Cops Raid School, Hold Teacher at Gun Point, Terrify Kids to Look for an Absent Student


Denver, CO – Community members are horrified after they say police officers conducted a classroom-to-classroom search with guns drawn and interrogated teachers and students in a charter school, all to look for a student who was absent. While the police department released a statement justifying the incident, teachers are claiming that police are lying “to save face.”

The staff and students were traumatized,” Lucas Ketzer, principal at Rise Up Community School, told the Denver Post as he described the way a group of police officers raided the building in their search for a student who was not in attendance.

Officers stormed the school and began searching the classrooms, and Ketzer said that when a science teacher “told officers they could not search her room without a warrant” they pushed her aside, and entered the classroom where they “pulled students out of their chairs, removed their hats and asked them for their IDs as they searched.”

When I was sitting in class, they came bursting in, and then they were like in everybody’s faces, like looking at us, and I felt so unsafe,” student Mary Jimenez told Padres & Jóvenes Unidos. She said the officers singled one student out, grabbed him by the arm, and forced him to remove his hat so that they could compare him to the photo of the student they were targeting.

The principal also told the Post that the officers scoured the building with their guns drawn and when a faculty member opened a back door to check for students, “multiple officers pointed their guns at her.”

However, when the Denver Police Department released a statement responding to the incident, it claimed that the “officers that were inside, did not draw their weapons at any point during the search for the suspect.”

On April 24th, 2018, Denver Police officers responded to Rise Up Community School in search of a suspect wanted for attempted first-degree murder—this incident occurred the night before in another metro-area jurisdiction. Officers received information that the suspect was in the school, and given the nature of the allegations, believed the suspect posed a possible threat to students and staff.

When officers arrived, they set up outside of the school to ensure the suspect did not leave the building. Given the imminent and potentially dangerous circumstances, and confirmation from a staff member that the suspect was inside, a warrant was not required to search inside the building for the suspect.”

While the statement claimed that police worked “with the principal to eventually gain access to the building,” and then after the raid, “staff met with the principal to discuss the situation and offered a follow-up meeting,” teachers and faculty members at the school are insisting that the opposite is true.

Ketzer told ABC 7 that police “never told him there was any threat,” and when he told the officers that the student they were looking for was not at the school, they refused to believe him and proceeded to search every classroom in the building.

Those lies put the safety of 100 students at risk and those lies are meant for them to save face. I want people to be held accountable,” Ketzer said.

The school principal also noted that the majority of the students at Rise Up Community School came to the charter school after they had struggles at other schools, many of which involved bad experiences with police. As a result, Ketzer said he is concerned that being interrogated by officers when they were attempting to learn in school, would only serve to further destroy the students’ trust in police.

Padres & Jóvenes Unidos is condemning the incident and calling it an example of why police should not be given open access to schools. In a statement, the organization called for an investigation and accused the Denver Police Department of choosing to put students and teachers in harm’s way.”

“After being informed by the administration that the student was not at school, DPD waited approximately fifteen minutes—during which time they conferred with the DPS Department of Safety—before conducting a search. They refused to produce a warrant when asked, and armed officers went from classroom to classroom harassing students and staff. At one point weapons were drawn on a member of the faculty,” the statement said.

Footage of the police raid on the school has yet to be publicly released. If you would like to contact the Denver Police Department to voice your opinion on this incident, call (720) 913-2000 or visit the department’s Facebook page.

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Why the April 14th Missiles-Invasion of Syria Was a Historic Turning-Point

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Silver & Gold Is THE END POINT Of This Monetary Revolution

John Rubino says we’re going back to basing our monetary system on physical gold & silver. Here’s why…

John Rubino interviewed on Future Money Trends

There is so much economic turmoil and uncertainty simmering under the surface that it’s hard to keep up with it all, but John Rubino can put the pieces together like few can.

John says there’s a huge crisis that’s coming ahead, both for President Trump and for the economy.

From President Trump overseeing a historic market crash to having to deal with the pension bubble, one thing is clear: we’ve passed the point of no return.

