7 questions to ask yourself when planning a wedding

Challenge the notion that you have to blow the bank account just to throw a good party. There are smarter ways of doing it.

Are you planning to get married this summer? If so, now’s the time to start thinking about how you plan to pay for this milestone event. The average wedding in the United States costs more than $32,600, according to the Knot. Sure, it’s supposed to be one of the best days of your life, but that’s one heck of a lot of money to spend at a time in life when you may be carrying student debt, saving for a down payment on a house, or hoping to start a family.

We’ve written numerous times on TreeHugger about how to keep your wedding day as simple and green as possible, but we haven’t really delved into an explicitly financial side of things until now. These are some very important questions you and your partner should ask each other before making any plans.

1. When do you want to get married?

The time of year that you choose affects cost significantly. Venue prices increase during the summer months, when everyone else is getting married, which means you can save a lot by having a wedding in the off-season. I see this as a major upside; guests will not be suffering from ‘wedding fatigue,’ as I experienced in 2012, when I was invited to eight weddings. Instead, they’ll be excited and ready to party.

Even the time of day matters. You should consider a brunch wedding or a weeknight wedding, both of which would reduce the cost of venue, food, and definitely the amount of alcohol consumed.

2. What is the most important aspect of a wedding for you?

This is deeply personal. This is about what makes a wedding in your eyes, and everyone will have different opinions. Your answer to this should guide your spending decisions and help you determine where it is most worthwhile to allocate your hard-earned dollars. For me and my husband, our passions are food and music, so we spent money on a local, family-owned caterer and hired a live dance band. To offset that expense, however, I borrowed a wedding dress and we had a cash bar.

3. How much can you save in a month?

It’s never a good idea to pay for something as huge as a wedding on credit, so start saving now if your big day is coming up. Knowing how much you can realistically save should determine what kind of wedding you plan. I like this basic equation from Elizabeth Siedt, writing for The Financial Diet:

“W = M + T, where W is the wedding stuff that’s important to you, M is the money you can save each month, and T is the timing of when you want to get married”

Siedt goes on to write:

Your mileage may vary, I will continue to shout! The wedding that is important to you might be a big old traditional affair, full of flowers and a live band. That sounds lovely! I’d love to attend. But if you’re trying to afford it all yourselves, maybe take a peek at our little equation, and see how you can balance it all out, so you too can get married without taking on debt together right off the bat. Save that headache for the house buying, friends.”

4. What can you simplify or eliminate?

There are countless wedding-related expenses that couples are quick to spend on, and yet make little sense, since there are free or much cheaper versions available. Sometimes it just requires you to break with tradition. Take invitations, for example. Does anybody really like juggling save-the-dates and invitations? Do you like receiving invitations and having to keep track of them? What if you sent an email instead? It’s free!

Challenge the white wedding dress tradition. Can you wear something you already own or buy another fabulous dress that you can reuse for decades? Do the bridesmaids have to match, or can they wear whatever they please?

I liked Drew Housman’s idea for getting free wedding pictures. He wrote on The Simple Dollar:

“Everyone has a smartphone these days, and everyone loves to take pictures at a wedding. Why not just fully crowdsource our photography? If we send an email message to all of our friends and family after the wedding asking for them to upload their favorite images into a designated Dropbox folder, we’re sure to come away with plenty of fantastic pictures.”

5. Can guests provide services instead of gifts?

Nowadays, many couples are already living together by the time they get married, so often don’t need physical gifts. Ask if any of your guests would consider giving their skills or services to your wedding preparations, in lieu of gifts. As a violinist and former professional wedding musician myself, I’ve done this on a number of occasions for friends. It saves both of us the hassle of hiring and shopping. Guests might be able to loan you a tent, help with cooking, take care of the invitations, do floral arrangements, style hair and makeup.

6. What other financial goals are you trying to accomplish?

Chance are there will never be another day in your life when so many cash gifts drop into your lap. Now imagine if you could use all that money to work toward major financial goals — making a down payment, paying down a loan, investing in school, topping up a TFSA. But most newlyweds, sadly, will be using it to pay down an enormous credit card bill incurred by their wedding celebration. They’ll be lucky to break even at the end of the day. Is it really worth it? I don’t think so, because we all know a great party can be had without breaking the bank. Stay focused on your longer-term goals and don’t let a stylized dream of a fairytale wedding derail you. Let those gifts of money work for you.

