How Jews Celebrate Murder

How Jews Celebrate Murder

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How Jews Celebrate Murder
By Brother Nathanael Kapner May 21, 2018 ©

‘WHEN GENOCIDE IS PERMISSIBLE’ read the Headline on Sheldon Adelson’s The Times Of Israel (Israel Hayom) calling for the murder of Palestinians.

“Hamas idealizes death as much as Israel celebrates life,” wrote the bloodthirsty Jew.

“What other way is there to deal with an enemy of this nature other than to obliterate them completely,” the genocidal Jew concluded.

The notion that Jews “celebrate life” is laughable.

Abortion in Israel is rife and assaults on Palestinians by Israelis sanctioned by World Jewry (don’t be fooled by Gallup polls where Jews publicly posture as being against Israeli violence) is evidence of Judaism being a religion of death.

What’s galling about the latest genocidal rout against the Palestinians’ peaceful “Great March Home” protests in concert with the opening of Trump’s Embassy in Jerusalem is how the Jew-owned Main Stream Media either ignored or justified it.

Any outrage over 2700 wounded and 60 unarmed dead Palestinians at the Gaza 1950 Armistice line (not a border, Israel has no defined borders) deliberately executed by the Jews in just one day was non-existent, but the Jew-pleasing rant by Nikki Haley, “Israel used restraint,” was plastered everywhere.

Most, if not all of the thousands of dead, maimed and wounded unarmed Palestinians, including paramedics, press journalists, old men, women and children shot by Israeli snipers in the past six weeks, were hundreds, even thousands of feet away from the ‘Gaza prison fence,’ and posed no threat to anyone.

There is NO “border” marking off the Gaza Strip from the rogue state of Israel, there’s an armed prison fence along the armistice line, and an ambiguous militarized free-fire zone extending deep into Gaza’s Palestinian farmlands, making it still Israeli-occupied territory.

JEWISH ENABLED HEADLINES—detached from the Gaza reality—whitewashed the Israeli massacre.

Headlines like “Dozens Die In Gaza” (were Gazans sick? were they old?) and “Clashes Erupt During US Embassy Opening” (did both sides commit “clashes?”…when only the Israeli side did) fool the reader into thinking that Israel, though troubled, is still a peace-loving place.

The Jew-owned media also ignores all the murderous rallies of the Jews in Israel that call for “Death To The Arabs!”

Israel’s long-running practice of brutally killing Palestinians at every pretext, a people with no standing army of their own but an irregular people’s resistance with inferior, home-made weapons and under Israel’s high-tech military boot…

…is in fact, a message to the Arab world — “Don’t mess or this will happen to you.”

And of course, there’s always the Samson Option given Jewry’s stash of nukes in Israel that’s under NO international oversight. (Hitler had it right: “All the Jews want in Palestine is a central organization for their world swindle with no intention of living there.”)

The question is, “Why do Jews get away with murder?”

JEWS ARE EXEMPT not only from criticism of their pernicious influence-peddling in the US but of any censure of their committing of murder against innocent human beings.

All one has to do is follow the money to know why.

Jews wield the bucks in America; own the press; control the information (Google is owned by The Mossad since its inception); and cuts the checks of the military brass via the Federal Reserve Bank which the Jews own; and bribe and blackmail the hacks on DC.

Some positive things can come of it — US hypocrisy for camouflaging the criminal deeds of Jews is being exposed for all the world to see and to react effectively against it.

Jews are getting nervous.

Thus they de-rank, ban, curb donations, and restrict searches of alternate narrations.

Intense censorship is coming. But the backlash will be worse than ever.

Hitler couldn’t be heard. But today more and more are on to the Jews.

Everyone will say, “Jews deserve it”…no ‘innocent victims’ next time around.

Jews won’t be celebrating, but all the world will.


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Brother Nathanael @ May 20, 2018

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Mass Murder in Gaza Accompanies Opening of US Jerusalem Embassy

Mass Murder in Gaza Accompanies Opening of US Jerusalem Embassy

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

May 14, 2018 is a day that will live in infamy in Occupied Palestine – like so many others preceding it!

Israeli state terror on peacefully protesting Gazans continues – the toll horrendous at 3:00 PM local time, sure to rise before day’s end, with more of the same coming Tuesday.

An Israeli terror-bombing incident on Gaza was reported near Jabaliya. It’s unclear if there were casualties.

While US and other invited guests, along with Israeli officials, mingle ahead of ceremonies marking the opening of Washington’s Jerusalem embassy, Israeli forces are lethally shooting peaceful Gazan protesters, injuring hundreds of others.