For what this means for the economy and the monetary system moving forward, tune into the interview in its entirety below:

Silver Doctors

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Joe Concha: Media’s Trump Anger Mostly ‘Performance Art at This Point’

Fox News Channel
Tucker Carlson Tonight
February 8, 2018
8:47:34 PM Eastern

TUCKER CARLSON: It’s a bit bad if the President likes something the press will hate it. It’s like a physics principle opposite reaction thing. Reaching new extremes on that though, this week it emerged that after visiting France the president became enthusiastic about a military parade and thought why should have one here like the one after World War II or Desert Storm. So, of course, he was labeled a tyrant almost immediately.


CARLSON: Who let all the dumb people on TV? It’s unbelievable. Joe Concha covers the media for The Hill he joins us tonight. So, Joe, my favorite. By the way, I’m totally agnostic. I just don’t have any strong feelings one way or the other, but I do love the guy—I think he was a Green Party candidate for something, who said he was going to stand in front of the tanks like tank man in Tiananmen Square in ’89. Would he be joined by reporters, do you think?

JOE CONCHA: It’s sounding like it based on that montage, Tucker. Look, I’m in New Jersey. Background kind of gives that away. And in New York, I go to a couple parades that go on there per year. In fact, there are actually more than 20 parades per year basically almost every week during the summer in New York. I mean, you have the Coney Island mermaid parade, you have the Pulaski parade which honors a Polish American hero from the American revolutionary war. Then you have the big ones like Macy’s and the Saint Patrick’s day parade which I may or may not have been too. The details are sketchy. The point is we have a lot of parades in this country and even outside this country, South Korea, where the Winter Olympics are starting tomorrow they had military parades. France you mentioned that before, it’s where the President got his idea.

Look, I always love to play a game in these situations. Take out the name “Trump” proposes military parade and put in a name like Biden. And let’s say Joe Biden said: “You know what would be a great idea? To honor the folks in our military July 4th, in Washington, D.C.” Would you see one snip of a reaction? I don’t think so.

CARLSON: Can I ask you sort of a meta question here? If Trump is a dangerous authoritarian dictator, why does it seem like left-wing federal judges are making all the key decisions?

CONCHA: That’s a very good point. I mean, as far as press freedoms, I can at least speak to that. We had a daily briefing today. We’ve had daily briefings almost every day. And reporters are still on Air Force One. It seems the freedom of the press in terms of the opinions and the ability to report hasn’t been impeded in any way. So, the totalitarianism argument doesn’t seem to really apply here.


CARLSON: So, very quickly, I know you are not a physician and I’m not either. But, do you think it’s healthy to be as angry as a lot of these cable figures seem to be all the time every day?

CONCHA: Oh, I think we’re seeing a lot more performance art at this point, Tucker. I think we have talked about this. They are playing to a crowd. They know that their audience primarily is anti-Trump on some other networks. And they are just playing into their emotions. I don’t even think they are angry about half this stuff. They say, “Okay, what can we do to rile up our audience today?”

CARLSON: Good. I hope not because I’m starting to worry about Jim Acosta. Is he going to be okay? But that’s reassuring. Joe, thank you very much.

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A Pivotal Point In The Campaign To Stop The Damage Being Done From GMOs & Vaccines

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Important Note from Collective Evolution: Before reading, please keep in mind that we’ve published multiple, heavily sourced articles regarding the GMO/Vaccine issues.

Many of our articles regarding vaccines come from Robert F. Kennedy Jr of The World Mercury Project. You can view them HERE, all of the most recent up-to-date science regarding this issue can be found there.

Below is an article written by the Collective Evolution core team, but there are multiple dozens on our site. This one in particular gives a general overview of the science and information out there as to why more parents are choosing not to vaccinate their children.

The Top 6 Reasons Why Parents Should Never Be Forced To Vaccinate Their Child

Researchers Show Where The Aluminum Goes After It’s Injected Into A Babies Body From A Vaccine

To read our articles on the Gardasil /HPV vaccine, you can click here.