Finally, this next question might seem a bit late if you’re already in the wedding planning phase, but it’s still worth examining closely:

7. Who are you marrying?

Whether you like it or not, the person you choose to marry is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make. It can make or break your bank account. Take a close look at your fiancé(e)’s spending habits. Are they someone who shares your money goals, or is at least willing to learn and change? If not, be very cautious. As Catherine Alford writes for The Simple Dollar:

“Many of these spending habits are clearly evident during the dating phase, and should set off alarms. After all, financial disagreements early in a relationship can be a leading predictor of divorce. But people, blinded by love and a desire to get married, overlook them.”

The biggest takeaway from all this is that you don’t need to max out your credit line in order to have a good time. Surround yourself with people who care deeply about you and focus on the things that bring you the greatest joy. You do not owe anyone a lavish party that will create months or years of stressful debts (and, frankly, anyone who thinks you do shouldn’t be invited).

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Bye and sorry for the mess! US not planning to contribute money to Iraq reconstruction

Iraq war destruction


As a primary candidate, Donald Trump championed a quasi-isolationist foreign policy. At one Republican primary debate, Trump argued that America had “done a tremendous disservice to humanity” in the Middle East.

“The people that have been killed, the people that have been wiped away – and for what?” the mogul asked. “The Middle East is totally destabilized, a total and complete mess. I wish we had the 4 trillion dollars or 5 trillion dollars. I wish it were spent right here in the United States on schools, hospitals, roads, airports, and everything else that are all falling apart!”

Trump still insisted that America must defend itself against attack (or, potentially, disrespect) with overwhelming force, up to and including deliberate war crimes. But his overriding foreign policy message was, nevertheless, that America should trim its imperial sails, and reallocate resources to the home front.

President Trump’s foreign policy has been decidedly different. Since taking office he has escalated American involvement in virtually every foreign conflict while calling for cuts to domestic spending and massive increases in the Pentagon’s budget. He regularly touts the necessity of a global military presence and preemptive wars with bromides like, “Past experience has taught us that complacency and concessions only invite aggression and provocation.” If the budget currently before Congress is passed, we will spend $716 billion on our military next year.

And yet, when it comes to non-military overseas spending, Trump has retained the isolationist outlook of his early campaign – calling for sweeping cuts to both the State Department and foreign aid. Which is to say: He has embraced a foreign policy that increases America’s involvement in policing the planet – while reducing the diplomatic and “soft power” tools it has for doing so. The result is a geopolitical strategy that is no more nationalist or isolationist than the one Trump inherited, but simply more violent and stupid.

Observe how the Trump doctrine is playing out in post-ISIS Iraq:

The United States does not plan to contribute any money at a conference in Kuwait next week to fund Iraq’s reconstruction drive after the war against Islamic State forces, U.S. and Western officials said, a move critics say could deal a new blow to American standing internationally…Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has said his country needs up to $100 billion to fix crumbling infrastructure and cities devastated by the conflict against Islamic State.

A shortage of reconstruction funds could increase the danger of reinvigorating grievances among the minority Iraqi Sunnis against Iraq’s Shi’te-led government.

… In response to a query to the State Department about the lack of a U.S. contribution, a U.S. official pointed to the billions of dollars the U.S. has committed to financing loans and restoring basic services to Iraqi towns and cities in the immediate aftermath of fighting.

“The immediate stabilization needs remain vast, and limited U.S. government resources alone cannot meet these current and pressing needs, let alone consider supporting long-term reconstruction,” the U.S. official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The administration argues that private-sector investment, combined with aid from Saudi Arabia, should be able to meet Iraq’s long-term reconstruction needs. But Jeremy Konyndyk, former head of USAID’s Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance, told Reuters that private capital would want “to see the risks of their investments in Iraq mitigated by U.S. government contributions.”

If Trump’s position were that America simply has no interest in expending resources on the internal affairs of Iraq, then this policy might be strategically coherent (if perhaps, morally objectionable). But that isn’t his position. This White House believes that countering both ISIS and Iranian influence are both vital national security interests for the United States. Thus, the administration had no problem spending billions upon billions of dollars fighting ISIS in Iraq – and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again, were the militant group to regain territory.

In short, President Trump is happy to spend billions on a pound of cure, but not millions on an ounce of prevention. If killing bad guys is the objective, then money is no object; if stabilizing wartorn regions through humanitarian aid is the proposition, then “limited U.S. government resources alone cannot meet these current and pressing needs.”

