CNN’s Richard Quest Won’t Believe Mass Shootings, Murders Exceed U.S. in Most European Countries

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Trump’s Rogue US Regime Murders Syrians Defending their Homeland

Evil animal Donald “Dr. Strangelove” Trump, who broke rogue US regime record from inauguration to war crimes.

The rogue US regime of the evil animal and fake swamp drainer Donald J. Trump has struck again. At around 2400, 8 February, the war criminal Obama cum Trump coalition targeted 10 positions of Syrian Arab Army soldiers and affiliated militias between the villages of Khsham and al Tabyia in Deir Ezzor countryside.  These Syrian military forces were defending Syrians within their national borders, defending Syrians and the homeland within their legal, national borders.  Scores were murdered, dozens were injured, and material damage was immense.

The Central Command (CENTCOM) of the rogue US regime outrageously issued a public statement, using Newspeak to claim its deadly, atrocious attacks on Syrian forces were in “self-defense.”  Can a burglar illicitly, criminally, enter your house, murder your family, decree that you provoked him after which he arrogant asserts his “non-negotiable right to act in self-defense.”

US strikes in Syria may be lawful if Syria consents to the use of force in their territory.  If Syria does not consent, the strikes would violate international law, unless the US demonstrates that the strikes were taken in self-defense.  — Sarah Knuckey, international lawyer and Professor at Columbia Law School

Rogue US regime CENTCOM lies in its public statement.

There is no Cessation of Hostilities agreement between Syria and the rogue US regime.  Syria has consistently condemned the criminal aggression of the US and its underling coalition of terror states.  There is no “agreed-upon Euphrates River de-confliction line;” the only agreement is the US one the US signed for US troops in Syria. The rogue US regime has no “SDF partners.”  The fraudulent Syrian Democratic Forces is a creation of the US:  An international foreign mercenary militia composed of international human garbage, and a small number of separatist Ziokurd incompetent, traitor-losers.  War criminal Obama had to put this gang of thugs together, because individual wetworkers could not be beheaded, indefinitely, without losing that sociopathic employment pool.  War criminal Trump has expanded, exponentially, these killers (anyone really believes that the Pentagon lost $800 million, through incompetency?  That money is payroll for hired assassins.).

“Then we just bombarded the shit out of it [Raqqa].” “I’ve literally done nothing in my life but jack off before I came here.” — American terrorist & human garbage.

The rogue US regime bipartisanly created al Qaeda, created ISIS, created the terrorist SDF.  No US military base has a right to be in the SAR.  US presence there is a breach of International Law, per the post-WWII Geneva Treaties, to which the US is a hypocritical signatory.

Yesterday’s slaughter of Syrian troops, by American illegals was not the first time the US committed a massacre of Syrians defending their homeland from foreign invaders.  In September 2016, Barack Obama rescued al Qaeda/ ISIS by ‘accidentally’ massacring 83 SAA troops in al Tharda mountain, near the Deir Ezzor airport.  Trump began his war crimes against Syria just 13 days after taking the oath of the presidency, when he bombed two bridges in al Raqqa, ravaging infrastructure that supplied water to the city of 800,000 civilians.  Trump has exceeded Obama’s atrocities against Syria, helping to make al Qaeda great, again. It was Trump who intentionally bombed Syrian soldiers, 10 April 2017.  It was Trump who followed fake news! CNN’s criminal lies from Brit terrorist embedded with al Nusra in Khan Sheikhoun, to bomb Syrian Arab Army soldiers defending their homeland from foreign invaders.

Terrorist UK national illegally in Syria was source of GB hoax in Khan Sheikhoun

This is Col. Ryan Dillon, the head of the rogue US regime Operation Inherent Resolve, a subsect of CENTCOM.  The Department of Defense has called him “infamous,” and pretends that he spends his time in Baghdad (the US satrap) or Kuwait (of incubator babies infamy).  It is likely that he is an illegal in Syria, as the various foreign assassins — such as the self-named  jack off and junkie Brace Belden — require some type of direction.