When it comes to the GMO debate, you can refer to the below articles for why our stance is the way it is on that topic:

Federal Lawsuit Forces The US Government To Divulge Secret Files On Genetically Engineered Foods

How Monsanto Genetically Modifies Our Food Compared To What Happens Naturally In Nature

The GMO Agenda takes a menacing leap forward with EPA’s Silent Approval of Monsanto/Dow’s RNAI Corn

Study Links GMOs To Cancer, Liver Kidney Damage & Severe Hormonal Disruption

New Study Finds A Very Strong Correlation Between GMOs and Two Dozen Diseases

Many anti-GMO activists are convinced there is a connection between glyphosate along with genetically engineered foods, and the increasing levels of autism in children. My research has led me to put the blame for autism and other developmental disorders at the feet of the vaccine industry but in reality I think that both the biotechnology and the vaccine industries are implicated in the exponential rates of these diseases and other adverse health events.

Related CE Article: Study Shows How Glyphosate & Aluminum Operate Synergistically To Destroy The Human Brain

Jeffrey Smith is the author of Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and Government Lies about the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You’re Eating, and Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives. In a presentation called The Real Truth about GMO’s he speaks about how the consumption of genetically modified foods are causing all sorts of health issues such as gut problems, brain fog, allergies, skin rashes, fatigue, asthma, and autism and that these conditions improve when eating GMO food ceases. In fact, thousands of US doctors are now prescribing GM free diets.

The revolution is beginning.

However a few notes on how we have arrived at this point are in order.

Tragically, Monsanto, otherwise known as the “most evil corporation on Earth” with their dirty products such as Agent Orange and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s), is in charge of our food supply. This is a company which along with Archer Daniels Midland, Sodexo and Tyson Foods were responsible for  The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009: HR 875   which gave the corporate factory farms a virtual monopoly to police and control all foods grown anywhere, including one’s own backyard

The FDA declares that testing of these novel genetic modifications is not required before they are released. Monsanto merely needs to tell the FDA that their products are safe. That is all that is needed before they are sold, and then eaten by the public.

However many studies show very real problems in animals fed GM food. One of these independent studies found that buffalo, goats and sheep in India are dying after grazing on Bt cotton plants. Those who care for the animals are also getting sick with skin rashes and respiratory issues.

Jeffrey Smith describes the production of a genetically modified organism (GMO)

A bacterium such as Bacillus thuringiensis is used to create a corn plant that is able to produce its own toxic insecticide. The Bt toxin from the bacillus makes holes in the cell walls of insects to kill them. From there the gene from the bacterium is used to make millions of copies which are shot via a gene gun into millions of corn cells – with the hope that genes find their way into the DNA of some of the cells, which are then cloned, becoming Bt corn.

Massive damage is caused to the DNA of the plant by this process of insertion and cloning in that 2-4% of the DNA is changed. This is significant, for these changes may result in an increase or decrease in the amount of proteins in the plant. The changes may also mean that some genes are shut off or that silent genes are turned on.

But did the regulators and the biotech industry look for these changes before the GM corn went on the market? Incredibly and inexcusably they did not. With the GM corn already in the food supply an independent scientist found there were 43 proteins that had changed in the process of creating the corn. One gene that was previously silent had been switched on and was a known allergen, able to cause allergy or death in the susceptible consumer. There were also other proteins that during the process of cloning had changed shape.  According to Smith such changes are important and can cause no harm or can be lethal. And yet the regulators don’t believe this experimental stuff needs testing.

This is really alarming in that greater than 90% of all soybean, cotton and corn acreage in the U.S. is used to grow genetically engineered crops. Other approved novel foods include sugar beets, alfalfa, canola, papaya and summer squash.

Of this runaway technology Jeffrey Smith claims:

We are taking the products of this immature science causing massive damage to the most compactified level of nature – the DNA.

But in the eyes of Monsanto the ideal future looks like this:

One hundred per cent of all commercial seeds would be GM and patented.

As Jeffrey Smith has said:

They are planning to replace nature. This is a pivotal time.

The main reason for genetically engineering plants is to sell more herbicide. Yes, this gamble with the very basis of life is so our food can be sprayed with poison.  Every year 2 billion kilograms of the water soluble carcinogen – Glyphosate is used worldwide. It’s in our air, in our rainfall, in the plants, our food and in our bodies.