Source Article from https://www.sott.net/article/376843-Bye-and-sorry-for-the-mess-US-not-planning-to-contribute-money-to-Iraq-reconstruction

Is Israel Planning Another Gaza War?

Is Israel Planning Another Gaza war?

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

According to the pan-Arab Al-Hayat broadsheet, Hamas’ leadership and other Gaza resistance groups believe Israel is preparing for more war on the Strip – three earlier ones launched in the past nine years.

Hamas Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigade leader Yahya Sinwar declared a high-level security alert. Hamas’ Gaza headquarters was evacuated.

Security checkpoints were set up throughout the Strip, along with an increased police presence.

Measures were taken in response to Israeli forces massed near Gaza’s border, ahead of upcoming land, sea and air military exercises, simulating a major conflict, US troops involved.

Last Friday, Israeli warplanes destroyed a Hamas observation post. Tensions between Israel and its leadership heightened in recent weeks.

Trump’s international negotiator Jason Greenblatt disgracefully blamed Hamas for misery inflicted on two million Gazans by Israel’s decade-long illegal blockade, along with frequent cross-border and aerial attacks.

He turned truth on its head accusing Hamas of choosing violence over improving Palestinian lives. Israel bears full responsibility for high crimes against millions of Palestinians.

Blaming victims is commonplace US and Israeli practice. Netanyahu’s regime believes Gaza’s economic collapse could trigger conflict – only if the IDF initiates it.

Cast Lead, Pillar of Cloud and Protective Edge wars were preemptively launched by Israel – each operation planned months in advance – Hamas and Gazans victims of Israeli aggression.

On Sunday during a cabinet meeting, IDF chief of staff Gadi Eisenkot warned of another war because of deteriorating humanitarian and economic conditions.

Things have been this way for years. The notion of Hamas launching war on Israel is ludicrous. It’s a victim of Israeli viciousness, not an aggressor.

Claiming deplorable conditions in Gaza may draw Israel into another war sounds ominously like Netanyahu, other ministers and Eisenkot intend one – maybe something more devastating than earlier Israeli wars of aggression.

VISIT MY NEW WEB SITE: stephenlendman.org (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


Source Article from https://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Opinion/234362-2018-02-08-is-israel-planning-another-gaza-war.htm?EdNo=001&From=RSS

UK goes crazy, says Russia is planning mass murder


UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson is really settling into his job, and started the weekend early by scaring the hell out of the British public by claiming Russia could cause “thousands and thousands and thousands” of deaths.

Why stop there? Why not millions of deaths? Or trillions? Gazillions?

“What they [Russia] are looking at doing is they are going to be thinking ‘How can we just cause so much pain to Britain?’” Williamson said. “Damage its economy, rip its infrastructure apart, actually cause thousands and thousands and thousands of deaths, but actually have an element of creating total chaos within the country.”

Firstly, congratulations on your ongoing efforts to speak English, Mr Williamson – you’re getting very close to fluency, keep it up.

Secondly, if Russia really wanted to cause chaos in Britain, it wouldn’t worry about damaging some power lines, it would simply donate to the Tory party’s reelection fund.

This isn’t even the first time this week Williamson has been behind scaremongering using Russia. He deployed the nation’s top general on Monday to use Moscow as a reason to push for more funding from the government. Will someone please give the man some money?!

If we’re all honest, there is a good chance that Russia is making contingency plans in the event of conflict, because, y’know, that is what militaries tend to do, especially when the defence secretary of another nation spends his time talking up war against you.

For example, those weapons that Williamson wants to buy for Britain’s military aren’t for international tickling contests. They’re part of contingency plans to cause thousands and thousands and thousands of deaths, should they have to.

The huge aircraft carriers Britain is aiming to put to sea tend to cause a certain amount of chaos and death when they park up next to a sandy country somewhere.

Those trident missiles? Guess what they could do, Gavin.

The talk of war is coming from the West, not the east. Even on BBC Radio 4’s Today program this morning, a reporter suggested that some people may describe Williamson’s words as “alarmist.” Yeah, a f***ing great klaxon alarm.

The threat basically suggests Russia wants to unplug Britain. “They are looking at these things because they are saying these are the ways that we can hurt Britain,” Williamson said.

“If we lost our interconnectors, which would be something that we know that they are looking at, there would be 3 million homes without electricity. In a few years’ time there will be 8 million homes that would be dependent.

