Ontario Reign announce guaranteed home dates for 2018-19 AHL season

The Ontario Reign of the American Hockey League has announced six guaranteed home dates at Citizens Business Bank Arena for the 2018-19 regular season. The games will be played on Oct. 12, Oct. 13, Dec. 31, Jan. 5, Jan. 26 and March 2. 

In addition to the six regular season games, the Citizens Business Bank Arena will host a special intrasquad scrimmage between members of the Los Angeles Kings on Sept. 16. Many of the players who will be participating in the scrimmage have connections to the Reign. The contest is very important for the Kings coaching staff who will start to be making very important decisions regarding evaluations for the 2018-19 Kings National Hockey League regular season roster.

The New Year’s Eve contest is an annual game the Reign play at the Citizens Business Bank Arena. Last year the Reign lost a tight battle to the Tucson Roadrunners by a score of 2-1. 

It has not yet been announced who the Reign will play in the six guaranteed home dates. Ontario will play 68 games in their regular season schedule for 2018-19 with 34 games at the Citizens Business Bank Arena.

For more Reign news and future ticket information, please click here.  

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Ontario’s GreenBelt could be turned into "largest condo farm this province has ever seen"

Doug Ford, now leading in the polls, wants to open up more of it for development.

Ontario, Canada is big- it has 40 percent of the country’s population and 40 percent of the Gross Domestic Product. Provincial governments are powerful compared to US state governments; you can’t even take a case of beer across provincial borders.

So a lot of people were shocked when Doug Ford was elected leader of the Progressive Conservative party- he is the “populist” brother of the late Rob Ford, known to TreeHugger for trying to put a monorail and Ferris wheel on the waterfront instead of a park.

And now, people are shocked, shocked that Doug Ford promised developers that he will open up the Greenbelt that surrounds the City of Toronto for development. In the video, released by his Liberal opponents, Ford says:

“I’ve already talked to some of the biggest developers in this country, and I wish I could say it was my idea, but it was their idea as well,” he said. “Give us property and we’ll build and we’ll drive the cost down.”

greenbelt planGreenbelt plan/CC BY 2.0

The Greenbelt, created by the Liberal government in 2005, “protects environmentally sensitive areas and productive farmlands from urban development and sprawl.” The trouble is that the developers already own most the land and they have been fighting the Liberals’ development policies ever since. Nobody should be shocked at all that the first thing the PCs would do is pave it.

Backtracking a bit, Ford is quoted in Macleans:

I support the Greenbelt in a big way. Anything that we may look at to reduce housing costs, because everyone knows housing costs is through the roof and there’s no more property available to build housing in Toronto or the GTA….I give you my commitment, that anything that we look at on the Greenbelt will be replaced. So, there’ll still be the equal amount of Greenbelt.”

Other conservatives (like this one from Niagara in the middle of the Greenbelt) are touting the same line.

Unfortunately, Doug Ford doesn’t understand how watersheds and ecosystems work; you can’t just push here and pull there. It is also not true that there is no more property available to build on; the plan included a “white belt” of unprotected land that was planned for development. As economist Frank Clayton told the Globe and Mail: “There’s lots of land for the next 20 or 30 years within the white belt. So you don’t have to touch the Greenbelt for residential land to keep the prices from going up.” (John Michael McGrath has a nuanced view of the white belt, noting that it is not exactly open for development, and that the Liberals are not totally clear of any fault in all of this).

Chris Ballard, the current Minister for the Environment says:

(Ford) will bulldoze a great swath of the Greenbelt and turn it into the largest condo farm this province has ever seen. We moved to protect it forever so that our kids and grandkids would never have to worry about having access to nature and that we would have productive farm lands well into the future. So, it’s essential this area stay protected.

Many people think that the Conservatives will have to backpedal on this; a lot of their rich voters near the greenbelt have their houses already and don’t want anymore in their backyard. I suspect that the GreenBelt will just get nibbled away, bit by bit as the developers control the land, the local councils and soon, the government.

Kathleen Wynne, the Premier who Ford is trying to replace, is blunt:

“If you open up the Greenbelt and make it into a Swiss cheese map you never get that back. You never get that water protection back. You never get that agricultural land protection back. It is absolutely wrong-headed. I could not disagree with (Ford) more.”

But many people are tired of her. Many people hate her simply because she is a woman and she is gay. They would rather vote for the loudmouth who would roll back sex education and carbon taxes.

But anyone who cares about the environment should recognize that her party created the GreenBelt and they got rid of coal fired electricity. These were both a very big deal. I wonder if people shouldn’t thank them for the things they have done instead of throwing them out.

