Lunatic Left eats its own: Transgender pink wig-wearing YouTube star accused of African cultural appropriation… HUH?

Image: Lunatic Left eats its own: Transgender pink wig-wearing YouTube star accused of African cultural appropriation… HUH?

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A biological male who thinks he’s a female of Mexican and Asian descent is the latest target of lunatic leftists who are accusing this he-she of “appropriating” black culture with its unusual fashion choices.

“Nikita Dragun,” who currently has around 2.3 million Instagram followers and another 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube, drew ire from fellow LGBT fanatics after posing in a photo wearing a pink wig. While pretending to lick a giant puff of cotton candy in the shot, Nikita is seen donned in what appears to be salmon-colored dreadlocks, which apparently represents theft of native black culture.

Besides just the wig, Nikita is also seen in the photo wearing Harajuku attire, which some leftists might also argue represents Japanese cultural appropriation. It was a similar Asian outfit, after all, that landed a Utah teenager in the news over the very same “controversy,” as her Asian-inspired prom dress choice got her accused of being racist.

But in that instance, the girl who wore the Asian dress was straight, making her an easy target of the left. In this case, Nikita is a minority transgender person who one would assume gains automatic protection from other LGBT leftists – but this obviously isn’t the case.

“Really cute, but your hairstyle is definitely appropriation,” one leftist commenter wrote in response to the photo. The inference, of course, is that unless Dragun is at least part black, she has no business sporting locs – even though many white people have what you might call “nappy” hair that, if styled appropriately, can also be made into dreadlocks.

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“Ur [sic] just fully appropriating,” wrote another commenter in semi-English slang. “Nikita I love you but I hate the dreads! Not cool. That’s what cultural appropriation looks like.”

Styling one’s hair into “cornrows” is apparently also racist

This isn’t the first time that Nikita has come under fire for hair styles that some say belong only on black people’s heads. Another photo of Nikita with what looked to be “cornrows,” a hair style often adopted by black people, created its own firestorm of controversy from people who say that the transgender shouldn’t have chosen this look.

The 22-year-old gender dysphoric was similarly accused of racism over this incident, with some people, presumably blacks, saying that it was “disgusting” and “not cute.” Even though Nikita had been attending the infamous Coachella music festival when the photo was taken – attendees wear all sorts of crazy clothing and hairstyles to Coachella, it’s important to note – Nikita’s critics didn’t skip a beat in screaming “APPROPRIATION!” the moment the photo was uploaded to social media.

Hilariously, some have come to Nikita’s defense, not by calling out the cultural appropriation police for being insanely ridiculous, but by claiming that Nikita’s hairstyle in the most recent photo wasn’t actually dreadlocks. Some are calling the hairstyle “twists,” which they say “hold no cultural value” and are thus permissible.

Since when did it become “racist” or “inappropriate” to adopt another culture’s fashion sense or hairstyle anyway? Almost everything that people do is appropriated from somewhere – heck, these black critics’ use of social media is cultural appropriation, seeing as how black people didn’t invent either the internet or social media platforms that they’re now using to grill other people like Nikita for apparently “stealing” their cultural relics.

Black people also drive cars made by companies that they didn’t create, using technologies that they didn’t invent. All of this and more represents major cultural appropriation that apparently needs to be called out publicly for representing black racism against non-black culture. After all, we can’t have double standards, right?

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John Bolton Represents Washington’s Lunatic Fringe

John Bolton Represents Washington’s Lunatic Fringe

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Appointing him national security advisor is like making a pyromaniac fire chief.

Former Israeli IDF chief of staff/later defense minister Shaul Mofaz said he knows Bolton “from when he was the US ambassador to the UN. He tried to convince me that Israel needs to attack Iran.”

Mofaz dismissed the idea as reckless unless an imminent threat emerges, nothing indicating one now – at the same time falsely claiming “the Iranian threat is very significant to Israel’s security.”

Former IDF chief of staff Benny Gantz turned truth on its head, saying “Iran is striving for a nuclear weapon, which in its view will give it strategic immunity. The world needs to guarantee it doesn’t get there.”

Tehran deplores these weapons, seeks a nuclear-free Middle East, Israel the only nuclear armed and dangerous country in the region.

Netanyahu wants the Iran nuclear deal ended, urging Trump to pull out unless unacceptable changes are made.

Four former top Israeli military officials oppose rescinding the deal, Mofaz, Gantz, Moshe Ya’alon and Dan Halutz.

