Dr. Duke and Mark Collett on Joogle and Faceberg’s Orwellian thought policing

Dr. Duke and Mark Collett on Joogle and Faceberg’s Orwellian thought policing


Today Dr. Duke had British author and activist Mark Collett as his guest for the hour. They talked about the increasingly draconian thought policing of social media by Jewish-run monopolistic megafirms like Google and Facebook.

Then Dr. Duke handed the show to Dr. Slattery, who interviewed Mr. Collett about his latest video concerning the skyrocketing murder rate in London, which has now surpassed that of New York despite Britain’s almost complete ban on firearms.

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Here is Mark Collett’s most recent video:

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Policing for Profit-Civilian Asset Forfeiture


Policing for profit. Government stealing from the people. Civilian asset forfeiture is evil incarnate. The entire story is in the following video.


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Palantir Has Secretly Been Using New Orleans to Test Its Predictive Policing Technology

Palantir Has Secretly Been Using New Orleans to Test Its Predictive Policing Technology

February 28th, 2018

Via: The Verge:

The program began in 2012 as a partnership between New Orleans Police and Palantir Technologies, a data-mining firm founded with seed money from the CIA’s venture capital firm. According to interviews and documents obtained by The Verge, the initiative was essentially a predictive policing program, similar to the “heat list� in Chicago that purports to predict which people are likely drivers or victims of violence.

The partnership has been extended three times, with the third extension scheduled to expire on February 21st, 2018. The city of New Orleans and Palantir have not responded to questions about the program’s current status.

Predictive policing technology has proven highly controversial wherever it is implemented, but in New Orleans, the program escaped public notice, partly because Palantir established it as a philanthropic relationship with the city through Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s signature NOLA For Life program. Thanks to its philanthropic status, as well as New Orleans’ “strong mayor� model of government, the agreement never passed through a public procurement process.

In fact, key city council members and attorneys contacted by The Verge had no idea that the city had any sort of relationship with Palantir, nor were they aware that Palantir used its program in New Orleans to market its services to another law enforcement agency for a multimillion-dollar contract.

Even James Carville, the political operative instrumental in bringing about Palantir’s collaboration with NOPD, said that the program was not public knowledge. “No one in New Orleans even knows about this, to my knowledge,� Carville said.




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The Paranoid Style of American Policing

When I was around 10 years old, my father confronted a young man who was said to be “crazy.” The young man was always too quick to want to fight. A foul in a game of 21 was an insult to his honor. A cross word was cause for a duel, and you never knew what that cross word might be. One day, the young man got into it with one of my older brother’s friends. The young man pulled a metal stake out of the ground (there was some work being done nearby) and began swinging it wildly in a threatening manner. My father, my mother, or my older brother—I don’t recall which—told the other boy to go inside of our house. My dad then came outside. I don’t really remember what my father said to the young man. Perhaps he said something like “Go home,” or maybe something like, “Son, it’s over.” I don’t really recall. But what I do recall is that my dad did not shoot and kill the young man.

That wasn’t the first time I’d seen my father confront the violence of young people without resorting to killing them. This was not remarkable. When you live in communities like ours—or perhaps any community—mediating violence between young people is part of being an adult. Sometimes the young people are involved in scary behavior—like threatening people with metal objects. And yet the notion that it is permissible, wise, moral, or advisable to kill such a person as a method of de-escalation, to kill because one was afraid, did not really exist among parents in my community.

The same could not be said for those who came from outside of the community.

This weekend, after a Chicago police officer killed her 19-year-old son Quintonio LeGrier, Janet Cooksey struggled to understand the mentality of the people she pays to keep her community safe:

“What happened to Tasers? Seven times my son was shot,” Cooksey said.

“The police are supposed to serve and protect us and yet they take the lives,” Cooksey said.

“Where do we get our help?” she asked.

LeGrier had struggled with mental illness. When LeGrier attempted to break down his father’s door, his father called the police, who apparently arrived to find the 19-year-old wielding a bat. Interpreting this as a lethal threat, one of the officers shot and killed LeGrier and somehow managed to shoot and kill one of his neighbors, Bettie Jones. Cooksey did not merely have a problem with how the police acted, but with the fact that the police were even called in the first place. “He should have called me,” Cooksey said of LeGrier’s father.