UPDATE: That was fast. He has backtracked totally.

reatractionProgressive Conservatives of Ontario/via

Source Article from https://www.treehugger.com/environmental-policy/ontarios-greenbelt-could-be-turned-largest-condo-farm-province-has-ever-seen.html

Ontario Reign to have minimum of two home playoff games in 2018

The Ontario Reign of the American Hockey League are guaranteed to have a second home playoff game in the 2018 Calder Cup playoffs at the Citizens Business Bank Arena. On Friday, the Reign defeated the Texas Stars 5-1 in their best out of five series to tie the series at one game apiece. With the Reign winning game two, it means the series is tied and guarantees the Reign will host game four of the series on April 24 at 7 pm PT (tickets).

Please note, the Reign and the Stars game is no longer if necessary. The game is guaranteed to happen. 

In the Reign’s victory over the Stars, Philippe Maillet notched two goals. The other Reign goal scorers were Matt Luff, Oscar Fantenberg and T.J. Hensick. Brett Sutter also was strong offensively as he notched two assists. The Reign were successfully able to rebound in the series after losing 4-3 in game one.  

In other news, the Reign have formed a partnership with the company Grave Before Shave. The company is known for its beard oil and beard balm in a variety of different flavors including Viking, pine, outdoorsman, tequila, cigar, bourbon, caramel mocha and rum. 

Before the Reign play the Stars in game four of the series, game three will be at Citizens Business Bank Arena on April 22 at 3 pm PT. For tickets, please click here. 

Source Article from https://m.axs.com/ontario-reign-to-have-minimum-of-two-home-playoff-games-in-2018-129753

Eastern Ontario woman with garrotte arrested after rally against Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson


A woman in eastern Ontario is facing numerous charges after taking part in a protest against a lecture by a controversial Toronto professor.

Police say a 38-year-old woman was arrested near Queen’s University in Kingston Monday evening.

She’s charged with mischief, assaulting police, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose and for carrying a concealed weapon.

Local media reports say more than 150 people took part in the rally against University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson. He has come under fire for refusing to use gender-neutral pronouns and opposing Bill C-16, which extends legal protections to transgender people in Canada.

Police say the woman, who isn’t a student at Queen’s, stood on one of the building’s window ledges during the protest and started to bang on the window, causing it to break and cutting her hand.

They say she fled the scene but was stopped nearby by plain-clothes officers, who had to bring in extra officers when the woman became violent during her arrest.

Police add that the woman also tried to kick out the cruiser’s window while she was being transported to police headquarters.

Officials say officers searched her backpack and found a weapon – a metal wire with handles commonly known as a garrotte.

Source Article from https://www.sott.net/article/379371-Eastern-Ontario-woman-with-garrotte-arrested-after-rally-against-Jordan-Peterson

‘Lock ’em in and burn it down!’ cries SJW at Queen’s University/Peterson event in Ontario

Jordan B. Peterson


“Lock ’em in and burn it down!” says an SJW at Queen’s University in Ontario. That’s what he jokingly proposes to do to people coming out to hear Jordan Peterson speak. Watch these little fascists in action:

A number of professors on campus have taken a stance against the event, writing an “An Open Letter to Principal Woolf” in response to his statement.

The open letter, signed by professors from several departments, including gender studies, film and media, English and politics, expressed “dismay” with Woolf’s statement.

According to these professors’ statement, they believe Woolf “mischaracterized” the nature of the problem.

“You fail to acknowledge the members of the Queen’s community who are directly targeted by the anti-trans, racist, colonialist, anti-Semitic, and Islamophobic bigotry and violence that the speaker and his followers promote,” the open letter reads.
[Emphasis mine. – RD]

“The problem created by this lecture is not ‘free speech.’ The problem is that Queen’s is providing a platform to someone who already has extensive access to a range of venues for circulating his odious and ill-informed views,” the letter continued.

As of Feb. 26, the open letter has received 113 signatures from various students, faculty and alumni.

Fortunately Principal Woolf has a spine, and stood them down. Good for you, Principal Woolf! That list of faculty signatories is helpful because it tells students which professors to avoid if they want to get an actual education.

Look, though, at one of the SJW thugs banging on stained-glass window, trying to disrupt the speech (to a packed house):

WHERE ARE THE POLICE?! Why are these people not being arrested and charged?! At some point, students are going to get sick and tired of being treated this way by Social Justice Warriors, and are going to start fighting back with their fists and with weapons. If the campus administration and the police will not keep order, then somebody will. You watch.

Meanwhile, Christina Hoff Sommers ran into a buzzsaw of SJW wokeness at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portlandia:

Diversity Dean at Lewis & Clark was present.She approached podium in middle of my talk & asked me to wrap up my speech & take questions. I was never able to develop my argument.Shouldn’t the dean have insisted protesters allow me to finish, rather than cut speech short? https://t.co/1d43iDeo7P

— Christina Sommers (@CHSommers) March 5, 2018


Radical leftists denounced Sommers in advance as a “known fascist.” Lewis & Clark ought to have thrown these disrupters out the minute they opened their mouth. But as the “diversity dean” action indicates, the administration at that college is on the side of the radicals.

