London’s black cab goes plug-in (Review)

I’m unlikely to ever drive this thing, and yet this might be one of the most important car review videos I’ve seen in a very long time. From carbon neutrality to zero emission fuel cells, we’ve covered various schemes for cleaning up London’s taxi emissions.

But now things are about to start changing in a major way.

The TX Electric Taxi is a fully redesigned vehicle from the ground up, and will be replacing the TX4 which was designed back in 1997 and ran on a noisy, dirty diesel engine. The new TX Electric, by contrast, offers around 80 miles of fully electric range plus a petrol-driven range extender that adds another 320 miles before a driver has to either plug in or fuel up. That’s a significant amount of range, as Jonny Smith notes in the video below, because the average speed of taxis in London is about 8 or 9 miles an hour, meaning it will be possible to drive around for most of the day without ever having to fuel up. (The fast charge port can also add about 80% of range in 20 to 25 minutes!)

Other features worth noting:
—The cab is fully designed for wheelchair accessibility
—There’s a massive moonroof to allow passengers to gawk at Big Ben
—There are USB charging ports everywhere, so your kids can continue to ignore Big Ben and charge up their tablets
—And the black cab’s famously tight turning circle has been maintained too

Also worth noting is that the London Electric Vehicle Company is projecting £100 (US$140) of savings per week in running costs, while the leases are only £10 (US$14) a week higher than for the existing TX4. Given the fact that the cabbie owner-operators are running a business, this makes for a pretty compelling case for switching—even before improved user experience or driver comfort are factored in. (A word of caution: The YouTube comments section has some cabbies questioning these savings numbers and the affordability.)

As for us environmentalists, there are several reasons to celebrate this milestone over and above much of the other overhyped electric vehicle news:

First and foremost, these vehicles will be replacing cars which drive day-in-and-day-out and get, according to Jonny Smith cabbie mate, something like 20 to 22 mpg. By contrast, even with the range extender running on full, the new TX Electric Taxi gets around 50 mpg—and most of the time it will be running in all electric mode.

Secondly, the environment in which taxis operate ought to be ground zero for electrification, given both the predominantly stop-start nature of driving and the large number of human beings around you sucking in your fumes.

And finally, taxis are the original sharing economy—so anything that makes their operation more cost effective, pleasant and attractive should help build, or maintain, a culture where personal car ownership is superfluous.

It’s all very exciting stuff, and I’m now increasingly excited for my next trip to London where I hope I’ll have the good fortune of hailing one of these gracious beasts. Or, at least, not breathing in their fumes.

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Julian Assange Could “Walk Free” TODAY After Plea to London Court to Drop Erroneous Charge


Julian Assange could walk free from the Ecuadorian embassy as early as today after he just asked a London court to drop the final arrest warrant against him stemming from a breach of bail conditions.

As the Independent reports, “Assange could walk free from the Ecuadorian embassy within hours, since he has asked a London court on Friday to drop an arrest warrant stemming from his breach of bail conditions.”

Assange, for the last six years, has been persecuted and held captive because of rape allegations; allegations that the Free Thought Project has shown to be entirely fabricated by police. As TFTP reported last year, after failing to produce enough evidence, Swedish prosecutors dropped the rape investigation.

Despite Swedish police dropping the investigation, police in the UK have been holding a break of bail warrant over the journalist’s head which has forced his confinement to persist.

If Assange were to walk out of the embassy without the charges being dropped, he would face the possibility of a year in prison.

However, the warrant is entirely baseless now as it stems from the extradition warrant by the Swedes—who’ve dropped their investigation.

Mark Summers QC, Assange’s lawyer told Westminster Magistrates’ Court the warrant had since “lost its purpose and its function.” The now fallacious warrant serves to imprison an innocent man under entirely arbitrary pretenses. However, that could all be about to change.

“He is seeking to have the warrant of arrest discontinued because the Swedes have confirmed that the extradition warrant is no longer live,” a spokesman for Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service said.

“He is seeking that therefore the warrant of arrest should be taken out as well.”

