Mother sobs in court while testifying about 8-year-old daughter's rape and murder

The mother of a young girl who was abducted by a man posing as a good Samaritan in 2013 sobbed in court as she faced her daughter’s accused killer.

Rayne Perrywinkle testified in a Jacksonville courtroom on Monday about the day her daughter, 8-year-old Cherish Perrywinkle, was kidnapped from a Florida Walmart and later found brutally murdered.

Photo: Florida Department of Law Enforcement

The bereaved mother said that she was shopping at Family Dollar store with her three daughters when she noticed Donald James Smith, 61, hovering nearby.

Perrywinkle said that Smith took notice of her struggling to pay for her family’s items, and when she came outside, he offered to take her family to a nearby Walmart and pay for their purchases with a gift card, which he claimed his wife would bring to the store.

“He told me I was safe,” Perrywinkle said in court. “He looked into my face and told me I was safe.”

Perrywinkle and her children all got into Smith’s van and went to a nearby Walmart and began shopping. She says she became worried when Smith’s wife still hadn’t shown up at the store by 10 p.m. 

When Perrywinkle’s daughters began complaining of hunger, Smith told Rayne he would buy them cheeseburgers from a McDonald’s inside the Walmart. Cherish went with him to purchase the food and was never again seen alive.

Surveillance footage from the night of the incident shows Smith and Cherish briefly standing outside the McDonalds before leaving the store together and getting into Smith’s van, which then drives out of the parking lot and out of sight.

After realizing the McDonalds was actually closed, Cherish’s panicked mother borrowed a Walmart employee’s cellphone to call 911, about 20 minutes after Smith had walked off with Cherish.

“Why in the world would he take my little girl?” Perrywinkle said to the dispatcher. “I hope to God he doesn’t kill her and I hope to God he doesn’t rape her.”

The next morning, Cherish’s half-naked body was discovered under a fallen tree in a grassy marsh area several miles away from the store where she was abducted. When Smith was arrested, he was allegedly wet from the waist down.

State Attorney Melissa Nelson told the jury on Monday that Cherish had been raped, smothered and had blunt force trauma to the back of her head. 

“He gagged her, raped her, he sodomized her, then he strangled her. He gagged her with such force, her gums and nostrils bled. He strangled her with such force her eyeballs bled,” Nelson said. “Cherish did not die quickly, and she did not die easily. In fact, hers was a brutal and tortured death.”

Smith was charged with first-degree murder, kidnapping and sexual battery, but has pleaded not guilty. He may face the death penalty if convicted.

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UK goes crazy, says Russia is planning mass murder


UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson is really settling into his job, and started the weekend early by scaring the hell out of the British public by claiming Russia could cause “thousands and thousands and thousands” of deaths.

Why stop there? Why not millions of deaths? Or trillions? Gazillions?

“What they [Russia] are looking at doing is they are going to be thinking ‘How can we just cause so much pain to Britain?’” Williamson said. “Damage its economy, rip its infrastructure apart, actually cause thousands and thousands and thousands of deaths, but actually have an element of creating total chaos within the country.”

Firstly, congratulations on your ongoing efforts to speak English, Mr Williamson – you’re getting very close to fluency, keep it up.

Secondly, if Russia really wanted to cause chaos in Britain, it wouldn’t worry about damaging some power lines, it would simply donate to the Tory party’s reelection fund.

This isn’t even the first time this week Williamson has been behind scaremongering using Russia. He deployed the nation’s top general on Monday to use Moscow as a reason to push for more funding from the government. Will someone please give the man some money?!

If we’re all honest, there is a good chance that Russia is making contingency plans in the event of conflict, because, y’know, that is what militaries tend to do, especially when the defence secretary of another nation spends his time talking up war against you.

For example, those weapons that Williamson wants to buy for Britain’s military aren’t for international tickling contests. They’re part of contingency plans to cause thousands and thousands and thousands of deaths, should they have to.

The huge aircraft carriers Britain is aiming to put to sea tend to cause a certain amount of chaos and death when they park up next to a sandy country somewhere.

Those trident missiles? Guess what they could do, Gavin.

The talk of war is coming from the West, not the east. Even on BBC Radio 4’s Today program this morning, a reporter suggested that some people may describe Williamson’s words as “alarmist.” Yeah, a f***ing great klaxon alarm.

The threat basically suggests Russia wants to unplug Britain. “They are looking at these things because they are saying these are the ways that we can hurt Britain,” Williamson said.

