Hezbollah and Allies Triumph in Lebanese Elections

Hezbollah and Allies Triumph in Lebanese Elections

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Lebanese parliamentary elections didn’t turn out the way Washington and Israel wanted.

The May 6 general election was the first in nine years. Results were as follows:

Hezbollah and its allies won a 67-seat majority of parliament’s 128 seats – equally divided between Muslims and Christians. 

The Hezbollah-linked broadsheet Al-Akbhar headlined “The Slap,” featuring a dour-looking Prime Minister Saad Hariri. Iran’s Tasnim news agency headlined “Lebanese election result puts an end to Hariri’s monopoly among Sunnis.”

His Future Movement alliance lost a third of its seats, yet remains the largest parliamentary Sunni bloc. He’ll likely remain prime minister, considerably weakened post-election.

For the first time, a proportionally representative system was in place, replacing the winner-take-all one, permitting more independent candidates to participate. Turnout was low at 49%.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi issued a statement, saying “Lebanon is an independent country…Iran respects (the) vote of the Lebanese people…We are ready to work with…the government elected by the majority.”

Islamophobe Israeli minister Naftali Bennett tweeted: “Hezbollah = Lebanon…Israel will not differentiate between the sovereign State of Lebanon and Hezbollah, and will view Lebanon as responsible for any action from within its territory.” 

Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah called parliamentary results a “political and moral victory” for the resistance.

In a televised address, he said the electoral “mission is accomplished,” giving Hezbollah and its allies power to veto legislation they consider unacceptable.

A unity cabinet is likely to be formed, including Hezbollah. It’s falsely designated a terrorist organization by the State Department, at the behest of Israel, its tail too often wagging the US dog on regional issues.

The right-wing Christian Lebanese Forces was the biggest winner in Sunday elections, nearly doubling its number of parliamentary seats from 8 to 15. 

Hezbollah has 13. Its allies made significant gains, including the Shiite Amal Movement and President Michel Aoun’s Christian Free Patriotic Movement.

Under Lebanon’s confessional system, the president must be a Maronite Christian, the prime minister a Sunni Muslim, and the parliament speaker a Shia Muslim.

Western favorite Hariri will likely remain prime minister, but the balance of power now favors Hezbollah and its allies.

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Lebanese actress Salma Hayek claims that the violent, inbred, and deranged Judaic Harvey Weinstein threatened to break her kneecaps

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Source Article from https://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2018/02/08/lebanese-actress-salma-hayek-claims-that-the-violent-inbred-and-deranged-judaic-harvey-weinstein-threatened-to-break-her-kneecaps/

Israel’s Mossad Behind Lebanese Car-Bombing

Israel’s Mossad Behind Lebanese Car-Bombing

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Israel’s Mossad and the CIA operate like global Mafia hit squads – on the phony pretext of combating terrorism and defending national security.

Targeted killings are US and Israeli specialties, indefensible cold-blooded murder, various methods employed.

Car-bombings a favorite tactic – how Israel assassinated former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri. 

Compelling video and audio evidence confirmed it, Syria falsely blamed, Hezbollah later wrongfully named responsible.

Mossad’s fingerprints were all over the incident. No evidence suggested Syrian or Hezbollah involvement. Israel and Washington alone benefitted from what happened.

CIA and Mossad assassins perfected the art of killing, blaming others for their high crimes. A mid-January car-bombing in Sidon, Lebanon wounded Hamas member Mohammed Hamdan.

Lebanon’s Interior Minister Nouhad Mashnuq blamed Israel for the incident, saying “one of the main perpetrators of the crimes…confessed to be (involved) with Israeli intelligence,” adding:

A search of his home found “very advanced communications mechanisms…and correspondence between him and his handlers.”

According to the al-Akhbar broadsheet, two of four assassins involved were Israeli agents, adding Israeli intelligence had been monitoring Hamdan’s movements for months.

A Lebanese official was cited, saying a bomb attached to his car was detonated from some distance away, believing he was inside.

