Israeli Army Ordered to Shoot Down Passenger Planes to Kill Arafat in 1982, New Book Claims

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Russia removes restrictions on passenger flights to Cairo

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the resumption of commercial passenger air travel between Cairo and Russia, which was suspended following a terrorist downing of a Russian plane in 2015. National carries EgyptAir announced that flights between the two countries’ capitals are expected to start up as early as February. Routes to other destinations in the African country, including Egypt’s resorts, formerly popular with Russian tourists, remain suspended. Metrojet Flight 9268 from Sharm El Sheikh to St. Petersburg was downed by a bomb on 31 October, 2015 killing all 224 people on board. Islamic State took responsibility for the incident, which was ruled to be a terrorist attack by both Russian and Egyptian investigators.

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Winging it: Impatient Ryanair passenger bails out of emergency door

It is understood that the 57-year-old Polish man had grown fed up of being on the plane after the aircraft was delayed for an hour at London’s Stansted Airport.

Once he had reached his destination – Malaga Airport in Spain – passengers were reportedly made to wait on the plane for half an hour with no explanation from Ryanair – so one man decided to take his destiny into his own hands.

He grabbed his carry-on luggage and took to the wing of flight FR8164. “This man decided he wasn’t going to wait any longer,” fellow passenger Fernando Del Valle Villalobos told the Mail Online.

“He activated the emergency door and left, saying: ‘I’m going via the wing.’ It was surreal. He was sat on the wing for quite a while until the crew managed to get him back inside.”

Ryanair confirmed the security breach, stating that Spanish police are currently dealing with the rogue passenger.

“This airport security breach occurred after landing in Malaga airport on January 1,” the Ryanair spokesman said.

“Malaga Airport Police immediately arrested the passenger in question and, since this was a breach of Spanish safety and security regulations, it is being dealt with by the Spanish authorities.”

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NATO ‘Rebels’ Bomb Passenger Bus in Homs

Cowardly NATO ‘rebels’ remotely detonated passenger bus.

NATO ‘rebels’ today remotely detonated a passenger bus in Homs.  Official reports confirm the deaths of 8, with 12 injured.   Unofficial reports state that most of those killed and wounded were university students.

Syrian medics removing the wounded on al Ahram Street, in the Ekrima neighborhood of Homs.

This latest atrocity — at this time completely ignored by NATO’s western media — comes on the heels of the Syrian Arab Army and Syrian security services having thwarted a terrorist attempt in the city of Homs.

Passenger bus remotely bombed by NATO ‘rebels.’
Eight Syrians massacred on passenger bus is insignificant news for NATO msm.

On 1 December, Syria announced the reopening of the General Fertilizer Company’s superphosphate plant, which had been closed for two years because of terrorist bombings in this city.  GFC’s production capacity is 20 tons per hour, suggesting a return to full employment in this plant.

NATO ‘rebels’ clockwork meticulously functions to savage each opportunity of happiness in the Syrian population. On 20 August, these savages bombed the 59th International Fair in Damascus, after a five year hiatus; on 12 May 2015, takfiri thugs launched twin bombings as an affront to the celebrations of the dedication of rebuilt Central Homs, two days earlier.

It is also Geneva Peace Talks time.  In the February round, NATO ‘rebels’ slaughtered 48 Syrians, in various bombing attacks in Homs.

In a slightly less imperfect world, the timing of today’s slaughter of Syrian passengers on a public transit bus would put a spotlight on the relationship of Israel and terrorists in Syria.  Though not an official member of the US-led, war criminal coalition against the Syrian Arab Republic, Israel has consistently assisted the various sects of al Qaeda in Syria, since the beginning of the crisis.  In addition to making itself al Qaeda’s first air force, Israel has bragged of providing terrorists with free state of the art medical care, counterfeiting Syrian passports, and stealing Syrian artifacts — also breaches of international law.

This morning’s slaughter of Syrians in Homs came 12 hours after the Syrian Arab Army air defense destroyed three Israeli missiles fired upon military posts in Damascus countryside.  This was the second military aggression against Syria, by Israel, in three days.

