Twitter just silenced PJ Media’s terrorism editor in latest censorship scheme to eliminate non-liberal points of view

Image: Twitter just silenced PJ Media’s terrorism editor in latest censorship scheme to eliminate non-liberal points of view

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A veteran journalist from the popular independent media website has had her personal Twitter account removed from the social media platform indefinitely, and there doesn’t appear to be any legitimate reason for this besides Twitter’s continued assault on conservative free speech.

Bridget Johnson, who specializes in covering issues related to terrorism, was reportedly suspended from Twitter not for posting an offensive tweet or for arguing with anyone, but just because – as Twitter has offered Johnson no explanation for this sudden act of censorship. It has been over a week, in fact, since Johnson was last able to access her Twitter account, and many of her followers and supporters are demanding answers.

As explained in Twitter’s Help Center, there are only two types of suspension that the social media giant imposes on its users. One is a “temporary timeout” that results in a user’s account being reinstated rather quickly, usually within just a few hours. The second type of suspensions is more “permanent,” and is considered to be a much more serious mode of action.

By all appearances, Johnson’s Twitter account was subjected to the latter form of suspension, which is something of an anomaly as Johnson has always acted professionally and with dignity while using her Twitter account. She has furthermore not been observed engaging in abusive or otherwise unacceptable behavior, which begs the question as to why she was apparently targeted for removal.

“While many Twitter users engage in abusive behavior on the platform, Bridget does no,” writes colleague Paula Bolyard for

“Nor does she brawl with other users or engage in flame wars. She’s a veteran journalist who, prior to joining the PJM team, worked at The Hill, the Rocky Mountain News, and the Los Angeles Daily News. She is an NPR contributor and has also been published at USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, National Review Online, Politico, the New York Daily News, The Jerusalem Post, the New York Observer, The Washington Times, and RealClearWorld. Bridget is a respected terror analyst and is known for her fact-based, impartial reporting.”

The technocracy’s sinister crusade against free speech strikes again

A quick perusal of Twitter’s terms of service regarding all of the potential causes for account suspension reveals that, once again, the social media platform is in violation of its own guidelines. The only reasons given as to why Twitter might suspend an account permanently is if they appear “spammy” or fake, if they pose a security risk, or if they include “abusive tweets or behavior.”

An archived view of Johnson’s Twitter account activity shows none of the above – unless, of course, Twitter has once again decided to arbitrarily apply its own definitions of “abusive” to condemn content that its employees or shareholders (which include Saudi leaders like Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud, who was recently arrested) find objectionable or that go against their personal agendas.

This seems to be the only possibility, in this case, as to why Johnson’s account was suspended. Somebody didn’t like what she had to say, so they targeted her account for removal with no explanation as to why. And as of this writing, she personally has yet to receive a response from Twitter providing any input on the matter.

As we reported earlier in the year, Twitter, along with other social media giants like Facebook and Google, decided to implement new free speech restrictions to silence users presenting politically “incorrect” views. Following Twitter’s implementation of this policy, the company had this to say in apparent contradiction of what it’s actually doing in reality:

“We stand for freedom of expression and people being able to see all sides of any topic. That’s put in jeopardy when abuse and harassment stifle and silence those voices. We won’t tolerate it and we’re launching new efforts to stop it.”

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Russian lawmakers blast Pentagon’s latest statement on Syria as ‘lies and lack of principles’

The statement is nothing new, the same typical snobbery. Even with total resistance from the US special services, those who know how much Russia and the Syrian military forces have done, how many lives were lost, simply cannot say that Russia has done nothing,” Senator Frants Klintsevich, deputy head of the Upper House Committee for Defense and Security, told RBC in response to remarks by Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon.

Nothing is sacred to these people. Now leading news agencies around the world that are being managed by them will tell us that they are the greatest. And we will disprove this,” Klintsevich added. “I think that, in the nearest future, the Americans will face a great disappointment. They have installed so many time bombs for themselves.”

A member of the Lower House Committee for Defense, Pavel Dorokhin (Communist Party), described the Pentagon’s statement as an attempt to retake the lost initiative in the Middle East. “Of course, the merit of freeing Syria belongs to Russia. We have seen it in the news every day as the land was liberated, piece by piece,” he said.

The American state used special mechanisms to depose the Syrian government and they used other gangs for it, apart from the Islamic State. When it became clear that the plan is going to end in fiasco, they attempted to regain the initiative, but they failed,” Dorokhin told reporters.  

The comments came soon after Pentagon spokesperson Eric Pahon said in an interview with Sputnik that the Syrian government and the Russian Federation had allegedly demonstrated insufficient seriousness or commitment to defeating the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terrorist group. “They have only conducted a fraction of counter-ISIS operations, and most of the territory liberated in Iraq and Syria has been liberated through the efforts of the global coalition and its partners,” Pahon said, adding that the US-led coalition would continue to operate in Syria.