Glyphosate binds with plant minerals so these nutrients are unavailable for the plant. In the process, plants are made deficient in nutrients and become weak and sick and so do the animals who eat the plants. We eat the crops and the sick animals and it’s no surprise that we too, fall ill. The reason it is such a successful herbicide is because it deprives the plants of nutrients and creating diseases in the soil around it.

As to how the consumption of Glyphosate affects humans…

Glyphosate blocks the shikimate pathway in our gut. The bacteria in our bodies use this important pathway to create L-Tryptophan, an essential amino acid that is so important to our well being. Mood and behaviour are improved when we switch to organic foods.

The currently accepted dogma is that glyphosate is not harmful to humans because the shikimate pathway is absent in all animals. However, this pathway is present in both human and mammal’s gut bacteria, which play a massively important and heretofore largely overlooked role in human physiology

Some actions we can take to remove our food supply from this corporate power:

  • Ensure that what we eat is natural
  • Grow our own food
  • Ask restaurants whether their food is GM. Menus are now gluten free so how about asking for a GM free menu.
  • Sharing information about GM foods and how to avoid them

And as we spread the word about GMO’s we must also protest the number of chemically laden vaccines our children now receive. In the US the number of vaccines given to children from birth to the age of 18 years is now 74 doses.

The wise words of osteopathic physician and anti-vaccination activist Dr Sherri Tenpenny come to mind:

True health cannot come from a needle. Injecting people with something to try to keep them well is a 200 year mistake.

The rate of autism in the US is now 1 in 25. Of course autism isn’t the only adverse event that frequently occurs after vaccination. Chronic pain conditions, seizures, gastro-intestinal disorders, arthritis in its many forms, diabetes and infertility are among the huge and ever growing list of side effects.

A vaccine that has the highest number of adverse events of any vaccine is Gardasil the HPV vaccine that is marketed as preventative against cervical cancer even though there is no proof that the vaccine has ever prevented a single case of cervical cancer in the world. Brian Hooker, father of a vaccine-damaged child speaking in Vaccines Revealed calls it:

A dirty vaccine…loaded with aluminium. Aluminium doesn’t belong in the human body.

But in spite of the fact that there are now over 81,000 recorded adverse events following the administration of Gardasil the manufacturers are trialling it on babies. This sadly is true. We urgently need to turn this around.

But not before a new cohort of 12-13 year-olds are injected with the latest HPV vaccine. Gardasil 9 has 5 more antigens and more than twice the amount of aluminium per shot than Gardasil.

From the start of this school year Australian teenagers will be injected with Gardasil 9 replacing the quadrivalent Gardasil.

Lack of safety studies on Gardasil 9

In 2014 the US FDA approved the use of Gardasil 9 for females ages 9 to 26 years and males ages 9 to 15 years for prevention of vulvar, vaginal, anal, and cervical cancers. Gardasil 9 is marketed as protective against nine HPV types: 6, 11, 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52, and 58.

Even though the vaccine is new, the approval by the FDA was completed without the usual review given by the VRBPAC (the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee). The committee is responsible for reviewing and evaluating the safety of vaccines and other health products.

A letter to the FDA from Marion Gruber, Director of Office of Vaccines Research and Review CBER gives the reason for their decision:

 Our review of information submitted in your BLA (biologics license application) including the clinical study design and trial results, did not raise concerns or controversial issues which would have benefited from an advisory committee discussion.

But there is much evidence to suggest that this review needed to be done. Rather than use an inert placebo such as normal saline, Gardasil 9 was compared directly to the quadrivalent Gardasil in two of the studies. A comparison with Gardasil is hardly reassuring for there have been thousands of adverse events and hundreds of deaths  following its administration.

These are 2 very different vaccines. Gardasil 9 has 5 more antigens than the quadrivalent Gardasil. Also in Gardasil 9 the HPV antigens 6, 16, and 18 have been increased.

Gardasil                                   Gardasil 9

How do the changes to the number and strength of the antigens affect the recipients of this new vaccine?

Increased amounts of the aluminium adjuvent

Gardasil 9 contains 500 mcg of aluminium per dose. This is more than double the amount of aluminium contained in a dose of Gardasil which has 225 mcg.  It is alarming that this huge amount of aluminium is to be injected into young bodies. This is because aluminium causes the body to turn against itself. This is what we are seeing in many of the girls who have had their lives severely affected after their Gardasil shots.

