Arizona Planning for Exodus of Californians to State in Event of Major Quake

Arizona Planning for Exodus of Californians to State in Event of Major Quake

May 21st, 2018

Via: NBC:

Government agencies, businesses and other organizations in Arizona plan to participate in an exercise to practice how the state would respond to a migration of 400,000 people following a catastrophic earthquake in Southern California.

The Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs says participants in the National Mass Care Exercise in the coming week will tackle how to organize operations such as providing food, shelter and medical services.

The department says its planning for the exercise has been underway for nearly a year.




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Leaked Doc Reveals White House Planning “Regime Change” In Iran

It appears Rudy Giuliani wasn’t joking.

Just a few days after the former NYC mayor and latest member of President Trump’s unexpectedly let it slip that “we got a president who is tough, who does not listen to the people who are naysayers, and a president who is committed to regime change [in Iran]”, the Washington Free Beacon has obtained a three-page white paper being circulated among National Security Council officials with drafted plans to spark regime change in Iran, following the US exit from the Obama-era nuclear deal and the re-imposition of tough sanctions aimed at toppling the Iranian regime.

The plan, authored by the Security Studies Group, or SSG, a national security think-tank that has close ties to senior White House national security officials, including – who else – National Security Adviser John Bolton, seeks to reshape longstanding American foreign policy toward Iran by emphasizing an explicit policy of regime change, something the Obama administration opposed when popular protests gripped Iran in 2009, writes the Free Beacon, which obtained a leaked copy of the circulating plans.

The regime change plan seeks to fundamentally shift U.S. policy towards Iran and has found a receptive audience in the Trump administration, which has been moving in this direction since Bolton—a longtime and vocal supporter of regime change—entered the White House.

It deemphasizes U.S military intervention, instead focusing on a series of moves to embolden an Iranian population that has increasingly grown angry at the ruling regime for its heavy investments in military adventurism across the region. –Free Beacon

The ordinary people of Iran are suffering under economic stagnation, while the regime ships its wealth abroad to fight its expansionist wars and to pad the bank accounts of the Mullahs and the IRGC command,” SSG writes in the paper. “This has provoked noteworthy protests across the country in recent months” it further claims as an argument to push a “regime change” policy.

For now – at least – overthrowing the Iran government, with its extensive and close ties to the Kremlin, is not official US policy; SSG president Jim Hanson told the Free Beacon that the Trump administration does not want to engage in direct military intervention in Iran – and is instead focusing on other methods of ridding Iran of its “hardline ruling regime.” 

The Trump administration has no desire to roll tanks in an effort to directly topple the Iranian regime,” Hanson said. “But they would be much happier dealing with a post-Mullah government. That is the most likely path to a nuclear weapons-free and less dangerous Iran.”

That will likely change, however.

One source close to the White House who has previewed the plan told the Free Beacon that the nuclear deal, also known as the JCPOA, solidified the Iranian regime’s grip on power and intentionally prevented the United States from fomenting regime change

The JCPOA purposefully destroyed the carefully created global consensus against the Islamic Republic,” said the source, who would only speak to the Free Beacon on background about the sensitive issue. “Prior to that, everyone understood the dangers of playing footsie with the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism. It’s now Trump, Bolton, and [Mike] Pompeo’s job to put this consensus back in place.”

The source tells the Beacon that Bolton is “acutely aware of the danger the Iranian regime poses to the region.”

John is someone who understands the danger of Iran viscerally, and knows that you’re never going to fundamentally change its behavior—and the threats against Israel and the Saudis especially—until that revolutionary regime is gone,” the source said, adding that “nothing’s off the table right now if Israel is attacked.

That said, Bolton is confident that an Iranian regime change will occur in the next six months:

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China Is Planning to Conquer Asia-India Is First!

Every which way one turns, war is on the horizon. For example, China is perparing to go to war with India with the assistance of their new ally, Pakistan. China is determined to garner the natural resources of Asia in order to fuel their industrialization expansion. The Indian Army is digging in along its border with Pakistan. What is next?