When asked if the dropped charges would allow Assange to “walk free” from the embassy, the spokesman replied, “hypothetically yes, that would be our interpretation.”

Earlier this month, the British government denied Assange’s request to be given diplomatic status which would’ve given him immunity from arrest. Now, the WikiLeak’s journalist is seeking to void the arrest altogether.

One unfortunate facet to this potential victory for the journalist, however, is the fact that the United State’s Justice Department is salivating over the extradition of this innocent man. What’s more, the UK has refused to guarantee that Assange will not be extradited to the US if he leaves the embassy.

In April 2017, US attorney general Jeff Sessions said arresting Julian Assange for releasing classified US information was a “priority.” To the current administration, arresting corrupt politicians and preventing the fleecing of Americans by special interests, takes a back seat to the silencing of a journalist who’d dare tell the truth.

To the United States government, the truth espoused by WikiLeaks is akin to treason and terrorism as it serves to make all states transparent which is an enemy to tyrants.

As Assange noted in an interview with Der Spiegel last year, WikiLeaks are not terrorists, they merely free information: “WikiLeaks is a giant library of the world’s most persecuted documents. We give asylum to these documents, we analyze them, we promote them and we obtain more.”

WikiLeaks has won more than a dozen awards across the globe for their journalism. Unlike any other news outlet in the world, however, WikiLeaks has never had to retract a story.

Also, aside from their perfect record, no one has ever been injured or put in harm’s way from the information released by WikiLeaks. The only people to face consequences for the release of this information are the ones whose crimes are exposed by it — hardly an act of terror.

Assange has described the period since his initial arrest as a “terrible injustice,” and noted that not being able to see his children grow up was “not something I can forgive.”

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Brazilian soccer great Pele collapses from exhaustion, cancels London trip

Brazilian soccer great Pele has collapsed from exhaustion, forcing him to cancel a trip to London this weekend, the Football Writers Association (FWA) said on Friday. The FWA was due to host a dinner in honor of the soccer legend at the Savoy Hotel on Sunday, but said the 77-year old would not make it, Reuters reports. “In the early hours of Thursday morning, Pele collapsed and was taken to hospital in Brazil where he has undergone a series of tests, which appear to point to severe exhaustion,” the FWA said. “He remains on fluids while doctors monitor his recovery. Thankfully, there is no suggestion of anything more serious than exhaustion.” Pele is the only player to have won three World Cups.

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‘Arrest him’: Pro-Trump protesters storm London Mayor’s speech (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

READ MORE: Britain’s hilarious reaction as Trump shuns London… including a lookalike statue 

Khan had just begun his address at a conference for the Fabian Society, a socialist group, in London when demonstrators in the audience started calling for his arrest. Some of the group held US flags and anti-EU banners as their supporters clapped and heckled the Labour mayor.

The demonstration follows US President Donald Trump’s cancellation of a planned visit to the UK capital next month. Khan, a vocal critic of the the US president, responded to news of the cancellation by saying Trump “had got the message” that Londoners were opposed to his policies.

Video footage of the incident shows the chairperson for the conference asking the demonstrators to go outside and talk to the press. The protesters were later escorted from the venue by police.

READ MORE: Boris Johnson slams ‘pompous popinjay’ critics of Donald Trump after UK state visit canceled  

Khan resumed his speech on equality about 20 minutes after the disruption started.


A spokeswoman for the Fabian Society told The Express that the speech had been marred by “far-right” protesters.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson confirmed to that protesters were removed from the building but said no arrests were made.

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Starbucks To Start Charging For Disposable Cup In London Stores

By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

To say that coffee keeps the world spinning is not an inaccurate statement. Every day, over 2,250,000,000 cups of java are consumed worldwide. Sadly, many consumers receive their coffee in disposable cups which are used once then discarded. After being transported to landfills, they slowly decompose and leach contaminants into the environment. Because this is a detriment to the planet, all wildlife, and future generations, a 25p levy on paper cups has been proposed in the UK.

