North Korea Holds Massive Military Parade Ahead Of 2018 Winter Olympics

North Korea staged a large military parade on Thursday, just one day before the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

The parade was reportedly held to commemorate the 70th anniversary of founding of the country’s armed forces, according to South Korea’s Yonhap News, but it also marks a display of power mere hours before the North is expected to march under a unified flag with the delegation from South Korea. 

The Associated Press reported that tens of thousands of people watched and participated in the parade, but Yonhap noted that the display was both smaller and shorter than past similar events. The parade was also not broadcast live, a decision that Yonhap described as “an attempt to keep it low-key.”

North Korean state television broadcast footage of the parade a few hours after it concluded. The footage appeared to have been edited, the AP noted.

Foreign media was largely absent at the event, but Michael Spavor, the head of a non-profit consulting firm that facilitates work in North Korea, tweeted several video and photos he said were taken from the sidelines of the parade:

Images taken at the parade showed a procession of trucks carrying soldiers and military personnel passing large crowds, followed by a contingent of tanks. Footage from the official broadcast also showed what looked like several intercontinental ballistic missiles, including the newly developed Hwasong-15s, which North Korea claims is capable of hitting the U.S. 

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un also delivered a speech celebrating the country’s military prowess.

Nearly 300 North Koreans crossed the Demilitarized Zone between the two countries on Wednesday to participate in the Olympics, including 229 women that were part of a large “cheering squad,” The Washington Post reported. They will soon be joined by a high-level delegation of senior officials, including North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong. They are scheduled to meet with South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Saturday.

The Post notes that if the visit goes forward, she would be the first member of the Kim family to ever visit the South, a significant development in the fraught relationship between the two nations.

Kim is expected to arrive on Friday for the Opening Ceremony and stay for three days. U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, who is also attending the games this week, told reporters on Thursday that he has no plans to meet with North Korean officials.

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Trump Saw A Military Parade In France And Now He Wants One Of His Very Own

President Donald Trump has instructed government officials to start planning for a massive military parade to take place in Washington, D.C., sometime this year, The Washington Post reported on Tuesday.

The Pentagon confirmed the Post’s report on Tuesday. “We are aware of the request and are looking at possible dates,” Pentagon spokesman Charlie Summers told reporters, according to NBC.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told reporters Wednesday that the Pentagon is “putting together some options” for the parade, saying that it reflects Trump’s “respect and fondness for the military.”

Trump, who has never served in the armed forces and avoided the Vietnam War draft on account of bone spurs, has long dreamed of showing off the United States’ military prowess in a large public display.

After he won the presidential election, Trump’s staff confounded officials by asking the Pentagon to send photographs of military tactical vehicles that he might include in his inaugural parade. 

Confronted with the potential image of tanks and missile launchers rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue, some worried it might resemble the massive military parades in North Korea, a source involved in inaugural preparations told HuffPost last year. They were also concerned that the heavy tanks could damage D.C. roads.

But the president appears to have had better luck with his vision the second time around.

“The marching orders were: I want a parade like the one in France,” a military official told the Post. “This is being worked at the highest levels of the military.”

Trump attended a Bastille Day celebration in Paris last year as a guest of French President Emmanuel Macron and reportedly walked away “awestruck.”

“It was one of the greatest parades I’ve ever seen,” Trump, seated next to Macron, told reporters at the United Nations General Assembly in New York in September. “It was two hours on the button, and it was military might, and I think a tremendous thing for France and for the spirit of France.”

“We’re going to have to try to top it,” he added.

Officials have yet to decide on a date for the parade, the Post reported, though Veterans Day on Nov. 11 is currently a strong contender. Trump has reportedly said he hopes the display would run along Pennsylvania Avenue and pass by Trump International Hotel.

This article has been updated with comments from Mattis.

Marina Fang contributed reporting.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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Trump Wants a ‘Grand Military Parade’ in Washington

Trump Wants a ‘Grand Military Parade’ in Washington

February 6th, 2018

Via: CNBC:

At the urging of President Donald Trump, the Pentagon is moving forward on planning for “a grand military parade later this year showcasing the might of America’s armed forces,” the Washington Post reported Tuesday.

The paper said the cost of the parade “could run in the millions” given the cost to ship tanks and other hardware to Washington.

In September, Trump met with French President Emmanuel Macron and remarked how he enjoyed watching France’s Bastille Day military parade in Paris.