Ryan Dilllon, colonel of the rogue US regime and head of OIRSpox.

Dillon has recently outted the plans of the US to ethnically cleanse al Raqqa of Syrian Arabs.  On the day that the rogue US regime again bombed Syrian soldiers, he tweeted a report from Reuters — gloating about the obliteration of al Raqqa by the US and its foreign mercenary militia — which complained about 60,000 Syrians reported to be returning home.

Reuters, the UN mafia, and the rogue US regime try to dissuade Syrian Arabs from returning to al-Raqqa.

Panos Moumtzis, UN Ass. Secretary-General — whose boss recently demanded that Syria be referred to the ICC, for defending itself against foreign pathogens — ejaculated hysterically and in fear mongering fashion, that “the number of unexploded ordnance in Raqqa is something that we have never seen before. Extreme. Every house, every room, every inch of the city.”  Somehow, the gang was completely ignorant to Russian sappers having cleansed almost 1,000 hectares of explosives left behind in liberated Aleppo December 2016 — left behind by those wonderfully moderate terrorists. Somehow, the humanitarian diplomat was also kept in the dark over the more than 150 million square meters de-mined by Russian and Syrian sappers in Deir Ezzor city, September 2017.

The rogue US regime continues to slaughter with impunity, and with the depravity of killers fueled by Captagon.

— Miri Wood

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Israeli man rapes and murders elderly woman, feeds her remains to his dog

Just a thought;

It is likely that the Jewish rabbis will maintain this incident to be a very nasty case of a malicious gentile demon soul inhabiting and manipulating the body of the ‘innocent’ Jew responsible for the killing, whose soul, like that of all other Jews, is held to be eternally as good and sinless as God Himself, and so, maybe some poor Kapparot chicken, like the Gadarene swine, will be forced to receive this ‘demon’ and suffer the consequences of this killing in their future lives in his stead.

Or, knowing sick Jewish mentality, the more rabid among them might even seek to get some ‘revenge’ on the ‘demon’ responsible and murder some poor innocent Palestinian, whilst insanely considering that psychic hostility from Palestinians is harming the mental health of the Israeli Jews, or even directly influencing their physical behaviour.

The Jewish mentality is that just as all Jews are ultimately one soul, so all gentiles are ultimately one soul, the gentiles being eternally and irredeemably on the dark side in their twisted estimation, and so, if they see any incident that they can blame on gentiles, they can and do punish collectively, any victim will do, anyone at all can be killed, it makes no difference at all to them. Think of the ‘revenge’ intended by the Jews upon all ‘Amalekites’. The Jews are completely mental. They quite literally believe that sin is like an infection that an otherwise pure Jewish soul actually catches from a naturally demonic gentile soul.

I really wonder what the rabbis will make of this, and how long he will serve.

What if, after a Kapparot ritual has been done to purge the ‘demon’ and purify him, the Jewish murderer remains loopy? That is very likely indeed, knowing their bizarre mental defects and associated proclivities.

Maybe something is coming back to these Jewish nutcases after all, or he forgot to do his Kapparot sacrifice this year.

They are, after all, the self-declared masters of making others kill each other by psychic attack using black magic methods, as in;

King James Bible Isaiah 19:2
“And I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians: and they shall fight every one against his brother, and every one against his neighbour; city against city, and kingdom against kingdom.”

The rabbis do declare that God Himself is actually every Jew on Earth, so when ‘God’ is said to be going to do something, it is actually a cryptic way of telling the Jews themselves to do it.

Here are the words of some ‘lovely’ voices from their ‘Father’ that the Jewish prophets have been listening to and transcribing;
Exodus 32:27

“He said to them, “Thus says the LORD, the God of Israel, ‘Every man of you put his sword upon his thigh, and go back and forth from gate to gate in the camp, and kill every man his brother, and every man his friend, and every man his neighbor.’”” (sounds absolutely super, Prime Minister, I simply must have some Jews round for dinner, no more anti-semitism will be allowed in my house for sure. Er … not really, we have to ban Jews from our countries as soon as possible or we will quite literally simply get slaughtered one way or another by these absolutely malevolent complete nutters, thus sayeth Mothman).