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Two Texans arrested under the suspicion of planning massacre at Boston Anti-Gun March

Were they planning a March For Our Lives massacre? Texan couple’s enormous stash of weapons including AR-15s and grenades is found in Boston hotel room along with parking tickets which suggest they had been surveilling protest site for days.

  • Francho Bradley, 59, and Adrianne Jennings, 40, were arrested on Saturday
  • At 3.40pm, he called police in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, from his car
  • He said someone had broken into his hotel room at the Marriott Inn Residence
  • Bradley had a surveillance feed linked up to a mounted laptop in his car, he said
  • Police went to the hotel room and found five rifles, a shotgun, grenades, a handgun, a revolver and hundreds of rounds of ammunition
  • They also discovered walkie-talkies, six laptops, four phones and thumb drives
  • Bradley met them at the hotel with Adrianne, who has a history of mental illness
  • A bomb squad was called to search the room as they were questioned outside
  • He said he was working for a secret government agency on a ‘virus’
  • In the week beforehand, he received 3 parking tickets a mile from the site of Saturday’s March For Our Lives protest in Boston
Francho Bradley - Adrianne Jennings


A Texan couple have been arrested in Boston after police found a haul of weapons inside their hotel room including AR-15 and AK-47 rifles along with parking tickets which suggest they were surveilling the site of Saturday’s March for Our Lives protest.

Francho Bradley, 59, and Adrianne Jennings, 40, were arrested at the Marriott Residence Inn in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, on Saturday after he called police to report someone breaking into his room.

He told police he was in his Jeep where he had surveillance video feed from his hotel room linked up to a laptop in his car but that it had suddenly cut out.

He said he worried someone had broken into the room and gotten their hands on his one weapon which he said he had hidden in a drawer.

When police went to the room, they found several assault rifles, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, smoke grenades, military vests and several computers inside.

They also found parking tickets which suggested he had spent the last several days 25 miles away in Cambridge, Boston, near the site of Saturday’s March For Our Lives protest.

He had been given parking tickets on three separate consecutive days for a site just a mile from the protest at Boston Common where 50,000 gathered.

It is also the site of the Boston Marathon finish line. The marathon will take place on April 16.

Weapons captured from Francho Bradley


In his room and car, police found five assault rifles, a shotgun, a revolver and a pistol. They also found hundreds of rounds of ammunition, scopes, bump stocks, walkie-talkies, helmets and grenades.

‘My suspicions grew that he may be surveilling the area. There was a major demonstration, March for Our Lives, in Boston that day,’ Detective Patrick Connor

They also found three parking tickets from Cambridge, a mile from the Boston Common where Saturday’s protest took place.

Bradley received the tickets on three consecutive days before Saturday’s mass protest.

The exact location of the parking violation was on Atheneum and Second Street, just a short walk from the Charles River, on the other side of which the protest was taking place.

‘My suspicions grew that he may be surveilling the area. There was a major demonstration, March for Our Lives, in Boston that day,’ Detective Patrick Connor wrote in his report.

Upon questioning, Bradley told officers he was performing a secret government mission but would not say what it was.

He claimed he had been sent there to work on a ‘virus’. Jennings, his common law wife who has a history of mental illness, told police her husband had been in Massachusetts for the past week for a job interview and that he went home to get her and their stash of weapons then went back. He had been staying at the hotel since March 11.