Outgoing Israeli military intelligence chief General Herzl Halevi falsely accused Iran of destabilizing the Middle East – a US/Israeli speciality, not the Islamic Republic, threatening no one, the region’s leading peace and stability champion.

Like other Israeli hardliners, Halevi lied, claiming Tehran “threatens to upset the equilibrium and the efforts of the world to stabilize Syria.” The opposite is true.

Longstanding US/Israeli policy calls for regime change in Iran. According to Halevi, a “united front” against Tehran increases the likelihood.

John Bolton wants war on everyone. He and Nikki Haley represent the administration’s lunatic fringe.

National Iranian American Council founder president Trita Parsi tweeted: “The appointment of Bolton is essentially a declaration of war with Iran. With Pompeo and Bolton, Trump is assembling a WAR CABINET.”

Project on US Relations with the Islamic World in the Center for Middle East Policy senior fellow Shadi Hamid tweeted:

“I *wish* Bolton was a neocon. That would be much preferable to what he actually is: someone who seems like a neocon when it comes to the use of force – but without values, moral concern, or belief in democracy.”

Bolton wants regime change in Iran, Syria, North Korea, Russia, China, and other sovereign independent countries – their governments forcibly toppled.

Months earlier, he told an extremist Iranian exile group that by end of 2018, the Islamic Republic will be ended.

As national security advisor, he’s in a position to greatly influence US policy in this direction. Given Trump’s extreme hostility toward Iran, he’s likely sympathetic to regime change.

To this day, Bolton claims Bush/Cheney’s disastrous war on Iraq was a good thing. 

In 2002, he was their under secretary of state for arms control and international security when the administration killed the 1994 Agreed Framework with North Korea, freezing its nuclear program, engaging in diplomacy with the country.

Bush/Cheney “axis of evil” hostility pushed for regime change in Iran, Iraq and North Korea. Bolton was one of its architects.

The DPRK was falsely blamed for US deceit, reneging on an agreement fostering peace for its war agenda.

Last September on Fox News, Bolton said the only way to address Pyongyang’s nuclear program is “to end (its) regime” by striking first, adding: 

“Anybody who thinks that more diplomacy with North Korea, more sanctions, whether against North Korea or an effort to apply sanctions against China, is just giving North Korea more time to increase its nuclear arsenal.” 

“We have fooled around with North Korea for 25 years, and fooling around some more is just going to make matters worse.”

His solution to North Korea and other independent countries is war and more of it – peace, stability and diplomatic outreach anathema notions for him.

Will war on the Korean peninsula and against the Islamic Republic erupt on his watch? 

With him and other extremist neocons in charge of Trump’s geopolitical agenda, world conditions got hugely more dangerous.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

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‘Homeland’ Hits ‘Lunatic Fringe’ of Right-Wing Voters

O’Keefe: Ouch, careful.

Sharon: You’re so full of shit. The great defender of the Second Amendment never fired a gun in his life. 

O’Keefe: I have.

Sharon: You’re such a liar. 

O’Keefe: I did. Summer camp, 40 years ago. 

Sharon: Hold this. I’m gonna ask one of the guys to drive me to town today. There’s a bus station there, and I’ll show you how to log on for the broadcast. It’s not that complicated.

O’Keefe: Wait, wait, wait, wait. What’s going on? You said you wanted a bed, which you got, and clean clothes and a shower, which you also got. You look great, actually.

Sharon: Stop. I told you, I’m done. I need to go home.

O’Keefe: To what? 

Sharon: My life. 

O’Keefe: You’d trade all this for a studio apartment in Brooklyn? 

Sharon: Yeah. I don’t like being surrounded by gun-toting crazies.

O’Keefe: That’s why you gotta stay, protect me from the lunatic fringe. 

J.J. [Knock on door] Uh, Dad says food’s ready. 

Sharon: Thanks, J.J. We’ll be right there. 

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Another verified Twitter lunatic runs amok


Twitter’s been on a rampage of drawing clear battle lines. They’ve been deleting verified check-marks and entire accounts of people who can be considered right-wing, while allowing every single liberal and SJW, like Emily Lindin, free reign on the platform to curse, insult and form hate mobs against people with whom they disagree.

This is no conspiracy theory; this is out in the open, broad daylight, and can be tracked. And it’s the reason that people like Emily Lindin say stupid sh*t on the platform. They know there are no consequences for doing so.

The Story of the Insane Emily Lindin

This is a story in three parts.