Think also of Jesus, who says he is one with the ‘Father’ just mentioned above, stating he will be using psychic methods to cause at least emotional and spiritual discord in the NT;

Matthew 10:34-36
“Do not assume that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 For I have come to turn ‘A man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. 36 A man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.…” (simply lovely, must join up to this crazed cult right away, or maybe not on second thoughts)

And here we see the statements in Ephesians quite obviously referring to psychic phenomena;
Ephesians 6:11-13
11 “Put on the full armour of God, so that you can make your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this world’s darkness, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13 Therefore take up the full armour of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you will be able to stand your ground, and having done everything, to stand….”

And here is a twist, take the verse following Matthew 10:21 into consideration;
Matthew 10:21 King James Bible
“And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death.”

Isaiah 45:7 King James Bible
“I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.”

Ha Ha, so God the Father kills even his own Christian followers, what jolly fun, must join up to this cult right way, where is the nearest recruitment office, your Majesty?

Well, Jews were behind the creation of Christianity as a psy-op, ultimately intended to make purposely weakened Christians serve Israel, so what can you expect? If a Christian can accept that load of tosh, he will surely be able to run over any battlefield for the Jews and happily get himself blown up too, absolute piece of cake.

This is why no nation should EVER allow any Jews to live amongst them, as the effect of the Jews on the gentile peoples of any nation can be very unpleasant indeed, not only on the physical levels, but on the unseen levels on the inner planes in ways that remain unperceived by many.

The minds of all people in society affect each other, even non-verbally, I can even feel what a dog or a cat or a horse feels like near me, as well as other human beings, I am sure we all can, and a reasonable degree of suitability to live alongside each other needs to be maintained for the spiritual, psychic, mental, whatever you may wish to call it, atmosphere to remain decent enough to live in, a society should ideally maintain a reasonable degree of its own cultural characteristics, its own language, it’s own racial genome, in order to remain even functional, then the people feel safest and most secure and happy with each other, living amongst fairly similar people with fairly similar beliefs and practices.

Different peoples of all lands can always visit other peoples in other lands and taste and enjoy their cultures to the fullest as they desire, using temporary visas for many different purposes, without having to immigrate and cross-breed by Marxist ordain, but when malevolent pseudo-cultures, actually warlike predatory movements like Judaism are permitted to immigrate by weak-minded or traitorous infiltrators within our government, then our own cultures and even races will not only be diluted, they will be utterly destroyed, exactly as is the Judaic intention.

Malevolent religions like Judaism have absolutely no place in our society at all as they have an entirely corrosive action upon us.

If gentile nations continue to allow the Jews to remain in close physical proximity to their gentile peoples within their lands, that gives the Jews not only the opportunity to spy for the Mossad as sayanim upon military, technical and industrial installations, it also allows them to manipulate our societies on every level, and to become familar with us on a personal level, especially when they self-identify to us as Christians or ‘agnostics’ or ‘atheists’, etc., as the overwhelmingly vast majority do (you often only find out much later what they really are when they let it slip verbally), and use that ruse to begin to undermine us, as the Jews go by the saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”.

Jews use political manipulation and the media to twist people’s minds, but psychic powers do exist, even though the state will, for security reasons, maintain that they do not. I spoke to an ex-bodyguard of Princess Dianna and he spoke of not only MI5, and MI6, but also of other military intelligence groups like MI2 and MI3, one of which specialises, he stated, in using a psychic methodology to achieve their aims.

I saw the film ‘Get Out’ recently, by the way, which I recommend, it really makes you think.

