honeymoon house trailer.” After the plans were published in in a 1940 issue of Popular Mechanics the public went nuts for them, because they were really light and easy to tow and the aerodynamic streamlined shape reduced drag and fuel consumption; you could even get one to tow behind a tiny Isetta. Here are some of our favorites.

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5. 10 countries with low cost of living and great climate

fishing boats in MalaysiaBernard Spragg — Fishing boats in Langkawi, Malaysia/CC BY 2.0

Looking for new digs? These are the top 10 countries worldwide for relocation or retirement, ranked according to factors such as climate, cost of living, healthcare, renting and buying real estate, visa and travel accessibility, infrastructure, and ease of fitting in. Cue escape fantasy!

Read: 10 countries with low cost of living and great climate

4. Let’s go camping! A tour of trailers and RVs

HOffman Airstream© Hoffman Architecture

We previously looked at little teardrop trailers, but now for something a little bigger and more comfortable.

Read: Let’s go camping! A tour of trailers and RVs

3. There’s lots to learn from these small house plans from the 60s

house plans 60s© F. W. Sunter D. L. Sawtell

The average American house is now over 2,600 square feet and growing again. Fifty years ago, houses were a lot smaller. There was a lot of building going on, so the Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation (equivalent to the US Freddie Mac) prepared plan books to help Canadians and builders produce efficient, relatively easy-to-build houses. Any of these would be right at home, so to speak, today.

Read: There’s lots to learn from these small house plans from the 60s

2. Tesla kills the duck with big batteries

tesla batteries in place© Tesla

One of the problems that comes from reliance on solar power is the “duck curve,” where the solar panels produce more power than is needed during the day, and standby power is needed in the evening when demand is high and the sun goes down. One of the solutions that people dreamed about just a few years ago was giant batteries, and Elon Musk promised that he would make them in his new Nevada factory. What is really astonishing is that in just three months, Tesla has delivered a giant battery farm with 396 stacks of batteries that can provide enough electricity to power 15,000 houses for four hours, about how long it takes to shave the peaks, to kill the duck.

Read: Tesla kills the duck with big batteries

And our number one story of the year, thanks to our slightly morbid but wonderfully pragmatic readers:

1. ‘Swedish death cleaning’ is the new decluttering trend

luggage bagMaxPixel/Public Domain

In Swedish, the word is “dostadning” and it refers to the act of slowly and steadily decluttering as the years go by, ideally beginning in your fifties (or at any point in life) and going until the day you kick the bucket. The ultimate purpose of death cleaning is to minimize the amount of stuff, especially meaningless clutter, that you leave behind for others to deal with.

Read: ‘Swedish death cleaning’ is the new decluttering trend

Thank you to everyone who visited us, read and shared our stories, looked at our photos, left happy comments, left grumpy comments, wrote us letters, and engaged with our community – we are ever grateful. Here’s to a happy, healthy and sustainable 2018!

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NBC Omits Popular Deductions Staying in GOP Tax Bill, Parrots Dems

Congressional Republicans were one step closer to realizing their hopes for tax reform on Thursday as it appeared as though the House and Senate had reconciled nearly all of the legislation. Hearing the recommendations and concerns of the public, the Republicans preserved the current tax code’s deductions for student loans, medical bills, and added a $10,000 cap for state and local taxes. But of the three major network news outlets, NBC was the only one that left them out of their evening broadcast.

Instead of reporting what was known to be in the GOP tax reform bill, NBC Nightly News instead chose to run two reports that played up the GOP “scrambling” to get votes and blatantly pasted off Democratic Party talking points as facts.

After stoking the unnecessary fears the repeal of net neutrality and hyping the firing/resignation of White House staffer Omarosa Manigault, NBC’s Kasie Hunt was playing up how hard a time the GOP leadership was having wrangling votes together:

Tonight Senator Marco Rubio now threatening to vote no unless Republicans leaders agree to give American families a bigger child tax credit … Senator Mike Lee is also undecided because of the child tax credit. And Senator Bob Corker is still a no on the bill. Because they can only lose two votes, that means Republicans could be at risk of falling short of the 50 votes they need to pass the bill.