On Monday, President Vladimir Putin said that almost all of Syria’s territory has been liberated from terrorists. “The situation in this country [Syria] is gradually changing. The Syrian armed forces, supported by the Russian military, have liberated from terrorists almost the whole territory of the country, including historic Christian regions,” Putin told a major congress of Orthodox Christian bishops in Moscow.

On the same day, a representative of the Russian military group in Syria Major General Yevgeny Poplavskiy said that in the coming days, the whole territory of Syria east of the Euphrates River would be freed from terrorists.

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Ministry closes book on U.S. tour with latest chapter of industrial metal onslaught

The Jourgensen juggernaut made its way to the Aztec Theatre on Sunday night. Ministry‘s eccentric vocalist and industrial metal pioneer “Uncle” Al Jourgensen and his bandmates ended their U.S. tour approximately four months prior to the release of an album that’s already finished but waiting for the right time to drop.

The record almost never made it to the studio in the first place.

The band performed what seemed like a lightning-quick, at least in concert terms, 12 songs in less than an hour, Ministry’s nearly three decades of metal that spawned the likes of Nine Inch Nails filled the Aztec’s multiple levels. Two of those tracks were unveiled by Jourgensen as being set to appear on the March 2018 release of AmeriKKKant, a disc the singer vowed in 2013 would never be made following the 2012 death of guitarist Mike Scaccia.

But as Jourgensen discussed with AXS last year when his latest solo project Surgical Meth Machine was unleashed, the circumstances for a new record simply weren’t right or ripe at that time (listen here). And as his bandmates revealed prior to taking the stage (watch here), the new effort will be Ministry’s first since signing with Nuclear Blast Records. Then they went out and unveiled a pair of forthcoming tracks: the anti-White supremacist “Antifa,” which featured a pair of women covered in Muslim-type attire carrying black and white flags, and “Wargasm” (AXS footage segueing into the older tune “Bad Blood” here).

As if guitarists Sin Quirin and El Paso native Cesar Soto, along with Soulfly and Static-X bassist Tony Campos, keyboardist John Bechdel, new drummer Derek Abrams and a turntable player accompanying Jourgensen on stage wasn’t enough, a pair of white blow-up “likenesses” of President Donald Trump adorned with the anti-Nazi symbol made their presence felt. Video images of Trump wearing makeup, and other political stances, mixed with tunes such as opener “Punch in the Face,” “Rio Grande Blood,” “So What,” and classic mainstay “New World Order (N.W.O.).” Watch AXS’ footage of back-to-back oldies “Just One Fix” and “Thieves” below (setlist in the slideshow).

For the lone encore of Ministry’s first Alamo City visit since 2008, Jourgensen whipped out a Devo cover that wasn’t “Whip It” but rather the more underrated “Gates of Steel” — another tune that had the pits circling as much as they could within the theater’s somewhat confined general-admission area.

With albums such as Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs and The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste, Jourgensen created an industrial metal machine in the late ’80s that resonates with that movement to this day even though bands of that scene may not be as frequent as other genres. The leader of other outfits such as Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters, Revolting Cocks and Lard demonstrated he has just as much inner fire now as back in the day. It helps that his mates each have their own renowned pedigrees.

If AmeriKKKant is any indication, Jourgensen is likely to continue showing he can can can. Even if it ends up being another nine years before he returns.

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Christmas Adverts: Multicultural Propaganda (Here is Mark Collett’s latest video (Currently banned for violating YouTube rules on acknowledging the obvious))

From Mark Collett — A frank discussion on the current crop of Christmas adverts which all feature mixed race families and scenes that can only be described as multicultural propaganda. These adverts illustrate the aims and goals of the globalist corporations and the internationalists who own them – which is a world where those of European descent are slowly bred out of existence.

TESCO Christmas Advert

Debenhams Christmas Advert

eBay Christmas Advert

John Lewis Christmas Advert

Marks & Spencer Christmas Advert

Morrisons Christmas Advert

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Fears of a new deadly PLAGUE growing, as Malawi becomes latest African nation on alert

Image: Fears of a new deadly PLAGUE growing, as Malawi becomes latest African nation on alert

(Natural News)
Malawi is the latest African nation in danger of experiencing an outbreak of deadly plague, as the disease continues to spread throughout the island of Madagascar, the UK’s Daily Mail reports.

Some 143 people have died so far, and another 2,000 have been infected in Madagascar since an outbreak of the disease in early August.

Despite fears that the plague may spread there, Malawi’s health secretary says that his country is prepared to handle the disease. Porous borders between African nations are feeding the outbreak.