Part one: It all starts when Emily Lindin leaves a provocative tweet, in which she’s virtue signaling to people a variation of “listen and believe” and damn the torpedoes because men’s lives being ruined over false allegations is something she seems to find hilarious. Lying women? Protect them. Innocent male victims? Burn them!


She calls it an unpopular opinion, and speaking of people in totality, just like the nonsense wage gap numbers are calculated, she’s correct. Though speaking for her bubble, and the people who like and retweet this, it’s not only a popular opinion but the exact right way to look at it. Men are horrible! She’s a feminist, a sex-positive feminist! This means she’s against slut-shaming and fatherhood and masculinity in any form and believes women need to dominate. She’s not just a modern feminist; she’s a radical feminist.

Comment: As Piers Morgan says, “She is the very worst kind of radical feminist, the kind that hates men so much it blinds her even to basic fairness and justice.

Part two: Oops! Another verified liberal, Geoffrey Miller, sees this tweet and takes umbrage. Why? Because he’s an SJW too and they need to have the battle of the virtue signal. You see, Geoff believes that false allegations disproportionately affect black men, and he needs to be a good ally by reminding Emily Lindin that black men suffer. Oh, sh*t! Blacks are the original victims in America! If you’re a feminist, even a radical feminist, intersectional black feminists will rip you a new asshole for not putting black people first.


Part three: So, we naturally get Emily Lindin back-tracking and amending, saying the right buzz words by stating it was an oversight on her part. When she said “men,” what she really meant was “white supremacy,” and that all of these white people, even if being falsely accused, deserve it. But not you, black man – please don’t kill me!


Emily Lindin is a lunatic. Let’s have a closer look at her, at the type of person Twitter would promote to untouchable verified status while a guy like me gets booted off because he pointed out to feminists that they can’t make demands of black people (which Emily Lindin just ironically backed up by instantly apologizing to black males while making sure to throw “white supremacy” at all white men).

We can see what sort of person, what sort of insane sex-posi feminist, is Emily Lindin. Her big project is “UnSlut,” a documentary film which is seeking to do away with the label of slut being attributed to promiscuous girls. Because, you know, just like women having over 50,000,000 abortions every single year, their choices aren’t hurting anyone, right!? Women are free to do whatever the f*ck they want to do, and you’re the bad one for judging them.

Never mind epidemic rates of single mothers, who objectively raise worse children on the whole. Never mind rampant rates of STDs women are spreading around the nation. Never mind initiating 70% of divorces and ruining men’s lives when they dare try to build a family with them. Women can do whatever the hell they want in society, and we oppress them by judging them.

We should shame women’s bad choices, just as we shame men’s bad choices! Why do you get a free pass just because you slap on “woman” as a shield?

I’ll obviously be called a misogynist and sexist for expecting women to be held to the same standards as men because we all know they want their cake, they want to eat it too, they want you to pay for it, and they want you to stick around and do the dishes while they go eat cake at another person’s house right after. This is modern feminism – women do whatever they want, take whatever the want, and you’re oppressing them if you point out how reckless and selfish and harmful they are. No.

We need to shame them!

You don’t call a poor kid a “prep” or a rich kid “white trash.” You don’t call good girls sluts. Nobody does that. Girls who protect their virtue aren’t smeared as sluts. And girls who sleep around with no thought to anything but their own hedonistic pursuits are – wait for it – sluts!


There’s something to be said about shame. Brilliant men like Jordan Peterson often argue that the structures created by religion have, so to speak, artificially boxed in our truer nature as animals and have kept us creating the facades of rational actors rather than devil-may-care ape-beasts. I think he’s on the right track but is focusing on a single tree and missing the forest. It’s not the religion itself; rather it’s the consequences of not being an adherent of that religion.

A lot of people are dumb. Emily Lindin seems to be an incredibly naive individual of low character and even lower intelligence, no doubt earning some high-interest-rate “studies” degree at a mid-level university. Though people are still smarter than for what we give them credit. It seems fairly obvious to me that people, after the first generation of no gods descending from the heavens to punish them, figured out that the punishments they’d suffer from not toeing the religious line would ultimately be from their fellow man, the strict adherents of the religion.

For many things in life, shame was brutal. Nonbelievers, homosexuals, and on it goes – these people were ostracized and sometimes worse. Though for many, many things in society, people fearing their peers shaming them kept things in line. Kept things controllable. Kept things normalized. Kept society neater than otherwise.

