Playboy Model Wakes The World Up To The Truth About Breast Implants

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‘Intolerance to foods and beverages, unexplained back pain, constant neck and shoulder pain, cognitive dysfunction (brain fog, memory loss), stunted hair growth, incapacitating fatigue, burning bladder pain, low immunity, recurring infections and problems with my thyroid and adrenals.

The mildest of those symptoms started a few years back. The aches, the bladder pain, brain fog, fatigue. I ignored it, labeling myself a hypochondriac, despite truly worrying that there was something wrong with me. I joked about losing my memory to age, and about getting “lazy.”

I began to cancel appointments and shoots because everything exhausted me. Before everything went downhill I was at the gym five days a week, and always shooting and working.

I’ve had days in 2016 when I couldn’t get out of bed. I’ve felt such despair knowing life was happening all around me but I couldn’t participate.’ —Crystal Hefner Facebook/Instagram

Crystal Hefner, wife to Playboy Founder and mogul, Hugh Hefner, had her breast implants removed and recently went public about why she did this.  She said they had been slowly ‘poisoning’ her.

Crystal is certainly not alone in saying this. Thousands of women are saying they too have suffered immensely due to their implants; many say their implants have simply ruined their life.

Many teens, and women in general, look at magazines to get an idea as to what is ‘beautiful’ and what appeals to men. No other magazine competes with Playboy for ‘sexiness,’ as millions of men (and women) see Playboy as the epitome of sex appeal.

It was the first magazine of its kind when it was first published in 1953, and it has since gained worldwide recognition. The women in it are often surgically enhanced and therefore this has inspired hundreds and thousands of girls all over the world have their breasts enlarged. It would be interesting to know approximately how much influence Playboy has had in contributing to the plastic surgery industry.

It must be noted, however, that not all women get implants for purely aesthetic reasons. Many also have reconstruction after traumatic bouts of breast cancer or other health issues. Unfortunately, many of these women do not know that breast implants are actually linked to another type of cancer, ALCL (anaplastic large cell lymphoma), as it is known.

Crystal, who says she also suffers from lyme disease, had her implants put in 8 years ago, met Hugh Hefner in 2008, and became his wife in 2012.

Like many of these young women, Crystal was not aware (and was not told by her surgeon) of the risks that breast implants carry. They are still generally touted as ‘safe’ by most plastic surgeons.


Crystal Hefner Before Implant Removal

We published an article late last year titled ‘Breast Implants The Ticking Time Bomb In Millions Of Women’s Bodies’, alerting our readers to the dangers behind these cosmetic surgery devices. The factual information we provided was shocking, and many women simply did not know how toxic these implants are, and that they are linked to many autoimmune problems.

Removing implants, or ‘explanting’ as it is more medically known, is now one of the ten most popular plastic surgeries carried out in the USA.

Crystal also shared this from her Facebook page with her fans:

Over time, implants (both silicone and saline) break down and wreak havoc on your body. The shell on silicone and saline implants is comprised of silicone and over 40 other toxic chemicals: tin, zinc, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, formaldehyde and talc to name a few. Your immune system is constantly fighting them, leaving you vulnerable to other illnesses.

The estimated time frame for these bags to start falling apart is 8-10 years, although some people experience problems soon after implanting and some much later.


Crystal after explant

Crystal, 30, has had a successful modelling career, and gained a lot of followers due to her relationship with Hugh Hefner. She is envied and admired by many who follow her, and for this reason it is exciting to see her go so public about what had happened to her health, and to educate her fans on why implants are dangerous. It’s also great to see her so happy with the new ‘healthier’ her.

Crystal may also be a powerful influencer to young women, ensuring them they do not need fake breasts to look good, and that they are just not worth the risk.

Since becoming so vocal about what happened to her, it’s been alarming to see the number of her followers who also shared their stories (see her Facebook and Instagram) about what breast implants have done to their health.

Crystal joins Yolanda Hadid (star of The Real Housewives Of Beverley Hills and ex-wife of music producer David Foster) who also had her breast implants removed last year. The ex-model had discovered that silicone had leaked out of her implants and was found in different parts of her body.


Yolanda with her surgeon Dr Jean-Lu Feng and ex-husband David Foster

While some women seem to want to dismiss these stories and the factual evidence and continue to think implants are ‘safe,’ it seems we may be reaching a tipping point. The popularity of breast implants may eventually decrease until something can be done to make them safer, if that’s even possible.

