Democratic Party Is Dead-False Flags Are the Last Resort


This article will demonstrate that the Democratic Party is both the mouthpiece and the agent of enforcement of the Deep State. Unfortunately for the globalists, the Democrats are broke and  the much anticipated “Blue Wave” of Democratic victories resulting in returning Congress to the party, is not going to happen for a variety of reasons. The only option left is to force a crisis with a variety of false flag attacks between now and the 2018 midterm elections.

To a large extent, the Democratic party of JFK was once the party of the working person, the down-trodden people of color and the politically disenfranchised. JFK’s stellar work on civil rights culminated in the 1964 Civil Rights Act and other accompanying legislation shortly after JFK’s untimely death.

Today’s Democratic party is one of divisiveness and organized crime and spirit-cooking under criminals such as Obama, Holder, Lynch, Podesta, Wasserman–Schultz and most of all, Clinton.

The Democratic party once performed notable and courageous acts such as trying to register black people to vote in the anti-civil rights deep south. Now they engage in blatant and massive voter fraud in order to achieve Deep State goals which underlie the guiding light of the Democrats (see below).

Never was the Democratic voter fraud in more evidence than it was during the 2016 Democratic Primary election between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Without question, Sanders should have been the Democratic party presidential candidate instead of Hillary Clinton. In 2016, the fix was in.  A prominent and well-published Stanford study indicated which only use electronic voting machines give Hillary a 9% advance over Sanders in the Democratic Primary.

The Stanford study demonstrated that pre-election polls accurately predicted election results when a paper ballot was used. However, when unaccountable and unregulated electronic voting machines were used, with no confirming paper trial, Clinton exceeded the pre-election polling expectations by 9%.  When one runs the odds on this being due to random chance, the odds were nearly incalculable.

What adds fuel to this fire is that the two major manufacturers of the voting machines,  Dominion Voting and H.I.G. Capital, are large Clinton campaign supporters. I remember reading something about the fact that it is illegal to engage in such a flagrant conflict of interest. The criminality that was oozing out Clinton and the DNC leadership, never stops.

Not only does the Democratic Party have to cheat to win, they need control over the voting machines. Conventional wisdom states that the ceiling for Democratic cheating in elections is about 10-12%. Many election experts that I speak to state that the voting fraud ceiling was reached both in the Democratic primary and the general election in 2016. In the general election, I documented numerous instances of double voting by democrats in multiple and adjacent states, illegal aliens voting as they were bussed to polling places in places like New York City and this was sponsored by elected public officials and of course, the voting machines of George Soros tipped the vote significantly and was responsible for Hillary’s primary election victory and it almost stole the general election from Donald Trump.

On January 27, 2018, I was invited to attend a Republican convention in Arizona. I was invited to attend by a member of Congressman Paul Gosar’s (R-AZ)  staff. I have interviewed Congressman Gosar a number of times. In our private conversation on that day, Rep. Gosar told me that the Republicans estimated that the Democrats would have to gain a total of 10 million illegal alien votes in order to win the general election. This comment was made in reference to the Congressman’s staunch opposition to DACA’s (Dreamers) block chain immigration goals where all the friends and family and neighbors of a so-called “dreamer” could come to America and would be granted amnesty and as such, full and immediate voting rights for 2018 and 2020. The Democrats refused to negotiate with Trump, and for now, DACA is dead.

A broke Democratic party is a desperate Democratic party that will do almost anything and everything to win an election.

The sheer numbers that the Democrats would have to fabricate in the next election is staggering. And when we add to the fact that the Democrats are dead broke, they cannot not even bring major influence to a local election by buying more air time and winning the public recognition game. They simply don’t have the money and even their benefactor, George Soros, cannot significantly help because he has lost his backside in a failed coup in Hungary and the presently unsuccessful CALEXIT movement.

How broke is the Democratic Party? Let’s look to the Democratic, Deep-State friendly AOL for that answer:

As Democrats prepare to go to war over retaking Congress, it may be rather difficult, because the Democratic National Committee is nearly broke.
In FEC filings closing out 2017, the party appears to be starting the new year $6.1 million dollars in debt, with just $6.5 million in the bank. That leaves the DNC with just $400,000.

Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee has amassed quite a fortune. Their filings show zero debt with nearly $40 million in the bank. 

Subsequently, the much anticipated return of the Democratic party in this year’s midterm election, often referred to as the “Blue Wave”, is not going to happen.


I have asked many guests on The Common Sense Show from Mike Adams to Paul Preston, what will the Deep State controlled Democratic party to do to maintain its march for overthrowing the country, the Constitution and subsequent civil liberties. Mike Adams said they will let off a nuke. Paul Preston said they will engage in extreme violence in places like California (ie CALEXIT) so the UN will militarily intervene under the Kigali Principles and a civil war will ensue. Paul Martin said there is NOTHING they won’t do to maintain their diminishing power and accomplish their goal of a socialist-fascist overthrow of the US government.

Do the Democrats have the DNA todo what I am suggesting? Look at the following.

In both his book and his documentary by the same name, Louden identifes 80 elected representatives of the American people who have been elected to the the House and the Senate who belong to front groups for either the Communist Party or the world’s biggest terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, or both at the same time. Largely, these representatives, such as Elizabeth Warren and John McCain have been recruited from the ranks of those who enthusiastically supported free trade and the subsequent loss of millions of American jobs. McCain was a co-sponsor of CAFTA, a free trade agreement.

Louden detais how these associations impacts the American people as it alters Congressional policies and laws that are passed.

Louden’s documentary is available on Amazon Prime.  Also, I should mention that former Congressman West and former Representative Cynthia McKinney, as well as former CIA officer, Robert David Steele,  makes the exact same claims as does Louden and he names the same people as they do. Am I talking about treason, you are damn right I am.

How successful have the Elizabeth Warrens and the Kamala Harris’  and the Nancy Pelosis’ been in this endeavor to overthrow the US government? Look at this graphic of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in to sensitive areas of our government during the latter days of the Obama administration.

Is any interpretation needed to see where this is headed?


The Democratic party cannot win back the control of the government. Therefore, their Deep State partners cannot bring down the American government. CALEXIT is failing. The Democrats are broke. Therefore, there only solution is to envoke massive false flag events in this country and pray that the United Nations will militarily assert itself through the Kigali Principles.

People always want to know the time frame of these kinds of events. I almost always shy away from giving time frame related answers. However, in this case, it is possible to do so. Subsequently, I would state that as reality sets in for both the Deep State and its Democratic party puppets, the period between Labor Day and the midterm elections in November is a period of extreme danger for America.




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Green Party Leader: German People Don’t Exist, Therefore Can’t Be Betrayed

Home » Communism, Europe, Genocide, Immorality, Multiculturalism, Politics » Green Party Leader: German People Don’t Exist, Therefore Can’t Be Betrayed

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According to the new leader of Germany’s Green Party, Germans as a people don’t exist and therefore can’t be betrayed (though somehow they can still discriminate against non-Germans).

From Voice of Europe:

In a video interview with Informr, the new leader of the Green Party, Robert Habeck, made controversial remarks denying the notion of a German people, newspaper Junge Freiheit reports.

When asked about the concept of betrayal of the people, Habeck says:

“That’s a Nazi concept. There is no people, in consequence, there cannot be a treason of the people. It’s a statement of anger that can be really divisive, discriminatory and pernicious.”

These remarks sparked the anger from the right-wing AfD party president, Jörg Meuthen, who quickly responded:

“Of course the Germans exist, as the Italians, the Spanish, the French and the Turks do (…) The Green party have not yet accomplished their destructive goal, which is the abolition of borders”.

“Our people survived worse ideologies and have nothing to fear from a pseudo-intellectual Islamophile being a snob to the German people”, he added.

Leftists in America similarly like to say white people don’t exist yet support race-based affirmative action programs for which “white people” are not eligible.

Fascinating how that works!