People like Emily Lindin, despite championing nonbinary gender nonsense, have very binary thought patterns when it comes to historical things. This good; that bad. Because the past included slavery and women’s oppression and other cruel tidbits, therefore the past is wholly bad and the future-the progressive way-is subsequently wholly good; holy good, even. This is weak-willed perception, however.

Shaming promiscuous women was a fantastic tool for families and society. Sorry, Emily, but nature dictated that women have wombs and bring forth children, and children need caring for lest they’ll die off or, even more damaging to society, they’ll grow up to became criminals and overall bad people, harming others and society overall.

By shaming sluts, we create a culture that opposes women flippantly sleeping around and getting knocked up and living as single mothers. We all know progressive feminists champion single motherhood. Though just like your white-guilt genuflecting nonsense when you were told false allegations hurt black males, do you care that single motherhood is tearing the black community apart more so than white supremacy has ever done?

No. Of course you don’t. You’re a low-IQ buffoon who believes that blacks are failing because of white people, not that their single mothers are horrible at the job of being single mothers. No. You could never believe that; you cannot allow yourself to believe that because it would be too uncomfortable. Instead, you believe women are empowered and don’t need no stinkin’ man to raise a good child! You believe women should be free to do whatever the hell they want, and that calling a girl a slut and hurting her feelings is somehow worse than the girl actually being a slut and ruining lives and society to satiate her selfish desires.

Emily Lindin believes in the SJW equivalent of paying your Catholic sin tax by incessantly virtue signaling, and doubling down when it backfires.


I won’t call you a slut. I have no idea about your sex life, nor do I want to know. But if you are promiscuous and sleeping around, I would call you a slut. And I’d hope everyone with sense pointed and laughed and draped a scarlet letter across you. Why? Because having your feelings hurt is a hell of a lot better than you having a litter of kids without daddies and pushing mentally deficient criminals out into the world.

Emily Lindin is the poster child for the sort of ideology Twitter wants to promote: Instant gratification hedonism with no thought for anyone but yourself. She can virtue signal about being for black people, claiming they’re oppressed and she does care, but we know for a fact-we all know for a fact-that’s just bullsh*t virtue signaling so that she doesn’t get called out (shamed!) by her own side for being a racist. She wants to do whatever she wants while avoiding the scarlet letter. Sorry, chick, but life doesn’t work like that for anyone. You get judged in this world.

Hey, Emily Lindin, here’s an idea for your follow-up docu: UnRacist – Doing Away With White-Shaming So Ignorant Gender-Studies Majors Won’t Have To Pretend To Care In Public About Blacks.

I’d buy that for a dollar.

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The Lunatic US Presidents — and John McCain

Donald ‘Dr. Strangelove’ Trump, most recent of the lunatic US presidents

The list of lunatic US presidents just keeps growing.  It’s a bipartisan list too, so maybe there’s something in the White House ventilation system.

George Bush: “Good versus evil, right versus wrong.”
He started the murderous sanctions on Iraq which led from it being a prosperous state to lying in ruins and in never ending war 27 years later.

Bill Clinton: Mired in the sex scandal with Monica Lewinsky, he came clean (well part way clean). His approval ratings plummeted. 3 days later he bombed Afghanistan and the Sudan. The news of the bombings upstaged the Lewinsky scandal. He was “fighting terrorists” (aren’t they all?). It soon emerged he bombed Sudan’s only medicinal factory.

George W. Bush: The man of “Shock and Awe” or “Operation Iraqi Freedom.” He said Iraqis would “witness the honorable and decent spirit of the American military.” Since the dark day of the criminal invasion and occupation of Iraq by the US, at least a million have died and the numbers rise each day.

Kidnapped Iraqis enjoying the decency of Abu Ghraib

Did George come up with the slogan “Shock and awe”? Clever enough? Well he said, “fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.” I’ll leave it to people’s judgement.

Barack Obama: Plenty to choose from with this silver tongued man. He proudly announced that the US supported “peaceful protesters” in the Maidan in Ukraine, while condemning the government for brutal repression of the protesters.