Crystal, like Yolanda, also saw the esteemed plastic surgeon Dr. Jean-Lu Feng who practices from her ‘Feng Clinic’ in Ohio, to have her implants removed. Dr. Feng is one of the very few plastic surgeons that has stopped performing breast implant placements. This is very telling of what she thinks about breast implant safety. Dr. Feng also performs natural breast augmentation where she uses stem cells to help the breasts have a more natural, fuller shape.

As you can see from the photo above, Crystal is still a beautiful girl, but now just more naturally so. Only time will tell where this new direction will take her, but I for one hope she continues to speak out about the dangers of breast implants and encourage her 5 million + fans to be happy with how they are.

Crystal’s story is perhaps now a big threat to the plastic surgery industry —  here is Hugh Hefner’s wife saying that breast implants are simply not safe and urging others to reconsider having them put in.

If you are a mother to a teen daughter, I urge you to show her this article.

If you are concerned about breast implants, you can join my private Facebook group (sorry no men allowed.) Breast Implants The Ticking Time Bomb.

If you would also like to keep up with Crystal Hefner, this is her Facebook page.

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AI Creates a 3D Model of a Person from Just a Few Seconds of Video

AI Creates a 3D Model of a Person from Just a Few Seconds of Video

April 14th, 2018

Via: Science:

Transporting yourself into a video game, body and all, just got easier. Artificial intelligence has been used to create 3D models of people’s bodies for virtual reality avatars, surveillance, visualizing fashion, or movies. But it typically requires special camera equipment to detect depth or to view someone from multiple angles. A new algorithm creates 3D models using standard video footage from one angle.




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Musk gives CBS a tour of Tesla Model 3 production line

When Elon Musk revealed the Tesla Model 3, our very own famously car-skeptic Lloyd Alter declared “the whole world will want this car.” Indeed, pre-orders were astronomical, so much so that Tesla’s failure to meet its target of 5,000 cars a week by now means that many owners will be waiting a good long while to get a car they ordered back in 2016.

But Musk is, apparently, very convinced that Tesla is turning a corner. So much so that he allowed CBS This Morning an extensive tour of the production line, including a reveal of the famous couch/sleeping bag set up that he’s been sleeping on in the factory.

Among the nuggets revealed are that Elon agrees with critics who said the production line was over-automated. In fact, he says, they had to rip out a whole section of conveyor belts and robots and start over with a lower tech method. He also suggests that they were too ambitious with cramming that much tech in the Model 3 at once. (Remember those falcon wing doors on the Model X?) And—perhaps more importantly for folks waiting for their car—he says that anyone who pre-ordered the Model 3 should get their vehicle within the next 3 to 6 months.

In other Tesla news, Elon also responded to The Economist this morning by claiming that Tesla will be cash positive and profitable in Q3 and 4 of this year.

Of course, Elon has made (and missed) bold predictions several times before. But he still appears optimistic. Here’s the full interview with CBS This Morning below:

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Saudi Arabia will build 560 “model” mosques (sic) in Bangladesh

Saudi Arabia has launched a programme to construct 560 mosques in Bangladesh, So announced Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in Dhaka, an announcement made whilst his electoral campaign was in full swing.
He made it clear that the Wahhabite Imams of these “model mosques” will spread “the message of an Islam that brings peace”. Each mosque will have its own cultural centre.

The new mosques will form a network in each district of the country. This proves that they do not respond to a need but to a strategic design.

Responding to the concern of the Hindu and Christian minorities, the Sheikh also made it clear that this programme guaranteed all citizens the freedom to practise their own religion in conformity with the spirit of Islam.

This very programme had been organized by Saudi Arabia in Algeria at the end of the 80s. It had succeeded in separating the rural population from the state institutions and had gathered behind the Wahhabite Imams, to prepare the country for an attack from the jihadists and for civil war.

During the speech President Trump delivered at Riyadh in May 2017, Saudi Arabia undertook to stop using Islam as a tool to spread jihadism.

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Creepy or cute? Russian company can print a 3D model of your unborn child based on ultrasound photos

Image: Creepy or cute? Russian company can print a 3D model of your unborn child based on ultrasound photos

(Natural News)
The future of ultrasound has arrived: expectant mothers may soon be able to acquire 3D print models of their unborn babies.

