Iraq Offensive, Kirkuk Oil Is Now Fully Under Iraqi Military Control: New Oil Pipeline Bypasses US Politically Controlled Kurdistan Region

Absconded Iraqi Oil Via Turkey To Port For Israel.

Iraq’s military has effectively gained control of major assets and government buildings in Kirkuk city, and is now set to fully pacify it after overnight clashes at a moment when oil prices rose toward a six month high as the conflict now threatens output.

Iraq’s elite Counter-Terrorism Force has taken over the provincial government headquarters in the center of Kirkuk after operations to seize the city from Kurdish forces began overnight – the contested city is now reportedly under the control of Iraqi national forces.

  1. Iraqi Oil Surges 30% To China & 23% To India Surpassing Saudi Arabia As Fastest Growing Market
  2. Iraq is going to claim hold of the Kirkuk oil and bypass Kurdistan region transferring the oil via Turkey to Ceyhan port


Photos Of U.S. Forces Assisting ISIS Terrorists ~ A U.S. Israeli Mercenary Proxy Army

Some of the first footage Western audiences woke up to Monday morning were of (ironically enough) US supplied [seized] equipment – including tanks, being used to bulldoze images of Iraqi Kurdistan President Masoud Barzani.

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Iraqi forces have further pulled down Kurdish flags flying over government buildings throughout the city, while leaving the Iraqi flag flying.

The Iraqi advance on the oil-rich and ethnically diverse previously Kurdish-held city was lightning fast and largely without a major fight – aided by the fact that some Kurdish [Very Small breakaway group from Kurdistan] Peshmerga fighters [US Israeli Terrorists] fled their posts as national militias advanced, which is a reflection of Iraqi Kurdistan’s own political divide: one faction within the PUK Peshmerga (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) is relatively pro-Baghdad, making the Iraqi advance easy in sections of the city held by the group.

Sunni Kurds Fighting US Israeli ISIS In Iraq, Turkey, & Syria.

  1. Sunni Kurd Female Warriors Fighting U.S. Israeli ISIS In Iraq & Syria

And though Kurdish media frequently highlighted footage of armed civilians taking to the streets Sunday and Monday, the city’s large Turkmen population as well as the up to 20% Arab and Assyrian population generally fears and rejects [US Israeli] Kurdish dominance over the region.

The Kurdish opposition party PUK, whose fighters allowed Iraqi forces to enter parts of the city, confirmed Monday that it allowed the breach after reaching an agreement with the Iraqi military even as fighters representing the governing Kuristan Democratic Party (KDP) continued to battle.

A Peshmerga [politically controlled by US Israel] spokesman, however, warned that the  “government of Abadi bears the main responsibility for triggering war on the Kurdistan people, and will be made to pay a heavy price.” The Peshmerga further accused those PUK factions which refused to fight of “plotting” against the Kurds and committing “a great and historic treason.” [This is another polarity game by the deep state of the US]

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (R) greets Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in Tehran on June 20, 2017. (Photo by IRNA)

[Abadi was educated [brain washed] in London ~ home of the “banking cabal deep state” 

Most Kurds are anti-West but the US deep state does have a hold inside the Kurdistan region of Iraq. That said, its a house of cards but never the less it must be addressed. Kurdistan region is part of the Iraqi Constitution of 2005, but its also in the plans by the deep state to orchestrate their “Greater Israel’ scheme to control all oil in the M.E.

Iraq is going to claim hold of the Kirkuk oil and bypass Kurdistan region transferring the oil via Turkey to Ceyhan port ~ so the deep state again is left floundering ~ this is a very good move for Iraq.

Iraq has just increased its supply of Oil to China by 30% and to India 23%.

The financial measuring stick is transferring from fiat derivatives to finite gold/silver. China, India, Russia are all about gold/silver backing the exchanges in yuan/ruble/rupee. JP Morgan at the CBI is in a sweat box ~ there are clouds on the horizon for corrupt bankers.

Soon Iraq will be free.]