“It was a tremendous day, and to a large extent because of what I witnessed, we may do something like that on July 4th in Washington down Pennsylvania Avenue,” Trump said in September. “We’re going to have to try to top it, but we have a lot of planes going over and a lot of military might, and it was really a beautiful thing to see, and representatives from different wars and different uniforms.”

According to the Post, Trump also made his views on holding the U.S. military parade known to top defense officials during a Jan. 18 defense briefing in the “tank” — a Pentagon secure room. The paper said that discussion ultimately “marked a tipping point,” citing two unnamed officials briefed on the planning.

“The marching orders were: I want a parade like the one in France,” the paper said, quoting an unnamed military official. “This is being worked at the highest levels of the military.”

The last major military parade held in Washington was in 1991 to mark victory in Operation Desert Storm, the first Persian Gulf War. It reportedly cost about $8 million and involved thousands of troops who fought in the war, nearly a dozen bands, a fleet of missiles, tanks and the flyover of more than 100 aircraft.




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CNN’s Don Lemon Wonders If Trump Will Bring Nukes to D.C. for Military Parade

CNN Tonight
February 6, 2018
10:03:39 PM Eastern

DON LEMON: And we’re going to start tonight with some breaking news: A military parade. That is a directive from the commander-in-chief to the Pentagon, which confirms in the planning stages to do that just now. The route being considered heading down Pennsylvania Avenue then passed, what else, the Trump International Hotel. President Trump thrilled with last summer’s Bastille Day parade, military parade in Paris.


10:07:35 PM Eastern

LEMON: Admiral Kirby, you first. You’re strongly against this idea. Why is that?

JOHN KIRBY: For a few reasons. One, I can’t get past the fact, Don, this is probably more about his ego more than anything else. I mean, who’s the rocket man now? And number two, the United States military does not need to show off its hardware to show its strength. This is not the way a superpower behaves. I think it’s frankly a little bit beneath us. And if you want to show support for the troops or showcase our important our military is, then get them a budget. Do what Secretary Mattis did today when he was on Capitol Hill, arguing strenuously to get a budget.


LEMON: So Douglas, presidents don’t normally do this, which I guess shouldn’t surprise us. What’s your perspective?

DOUGLAS BRINKLEY: That Donald Trump is a showman. You know, he likes the kind of bling and blang, casino kind of bells ringing, thinks this parade will be a great idea. You know, the part that bothers me, Don, is Donald Trump is yet to visit our 15,000 troops in Afghanistan. We have 6,000 troops in Syria and Iraq. He’s never gone to even see them.

You know, Barack Obama was president three months and he went to Iraq. George W. Bush went four times to Iraq and twice to Afghanistan. The big gap here is a president that doesn’t want to go meet our troops. He goes to Mar-a-Lago instead. This parade is not a good idea. All Americans love the troops. I agree with General Marks and Admiral Kirby completely. We have Veteran’s Day, we have Memorial Day, we do have it will the 4th of July, but we don’t need to be rumbling tanks down Pennsylvania Avenue to honor America’s Independence Day.


10:12:22 PM Eastern

LEMON: Talking about the cost of this parade and where — there would be tanks, right? Would there be nuclear weapons, like some countries? I mean, would it simply be whatever President Trump wants it to be?

JAMES MARKS: No, I — I find it a bit difficult to even talk about the details of what this parade would look like, because I –

LEMON: It felt silly asking you.


MARKS: It wouldn’t look like a parade we see in Pyongyang, certainly. It wouldn’t look like a parade we used to see when the Soviet Union would roll their massive military across Red Square. It would look like a bunch of great Americans who were probably feeling a bit embarrassed that they were required to do this, marching down Pennsylvania Avenue.


KIRBY: It would be really interesting to see how the military handles this tasking now, Don, and whether they can walk any of this back. I mean, we’re talking like they’re already looking at dates. I think they’re actually much earlier in this process. And they hopefully will be able to either not do it or do it in a way that’s a lot more tasteful than what I think the President has in mind.


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CNN Panel Agrees: America Will Be ‘More North Korean’ With Military Parade

The Situation Room
February 6, 2018
6:45:45 PM Eastern

WOLF BLITZER: Before we get back to our specialists, we have breaking news. I want to quickly go to our Pentagon correspondent, Barbara Starr. Barbara, the President apparently wants a big military parade, tell us about that.