This unique service is being offered by Russian firm, Embryo 3D. Their process is simple enough. Once they’ve been given a complete ultrasound scan of an embryo, they then go about converting it into a 3D print. The models used to be made solely of plastic, but the company has since upgraded to printing with heavy-duty plaster as well. Soon-to-be mothers wanting to add a bit more pizzazz can even opt to have the models of their babies covered in precious metals.

Speaking about what inspired him to do this, Ivan Gridin explained that the idea originated from a friend. “I have a friend (who) was worried about the health of her child and wanted to see it. She had an ultrasound several times, but it wasn’t enough. I was fond of new technologies at that time and 3D-printing. And I said ‘let’s print it,’” said Gridin.

The results are nothing short of stunning. All the models produced by the company thus far are loaded with intricate details. Tiny hands and feet; tangles of umbilical cords; some of the models even feature embryos with slightly scrunched-up faces and parted mouths. Additionally, parents can choose between having the models attached to a stand or as is, to make it easier to hold them.

News of this service has elicited a variety of reactions. Yuliana Recun, who placed an order for a 3D print model, has called it “weird,” but nonetheless feels awed. Speaking to, Recun said: “We ordered a 3D model of our child, which is in my belly now. It is a weird feeling, the child hasn’t been born yet and but you can touch it and feel it as it is.”

Dr. Deborah Levine, who reviewed the process, commented: “Patients, of course, love 3D pictures, but as radiologists we have to be careful that we’re not performing an ultrasound for the fun of it.”

Used safely, ultrasounds will have no negative impact on either mother or child. According to, however, there is a slight risk involved in ultrasound; that risk being the energy carried by sound waves into the fetus. There’s a slim chance of that energy heating up the tissues surrounding a baby, though their exact effects are still a mystery. “The possibility exists that some ill effects may occur when ultrasound is used inappropriately,” stated obstetrician-gynecologist, Dr. Michele Hakakha. (Related: Excessive private ultrasound procedures putting babies’ health at risk.)

Regardless, this technology has the potential to help parents and doctors alike. Medical professionals will be able to assess any abnormalities developing in fetuses early on, while parents can have a more intimate look at their children before they’ve even exited the womb.

Go to for more amazing inventions and solutions to everyday issues.

Sources include:



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CNN Touts CT Gun Control As ‘Model,’ Ignores Recent Murder Increases

Over the past week, strict gun laws in Connecticut have been repeatedly touted on CNN as an example to be enacted nationally, with New Day host Alisyn Camerota pushing the laws the most frequently. The simplistic narrative has been promoted that there has been a “direct correlation” between the passage of new gun control in 2013 and lower numbers of homicides and violent incidents seen in the state the years since.

But no mention has been made of the fact that two of the three most populous cities in Connecticut experienced a doubling of homicides in 2017 meaning that, after the numbers for the entire state are tallied, there will likely be a substantial increase in the state’s total number of homicides from the previous year’s levels. Additionally, after being misinformed by one of her guests, Camerota repeatedly tried to credit the passage of Connecticut’s Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) provision for reducing the number of gun deaths since the Sandy Hook shootings in 2012 even though the procedure was actually made law 13 years earlier in 1999 and still failed to prevent the Newtown attacks.

Additionally, on Wednesday’s New Day, host Chris Cuomo provided an unchallenged forum for Connecticut Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy to accuse Republicans of having “blood on their hands” and to promote his state’s strict gun laws.

On the Friday, February 16, show, while interviewing Nicole Hockley of the gun control group, Sandy Hook Promise, Camerota recalled the laws that were passed in Connecticut in 2013 and enthused: “And that’s helped. Gun violence has gone down in Connecticut.”

After Hockley incorrectly claimed that the ERPO provision was passed after Sandy Hook when, in fact, it was already in effect more than a decade before the Newtown shootings, Camerota excitedly followed up: “It works. I mean, that’s the message to tell to politicians and anybody who thinks, ‘Well, there’s nothing we can do.'”

A bit later on the same show, during a segment with gun control activist Andy Parker, Camerota repeated the point: “She said it is that very thing –the ERPO — that has kept gun violence down in Connecticut after that.”

On the February 19 show, Camerota unequivocally claimed that there is a “direct correlation” between the Connecticut law and gun deaths: “When they passed more strict gun laws, gun deaths went down in Connecticut. There is a direct correlation.” She later declared that Connecticut “can be a role model for what they did.”

And on Wednesday, February 21, the CNN host again gushed over Connecticut’s gun laws: “Connecticut did make changes, and guess what: Gun violence and fatalities went down, and Connecticut has paved the way on that one.”