As of early Monday afternoon local time, Gaza’s Health Ministry reported 30 Gazans lethally shot, well over 1,000 wounded by live fire, rubber-coated steel bullets, and toxic tear gas.

Numbers could be much higher by day’s end – followed by a possible Tuesday bloodbath.

Since March 30, Israeli forces murdered nearly 75 Gazans in cold blood – the international community doing nothing to stop the carnage, continuing with no end of it in sight.

More on what’s going on today and ahead in follow-up reports.

VISIT MY NEW WEB SITE: (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at

My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

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Fake scientist Bill Nye went from educating children to advocating their murder: He’s now speaking for Planned Parenthood and pushing population control

Image: Fake scientist Bill Nye went from educating children to advocating their murder: He’s now speaking for Planned Parenthood and pushing population control

(Natural News)
Former PBS “Science Guy” Bill Nye recently spoke at a fundraising event in San Antonio for Planned Parenthood of South Texas, a regional chapter of Planned Parenthood of America that he openly praised for its continued murder of unborn babies as part of a larger population reduction agenda, which he says is also helping to combat “climate change.”

After congratulating Planned Parenthood for its “accomplishments” in ending the lives of some 330,000 unborn babies annually, Nye called for even more abortions to be performed in the coming years as a way to tackle the “explosive population growth” that he claims is “a major factor driving” the mythical phenomenon known as “climate change” – which liberals like himself seem to worship as some kind of religion.

In Nye’s view, the more unborn babies that are murdered, the greater the “quality of life” for women everywhere, who instead of having to rear their offspring as mothers can instead enter the workforce and become fruitless and maniacal feminists. Having “fewer kids,” in Nye’s view, is also a great way to help stop global warming from occurring.

During his speech, Nye also took the opportunity to mock abstinence-based sex education, which he dubbed as “ineffective.” Women who are taught to simply not have sex as a way of avoiding pregnancy, rather than being advised to murder their unborn children whenever they irresponsibly get pregnant, are better known as “parents,” he scoffed, to the laughing and applause of his pro-abortion audience.

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Nye further took aim at both coal-burning and the Second Amendment, which he implied will soon be eliminated once “the students in Parkland, Florida, at Stoneman Douglas [High School] … become voters.”

“The young people are coming, look out,” Nye joked, adding that, unlike their parents, these pre-adult individuals are not in denial about climate change and “women’s health issues.”

Crazy pervert Bill Nye claims that he’s a “true” expert, and that anyone who opposes him is a “fake” expert

During an interview with The Rivard Report, Nye was asked why Americans “have such a hard time differentiating between a true expert and a fake expert” – the implication being that Nye himself is a true expert, and that everyone who disagrees with him is a fake expert. Rather than correct this implication, Nye agreed with it as he blamed the “fossil fuel industry” for leading people to believe things outside of his own personal climate change dogma.

Nye even went so far as to claim that other theories about climate change, including the belief that it doesn’t even exist, are reminiscent of “the former Soviet Union.” He proceeded to throw in buzzwords like “Orwellian” and “George Orwell’s book 1984” to drive the point home that any other theories or beliefs about climate change besides what Nye personally believes are a form of mind control.

Keep in mind that this is the same Bill Nye who last summer participated in the making of a vulgar music video about “moist vaginas” and the “evolution” of humanity into “transgenderism.”

Entitled, “Sex Junk,” the video depicts Nye moving about with X-rated lyrics flashing across the screen about “sex how you want,” and “it’s your g***amn right.” All of this was reportedly bankrolled by the popular online streaming service Netflix, which apparently believes as Nye does on issues of sexual promiscuity and the myth of climate change.

Nye also had an infamous meltdown during a CNN interview about carbon dioxide (CO2), which climate change fanatics say is “evil,” despite the fact that CO2 is a key nutrient that allows plants to grow. Nye threw a fit when he was questioned about the issue, accusing CNN of doing a “disservice” to the public by allowing the truth about CO2 to be shared on television. Nye, it seems, would rather all plant, animal and human life be extinguished on planet Earth than allow carbon dioxide molecules to continue to exist in our atmosphere.