Majority Sunni Minority Shiite

  1. Moscow And Ankara Urge For Unified Iraq: Kurdistan Region’s Legal Status Is Fixed In The Iraqi Constitution Of 2005 ]

A PUK Peshmerga commander, Wista Raool, told the New York Times that his party seeks the return of contested oil fields to the federal government:

Mr. Raool accused Mr. Barzani and his party of “stealing” the oil from the Iraqi government. Many members of the P.U.K., which maintains its own pesh merga force, opposed the referendum vote because it was led by Mr. Barzani.

  1. Iran, Iraq, And Turkey Unite To Block Kurdish Oil Exports: Netanyahu Owes Iraq $1.5 Trillion For Stolen Kirkuk Oil

But northwest of Kirkuk city, Kurdish fighters defending oil fields administered under Barzani’s KDP party vow to never surrender to the Iraqi army or its Shiite paramilitary forces:

The commander of forces there, Kamal Karkokly, said in an interview at his command post Sunday that his fighters would not surrender their positions. “We have enough weapons,” Mr. Karkokly said. “We can fight as long as we have to.”

Though oil production continued without interruption throughout the end of last week and over the weekend, even as reports of fighting south of Kirkuk surfaced, Reuters [Reuters owned & operated by deep state Rothschild] reported early Monday some 350,000 barrels per day (bpd) of production was temporarily shut down from major fields Bai Hassan and Avana due to security concerns as Iraqi forces entered Kirkuk.

This helped spur a jump in world oil prices Monday [bull], and markets remain unsettled. Kirkuk oil fields produce 10% of Iraq’s total output. However, Kurdish officials are now disputing that the KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) ever gave the order to halt production:

The Kurdistan Region’s Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) on Monday denied rumors of oil production being shut down following the recent violence in Kirkuk Province. Ashti Hawrami, MNR’s minister of natural resources, ordered the resumption of full production from oil fields in Kirkuk after a brief interruption.

  1. Iraqi Oil Surges 30% To China & 23% To India Surpassing Saudi Arabia As Fastest Growing Market

Meanwhile, a senior Baghdad oil official told Reuters  [Reuters owned & operated by deep state Rothschild] after Iraqi forces entered the city that,

“We’ve got confirmation from military commanders that it’s a matter of a very short time,” and added, “our brave forces will regain control of all Kirkuk oil fields and then we will restart production immediately.”

This morning, the US embassy in Baghdad issued a statement calling for calm on both sides, and reiterating the common cause of fighting ISIS:

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  3. US Military Pulls Their Own Las Vegas: Slaughters 45 Innocent Civilians In Syria

  1. Netanyahu Using UN To Deceive World: Renders Aid To ISIS ~ An Israeli U.S. Proxy Army
  2. Netanyahu Transferred Injured ISIS Terrorists From Syria To Israeli & Jordanian Hospitals

We support the peaceful exercise of joint administration by the central and regional governments, consistent with the Iraqi Constitution, in all disputed areas. ISIS remains the true enemy of Iraq, and we urge all parties to remain focused on finishing the liberation of their country from this menace.

Ironically, the US has given military aid to both sides which were previously partners in anti-ISIS operations, which is why US equipment is increasingly appearing on either side of the firefights.


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India & Russia Military Exercises October 20th Involving 3 Armed Force Branches: The Pacific Fleet, Aviation Units & Ground Forces

VLADIVOSTOK, October 16. /TASS/. A detachment of Indian Navy warships will arrive in Vladivostok, the home port of the Russian Pacific Fleet, for the Indra-2017 Russian-Indian drills, Pacific Fleet Spokesman Nikolay Voskresensky told reporters on Monday.

“The solemn ceremony of meeting a detachment of Indian Navy ships will take place at the 33rd berth of Vladivostok’s Korabelnaya Embankment. Taking part in it will be representatives of the Russian Navy command, the crews of the vessels taking part in the exercises, an honor guard company and the orchestra of the Pacific Fleet Staff,” he said.

  1. Iraqi Oil Surges 30% To China & 23% To India Surpassing Saudi Arabia As Fastest Growing Market

According to Voskresensky, the solemn opening ceremony of the Indra-2017 exercises will take place on October 20.