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NBC, ABC Downplay the Size of Iranian Protests, CBS Questions Murders

The network coverage of the Iranian protests since their beginning nearly a week ago has been utterly abysmal. From ignoring them all together to downplaying the murder of protesters, the three major network news outlets have had to be dragged kicking and screaming to cover the spontaneous uprising. Tuesday was no different with ABC’s World News Tonight and NBC Nightly News downplaying the size and expansiveness of the demonstrations. CBS Evening News went off the deep end and started openly questioning who was actually killing the protesters.

In one of the most outrageous examples of the liberal media downplaying the Iranian protests, NBC’s Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell (who has a long history of kissing up to brutal foreign regimes) claimed the protests were only 10 percent of their actual scope.

Unlike Iran’s last major protest over disputed elections in 2009, these were sparked by frustration over a weak economy. Starting in the city of Mashhad, smaller but for the first time spreading nationwide,” Mitchell asserted. And as she said that the current protests were “smaller,” she flashed a map on the screen that highlighted only four cities. That map was an outright fabrication of the truth.

Mitchell’s map claiming that there were protests in only four cities was a blatant lie easily proven false by a map tweeted out by the Associated Press that puts the city count at over three dozen, 37 to be precise. But prior to her report, while anchor Lester Holt was still delivering the introduction to the segment, the network flashed yet another map showing only 21 cities having protests. It did show more cities but it was still less than two-thirds of what it really was.



The NBC reporter was also worried about the negative effects President Trump would have with his tweets of support. “President Trump supporting the protests, tweeting: “The people of Iran are finally acting against the brutal and corrupt Iranian regime… the U.S. is watching,” she noted while failing to mention that what the U.S. was watching for was signs of human rights violations. “But could the Trump tweets backfire? Sparking a crackdown?

Feigning concern about a crackdown against the protesters was a disturbing narrative from the liberal media to try to shut up protest supporters.

Meanwhile, on ABC, Chief Foreign Correspondent Terry Moran tried to discredit the uprising by claiming there were only just a handful of protestors here and there which made up a much smaller force than in 2009. “It’s the sixth straight day of these protests, hundreds arrested, at least 21 killed, the largest demonstrations since 2009. But back then it was millions in the streets, now it’s tens of thousands,” he declared with a deflated tone.

And during CBS Evening News, correspondent Elizabeth Palmer seriously questioned the reports of murdered protestors. “There’s no way to know who was shooting, but state media say six people died,” she reported, giving the tyrannical regime the benefit of the doubt. It should be noted that Palmer has a history of being one of the few western journalists allowed to report from inside Iran, so it can be argued that her muddying of the murders was done to preserve that relationship.

Transcript below:

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NBC Nightly News
January 2, 2018
7:05:24 PM Eastern


ANDREA MITCHELL: Stunning protests rarely seen in Iran. Cars burning, buildings in flames, a poster of the all-powerful supreme leader Ayatollah Khomeini is trampled, chants of death to the dictator. Now Khomeini blaming the U.S., saying the enemy is waiting for an opportunity for a crack through which it can infiltrate. A claim strongly rejected by the administration.

NIKKI HALEY: We all know that’s complete nonsense. The demonstrations are completely spontaneous.

MITCHELL: Unlike Iran’s last major protest over disputed elections in 2009, these were sparked by frustration over a weak economy. Starting in the city of Mashhad, smaller but for the first time spreading nationwide. President Trump supporting the protests, tweeting: “The people of Iran are finally acting against the brutal and corrupt Iranian regime… the U.S. is watching.” And earlier tweeting: “Time for change.”

Is he calling for regime change?

HEATHER NAUERT: I think what the President is talking about is exactly what the Iranian people are saying. That they want change, the government to take care of them.

MITCHELL: But could the Trump tweets backfire? Sparking a crackdown?

RYAN CROCKER: What we can do is, again, give the regime excuse to come down very very hard on them.

MITCHELL: The U.S. caught off guard by protests but now encouraging them. Andrea Mitchell, NBC News at State Department.