Dr. Dan Namarika, Malawi’s primary health official, told reporters that his country is working together with neighboring Mozambique to prepare as best as possible for a potential outbreak.

“We have infection prevention materials ready and groups and teams ready to be activated if there is a trigger,” Namarika said.

In addition to Malawi, several other African countries have also been warned that the plague could spread across their borders, including South Africa, Tanzania, Seychelles, Mauritius, Kenya, Mozambique, La Reunion, Comoros and Ethiopia.

The last time the plague came to Malawi was 2002, but western African nations suffered a major Ebola outbreak in 2014.

Global health organizations are pledging funds to help combat the outbreak, including the World Health Organization, which has agreed to provide £3.8 million (about $5 million), though the WHO says it may take six months to control the disease.

The particular strain of plague sweeping through the island off the coast of southeastern Africa can be killed with antibiotics, and the WHO says that its money will go towards medicines as well as extra medical personal, building disinfections and fuel for ambulances.

But case numbers are rising quickly, feeding into the belief among some that the outbreak could spiral out of control. Cases in Madagascar have climbed 8 percent in just one week, as scientists work tirelessly to prevent the disease from spreading to mainland Africa.

One health expert, Prof. Jimmy Whitworth, told the Daily Mail that the current plague outbreak is the “worst in 50 years or more.”

As for how the outbreak began, health officials say they are stumped. That said, some believe that it may have been caused by the bubonic plague which is common in the remote highlands of the African island. If the disease is left untreated, it could then transform into the pneumonic form of the disease, which has been found in at least two-thirds of cases documented thus far during the current outbreak.

As the Daily Mail notes:

Rats carry the Yersinia pestis bacteria that causes the plague, which is then passed onto their fleas.

Forest fires drive rats towards rural communities, which means residents are at risk of being bitten and infected. Local media reports suggest there has been an increase in the number of blazes in the woodlands.

If victims are not treated with antibiotics, the strain will spread to the lungs and there it becomes much more virulent in the pneumonic form. Once that happens, victims can die within 24 hours. Also, it is much easier to spread the disease via sneezing, coughing or spitting. (Related: Garlic kills bubonic plague and other pathogen-based disease epidemics.)

Madagascar experiences outbreaks of plague regularly. They most often begin in September, with some 600 cases reported annually.

But this year, the outbreak has seen the disease spread to the Indian Ocean island’s two largest cities, Antananarivo and Toamasina. That’s significant because health experts note that the disease can spread much wider and far more quickly in densely populated regions.

The Daily Star reports that the outbreak in Madagascar is becoming so severe, that local police are showing up to take control of bodies in order to limit the spread of the disease.

“The problem you have now among communities in Madagascar is that most families don’t want to give back the body,” said WHO aid worker Charlotte Ndiaye. “The police come to take the body. This is terrible. It is really terrible.”

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NASA to test ‘space lasers’ with latest launch

If successful, this new tech could pave the way for networks of satellite-connected devices to send data, which will be useful for military, tech, and meteorological agencies, to and from space via laser connections. The launch of the new satellites is scheduled for 7:14am ET on Sunday from Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.

The company, Orbital ATK, will send its Cygnus spacecraft, complete with NanoRacks CubeSats satellites, to the International Space Station. NASA is hoping that the mission will highlight the importance of small sensor spacecraft to the future of space exploration.

The twin satellites will propel themselves using water, while using cameras, beacons, and laser rangefinders to adjust the relative position measurements between the two satellites.

NASA believes that the satellites could lead to “significantly enhanced communication speeds between space and Earth and a better understanding of laser communication between small satellites in low-Earth orbit.”

“Capabilities in proximity operations enable multiple small spacecraft to operate cooperatively during science or exploration missions, approach another spacecraft or object for in-space observation or servicing, or connect small spacecraft together to form larger systems or networks in space,” the space agency also said.

The launch was initially scheduled to take place on Saturday but was scrubbed after an aircraft was detected in the vicinity of the launch pad. It will now take place on Sunday.

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Re: Wisconsin becomes the latest US state to pass anti-BDS law

The Wisconsin governor’s executive order comes ahead of his departure for Israel on Friday with a 15-member trade group, running until November 2.

“We stand firmly against discrimination in any form and we wholly support our friends in Israel,” said Walker, adding“I look forward to leading a trade delegation to Israel to foster new trade partnerships between Wisconsin and Israeli businesses.”

Wisconsin becomes the 24th US state to pass either an executive order or state law outlawing BDS activity targeting Israel.

The executive order states: “Consistent with existing Wisconsin nondiscrimination provisions of and regulations governing purchases… agencies may not execute a contract with a business entity if that entity is engaging in a boycott of Israel. Further, agencies shall reserve the right to terminate any contract with a business entity that engages in a boycott of Israel during the term of the contract.”