Sources for this article include:



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How Obama’s PROMISE program resulted in the murder of schoolchildren in Parkland

Image: How Obama’s PROMISE program resulted in the murder of schoolchildren in Parkland

(Natural News)
An Obama-era disciplinary policy that effectively shields “minority” schoolchildren from arrest and prosecution for certain crimes they commit appears to have been directly linked to the mass shooting incident that reportedly took place back on February 14, 2018, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Known as the PROMISE program, the policy, implemented by Obama, was offered up as a way to help combat “systemic racism” in the public school system – a government response to the supposedly disproportionate number of “minority” students compared to “non-minority” students who were being arrested on school campuses.

As a Jewish student with a Hispanic last name, Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz was reportedly admitted to Obama’s PROMISE program after an incident in which he committed vandalism at his former school, Westglades Middle School.

Broward County authorities blatantly LIED about Cruz’s inclusion in Obama’s PROMISE program

Cruz was supposed to have attended a three-day assignment, or placement, in the PROMISE program as part of his “punishment” for this crime. But this may not have occurred, as was recently admitted by Broward County School District officials who, in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, repeatedly denied that Cruz was ever even admitted to Obama’s PROMISE program in the first place.

Reports now indicate that, contrary to the earlier lies told by Broward County officials involved with the shooting’s investigation, Cruz had, in fact, been admitted to Obama’s PROMISE program. We also know that Obama’s PROMISE program effectively shielded Cruz from proper punishment for these earlier crimes based on his “minority” status, effectively allowing him to later commit mass murder with a firearm at Stoneman.

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Multiple officials in Broward County from both the school district and the sheriff’s office had repeatedly denied that Cruz was ever in Obama’s PROMISE program – only to later fess up that this was actually a lie.

These same officials are now trying to cover their tracks, not only defending their former statements but also the PROMISE program entirely, to which they claim they remain steadfastly committed. By keeping “minority” students out of the criminal justice system, they still claim, they are doing these individuals a favor by giving them a better shot at life – no pun intended.

According to school Superintendent Robert Runcie, who was among those who denied Cruz’s involvement in the PROMISE program, the initiative is working well, as nearly nine out of 10 students admitted to it don’t commit another offense at school. What this suggests is that Cruz is among the one in 10 who do, sadly.

Obama has blood on his hands for inadvertently facilitating Parkland shooting

No matter how people like Runcie try to spin it, Obama’s PROMISE program indeed paved the way for Cruz to go on and commit mass murder when he should have received a harsher punishment for vandalism back in middle school. And in typical Obama fashion, it all stems from the fictitious idea that “whitey” somehow has it better than “brownie” and “blackie” – and in this case “Jewy?” – which necessitates holding double standards for criminal justice.

Had Cruz received the same punishment as anyone else would have for vandalizing bathrooms at his middle school, perhaps he never would have been given the overabundant benefit of the doubt in high school, despite showing what many have described as clear signs of derangement.

This makes race-baiting leftists like Obama complicit in such crimes, and it sure leaves a whole lot of blood on his hands in the process.

For more news on insane leftist policies that pit one race against another, putting children and society at large in harm’s way, check out

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Danish inventor appeals life term over journalist murder

Copenhagen (AFP) – A Danish inventor found guilty of the murder of a Swedish journalist aboard his homemade submarine has appealed his life sentence but is not contesting the verdict, prosecutors said Monday.

Peter Madsen “is found guilty in the murder of Kim Wall and has only appealed the length” of his life sentence, Simon Gosvig, spokesman for the Danish prosecutor’s office, told AFP.

A Copenhagen district court on April 25 sentenced the 47-year-old to life for murdering the 30-year-old journalist, chopping up her corpse and throwing her body parts into the sea in August last year.

The eccentric inventor confessed to stuffing Wall’s head, arms and legs into plastic bags, weighing them down with metal pipes before tossing them into the sea, but maintained throughout his trial that her death was accidental.

The court, however, concluded the gruesome videos Madsen watched of women being beheaded and tortured and the fact that he brought a saw, plastic strips and a sharpened screwdriver on board just before the voyage with Wall were enough to find him guilty.

Most observers had expected Madsen to appeal the verdict.

The prosecutor’s office said Madsen’s bid for a milder sentence could not be interpreted as an admission of guilt.

While a life sentence in Denmark averages around 16 years, Madsen could be held behind bars for as long as he lives if the life term is confirmed.

Despite the testimony of many experts, the lack of tangible evidence in the case and the decomposed state of Wall’s remains made it impossible to determine an exact cause of death.

An autopsy report concluded she probably died as a result of suffocation or having her throat slit.

Fourteen stab wounds and piercings were also found in and around her genital area.

Madsen had argued that he stabbed her because he wanted to prevent gases from building up inside her body that would prevent it from sinking to the seabed.