BARBARA STARR: Well, a Pentagon spokesman confirmed that they are looking at dates on the calendar for a parade that Mr. Trump has told the Pentagon he wants as an expression of national unity and patriotism.


But, what are we really talking about here? There has not been a military parade typically by the U.S. military in many years. The last one really after Desert Storm in the 1990s.


So it’s going to be a difficult proposition. And it may be very controversial. The veterans have long wanted some kind of welcome home parade. This may be seen as something unduly militaristic overseas, may be seen as an expression of celebrating years of America’s wars abroad. Wolf?


STARR: Our colleague, Jeff Toobin, made a good point a few minutes ago. What we more typically see is America’s heroes marching down Broadway in New York. The canyon of heroes, the ticker tape. This has gone on for decades, throughout America’s wars. And those kinds of Broadway, New York, celebrations are really a true celebration of the service of those who go to war on behalf of the nation. It’s not very typical, frankly, to see American weaponry rolling through America’s city streets. It is something, I don’t know that anybody can predict how nations overseas, especially in the Middle East and Asia, might react to it all, Wolf?

BLITZER: Jeffrey, what do you think?

JEFFREY TOOBIN: Well, you know, I — we’re getting more North Korean every day in this country. You know, yesterday the President says people who don’t cheer are un-American and treasonous. And today, we’re going to start having big parades with tanks and missiles. And, you know, people have to decide whether they want to have that kind of country. I mean, we have a country where we celebrate our troops, as Barbara said when they come home from battle in lower Manhattan and we throw ticker tape. But the idea in peacetime, simply having tanks roll through the streets of Washington that’s—to use a phrase the President likes to use – in my experience that’s un-American.

REBECCA BERG: And one of the reasons we don’t tend to have those military parades in America, is just the sense that being the power that we are, we don’t need to show off our military might like countries like North Korea or Russia might need to.


DAVID SWERDLICK: If you’re the President and you think what nation needs is a military parade, to me that’s like what Jeffery said, that’s like North Korea, that’s like a middle-aged guy who goes out and gets an earring and ponytail. That’s trying to prove something that just simply doesn’t need to be.

BLITZER: Very quickly.

KAITLAN COLLINS: We can already see the future what’s going to happen here. This parade will probably go forth on Veteran’s Day or whenever the White House is proposing a date. Democrats and critics will automatically draw conclusions this is like North Korea, that the President is acting like a dictator, and White House will, in turn, say those people aren’t patriotic and they don’t love our troops that they don’t want a military.


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North Korea could stage ‘intimidating’ military parade day before Olympic Games – Seoul

The North is preparing to mark the anniversary of the Korean People’s Army (KPA) at Mirim Airfield in the capital, Pyongyang, on February 8, Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon told a forum in Seoul, as cited by Yonhap news agency. “There is a high possibility that the North could hold an intimidating military parade by mobilizing sizable numbers of military personnel and almost all of its weapons,” Cho said

On Tuesday, North Korea announced that it would mark February 8 as Army-Building Day, the anniversary of the creation of the Korean People’s Army (KPA) back in 1948. Earlier in January, the North announced that the KPA anniversary should be held on February 8 instead of April 25 – the date it has been marked on since 1978.  

“The North seems to be preparing for major events massively on the ground as the regime marks the 70th anniversary of its creation, and its leader Kim Jong-un apparently wants to show his absolute power,” Cho stated. However, he declined to comment on whether Seoul sees the parade as a provocation.

The minister added that the decision by the US and South Korea to postpone annual joint military drills until after February’s Winter Olympics may pave the way for dialogue between the two Koreas. “If the allies resume their exercises, North Korea will likely protest strongly against them. There is a high chance of North Korean provocations, which would make the international community impose further sanctions,” he said, adding, however, that it is “a realistic guess” that “a vicious circle of repeated provocations and sanctions could come back soon.”

The Winter Olympics start in PyeongChang on February 9, and appear to have helped bringing about a relative thaw in the situation on the peninsula. North and South Korea have agreed to make a joint entrance under a unified Korean Peninsula flag at the opening ceremony. They have also agreed to send a combined women’s ice hockey team, while North Korea will be represented by 22 more athletes. 