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Lebanon election results: Pro-Iranian Hezbollah party wins most seats, while PM Hariri’s party loses a third

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Revolutionary Clinical Trials Show Party Drug MDMA May Work to Cure Alcoholism


A new trial in the UK, led by a team of researchers at the Imperial College of London, is seeking to determine whether MDMA can help alcoholics overcome their addiction. MDMA is the active ingredient in the club drug known as ecstasy or molly, which has been illegal in the U.S. and many other western countries since the mid-1980s.

Until recently, any kind of scientific research into the benefits of psychedelics has been strictly forbidden by the U.S. government. However, the studies that are beginning to take place are showing that these compounds have incredible healing abilities.

The alcoholism study will take twenty heavy drinkers, who drink the equivalent of five bottles of wine per day. All of the test subjects are people who have had no success with traditional treatments and have a history of repeated relapse.

As a part of the study, the participants will go through detox before completing an 8-week course of MDMA-assisted therapy, where they will be given a dose of MDMA in just two of the sessions. During the therapy sessions, the participants will work through their addiction issues as well as past trauma or life stress that may play a role in their decisions. After the sessions are over, researchers will follow up with the patients for several months after to assess the potential long-term effects of the trial.

Ben Sessa, a clinical psychiatrist and senior research fellow at Imperial College London who is working on the study, recently spoke at the Breaking Convention conference in London about his research.

“We know that MDMA works really well in helping people who have suffered trauma and it helps to build empathy. Many of my patients who are alcoholics have suffered some sort of trauma in their past and this plays a role in their addiction. After 100 years of modern psychiatry, our treatments are really poor. The chances of relapse for these patients are really high—90 percent at three years. No one has ever given MDMA to treat alcoholism before,” Sessa explained.

Sessa also highlighted the fact that this study was not just about expecting the drug to work on its own, but using it as a tool in therapy to help the patient achieve some type of realization about how to improve their lives.

“It’s using drugs to enhance the relationship between the therapist and the patient, and it allows us to dig down and get to the heart of the problems that drive long-term mental illness,” he said.

According to the United States’ National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, approximately 90 percent of alcoholics will have at least one relapse in the years following treatment, and Sessa thinks we could be doing much better.

“There’s no other part of medicine that would tolerate that. Imagine that kind of outcomes in surgery or immunology or even oncology. Doctors wouldn’t tolerate that. After a 100 years of modern psychiatry, it’s outrageous! If we can do any better than 90 percent relapse rates then we’re onto something,” Sessa told Talking Drugs.

Instead of just giving addicts lectures or confrontational interventions, Sessa says that MDMA allows us to uncover the buried trauma that pushes some people towards a life of addiction.

“There’s a real barrier in severe trauma, you can talk about all sorts of things but you won’t talk about that one thing. And the reason being that as soon as you go anywhere near that memory, the fear is so great you daren’t open that door. That’s where all treatments get stuck: people are too scared to talk about their pain,” Sessa said.

Traditional psychotherapies would be, you know ‘tell me about your rape…’ and at that point [the patients] just flee and they’re out the door. So on MDMA you say ‘tell me about your rape’—people who’ve had 30 years of repressing it—and they say ‘do you know what… I can’, and [they] talk all about it. They can do the trauma-focused psychotherapy that they’ve been unable to do with all the traditional treatments,” he added.

In other studies, MDMA has already been found to have positive impacts on treatments with PTSD, as well as relationship counseling.

This is actually not the first time that psychedelic drugs have been suggested as a possible treatment for alcoholism. In fact, Bill Wilson, the co-founder of the Alcoholics Anonymous program, actually considered promoting LSD as a tool for alcoholics to shake their addiction. Wilson was a close associate with many early adopters of LSD and took numerous trips in controlled, scientific settings while he was involved with the AA program.

Wilson believed that LSD was not a cure-all for mental problems and diseases such as addiction, but he felt that it could be a catalyst towards understanding one’s own life and changing direction.