As the BBC reports, MPs are in support of a paper cup ban by 2023. Because the coffee chain Starbucks supports this move, it has agreed to try out a 5p cup charge in at least twenty of its outlets in London. “We will begin the trial in February and initially it will last for three months,” the company said in a press release. It added that it will continue to offer a 25p discount to customers who bring their own reusable cups.

The company explained that when it opened its first store in the UK 20 years ago, opportunities to encourage recycling were explored. “We were first with the reusable cup incentive which we implemented in 1998 at 10p before upping it to 25p in 2008,” said the firm. “In 2016, as a way to heighten awareness and to promote reusability we extended the cup discount to 50p for a few months. We found that this did not move the needle in the way we thought it might. We now have 1.8% of our customers using reusable cups.”

Because former initiatives did not work, Starbucks agreed to begin charging for throwaway cups. The trial run will last three months. After that, the company will “share our findings with any interested parties before taking a view on next steps.”

The news is being applauded by parliament members and environmental advocates around the world. This is because in the UK alone, 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups are thrown away each year. As the committees chair, Mary Creagh MP, pointed out, that’s enough to circle the planet five and a half times.

“Almost none are recycled and half a million a day are littered. Coffee cup producers and distributors have not taken action to rectify this and government has sat on its hands,” Creagh said. “The UK’s coffee shop market is expanding rapidly, so we need to kick start a revolution in recycling.”

What are your thoughts? Please share this positive news and comment your thoughts below.

Read more: This Innovative, Eco-Friendly Cup Is Made Entirely From Coffee Waste

Image Credit: Pixabay

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London Review of Books Mocks MSM Embrace of Trump-Russia Collusion

Like any orthodoxy worth its salt, the religion of the Russian hack depends not on evidence but on ex cathedra pronouncements on the part of authoritative institutions and their overlords. Its scriptural foundation is a confused and largely fact-free ‘assessment’ produced last January by a small number of ‘hand-picked’ analysts – as James Clapper, the director of National Intelligence, described them – from the CIA, the FBI and the NSA. The claims of the last were made with only ‘moderate’ confidence. The label Intelligence Community Assessment creates a misleading impression of unanimity, given that only three of the 16 US intelligence agencies contributed to the report. And indeed the assessment itself contained this crucial admission: ‘Judgments are not intended to imply that we have proof that shows something to be a fact. Assessments are based on collected information, which is often incomplete or fragmentary, as well as logic, argumentation and precedents.’ Yet the assessment has passed into the media imagination as if it were unassailable fact, allowing journalists to assume what has yet to be proved. In doing so they serve as mouthpieces for the intelligence agencies, or at least for those ‘hand-picked’ analysts.

…the established press is legitimating pronouncements made by the Church Fathers of the national security state. Clapper is among the most vigorous of these. He perjured himself before Congress in 2013, when he denied that the NSA had ‘wittingly’ spied on Americans – a lie for which he has never been held to account. In May 2017, he told NBC’s Chuck Todd that the Russians were highly likely to have colluded with Trump’s campaign because they are ‘almost genetically driven to co-opt, penetrate, gain favour, whatever, which is a typical Russian technique’. The current orthodoxy exempts the Church Fathers from standards imposed on ordinary people, and condemns Russians – above all Putin – as uniquely, ‘almost genetically’ diabolical.

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London Zoo fire: 1 aardvark dead, 4 meerkats presumed dead

LONDON (AP) — Firefighters and zookeepers rushed to help as a blaze broke out at the London Zoo on Saturday morning, but they were unable to save an aardvark named Misha and four meerkats.

Officials said Misha died in the fire and the four missing meerkats were presumed to have perished as well.

Staff members were treated for smoke inhalation and shock after the blaze broke out near a zoo cafe in the early morning hours.

Staffers living onsite rushed to move animals as quickly as they could in the frenzied minutes after the fire started, but they were too late to aid Misha, a 9-year-old aardvark.

Zoo director Dominic Jermey said the staff was “absolutely devastated” by the aardvark’s death.

“We had our vet team on site immediately but sadly there was nothing that they could do for Misha,” he said.