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Matthews: Tax Celebration Was ‘Like a North Korean Parade’ Led by Ethiopian Dictator

MSNBC’s Hardball
December 21, 2017
7:40 p.m. Eastern

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Up next, could yesterday’s display at the White House, the pig-out over the tax cut — trouble — be trouble for the Russia investigation? Republicans had no problem lavishing praise on this President with those same — look at them all up there like — like lemmings. Are they going to back him on the — on firing Mueller? Look at them. Looks like a North Korean parade. Anyway, you’re watching Hardball.


MATTHEWS: Welcome back to Hardball. It was like a scene out of Julius Caesar yesterday on the south lawn of the White House. One by one Republican leaders lined up to praise his eminence, the imperious Donald Trump. 


MATTHEWS: You know, I don’t know where to start except I remember Haile Selassie used to get the Lion of Judah and these incredible praises. He seems to believe them, but yet, Orrin Hatch who is a man who believes what he says gives him this almost religious kind of tribute. Trump says good pr, like great stroke there. What do you think of that, Ryan? He undercut the guy’s honest tribute. He doesn’t even know how to take praise properly. 


MATTHEWS: Charlie, what was that photo op about? Why did they — look at the faces. They were like North Korean soldiers. Look at all the smiles in unison, synchronized swimming. There’s Roy Blunt. There’s Al — the guy from — Young from Alaska and Vice President Pence. They’re all there just grinning exactly the same, proper Republican way. 

CHARLIE SYKES: I get that they were excited. I get that they liked tax cuts.

MATTHEWS: That’s what excitement looks like.

SYKES: But why do you actually have this ritualized fluffing of the Orange God King? I mean and I also understand this is an interesting, you know, tactic. You know, to keep him in line, but I had the feeling as I was watching this, like, do you understand you’re doing this in public, we can see what you’re doing here? I mean, this is great. Paul, you got your tax cuts, but have a little pride. Just a little bit of dignity left when all this is over. 


SYKES: These guys never going to push back. They’re never going to turn on Trump. I think that was obvious. I think there was some speculation once they got their tax bill then they could throw him under the bus. No. What you saw then was — what you saw was really the taking the knee for — for — for Trump and I don’t think they’re going to back away from that. 


MATTHEWS: This is astounding. I’ll tell you, I don’t understand it. I still have been watching the Republican Party since I was born practically. I don’t get this genuflection.

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Parade of dirtbags: Ben Affleck, Jimmy Kimmel, Harvey Weinstein all exposed as liberal Hollywood elitists who abuse women

Image: Parade of dirtbags: Ben Affleck, Jimmy Kimmel, Harvey Weinstein all exposed as liberal Hollywood elitists who abuse women

(Natural News)
Sometimes the longer you boil the pot, the more the scum rises to the top. It’s called “Hollywood.”

That’s what we’re all now witnessing with a gamut of liberal Hollywood elitists now being called out by women for abuse, exploitation, misogyny and every other sicko behavior the Hollywood culture ridiculously claimed was only carried out by conservatives.

Hollywood media “god” Harvey Weinstein’s world is imploding by the hour as women keep pouring out of the woodwork, affirming that he man-handled them into unwelcome gropes, perverted showers or even forced oral sex, all under the premise that Weinstein could turn them into movie stars if they would just drop their panties on command. The entire left-wing media, not surprisingly, covered up all this for at least a decade, enabling Weinstein to continue his predatory behavior that targeted young, vulnerable women. Those media outlets that engaged in the cover-up include the New York Times and NBC News, among dozens of other usual suspects.

Jimmy Kimmel caught on camera asking women on the street to “put your mouth on it” to find out what he has in his crotch

Jimmy Kimmel, for his part, has been exposed for a video he filmed with multiple street women where he encourages women to “guess what’s in my pants” by putting their mouths on his crotch. Kimmel, of course, is the same anti-American Trump hater who also pushes vaccines on children in California in a kind of medical child molestation scheme that seems to get the jollies really humming for these sicko left-wing Hollywood elitists.

Here are some stills from the video, showing how Jimmy Kimmel convinces street women to feel his crotch and even engage in “oral activity” on his crotch, all on camera, in full public view:

Jimmy Kimmel, Anthony Weiner, Ben Affleck, Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein… are you starting the notice the pattern here yet? They’re all Clinton supporters and die-hard leftists, and they’ve all been caught abusing women, raping women or exploiting women through predatory or highly inappropriate behavior.

