CNN Touts CT Gun Control As ‘Model,’ Ignores Recent Murder Increases

Over the past week, strict gun laws in Connecticut have been repeatedly touted on CNN as an example to be enacted nationally, with New Day host Alisyn Camerota pushing the laws the most frequently. The simplistic narrative has been promoted that there has been a “direct correlation” between the passage of new gun control in 2013 and lower numbers of homicides and violent incidents seen in the state the years since.

But no mention has been made of the fact that two of the three most populous cities in Connecticut experienced a doubling of homicides in 2017 meaning that, after the numbers for the entire state are tallied, there will likely be a substantial increase in the state’s total number of homicides from the previous year’s levels. Additionally, after being misinformed by one of her guests, Camerota repeatedly tried to credit the passage of Connecticut’s Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) provision for reducing the number of gun deaths since the Sandy Hook shootings in 2012 even though the procedure was actually made law 13 years earlier in 1999 and still failed to prevent the Newtown attacks.

Additionally, on Wednesday’s New Day, host Chris Cuomo provided an unchallenged forum for Connecticut Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy to accuse Republicans of having “blood on their hands” and to promote his state’s strict gun laws.

On the Friday, February 16, show, while interviewing Nicole Hockley of the gun control group, Sandy Hook Promise, Camerota recalled the laws that were passed in Connecticut in 2013 and enthused: “And that’s helped. Gun violence has gone down in Connecticut.”

After Hockley incorrectly claimed that the ERPO provision was passed after Sandy Hook when, in fact, it was already in effect more than a decade before the Newtown shootings, Camerota excitedly followed up: “It works. I mean, that’s the message to tell to politicians and anybody who thinks, ‘Well, there’s nothing we can do.'”

A bit later on the same show, during a segment with gun control activist Andy Parker, Camerota repeated the point: “She said it is that very thing –the ERPO — that has kept gun violence down in Connecticut after that.”

On the February 19 show, Camerota unequivocally claimed that there is a “direct correlation” between the Connecticut law and gun deaths: “When they passed more strict gun laws, gun deaths went down in Connecticut. There is a direct correlation.” She later declared that Connecticut “can be a role model for what they did.”

And on Wednesday, February 21, the CNN host again gushed over Connecticut’s gun laws: “Connecticut did make changes, and guess what: Gun violence and fatalities went down, and Connecticut has paved the way on that one.”

Also on Wednesday’s show, Cuomo brought aboard Governor Malloy and, without challenge, brought up his incendiary rhetoric against Republicans: “Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy says President Trump and Republicans have blood on their hands after the deadly massacre in Florida. He is now challenging lawmakers in Washington to get tough when it comes to gun control.”

Without mentioning the fluctuations up and down, Malloy asserted that there had been a “precipitous drop in homicides” in his state over the past several years. In fact, there was a substantial increase in 2015, followed by a drop, followed by, it appears, another increase.

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Instagram fitness model removed from American Airlines flight after 'humiliating' row 

An Instagram fitness model was “humiliated” after being removed from an American Airlines flight following a row with staff.

Jen Selter, who has 11 million followers on Instagram, posted footage of her arguing with a pilot and a flight attendant on the delayed flight from Miami to New York on 27 January.

“I did nothing wrong but got kicked off the plane,” she wrote, adding she had the “worst experience” following a delay which left the aircraft stuck on the runway for two hours.

The 24-year-old claims she and her sister were told to leave the aircraft following a disagreement with a male attendant when she got up to put her coat away and stretch her legs.

She argues that two other passengers had been allowed to go to the bathroom when she stood up, adding she was being sarcastic after responding “yeah” when asked by the attendant,  “Do you want to get kicked off the plane?”

Ms Selter says the attendant told her to sit down and they began arguing resulting in the pilot calling the police who then arrived on board.

“The crew is asking for you guys to be removed off the plane,” the pilot tells them in one clip.