Workers searched in vain for the four missing meerkats throughout the day, but said Saturday evening they were presumed to have died in the blaze, which produced intense flames at first and left a smoky pall over much of the grounds.

Vets were called in to monitor the surviving animals and zookeepers were encouraged that there were no other signs of injury.

The zoo remained closed to the public on what had been expected to be a busy day at the popular facility in Regent’s Park. It is set to reopen Sunday.

TV footage from the scene showed the Adventure Cafe and shop to be badly damaged. The fire started shortly after 6 a.m. (0600 GMT; 1 a.m. EST). It took 72 firefighters just over three hours to extinguish the fire.

London Fire Brigade station manager David George said the cause of the fire hasn’t been established.

“Over the next few hours our specialist fire investigation teams will be searching through the debris and looking and seeing if they can establish a likely cause,” he said.

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The Mueller/London Deep State Subversion Is In Trouble: House Intelligence Committee

Comey, Mueller, and Rosenstein: The Three Amigos from the Deep State

Yesterday in Washington, D.C. a team of volunteers delivered hard copy of the LaRouchePAC Special Investigative Report, “Robert Mueller Is an Amoral Legal Assassin: He Will Do His Job If You Let Him,” to all 100 Senate offices on Capitol Hill, and relevant committees.

This comes amidst a wave of Congressional interrogations and statements about the culpability of a network across the Justice Department, FBI, and British intelligence, acting over recent years to attempt to thwart the Donald Trump candidacy and Presidency in particular, and to prevent any initiative in general, for the U.S. to have productive foreign relations with Russia, China and others, and to make a profound upshift in the U.S. economy.

  1. The Entire Russia Election Meddling Story Is An FBI Cover Up

America’s Nuremberg Right Around The Corner. Click To Enlarge

Andrew McCabe.

This Deputy Director of the FBI is prominent among the subversives. Today he was called before the House Intelligence Committee, to answer for his many wrongdoings over the past year. Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) yesterday said to just fire him. “He oughta be replaced.” Grassley said it was a job for Christopher Wray, the new FBI Director. Judicial Watch Forces FBI Mueller To Admit To New Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Docs: This Piece Of Shit Is Still Cashing A U.S. Paycheck.  ~ Retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent Sues Justice Department for Records About Top FBI Official “McCabe” Ties to Top Clinton Ally

Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

This Representative (D-FL) headed the Democratic National Committee, during the time the DNC commissioned the Washington, D.C.-based Fusion GPS to dish dirt on Trump, which job was contracted to “ex”-British intelligence agent Christopher Steele. Wasserman Schultz was called to answer for this yesterday, before the House Intelligence Committee. Wasserman Head Of DNC Poses As Threat To National Security

Michael Sussman.

This attorney acted to make DNC payments to the Fusion GPS firm, to in turn pay the London-based Steele for the dirty dossier. Sussman was to appear yesterday for questioning, before the House Intelligence Committee.

Bruce Ohr.

This demoted, former Associate Deputy Attorney General conducted operations with the [deep state] British and Fusion GPS, in addition to having his wife work for the latter in 2016. His appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee has been postponed from yesterday, until later this week, because the Committee has just come into possession of new, relevant evidence. And there are more, lesser witnesses.

We are at the stage where the pattern of illegal, immoral actions is blatantly obvious. Coverage has even broken out in the European media. In Denmark, the Berlingske Tidenderan an article on the scandal this week, headlined: “Did Obama’s Bureaucrats Make Shady Plans Against Trump?”; with the kicker:

“Sensational new revelations in the U.S. seem to show that President Obama’s leading bureaucrats in the FBI and the Justice Department, made plans to prevent Trump from being elected, and that afterwards, he should be toppled by a salacious report.” BREAKING: Intel Officer Reveals Investigation Likely To Result In Obama Being Charged With Felony Indictment

For the U.S., Constitutional government itself is at stake. It is a time of breaking developments, many of which we have instigated, and can use to finally bring down the enemy operations, and make way for ending the old era of [Keynesian] economic decline and geopolitics. Hidden Keynesian Government Forcing Taxpayers To Finance Their Own Destruction

Today, statements calling on the U.S. to do just that, came from Russia and China, in response to the issuance yesterday by the White House, of its new “National Security Strategy” (which was commissioned by Congress). The 68-page document is mostly warmed-over Old Paradigm [Rothschild Pablum] formulations, presenting, as it states, ways for the United States [ah Rothschild deep state] “to succeed in 21st century geopolitical competition.”

The Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C. called on the U.S. to abandon such “outmoded thinking.” Win-win relations are the order of the day. “The Chinese side is willing to have peaceful coexistence with all countries of the world, including the [Real] United States on the basis of mutual respect.”

Today, 10,000 copies came off the presses of the LaRouchePAC policy report, “LaRouche’s Four Laws: The Physical Economic Principles for the Recovery of the United States—America’s Future on the New Silk Road.” China Launching “Petroyuan” In Two Months ~ December 2017

Larouche PAC

Rothschild ~ Ready For Nuremberg?

The Zionist Elite Have Lost The Consent Of The Governed: Meet The Lecters!

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Islamic State Threaten More Christmas Attacks in NYC, Berlin, London

Home » Breaking News, Europe, Terrorism » Islamic State Threaten More Christmas Attacks in NYC, Berlin, London


The joy of Christmas is here!! And so is the joy of the “Religion of Peace”…

Islamic State terrorists have threatened a second Berlin Christmas attack, exactly one year after the first, as security service search for suspect connected to the terror group.

The Islamic extremist group released online images and a propaganda video which also depicted London, New York, and Vienna, promising attacks “soon on your holidays… very soon,” Kronen Zeitung reports.

The image of Berlin shows an armed terrorist by the Brandenburg Gate with the words: “Berlin will burn.”

Let’s get things straight ok? If none of those Muslim sand nwords wouldn’t have been here to begin with, there wouldn’t have been any terror attacks! Its that simple!!!!

You don’t need to mathematical equations, genetic studies, rocket science, nuclear fission, this and that to figure out such a simple thing. These cavemen do not belong here. They have their own countries in the Middle East. Its not like they are poor little nomadic children with no place to call home…

Why are we allowing them? WHY do we put ourselves in the situation that we have to be at their mercy in our own f@king countries!? Are we insane?

Sorry for all the “French” but there comes a time when you get really pissed off reporting this kind of BS!


Islamic State Threaten More Christmas Attacks in NYC, Berlin, London, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


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Spontaneous Human Combustion May Have Killed a London Man in Broad Daylight

A strange death of a man in London has now been declared “unexplained” and police are asking for the public’s help. The mysterious incident happened in September when 70-year old retired construction worker John Nolan seemed to spontaneously burst into flames in broad daylight on a North London street in front of numerous witnesses. Nolan was pronounced dead by the time he reached hospital, leaving a macabre and unsolved mystery behind. Could this be a case of spontaneous human combustion?

Judging from the results of the police inquiry, it very well could be. Like in other cases of suspected spontaneous human combustion, medical examiners have found no evidence of chemical accelerant or flammable substances on Nolan’s body. London police are so far stumped, issuing a statement saying there is no suspicion of foul play or arson, adding to the mystery:

We have spoken with a number of witnesses who saw Mr Nolan ablaze, but we have yet to establish how the fire started. Mr Nolan was a well-liked member of the community and none of our enquiries so far have indicated that he had been involved in a dispute of any sort. Nor does any account given by witnesses suggest that he had been in contact with another person at the time of the fire.

Police have turned to the public for any information on Nolan’s death. So far, this incident certainly fits the bill of spontaneous human combustion, one of the weirdest medical anomalies out there. There are numerous documented reports of people appearing to catch fire from the inside out, burning incredibly quickly and sometimes leaving little remains behind. In a few strange cases, these seemingly spontaneous fires left the victims’ surroundings virtually untouched. Despite having photographic and forensic evidence of these anomalous combustion events, medical researchers have yet to reach a consensus on what may be behind these strange deaths.

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