Israelis Lie, Palestinians Die

Israelis Lie, Palestinians Die

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Israeli ruthlessness is unmatched regionally, exceeding the worst of other Middle East rogue states – deploring peace, waging undeclared war on Palestinians. 

Gazans most of all are grievously harmed, entrapped under suffocating blockade since mid-2007, attacked at Israel’s discretion – by land, sea and air, including use of banned terror weapons to inflict maximum harm.

US and Israeli regimes consistently blame victims for their own high crimes of war and against humanity.

Netanyahu is an unindicted war criminal multiple times over. On Tuesday, he turned truth on its head, claiming Hamas put Palestinian children in harm’s way along Gaza’s border with Israel.

Since March 30, Great March of Return Friday demonstrations, along with ones on Monday and Tuesday, were undirected by anyone.

Men, women, children, the disabled, and entire families came out – protesting against Israel’s illegal blockade, responsible for an intolerable humanitarian crisis, the Strip close to collapse.

Netanyahu is a despicable scoundrel, reviled by most Israelis and growing numbers of US Jews. “We’ve tried to minimize casualties,” he roared, adding:

Hamas “tr(ied) to incur casualties in order to put pressure on Israel which is horrible. These things are avoidable. If Hamas had not pushed them there, nothing would happen. Hamas holds responsibility for doing this and they’re deliberately doing it.”

Truth, of course, is polar opposite Netanyahu’s bald-faced lies. He’s  been caught red-handed numerous times earlier turning truth on its head.

He prioritizes violence and chaos, pretending otherwise, his dirty hands bloodied time and again – repeatedly since Great March of Return demonstrations began, Monday the bloodiest day with 61 Gazans murdered by Israeli soldiers in cold blood, another 2,771 injured, many seriously.

Ziofascist Israeli war minister Avigdor Lieberman ordered the Gaza massacre, along with other aggression during all Great March of Return protests, authorizing use of live fire, including use of exploding dum dum bullets, destroying internal organs or bones struck, causing fist-sized wounds when exiting bodies.

Like Netanyahu, he blamed Gazans for high crimes committed against them, disgracefully calling Hamas leaders “a bunch of cannibals who also treat their own children as ammunition,” adding:

“Their goal is to lift the siege on Gaza, but not to build an economy or to speak about coexistence. They need to lift the siege so they can smuggle weapons, continue to build up (their) power.”

All of the above are despicable bald-faced lie, Lieberman an unindicted war criminal like Netanyahu and other regime Ziofascists.

Claiming IDF soldiers observe international law principles, norms and standards mocks the massacred, maimed, and otherwise injured Palestinians, victims of Israeli ruthlessness – the world community and media scoundrels failing to hold its officials accountable for crimes too serious to ignore.

High crimes of war, against humanity, and slow-motion genocide reflect longstanding Israeli practice against defenseless Palestinians – a Ziofascist/gangster-run apartheid state.

Western and regional regimes are complicit in its high crimes through silence and failure to condemn them – letting Israel get away with mass murder and much more by failing to hold its officials accountable.

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Hundreds In Israel And Beyond Protest Killings Of Palestinians On Gaza Border

Hundreds took to the streets in Tel Aviv, Israel, and other cities worldwide this week to protest the Israeli military killing dozens of Palestinians demonstrating on the Gaza border. 

On Tuesday, hundreds of people in Tel Aviv marched and blocked traffic after Israeli forces fired on largely unarmed Palestinian protesters in Gaza on Monday, killing around 60 people and injuring hundreds more.

Dozens more people have protested around the world early this week, including in the United States, the United Kingdom, BelgiumCanada and South Africa.

“People, you could see, were deeply angry with the current situation,” Alon-Lee Green, national director of the Israeli activist group Standing Together, which organized the protests in Tel Aviv, told HuffPost late on Tuesday. More than 600 protesters blocked roads in the city center for over two hours, he said.  

“Yesterday in Israel all day, the TV news just showed a split screen: Half of it was from the shootings in Gaza, and the number of casualties was increasing by the minute. And then in the other half was [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu and Ivanka Trump, literally drinking champagne in the U.S. Embassy opening,” Green added. “It was surreal and frustrating.”

On Monday, first daughter and presidential adviser Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner commemorated the official relocation of the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem ― a controversial decision her father, U.S. President Donald Trump, made in December.