“If we lost our interconnectors, which would be something that we know that they are looking at, there would be 3 million homes without electricity. In a few years’ time there will be 8 million homes that would be dependent.

“If you could imagine the domestic and industrial chaos that this would actually cause. What they would do is cause the chaos and then step back. This is the real threat that I believe the country is facing at the moment.”

It’s a real mystery what Williamson thinks would happen then. After the globe’s biggest financial center has been unplugged, the chaos wouldn’t stop at the English Channel – it would go global, and Russia’s on the globe too.

It cannot be underlined enough that this rhetoric is aimed solely at seeding fear in the government and population. These latest comments are so severe, it suggests that it’s now fair game to say anything about Russia, because no one seems to care whether it’s either true, or acceptable.



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The Murder of Frank Olson and the Beginning on Germ Warfare on the American People (Chemtrails)

The perfect storm is curently taking place. From Fukushima to chemtrails, the globalists are hitting the people with every deadly geoengineering plot known to man. Will mankind survive? How did this all begin?

The protagonist of the X-Files Fox Mulder, would say, “The truth is out there.” The truth about what? The truth about the night the CIA murdred bacteriologist, Frank Olson, because he could not be trusted to keep the CIA’s dirty little secret. 

In 1953, the Soviet Union and China accued the United States of waging a biowar against North Korea in which millions died. The communist super-powers alleged that the US biowar actions against NK were conducted during the Korean war. Much to my surprise there are several consistent accounts of the secret biowar against North Korea.

From Wikipedia:

Allegations that the United States military used biological weapons in the Korean War (1950–53) were raised by the governments of People’s Republic of China, the Soviet Union and North Korea in 1952. The story was covered by the worldwide press and led to a highly publicized international investigation. US Secretary of StateDean Acheson and other US and allied government officials denounced the allegations as a hoax….In February 1953, China and North Korea produced two captured U.S. Marine Corps pilots to support the allegations. Colonel Frank H. Schwable was reported to have stated that “The basic objective was at that time to get under field conditions various elements of bacteriological warfare and possibly expand field tests at a later date into an element of regular combat operations.

In the “whitewash” investigations that followed, it was established that the missions were flown from Okinawa in B-29 bombers, but their payloads were not bombs, it contained biological weapons being dropped upon the people of NK. It was also established tht the infamous Japanese Army biological warfare, Unit, 731, was implicated for their role in the biowar conducted against NK.

Sources for the abovementioned claims:

  •  Simon Winchester, The Man who Loved China: The Fantastic Story of the Eccentric Scientist who Unlocked the Mysteries of the Middle Kingdom, Harper Collins, New York, 2008, pp 199–200; Gavan McCormack, “Korea: Wilfred Burchett’s Thirty Year’s War”, in Ben Kiernan (ed.), Burchett: Reporting the Other Side of the World, 1939-1983, Quartet Books, London, 1986, pp 202-203.
  • Sheldon H. Harris (3 May 2002). Factories of Death: Japanese Biological Warfare, 1932-45, and the American Cover-up. Taylor & Francis. ISBN 978-0-203-43536-6
  • ↑ Zhang, Shu Guang (1995), Mao’s Military Romanticism: China and the Korean War, 1950-1953, Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, p. 181, ISBN 0-7006-0723-4
  • ↑ Zhang 1995, p. 182.
  • Phillip KnightleyThe First Casualty: The War Correspondent as Hero and Myth-Maker from the Crimea to Kosovo, (revised edition), Prion, London, 2000, p 388.
  • 李, 玮 (April 4, 2010). 抗美援朝-反细菌战 (in 中文). 宁夏网. Retrieved 3 September 2014.
  • Schwable, 04429, U.S.M.C., Colonel Frank H.; Thomas, Kenn (December 6, 1952). “Of Bugs and Bombs”. Retrieved 5 April 2013.
  • ↑ Guillemin, JeanneBiological Weapons: From the Invention of State-sponsored Programs to Contemporary Bioterrorism, (Google Books), Columbia University Press, 2005, pp. 99–105, (ISBN 0-231-12942-4).
  • Simon Winchester, The Man who Loved China: The Fantastic Story of the Eccentric Scientist who Unlocked the Mysteries of the Middle Kingdom, Harper Collins, New York, 2008, pp 203-208.

I first became interested in this story when I was interviewing former talk show host, Ronnie McMullen, and he brought this case to my attention. In my subsequent investigation, I discovered Frank Olson worked on this biowarfare project. He was never part of MK-Ultra which will be implicated and blamed for his death. Frank Olson was doing too much talking, too much objecting to his part in a biowar against NK and had to be silenced. Subsequently, he was thrown out of a hotel rom and plunged 13 floors to his death.

