Self-Driving Uber Car Kills Arizona Woman Crossing Street

Self-Driving Uber Car Kills Arizona Woman Crossing Street

March 19th, 2018

Update: Tempe Police Chief Says Early Probe Shows No Fault by Uber

Via: San Francisco Chronicle:

Pushing a bicycle laden with plastic shopping bags, a woman abruptly walked from a center median into a lane of traffic and was struck by a self-driving Uber operating in autonomous mode.

“The driver said it was like a flash, the person walked out in front of them,� said Sylvia Moir, police chief in Tempe, Ariz., the location for the first pedestrian fatality involving a self-driving car. “His first alert to the collision was the sound of the collision.�

Via: Reuters:

An Uber self-driving car hit and killed a woman crossing the street in Arizona, police said on Monday, marking the first fatality caused by an autonomous vehicle and a potential blow to the technology expected to transform transportation.

The ride services company said it was suspending North American tests of its self-driving vehicles, which are currently going on in Arizona, Pittsburgh and Toronto.

Elaine Herzberg, 49, was walking outside the crosswalk on a four-lane road in the Phoenix suburb of Tempe about 10 p.m. MST Sunday (0400 GMT Monday) when she was struck by the Uber vehicle, police said. The car was in autonomous mode with an operator behind the wheel.

Herzberg later died from her injuries in a hospital, police said.




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Main Characters Doubt Good of Assisted Suicide on Euthanasia Drama ‘Mary Kills People’

Nicole: Is she?

Mary: Yeah. Okay, we have to go now.

Nicole: What? We’re just gonna leave her here?

Mary: Yes.

Nicole: We can’t just leave her.

Mary: Nicole, we have to go. Now.

Des: So you’re sure you don’t want your parents here with you?

Josh: They’re with their therapist right now. Apparently this whole thing’s been very hard on them.

Des: So they don’t know that you’re doing this?

Josh: Oh, they know. They just don’t agree.

Des: It could be good for you to have people you know here with you when you take this journey.

Josh: Well, you’re here.

Des: But I don’t know you.

Josh: Already told you, Joshua Yang, 21, dying from bowel cancer, a BA in Fine Arts. I’m a virgin.

Des: Virgin? What, a good-looking lad like you? How is that possible?

Josh: Just never really happened for me. I mean, I had my chance with Kailey Christinziano, but I messed it up, because I’m a total idiot, so now the joke’s on me.

Des: No.

Josh: What? What are you doing?

Des: You’re not ready, Josh.

Josh: Wh–yes, yes, I am.

Des: I don’t want your money, at least not for now. Tell your parents. Tell Kailey Christin-whatever- her-name-is that you like her.

Josh: No, it’s too late.

Des: Josh, I know this terrible diagnosis feels like it’s the lowest of the low. I get it, but there’s still time for you to learn and grow. Just go and live a little more. Get laid, all right?

Josh: Okay, what happens if I can’t function anymore?

Des: Well, call me. I’ll happily kill you then. Besides, when you tell Kailey that you’re dying, oh, she’ll be all over you.

Josh: You think?

Des: I know.

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Science Finally Explains How Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells and It’s Pretty Amazing

Below is a video of Dr. Christina Sanchez, a molecular biologist at Compultense University in Madrid, Spain, clearly explaining how THC the main psychoactive constitute of the cannabis plant completely kills cancer cells.
Not long ago, we published an article examining a case study recently published where doctors used cannabis to treat Leukemia, you can read more about that here. To read more articles and view studies about how cannabis is an effective treatment and cure for cancer, click here.

Cannabinoids refer to any group of related compounds that include cannabinol and the active constituents of cannabis. They activate cannabinoid receptors in the body.

The body itself produces  compounds called endocannabinoids and they play a role in many processes within the body that help to create a healthy environment. I think it’s also important to note that cannabis has been shown to treat cancer without any psychoactive effects.

Cannabinoids have been proven to reduce cancer cells as they have a great impact on the rebuilding of the immune system. Although not every strain of cannabis has the same effect, more and more patients are seeing success in cancer reduction in a short period of time by using cannabis.

Contrary to popular  belief, smoking cannabis does not assist a great deal in treating disease within the body as therapeutic levels cannot be reached through smoking. Creating oil from the plant or eating the plant is the best way to go about getting the necessary ingredients, the cannabinoids.