In another video, a police officer tells the sisters: “American Airlines calls the shots. They don’t want you to fly on their plane today.”

Ms Selter told the New York Post: “It was humiliating. They made me feel like a terrible person, and I did nothing wrong.”

A spokesperson for American Airlines said in a statement: “Ms. Selter was asked to leave the aircraft after a disagreement occurred Saturday night at Miami International Airport (MIA).

“American offered her hotel accommodations and transportation, which she declined. She flew on American Sunday morning back to New York (LGA) – arriving around 8:30 a.m. ET yesterday morning.”

Ms Selter has vowed “to never fly American Airlines again”. 

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Edmunds reviews the Tesla Model 3

Whether it was the hordes of eager reservation holders for a car they knew nothing about, or Lloyd actually saying nice things about a car, the Tesla Model 3 has already busted many conventions.

But now, as Elon Musk’s (more) affordable electric sedan finally starts being delivered to customers, people are eager to find out how the thing actually drives. The folks over at Edmunds have now got their hands on one for a long-term test vehicle, and Director of Vehicle Testing Dan Edmunds shares some of his early impressions in the video below. Much like when we posted Fully Charged’s review of the Leaf 2.0, you’ll have to watch the full video to get the insights of a real auto journalist who actually knows what he’s talking about. But in the meantime, here are some my top-line takeaways from the review:

1) The interior—which has all the higher end upgrades, lives up to Edmunds’ expectations in terms of Tesla’s premium brand. (Be aware there is some controversy about recent changes to this online.)

2) The range does appear to hit the much hyped 310 miles, although Tesla recommends charging to 90% unless you are going on a longer road trip.

3) The trunk is extremely roomy, and there’s even some space for a few duffel bags in the front trunk, or “frunk”, as Tesla folks seem to call it.

4) The driving experience appears overall to be good, with solid acceleration and decent handling, although Edmunds does suggest that something feels a little off with handling. The innovative air conditioning/heating set up also gets a big thumbs up.

5) Visibility, says Edmunds, is excellent—especially with the gigantic glass moon roof above the head.

The only real challenge appears to be the touch screen, which you pretty much have to use for everything—including adjusting windshield wipers and mirrors too. As Lloyd noted on the Byton electric SUV, these gigantic screens are a potential major source of distraction. And you only have to watch the reviewer to see that this is very much the case here.

Of course, as autonomous and semi-autonomous driving becomes more commonplace, you could argue that distractions will be less of an issue. In the meantime, however, those of us who are biking, walking or otherwise moving around town without the benefits of a gigantic metal cage may have to watch out for distracted Model 3 drivers, on top of all the other hazards already out there.

Just one more reason to hope that bikes and e-bikes really will eat cars I guess but, in the meantime, the Model 3 is a significant step forward. So much so, that Edmunds is holding onto a reservation he made for himself. Check out the full review below.

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19-Year-Old Model Auctions Off Her Virginity For $3 Million

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19-year-old model recently auctioned off her virginity to a wealthy Abu Dhabi businessman online for over 2 million pounds. She said that she did this in order to pay for school and do some travelling. The bought and paid for encounter will take place in a German hotel where Giselle will be accompanied by security guards to ensure her safety.

The wealthy Abu Dhabi man had to beat out a Russian politician and a Hollywood actor from Los Angeles, to win the auction.

This story has been gaining attention in the media as of late, but is it because this is a shocking story or because our culture has become obsessed with sex? Or better yet, is it another way for humanity to examine our own shadows? Perhaps we can begin to observe and reflect on whether or not we have forgotten our true nature.

‘If I want to spend my first time with someone who is not my first love, that’s my decision,’ she said. ‘The fact that women can do what they want with their bodies and have the courage to live their sexuality free against the critics sets a sign for emancipation’. She added: ‘In retrospect, how many would probably give up their first time if they could have 2.5million Euros instead?’