In the early morning hours of November 28, 1953, Armand Pastore, the on-duty night manager of the Statler Hotel (NY) heard a thud on the street outside the hotel. He rushed out to find a man who was lying semi conscious. The manager tried to comfort him before the man died. The CIA said the man, a scientist who was working on top secret experiments for the government, had committed suicide. The CIA said the man had taken LSD, later admitted to in court in a law suit brought by the family of Frank Olson. The CIA claimed that the man broke the glass on his 13th floor hotel room and then jumped to his death. Pastore said that action was not likely given the safeguards of each hotel room.

For 22 years, the CIA had apparently gotten away with the murder. However, in 1975, President Ford’s Rockefeller Commission revealed that an unnamed government scientist had mysteriously ied as a result of the CIA’s illegal domestic operations that became known as MK-Ultra. In the media frenzy that followed, the man was identified as Frank Olson. During the MK-Ultra operation, the CIA routinely gave people LSD in order to study the effects. The CIA and Army Intelligence attempted to coverup MK-Ultra but subsequently failed and in 1975 the world, and Frank Olson’s family was led to believe that Olson was a casualty of the MK-Ultra program. However, this was the cover story created by the CIA to conceal the real reason that Olson was murdered by being pushed to his death.

The family never accepted the official explanation, either initially or in 1975. The family sued and won a $750,000 settlement from the CIA. Despite the fact that the CIA was conducting illegal domestic activities that resulted in the death of Olson, no individual was ever held accountable. It makes one wonder if the do-nothing Jeff Sessions was the Attorney General in 1953. The settlement precluded any further legal action.

Mrs. Olson and her son Eric were invited to visit President Ford and he subsequently apologized to him. However, as Eric Olson was soon to discover, For and then CIA director, William Colby were lying through their teeth.

After Mrs. Olson died in 1994, Eric decided to test the official version of the forensic findings conducted by the CIA and he found the physics involved to not be believable.

Experts told him that in order to achieve the momentum needed to vault over a central heating radiator under the window, burst through the closed blinds and smash through the hotel’s heavy glass panes, Olson would have had to struck the window travelling at more than 30km per hour. A trained athlete takes about fifty metres to accelerate to that speed. But the hotel room was only 5.5 metres long.

The cover up continues with the Netflix series called Wormwood.

 Netflix has created a pseudo docudrama about the death of Frank Olson entitled Wormwood which is a six-part miniseries that also hides the death of Frank Olson and blames the CIA’s MK-Ultra program.

I completed my interview with Ronnie McMullen on this case at 930pm (Mountain). By midnight I had the aforementioned facts with the accompanying documentation and Netflix would claim that they have done due dilligence in this case?

Here is more from an investigation conducted by a British group of researchers:

Trained as a biochemist, he (Frank Olson) had been employed since 1943 in the Special Operations Division at Fort Detrick, Maryland, was associated with a CIA secret research unit known at the time as MK-ULTRA, and came to Britain frequently between 1950-53 to work at the British Microbiological Research Establishment (MRE) at Porton Down. Olson was part of a team which was developing aerosol delivery systems for biological weapons that included staphylococcus enterotoxin, Venezuelan equine encephalo- myelitis, and anthrax. Olson seems to have concentrated on counter- biological warfare, trying to find vaccines and special clothing that would protect against attack.

Deadly effective though it may be, biological warfare has drawbacks. There is always the risk that it may get out of control and attack not only the enemy but those who decided to employ it in the first place. Like nuclear warfare, biological warfare could wipe out civilisation as we know it. So Olson and some of his colleagues became intrigued by another type of weapon altogether, one which attacked not the body but the mind.

Those scientists in the Western intelligence community who supported the idea of developing brain-washing programmes had two gurus—Dr Douglas Ewan Cameron, a Glasgow-born psychiatrist, and Dr. Sydney “The Gimp” Gottlieb, the CIA‚s top expert on brainwashing. Cameron won his post-graduate diploma in psychiatric medicine at the University of London before joining the staff at John Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, in 1926. He became convinced that the mentally ill posed a grave threat to Anglo-American civilisation and should be forcibly sterilised.

 As Ronnie McMullen tells the story in the following interview, Olson developed a conscience as was adamantly opposed to the biowar being conducted against the people of NK. And as I previously mentioned, he was silenced and forensics do not support the CIA’s attempt to cover up the murder. 