Earlier reports said that the Satpura frigate and the Cadmatt corvette would be dispatched to take part in the exercises. A total of 900 Indian military servicemen will take part in them.

This year, instead of the Indra Navy-2016, the Avia Indra-2016 and the Indra-2016 exercises held last year, the two countries will hold maneuvers that will involve three armed forces branches – the Pacific Fleet, aviation units and the ground forces of the Eastern Military District.

TASS Russian News Agency

Russia India Joint Military Drills


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Swedish Military, Firemen to Don Hijabs After Police


Amid a hot debate over whether it’s acceptable for public servants and government officials to wear religious clothing, a Swedish designer has created uniform Islamic veils for the military and the fire department with the hope of encouraging Muslim women into those professions.

In 2011, Iman Aldebe created a stir by designing the first uniform veil for the Swedish police. The headdress was accepted despite the critical reaction, as many argued that the police should not send religious messages.

Now, the 32-year-old Jordanian-Swedish designer took a further step forward and has designed uniform Islamic veils to be worn by military personnel and firefighters, both of which turned out to be very optimistic about the idea, according to the Swedish newspaper Göteborgs-Posten.

“I’ve been in dialogue with them, as the veils must not pose any fire risks and the like. But they are very positive about this,” Iman Aldebe told Göteborgs-Posten.

According to Aldebe, many were upset when she launched the police uniform veil back in 2011, with critics accusing her of trying to Islamize Sweden or forcing women to wear religious garments. By Adlebe’s own admission, however, it is a question of helping Muslim women getting introduced into Swedish society, becoming self-sufficient and alleviating their dependence on their Muslim spouses.

“I want to build bridges, so that nobody is left outside society or living off the state, which many Muslim women are accused of,” Aldebe told the Swedish news outlet Nyheter24. “For me, Sweden stands for democracy and equality. I grew up in Sweden with that. To first say that they live off the state and then state that they are unwanted in these state professions would simply be wrong,” she added.

​Additionally, Aldebe believes that the change of fashion may also contribute to a “more positive” image of Muslim women in society. A veil-clad policewoman produces an air of authority, she claimed. While Aldebe admitted that Islamic garments might be perceived as a strong statement, she also claimed that for hijab-wearers, it’s about being like any other woman in Swedish society.

“For these women, it’s only a garment. You put it on for religious reasons, but it’s not like you’re walking around and preaching. You just want to be like any other woman,” Aldebe explained.

​So far, however, the new vogue does not seem to have contributed to any major change within the police. According to Göteborgs-Posten, the police still use the veil designed and introduced in 2011, though to a very small extent, because extremely few woman with corresponding needs work with the authority.

At present, it remains unclear when exactly the military and the fire department will buy the garment, which first has to meet demands for infrared reflection and fire safety.

Iman Aldebe was born in Uppsala into a Jordanian family and grew up in a Muslim environment. Her father Mahmoud Aldebe is the former chairman of the Muslim Association of Sweden (SMF).

Aldebe has been noted for her modernized variants of hijab designed for rescue personnel, as well as drugstore and hospital staff. In 2015, both she and her creations appeared in Hennes & Mauritz’s autumn collection. Aldebe’s veils have been sold in brand stores across Sweden, as well as in Paris, New York and Dubai.

​At present, Aldebe’s works are being displayed at Norm Form, a so-called norm-critical exhibition, which takes place at the ArkDes museum in Stockholm.

Earlier this year, several local municipalities in Sweden toyed with the idea of banning all religious garments for its officials, provoking a hot debate.

In neighboring Norway, Prime Minister Erna Solberg said she personally would never employ a person wearing an Islamic face veil, whereas Finance Minister and Progress Party leader Siv Jensen suggested that Muslim women wore face-covering garments simply to provoke a reaction.



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The Military Strategy of the New Turkey, by Thierry Meyssan

JPEG - 57.5 kb
Breaking with the Davutoğlu doctrine (“zero problems with your neighbours”), which he had already abandoned in practice leading his dismissing his Prime Minister, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan defined his country’s new objectives during a speech on 15 October 2016, given at a university named after him.