The vehicle was totally demolished. Anyone in it would have been killed. 

Hamdan escaped death, sustaining a leg injury alone. He’s a marked man. Maybe next time he won’t be as lucky.

The bomb hidden under the driver’s seat used about 500 grams of explosives, according to the Lebanese National News Agency.

Hamas called Hamdan one of its Lebanese “cadres.” It accused Israel of assassinating its members in the Territories and elsewhere.

In November 2012, Israel assassinated Hamas’ military commander Ahmed al-Jabari, a member of its political leadership.

A missile struck his car. Shin Bet claimed responsibility, a statement at the time saying:

“During a joint operation of the General Security Service (Shin Bet) and the IDF today, Ahmed al-Jabari, the senior commander of the military wing of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, was targeted.”

His assassination came on the day the IDF launched naked aggression on Gaza – Operation Pillar of Cloud, conducted from November 14 – 21, 2012.

Jabari was a well-respected leader, responsible for building the Qassam Brigades into a 10,000-strong force.

Hours before his assassination, he arranged a truce agreement with Israel, including ways for establishing ceasefire in case of future flare-ups.

He was working to establish a permanent truce, assassinated to prevent his involvement in defending Gaza from Israeli aggression.

He wanted peace, not war, believing Israeli/Palestinian hostility benefitted neither side. He prevented Hamas attacks on Israel.

Assassinating him facilitated Israeli aggression. Peace and stability defeat its agenda. Violence and chaos serve it – likely why Hamdan was targeted.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


Source Article from https://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Article/233797-2018-01-30-israels-mossad-behind-lebanese-car-bombing.htm?EdNo=001&From=RSS

Hamas official injured as car explodes in southern Lebanon – Lebanese TV

A blast destroyed a car in the southern Lebanese city of Sidon, injuring a member of the Palestinian group Hamas, Al-Manar TV reported. Identified as Mohamed Hamdan, also known as Abu Hamza, the man has been taken to the hospital with “slight injuries.” Pictures from the scene show a BMW ripped from explosion, with fire and black smoke rising into the sky.

Source Article from https://www.rt.com/newsline/415865-car-explosion-hamas-injured-lebanon/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS

Lebanese Army And Hezbollah On “Full Combat Readiness” To Counter Israeli Aggression

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Source Article from https://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2017/11/22/lebanese-army-and-hezbollah-on-full-combat-readiness-to-counter-israeli-aggression/

Israel Campaigns To Keep Hezbollah Out Of Lebanese Government

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Source Article from https://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2017/11/09/israel-campaigns-to-keep-hezbollah-out-of-lebanese-government/

France asks Saudi Arabia to release the Lebanese Prime Minister

The French government has spoken to the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohamed Ben Salmane, to ask him set free the Lebanese Prime Minister, Saad Hariri. The latter is currently being detained in the Ritz Hotel, Riyadh with several personalities arrested during the coup at the Palace. He cannot be reached.

Mr Hariri announced from the Ritz Hotel that he was resigning from the office he was holding in Lebanon. According to the Lebanese Constitution, he remains responsible for on-going matters until his successor has been appointed. Although he directly informed President Michel Aoun by telephone that he was resigning, he did not articulate his reasons for doing so.

In a televised speech, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary General of Hezbollah, leapt to the defence of Saad Hariri, Leader of the Coalition opposed to his party. He denounced Saudi interference in the internal affairs of Lebanon.

On Monday morning, President Michel Aoun convened the Council of Defence at the Palace of Babda to gauge their reactions to the unexpected disappearance of the Prime Minister. He does not seem to consider a telephone resignation as a valid form of resignation and should only take account of it if the Prime Minister were to return to Lebanon to announce it to him in person.

Apart from the former Head of Police, Achraf Rifi, who had returned from exile to succeed Saad Hariri, the Lebanese ruling class is exercising caution. According to Rifi, President Aoun must assume his duties and must set about choosing a new Prime Minister as a matter of urgency.