“If you could imagine the domestic and industrial chaos that this would actually cause. What they would do is cause the chaos and then step back. This is the real threat that I believe the country is facing at the moment.”

It’s a real mystery what Williamson thinks would happen then. After the globe’s biggest financial center has been unplugged, the chaos wouldn’t stop at the English Channel – it would go global, and Russia’s on the globe too.

It cannot be underlined enough that this rhetoric is aimed solely at seeding fear in the government and population. These latest comments are so severe, it suggests that it’s now fair game to say anything about Russia, because no one seems to care whether it’s either true, or acceptable.



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Why You Should Start Planning For 2019 Instead Of 2018

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The New Year is generally a time where people feel pressured to think of a resolution for the year, something in our lives that we would like to change, to work on, to learn, to let go of etc. The media does a great job of reminding us of this too and more often than not, the most common resolution, is to lose weight.

It’s no wonder that gym membership sales soar during this time. If you’re anything like me, this thought of a resolution isn’t even really crossing your mind until after Christmas is over and then it’s just kind of like, “okay what’s not working? What should I try to change this year?”

Often we put little thought into these resolutions or we aren’t being fully serious about them. Instead of scrambling last-minute to think of something that we’d like to change during the upcoming year or feeling guilty because it’s now 3 weeks into 2018 and we have yet to even get started, maybe we should start thinking a bit more long-term. What do we want for ourselves? Do you ever ask yourself this simple question – what do I want? Rather than just thinking “I want to lose weight,” we could think a bit more holistically and long-term; “I want to change my eating habits, I want to eat more fruits and vegetables, I would like to live a more active lifestyle.”

This will inevitably bring you the weight loss that you’re after in a more sustainable way. So you could say by 2019, “I plan to have learned more about healthy eating, figured out which type of exercise I enjoy, and naturally have lost a few pounds,” if that’s your goal.

This common form of last minute thinking, or little focused YOU time, is exactly why we created The 5 Days of You Challenge here at CE. It includes videos, worksheets, exercises and a clear plan for you to get clear on what you want, align with your soul and journey towards self realization.

Thinking more long-term can have a dramatic impact on your goals and from there you can take the baby steps needed in order to reach that goal. Also, no joke, a vision board can be quite beneficial to help you to keep your eye on the prize so to speak and have a daily visual reminder of how you want your life to look and what you can do to get there… it’s important to be realistic with yourself. And I don’t mean in terms of what you can accomplish, because I want you to know, in case you don’t already know – you are a powerful being, and you are capable of creating, and manifesting absolutely anything you desire for yourself.

So, be realistic in terms of what you actually want, not what you think you should want. According to westernized society, we should all aim to get a degree, get married, buy a house, have children, etc. If that’s not what you truly desire in your heart, then don’t make that your goal. These dreams are for you and you alone. If you are unsure of this, then hey, don’t stress, you still have about 11 ¼ months to get clear… nah.. Undoubtedly this can take time, but you still have to get started and for that, I highly recommend writing in a journal. It’s interesting how powerful and effective writing in a journal can actually be. It’s as if when you put all of your jumbled up thoughts down on paper, you are clearing the space in your head and you are literally communicating with the universe. What you put out you will get back.

Check Yourself

Science has found that people with a higher level of self-efficacy and internal locus of control tend to radically outperform others.

Self-efficacy meaning your belief in your own ability to achieve your goals. How confident are you? And how’s your self talk? Do you tend to not think very highly of yourself and doubt your ability to actually achieve the things that you want for yourself?

Internal locus of control meaning a belief that you, not an external circumstance will determine the outcomes of your life.

External locus of control meaning a belief that factors that are outside of you determine the outcomes of your life.

The fact of the matter is that the majority of the population have low self-efficacy and an external locus of control and research has shown that people with these two traits,

So, are you a part of the majority? If so, then chances are that unless you check yourself, accomplishing your goals might be more difficult for you. But it is important for you to know that you and only you, are in control of your own life. Things are going to happen in the world, as they tend to all the time. But you are still in charge of your own life and how you react to those circumstances is entirely up to you. You have the power, you just have to realize that.