  • AK-47 rifle
  • AR-15 with grenade launcher 40mm (bump stock) and silencer
  • Farsi 308 Federal Arms Corp
  • 22cal Rifle A-11
  • HK pistol (in the car)
  • 9mm Vektor and two large capacity magazines containing 17 rounds
  • .45 caliber Revolver with six rounds in the gun and additional two speed loaders, each containing six bullets
  • Shotgun loaded with six shotgun shells and with five shells
  • Armory rifle with three loaded large capacity magazines (30 rounds)
  • Three smoke grenades
  • Two flare guns
  • Ammunition
  • Eight loaded large capacity magazines (80 rounds)
  • A tactical vest containing four loaded large capacity caliber magazines and five loaded large capacity magazines
  • .45 caliber large capacity magazine (in the car)
  • Silencer
  • One .223 large capacity magazine
  • Another vest which contained two loaded large capacity 7.62 magazines
  • .308 caliber 54 rounds
  • 7.62mm 20 rounds black box
  • 7.62mm 20 rounds orange box
  • .308 caliber 20 rounds
  • 2 miscellaneous firearms accessories
  • Technology and paperwork
  • Six laptops
  • A Cloud external hard drive
  • Dell external driver
  • Cyber sniper recorder and two memory cards in a pocket book
  • Birth certificate, concealed license badge, texas license to carry, social security card, passport, a press pass, DOD concealed carry badge
  • Three parking tickets
  • Four cell phones
  • Eight thumb drives
  • Black notebook
  • 10 firing canisters
  • small black ledger for a firearm

The officers who arrested the pair said they both changed their stories several times and had difficulty grasping reality.

At one stage during interviews, Bradley claimed he had worked for the LAPD and had knowledge about the O.J. Simpson case.

He also claimed to have worked on the Obama campaign and for the German government.

On Facebook, he is a member of a group of Liberian veterans in the United States.

At 3.41pm on Saturday, as the protest wound down in Boston, Bradley called police to report his feed being interrupted.

They had been staying in the hotel since March 11.

On Tuesday, an employee at the hotel who declined to be named told there were no signs that the pair were dangerous or planning anything.

According to a police report obtained by, Bradley told the police dispatcher that his gun was not locked up but ‘hidden’ when he made his report at 3.41pm on Saturday.

He said he did not want the weapon to get into the wrong hands and asked police to go and check the room.

Along with the guns, police found parking tickets from the area where the enormous March For Our Lives protest took place in Boston.

The tickets were from three separate days but were all roughly in the same place.

Three Tewksbury police officers went to the scene.

When they arrived, they found no one in the room but spotted what they thought was a green duffel bag with several ‘long guns sticking out of it’. It was in fact a flight suit which had been rolled up to contain the weapons.

It was placed in the middle of the room, as if for them to find it.

Police then found a fully loaded revolver in the drawer which Bradley said was his hiding place.

In the second drawer, they found hand-held radios and other ‘electronic devices’, the report says.

The third drawer contained eight high-capacity gun magazines which all stored more than 10 rounds of ammunition. There were also two speed loaders which stored six rounds of ammunition each and were designed for the revolver.

There was also a silencer on a black rifle. The AR-15 had a grenade launcher affixed to the bottom and was also fitted with a silencer.

‘All three rifles were semi-automatic that were capable or readily modified to accept any detachable large capacity feeding device for more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

‘The magazines located in the dresser draw appeared to match each of the rifles and were all loaded.

‘Five of the high capacity magazines were affixed to each other by a homemade case. This was concerning because it allows an individual to shoot off all five magazines in a short amount of time,’ the police report states.

The man then arrived back at the hotel in his white Jeep. As he approached police, he waved his hands in the air in a show of surrender.

Boston Anti-gun march attack locations

Boston Anti-gun protestors 3-30-2018

Marriott Residence Inn in Tewksbury,MA


Upon questioning, he showed officers his Texas handgun license which is valid. He did not have a Massachusetts license, however, and had no military or police ID cards on him but said the weapons were part of his ‘mission’.

Francho stated that he brought the guns with him from Texas because he needed them with him for his mission,’ the report reads.

‘He went on to say that he can’t tell us what he does for work or why he has all the guns with him but that he is down in this area working for a government agency that is dealing with a virus.

‘I asked him what agency he works for but he stated that he couldn’t tell us and that if we found out what he was doing, he would have to be writing reports for a long time due to the fact that it is classified,’ one of the arresting officers said.

The officer described him as being ‘very odd’ and said it appeared as if he was trying to ‘hide something’.