As Saad Hariri is a national of both Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, he cannot benefit from diplomatic immunity in Saudi Arabia.

Source Article from http://www.voltairenet.org/article198645.html

Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri Resigns his Post from Saudi

image-Saad Rafic Hariri Lebanese Former Prime Minister
Saad Rafic Hariri Lebanese Former Prime Minister

Saad Hariri resigned and created a new vacuum in power in Lebanon, the much-needed circumstances built up to set the stage for a new Israeli or even a Saudi aggression, as he threatened against his own tiny state.

Announcing his resignation from Saudi on a Saudi TV channel after being summoned by the Saudi regime has opened the speculations to a very wide degree including whether the Lebanese official is under house arrest in Saudi and was he forced to resign? Very likely in the kingdom of terror, but we’re not sure yet.

The US and its regional stooges cannot accept the Syrian victories against ISIS and other terrorist organizations easily. The US-led camp against Syria has invested heavily in terrorist groups to unseat the Syrian government and replace it with a puppet regime similar to the instigators of the War of Terror on Syria.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar alone wasted over US$137 Billion to finance the War of Terror against the Syrian people, all would go in vain after the latest Syrian president declaration to eradicate all terror groups from Syria and vowing to restore the central government’s authority in Damascus over all of the country.

image-hamad bin jassim confesses- syria
Hamad Bin Jassim Confesses about Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Role in Creating Terror against Syria

Saad Hariri, unlike his slain father Rafic, is boyish with no real political experience, used to be called the ‘boy’ by Lebanese commentators. His only legitimacy is the sponsorship he has from his Saudi patrons to the extent some call him the son of the late King Fahd of Saudi. It’s no surprise the Saudis with their foolish acts can use him as a pawn in any of their adventures and for the least reasons needed.

Hariri, in a written statement he read on the Saudi TV channel al-Arabiya attacked Iran and Hezbollah in a Saudi style as if the whole statement was written by a Saudi minister and handed over to Hariri to just read it to give it some credibility to resign a Lebanese top political post. He also complained he was being a target of a conspiracy against his life. We cannot think of this without comparing this boy with a man like Bashar al-Assad who is targeted by each evil and satanic power on the planet with a war waged against his country by tens of thousands of suicide terrorists yet he’s found on the frontlines of all battles in his country commanding the defense and protection of his people.

He was used earlier as a pawn against Syria abusing his own father’s blood to falsely accuse the Syrian government in the assassination of one of its closest allies in Lebanon that time. It worked to a large extent to their favor in their views, but didn’t achieve much strategically, on the contrary, the accusation was diverted away from Syria.

Saad Hariri’s bloc in Lebanon has worked hard to destabilize Syria using their country as a main hub for terrorists and their weapons to be smuggled into their neighboring state until June 2013 when Hezbollah entered the Syrian conflict on the side of the Syrian state against those terrorists to the dismay of the Saudi-led bloc and to their surprise. Qussayr was liberated and Hezbollah became an essential part in the war on terror all over Syria, and in Iraq and elsewhere.

During the 2006 Israeli aggression on Lebanon, Saad Hariri bloc stood firmly against Hezbollah on the side of Israel, if we went a few years back in history.

Whatever comes from these Saudi-Sponsored policies will not be in the favor of the Lebanese people or the people of the region. After all, what do you expect from the most retard political system in the world with vast money to spend on destroying countries and killing innocent people?

We hope Lebanese patriots can maintain the situation in their country before they overspill their problem again into Syria.

Source Article from http://www.syrianews.cc/lebanon-pm-hariri-resigns-saudi/

Lebanese PM Hariri’s resignation is the Saudis’ opening shot against Hezbollah

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Source Article from https://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2017/11/04/lebanese-pm-hariris-resignation-is-the-saudis-opening-shot-against-hezbollah/

It’s Time to Mobilize a Global Response to the Terrorist Group Lebanese Hizballah, by Tom Bossert

JPEG - 32 kb

Sunday, October 8 marked the twentieth anniversary of the United States’ official designation of Hizballah as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. Hizballah, originally formed as a violent union of Iranian-backed extremists in Lebanon, has terrorized the Middle East and the world since its inception thirty-five years ago.