Instead, the father called the Chicago Police Department. Likely he called them because he invested them with some measure of legitimacy. This is understandable. In America, police officers are agents of the state and thus bound by the social contract in a way that criminals, and even random citizens, are not. Criminals and random citizens are not paid to protect other citizens. Police officers are. By that logic, one might surmise that the police would be better able to mediate conflicts than community members. In Chicago, this appears, very often, not to be the case.

It will not do to note that 99 percent of the time the police mediate conflicts without killing people anymore than it will do for a restaurant to note that 99 percent of the time rats don’t run through the dining room. Nor will it do to point out that most black citizens are killed by other black citizens, not police officers, anymore than it will do to point out that most American citizens are killed by other American citizens, not terrorists. If officers cannot be expected to act any better than ordinary citizens, why call them in the first place? Why invest them with any more power?

For full story visit: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2015/12/illegitimacy-and-american-policing/422094/?utm_source=SFFB

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Filming Cops

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Iran to shift focus to policing crime rather than women who violate dress code

bad hijab morality police Iran


One of the more notorious images that often comes out of Iran is that of chador-clad women with police armbands and male police officers rounding up loosely veiled, and often young, women into minivans to be taken to police stations. These officers, known as Gasht-e Ershad, or Guidance Patrol, roam busy avenues, especially during the summer, and are often seen harassing young couples or groups of women. Now, according to statements by Iranian officials, these scenes are to be no more.

On Dec. 27, Brig. Gen. Hossein Rahimi, head of Greater Tehran police, said, “According to the commander of the NAJA [Law Enforcement Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran], those who do not observe Islamic values and have negligence in this area will no longer be taken to detention centers, a legal case will not be made for them and we will not send them to court; rather, education classes to reform their behavior will be offered.”

Instead of rounding up young women, it appears Iranian police will be sending those who they deem are insufficiently following Islamic norms to a sort of traffic school for hijab and other Islamic values. Rahimi said 121 of these education classes have been held this year, with 7,900 in attendance.

While some Western media outlets focus on the aspect of veiling, it is possible that the term “Islamic values” will be more wide-reaching, as Tehran police are attempting to change their approach toward enforcement of social and religious values. “In addition to promoting security, the police will also be taking social measures to reform the behavior of citizens and reduce infractions and crimes,” Rahimi said. He added that 100 advisory centers have been set up in the capital and, in the last nine months, 62,000 cases were resolved before ever going to court.

The cases mentioned above are likely for minor crimes. Rahimi made clear that the police would not have a soft approach toward more serious crimes. “I should say that under no conditions will we compromise with people who disturb society,” he said.

Rahimi was appointed in August, and it seems clear that authorities in Tehran are trying a new approach to differentiate between the breaking of religious norms and the more serious cases of crime taking place in one of the largest capitals in the world. On Dec. 10, Mohammad Reza Yazdi, commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), announced the formation of a special unit within the IRGC and Basij Organization, which operates under the IRGC. According to Yazdi, this special unit, consisting of IRGC and Basij members, would be assigned to cases of theft and to small-time drug dealers and users, who authorities call “thugs.”

The news about a new approach toward the issue of veiling received a lukewarm response by Iranian media and was largely ignored by conservative media. Reformist Shargh Daily asked whether the statements by Rahimi will usher forth the “end of the Guidance Patrol?” The article itself did not offer a prediction on the question but rather printed Rahimi’s comments.

Source Article from https://www.sott.net/article/372616-Iran-to-shift-focus-to-policing-crime-rather-than-women-who-violate-dress-code

CATALONIA – Israel to provide training for all security, intelligence and policing services of the new ‘independent’ state of Catalonia

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Source Article from https://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2017/10/06/catalonia-israel-to-provide-training-for-all-security-intelligence-and-policing-services-of-the-new-independent-state-of-catalonia/

Wiz Khalifa Just Hijacked an MLB Game to Provide a Real Solution to Racist Policing


This week, rap superstar and Pittsburgh native Wiz Khalifa caused an uproar as he threw out the first pitch at the Pirates’ final home game of the season. Taking the pitcher’s mound, while sporting a “Legalize It” t-shirt, Khalifa pretended to toke a joint prior to throwing out the ceremonial first pitch.

While NFL players are causing a public debate by taking a knee during the national anthem, in a purported stand against police brutality and racism, the sentiment expressed by Khalifa – that cannabis should be legalized – would almost certainly be a more effective prescription to combat racist policing and brutality.