One of the severe adverse events is premature ovarian failure in young teenage girls. POF occurs due to the destruction by aluminium of the maturation process of the eggs in the ovaries. Shockingly this condition is underreported at the present time because many girls are on the contraceptive pill but once they stop the damage will be obvious. This is very serious, more infertility and loads of heartache to follow.

Disturbingly the aluminium adjuvant in these vaccines does not require clinical approval. Gardasil and Gardasil 9 contain amorphous aluminium hydroxyphosphate sulphate (AAHS) a new form of aluminium which causes the immune system to become 104 times more powerfully stimulated than would occur naturally. It is important to be aware that this HPV vaccination program continues despite the fact that there is no scientific proof that the vaccines have ever prevented a single case of cervical cancer. And the adverse events continue to increase after administration of the HPV vaccines.

In FDA approved Gardasil 9: Malfeasance or Stupidity?  researcher Norma Erickson has examined the Gardasil 9 package insert where she found that the rate of serious adverse events in the trials of Gardasil 9 was 2.3 %. This means that for every 100,000 people who are given Gardasil 9 there will be 2300 serious adverse events and yet the cervical cancer rate in the US is around 7 women per 100,000. Talk about insanity!

And that’s not all she found when she examined the insert package. During the trials 2.4% of the recipients developed an autoimmune disorder which means that 2400 people could now be suffering from new diseases just because they had this new Gardasil 9.

And there’s more to be learnt about the development of autoimmunity. Norma Erickson explains the process of molecular mimicry as it applies to Gardasil in a presentation Humphries/Erickson – What Biologically Plausible Mechanisms of Action are Health Agencies Ignoring? Within the many proteins found in our bodies there are 82 peptides. One of the antigens in Gardasil, the HPV 16 LI protein, almost identically matches 34 of these peptides. The importance of this information is as Erickson explains:

It is extremely possible that when you develop an antibody to the HPV 16 protein you are also developing an antibody reaction to your own system in multiple locations. The number of viral matches and locations makes the occurrence of autoimmune cross reactions in the human body following HPV 16 vaccination almost unavoidable.

We need to keep protesting the under-reported tragedy that is the theory and practice of vaccination. Our recent ancestors managed to live healthy lives without genetically engineering their food supply and over vaccinating their children.

Let’s turn this around.

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Chicago Carjackings Surge To Highest Point In At Least A Decade

Chicago residents suffered more carjackings in 2017 than in any other year since at least 2007, new statistics released by the Chicago Police Department (CPD) show.

The CPD reported 967 carjackings in 2017 through Dec. 27, a sharp 30 percent increase over 2016’s 682 total, the Chicago Tribune reported Sunday. The past three years have shown a stark upward trend in car thefts after eight consecutive years of decline since 2007, when 898 jackings were reported. The crime rate bottomed out at roughly 300 reports in 2014.

“We constantly look at it, but to just give you a simple answer is difficult,” Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson told the Tribune. “Sometimes you can’t predict what these (carjackers) are going to do and how they’re going to do it.”

The CPD have joined with the FBI to create a carjacking task force, however. They have reported that one of the most popular carjacking methods is the “bump and run,” where a driver will lightly rear-end another car only for his passenger to steal the vehicle when the owner gets out to inspect the damage.

These incidents almost always include the use of force, with the passenger threatening the owner with a weapon before stepping driving off in the vehicle.

Drivers often get their vehicles back due to police effort or thieves simply ditching the vehicle in a parking lot. A Tribune reporter had her car stolen in early December only for police to recover it a week later when they received reports of a group of teens driving it down a road in the wrong direction.

Another women, Teena Christmas, 63, told the Tribune that she’d had her car stolen in early November. She got into her car and was about to close the door when a robber pointed a gun at her head and ordered her to get out, and she did.

Christmas got her car back on the day after Christmas, when police found it ditched in a parking lot.

“When I got the car back it looked like they had taken it to a car wash. It was so clean inside,” Christmas said. “The only thing that was in there was candy paper and the smell of reefer.”

Her belongings inside the car were gone.


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