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Against Me! announce Cleveland show with Murder By Death, reveal band name origin

For years, Against Me! has ripped up stages with its searing brand of punk and folk-rock.

While many have rocked out to a growing number of the band’s iconic discography, many have wondered where the band’s name actually came from? Believe it or not, Against Me! has kept the origin of its name top secret.

LIke KFC Original Recipe top secret.

Well, as the old saying goes, secrets have to die, eventually, and for Against Me!, that time has come. On the band’s Twitter account, Against Me! finally revealed, after all these years, where the band’s name came from.

For the answer, one has to look to Canada, where a television show called “Kids in the Hall” is a comedy cult classic in the Great White North. One skit features an office worker who believes his co-workers are all out to sabotage him. The skit is comedy gold, and it inspired the Gainesville, Florida-based band to name their band after the skit “They’re All Against Me.”

That wasn’t the only treat the band had in store for their fans. Against Me! also announced a Cleveland show, teaming up with Murder by Death to give Northeast Ohio rockers the chance to rock out to two titans of punk rock royalty.

Against Me! & Murder By Death: One Night in Ohio
June 22 @ 8 pm
Agora Theatre — 5000 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, OH 44103
(216) 881-2221

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Psychopathic Israeli radio hosts fantasize about rape and murder of leftist ‘filth’ who called soldiers ‘terrorists’

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Man Accused Of Raping Teen Who Later Turned Up Dead Now Accused Of Her Murder

A Michigan teen, Mujey Dumbuya, was scheduled to testify against her alleged rapist in court before she vanished from her school bus stop in late January. Days later, she was found dead in the woods.

On Wednesday ― the week she would have appeared in court ― prosecutors charged the man, Quinn Anthony James, with her murder in a case that illustrates the fears some girls and women have when reporting assaults.

James, 43, had been released late last year on $100,000 bail while awaiting trial. He became a person of interest in the case quickly after Dumbuya’s strangled body was discovered in Kalamazoo, around 50 miles from her home in Grand Rapids. She was 16. 

An undated photo of Mujey Dumbuya provided by someone connected to the family on GoFundMe.An undated photo of Mujey Dumbuya provided by someone connected to the family on GoFundMe.

Witnesses said James had been searching for someone to assist him in the murder and disposal of the body, leading authorities to a Detroit man named Gerald Bennett, 58. Together, James and Bennett plotted to kill Dumbuya, Kent County Prosecutor Christopher Becker announced Wednesday. Bennett allegedly received a vehicle from James as payment.

Charges against James include first-degree premeditated murder, conspiracy to commit murder, kidnapping and imprisonment, while Bennett is charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

Dumbuya’s original allegations against James stem from a reported sexual assault last summer in a parked car located around eight miles from her school, East Kentwood High. James had been employed as a maintenance worker for the school district until administrators learned of the alleged assault. He was fired in November, arrested, charged with four counts of criminal sexual conduct and released on bail. 

Becker cited substantial evidence tying James to Dumbuya’s murder, from content on the suspect’s phone to forensic proof.

Records placed James near the teen’s home and bus stop the night before she went missing, he said. On the day of her disappearance, Jan. 24, images captured by a trail camera show a vehicle of the same type James had loaned from a dealership that same day ― a black GMC Acadia ― “in close proximity” to where her body was found. Prosecutors allege that James lied about his whereabouts during that timeframe.

Forensic evidence also “ties James to the victim’s clothing,” prosecutors said.

Police located the vehicle Bennett allegedly received at his girlfriend’s residence in Detroit, along with video showing him with James the day before Dumbuya’s disappearance. Prosecutors say James was wiring money to Bennett’s girlfriend. 

Fear of retaliation is often cited among reasons women and girls choose not to report sexual assault.

“I used to tell them [sexual assault survivors]: That [violent retaliation] something you see on TV. That’s really not going to happen,” Becker told reporters Wednesday after announcing the charges. “This is very rare, an extremely rare event, so I’m not going to take the whole criminal justice system and say this is a failure.”

Shortly after Dumbuya’s death, James was arrested on another rape charge in a different case and is currently in jail.

A GoFundMe campaign set up to cover funerary costs has raised more than $14,000, surpassing its $10,000 goal. Services were held for Dumbuya in early February.

Need help? Visit RAINN’s National Sexual Assault Online Hotline or the National Sexual Violence Resource Center’s website.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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Police: Man accidentally recorded murder confession

David Jungerman is being charged the shooting death of Pickert on the front walk of his home on October 25, 2017.

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