“I don’t believe [LSD] has any miraculous property of transforming spiritually and emotionally sick people into healthy ones overnight. It can set up a shining goal on the positive side, after all, it is only a temporary ego-reducer. The vision and insights given by LSD could create a large incentive—at least in a considerable number of people,” Wilson reportedly said after his first LSD trip in 1956.

In a later letter to Gerald Heard, one of his associates in the LSD scene, Wilson wrote, “I am certain that the LSD experiment has helped me very much. I find myself with a heightened color perception and an appreciation of beauty almost destroyed by my years of depression.”

Psychedelics offer us a glimpse into the final frontier of humanity—the consciousness. With these substances, we can explore the human imagination with profound insight that will help us in our own personal lives and the bigger picture as well. We must push for new legitimate scientific research into the therapeutic uses for these drugs. These studies will prove, as they have in the past, that psychedelic compounds have many medical and spiritual uses that are necessary for our species to continue the evolution of our consciousness.

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Black Death: UKIP general secretary compares party to bubonic plague

By 9am on Friday morning the party had lost 92 out of its 183 councilors. The only high point was in Derby where they gained a seat to force Labour to lose control of the council and change its status to No Overall Control (NOC).

The highs of finishing as the third largest party at the 2015 general election, a distant memory…dead in the water, much like many of the victims of the “Black Death” no doubt.

In a BBC Radio 4 interview, Paul Oakley, UKIP’s general secretary told listeners that his party had suffered as a result of financial instability and a long protracted internal battle with ex-leader Henry Bolton over his girlfriend’s racist messages.

More was to come from Oakley, in what many will feel is a comical claim, Oakley went on to compare his party’s current standing to the bubonic plague as he explained, “Think of the Black Death in the Middle Ages.” He continued, “It comes along and it causes disruption, and then it goes dormant. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Our time isn’t finished, because Brexit is being betrayed.”

Was it a faux pas or did Oakley really intend to use a simile which links a fatal human disease that gave millions gangrene and blackened boils before dying to Nigel Farage enjoying a pint and a euro-skeptic party that to some, were integral to Britain voting to leave the EU?

The UKIP general secretary seemed to be taken aback at the interviewer doubting his meaning and who could blame him. He fired back: “What’s wrong with that?”, adding that the plague had “led to economic growth and the Renaissance”.

Some historians may suggest that Oakley is a little off the mark on his proclamation that the Black Death had its benefits. There are those that say it caused a huge shortage of workers, and when Parliament enacted laws to stop the rise of wages, the poor became very discontented, so much so, that some historians say contributed to the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381.

Oakley’s left-field comparison has led to bemusement and ridicule on social media with some suggesting that there are indeed similarities to be made between UKIP and the bubonic plague, but not for any positive reasons. Others put forward some more accurate comparisons in their eyes.

Suzanne Evans, UKIP’s former deputy chair, admitted the party could be finished. “If UKIP does crumble, I think you could still arguably make the case that it’s been one of the most successful political parties in history,” reports The Guardian.

These nightmare council election results could be the beginning of the end for UKIP as a major player in British politics, with Brexit day (which was proposed to be a national holiday by Nigel Farage and Nigel Evans, the Euroskeptic Tory MP) drawing ever closer for the UK. Some might suspect that only the unlikely event of Brexit being thwarted could save the party seemingly so interconnected with the Black Death.

Omar Baggili, RT Journalist

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Hungary’s ruling party plans to amend constitution to ban settlement of migrants

Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party wants to amend the constitution to ensure that the EU cannot force the country to resettle migrants, Reuters reported. The amendment was submitted to parliament by Prime Minister Viktor Orban in 2016, but it failed to muster the required two-thirds majority after opposition party Jobbik blocked its passage. In the April 8 election, Orban’s party won a third straight term with more than two thirds of the seats, giving it the power to pass constitutional amendments. Fidesz lawmaker Mate Kocsis was quoted by MTI on Thursday, stating that the party also wants parliament to discuss a “Stop Soros” bill, which would tighten rules on non-governmental organisations, including those of Hungarian-born billionaire George Soros.

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