The order says “boycotts based on religion, national origin, ethnicity, or residence are discriminatory” and:

the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel serves to inflame conflict; and over 20 states have enacted laws or resolutions against the BDS campaign.

According to Walker’s statement, Israel-Wisconsin trade relations are flourishing, with “with Wisconsin exporting over $80 million annually to Israel and importing over $200 million annually from Israel.”

‘The Palestine Exception’: War on BDS is now a war on American democracy

Walker is a Republican who was a presidential candidate in 2016.

The proposed bill “would prohibit any entity in state government or local government from adopting a rule, ordinance, policy, or procedure that involves the entity in a boycott of Israel, or a boycott of a person doing business in Israel or in a territory under Israeli jurisdiction. The bill also requires that state contracts for materials, supplies, equipment, and services include a provision that the vendor is not currently participating in and will not participate in a boycott of Israel during the contract.”

The Israel Project’s CEO and President Josh Block said, “The Israel Project is grateful to Governor Walker for his leadership in fighting against BDS discrimination. For years, Israel – and only Israel – has been targeted by this deceptive attempt to delegitimise its very right to exist. BDS proponents do not seek a better life for the Palestinians, nor do they aim to create a political environment favorable to a lasting peace between Israel and its neighbors. Their true aim is the destruction of the Jewish state.”

Block added, “From the North to South, in blue and red states – and with strong bipartisan support – lawmakers in 24 states have now declared BDS a form of discrimination and sent a clear signal that their states will not tolerate or condone taxpayer dollars going to subsidise anti-Israel hate.”

The fight ahead: 13 questions about the origins, objectives and war on BDS 

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Canadian columnist is latest to say, Israel is ‘an apartheid state’


Yesterday Neil Macdonald, a columnist and longtime DC and Middle East correspondent for Canadian Broadcasting, wrote that it’s time to call a duck a duck: “Israel already is an apartheid state.”

Macdonald’s evidence is hardly obscure. It includes Netanyahu’s declaration that Israel is never leaving the West Bank, the boom in settlement construction, Israeli officials bullying the Palestinians that they will never have a state, and the cruel joke of the peace process. Most importantly, he cites the two sets of laws based on ethnicity:

The roughly three quarters of a million Jewish settlers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem have complete freedom of movement and their own set of roads, effectively forbidden to the disenfranchised Palestinian underclass. Settlers suspected of crimes are entitled to full rights in Israeli courts; Palestinians endure military tribunals, indefinite imprisonment without charge (“administrative detention”) and collective punishment.

When are liberal Zionists going to be half this honest about a stark reality?

They won’t do it because they’re the firewall on American establishment support for Israel, and they know it. Macdonald notes that you get punished for pointing out this fact in the U.S. It’s “radioactive” to say apartheid:

It’s interesting that within the Israeli discourse, the assertion seems to have become routine, while it remains radioactive in the West, where energetic pro-Israel activists scrutinize the media, the academy and the polity, ready to declare anti-Semitism or incitement at any use of the word.

He points out that Jimmy Carter was pilloried and caricatured as a “dotty old man” for daring to say apartheid ten years ago- when Wolf Blitzer and Terry Gross went after him hammer and tongs for putting the word in the title of his book on Palestine.

Palestinians have of course told us it’s apartheid for a long time now. There is a special place in hell for Americans who deny apartheid when they’ve seen the West Bank and East Jerusalem. That goes for a lot of liberal Zionists who vacillate about what they’ve seen when they deplore the occupation. But that firewall is slowly cracking.

Here’s my list of folks in the US mainstream/Jewish world who have called a duck a duck:

Prof. David Shulman in New York Review of Books:

“In the end, it is the ongoing moral failure of the country as a whole that is most consequential, most dangerous, and most unacceptable. This failure weighs heavily…on our humanity. We are, so we claim, the children of the prophets… I still find it astonishing that we, of all people, have reinvented apartheid in the West Bank.”

John Mearsheimer said it on WBEZ last month: Israel has chosen “apartheid” over the two-state solution.

Orly Noy at +972 says Hebron is a city “under apartheid.” Peace Now describes Hebron as a city with an “apartheid system.”

David Remnick quotes an Israeli journalist saying that Palestinians may soon say, “No more apartheid!” in the New Yorker.

Stephen Robert, Jewish leader, wrote in the Nation six years ago, Palestine is “apartheid on steroids.”

Charney Bromberg, liberal Zionist, said it at Columbia University seven years ago. Cross the Green Line and you might as well be in South Africa during apartheid times.

Jodi Rudoren of the New York Times told reporter John Lyons that Palestinians experience apartheid, though she never blessed the readers of the New York Times with this insight.

Caroline Morganti of Open Hillel put a list of Israeli pols who used the word “apartheid” in Haaretz more than a year ago.

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