Also on Wednesday’s show, Cuomo brought aboard Governor Malloy and, without challenge, brought up his incendiary rhetoric against Republicans: “Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy says President Trump and Republicans have blood on their hands after the deadly massacre in Florida. He is now challenging lawmakers in Washington to get tough when it comes to gun control.”

Without mentioning the fluctuations up and down, Malloy asserted that there had been a “precipitous drop in homicides” in his state over the past several years. In fact, there was a substantial increase in 2015, followed by a drop, followed by, it appears, another increase.

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Instagram fitness model removed from American Airlines flight after 'humiliating' row 

An Instagram fitness model was “humiliated” after being removed from an American Airlines flight following a row with staff.

Jen Selter, who has 11 million followers on Instagram, posted footage of her arguing with a pilot and a flight attendant on the delayed flight from Miami to New York on 27 January.

“I did nothing wrong but got kicked off the plane,” she wrote, adding she had the “worst experience” following a delay which left the aircraft stuck on the runway for two hours.

The 24-year-old claims she and her sister were told to leave the aircraft following a disagreement with a male attendant when she got up to put her coat away and stretch her legs.

She argues that two other passengers had been allowed to go to the bathroom when she stood up, adding she was being sarcastic after responding “yeah” when asked by the attendant,  “Do you want to get kicked off the plane?”

Ms Selter says the attendant told her to sit down and they began arguing resulting in the pilot calling the police who then arrived on board.

“The crew is asking for you guys to be removed off the plane,” the pilot tells them in one clip.

In another video, a police officer tells the sisters: “American Airlines calls the shots. They don’t want you to fly on their plane today.”

Ms Selter told the New York Post: “It was humiliating. They made me feel like a terrible person, and I did nothing wrong.”

A spokesperson for American Airlines said in a statement: “Ms. Selter was asked to leave the aircraft after a disagreement occurred Saturday night at Miami International Airport (MIA).

“American offered her hotel accommodations and transportation, which she declined. She flew on American Sunday morning back to New York (LGA) – arriving around 8:30 a.m. ET yesterday morning.”

Ms Selter has vowed “to never fly American Airlines again”. 

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Edmunds reviews the Tesla Model 3

Whether it was the hordes of eager reservation holders for a car they knew nothing about, or Lloyd actually saying nice things about a car, the Tesla Model 3 has already busted many conventions.

But now, as Elon Musk’s (more) affordable electric sedan finally starts being delivered to customers, people are eager to find out how the thing actually drives. The folks over at Edmunds have now got their hands on one for a long-term test vehicle, and Director of Vehicle Testing Dan Edmunds shares some of his early impressions in the video below. Much like when we posted Fully Charged’s review of the Leaf 2.0, you’ll have to watch the full video to get the insights of a real auto journalist who actually knows what he’s talking about. But in the meantime, here are some my top-line takeaways from the review:

1) The interior—which has all the higher end upgrades, lives up to Edmunds’ expectations in terms of Tesla’s premium brand. (Be aware there is some controversy about recent changes to this online.)

2) The range does appear to hit the much hyped 310 miles, although Tesla recommends charging to 90% unless you are going on a longer road trip.

3) The trunk is extremely roomy, and there’s even some space for a few duffel bags in the front trunk, or “frunk”, as Tesla folks seem to call it.

4) The driving experience appears overall to be good, with solid acceleration and decent handling, although Edmunds does suggest that something feels a little off with handling. The innovative air conditioning/heating set up also gets a big thumbs up.

5) Visibility, says Edmunds, is excellent—especially with the gigantic glass moon roof above the head.

The only real challenge appears to be the touch screen, which you pretty much have to use for everything—including adjusting windshield wipers and mirrors too. As Lloyd noted on the Byton electric SUV, these gigantic screens are a potential major source of distraction. And you only have to watch the reviewer to see that this is very much the case here.

Of course, as autonomous and semi-autonomous driving becomes more commonplace, you could argue that distractions will be less of an issue. In the meantime, however, those of us who are biking, walking or otherwise moving around town without the benefits of a gigantic metal cage may have to watch out for distracted Model 3 drivers, on top of all the other hazards already out there.

Just one more reason to hope that bikes and e-bikes really will eat cars I guess but, in the meantime, the Model 3 is a significant step forward. So much so, that Edmunds is holding onto a reservation he made for himself. Check out the full review below.

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