Nazimaidan freedom fighters, 2014

Anyone who has seen the hours and hours and hours and hours of footage of the protests will know this is a bald faced lie. You have never seen such a well organised, armed, coordinated and violent group of protesters as those at the Maidan. They were virtually as well armed as the police. Batons, helmets, full sized shields, molotov cocktails, slingshots, steel rods, gas masks and as we saw from buildings surrounding the Maidan, armed with guns with which they murdered police and civilians indiscriminately. The demonstrations were dominated by neo-Nazi nationalists such as Right Sector who chanted, “Glory to Ukraine, death to enemies, death to Russians.” These were the people Obama called “peaceful protesters.” He and his State Department prostitutes continued the lies of Ukrainians asserting their right to freedom while Kiev launched a criminal war of aggression on Ukrainians in the Donbass. The Kiev junta called ordinary men, women and children of the Donbass “terrorists.” In Obama’s world these people were excluded from the right to freedom.

We can’t neglect to mention he is the man who authorized the CIA train and assist program in Syria in 2013. The covert planning started well before then though, with Obama stepping right into the middle of the plot to unseat Assad when he assumed the presidency in 2009.

Obama supported terrorists who forced child to hack off head of tethered Syrian man, as ‘legitimate’ representatives of the Syrian people. al Jazeera and not in Syria ‘doctor’ make same demands

Donald Trump: “Fire and fury the likes of which the world has never seen.” This is how the current US President engages with North Korea as tensions reach boiling point. A manufactured crisis which justifies the expansion of the gargantuan military industrial complex threatens to break out into war. An unhinged megalomaniac as commander in chief with his finger on the nuclear trigger. War on the Korean Peninsula initiated by Donald Trump will cause death and destruction in the first few days the likes of we have not seen since Hiroshima and Nagasaki; an unpunished American war crime.

Trump surpassed Barack Obama in Syria in terms of deliberate unabashed bombing and murdering of troops and civilians. He liked it so much -perhaps even more than the chocolate cake- that he did it again. He may be getting rid of the covert CIA train and assist program, described in US media as a debacle and a failure, but only in terms of a waste of money and not resulting in the coveted regime change, but not in terms of its true damage of unleashing savage terrorists to murder Syrians and tear the country apart. Regardless, it hardly matters anymore. The terrorists have become a bedraggled, rag tag mob, holding onto pockets of territory and fighting each other in Idlib, their last bastion. They are now irrelevant in the bigger picture of US plans for what Syria will look like in the future. In short it won’t be Syria, it will be fragmented mini states with the US controlling large parts of resource rich territory under the stewardship of the Kurds. The Kurds will get a few pieces of silver for being the flavor of the month proxies and will be expected to perform as puppets for the privilege.

Some reports claim the US has 10 bases in Syria. This number is unconfirmed. but 1 or 10 equally remarkable considering:

  • Every single one is illegal under international law
  • All US presence in Syria is illegal
  • The US is in effect occupying Syria
  • They have more bases in Syria than many countries where they actually have agreements to place bases
American terrorists training other terrorists, in Syria

US strikes in Syria may be lawful if Syria consents to the use of force in their territory.  If Syria does not consent, the strikes would violate international law, unless the US demonstrates that the strikes were taken in self-defense.  — Sarah Knuckey, international lawyer and Professor at Columbia Law School

The US has thousands of troops surrounding Syria which can be bought in from Jordan, Qatar, Iraq, Kuwait, UAE and Bahrain. Trump may or may not bring in large numbers of troops, but the war addicted US deep state will not let him give up Syria. Balkanization is on the horizon and the war hawks will not be deterred, even in the face of potential military conflict with Russia.

I should throw in a few dishonorable mentions:

Madeline Albright: Who can forget when she said “We think the price is worth it.” The price was the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children due to murderous US led sanctions. What a vile woman. In prison now for her psychopathic views and war crimes against Iraq? Hardly. She is still a player in the US deep state, her dirty fingers still in the pies of international relations and finance.

Hillary Clinton: “We came, we saw, he died.” The savages that dragged Muammar Gadaffi through the streets before murdering him may have had a good chuckle at this, but any non psychopath should have felt horror at such macabre behavior. But this is what to expect from a woman who never saw a war she didn’t like and who runs a corrupt empire through her Clinton Foundation.

Clinton was also the strongest of the advocates for a no fly zone in Syria. She urged tough action to oust Bashar al-Assad and who knows what she would have done if coronated as President, as was widely anticipated. Rather than cut the CIA covert train and assist program off at the knees, she probably would have given it a new lease of life, with carte blanche to do whatever it takes to overthrow Assad, the man Syrians want to lead their country though and beyond this war on them. Hillary the Goddess of war must have savored the moment she could say of Assad; “we came, we saw, he died.”