Giselle’s final statement above about the financial side of this alone shows just how far removed our society has become to the understanding of how sacred the act of sex truly is or is intended to be.

Leaving all judgement of right or wrong aside, simply ask yourself the question; does this feel like something that comes from the heart? Or does it seem to come from the ego? These are the types of questions we’re being begged to ask these days as we are pushed to act from the heart.

Societally there is also quite a disconnect between the physical act of sexual intercourse and what it represents in terms of connection, union and partnership.

Giselle feels that her decision to sell her virginity is a form of emancipation. I suppose that’s one way to do it, and realistically it’s her body so it’s her decision. I want to be clear — I am not here to judge that, but it is important to see the deeper picture here. This story provides us with a great opportunity to reflect on our own thoughts around sex, actions like this and dig deeper to find out what it means to us and society as a whole.

Time To Reflect

Recently, there has been a ton of attention put towards things like sexual harassment, scandals and pedophilia – not just at a general public level but in Hollywood, politics and more. It seems everywhere we turn there is some new sex scandal waiting to be uncovered or something shocking in this realm and this story is exactly that. But what can we take away from this? Can this be viewed as an opportunity to reflect on how our society and culture views sex as a whole? Looking at it from a ‘society can be a mirror’ perspective,  are we being challenged to think about these actions and see truly why they are happening? Can we use these experiences to observe our own judgements? Views of sex? How we view genders? Can we begin to see the truth about ‘elite’ individuals and why they have their power?

There may be some of us who look at this story and are shocked or turned off by her actions. But is it possible that instead of feeling this way, that we can see why she might really be doing this? Move into a space of compassion for what may be someone who has lost her way from her heart like many of us have? Begin that conversation amongst friends and family instead of one of pure judgement.

Is Sex Meant To Be Fickle?

Regardless of how we may feel about sex, in your heart does it feel like something that is meant to be fickle? Passed around and disconnected?  As we are bombarded with sex, especially in advertisements, is the media doing a good job of keeping us ‘excited’ and disconnected from the true connection and union that can come of sex when it isn’t so casual? Have we become desensitized from its true power?

Our society is hyper-sexualized in a fickle, mental way. But as we are bombarded with so much sex, we are deeply lacking connection. Sometimes it feels like, both men and women, are slaves to sex in our own ways. We let it rule us at times, letting it tell us whether or not we are loved, worthy, beautiful, desirable etc. Is it meant to be used as a mechanism for this type of control? This type of view of ourselves?

As our consciousness is shifting, and we are beginning to see through this charade, all of these stories, scandals, allegations etc. are coming forward for us to see what’s really going on and take the opportunity to see what it means for us. Once again, this is an opportunity for us to reflect, not judge, and begin to lovingly change the conversation around how we view things like this, sex and ourselves.

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Tesla tiny house integrates solar with Powerwall, towed by Model X (Video)

Automotive and energy storage company Tesla’s innovations and concepts have been capturing the popular imagination for some time now, making electric cars aspirational and sexy, making waves with its solar roof shingles and ‘killing the duck‘ and disrupting the fossil fuel status quo with its massive, grid-scale batteries.

The company is now making a foray into the tiny house market, with a modern structure equipped with its Powerwall and is towed by the Tesla Model X. The Tesla Tiny House is now making its way around Australia on a tour that goes on until the end of November. Here’s a quick video tour of it during the Brisbane Home Show.

Tesla© Tesla
Tesla© Tesla

It’s a whole Tesla-branded package, from the 2kW photovoltaic system of 6 solar panels on the roof, which is connected to the USD $5,500 Powerwall, a lithium-ion battery pack which can store energy for later use.

The interior is pretty minimal, as it’s more of a showcase kind of space for Tesla’s products then a fully built-out home. The inside of the Tesla Tiny House is a “design studio” that allows visitors to design their own home solar power system on a screen — all the lights and electronics are powered by the sun, and everything can be controlled and monitored via a Tesla app. The company says:

The tour is designed to provide a one-on-one educational experience on how to integrate Powerwall and solar to seamlessly power an entire home 24/7, allowing Australian consumers to gain control and understanding of their power use.