Well, according to the Drug Policy Alliance:

The drug war has produced profoundly unequal outcomes across racial groups, manifested through racial discrimination by law enforcement and disproportionate drug war misery suffered by communities of color.


Although rates of drug use and selling are comparable across racial lines, people of color are far more likely to be stopped, searched, arrested, prosecuted, convicted and incarcerated for drug law violations than are whites.


Higher arrest and incarceration rates for African Americans and Latinos are not reflective of increased prevalence of drug use or sales in these communities, but rather of a law enforcement focus on urban areas, on lower-income communities and on communities of color as well as inequitable treatment by the criminal justice system. We believe that the mass criminalization of people of color, particularly young African American men, is as profound a system of racial control as the Jim Crow laws were in this country until the mid-1960s.


The life-long penalties and exclusions that follow a drug conviction have created a permanent second-class status for millions of Americans, who may be prohibited from voting, being licensed, accessing public assistance and any number of other activities and opportunities. The drug war’s racist enforcement means that all of these exclusions fall more heavily on people and communities of color.

Of course, in typical fashion, Major League Baseball (MLB) issued a statement rebuking Khalifa’s pro-marijuana stance, noting: “Marijuana is a (prohibited) substance in all of our drug programs and it is unfortunate this situation occurred.”

Historically, the prohibition of cannabis began as a racist endeavor meant to control Mexican immigration into the United States and to help boost the profits of large pharmaceutical companies.

According to a report by the Foundation for Economic Education:

Around 1910, the Mexican Revolution was starting to boil over, and many Mexicans immigrated to the U.S. to escape the conflict. This Mexican population had its own uses for cannabis, and they referred to it as “marihuana.” Not only did they use it for medicinal purposes, but they smoked it recreationally – a new concept for white Americans. U.S. politicians quickly jumped on the opportunity to label cannabis “marihuana” in order to give it a bad rep by making it sound more authentically Mexican at a time of extreme prejudice.


It worked. Southern states became worried about the dangers this drug would bring, and newspapers began calling Mexican cannabis use a “marijuana menace.”


During the 1920s, many anti-marijuana campaigns were conducted to raise awareness about the many harmful effects the drug caused. These campaigns included radical claims stating that marijuana turned users into killers and drug addicts.


The “war against marijuana” arguably began in 1930, where a new division in the Treasury Department was established — the Federal Bureau of Narcotics — and Harry J. Anslinger was named director. This, if anything, marked the beginning of the all-out war against marijuana.

Anslinger realized that opiates and cocaine would not be enough to build his new agency, so he turned towards marijuana and worked relentlessly to make it illegal on a federal level. Some anti-marijuana quotes from Anslinger’s agency read:


“There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos, and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz, and swing, result from marijuana use. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers, and any others.”


“…the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races.”

While on the surface, an MLB game seems like a somewhat odd venue to promote cannabis legalization, what better stage to use as a platform than that of a publicly televised event that reaches a wide segment of the population.

Currently, recreational cannabis is not legal in Pennsylvania, but medical marijuana is.

The night after Khalifa’s MLB cannabis “protest,” the rap mega-star appeared at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Music Hall of Oakland as a speaker at Thrival Innovation’s marquee event — a discussion about the intersection of cannabis, medical marijuana, and technology.

“If you think it’s a bad thing, you’re just going to think it’s bad,” he told the crowd on Thursday evening. “Until you fully experience it, or someone around you benefits off of it … I feel like for the people who are open to it, when they do they change their mind, it’s always significant.”

Khalifa appeared on stage during a public chat with cannabis investor Marc Ruxin and John Battelle, founding editor of Wired magazine, at the opening of the two-day Thrival music festival at Carrie Furnace.

“I see it being like alcohol or something that’s more acceptable and accessible for the people,” he said of marijuana. “There’s edibles, there’s oils, there’s vapes and all of that different stuff.”

“Just with the way technology changes, peoples’ minds change on how we are actually using it. I think that’s really going to revolutionize it and make it stand out,” he continued.

Khalifa actually owns his own strain of cannabis, called “Khalifa Kush,” which is sold in three states that have legalized marijuana.