As thousands of Palestinians protested on the Gaza border 40 miles away, Israeli forces opened fire, killing dozens of protesters, including many young people. As the protests continued on Tuesday, the Israeli military killed at least two more Palestinians.

The Gaza protests were part of “The Great March of Return” ― weeks of demonstrations running from late March until the annual Nakba Day on May 15, which commemorates the displacement of Palestinians when the state of Israel was created in 1948.

Since the protests began, Israeli forces have killed more than 100 Palestinians, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry, sparking international outrage, particularly over the deaths of unarmed protesters and journalists.

International leaders condemned the deadly violence in Gaza this week, with more than a dozen members of the U.N. Security Council denouncing Israel’s “excessive use of force against unarmed civilians” on Tuesday.

The Israeli military said Monday in a statement that some protesters “hurled firebombs and explosive devices at the security fence and Israeli troops.” Israel has also said that it was defending its border against the militant group Hamas, which controls Gaza and which the U.S. considers a terrorist group, saying Hamas has attempted attacks during the protests.

On Monday, the White House also blamed Hamas, with spokesman Raj Shah saying “the responsibility for these tragic deaths rests squarely with Hamas.”  

A handful of U.S. lawmakers nonetheless condemned the violence, including Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) who noted the “staggering toll” of the dead. 

“Hamas violence does not justify Israel firing on unarmed protesters,” Sanders said.

Some of the protests this week in cities like Washington, D.C. and Cape Town, South Africa, had initially been planned over the controversial relocation of the U.S. Embassy or to mark the 70th anniversary of Nakba on Tuesday. But in the wake of Monday’s deadly violence, they morphed into demonstrations against Israel’s excessive use of force.

At a protest on Monday in the U.S. capital that was organized by the Jewish left-wing activist group If Not Now, about 150 people blocked the street near the Trump International Hotel. The group had organized the action weeks ago to respond to the embassy move, but the protest took on a different tone as demonstrators learned of the mounting death toll in Gaza, which was “really horrific,” an organizer said.

“As American Jews, we see Netanyahu saying he speaks for all Jews, and we’re saying that’s not true,” volunteer organizer Sarah Brammer-Shlay told HuffPost on Tuesday, saying actions in Israel were “pushed by our government.”

“This can’t be a community that supports violence and occupation,” she said.

See what protests around the world looked like: 


The United States

The United Kingdom

South Africa



  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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CBS: Palestinians ‘Dancing With Death,’ Blame Israel for Their Hardship

With very little attention given to the fact that the terrorist organization Hamas, which runs Gaza, was directing its people to storm the security fence that lines the Israeli border, CBS anchor Jeff Glor and Foreign correspondent Holly Williams lament the deaths and painted Israel as the oppressive villain killing civilians in a “dance with death” at the border. CBS Evening News effectively doubled down on their network’s obnoxious anti-Israel coverage from earlier Monday morning.

Mr. Trump said our greatest hope is for peace. The reality today was violence especially in Gaza, however,” Glor chided as he was leading into Williams’ report. “Israeli soldiers shot and killed more than 50 Palestinians, more than 1,200 were hurt,” he added. He failed to mention that those numbers were provided by the Palestinian Authority, which has a long and documented history of inflating numbers and even faking deaths. The rest of the media was eager to run with those dubious numbers as well.

Williams began her report by talking about how angry the Palestinians were about the U.S. Embassy opening in Jerusalem, Israel’s capital. “Men and women threw rocks,” she touted as if it was a sign of how progressive they were. Strangely she then followed that up with an assertion that it was supposed to be a peaceful protest. “And while many protestors were peaceful, some started fires along the border fence with Israel.

Palestinians want to return to land they fled in 1948, when the state of Israel was founded. And they are furious over what they say is American bias towards Israel,” she sighed. Williams worried that “with their slingshot and burning tires the protestors, including six children who were reportedly killed today, seem to be losing their lives for nothing.



She spoke with one Palestinian who was willing to die encroaching on the security fence. “Dancing with death is the only way to show their desperation” she explained.

The lack of context in Williams’ report was absolutely embarrassing. “These protests are also fueled by economics. Gaza has been blockaded for more than 10 years now. Nearly half of young people can’t find jobs, while most families depend on humanitarian aid,” she bemoaned. But she neglected to mention the fact their depression was actually the fault of Hamas and not a terrible situation caused by the Jewish state.

