Illinois Sheriff’s Deputy Killed Himself During Standoff With Police

FAIRFIELD, Ill. — A former Wayne County, Illinois sheriff’s deputy killed himself during a standoff with police Thursday night.

Police were called to Lee Rankin’s home north of Fairfield on Thursday night to investigate a domestic disturbance. Rankin’s wife and children were able to flee the home as the situation escalated.

Court records show Rankin’s wife filed for divorce on Sept. 29 and he had only recently been served with court papers.

At some point during the standoff, police said they heard a gunshot from inside the home. A SWAT team robot was deployed which sent back video confirming Rankin was dead.

The events leading up to Rankin’s death go back more than a year. On May 30, 2016, Rankin was arrested on a charge of domestic battery for allegedly beating his wife. Because of the charge, Rankin was suspended by Wayne County Sheriff Mike Everett.

Out of the domestic violence charge, a new felony charge – criminal damage to state supported property — was filed.

Rankin was accused of breaking a conference room table at the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department.

In June of this year, Rankin appeared in Wayne County Circuit Court and entered a negotiated guilty plea. In return, the state reduced the charge of criminal damage to state supported property from a felony to a misdemeanor. The state dropped the domestic battery charge.

By reducing the criminal damage charge to a misdemeanor, Rankin was able to legally keep his guns.

Wayne County Coroner Jimmy Taylor said Rankin died from a single gunshot wound to the head from a shotgun.

Rankin had been a member of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department since 2003 and had also been a member of the same SWAT team that responded to the standoff Thursday night.

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Canadian Hostage Freed in Pakistan Says Captors Killed His Infant Daughter, Raped His Wife

Joshua Boyle spoke out publicly for the first time after five years in captivity in Afghanistan where he says militants murdered his infant daughter and raped his American wife.

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28 people killed by animals everyday in India; 4,192 deaths over 5 months this year


Dogs, snakes, cattle and wild animals killed 4,192 people in India between April and August this year, reveals data from the ministry of health and family welfare. This means an average of 28 people died every day across the country in five months.

While Madhya Pradesh had the most deaths (792), West Bengal and Maharastra were second and third with 576 and 439 deaths. In Maharashtra, 27 of the deaths were in urban areas. Between April 2016 and March 2017, the number of deaths owing to animal attacks across the country was 7,556, and Maharashtra accounted for 651 of these deaths. In Maharashtra, Amravati district had the maximum cases (47) followed by Mumbai and Pune, which had 26 deaths each.

In Mumbai, this year, there have been two snake bite deaths – one in July, when a 20-year-old woman died after being bitten while she was asleep and the second in October, when a six-year old boy living in Aarey Milk Colony died after being bitten while playing with friends. Also, on July 22, a two-year-old from Aarey was killed by a leopard.

“We collated data from public and private hospitals across the country. But the data does not have details of which animals were responsible for the deaths,” said an official from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

“According to our baseline studies, we estimate that 80% cases between 2015 and 2017 are owing to dog bites, 5% of snake bites, 3% of monkey attacks, remaining from wild animals such as jackals, leopards, wild boars, tigers, elephants, etc., and a small percentage of cases are of rat bites, bull, cow or other cattle attack incidents.”

Experts were suspicious about the data, saying that it was not clear whether the deaths attributed to dogs were due to rabies.

“These are very serious matters concerning human lives and there needs to be a detailed scientific analysis, especially in rural areas, because municipal or public hospitals are submitting data based on the dosage of medication. In some cases, one person is given five doses and it is accounted as five dog attacks whereas it is actually one. It is also not clear whether it is a stray or a pet dog,” said Rahul Seghal, director, Asia and Africa, Humane Society International, an international organisation that works for animal protection.

Members of the Maharashtra State Animal Welfare Board said since most deaths were owing to dog bites, the health ministry should make rabies a reportable disease. Disease that are considered a public health concern have to be reported by doctors to the public health system so that preventive measures can be taken.