The world has come a long way with regards to accepting this plant as a medicine rather than a harmful substance. It’s a plant that could benefit the planet in more ways than one.

Cannabis is not something offered in the same regard as chemotherapy, but more people are becoming aware if it, which is why it’s so important to continue to spread information like this. Nobody can really deny the tremendous healing power of this plant.


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Landslide triggered by heavy rain kills at least 6 people in Burundi



A landslide triggered by heavy rain left at least 6 people dead and 3 injured in Burundi.

The incident occurred early on 16 March near the Gasenyi river in the east of the capital, Bujumbura, where heavy rain caused a hillside to collapse.

Burundi police said the landslide was near National Highway 1 in the city. Police later confirmed that search teams had found 6 bodies and 3 injured. It is thought that the victims were construction workers who were working on engineering projects along the river.

Another disaster also struck in Bujumbura that morning, when a building collapsed in the Buterere neighbourhood of the city. It is not clear why the building collapsed.

The Red Cross said that “volunteers of the Burundi Red Cross, in collaboration with the ICRC and civil protection, are looking for people estimated between 30 and 50 who still remain under the rubble. As of 16:00, Burundi Red Cross volunteers had evacuated 15 wounded and one dead.”

By 17 March, Burundi police confirmed that search and rescue operations were complete and that 3 people died and 43 were injured.



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Ghouta Terrorist Mortar Kills 4 Civilians, Injures 26 in Damascus

11 March 2018  Damascus, SANA — Four civilians were martyred and 26 others were injured when Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization and affiliated groups positioned in Ghouta targeted with shells residential neighborhoods in Damascus and its surroundings.

A source at Damascus Countryside Police Command said that terrorists on Sunday fired a rocket shell on a passenger minibus in Jaramana city, martyring four civilians and injuring ten others.

The terrorist organizations fired nine shells on the surroundings of al-Assad residential suburb, causing material damage, the source added.

Meanwhile, a source at Damascus Police Command said that Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists targeted with two shells al-Qemarieh neighborhood, injuring three civilians, while a shell fell on a house in Barzeh neighborhood, injuring two women.

The source added that terrorists also fired 20 shells on the surroundings of al-Abassiyeen, Arnous Square and the neighborhoods of Bab Touma, al-Qassaa, al-Bzorieh, al-Hamedieh, al-Shaghour and Rukn Eddien, injuring five civilians and causing material damage.

A rocket shell also landed on the vicinity of al-Jahez Park, causing injuries for six civilians and causing material damage to nine cars.

English Bulletin

Note the object on the stretcher near to the patient’s head.  This is a Philly Collar, used to stabilize  the trauma patient’s cervical spine before moving the injured.  It is an essential  in all emergency health care.  It has never been seen in any photos or videos of the alQaeda White Helmets.

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Euthanasia Drama ‘Mary Kills People’ Supports Assisted Suicide for the Grief-Stricken

Mary: Betty and Victor want to die together. We’ve discussed it, and I support their decision.

Des: Mary, what are you talking about? Our service is for people who are dying.

Betty: Oh, we’re all dying. It’s just a matter of timing.

Victor: Trust me, son. I’ve tried to talk her out of it. We both have. She won’t be swayed.

Des: Well, then let me be the one to sway you, Betty, because this is mad.

Betty: Listen, I know that there’s a very popular opinion out there that choosing life is superior to choosing death. Believe me when I tell you I have no interest in any life without my husband.

Des: Mary, I’m gonna need a word. This is not what we do.

Mary: Yes, it is. We help people who want to die.

Des: No, we help the terminally ill shuffle across that rainbow bridge a bit faster. We don’t murder perfectly healthy individuals who happen to be a bit sad.

Mary: Look, when they first asked me, I had the same reaction.

Des: I would hope so!

Mary: But then she explained it to me. Her life would be meaningless without him.

Des: She just needs a hobby. Knitting or birding or something.

Mary: And I’ve been through all of that with her, of course. You know that look that they have when they’re ready, when death is their only option. She has that look. And we shouldn’t be the ones to decide that Betty’s suffering is any less real than Victor’s.

Des: But he’s dying! She’s not.

Mary: Suffering isn’t always physical.

Des: You know what? Two bodies equals suspicion equals investigation equals cops equals jail time. You know, I know you’re all for pushing boundaries, Mary, but there are some boundaries that don’t need pushing.