Williams noted that Hamas had ordered people to amass on the border, but she described the organization as just “the militant group that has controlled the Gaza Strip since 2007.” That description is dubious at best. Of course, her description hid the fact that Hamas was really just a terrorist organization that funnels foreign aid into its activities and even trains kids to carry out attacks.

She huffed about Israel’s blockade but apparently didn’t think it was important to mention it was to stem the delivery of Iranian missiles. Hamas used civilian facilities to launch those missiles and rain down terror on Israeli civilians. Glor noted the cross-border war from 2014 but omitted how it was to cripple Hamas’ ability to launch said attacks. It was also to destroy the elaborate tunnel system that was constructed with building materials that were supposed to be used for civilian infrastructure.

This anti-Israel nonsense just goes to show that the liberal media have no interest in reporting the truth when it comes to Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The transcript is below, click “expand” to read:


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CBS Evening News
May 14, 2018
6:35 PM Eastern


JEFF GLOR: Mr. Trump said our greatest hope is for peace. The reality today was violence especially in Gaza, however. Palestinians, who hope to make East Jerusalem their capital stage mass demonstrations, setting fires and throwing firebombs and stones across the border into Israel. Israeli soldiers shot and killed more than 50 Palestinians, more than 1,200 were hurt.


HOLLY WILLIAMS: They were angry today in Gaza about the new U.S. Embassy. Men and women threw rocks. And while many protestors were peaceful, some started fires along the border fence with Israel. They’ve been demonstrating here for six weeks now. 40,000 of them today according to Israel. Encouraged by Hamas, the militant group that has controlled the Gaza Strip since 2007.

Israeli soldiers dropped tear gas canisters from drones. They’ve already dropped leaflets warning Palestinians not to get too close to the fence. And when they did, the Israelis used live ammunition. There are casualties coming back from the fence. Some of them have been shot and it is utter chaos here.

Palestinians want to return to land they fled in 1948, when the state of Israel was founded. And they are furious over what they say is American bias towards Israel. But with their slingshot and burning tires the protestors, including six children who were reportedly killed today, seem to be losing their lives for nothing. But many Palestinians like [Arabic name], who want to study for a master’s degree believe dancing with death is the only way to show their desperation.

You have a very bright future, are you willing to die there?

PALESTINIAN MAN: Dying here is the only way of at least expressing our feeling to the world. Show them that we are dying every day here.

WILLIAMS: These protests are also fueled by economics. Gaza has been blockaded for more than 10 years now. Nearly half of young people can’t find jobs, while most families depend on humanitarian aid.

[Cuts back to live]

GLOR: Holly, just incredible images from Gaza today. We should note that Turkey and South Africa have recalled their ambassadors from Israel. You’ve been reporting in Gaza for several days now, what is it like there tonight?

WILLIAMS: Jeff, there is a lot of grief here in Gaza. They’ll be burying many of their dead tomorrow. But in general here in the Gaza Strip, most people are just trying to get on with their lives. Despite frequent power cuts and shortages of the goods that they need.

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Raging Israeli Violence on Palestinians

Raging Israeli Violence on Palestinians

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

It’s ongoing daily throughout the Occupied Territories without letup – notably against Gazans on Great March of Return Fridays since March 30.

It raged Sunday at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Islam’s third holiest site. Around 1,000 extremist settlers, along with dozens of Netanyahu regime intelligence operatives, stormed the compound, heavily protected by Israeli security forces.

Islamic Waqf guard Muhammad al-Salhi was arrested after settlers assaulted him, other guards assaulted by Israeli police.

Videos showed Israeli forces violently attacking Palestinian worshipers in the compound. A Palestinian child was brutally beaten and arrested.

On Monday, Washington breached international law and tradition, its Jerusalem embassy opening at 4:00 PM local time – in its consular facility.

Beginning on Sunday, Israel instituted harsh measures to confront Monday Great March of Return and Breaking the Siege protests.

They’re expected to peak later in the day, protesting against Washington’s Jerusalem embassy opening, along with commemorating Nakba Day Tuesday, beginning on Monday.

Along with snipers, Israel deployed tanks, bulldozers, water pumping vehicles and heavy equipment along the Gaza border.