Operation of 8 October 2017

Following an agreement concluded between Russia and Turkey during the most recent Astana negotiations, the Turkish army entered the governorate of Idleb, violating Syrian sovereignty, in order to combat the jihadists there.

The Turkish army distinguishes between the following groups:

- the Syrian Turkmen which it had gathered under the flag of the former Free Syrian Army (FSL) and which it intends to use as a support in the region.

- the Jihadists that accept to continue their fight in South East Asia and which should be transferred there by Turkish Secret Services (MIT).

- all the others, which should be eliminated.

Furthermore, the Turkish army already occupies Al-Bab, also violating Syrian sovereignty.

The Turkish presence at Idleb cuts the Rojava’s access to the Mediterranean Sea. Its presence at Al-Bab offers it the possibility of cutting the Rojava into two and wiping out this pseudo State.

The Joint Operation of 12 October 2017

Turkey, Iran and Iraq had met to deaden the vague hopes of an independent pseudo Kurdistan. The Barzani family and Israel have gradually swallowed up territories thanks to local conflicts and war. In 15 years, the territory administered by the Barzanis and Israel under the name “Iraqi Kurdistan” has multiplied its areas by fivefold to the detriment of the native, Arab and Christian populations. On 25 September 2017, the Barzani family and Israel organized a referendum on independence. Following a vote that was largely rigged, especially in the Christian areas, the yes vote reached 92 %. During a popular festival, the Barzani family, brandishing Kurdish and Israeli flags, announced that the process for independence was irreversible. The journal Kurds-Israel revealed that an agreement had been concluded between Tel-Aviv and Erbil providing for 200,000 citizens to be transferred to the “Kurdistan”, once independence had been declared. The Israeli army intends to promptly station missiles there to threaten both Syria and Iran.

The pipeline linking the pseudo Kurdistan to the port of Ceyhan (Turkey) will be closed by BOTAŞ, the Turkish public operator which owns it. Accordingly, the Barzanis’ oil revenues would be cut. Currently, Kurdish oil is chiefly exploited by the French company Total. It is sold in the European Union, Ukraine and Israel where it represents almost the entire domestic consumption.

The Turkish and Iranian air space will be closed with the pseudo-Kurdistan. Taking account of the war, Syrian air space is not practicable for civil flights. Flights from and to Erbil will necessarily have to pass through Bagdad.

The border-posts between Turkey and Iran on the one side and the pseudo Kurdistan on the other, will all be closed, thereby cutting custom revenues of a potentially new State. So as to maintain Turkish-Iraqi trade relations, a new route will be open along the Syrian-Iraqi border permitting Ankara to be linked up to Bagdad. The Iraqi army will station 13,000 men to guarantee its security, whilst the construction works for a new pipeline along this route will begin at once.

This route will cut communications between the pseudo-Kurdistan and the Rojava.

Since 2015, the Turkish army has been occupying Bachiqa (the pseudo-Kurdistan), thereby violating Iraqi sovereignty.

An ultimatum (by 1 November at the latest) will be addressed to the Barzani family preventing it from renouncing independence. In case it refuses, the Turkish army is preparing to declare war against the pseudo-Kurdistan. It would make a two-pronged attack on Erbil, from the Turkish border on the one hand, and from the new route that has been secured by the Iraqi army, on the other hand.

JPEG - 35.9 kb
In 1920, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish Republic, drafts a national oath challenging the winners of the First World War and claiming the annexation of new territories for the Muslim populations whether they are in the majority or minority.

Objectives of the New Turkey

Three months after the assassination attempt and the coup d’etat were aborted in July 2016, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan delivered an inaugural address at the university which bears his name (RTEÜ). He then provided a glimpse into the ambitions of the Turkish Republic following its creation and those of the new regime. Making explicit reference to “the National Oath” (Misak-ı Millî), adopted by the Ottoman Parliament on 12 February 1920, he justified conquering former territories. This oath, which lays the basis for the passage of the Ottoman Empire to the Turkish Republic, claims the territory of the North East of Greece (Western Thrace and the Dodecanese), the whole of Cyprus, Northern Syria (as well as Idleb, Alep and Hasakah), and Northern Iraq (including Mosul).