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NRA Silent As Cop Murders Innocent Man Because He Legally Held a Pellet Gun An Hour Earlier


Police were called over reports of a man with a gun in a legal carry state, and within minutes of their arrival, they opened fire on the man—even though he posed no threat, was complying with their commands to the best of his ability, and was even crying and begging the officers to spare his life. In response, the National Rifle Association has been eerily silent.

The organization’s website defines the NRA as “America’s foremost defender of Second Amendment rights,” and paints the picture of an association that has been committed to educating and protecting Americans’ Second Amendment rights since the 1870s. However, the NRA also notes that it is “widely recognized today as a major political force,” and it appears that politics are keeping the NRA from defending the Second Amendment rights of Americans who are killed by police.

As journalist Radley Balko noted on Twitter, “The insanely heavy-handed police response to Daniel Shaver came after someone reported seeing him with a rifle. (it was a pellet gun). Arizona is open carry, including for long guns. So the NRA will denounce this verdict and demand better training for Mesa police, right?

Daniel Shaver, 26, was shot and killed by police in Mesa, Arizona, on Jan. 18, 2016. The father of two was staying at a hotel on a business trip for his job as a pest control specialist, and he was accompanied by two pellet rifles that were secured in cases, which he used for work.

Shaver invited two other people to his hotel room, where they spent the evening drinking and playing video games. At some point, police received a call saying that they saw someone pointing a rifle out of Shaver’s hotel room window, and officers responded with force.

The full Body Cam footage that documented the time between when officers arrived at the hotel, to when they shot and killed Shaver was only recently released. It shows a horrific scene in which a sobbing man begs for his life and attempts to follow every command, while a police officer points an AR-15 at him with the words “You’re Fucked” etched into the side of the rifle.

“Young man, you are not to move. You are to put your eyes down, look down at the carpet. You are to keep your fingers interlaced behind your head you are to keep your feet crossed,” Officer Philip Brailsford said. “If you move, we are going to consider that a threat, and we are going to deal with it and you may not survive it, do you understand me?”

“Yes sir,” Shaver replied.

After he ordered the woman who was in the room with Shaver to kneel, put her hands in the air, and crawl towards officers where they appear to arrest her, Brailsford ordered Shaver to kneel, and then yelled for him to keep his legs crossed.

“I’m sorry,” Shaver said, putting his hands behind his back.

Hands up in the air!” Brailsford yelled. “You do that again we’re shooting you, do you understand?”

“Please, do not shoot me,” Shaver said, keeping his hands in the air.

Shaver continued to follow Brailsford’s instructions, and the officer again warned, “Your hands go back in the small of your back or down, we are going to shoot you, do you understand me?”

Yes sir,” Shaver said, sobbing.

Brailsford then ordered Shaver to crawl towards him, and as the man followed orders, he reached to pull up the waistband of his shorts, and the officer opened fire.

Brailsford fired five consecutive shots, striking and killing Shaver instantly. The police report noted that the shots were fired so rapidly that in watching the video at regular speed, one cannot count them.

Daniel Shaver was not armed as he made every attempt possible to comply with the officer’s demands. The two pellet guns he used for work were found in his hotel room, locked in cases, and there was never any point during his encounter with the police officers where he threatened to harm them, or anyone else. 

As The Free Thought Project reported, Philip Brailsford was initially charged with second-degree murder in March 2016, and then acquitted of all charges last week by a jury that spent just six hours deliberating the verdict. This comes after Brailsford’s lawyers argued that it would be “extremely unfair” to show the Body Cam footage of the shooting to the jury.

It was not until after Brailsford had been aquitted that the Body Cam footage was released to the public in its entirety. Despite the fact that the cruel shooting has received national attention, the NRA has remained silent, and has made no attempt to defend Daniel Shaver’s Second Amendment rights.