IDF forces established a barbed wire fence dozens of meters inside the existing one. Drones dropped leaflets, warning Gazans not to demonstrate. Aerial firebombs were launched on border area encampments.

Toxic wastewater was pumped on Palestinian farmland bordering Israel. A bloody Monday began early, peaceful Palestinian protests ongoing in Gaza, Ramallah, Bethlehem, Hebron, Jericho, and Nablus, as well as in other West Bank cities and towns, many thousands involved. 

Palestinians are protesting against the opening of Washington’s Jerusalem embassy, along with Nakba Day, and occupation harshness, blockaded Gazans harmed most of all.

Joint (Arab) List MK Yousef Jabareen said his party members will protest in front of Washington’s Jerusalem embassy, saying:

“Today is a dark day for seekers of justice and peace. Transferring the embassy to Jerusalem is a spit in the face of the international community, and critically impedes the chance for peace in the entire region,” adding:

East Jerusalem has been “occupied territory since 1967,” illegally annexed in violation of international law. The alliance between “pyromaniac” Trump and Netanyahu ruthlessness threatens regional and world peace.

Israel transformed historic Palestine into an apartheid Jewish state harsher than South Africa’s apartheid rule. 

Ruthless barbarism defines it, making equitable conflict resolution unattainable. The so-called peace process was a colossal hoax from inception, remaining this way today.

Despotic Arab regimes are increasingly friendly with Israel, dismissive of Palestinian rights.

The Nakba never ended, facilitated by PA complicity with Israel, the ruling Fatah party serving as its enforcer, betraying its own people.

US support for Israeli ruthlessness, along with international dismissiveness toward Palestinian rights, makes liberation from occupation harshness unattainable.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

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Israeli police teach schoolchildren how to shoot Palestinians

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UK Moves to Ban Knives—As They Simultaneously Sell Israel Sniper Rifles to Kill Palestinians


London, United Kingdom – While British politicians have increasingly “declared war on knives,” recently moving to ban the kitchen utensil in the name of keeping citizens safe from knife violence, since the 2014 war in Gaza, the UK government has approved the sale of $445 million in arms to the state of Israel.

The UK attempting to criminalize those carrying knives, after largely banishing guns, while simultaneously selling Israel arms—including parts for sniper rifles that are routinely used to kill innocent Palestinians—is the height of hypocrisy.

The arms deal included components for combat aircraft, drones, and helicopters, as well as spare parts for sniper rifles, as reported by Middle East Eye. It is almost certain that British-made weapons are being used by the Israeli military in the Occupied Territories and have raised fears that components in sniper rifles used to kill scores of Palestinian civilians in recent weeks could have been made in the UK.

“No excuses: there is never a reason to carry a knife. Anyone who does will be caught, and they will feel the full force of the law,” London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan tweeted on April 8.

Shortly after Kahn’s city-wide ban on knives, Dr. John Crichton, chairman of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and a leading doctor in Scotland called for a banning “killer” kitchen knives, according to The Express.

In a nod to the ever-expanding police state under the guise of safety (sound familiar), British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson called for increased use of stop-and-search powers by police. “You have got to stop them, you have got to search them and you have got to take the knives out of their possession,” he said

While there has been a domestic movement to disarm British subjects, starting with guns and now moving to knives, the British government seemingly has no problem increasing arms sales to an Israeli government accused of oppressive human rights violations against the Palestinians.

In fact, arms exports from the UK to Israel have grown from $28 million in 2015, to $300 million currently, according to Department for International Trade data:

UK arms sales to Israel

2015…..  ($28m)

2016…..  ($117m)

2017…..  ($300m)


Total…..  ($445m)

Source: Dept for Int Trade

Palestinian photojournalist Yaser Murtaja, who was wearing a jacket that clearly said “PRESS”, was killed after being shot in the chest by an Israeli sniper while covering a peaceful march. As The Intercept noted“Either the Israeli sniper could not clearly see who was in the rifle scope—in which case the claim that the use of live fire is precise is shown to be untrue—or the soldier intentionally fired at a journalist, which is a war crime.”

Additionally, the heinous nature of Israeli snipers murdering innocent civilians was on clear display in a recent video reported by The Free Thought Project, which showed a non-threatening man standing in a field being killed by an Israeli sniper.

In the video, a man is heard asking “Do you have a bullet in the barrel?” and then “is it on him?” according to a translation reported by Haaretz.