She also highlighted how Vice President Mike Pence delayed a trip to the Middle East just to be around if he was needed to break a tie.



The second NBC report on tax reform was all about making people fear what it would do to their healthcare by shamefully using Democratic Party talking points to taint the discussion. “Unable to repeal and replace Obamacare, Republicans are instead trying to undermine it. So is this a body blow to Obamacare,” announced anchor Lester Holt at the start of the segment.

Holt handed the report off to Tom Costello who spewed liberal claims of the tax bill, which repealed ObamaCare’s insurance mandate. “While ObamaCare isn’t quite on life support, independent health experts say the Republican tax plan does inflict a serious wound,” he declared. He also reported that it meant 13 million people would no longer be covered by insurance.

In an apparent miracle for honesty, Costello actually noted that the 13 million was driven by people choosing not to buy insurance because they weren’t forced to. But he fretted that it would cause insurance premiums to rise by 10 percent. They worry about that not but not the current sky-high deductibles or the other premium hikes under Obama.

With fewer people on ObamaCare, the Congressional Budget Office predicts a $338 billion savings helping to offset tax cuts for the wealthy,” Costello asserted. The statement about the bill being just a tax cuts for the wealthy was straight out of the Democratic Party playbook.

What made NBC’s blatant blackout of the preserved popular tax deductions even more obviously biased, was that they had run previous reports showing the families and students that would be hurt by the evil Republicans.

NBC’s bias was sponsored by Exxon Mobil, Lyrica, Liberty Mutual, and Alka-Seltzer.

Relevant portions of the transcript below:

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NBC Nightly News
December 14, 2017
7:06:18 PM Eastern

LESTER HOLT: Now to those sweeping changes concerning your taxes. Senate Republicans are suddenly scrambling to lock down enough votes to pass their massive plan before Christmas. As some powerful GOP senators are now threatening to vote no unless their concerns are addressed. NBC’s Kasie hunt is at the capitol.

[Cuts to video]

KASIE HUNT: Tonight Senator Marco Rubio now threatening to vote no unless Republicans leaders agree to give American families a bigger child tax credit.


HUNT: Senator Mike Lee is also undecided because of the child tax credit. And Senator Bob Corker is still a no on the bill. Because they can only lose two votes, that means Republicans could be at risk of falling short of the 50 votes they need to pass the bill. The President confident Rubio will come around.


HUNT: But Vice President Mike Pence, who has already had to cast six tie-breaking votes in the Senate this year — delaying a critical trip to the Middle East in case they need him this time. Also a concern, 80-year-old Thad Cochran, who has missed votes this week for health reasons. And Senator John McCain fighting brain cancer.


HUNT: With time running out for the President and his party to make good on any major campaign promise before the year is out.


7:08:08 PM Eastern

HOLT: And as of right now, that GOP tax plan eliminates the so-called individual mandate which requires every American to have health insurance. It’s a key element to the ObamaCare law designed to spread the cost of insurance to everyone not just the sick. Unable to repeal and replace Obamacare, Republicans are instead trying to undermine it. So is this a body blow to Obamacare? Again tonight, NBC’s Tom Costello has our reality check.

[Cuts to video]

TOM COSTELLO: While Obamacare isn’t quite on life support, independent health experts say the Republican tax plan does inflict a serious wound. By eliminating the individual mandate, 13 million people, mostly healthy, are expected to choose to go without insurance, driving up premiums by at least 10 percent for ObamaCare customers who don’t get government subsidies.


COSTELLO: With fewer people on ObamaCare, the Congressional Budget Office predicts a $338 billion savings helping to offset tax cuts for the wealthy. Meanwhile, President Trump wants insurers to offer short-term coverage that doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions as ObamaCare requires.


Source Article from https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/nicholas-fondacaro/2017/12/14/nbc-omits-popular-deductions-staying-gop-tax-bill-parrots