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Chinese vet from California snaps, kills 3 white women in his home


The hostage crisis in California has ended, after Chinese suspect Albert Wong and 3 hostages were discovered dead inside the veterans’ home in Napa County, authorities have confirmed, following an hours-long standoff.

“Shortly before 6pm this evening, law enforcement personnel made entry into the room where we felt the hostages were being held by the suspect, and unfortunately made the discovery of three deceased females and one deceased male suspect,” assistant chief Chris Childs, of the California Highway Patrol, announced at a 7:45pm news conference.

Police also searched the suspect’s vehicle for possible explosives, but nothing dangerous was found inside the car. Their investigation remains an ongoing one, Childs added, noting that there is “no threat to public safety.”

SWAT officers entered the room at Veterans Home of California in Yountville after several failed attempts to establish contact with the hostage taker. For about eight hours, officers kept the gunman isolated in one of the rooms of the facility, with hostage negotiators trying to reach him via his cellphone and facility landlines.

The 3 hostages killed, are all white women:

Authorities responded to an “active shooter” situation at 10:20am after it emerged that a gunman in body armor had taken over the veterans’ facility. The Napa County Sheriff’s deputy, who arrived at the scene within four minutes, engaged in a shootout with the suspect.

Speaking at an afternoon press conference, Childs noted that it was the County Sheriff Department officer who helped save peoples’ lives by taking on the armed intruder. We can “credit him for saving the lives of others in the area by eliminating the ability of the suspect to find further victims,” he noted.

Following the shootout, authorities called in reinforcements including an FBI team. Police evacuated the property and closed off nearby roads. An armored police vehicle, ambulances and several firetrucks were sent to the facility, home to around 1,000 veterans.

While police have yet to reveal details of what led to the death of three people, reports indicate that the incident happened during a fundraising event. The armed man reportedly interrupted a going-away party and staff meeting at the northern California veterans’ home. While the majority of people managed to flee, the gunman forced the rest of them to stay.

The names of the victims and the gunman have not been released to the public. When asked how the assailant chose his victims, Childs said it was “far too early to say if they were chosen at random.”

The suspect, reported to be a 36-year-old male, was allegedly discharged from the Pathway program, a privately run program for military veterans with emotional trauma, two weeks ago.

Authorities promised to keep the public informed about the ongoing investigation. Napa County Sheriff John Robertson said his department will “invest a lot more hours, if not days” into figuring out what led to the tragedy.



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Cop Kills Unarmed Dad With His Hands Up, On Video—Praised by Dept, Put Back on Patrol Duty


Tulsa, OK — Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby never spent a day in prison for killing 40-year-old Terence Crutcher. In fact, last year, Shelby was allowed to return to her job on the police force but the public was reassured that this trigger happy cop would not be allowed to patrol Tulsa’s streets. Fast forward to this week, and that has changed. This killer cop is now back on patrol.

Shelby stayed on at the Tulsa police department after her trial but then joined the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the Frontier, Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton told them on Monday that Shelby had become a full-time deputy “a few months ago” and has had no issues on the job.

Walton then went so far as to praise this killer cop.

“She’s doing her job and doing a good one,” Walton said. “When she came on as a reserve deputy, we talked about when she was ready maybe returning to patrol. She had some commitments she wanted to fulfill first, but she hit that point a few months ago where she was ready.”

Scott Wood, one of Shelby’s attorneys during her manslaughter trial, said that Shelby had been “invigorated” by the response she’d received while in Rogers County, according to the Frontier.

“I think she’s pretty happy right now,” Wood said.

Shelby’s trial concluded last year when she was found “not guilty” of manslaughter by a jury of her peers. The jurors also wanted to go on record as saying she is not without blame.

Shannon McMurray, Shelby’s lawyer didn’t appear convinced her client would return to the force, even expressing doubt it would be a good idea. “She’s going to self-guess herself and get herself killed or somebody else,” McMurray said, implying she may still be a danger to society. All that has now been thrown out the window.

According to the Associated Press, the Crutcher family petitioned the city to prevent such a reinstatement of her employment. However, this was obviously in vain.

Crutcher’s death was captured on video from a police helicopter which was flying overhead. Shelby’s husband, Dave Shelby, was in the chopper and watched as his wife made the decision to shoot Crutcher, who died from his injuries.

Shelby even took her case to the court of public opinion, granting an interview with 60 Minutes where she discussed the shooting in detail.