And then there’s John McCain: Well, where do we start here? As Georgian forces launched an assault on South Ossetia in 2008, he said, “Today we are all Georgians.” Media and deep state lies aside, it very quickly emerged that the short war was started by Georgian forces massacring South Ossetians, with Russian forces responding to protect the lives of innocent civilians.

Senator McCain spends more time with terrorists abroad than he does on Capitol Hill

At The Maidan in Ukraine in 2014, he said, “The free world is with you, America is with you, I am with you.” He stood next to Oleh Tyahnybok, the Stephan Bandera worshipping Nazi as he said this. His message was well received by Right Sector led neo-Nazi thugs who soon after played an integral part in the violent coup which installed a government which is a pathetic US puppet and is leading the country down the path of disintegration.

McCain’s Nazimaidan pal, Oleh Tyahybok. CNN had no complaints over this ‘sieg heil.’
McQaeda and the Nazimaidan


McCain was “honored” to meet Nazimaidan icon reputed to hate Jews


McCain somehow missed the JTA’s report on Nadya Savchenko’s anti-Jewish slurs


Kiev Rabbi Moshe Reuven Asman warned the Nazimaidans were plotting a pogram against the Jewish community


Ma’ariv reported on the rabbi’s warnings. Then silence. No viralization by western media


Vice President Joe Biden‘s son Hunter, kicked out of the Navy for cocaine, quickly got a job in the Nazimaidan government.

John McCain is unrepentant in his desire to overthrow Bashar Al-Assad as the leader of Syria. He threw a hissy fit when Trump announced the end of the CIA train and assist program. Naturally this was “playing into Russian hands.”

After his jaunts into Libya, leaving a trail of death and despair in his wake, he ventured into Syria. He wanted to spread the virtues of “American democracy” so in May 2013 he met with terrorists in Syria, planning to help implement no fly zones and dramatically increase arms to the “rebels.” Among the terrorists was strongly rumored to be a certain Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS. Let me repeat, he appears to have met with (and I imagine shook hands) Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Would he shake hands with Baghdadi? Well he supported the war criminal Mikheil Saakashvili, ditto for Oleh Tyahnybok, sits down for coffee with heart eating Free Syrian Army types, so the question is rhetorical. And after all, demonic US political leaders have a long history of supporting terrorists to do their bidding. In truth, if it was Baghdadi, McCain probably didn’t wash his hands for a week afterwards.

Illegal McCain’s translator Mustapha Muoaz refused to deny they met with alBaghdadi

Also among the backslappers was a Free Syrian Army leader who supports Al-Aqaeda terrorists. As Miri Wood reported in Syria News: “During that illegal trip, McCain met with other terrorists, including kidnappers of Lebanese pilgrims, Syrian traitor Salim Idriss, an “FSA” head who supports its offspring, Jabhat al Nusra (JaN). JaN has been on the US terror list, since 10 months after its inception (and 10 days after the Washington Post described it as ‘the most successful arm of the rebel forces.’). Idriss gave his public support for JaN in March 2013, more than two months before McQaeda McCain met with him.”

American Foreign Terrorist and illegal alien McCain meets with kidnappers and other terrorists. To his right is FSA/JaN terrorist Idriss

McCain went on another sortie into Syria in February 2017 (again as an illegal alien, who should have been quite rightly tracked down and locked up). Ostensibly to discuss the counter ISIS campaign according to his spokeswoman. Yeah right, and pigs fly too.

Shortly after McCain’s visit came the Khan Shekhoun incident, now only credible as a Syrian government chemical weapons attack to Erdoganstan, the military industrial complex media, the deep state and US lackeys such as the UK and France. The rest of us, unless we are as brain dead as a tin of sardines, have grown weary of the propaganda and psyops war waged against Syria.

Not long after the Khan Shekhoun incident came the terrorist bombing of buses evacuating civilians from Fua and Kefraya in the al-Rashideen neighbourhood of western Aleppo. The outrage was notably dampened because it couldn’t be pinned on Bashar al-Assad. If it could, the catcalls for more Tomahawks to be launched at Syria would have been deafening. As it couldn’t, it was little more than a passing story, a blip in the media landscape. Bombing in Syria……and now for sports news. The despicable BBC didn’t even deem it a terrorist attack, which I wrote about shortly after the atrocity.

On his soon probable big sleep, McCain’s last words are likely to be, “is that Assad gone yet?” No, but you soon will be, you Nazi lover.

— Paul Mansfield


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