“Rabies and snake bite deaths are the most preventable deaths and can be mitigated through basic anti-rabies programme. The central government needs to make rabies a notifiable disease and come out with specific data rather than accumulating individual deaths,” said NG Jayasimha, member, Maharashtra animal welfare board. “The reason why maximum cases have been reported in rural areas is because they leave the wound unattended and it slowly transforms into a disease and ultimately death.”

Jayasimha said snake bite deaths are caused by fear psychosis rather than due to venom. “There are five varieties of venomous snakes in India and therefore in a large number of cases, mostly in rural areas, villagers fall prey to these incidents during open defecation. Further, they have their own ways and means of treating these issues rather than looking for a hospital,” he said. “In most urban areas, the availability of anti-venom vials has increased in major public and private hospitals. There is need for more awareness and a detailed action plan is underway with the central government to mitigate these issues.”

According to the Humane Society International (HSI), the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2000 had come out with a report that estimated 20,000 people die in India due to rabies and the main vector is the dog. However, recent central government reports have indicated that the deaths have reduced to 3,500 annually.

“According to this data, it seems that rabies is not a concern for India anymore. However, this is not the case and rabies still exists as a prevalent threat to humans. There is need for on-ground data by scientists and the current animal bite segment is being given as a punishment posting from the health department to people that are coming up with this data,” said Seghal.

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CNN Wrongly Claims White Police Officer Killed Philando Castile

ERIN BURNETT: This as an exclusive CNN investigation finds that Russia’s attempts to meddle in the election went well beyond Facebook and Twitter, including an app that nearly 30 million Americans were using daily at the time. Drew Griffin is out front.

DREW GRIFFIN: It was a strange email that came directly to the desk of Baltimore City Paper editor Brandon Weigel. Don’t Shoot Us — a group claiming to be made up of black activists — was promoting a protest outside the upcoming court hearing of a Baltimore police officer involved in the death of Freddie Gray. They wanted Weigel to cover it, but he was immediately suspicious.

BRANDON WEIGEL, BALTIMORE CITY PAPER: It wasn’t a group that I had ever heard of either locally or nationally.

GRIFFIN: CNN has now learned Don’t Shoot Us wasn’t local, nor national — it was Russian. And the black activism Don’t Shoot Us was promoting in Baltimore was part of a much bigger strategy Georgetown Professor Mark Jacobsen says that was aimed at attacking the U.S. democratic system.

MARK JACOBSEN, GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY: What the Russians are doing by fomenting distrust for the American government and by also trying to organize rallies is what you do when you want to destroy a country from within. These are warlike acts. These are acts designed to destroy the United States.

GRIFFIN: A CNN investigation shows Russia’s propaganda attack on the U.S. went beyond using fake accounts and ads using Facebook and Twitter. CNN tracked multiple accounts from Don’t Shoot Us across the internet — a website that boasted 300,000 followers, a YouTube channel with videos of police brutality, a tumbler account. Most surprising, a post announcing a contest on Pokemon Go when it was at its most popular directing gamers to visit locations where alleged police brutality took place. All part of a Kremlin-connected campaign of misinformation that actively sought to influence opinion and meddle inside the U.S.

The email that arrived on Brandon Weigel’s City Paper computer said: “This is ‘Don’t Shoot.'” “We raise awareness of police violence against people of color.” “The idea is to protest in front of the Baltimore City Courthouse” and “demand justice for Freddie Gray.”

WEIGEL: It makes sense that it would be a hot-button issue, but I didn’t think it was something that the Russians would have exploited.

GRIFFIN: The Russians not only exploited divisive racial issues in the U.S, CNN has learned Don’t Shoot Us was operating almost a rapid response to those shootings.

In Minnesota last July, the day after Philando Castile was killed by a white police officer, Don’t Shoot Us was using social media to organize its own protest. The effort failed because local community members determined something was wrong. Turns out they were right, and their suspicions had Russian links.

Erin, the evidence to the extent the Russians went to divide the American electorate just keeps on growing. Blacktivist is another Russian-operated site that was used to try to sow discord between the police and blacks in this country. It went so far even to sell its own Blacktivist T-shirts. As far as we know, the people who engage with these sites had no idea until now these sites were back and actually created by Russians, Erin.

BURNETT: All right, thank you very much, Drew.