In her interview with 60 Minutes, he said Crutcher wasn’t obeying her commands and was acting “Zombie-like.” She said she began to fear when he ignored her orders. “I’m thinking he’s calculating how he can get to his vehicle to get whatever weapon it is that he’s going to get because he didn’t find it in his pocket,” she said.

She described the moment she fired. “It’s like slow motion of me bringing my gun up, my finger coming in and then letting off. And he stopped and then he just slowly fell to the ground.”

She then blamed her shooting Crutcher — on Crutcher.

In court, the AP described her defense team’s strategy:

Shelby said she fired her weapon out of fear because Crutcher ignored her commands to lie down and appeared to reach inside his SUV for what she thought was a gun. But prosecutors said she overreacted, arguing that Crutcher had his hands in the air and wasn’t combative, part of which was confirmed by police video that showed Crutcher walking away from Shelby with his hands above his head.

The father’s killing drew outrage from the community and the nation as a whole.

Tulsa’s mayor G.T. Bynum addressed reporters following the “not guilty” verdict. “We have a long way to go, as a city, when one part of our city is synonymous with an entire race. We have a long way to go, as a city, when people keep expecting lawlessness from African Americans in response to an incident or a verdict.”

Bynum says his time spent with the Crutcher family shows him they’re “really good people.” Speaking of the loss of their loved one he said, “His parents have had to bury a son. His kids will have to grow up without a dad who loves them. His sister, all of her best memories of her brother will be memories. There will be no more new ones.”

As TFTP reported at the time, an unusual action was taken on behalf of the jury. The twelve members (3 of whom were Black) issued a post-trial statement. According to the AP, they presented a “post-trial court filing [indicating] that Shelby could have used a less-lethal method to subdue Crutcher and could have saved his life. The foreman of the jury also says in a three-page memo that jurors weren’t comfortable with the idea that Shelby was ‘blameless’ in Crutcher’s death.”

McMurray acknowledged her client could have chosen a less-than-lethal method of subduing Crutcher but added her client had to make a “split-second” decision.

Just like that — cops can kill unarmed, non-violent, and arguably innocent fathers on video, and not only be acquitted — but still be cops. Hopefully, none of the citizens of Rogers County ever encounter Shelby during one of her fits of fear when she is forced to make another “split-second” decision and kill another unarmed father, mother, son, or daughter with their hands up.

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WATCH: Off Duty N.J. Cop Chases Down, Shoots & Kills His Ex Wife

March 10, 2016

FREEHOLD, NJ — A suspended police sergeant who police say shot his ex-wife to death in front of their young daughter last year accepted a plea deal on Thursday that will allow him to avoid spending the rest of his life in prison.

Philip Seidle, 51, pleaded guilty to aggravated manslaughter and child endangerment in the June 16, 2015, ambush on an Asbury Park street. In pleading guilty, Seidle admitted he fatally shot Tamara Seidle after he rammed her car off the road and opened fire on her as she sat trapped in her vehicle. Their daughter, who was 7 at the time, was in the front seat of his car during the first round of shooting.

Prosecutors will recommend a sentence of 30 years in state prison, with Seidle having to serve 85 percent of that sentence before he is eligible for parole. Sentencing is scheduled for Aug. 18 before Superior Court Judge Joseph Oxley, who accepted the plea offer.

The plea deal was presented in front of a courtroom packed with mostly detectives from the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office. Seidle’s oldest child, Kirsten Seidle, 25, sat in the back row.

After court, she gave a brief statement, saying the family wanted the plea agreement.

“To avoid further trauma to our family we have thoughtfully accepted this guilty plea,” she said.

Acting Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher Gramiccioni said his office conceded to the wishes of Kirsten Seidle, who had expressed to prosecutors that the plea deal was what was best for the children.

“She thought that is was best for her family to be able to continue on in their healing process, which obviously is going to take a great deal of time,” he said after court. “It would have been a terrible thing for us to take those children…and put them in the untenable position…of having them testify against their father about killing their mother.”

Through questioning by defense attorney Edward Bertucio, Seidle said the shooting occurred while he had planned to take their young daughter dress shopping for a father-daughter dance later that night.

While driving that morning by his former house where his ex-wife and children still lived, he saw the car of Tamara Seidle’s boyfriend in the driveway. He said he called her to ask why the car was there.

“She told me it was none of my business… and she hung up on me,” he said.