I have not had time to read all the data I gathered on the Frank Olson case. However, with the material that I have read, I can confidently state that the biowar conducted on NK was the genesis of the biowar that the American people are suffering under through the chemtrail program. NK is now talking Korean unification. I would suggest that if you are traveling to the Winter Olympics, that you not breath too deeply.

It is amazing how much open source information is available when we know where to look.


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New book, ‘Rise and Kill First’ details Judaic penchant for state-sponsored murder

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Conservative Lobbyist Who Offered Reward For Info On Seth Rich Murder Violently Attacked

Photo of Jack Crowe

A well-known conservative lobbyist was sprayed with a “caustic substance” by a masked attacker outside his Arlington home Tuesday, according to local police.

Jack Burkman, who made headlines in 2016 by offering a $130,000 reward for information on the mysterious murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich, was reportedly attacked Tuesday. Local police told The Washington Post they have not yet determined the perpetrator’s identity.

Burkman told WaPo he was returning from the grocery store when a man wearing a ski mask jumped out of a black SUV, sprayed him in the face with what appeared to be pepper spray, and hit him the head before speeding away. He added that he thought “the end is coming,” when he spotted the man coming up his driveway, and said the attack “seemed professional,” though he had trouble pinning down who exactly might have cause to attack him.

“You could have 10 different causal nexi,” said Burkman, who made enemies in 2014 by campaigning to ban gay players from the National Football League.

Burkman drew the ire of many in the capital by fanning Seth Rich conspiracy theories and giving them a platform on a website he created for that purpose shortly after the young staffer’s death. But the attack may have been motivated by more recent developments. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Attorney To File Lawsuit In Seth Rich Murder Mystery)

Trump campaign official Rick Gates, who is under investigation for fraud and conspiracy due to his overseas lobbying activity, recently appeared in a video shown at a fundraiser that Burkman organized to raise money for his legal defense. Gates was chastised during a recent court appearance for appearing the video as it appears to violate his gag order.

Burkman responded by publicly criticizing the Judge in two news releases and a news conference.

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2 Israeli Jews arrested in Thailand, charged with murder for hire

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Dr Duke & Mark Collett – Jewish NY Times Admits Jewish Led Communist Mass Murder & Anti-Trumpism is anti-Goyism!

Dr Duke & Mark Collett – Jewish NY Times Admits Jewish Led Communist Mass Murder & Anti-Trumpism is anti-Goyism!


Today Dr. Duke addressed an article in the New York Times that asked the question “What if Jewish immigration had been banned 100 years ago.” The point of the article was that 100 years ago there was opposition to Jewish immigration due to perceptions of their being radicals, criminals, and trouble makers, and yet they have become the “model minority.” This just goes to show that we shouldn’t limit immigration from Shitolia because those people and their offspring are going to be great for America. Just like the Jews!

Dr. Duke and Mark Collett also went into released emails that shows the very Jewish and anti-gentile nature of the Never Trump movement.

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Here is Mark Collett’s latest video :

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Turkey Arrests Suspect Linked To Russian Ambassador’s Murder & To Hillary Clinton’s $1 Million Contributor Fethullah Gulen

Hillary Clinton & Fethullah Gulen

Turkey’s security forces have arrested a man who allegedly played a “key” role in the murder of Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov

ANKARA, January 2018 /TASS/. Turkey’s security forces have arrested a man who allegedly played a “key” role in the murder of Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov, the Daily Sabah newspaper reported on Thursday.

Investigators say the suspect used ByLock, an encrypted messaging app. This app was exclusively used by the terrorist group during the attempted coup d’etat in July 2016, according to the paper.

An unnamed gunman gestures after shooting the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, at a photo gallery in Ankara, Turkey, Monday, Dec. 19, 2016. A gunman opened fire on Russia’s ambassador to Turkey at a photo exhibition. Source: AP

Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov was shot dead in December 2016 while he was delivering a speech at the opening ceremony of a photo exhibition in Ankara. The attacker, police officer Mevlut Mert Altintas, was killed. The Russian Foreign Ministry said Karlov’s murder was a terrorist attack. Russia’s Investigative Committee launched a criminal case into “the act of international terrorism.” Karlov was awarded the honorary title of Hero of Russia posthumously.

In December 2017, the Daily Sabah reported citing the official statement of Turkish prosecutors that the killer had links to Muslim preacher Fethullah Gulen. Gulen had met with the killer and all information had been sent to the killer’s telephone, the prosecutor’s office said.