“Being that I smoke as much as I do or use as much cannabis as I do, I wanted people to have an experience that was like mine,” he said. “And I was really passionate about bringing a high-quality product that was accessible to everybody.”

The rap superstar also discussed the extreme medical benefits of medical marijuana, noting that his acting coach is using CBDs, or cannabidiol, to recover from injuries sustained during a car accident. CBD, which is derived from cannabis but is non-psychoactive, is used for various forms of pain relief in many states where medical cannabis is legal.

“She said she wouldn’t be able to make it through her days if it wasn’t for CBDs,” Khalifa said of his acting coach. “It helps a lot of with pain and people put it in creams so you’re not necessarily getting stoned off of it, but you’re still getting all of the benefits from it.”

“I’ve seen a lot of people who before might have been scared of it or might have run away from it. But now they are in situations when they are in need of it and it really helps them,” Khalifa said, in reference to the therapeutic use of cannabis for pain relief.

Although the federal government labels cannabis a Schedule I substances, denoting no known medical value, while a substance like cocaine is considered a Schedule II drug and alcohol is legal, it clearly remains the safest, and more importantly, the most medically useful of the three.

So, while NFL players take a knee in protest, what Wiz Khalifa is advocating is a viable solution to actually stemming racist policing and brutality. Ending the war on cannabis would have a drastic effect, and is a much more effective means than simply kneeling.

Please share this story to help others understand the extreme societal benefit of legalizing cannabis!

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/wiz-khalifa-solution-racist-policing-mlb/

Cop Responds to Complaint of Kids Playing Football by Joining In—This is Community Policing


Buffalo, NY — In the land of the free, playing football in your neighborhood street can be a criminal act which can often be met with police force. Kids in a Buffalo neighborhood were about to experience what playing football looks like in a police state — that is, until Officer Patrick McDonald showed up to the call.

Time and again, we’ve seen children held at gunpoint for walking home from a basketball game or assaulted for riding a bike. However, this story is different and it shows what a positive effect a compassionate officer can have when he uses his officer’s discretion while policing.

“I joined them for a couple of downs, and as you can see it’s taken on a life of its own,” McDonald said about the video which has since gone viral after being posted on social media this week.

“I’d just like to think that any other officer would have done the same thing that I did, and I bet there’s others who probably have,” he added.

As Buffalo News reported, the videos even got the attention of Buffalo Mayor Byron W. Brown, who called the episode “community policing at its best.”

Here’s what happened:

When Officer Patrick McDonald responded to a nuisance call of children playing football in the street, he just joined in. Video footage shows Officer McDonald walking from his car toward the football game asking, “Where we lining up?”

The next video shows the officer running and catching a Hail Mary pass.

In the final video, he jokes with one of the children that he should write up a police report because he just got robbed.

Even after the officer was done playing with the kids, he engaged in humor as he pulled off in his cruiser. What could have been a terrible situation involving the arrest and assault of juveniles ended instead with a community coming together.

When police officers choose to use discretion instead of the escalation of force, everybody wins. Officer McDonald has set the bar for other officers who may or may not be so likely to oblige.

This is what community policing looks like.

When reporting on this incident, the Free Thought Project would be remised if we didn’t show you a story of the opposite of McDonald’s behavior.

As the Free Thought Project previously reported, the Cleveland Police Department actually confiscated a basketball goal and ticketed the owner for having it.

According to Toledo News Now, as a kind gesture, a woman, Cheri Fiorilli, had bought the goal for her neighbors for helping her out.

But in Cleveland, it happens to be illegal to play basketball in the street.

Instead of merely talking to the kids and engaging in conversation — or a game, like McDonald did — these cops just did their jobs, and ruined all trust in the community in a single move.

Cell phone video shows Fiorilli asked if there could be a warning. An officer answered, “There’s nothing I can do.”

She offered to move it immediately, and she was told there’s no leeway.

Fiorilli and the kids were left stunned as the cop threatened to arrest the woman over her basketball goal.

“I need to see your driver’s license again. If not, I have to arrest you for refusing to comply,” said the officer.

Instead of a community coming together and laughing as the officer drove away with a new found trust in police, these citizens were left with a citation and the view of cops driving down the street with a basketball goal in their trunk.

Below is a video of how not to police.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/police-football-compassion-video/

Cop Responds to Complaint of Kids Playing Football by Joining In–This is Community Policing

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