Tesla© Tesla
Tesla© Tesla
Tesla© Tesla

The house itself is made from locally and sustainably sourced lumber, and measures 20 by 7 feet (6 by 2.2 metres). It weighs 2 tonnes (4,000 lbs.) and can be towed by the Model X, which has a towing capacity of 5,000 lbs. (A bit of a thunderous omission: whether that one Powerwall can charge the Model X itself — though it seems from the photos that the car is being charged by the home’s solar power system).

Tesla© Tesla

Being Tesla, the price point will likely be high, especially if you roll in the Model X into the package. But the concept is neat: a smaller home with a lighter footprint, towed by an electric car, and everything being powered by the sun.

The tiny house tour is one of Tesla’s new projects launching in Australia; the company will be building the world’s largest battery installation in South Australia, but it has yet to offer solar panels in the country, though that will likely change soon. No word for now whether the company might bring the tour to other countries, but for now, the Tesla Tiny House tour will be visiting Sydney, Wodonga, Berry and Bowral soon; to see dates and information, or request the tour to come to you, visit Tesla.

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After Tattooing Her Eyeball, This Model Is In Pain And Partially Blind

By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Don’t try this at home — or even by a professional, folks.

Because Canadian model Catt Gallinger’s favorite color is purple, she decided to modify the whites of her eyes with a purple “tattoo”. The procedure is called sclera staining, and it involves injecting ink into the white part of her eye. While the process has worked for some, it went terribly wrong for Gallinger.

The same day as her procedure, the model’s eye began oozing purple ink. It trickled down her cheek, signaling something was wrong. The next day, the eye was swollen shut and became painfully infected. Three weeks passed before Gallinger received bad news from a doctor: she was at risk of going permanently blind by the affected eye.

Since September 20, 2017, Gallinger has been posting warnings about the procedure on Facebook. Her posts are specifically intended to those who seek to modify their bodies — specifically, with scleral staining.

In one of her posts, she wrote that she had visited the hospital several times and had been prescribed a variety of antibiotic and steroidal eye drops to reduce inflammation. Her vision in the affected eye blurred, but shows no signs of improving. “There are multiple people who can attest that my aftercare was good and any other part of what I am saying,” Gallinger wrote. “I am NOT sharing this with you to cause trouble, I am sharing this to warn you to research who you get your procedures by as well as how the procedure should be properly done.”

In a later video, Gallinger corrected a commenter, saying the procedure was done by “someone who told me they were experienced. She said, “It is my fault that I believed him. It is my fault that I gave in when they repetitively asked me to do my eye.” In an interview with TIME Magazine, Gallinger later confirmed the “professional” to be her then-boyfriend, who worked as a body modification artist.

Reportedly, her ex-boyfriend “made many errors.” For instance, he did not mix the ink with saline, he used a large needle instead of a small one, and he “went too deep into the eye.” He also did one large injection during a 10-minute sitting, rather than several small dosages. All of these likely accounted for the swelling, pain and infection that resulted.

By no means is this the first body modification Gallinger has received. The model has approximately 25 tattoos on her body and underwent a risky procedure to split (fork) her tongue. She felt like the scleral tattoo was the “next step.” It ended up being the wrong one, though.

The trend of scleral tattoos is rising, and this is risky. Not only is Gallinger living proof that the body modification can go very wrong, the American Academy of Ophthalmology strongly recommends against the eye tattoo. It notes risks of blindness — or worse. “Putting any kind of needle on the eye is very dangerous,” Philip Rizzuto, an AAO spokesman, told USA Today. “We do that all the time, but we’re trained for 12 to 18 years how to go about treating the eye.”

Read more: Eye Gazing: Science Reveals How It Affects Our Communication


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