It’s easy to look at the lives of others and think to ourselves, “oh lucky them. They had a better chance, their parents have money, they had a better start,” but where is playing the victim really going to get you? Also, don’t forget that WE ALL FACE STRUGGLES in our lives, all of us, yes  – even the rich and famous. As Abraham Lincoln once said,

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

Some important things to remember,

  1. You have to believe that YOU ARE IN CONTROL of what happens to you in your life.
  2. You have to believe in YOUR OWN ABILITY to make things happen in your life, you have to remember that you are a powerful manifestor and can literally create anything you want for yourself. We are given the circumstances and challenges in our lives because we are strong and capable enough to overcome them.
  3. You and only you are responsible for the choices you make, your goals aren’t going to achieve themselves, stay focussed.
  4. You can’t lose hope, that’s a dangerous slope. ANYTHING is possible! Don’t ever forget that.

There are numerous books on this topic that can potentially help you to see this in yourself. Check out a list here! Also, a few that I have found to be quite insightful are, Excuses Begone! By Dr. Wayne Dyer and Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself, by Dr. Joe Dispenza.  

And one more inspiring quote to leave you with,

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. It’s not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. -Marianne Williamson

Join the 5 Days of You Challenge that begins Monday January 29th 2018. The challenge includes videos, worksheets, exercises and a clear plan for you to get clear on what you want, align with your soul and journey towards self realization. You also get access to a private support community!

Sign up for the challenge here.

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German far-right ‘Reich Citizens’ planning own army, preparing for ‘Day X’ – reports

The stunning revelation came into the spotlight earlier this week after Germany’s Focus magazine published a report citing an assessment of the domestic intelligence agency, the BfV.

Responding to Focus’ request for comment, the BfV, the agency in charge of monitoring extremist groups threatening constitutional order, said the number of Reichsbuerger (Citizens of the Reich in German) members had grown to 15,600 as of January – with the figure marking a dramatic increase of more than 50 percent within one year.

The highest number of extremists is in Bavaria, where the authorities recorded about 3,500 “Reich Citizens.” The former hotbed of German Nazism is followed by the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg with 2,500, and North Rhine-Westphalia with 2,200 members. Further down the list are Lower Saxony with 1,400, and Saxony with 1,300 Reichsbuerger.

In addition, the extremist movement is reportedly nurturing plans to set up an armed wing and stage violent acts, Focus reported. “They have begun preparing themselves for Day X,” an unnamed security official told the magazine, allegedly referring to a day of reckoning or uprising against the government.

The Reichsbuerger, a loose association of nationalist groups spread across the country, believe that modern-day Germany and its political institutions are run by a puppet government installed by the victors in World War II, which makes them illegitimate.

Many members of the group are considered to be on the extreme right. They maintain that the old German Reich – which ceased to exist in 1945 after the capitulation of Nazi Germany – should be restored in its pre-1937 borders, which included large swathes of land in Poland, Czech Republic and other neighboring countries.

In the past, members of the Reichsbuerger movement were often perceived as eccentric conspiracy theorists, but a string of attacks on police prompted the German government to take aim at the extremists.

The radical movement made headlines both nationwide and internationally in October last year, when a 47-year-old gun enthusiast, Wolfgang P., shot and killed a rapid response police officer on his doorstep.

On the day the shooting happened, police officers arrived at Wolfgang P.’s house in the Bavarian town of Georgensgmuend, when the man, already armed with a loaded shotgun and wearing a kevlar vest, began shooting, firing 11 rounds in total. Three officers were injured, and one would later die in hospital.

In August 2016, Adrian Ursache, a former Mr Germany winner, opened fire at officers and was injured during a police raid on the house belonging to his parents-in-law, which he had proclaimed an autonomous state, ‘Ur’. In May 2014, police in Rhineland-Westphalia arrested the self-declared ruler of an imaginary state called ‘Germanitia’.

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Source Article from https://www.rt.com/news/416174-germany-reich-citizens-army/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS

Europe is ALL IN for renewable energy: They are planning to build an artificial island in the North Sea to support the world’s largest wind farm

Image: Europe is ALL IN for renewable energy: They are planning to build an artificial island in the North Sea to support the world’s largest wind farm

(Natural News)
By 2027, an artificial island in the North Sea could soon be providing renewable energy for at least 80 million individuals in Europe.

Dubbed the “North Sea Wind Power Hub,” the artificial power island will house “a small team of permanent staff.” The island will send electricity via long-distance cables to Britain and the Netherlands, and will also power Denmark, Germany, Norway, and Belgium.