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Hundreds Of Still Unsolved Mysterious Deaths And Ritual Murders Accompany The Demonic Appetite For Human Flesh In America

According to this November 29th story over at“cannibalism is becoming more and more popular” in 2017 and as he reports in the first paragraph of the story, that title is no exaggeration. With cannibalism, among the most demonic of all evils, now being defended by large parts of the ‘establishment’, with numerous Hollywood movies and videos coming out depicting cannibalism surging in popularity, have we reached a point in time long ago warned of?

As Steve Quayle warned in an SQnote he left while linking to this November 2017 story over at the Daily Mail reporting upon some of the most recent series of horrifying cannibal murders, the appetite of demons for human flesh is accelerating – think ‘pedogate and ritual murder’”.

Between a shocking number of ‘pedogate’ investigators being murdered as Susan Duclos recently reported in this story on ANP and what could be ritual murders being carried out with alternative health practitioners being knocked off in huge numbers over the past few years, its clear we’re witnessing something dark and sinister playing out before our eyes.

And as we see in this story, much of what we’re now watching playing out across America ties directly in to America’s move away from God for as the Rev. Billy Graham’s daughter Anna Graham Lotz recently warned“God is turning away from America and leaving us to our sins”. Are we now witnessing Biblical warnings unfolding in front of us?

Commenting on the moral state of America and God’s judgment on sinful nations, evangelist Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of pastor Billy Graham, said America is imploding “morally and spiritually,” that God is removing His “blessing and protection” from us, leaving us to our sins, and that this encroaching judgment is evident in the chaos of the political scene, the economy, and even the weather. 

“Romans 1 describes the type of judgment where we sin, and we refuse to repent of our sin, then He backs away from us,” said Anne Graham Lotz in a recent interview on CBN News with host Mark Martin. “He removes Himself from us and He turns us over to ourselves. That’s what I think I see in America. I believe we’re entering into that phase of judgment, where God is backing away.”

“Romans 1 talks about the kind of judgment I describe in [my] blog, because we think of the judgment of God sometimes as like Sodom and Gomorrah, when you rain down fire and brimstone, or like in Exodus when He opened up the ground and swallowed all those people, or an earthquake or lightning strike,” said Lotz.

“But, actually, Romans 1 describes God’s judgment – and those are God’s judgments – but Romans 1 describes the type of judgment where we sin, and we refuse to repent of our sin, then He backs away from us,” she said. “If we continue to sin and refuse to repent, He backs further away. Go into Romans 1 until, actually, He removes Himself from us and He turns us over to ourselves.”

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Cop’s Relative Murders Unarmed Man in Broad Daylight ON VIDEO—No Charges


WARNINGThe video below contains disturbing images of the argument and shooting of Curtis Shelley in Killeen, Texas. Several family members, including the victim’s grandmother and father, gave permission for this video to be republished.

Killeen, TX — Disturbing video of a murder in Killeen, Texas has been published by the family of the victim as they seek justice for their son who was murdered in broad daylight. The family has gone to the media because — in spite of police have video evidence of the murder — they have yet to charge the man who committed it.

The family is claiming that there has yet to be charges filed because the suspect, who has still yet to be identified by police, is a relative of one of the officers in the Killeen Police Department. An anonymous source has told the Free Thought Project that the shooter in the video below is the son of a KPD officer.

While we’ve yet to confirm the actual relationship with the department, local news station KCEN has confirmed, through multiple avenues that the man is indeed related to a Killeen police employee.

As KCEN reports, on Sunday, Nov. 12, officers were dispatched to the scene around 2:10 p.m. They found Shelley on the ground in the 1000 block of Cedar Drive with a gunshot wound. Officers said they performed life-saving measures until paramedics arrived, but Shelley did not survive.

The investigation determined that “the victim and suspect” were involved in an ongoing dispute, according to the Killeen Police Department.

As the video shows, the two men were engaged in an obvious dispute with the shooter training the gun on Shelley the entire time. As the situation appears to calm down, Shelley walks backward and the shooter has the chance to leave the scene. However, the shooter chooses not to leave and with no warning and without Shelly lunging or otherwise posing any threat, the man fired the shotgun.

