Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officer Arrested for Beating Handcuffed Teenager Had A Violent History

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Stanislav Petrov: Soviet Officer Who Averted Nuclear War Dies at Age 77

Stanislav Petrov: Soviet Officer Who Averted Nuclear War Dies at Age 77

September 18th, 2017

I’m amazed by how few people are aware of this incident. It makes for great dinner time conversation!

Via: Russia Today:

A Soviet officer who prevented a nuclear crisis between the US and the USSR and possible World War III in the 1980s has quietly passed away. He was 77. In 2010 RT spoke to Stanislav Petrov, who never considered himself a hero. We look at the life of the man who saved the world.




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[WATCH] St Louis Police Officer Caught On Camera Breaking Out Culpepper’s Restaurant Window During Protest

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Rikers Correction Officer Gets 30 Years in Prison for Deadly Beating of Inmate and Trying to Cover Up Assault

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Protests erupt in St. Louis after ex-officer’s acquittal

Noisy demonstrators marched through two malls in an upscale area of suburban St. Louis Saturday to protest the acquittal of a white former St. Louis officer in the shooting of a black man, picking up after a night of mostly peaceful demonstrations that escalated into scattered acts of vandalism and violence.

A few hundred people walked through West County Center in Des Peres, an upscale community west of St. Louis, loudly chanting slogans such as “black lives matter” and “it is our duty to fight for our freedom” to decry the judge’s verdict Friday clearing ex-St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley of first-degree murder in the 2011 shooting death of Anthony Lamar Smith. A short time later, they demonstrated at Chesterfield Mall and at a festival featuring restaurant food from across the region. No arrests were reported at any of the demonstrations.

The mall protests followed raucous daytime marches in downtown St. Louis and through the city’s posh Central West End area during the night. Protesters were making it clear, they said, that the entire region, not just predominantly black areas of St. Louis, should feel uncomfortable with the verdict and its impact. (AP)

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