A professor at another private college e-mails to me, about the Sommers no-platforming:

Behind every student engaged in such stunts is someone employed by the college encouraging and prompting him or her. In some instances it’s a faculty member or group of them, but the truly toxic presence on campuses is the student life division, and they have access to these kids 24/7. It’s amazing to me that we have faith and academic responsibility requirements for faculty, and then abrogate those standards when it comes to hiring staff. At [my college], as at most colleges, staff hiring and resources put into ancillary offices are far outpacing faculty hiring (as if there is such a thing any more) and spending on instruction. Student life people are by far the most difficult ideologues on campuses and are the cause of so much trouble. I could tell you a lot of stories about this, but read Benjamin Ginsberg’s “Unholy Alliance” in the summer Modern Age to get a feel for it. Faculty are becoming increasingly irrelevant on college campuses, and will do stupid things to make themselves relevant. Even then, they are outmanned.

I have plenty of colleagues who are brutal and noxious ideologues, but they can cause me only so much trouble. 90% of my headaches are caused by low level administrators in our Title IX and HR offices and everyone in the student life division.

The good news is hat students are getting wise to this. There is a backlash coming, but I remain hopeful it’s a swing back to sanity. The rabble rousing students get the press, but there are a lot of good, smart, hardworking kids who want an education and are increasingly going to demand it. I think there’s something salutary afoot.

Let us hope so. That Benjamin Ginsberg piece is really good. Excerpts:

It is important to understand that such concepts as safe spaces, microaggressions, and trigger warnings are not examples of the hypersensitivity of coddled college students as they are sometimes made out to be by the press. Instead, these ideas are designed to stifle free discussion and to block criticisms of left-liberal dogmas by declaring any and all questions about progressive political beliefs and their adherents to be illegitimate and intolerable. Even the mildest comment presenting a possible challenge to left-liberal orthodoxies will be labeled microaggressive, a threat to the safety of the campus and, accordingly, utterly impermissible. For example, the seemingly innocuous claim that “America is a land of opportunity” has been deemed a microaggressive or a microinvalidative allegation that racial minorities are unable to succeed because of their own shortcomings and not the institutional barriers designed to block their efforts. Hence, say politically progressive groups, the phrase should never be uttered on campus. So much for the idea that colleges are bastions of intellectual freedom.

Most college administrators seem reluctant to criticize left-liberal activists or coalitions of minority students, whatever they may do or say. On a few campuses, most notably the University of Chicago, where administrators recently declared that college should never be an intellectually safe space, college presidents have risen to the defense of intellectual freedom. On many campuses, though, administrators have forged what amount to tactical alliances with local activist groups and are unwilling to take issue with even the most outrageous claims voiced by campus progressives. Note the craven response of Yale’s administration to protests on that campus. The administration declined to come to the defense of two faculty members who were hounded by protestors after they had the temerity to speak up for free expression.


The alliance between administrators and campus activists would be a bizarre political curiosity if it were not so damaging to America’s colleges and universities. Allowing left-liberal activists to have their way on college campuses threatens to transform an institution that had once stood for free expression and the critical examination of all ideas into a restrictive “safe space” ruled by a new thought police. Allowing administrators to have their way on college campuses is damaging in a slightly different way. When governed by the faculty, colleges tend to develop curricula that are exciting and challenging, as well as research agendas that have changed the world. From the perspective of administrators, however, only the fiscal bottom line matters. The curriculum is evaluated not from an intellectual perspective but from its capacity to bring paying customers to the store. Coming at it from different perspectives, administrators and campus activists seem to have found common ground in the safe space of intellectual mediocrity through consumer sensitivity.

This alliance is unlikely to collapse any time soon. Administrators and campus activists have much to gain from supporting one another. And both can rely on a phalanx of Title IX regulations by the Department of Education to stifle any faculty or student dissent that might arise. Critics can easily find themselves charged with some trumped-up Title IX violation certain to upend their lives for months. At Northwestern, for example, film professor Laura Kipnis was charged with a Title IX violation, namely creating a hostile environment, after a student complained about an article Kipnis published criticizing university policies governing sexual misconduct. Kipnis was cleared, but only after a lengthy hearing and a seventy-two-day investigation by Northwestern authorities. Under the kangaroo-court rules used in Title IX hearings, the accused individual is not entitled to an attorney but may bring a designated “faculty support person.” It seems, however, that supporting the accused is as risky as providing legal defense to the regime’s opponents in North Korea. The member of the Faculty Senate who attended the hearing to support Kipnis was, as a consequence, charged with a Title IX violation and forced to undergo an investigation for his role in the matter. Apparently only campus activists and their allies are entitled to safe spaces.