The single shot dropped Shelley immediately and he died shortly after.

After viewing the video of the altercation, Channel 6 reports that their Legal Expert Liz Mitchell said it will be difficult for the shooting to be justified.

“I would say a self-defense claim would be very difficult in this case,”  Mitchell said “In this case, it’s kind of like that old saying you can’t bring a gun to a fist fight. The person in the white t-shirt doesn’t have a weapon or anything that would justify deadly force in this case.”

The family is now distraught for two reasons. The first reason is that they lost their beloved son, fiance, and grandson. The second reason is that the man who took his life has yet to be charged with a crime.

“When it happens to your family you want everything to hurry, something to be done and to feel like you’re getting closer to the truth. Now there’s the feeling of wanting the guy to at least be arrested,” Diane Shelley, the victim’s grandmother said.

“I wish they could move faster but they’re telling us to give them time to get everybody’s statements,” said Beverly Maire the victim’s fiance’.

As KCEN reports, the family said they asked the detective why the suspect has not been identified, arrested or charged. They claim the detective tells them it’s because they are still gathering evidence and witness statements.

However, this raises the question, how much more evidence do you need to at least bring someone in other than a video showing exactly what happened?

The KPD said they are still hoping more witnesses come forward and they say they asked the Texas Rangers to review the case before it’s handed over to the Bell County District Attorney’s Office — in the effort of transparency.

When watching the video below, ask yourself what possible reason would deter police from going to the shooter’s house and immediately arresting him.

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Williams: Why Weren’t Sandy Hook Murders ‘Sad Enough’ for GOP?

MTP Daily
October 2, 2017
5:17:55 PM Eastern


BRIAN WILLIAMS: So you heard what was said from the podium, Senator, as we welcome you on the broadcast. You happen to believe this is the time to have this discussion?

RICHARD BLUMENTHAL: The president called what happened in Las Vegas pure evil. If he believes it was pure evil, now is the time to lead. We saw this evil in Newtown just a few years ago, nothing has changed since Newtown. Congress has been complicit. We ought to honor the victims by acting. And, of course, our condolences, hearts, prayers, grief, go out to the families. And I saw those images and I’ve seen them all day in horror the unspeakable tragedy that we remember too well. But we also ought to be angry. I’m furious that congress has been complicit. Now is the time for action.

WILLIAMS: Why don’t we act? What is the problem? What was it about first graders losing their lives that wasn’t sad enough to result in changes?

BLUMENTHAL: The grip, in fact, stranglehold of the NRA and other special interests on the Congressional process has undermined our efforts, in fact, blocked them. But I really believe we can honor these victims and we can arrive at a tipping point where we change America. America will feel the same fury that I felt watching these images.

WILLIAMS: What is your understanding of the argument—and this has already been tied in today—the legislative effort to legalize silencers or some silencers in some cases? What’s your understanding of that argument?

BLUMENTHAL: The argument for silencers?

WILLIAMS: For legalizing the use of silencers on weapons.

BLUMENTHAL: Making the purchase or use of silencers easier is supposed to be good for the ears of the folks who are shooting. What a travesty when you think the reason those folks ran from those gunshots is they could hear them. This legislation ought to be a non-starter like the concealed carry legislation, what a travesty and a tragedy that the supposed reforms that Congress is considering now are the silencer legislation and concealed carry proposal.

We ought to have an agenda of common sense steps to stop gun violence, including a ban on assault weapons and the high-capacity magazines that are used for these mass killings. Assault weapons have no purpose but to maim and kill human beings, they’re weapons of war and, of course, background checks for everyone who buys a gun especially to keep them out of the hands of dangerous people.

WILLAMS: When do you believe the American people will have had enough; enough to push back against the edges of the Second Amendment argument enough to say we can live under the Second Amendment but there should be limits?