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Re: African Union mission killed 42 children in Somalia last year, claims UN report

A United Nations report has claimed that the African Union’s Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) was responsible for killing 42 children last year. “Child casualties attributed to AMISOM primarily occurred in operations against Al-Shabaab or in indiscriminate fire responding to attacks,” said the report released on Friday.

The Kenyan Defence Forces, which regularly engage with the extremists of Al-Shabaab, are responsible for killing 11 children, it claimed. The UN document added that the US is also responsible for killing at least one child in 2016 in the conflict in the Horn of Africa.

In the most recent US counterterrorism raid operating alongside Somali forces, scores of civilians were attacked in the search for Al-Shabaab fighters in southern Somalia. Ten civilians, including women and children, were killed in the village of Bariire, in the lower Shabelle region. US forces have killed 510 people in Somalia since 2007 using targeted drone strikes.

AMISOM’s mission in Somalia is meant to be restricted to peacekeeping, and it is approved by the UN. It is dealing with the threat posed by Al-Shabaab, a group associated with Al-Qaeda.

Read More: Why did the US target Somali civilians under banana trees?

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Since 2016, Cops have Killed 3 Times as Many Citizens Than 4 Decades of Mass Shootings COMBINED


As Hillary Clinton calls for repealing the second amendment, this behind the scenes deep state puppet master epitomizes what those in favor of gun control really want — only the government can have guns.

Every time a lunatic, who is usually on some form mind-altering pharmaceutical, goes on a shooting rampage, the do-gooders in Washington, with the aid of their citizen flocks, take to the TV and the internet to call for disarming the American people.

The citizens who call for themselves and their neighbors to be disarmed, likely think no deeper than the shallow speeches given by the political blowhards, designed to appeal to emotion only. They do not think of what happens during and after the government attempts to remove guns from society. They also completely ignore the fact that criminals do not obey laws and making guns illegal would have zero effect on criminals possessing guns.

In the perfect statist world in which only the government has guns, we’re told that crime rates would plummet, people wouldn’t be murdered, gun violence would be brought to its knees, and a disarmed heaven on Earth would ensue. But how effective would disarming the citizens actually be at preventing gun violence, while at the same time keeping guns in the hands of government?

One simple way to determine the outcome would be to compare mass shootings in America with those killed by police. It is entirely too easy to compare all senseless murders carried out by the state to those carried out by citizens, so we will zoom in with a microscope.

However, just as a point of reference, in the 20th Century alone, governments were responsible for 260,000,000 deaths worldwide. That number is greater than all deaths from illicit drug use, STD’s, Homicides, and Traffic Accidents — combined.

Now, on to the micro-comparison.

According to a comprehensive database of all American mass shootings that have taken place since 1982, constructed by Mother Jones, there have been exactly 700 deaths attributed to mass shootings that have taken place on American soil.

As Mother Jones notes, in their database, they exclude shootings stemming from more conventional crimes such as armed robbery or gang violence. Other news outlets and researchers have published larger tallies that include a wide range of gun crimes in which four or more people have been either wounded or killed. While those larger datasets of multiple-victim shootings may be useful for studying the broader problem of gun violence, our investigation provides an in-depth look at the distinct phenomenon of mass shootings—from the firearms used to mental health factors and the growing copycat problem.

If we were to compare the 700 citizens killed in mass shootings to citizens killed by police in the same time frame, the comparison would be off the charts. So, for the sake of simplicity, we will compare all of the mass shooting deaths in the last 35 years, to the number of citizens killed by police this year.

The total number of people killed by police in America this year, as of Oct 7, 2017, is 926. This number is set to increase by one, on average, every 8 hours. 

We are comparing a time period of 35 years, to 10 months and the ratio is 1.3 to 1, citizens killed by cops vs. citizens killed in mass shootings. That is a massive difference.

The comparison is staggering and should shock the conscience. But for the sake of sensationalism, let’s compare all of citizens killed by cops since the beginning of 2016 to the number of mass shooting deaths.

Last year, American cops killed 1,163 citizens. When we add that to the 911 citizens killed this year, we get 2,074 citizens whose lives were brought to a halt by those sworn to protect in just the last 21 months.