Read the whole thing.

What stands a chance of working to bring this tyranny crashing down? The only thing I can think of is what happened at the University of Missouri, when enrollment cratered after the craven administration allowed Social Justice Warriors to dictate campus policy. But let me ask: did that really change anything at Mizzou? Honestly, I don’t know; I’m asking you.

When a university administration starts expelling students who disrupt the normal exercise of freedom of speech and association, that’s when we’ll start seeing these little thugs sorted out.

UPDATE: In this video, Antifa attacks a peaceful discussion at a UK university. It starts around 13:20. The encouraging thing is that some of the students in the audience fight back – with their fists. If university administrators and security personnel refuse to protect from assault peaceful speakers and those who want to hear them, then how, exactly, are law-abiding people not justified in taking matters into their own hands?:

Source Article from https://www.sott.net/article/379262-Lock-em-in-and-burn-it-down-cries-SJW-at-Queens-University-Peterson-event-in-Ontario

Photo: Snowy owl rides the ice on Lake Ontario

Our photo of the day comes from beautiful Lake Ontario.

Just a snowy owl, riding on the ice. Photographer Christina Anne M describes this photo as, “Snowy Owl floating on the ice on Lake Ontario,” which she took while aboard a ferry heading to Amherst Island, Ontario. Who says owls don’t like to have fun?

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Ontario Conservative politicians running from carbon taxes

Going green is going too far.

The Liberal government in Canada’s province of Ontario has been in power for a long time, and is due for an election this June. The government is deeply unpopular outside of the big cities primarily because a) the Premier is a gay woman and b) green energy policies. I wrote about the last Premier stepping down:

It is the coal that killed him; In the last election he lost a huge number of seats in rural ridings divided by wind turbines on land and offshore. To save an important seat in Oakville, Ontario, he cancelled a natural gas peaker plant that was already ordered; This is growing in to a half a billion dollar scandal. Dalton was done in by his green energy policies and the NIMBY reaction to them. It is a cautionary tale.

Kathleen WynneOntario Wind Resistance/ Premier Kathleen Wynne up against Wind/via

The opposition Conservative party should have won the last two elections after all these scandals, but they kept choosing seriously right-wing leaders who scared urban and suburban voters (the majority in the Province now) away.

People's guaranteeProgressive Conservative Party Peoples’ Guarantee/Screen capture

Enter Patrick Brown, who became party leader in May, 2015. He tacked hard to the left as what used to be known as a “Red Tory”- unlike the USA, in Canada red means liberal and left, blue means conservative and right. His “People’s Guarantee” probably would be too left wing for American Democrats. It also had a carbon tax that seemed quite sensible; according to Tony Keller in the conservative Globe and Mail,

A revenue-neutral carbon tax is also beloved by economists, since it involves raising taxes on something our society wants less of – pollution – and using the money to lower taxes on the productive economic activities we want more of, such as paid work.

Then Patrick Brown got caught up in a #metoo scandal and was dumped as leader about three hours later, and there is now a last-minute leadership campaign to replace him. And the biggest question right now is who can run furthest and fastest from the carbon tax.

The candidate to come out against it was Doug Ford, yes, the late Rob Ford’s brother. He is picking up the hard right wing torch and will burn the province down, like he almost did to the city. He is quoted in the Star:

I am the only candidate who has been unequivocal in opposition to the carbon tax and … have been clear since day one. I will axe the carbon tax. Just watch me.

Christine Elliot is the experienced hand in the race, and is listening to the Vox populi:

I personally oppose a carbon tax, and I know many of you feel the same way. This leadership race is a way for you to have your say.

Not to be left out of the party, Caroline Mulroney, daughter of former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney who was a really red Tory, even signing a free trade deal with Ronald Reagan, has flipped over.

As the leader of our party I will not support a carbon tax. I’m a conservative and I’m not in favour of a new tax, especially Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax,” she said, adding she has “now had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of members of our party” and “consulted with members of our caucus and our nominated candidates.”

Patrick Brown told one interviewer that “we have to take climate change seriously. We can’t avoid conversations on the environment.” But apparently it is back to business as usual; if you are a Progressive Conservative, you can.

Source Article from https://www.treehugger.com/environmental-policy/ontario-conservative-politicians-running-carbon-taxes.html

Photo: Sunset ignites the ice on Lake Ontario

Our photo of the day is a story of fire and ice.

The photographer behind the Flickr account, A Great Capture, didn’t reveal very much about this photo, other than it was taken during sunset at Lake Ontario. But who needs descriptions? A scene like this needs few words other than “ahhhh.”

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Source Article from https://www.treehugger.com/slideshows/readers-photos/photo-sunset-ignites-ice-lake-ontario/