BLUMENTHAL: I’m a law enforcer by trying and career. I believe in the Second Amendment because it’s the law of the land, but those common sense measures would in no way infringe on any constitutional right and the vast majority—more than 80 or 90 percent– believe we ought to have background checks to keep these weapons out of the hands of dangerous people.

I believe that we’re reaching a tipping point but remember also between the time that Ronald Reagan was almost assassinated and the Brady Law there were ten years, so it’s a marathon now a sprint and we have to be in it for the long haul. The courage and strength of the Newtown families and of the families in Las Vegas and Orlando will inspire America, I believe, along with the horror of this unspeakable tragedy.


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Big Pharma RAMPAGE: Man murders doctor who refused to prescribe opioids to his wife

Image: Big Pharma RAMPAGE: Man murders doctor who refused to prescribe opioids to his wifeImage: Big Pharma RAMPAGE: Man murders doctor who refused to prescribe opioids to his wife

(Natural News)
A murder-suicide is being implicated in the ongoing and growing opioid addiction crisis besmirching Indiana. Michael Jarvis shot Dr. Todd Graham after the latter refused to prescribe opioids to the former’s wife to help alleviate her chronic pain. Jarvis later committed suicide. The police are still investigating if drug addiction played a role in the killing and caution the public not to jump to conclusions.

In a press conference, St. Joseph County Prosecutor Ken Cotter said that Jarvis and his wife had visit Dr. Graham last July 26. Jarvis’ wife had been complaining of severe pain and asked Dr. Graham to prescribe her a few opioids for relief. Dr. Graham refused. The couple left soon afterwards. Allegedly, Jarvis drove back a few hours later; this time, armed with a gun. The two argued in the parking lot. Two witnesses saw the argument and were ordered by Jarvis to leave. 

Police say that Jarvis then shot Dr. Graham and drove to a friend’s home, where “he gave indication that he was no longer going to be around.” The friend became concerned and notified the police. However, Jarvis had already shot himself in his home before the police arrived.

Jarvis’ wife is not being seen as a suspect in the crime. Investigators believe she had no knowledge of her husband’s intentions to murder the doctor or take his own life.

Law enforcement officers are pursuing the avenue that Jarvis may have wanted the drugs for himself. Cotter addressed the media by saying, “there’s some indication that Jarvis may have also had his own issues. We’re still investigating that….we’re talking about a man who made a choice to kill another person. We’re not talking about the opioid problem…was that a contributing factor in his decision? We don’t know that yet.”

Dr. Graham was a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist at the South Bend Orthopaedics. He was 56 and is survived by his wife and three children.

A growing crisis

The Midwestern state has seen a nearly 60 percent increase in opioid overdose E.R. visits in only five years. The Indiana State Department of Health estimate that the state’s emergency room sees around 400 overdose visits a week; a number, they say, that is only expected to rise as access to illegal drugs and opioids becomes easier. (Related: The United States has crossed the pandemic threshold in the opioid epidemic…and Big Pharma keeps cashing in.)

Gov. Eric Holcomb recently added five addiction centers to help treat opioid addicts, including the use of controversial drug methadone as a treatment. “If I could only accomplish but one thing in my time, it would be to bend that trajectory [of increased overdose deaths], to bend that arc down on the course that we’re currently on,” he told IndyStar.

Critics of this controversial decision say that addicts are just trading one addiction for another. Nevertheless, Indiana officials say that medication-assisted methadone-use can help addicts wean from their drug habit after federally-approved drugs Suboxone and Vivitrol. One interesting fact to consider is that methadone is also the cheapest option among the three drugs. Dr. Jennifer Walthall, secretary of the Family and Social Administration, insists on the treatment, saying, “we have said over and over that we wanted all the tools in the toolbox.” She says that addicts should have all treatment options available to them.

There are patients who have used methadone to help treat their opioid addiction and say that the drug has helped give their lives back.

The future of healthcare in the state is still unclear.

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