In 2016 alone, cops killed almost double the amount of people killed in all US mass shootings in the last 30 years. But if we expand it to this year, it is nearly triple.

As the blowhards spew their nonsense about grabbing guns from law-abiding citizens and those in government demand action, all of these people conveniently ignore the giant pink elephant in the living room — cops in America are killing citizens at an alarming rate!

In the United States, the overall homicide rate is 4.9 per 100,000 among the citizens.

As Edward Stringham reported in 2015, although official statistics have historically been scant, we now know that police killed 1,100 Americans in 2014 and 476 Americans in the first five months of 2015. Given that America has roughly 765,000 sworn police officers, that means the police-against-citizen kill rate is more than 145 per 100,000.

The police kill rate is nearly 30 times that of the average citizen, yet somehow people still call for disarming citizens and say nothing about the police. And no, the citizens are not becoming more violent. In fact, humanity is at its safest time in history—ever—and violent crime continues to drop, significantly.

The next time your friends try to tell you that citizens should be disarmed, tell them what that really means; they only want cops, who kill indiscriminately, with zero accountability, and far more often, to be the ones with guns.

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Six killed, three injured by lightning bolt in Karnataka, India


Six persons were killed on the spot when they were struck by thunder bolt and lightning at Nandinathapura village of Periyapatana taluk in Mysuru district on Wednesday.

The incident took place around noon and the victims were tending to cattle when there was a sudden downpour. They rushed to a temple to take cover from the rains.

“But a thunder bolt and lightning stuck the place, killing six of them instantaneously, while three others were injured,” said the local police.

The deceased were identified as Sujay, Puttannaiah, Sudeep, Suvernamma, Umesh and Thimmegowda. The injured were identified as Nagesh, Mahesh and Vishwa. The injured have been shifted to K.R. Hospital in Mysuru for treatment, but their condition is critical, according to Periyapatana police which have registered a case and are investigating.

Periyapatana and surrounding areas are receiving heavy rains since morning and it is being accompanied by thunder and lightning, said the police.

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BREAKING: Police ID Shooter in Las Vegas Attack That Killed 50, Injured Over 200

The gunman in the Las Vegas attack has been named as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock from Mesquite, Nevada, Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo told Reuters.

Police are looking for a woman believed to have accompanied the suspect prior to the Las Vegas shooting.

Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said officers confronted the suspect, believed to be a local resident, on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, just across the street from the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival.

Several officers from the Bakersfield Police Department were attending the music concert when the assailant opened fire. One was shot and taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

University Medical Center spokeswoman Danita Cohen told the Los Angeles Times that the hospital is still evaluating the condition of “many patients” with gunshot injuries.

There were reportedly so many gunshot victims that local residents took injured people to the emergency room in their cars.

Lombardo said this appears to be a ‘lone wolf’ attack, with the suspect believed not to be connected to any militant organization.

The shooter appeared to be using an automatic weapon, according to witness reports.

“There was blood everywhere,” one witness said.

“People were hit within 20 feet of us,” witness Rick Messick, who said he was in the front row of the concert, told CBS2.

“There were several people laying in the parking lot … they were trying to stop the bleeding,” he added.

Jose Baggett, 31, a Las Vegas resident, said he and a friend were in the lobby of the Luxor hotel-casino, north of the festival venue, when people started crying and running in all directions.

As Baggett and his friend walked away, they saw police checkpoints with officers carrying shotguns and assault rifles.

“There were armored personnel vehicles, SWAT vehicles, ambulances, and at least a half-mile of police cars,’‘ Baggett told AP.

Footage emerged on social media apparently showing people fleeing the concert venue.

The video was filmed by Twitter user Eiki Hrafnsson‏, who says that he is currently at the Mandalay Bay hotel which is on lockdown. Some commenters wrote that their relatives are also trapped in the hotel, while others said that they were running from “the active shooters,” implying that there may be more than one.

Another video has been captured, apparently during a music concert at Mandalay Bay with multiple gunshots audible in the background.

Las Vegas Boulevard is currently shut down at Tropicana and 15 freeway is closed to traffic from Tropicana to Russell Road, according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

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