Ankara holds Gulen, who has resided in the United States starting from 1999, and his organization FETO responsible for masterminding the July 15, 2016 coup attempt.

TASS Russian News Agency

Deep State CIA Plant ~ Fethullah Gulen

Related News:

  1. Turkey Aligns With Russia: The Last Days Of CIA Mossad’s ISIS In Syria
  2. President Erdogan Of Turkey Finalizes Purchase Of Russian Air Defense System
  3. Turkey Exits NATO: President Erdogan Purchases Russia’s S-400 Advanced Missile-Defense System
  4. President Of Turkey: “Palestine Is An Innocent Victim… As For Israel, It Is A Terrorist State, Yes, Terrorist!

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Son’s NYE murder ‘countdown’ posted online ahead of gruesome attack

The 61-year-old woman died at a house in the French town of Remouillé in the early hours of January 1, after receiving stab wounds to the throat, reported Presse Ocean. A second person, a man, also received injuries in the attack, which police suspect was carried out by the 36-year-old son of the couple.

It’s since emerged that a grisly countdown to murder was posted on the internet prior to the New Year’s Eve attack. A screengrab of the countdown, obtained by France TV Info, reveals that it is titled: “Decapitation of Therese H.”

The post sets the date for the gruesome act as January 1, and identifies a location for the attack near Nantes.

It is thought the suspect turned up at the house in Remouillé just before midnight on December 31 as a party was underway. The 36-year-old suspect, whose identity is yet to be released, will now appear in court charged in connection with the death of the woman and the attempted murder of the male victim.

He will also undergo a psychiatric evaluation, according to Le Parisien. has contacted the Remouillé police for further comment.

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Live Stream of Deputy’s Murder Released as Killer Tells the Cops to Leave Before Opening Fire


Douglas County, CO — In what is being referred to as an “ambush style” attack, a Colorado deputy was tragically killed New Year’s Eve by a delusional gunman. Although the attack was called an ‘ambush’ in the media, the shooter, Matthew Riehl live-streamed the attack before which he is heard telling deputies to go away.

Late Sunday afternoon the deputy who lost his life was identified as 29-year-old Douglas County Sheriff’s Deputy Zackari Parrish. He was described as a veteran law enforcement officer, and leaves behind a wife and two children. Along with Parrish, four other deputies were shot, as well as two civilians.

The incident began early Sunday morning when deputies showed up to Riehl’s apartment to talk about a restraining order he wished to file against his domestic partner.

Instead of ambushing the officers, Riehl refused to cooperate with them, did not answer their questions and demanded to see a warrant when they asked to come inside. After Riehl refused to let them in, he then shut the door after telling them he was going to bed.

The deputies then left only to return a short time later. According to Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock, this time, officers were let into the apartment by Riehl’s roommate. When they attempted to enter Riehl’s bedroom, he then opened fire.

In the video, which was live-streamed to Periscope, multiple shots can be heard being fired from a high-powered rifle. It was this initial barrage that wounded three deputies and killed another.

Although the video was taken down by Periscope at the request of the Sheriff’s department, a brief excerpt of the audio remains to show the intense nature of the confrontation and the psychotic nature of Riehl.

Gephardt Daily managed to obtain the entire stream which shows the lead-up to the attack, as well the shooting itself.

According to their report, while the live stream played out on the Internet, the gunman continued to rant before approaching the gravely wounded deputy and shooting him multiple times at point-blank range.

Moments later, he rummaged through the downed deputy’s pockets, saying that he was looking for a search warrant.

“There’s no warrant,” he exclaimed. “It’s illegal search and seizure! This is a classic courtroom defense!”

Riehl then shot the deputy again.

In the video, Riehl is then seen putting on a gas mask as he appears to wait for more officers to show up. Throughout the morning, Riehl fired more shots until he was ultimately shot and killed by police.

NBC Denver’s Kyle Clark reports that Riehl did a tour of Iraq in 2009 until 2010. In 2012, Riehl was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army reserve after joining in 2003. Clark later reported that while in Iraq, Riehl’s duty was mainly in security.

Riehl operated a Facebook page and a YouTube channel on which he was outspoken against the police department and is seen in a collection of eerie rants.

After the release of the Periscope video, many have taken to social media to question the officers’ response to the situation. Had they gotten an actual warrant instead of simply walking into the apartment, many are saying that it could’ve resulted in a different outcome in which the 29-year-old father of two would still be alive.

Below is the audio from the Periscope live stream. It contains graphic audio and may be disturbing to some listeners.

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