They all hate the Second Amendment, they’re all pro-abortion, and they all called out Donald Trump for his supposed mistreatment of women. Yet the dark secrets in their own closets are far more egregious than anything Donald Trump ever did by merely talking with the help of some raunchy locker room lingo. (Follow more news about celebrity reputations at

Ben Affleck fondles young, frantic journalist on camera

Ben Affleck, a long-time chum of Weinstein, likely knew about Weinstein’s indiscretions all along. In fact, he’s been caught himself in video footage showing him groping a young journalist. He’s quoted in this video, saying to the woman, “Sunday morning? That never stopped you before from getting those t**ties out.”

No crime is too grievous for the left to tolerant among their own political cultists

For over a decade, the left-wing media deliberately buried the Weinstein story, making sure his large donations to left-wing causes wouldn’t be interrupted. Innocent women paid the price, of course, while the left-wing fake news media machine went all-in for Weinstein, becoming complicit in the multitude of crimes committed against women. In addition to the New York Times burying the story in 2004, we also now know that NBC News tried to crush the story in the last two weeks. The cover-up may have even been ordered by top executives at NBC News, reports

The claim that NBC was uncomfortable with the sourcing of Farrow’s report is a remarkably curious one if true. The article was published with audio revealing a desperate Mr. Weinstein pressuring a young actress to join him in his hotel room, while she expresses clear discomfort and alleges that “he had touched her breast” the day earlier. Other subjects mentioned in the article have since publicly confirmed the report. It appears to be as well sourced an article as one could possibly hope, particularly given the subject and subject matter.

The media cover-up is so egregious that even CNN’s Jake Tapper railed against media complicity (which of course includes his own network, CNN) in smearing the reputations of women who refused to be raped by Weinstein. Via

Tapper went on to highlight a 2015 New York Post cover that dragged the model, Ambra Gutierrez, pointing out that it was just one of many media attacks against Gutierrez during that time. (The New Yorker recently published audio of Weinstein admitting to Gutierrez that he groped her breasts.)

“They have assault and rape on their hands, in my view,” Tapper declared.

Via Natural News:

Sharon Waxman, who now runs The Wrap, says she “gagged” after reading Jim Rutenberg’s recent piece about the “media enablers” who kept the Weinstein story from the public for so many years. After all, Waxman was the NYT reporter who was among the first to discover that Weinstein is a seasoned sexual predator who takes advantage of young Hollywood starlets – her employer, the NYT, being one of those very media enablers that Rutenberg is now condemning, even though he also writes for the NYT.

Waxman had been part of an in-depth investigation into Weinstein’s secret life, having uncovered mountains of evidence via interviews with alleged victims, legal records, emails, and internal documents that showed Weinstein had a penchant for making unwanted advances at young actresses, and in some cases even assaulting and raping them. And because Weinstein was in charge of major production companies and studios such as Miramax and the Weinstein Company, he was basically given a free pass for such behavior.

All of this was known by the NYT almost 15 years ago, and yet because of Weinstein’s influence at the paper, it was never published.

The cover-up continues as no left-wing media outlet dares mention Bill Clinton’s rape and abuse of innocent women

None of the left-wing media stories about Harvey Weinstein dare mention Bill Clinton, America’s former rapist-in-chief who sexually assaulted numerous women who have gone public with their accusations. These women, of course, are routinely censored, demeaned and smeared by the exact same left-wing media that smeared those young models who refused to be raped by Weinstein. It’s all a grand, sick, criminal cover-up scheme run by powerful left-wing elitists who own the media, Hollywood and many of the corporate giants in America today.

Dozens of women who were accosted or sexually abused by Bill Clinton have been silenced, of course, by the Clinton war machine, previously headed by Hillary Clinton and George Stephanopoulos, both of whom prioritized destroying female accusers using the exact same media smear tactics Harvey Weinsten wielded against his own accusers.

“Weinstein used the media like a bludgeon to keep his alleged victims in line, by many accounts. He did it skillfully — and with plenty of help,” reports the Washington Post, which ironically aided Weinstein in his efforts to smear his enemies. “One technique: Supplying information that would drag an accuser’s name through the mud,” says the Post, echoing the exact tactics the Washington Post used against candidate Donald Trump.