In 1939, France only granted Hatay (Syria) to Turkey. Paris was also hoping that Ankara gets rid of its orthodox Christians which have their patriarchal base in Antioch.

Having counted off these territories one by one, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is claiming them in his turn [1].

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the only Head of State of a developed country to challenge the international order and to publicly claim, where necessary by force, new territories.

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Turkish-Iranian Military Co-ordination

While eight months ago, Turkey virulently denounced Persian nationalism, it now has formed closer ties with Iran. This development is due in part to the Saudi-Qatari quarrel and to the plan to create a new state in Iraq.

- On 14 August, General Mohammad Bagheri, Chief of Staff of the Iranian army (but not Head of the Guardians of Revolution), went to Ankara.

- On 1 October, his Turkish homologue, General Hulusi Akar, went to Teheran.

- On 4 October, the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, embarked on an official trip to Iran.

The two states would have signed an agreement providing for common patrols for their borders with the Iraqi Kurdistan. A wall will be built along a quarter of the border shared between Turkey and Iran. The costs will be borne by Turkey. The aim of this project is to prevent any contact between the Turkish PKK and the Iranian PJAK.

A second agreement provides for:

- intelligence to be exchanged between the Turkish police and the Guardians of the Iranian Revolution;

- authorization for access to each country’s warships when they are docked in the ports of the other country; and

- exchange programmes to train cadets.

According to our sources, the issue here is not a u-turn in alliances. We have here a partnership exclusively for: military coordination against US-Kurdish ambitions in the Middle East, for anti-Buddhist operations in South East Asia, and nothing with regards to Syria.

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Attack & defense: China holds military drills (VIDEO)

Troops from the 75th Group Army conducted the military exercises in Yunnan–Guizhou Plateau, a highland region in southwest China, on Thursday, CCTV said, releasing a video of the drills.

The soldiers trained how to obtain reconnaissance information and build a communication network, according to Sina news website. The servicemen also staged an attack-and-defense exercise.

The 75th Group Army is stationed near the city of Kunming in Yunan province.

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Russian military scrambles ‘Yars’ ICBM launchers during war games (VIDEO)

A video by the Russian Defense Ministry shows a convoy of ‘Yars’ launchers moving in to their deployment areas while being escorted by support units down the road. An exercise involved mock attacks of an enemy Special Forces unit as well as simulated chemical and radiological attacks on the ICMB launchers.

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CW’s New Military Drama ‘Valor’ Seeks to Send ‘Feminist Statement’

The CW’s new military drama Valor premiered on Monday night and I was expecting the worst. Not only is The CW the home to many outspokenly liberal programs, but the main character is supposed to be the first female helicopter pilot in an Army special operations unit. That’s just a recipe for virtue signaling disaster.

The show centers around special ops helicopter pilots Warrant Officer Nora Madani (Christina Ochoa) and her commanding officer Captain Leland Gallo (Matt Barr) after a mission in Somalia where something went terribly wrong. They were the only soldiers to return, the others killed or captured. The pair discovers there was more to the mission than they had been told and work to uncover a conspiracy as well as get their fellow soldiers home. Alternating between present day and flashbacks to the ill-fated mission, we begin to piece together the puzzle of what really happened and why.

Surprisingly, unlike other “first female” themed shows like Fox’s Pitch, about the first female MLB player, and an episode of ABC’s The Catch about the first female Army Ranger, Valor doesn’t beat us over the head with telling us Madani’s a woman in a misogynist world.

Sure, there’s mention of her having to “work twice as hard,” and “officers in command who think we shouldn’t open combat positions to women,” but, honestly, that was about it. (By the way, we shouldn’t have opened combat positions to women.)

The way liberals were pumping it up I was expecting G.I. Social Justice Warrior. Some of the laudatory headlines included: Refinery 29Valor Is The Feminist Military Drama You Didn’t Expect; BustleIs ‘Valor’ Based On A True Story? The Female-Focused Military Drama Makes A Political Statement; and Hollywood Reporter –‘Valor’ “Makes a Political Statement” by Highlighting Female Army Pilot, Star Says.