His daughter, he said, told him that morning that the boyfriend had been living at the home for two weeks.

He didn’t like that she was “committing adultery in front of my kids with this guy,” he said.

“She had condemned me to my children for three-and-a -half years for being with someone else and then I never even introduced my kids to my lady,” he said. “And now she moves this guy in and basically replaces me with him and makes him their father.”

Philip and Tamara Seidle had been separated for three and a half years. The shooting occurred three weeks after the divorce ending their 23-year marriage was finalized.

Shelley Stangler, a Springfield attorney who is representing the nine Seidle children in a $10 million lawsuit against several law enforcement agencies, declined to comment on the plea deal.

“I’m not going to comment on the criminal matter, which is between my clients and the prosecutor,” Stangler said. “Clearly the family has been extremely traumatized, they lost their mother and father in one fell swoop, so they felt it was in their best interest, after serious consideration, to accept the plea.”

Seidle, a 22-year-veteran of the Neptune Township Police Department, was indicted in November on charges of murder, child endangerment and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose. He pleaded not guilty at his arraignment in January and he had until his status conference hearing on Wednesday to decide whether to accept a plea deal.

The shooting prompted a separate investigation by the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office into how police handled the incident and whether they gave him preferential treatment by not firing at him. While officers were on scene, Seidle was able to fire off a second round of shots at his ex-wife after his daughter was rescued from his car. With his gun pointed at his own head after the shooting, Seidle kept police at bay for nearly an hour until they convinced him to drop the weapon.

The prosecutor’s office has not yet released the findings of that report.


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Off-Duty Cop Kills Baby After Smashing Into Car Going 94MPH—Mom Charged With Homicide

A mother has been grieving the loss of her baby for the last few months after an off-duty cop—recklessly driving 94 mph—smashed into her car, killing her daughter and injuring all the other occupants. Now, months after this officer took the life of her child, his fellow officers are charging HER with homicide.

Brittany Stephens, 20, was arrested on Tuesday on charges of homicide—in spite of the fact that the officer caused the deadly crash. According to police, Stephens did not have the straps at the correct level in the car seat—something parents across the country are likely ‘guilty’ of—so she is responsible for her daughter’s death.

Police said the “lack of securing the seat to the vehicle and the loose straps are a contributing factor in the death” of the child and “show gross negligence” on the mother’s part, according to the Advocate.

What’s more, Stephens was not the driver of the vehicle. However, she told police that she was the one who strapped in her daughter, so now she is the one facing charges in her death.

Stephens—whose baby’s life was ended by a reckless cop—was booked into the Baton Rouge prison on Tuesday on one count of negligent homicide and a seat belt violation.

According to the report, three other adults were in the car and were all cited as well.

As the Advocate reports, the crash occurred around 8 p.m. Oct. 12, 2017, when a Baton Rouge Police officer — driving his Corvette 94 mph while off duty — struck the Nissan carrying the four adults and four children. Officer Christopher Manuel was driving north on Airline Highway and crashed into the passenger side of the Nissan, which was turning left onto Florline Boulevard at a green light.

Manuel was likely speeding because he knew he could simply flex his blue privilege and not get ticketed if a cop were to stop him. Indeed, he was afforded at least some blue privelege after taking this baby’s life.

In spite of clearly being at fault in an accident that took an innocent baby’s life, Manuel was not charged until this month. He is facing a single count of negligent homicide and speeding. What’s more, this officer has been on paid leave the entire time as well.

Although police have charged Stephens and Manuel, East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore III said Tuesday his office has not yet determined whether Stephens or Manuel will face charges, but prosecutors “will review all reports, charges and arrests and make the appropriate decisions based upon facts and law,” according to the Advocate.

Hopefully, a mother is not further punished for losing her child.

Police car crashes are an unfortunately common reality. In fact, around the same time this officer smashed into the car and killed a baby, in a separate incident in California, a girl was killed after a collision with a Riverside sheriff’s car near Perris Boulevard and Nuevo Road.

The deputy hit the pedestrian while responding to an unrelated call, said Riverside Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Vasquez.

As TFTP reported last year, Joan Raye, 78, is lucky to be alive after a Franklin County Sheriff’s made the dangerous decision to speed over 80 mph through a neighborhood and plowed into her vehicle. In spite of the fact that the deputy hit her, however, this poor elderly woman, like Stephens, is now being charged with a crime for his negligence.




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