Hizballah remains a threat to the United States and to the security of nations across the Middle East and beyond. It is time for more nations around the world to join the United States in exposing this murderous organization for what it is, in confronting its networks and its sponsors, and in mobilizing a global response to counter the threat it poses to the civilized world.

Hizballah kidnaps soldiers and civilians, fires rockets on Israeli families and children, and plans terrorist attacks around the world. Hizballah’s 1983 and 1984 bombings of the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon, and its 1983 attacks on the U.S. and French barracks in Beirut, killed hundreds of American, Lebanese, and French citizens.

In recent years, law enforcement has thwarted attempted Hizballah terrorist attacks on nearly every continent—in countries such as Thailand, Cyprus, Kuwait, Peru, and Nigeria. In 2012, Hizballah operatives conducted a successful suicide bombing attack in Bulgaria. We also believe that Hizballah has been operating inside the United States. The FBI recently arrested two U.S. persons for allegedly operating on behalf of Hizballah’s international terrorism unit.

For decades, this terrorist organization has tried to disguise its murderous intentions under the guise of political legitimacy. Hizballah first competed in Lebanese national elections in 1992. Today, Hizballah and its political allies hold half of the seats in Lebanon’s Cabinet and nearly half of the seats in its National Assembly.

Hizballah’s political cover cannot mask its true intentions. The same Hizballah officials responsible for its political apparatus oversee its terrorist planning. Hizballah has built its political power at the expense of its victims, including former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri and dozens of other Lebanese officials. The Lebanese people can never be truly free to express their political will under the constant threat of Hizballah’s violence and coercion.

There is no difference between Hizballah’s terrorist wing and its supposed political wing. Hizballah is one organization—a global terrorist organization.

That is why the United States will continue to recognize the entire group as a Foreign Terrorist Organization, and the Trump Administration will aggressively target its terrorism infrastructure and financial support networks. None of this, of course, will affect our ongoing support for Lebanon’s legitimate state institutions.

We are encouraged that nations around the world are increasingly joining the United States in recognizing Hizballah’s true terrorist nature. In August, the United Nations Security Council reached agreement on a series of reforms to the UN Interim Force in Lebanon. These will improve its visibility into what is happening on the ground and its capacity to identify and report on Hizballah’s illegal activity. Additionally, the Gulf Cooperation Council, Arab League, Canada, and the Netherlands have each joined the United States in designating the entirety of Hizballah as a terrorist organization, and in 2013, the European Union sanctioned its “military wing.”

Still, more action is needed. The United Nations and countries across Europe, South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia—all areas where the organization continues to operate—have not yet sanctioned the entirety of Hizballah. This complacency about an organization whose purpose is to terrorize and kill around the world must end.

The Trump Administration will also continue to lead the effort to isolate Hizballah’s benefactor—Iran. The Iranian regime does not respect the sovereignty of its neighbors or the dignity of its people. Iran takes oil profits—resources that should benefit the Iranian people—and uses them to fund Hizballah and other terrorist organizations. The regime employs Hizballah as a surrogate to violate the sovereignty of nations across the greater Middle East. The United States condemns Iran’s destabilizing actions and calls on all nations to stand against this murderous dictatorship in Tehran and its junior partner Hizballah.

The international community must send an unequivocal and united message that Hizballah is not a legitimate political party. The safety and security of the American people and of people all around the world depends on our cooperation in confronting this threat.

Today, we renew our unwavering commitment to standing against Hizballah’s terrorist actions in the Middle East and around the world. We urge our partners to join our efforts to hold Hizballah accountable. Together, we can prevent this malicious terrorist organization from threatening the peace and security of the world.

Source Article from http://www.voltairenet.org/article198331.html