You know what we really need? A military drama from a feminist perspective… said no one ever. Unless you’re one of the ninnies who complained about how there weren’t enough women and minorities in the World War II movie Dunkirk. But so far this hasn’t panned out.

Now, just because this episode wasn’t bad doesn’t mean that there won’t be a hard turn to the left in the future. After all, the cast and crew have all been promoting the show like it’s some big political statement – a reaction to Trump and opportunity to resist.

According to Bustle, “[Showrunner Anna] Fricke also revealed that the series’ decision to put a woman front and center of its military drama was inspired by the current political landscape, and they’re hoping they can bring about some change with their positive depiction of Nora.”

The lead actress was even more outspoken: “It’s incredibly timely,” Ochoa said. “I’m very excited and proud to be part of a community that wants to post-election mobilize in any way they can, and for us that’s storytelling. So I think that bringing strong, empowered females to the forefront in telling these stories, and their plight and showing them as nuanced and filled with subtleties and kind of the challenges and everything that they go through is incredibly important especially these days.”

She went on, “[I]f we have the opportunity to take this as a our little soapbox and have a platform for that voice. I’m incredibly proud to be a part of any project that has that mission.”

They’re all excited to say the show has a political statement, but the political statement seems to be that it is feminist because it simply exists. Oh, also, because Madani is such a “complex,” flawed character.

When it comes to Ochoa’s character herself, the actress can’t help but gush about the “complex and intricate” fictional pilot. “Nora Madani[‘s journey] has not just her being a woman in a man’s world,” the new CW star explained. “She has PTSD to contend with. She has the mission and rescuing one of her comrades. She has the pill popping. She has all these different layers happening at once that allow her to be more well-rounded then we see these tropes. So absolutely I think it’s a feminist statement. I think it’s a political statement.”

Yay, now women can have PTSD, lie, cheat, and develop drug problems just as much as the men do, too! Feminism!

And there’s reverse sexism, too! There’s an awkward moment when the CIA agent on the case is introduced to the intel officer (Madani’s boyfriend) who is her liaison at the base. She looks him up and down and says in front of everyone, “Anyone ever tell you you look like an action figure? … You’re adorable.” Yay for equal opportunity sexual harassment!

But if that’s as bad as it gets, The CW is letting us off easy. Unfortunately, especially considering they’ve teased an upcoming episode on sexual assault, I think they’re just holding their fire.

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Flanked by military leaders, Trump talks of ‘calm before the storm’

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Moscow denounces US military support to Daesh

On 6 October 2017, the Russian spokesman (Igor Konachenkov), denounced the support that the US, British and Norwegian armies were providing Daesh in the al-Tanf zone (located at the Syria-Jordan border) [1].

He stated: “the Pentagon representatives have declared several times now that the US, British and Norwegian trainers, covered by the tactical air force and a system for multiple rocket-launch, were training combatants of the Free Syrian Army (FSA). In actual fact, the area where al-Tanf stood has now been transformed into a “black hole” with a 100 km radius on the Jordan-Syrian border. Instead of the FSA, are mobile Daesh troops which, springing out, like a jack-in-a-box, carrying out subversive terrorist attacks against civilians and Syrian troops”.

In the night of 27 and 28 September, around 300 Daesh combatants left the area of Rukban, and, in a large number of 4x4s, pulled up in the town of Al-Qaryatayn (province of Homs). A Daesh Commando “could by-pass all the posts of the Syrian troops hidden throughout the surrounding areas of al-Busairi and this was in no way due to chance”. He explained that the terrorists had the precise details of the Syrian troops “that could only be obtained with the aid of air intelligence following processing by experts. This information had then been carefully transmitted to carry out sabotage and terrorist acts”.

Two weeks ago, the Russian Ministry of Defence had published satellite images evidencing that Daesh and Nato forces were peacefully co-existing in the area controlled by the United States [2].

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