Israeli media brags about its war crimes with chutzpah-flavored impunity.

It is now almost six hours since the slaughter in Homs, yet a Google search elicits zero report by NATO msm.

In true colonialist fashion, Syrian Arab blood remains unimportant.

Twin explosions in Damascus. Main court of Palace of Justice, al Naser street [15 March 2017]

— Miri Wood

UPDATE:  Five of the eight martyrs have been identified:

Lama Thalijeh, murdered via bus bomb for crime of being Syrian.
Rahaf Yacoub quickly succumbed to her critical injuries.
Woroud Gerges Barsoun also soon succumbed to her critical injuries, a fatal gift from NATO ‘rebels.’
Suzan Nazih Nissani, martyred for traveling while Syrian.
Syrian martyr Sarah Haytham Moussa studied petrochemicals.

اللهم ارحم شهداء سورية


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Boom Has 76 Pre Orders for Future Supersonic Passenger Jets

Boom Has 76 Pre Orders for Future Supersonic Passenger Jets

October 22nd, 2017

Via: TechCrunch:

Boom has a new design for its XB-1 Supersonic Demonstrator jet, the working prototype aircraft it’s creating to prove out its tech before beginning work on building real, commercial supersonic passenger aircraft. The new design was revealed Tuesday at the Paris Air Show, along with new business milestones: Boom has orders for 76 aircraft thus far, across five airline customers.

That’s a lot of orders booked for an aircraft that doesn’t actually exist yet, from a small startup, but you can tell why airlines are excited. Boom’s promise is one of reducing flight time significantly on popular intercontinental business routes, with economics that will roughly match current business-class fares for travelers while offering sustainable economics for airplane operators at the same time.




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Russia floats brand new hydrofoil passenger ship after two-decade pause

Hydrofoil works similarly to a regular aerofoil, creating lift for a moving craft. A speeding hydrofoil ship rises above the water with only the foils staying under it, greatly reducing drag and allowing greater speeds to be reached. A French hydrofoil trimaran called “Hydroptère” set the world sailing speed record in 2009 and remains the fastest vessel in the world, with a sail of over 400 square feet.

Among the drawbacks of the design are complexity, poorer fuel efficiency compared with conventional boats and some risks when operating in littered waters or during harsh weather conditions. Still, the boats have found their use as military patrol boats, ferry vessels, leisure craft and even in water sports.

Hydrofoils were popular in the Soviet Union, with dozens of operations throughout the country. But soon after the country’s breakup, the production of new hydrofoils was discontinued, partially due to a worldwide trend disfavoring the technology and also because manufacturers were struggling for survival in the new economy.

The hydrofoil passenger boat of the Kometa 120M project, which was floated for the first time on Friday, aims to reverse the situation. The producer, Vympel, says it plans to build at least five such boats and hopes to get contracts for over 20, potentially exporting to countries like Greece or Croatia.

Kometa 120M, an upgraded Soviet design, is a 73-ton warm sea transport with top speed of 35 knots (65 km/h) and an operational range of 200 nautical miles (370 km). It has a business-class section for 22 passengers, an economy class for 98 and it requires 5 crew members to operate.

The new ship is to undergo sea trials over the coming months in the Black Sea and may enter service next year, according to Vympel. She is expected to operate as a ferry connecting the Crimean ports Sevastopol and Yalta. The producer plans to name her Chaika (“Seagull”), after the call sign of pioneer lady cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, who took part in the floating ceremony.

The ability of the hydrofoil to win its share of the transport market remains to be determined. Vympel is a veteran producer of military ships and specialized craft such as towboats or firefighting boats, but Kometa 120M is its first passenger ship design. The production took over four years and had backing from the Russian government, but the model is yet to demonstrate its ability to compete with other craft.

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Electric passenger flights within decade, says low-cost airline

European low-cost carrier EasyJet has long been touting budget airlines as a low carbon option for aviation. Specifically, they’ve pushed for aircraft age restrictions to weed out inefficient, older planes and—presumably—disadvantage the legacy airline competition.