The individual they are targeting is so far in the distance that the man who is filming appears to be holding some form of binoculars in front of the camera, in order to capture a clear picture.

A man is seen standing motionless on the other side of the barrier as another man and a small child walk past him. Another man remarked, “I can’t see because of the wire” and then said, “there’s a little boy there,” noting the presence of the child.

The sniper then pulled the trigger and fired one shot, striking the Palestinian man who was standing still and was making no attempt to do anything that could have threatened the soldiers who had been observing him from a distance.

Cheers erupted from the Israelis after the Palestinian man was shot and then collapsed on the ground. The man filming the shooting can be heard saying, “Wow, what a video! Yes! Son of a bitch. What a video, here, run and get him out of there. Of course, I filmed it.”

Dozens of other Palestinians then run to the scene to check on the man who was shot, and one Israeli man said, Wow, someone was hit in the head,” while the cameraman said, “what a legendary video,” and another man remarked, “he flew in the air.”

Take that, you sons of bitches,” the cameraman can be heard saying as the video ends.

According to Palestinian officials, at least 40 people have been killed since the start of the “Great March Return,” a six-week protest of the Israeli occupation, which began earlier this month.

In the wake of the violence, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called for a review of arms sales due to Israel’s “illegal and inhumane” killing and wounding of “yet more unarmed Palestinian protesters.

The killings have sparked an outcry from the international community but went largely ignored by American mass media, after the news emerged that Israeli snipers were given orders allowing them to shoot unarmed Palestinians who came within 100 yards of the Gaza security fence.

While the political elite of British society are quick to condemn the rising trend of knife assaults in the UK, and move to further curtail civil liberties of British subjects, few of these individuals—aside from Jeremy Corbyn—seem to question the orthodoxy of the UK government selling arms to an Israeli government that routinely perpetrates war crimes against innocent Palestinians.

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17 Palestinians Lose Legs after Israeli Forces blast their legs with illegal bullets

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Palestinians should take peace proposal or ‘shut up,’ Saudi crown prince reportedly said

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the heir apparent to the Saudi throne, made the remark during a closed-door meeting with heads of Jewish organizations in New York on March 27, Barak Ravid, a diplomatic correspondent with Israel’s Channel 10, wrote on the Axios website. 

Citing an Israeli diplomatic cable, as well as two sources briefed on the meeting, Ravid reported that the prince, often referred to as MbS, was unusually blunt when speaking on the Palestinian cause.

“In the last several decades the Palestinian leadership has missed one opportunity after the other and rejected all the peace proposals it was given,” the prince said. “It is about time the Palestinians take the proposals and agree to come to the negotiations table or shut up and stop complaining.”

The attendees were more than surprised to hear the bombshell statement, sources told Ravid. “People literally fell off their chairs.”
Prince bin Salman also said that Palestine is not a top issue for Riyadh or Saudi public opinion, adding that the kingdom “has much more urgent and important issues to deal with,” such as countering Iran’s standing in the region.

While lashing out at the Palestinian leadership and President Mahmoud Abbas, bin Salman nevertheless said there needs to be significant progress in the Arab-Israeli peace process in order to mend ties between the Gulf nations and Tel Aviv.

It is unclear which peace proposal MBS was referring to. Currently, a roadmap for a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is being completed by Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and a vocal supporter of Israel. Jason Greenblatt, a senior Trump adviser and ardent Israel supporter, is also taking part in drafting the peace plan.

Little is known about the US proposal, though Nikki Haley, the US envoy to the UN, shed some light on it in February. Haley said the Trump administration chose the golden mean for the peace roadmap, which “won’t be loved and won’t be hated” by either Israel or the Palestinians.

It is up to the Israelis and Palestinians to decide how best to solve the decades-long conflict, and “if they decide on two states, the United States will support two states. If they decide on certain boundaries, the United States is going to support those boundaries.”

It turns out that Palestine does not play a very significant role in President Donald Trump’s foreign policy. Earlier, it emerged that Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spent just 15 minutes on Palestine in their White House meeting. 

In mid-April, Trump tweeted that he was “looking forward” to moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem in May, a controversial move that sent shockwaves all across the Arab world. Tagging Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the post, Trump thanked the Israeli people and declared the US has “no better friends anywhere.” The move was met with a backlash, even from his Western allies. The UK said the UN’s two-state solution should be kept to.

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