The island could be built along Dogger Bank, which is located 78 miles (m) (125 km) off the coast of East Yorkshire coast. The “potential shallow and windy” location could be the site for the £1.3 billion ($1.75 billion) project, which would have its own “buildings for staff housing, an airport, a small network of roads, green spaces, and even an artificial lake.”

TenneT, a Dutch power grid operator that will back the project, recently issued a report which claims that the artificial island is going to be “billions of euros cheaper than conventional wind farms and international power cables.” Tennet believes that the North Sea Wind Power Hub will be an ingenious way of making offshore wind power more affordable because the available space by the coast will be filled up. Turbines will then be driven to “more expensive spots further out to sea.”

Rob van der Hage, the manager of TenneT’s offshore wind grid development program, shares that the industry’s dedication to continuing on with this “cost reduction path” is crucial. He added, “The big challenge we are facing towards 2030 and 2050 is onshore wind is hampered by local opposition and nearshore is nearly full. It’s logical we are looking at areas further offshore.”

Dogger Bank, which is about 15 to 36 meters deep, is shallow enough that it could possibly reduce the cost of the challenging project. However, the island will require a costly and enormous network of underwater cables, and it will need at least two to 2.3 square miles (sq mi) (five to six square kilometers [sq km]) of land to accommodate the equipment required to run it.

The plans for the island were drawn by energy companies from Denmark, the Netherlands, and Germany, such as Energinet, a Danish state-owned energy operator. Talks with the energy companies and industrial partners who will finance the project are ongoing.

The roadmap for the artificial island will be published this year in the Netherlands. Once successful, the island could be operational by 2027. Van der Hage adds that the wind farms will follow.

The power hub, which is based on a “hub and spoke principle,” was designed so it could help the European Union (EU) “meet targets for cuts in its carbon dioxide emissions.” Peder Østermark Andreasen, Energinet’s CEO, revealed that the project can spearhead a “further reduction in prices of grid connections and interconnections.” (Related: Huge turning point for renewable energy: Solar power is becoming the cheapest form of new electricity.)

Meanwhile, TenneT announced its wish to improve partnerships between the Netherlands and Germany. Plans for the island include five gigawatts of new offshore turbine farms that TenneT will provide infrastructure for.

In a statement, TenneT CEO Mel Kroon shared, “The ongoing coupling of the European energy markets will lead to more convergence of electricity prices in the various European countries, and will make electricity more affordable for end users.”

The pros and cons of wind energy

If you have the resources to purchase a wind turbine for home use, you could enjoy some of the pros of this particular kind of renewable energy, such as:

  • Wind energy is clean, and harnessing wind energy doesn’t produce harmful by-products.
  • Wind is free and it is also 100 percent renewable.
  • Even though wind turbines are expensive, they pay for themselves after a few years.
  • Power companies will even pay you back if you produce extra electricity.
  • The local or federal government may offer tax incentives for those who install wind turbines in their property.

Read more articles about the benefits of renewable energy at Power.news.


Sources include:





Source Article from http://www.naturalnews.com/2018-01-09-europe-is-all-in-for-renewable-energy-artificial-island-in-the-north-sea-worlds-largest-wind-farm.html

WaPo says "some" are concerned Nunes is planning corruption exposé on the FBI

Devin Nunes and Paul Ryan


Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., is now allowed to serve a leadership role in the Russian investigation, a fact that concerns some as he directs it toward the potential impropriety in FBI special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, according to The Washington Post.

Most of the fears lie in dangers of discrediting of the nation’s top law enforcement office, according to the report.

Nunes is reasserting himself as the panel’s chairman after he has been cleared this month by an ethics investigation that alleged he disclosed classified information provided to him by the White House, which included accusations of Obama administration officials improperly unmasking Trump campaign affiliates.

Amid the House ethics probe that had him on the sidelines of the Democrats’ most important attack on the presidency, Nunes had “deputized” other Republicans to run the probe while he was on the sidelines, but “even Republicans acknowledge it was difficult to distinguish between staffers’ allegiance to the committee and their loyalties to Nunes,” the Post’s Karoun Demirjian wrote.

“I don’t know where his staff ends and HPSCI [House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence]” begins, Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., told the Post. “Some of them are apolitical nonpartisan members of his staff, and I’m not smart enough to know who’s what.”

Gowdy’s statement does not show a complete lack of confidence in Nunes’ impartiality, but Gowdy does express concern Nunes is planning a “corruption exposé about the FBI,” having said his “heart would be broken” if Nunes stooped to that level, the Post reported.