At one stage, he claimed he had previously worked for the LAPD but the police could not confirm it. He later said he was a bomb technician for the military, and claimed elsewhere that he owned a company called Ensyme Engineering, of which there is no record.

Adrianne Jennings


Later came his claims about his other work.

His wife told officers that he had told her he was in the area because he had a job interview.

At other stages during her police interview, she said they brought the weapons with them ‘in case he got deployed’.

Bradley and Jennings are considered to be in a common law marriage.

He told police that he decided to be with her after the death of his first wife who was 60 when she died.

He said that the fact Jennings was 20 years younger than him ‘took care of that problem’.

On his Facebook page, there are many photographs of her but none of him.

They have separate addresses – Bradley’s is listed as a four bedroom home worth $322,000 and Jennings’ is a five-bedroom property worth $430,000.

Police in Tewksbury were unable to find any relatives who could corroborate their stories.

The couple remain in custody on a slew of charges including illegal firearms possessions.

It is not clear yet if they have had bail set but police are continuing their investigation.

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Trump planning to Boost Exports of Lethal Drones to More U.S. Allies at Israel’s Expense

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US-Supported Terrorists Planning False Flag CW Attacks in Syria

US-Supported Terrorists Planning False Flag CW Attacks in Syria

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

A previous article quoted Russian Chief of General Staff Gen. Valery Gerasimov, saying the US is planning a false flag CW attack, blamed on Syria, as a pretext to strike its forces in East Ghouta.

“According to reports, after the false flag attack, the US plans to accuse the Syrian government troops of using chemical weapons, and to provide the world community with the so-called ‘evidence’ of the alleged mass death of civilians at the hands of the Syrian government and ‘Russia supporting it,’ Gerasimov explained, adding:

The Pentagon then “plans to launch a missile strike on the government-held districts of Damascus.”

On March 17, Russia’s Defense Ministry said “US instructors” are training terrorists to stage a false flag CW attack in southern Syria to be blamed on government forces as a pretext for Pentagon warplanes to strike them.

During a Saturday press briefing, Russian General Staff spokesman General Sergey Rudskoy said the following:

“Early in March, the saboteur groups were deployed to the southern de-escalation zone to the city of Deraa, where the units of the so-called (terrorist-infested, anti-government) Free Syrian Army are stationed.”

“They are preparing a series of chemical munitions explosions. This fact will be used to blame the government forces.” 

“The components to produce chemical munitions have been already delivered to the southern de-escalation zone under the guise of humanitarian convoys of a number of NGOs.”

“The provocations will be used as a pretext by the United States and its allies to launch strikes on military and government infrastructure in Syria.”

“We’re registering the signs of the preparations for the possible strikes. Strike groups of the cruise missile carriers have been formed in the east of the Mediterranean Sea, Persian Gulf and Red Sea.”

A second false flag CW attack is planned in Idlib province – al-Nusra terrorists together with White Helmets involved.

According to Rudskoy, 20 containers of toxic chlorine were delivered to carry out the attack – two high-profile false flag CW attacks to get wide media scoundrel coverage.

Key is how Russia will respond. America and its rogue partners play hard ball. 

Handing them a taste of their own medicine is essential – the only language Washington understands.

Warnings without action encourages the US and its rogue partners to do what they please.

Slapping them down forcefully is vital to show Russia no longer will tolerate their aggression. Anything less encourages more.

A Final Comment

On Saturday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said “(n)o one, but the people who have classified all the information in the United Kingdom, are aware of (Sergey Skripal’s) condition.”

It’s unclear if he’s seriously ill or well. “No one knows where he is.” Russia was told nothing about the alleged poisoning incident.

Did it actually occur? If so, where are verified medical reports explaining his condition?

Nothing was publicly revealed, just UK government statements without proof.

Separately, Sergey Lavrov accused Washington, Britain and France, and other rogue states of using special forces in Syria, aiding anti-government terrorists. 

Russia is doing nothing to counteract them other than staying in contact with US commanders accomplishing nothing.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

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