Hollywood has become a left-wing cesspool of perverts, pedophiles and sex predators who serially abuse women

Under the tutelage of morally-challenged leftists, Hollywood has become a cesspool of perverts, pedophiles, sex predators and rapists. Toss in other prominent left-wing perverts like Mr. “date rape” Bill Cosby, Anthony “text me your t#tties” Weiner and William Jefferson “you might want to put some ice on that” Clinton, and you start to understand why left-wing women think all men are pigs: It’s because powerful left-wing men really are pigs, and they hide behind a pro-abortion, pro-transgender narrative so they can get away with systematically abusing, exploiting and raping vulnerable women and teens.

Hollywood, for its part, is a gay pedophilia orgy fest of predatory movie directors and casting couch perverts who prey equally on young boys and girls. Famous child actor Corey Feldman has gone public with many accusations, saying pedophilia is “Hollywood’s biggest problem.” See his video here:

A documentary film called “An Open Secret” dares to take a closer look at left-wing Hollywood’s pedophilia culture, exposing the ritualistic abuse of young boys and girls, all in the quest for personal gratification among powerful Hollywood moguls:

Even Robert Downey Jr. has blown the whistle on the culture of pedophilia in Hollywood:

This all brings new context to another issue: Remember how aggressively the left-wing media tried to cover up the Pi##agate story? I can’t even use the word here, or this article will be algorithmically banned by Google, Facebook and Twitter, because that term has been deemed “permanent fake news.” Yet now we are all coming to see how the left-wing media has been complicit in covering up systemic sex abuse, rape and exploitation of women among Hollywood elitists. The pizza shop theory no longer seems so outlandish, does it?

The only question now is: How deep does all this really go? My guess is that thousands of Hollywood producers, directors and casting executives are involved in a massive network of pedophilia, rape and pay-to-play casting deals where flesh is bartered for fame, and not all the flesh is given with consent. This culture of criminal sicko sexual behavior, by the way, shows you the mindset of powerful, well-connected Democrats, who are almost universally mentally ill and saturated with evil intent. The very same people who scream in condemnation of gun rights are very often, in the privacy of their own hot tubs and suites, violating under-age children and teens for their own sick, selfish pleasure. That’s what Hollywood has become: A cesspool of sickness, suffering, exploitation and perversion.

No wonder everything on Netflix now has to feature sexual perversion: It’s part of their culture. And the very same people who take great pleasure in violating children and women are also the same people telling us that Donald Trump is a bad person, America needs no border protection, and Hillary Clinton was an angel. Are you seeing the full pattern in all this yet?

ACTION ITEM: Stop watching movies. Stop renting movies. Stop financially supporting the pedophiles and perverts of Hollywood. Every movie you pay to see is another “vote” for the sexual exploitation of women and children by powerful, wealth Hollywood elitists like Harvey Weinstein. Everything the Left touches, it infects with evil and destruction: Hollywood, the NFL, universities and even climate “science.” The Left is an out-of-control cartel of sick-minded lunatics and perverts who are systematically attempting to destroy men, families, national sovereignty and the U.S. Constitution. The culture war is in full force, and if the Left wins, they will literally rape and pillage their way across the entire culture, gutting every institution until the country we once knew is utterly decimated.

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Wolf Parade add January 2018 West Coast dates

Canadian indie rockers Wolf Parade has announced a slew of West Coast tour dates for early 2018. The run gets underway at The Showbox in Seattle on Jan. 13, 2018 and will parade down the West Coast hitting major markets like Portland, San Francisco and Berkeley ahead of an engagement at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles on Jan. 20. After shows in Santa Ana and San Diego the tour will wrap in Phoenix, AZ on Jan. 24. Click here to browse AXS for tickets to select Wolf Parade shows. You can find a full list of 2018 Wolf Parade dates below.

Wolf Parade is currently in the midst of their 2017 North American fall tour that will see the band headlining a number of dates–supported by New York power popsters Charly Bliss–as well as playing alongside Arcade Fire. The band is touring in support of their forthcoming album Cry Cry Cry, due out Oct. 6. 

2018 Wolf Parade tour dates: 

Jan 13 – Seattle, WA – The Showbox (Get Tickets)         
Jan 14 – Portland, OR – Crystal Ballroom    
Jan 16 – San Francisco, CA – The Fillmore         
Jan 17 – Berkeley, CA – UC Theatre          
Jan 20 – Hollywood, CA – Fonda Theatre (Get Tickets)           
Jan 21 – Santa Ana, CA – Observatory         
Jan 23 – San Diego, CA – The Observatory North Park     
Jan 24 – Phoenix, AZ – The Van Buren

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