Gowdy also chairs the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and maintains Nunes’ plausibly politically motivated maneuvers need the “blessing” of House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., according to the Post.

Earlier in December, Gowdy expressed frustration on the politicians of the congressional investigations and the reports of anti-Trump biased texts from within Mueller’s team.

“I’m interested in getting access to the information and not the drama,” Gowdy reportedly said.

A spokesman for Nunes declined to comment to the Post‘s report.

Source Article from https://www.sott.net/article/372831-WaPo-says-some-are-concerned-Nunes-is-planning-corruption-expose-on-the-FBI

UK International Development Secretary to be sacked after secretly planning to funnel aid to Israeli army


Priti Patel is expected to be sacked later today after evidence that she misled Theresa May over further secret meetings with Israeli politicians.

The International Development Secretary has cut short a trip to Africa to rush back for a second confrontation with a furious Prime Minister in Downing Street.

Her sudden return comes after her department admitted Ms Patel held two further meetings in September – which she failed to disclose when rebuked by Ms May on Monday.

One was with an official from Israeli foreign ministry and the other – held on the House of Commons terrace – with the minister for public security.

It is believed no UK government officials were present, but Ms Patel was accompanied by the president of the powerful Conservative Friends of Israel lobby group.

Fresh evidence also emerged to suggest the Cabinet minister deliberately avoided facing questions in the Commons on Tuesday, by bringing forward her flight to Kenya.

No 10 declined to comment on the latest revelations, but – given Ms Patel will not be back in Britain until the end of the day – there was speculation she could be dismissed on the flight.

Ms Patel’s position was already crumbling after it emerged she failed to tell Ms May about her plan to funnel UK foreign aid cash to the Israeli army.

Comment: Giving cash to rich fascist bullies – is this Priti Patel’s idea of “International Development”?? She should be sacked and then put in jail for corruption!

Notice, however, that Patel’s job is on the line for going about it without telling May – not because the UK government thinks there’s anything wrong with handing money to imperialist oppresors and human rights violators.

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British Minister for Secret Israeli Affairs? UK govt minister Priti Patel held undisclosed meetings in Israel

The Prime Minister had demanded full details of her staggering 12 meetings during a 13-day “holiday” in August – including with Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister.

The Foreign Office rejected the aid proposal, because it involved humanitarian operations in the Golan Heights, illegally occupied by Israel since 1967.

The Department for International Development (DfiD) has now revealed the further September meetings, with Gilad Erdan, the public security minister, and Yuval Rotem, the foreign ministry official.

Neither meeting was arranged or later reported in a way which accorded with proper procedures, sources at the department said.

Once a potential future Tory leader, Ms Patel is accused of effectively running her own foreign policy, in the critical and ultra-sensitive Middle East region.

Ministers are supposed to tell the Foreign Office when they are conducting official business overseas, in order to avoid foreign governments receiving conflicting messages.

Ms Patel is also suspected of trying to win favour with wealthy pro-Israeli party donors, after Lord Polak, of the Friends of Israel group, sat in on the talks.

Labour has accused her of “misleading the British public”, because she admitted the Foreign Office was “not informed” about the meetings – three days after claiming it had been told.

The Prime Minister is certain to face accusations that her government is falling part, after she was forced to sack Michael Fallon, last week, over sexual harassment allegations.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson is facing calls to resign after his blunder left British citizen Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe facing a potential longer jail term on spying charges in Iran.

Two further ministers, Damian Green – Ms May’s effective deputy – and Mark Garnier, face Cabinet Office investigations over inappropriate behaviour.

There was fresh anger when Ms Patel failed to turn up to answer questions from MPs about the meetings, because she was “in the air”, en route to Africa.

The trip was a joint engagement with Liam Fox, the International Trade Secretary – but Dr Fox was still in Britain early on Tuesday , carrying out a series of media interviews.

It appeared that Ms Patel was originally booked on a flight at 5.25pm, which would have allowed to answer the “urgent question” in the Commons.

Instead, she left the country at 10.10am, meaning her deputy, Alistair Burt, had to field angry questions – while Ms Patel’s staff took the overnight flight she had been scheduled to catch.

Source Article from https://www.sott.net/article/366954-UK-International-Development-Secretary-to-be-sacked-after-secretly-planning-to-funnel-aid-to-Israeli-army