Now Business Green reports that they are opening a new front on the push for low emission aviation: A bold plan to fly electric passenger planes on shortfall routes within a decade.

We have already seen electric light aircraft pop up on TreeHugger from time to time, but this is the first time that I’m aware of a major commercial carrier aiming for electrification within a specific timeframe. As such, it could mark a significant step forward for much lower emission airplanes.

That said, it’s important to note a fairly major caveat: The routes they are currently talking about are London to Paris, or Edinburgh to Bristol, both of which have regular, direct rail services that—when electrified and run efficiently—would have significantly lower emissions than launching a heavy metal tube full of people into the atmosphere at high speed.

Still, I don’t see airplanes going away anytime soon. So I suspect we should welcome this ambitious move. I just hope it doesn’t blunt the momentum from planes to trains that the UK has seen in recent years.

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Just a Mirage: British passenger plane surprisingly shadowed by French fighter jet

The military plane shadowed the low-coaster’s Friday flight LS1204 from Malaga to Birmingham for some 15 minutes.

Some of the passengers spotted the fighter jet and informed the cabin crew, asking what was happening.

“The air stewardess then announced there was nothing to worry about,” passenger Sarah Hatfield, who was flying with her husband, Ian, and their 13-year-old daughter, Emily, told journalists.

“Ian was terrified and it didn’t help that loads of other passengers came by us to look out at it.”

The family photographed the military aircraft, and said the feeling on board was “a mixture of excitement at seeing the fighter so close up and terror as to if we were about to get shot down.”

The airline said in a statement it was awaiting a response from French aviation officials “as to why a military aircraft was apparently tracking our aircraft.”

According to Airlive aviation news site, the French Mirage 2000 was scrambled to intercept flight LS1204 due to a loss of communication.

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Passenger Attacks Flight Attendant, Plane Forced To Turn Back

An Air Canada flight was forced to turn back mid-flight Thursday after a Canadian passenger violently assaulted a flight attendant. John Svab, 57, of Hamilton, Ontario, reportedly threatened and attacked the flight attendant, who had to be taken to a hospital for treatment.

Police said they received a call about a violent passenger on board the Budapest-bound flight at about 12:30 a.m. Thursday. When it landed back at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, police arrested Svab.

Read: Sunbathers Killed As Plane Makes Emergency Landing On Crowded Beach

“When we attended the scene, we learned that the passenger was unruly and he has since been arrested and taken into custody for assault,” Peel police constable Mark Fischer told the Toronto Star.

Svab was charged with making death threats, aggravated assault and endangering an aircraft while in flight. He was scheduled to appear in a Brampton, Ontario, court Thursday.

“My understanding is that the unruly passenger was possibly drinking,” Fischer said.

Police constable Bancroft Wright said Svab hurt the flight attendant after he became disruptive.

“There was an altercation when he was being controlled,” Wright told Canada’s Global News. “During that altercation one of the stewardesses was injured.”

Police provided no additional details about how the altercation began or what exactly ensued on board, though they noted there was an investigation opened into the incident. The 267 passengers on the flight were booked onto another jet scheduled to depart Thursday.

The altercation aboard the Air Canada plane was not the first time in recent days that a passenger has disrupted a flight. A Spirit Airlines flight taking off from Las Vegas in late July was delayed after a passenger decided to strip naked and chat up a flight attendant.

Read: Plane Catches Fire, Passengers Evacuated At Denver International Airport

“He removed his clothes and then approached a flight attendant,” McCarren International Airport spokesman Chris Jones told reporters at the time. “Metro officers were called and he was given medical attention.”

The flight was delayed by a half hour as police removed the passenger and investigated the incident. It remained unclear, in that instance, if the passenger was charged for his actions on the flight, though police noted he received medical treatment after being removed from the plane.


Firefighters stand in front of an Air Canada plane that slid off the runway at Halifax Stanfield Airport in Nova Scotia, Mar. 20, 2015. Photo: Reuters

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