FBI Responds to Kidnapping by Killing the Innocent Hostage—Criminals Just Fine


Houston – A community is shocked and searching for answers after an innocent father was tied up and taken hostage by men who claimed they were with “the cartel,” and then shot and killed by the same FBI agents who were supposed to rescue him.

Ulises Villadares was at home with his 12-year-old son when two men forced their way into the house with guns and took both Villadares and his son hostage. According to a report from Click2Houston, the men started by tying up the home’s residents and then searching for Villadares’ brother, who they claimed owed them $8,000.

The men then took Villadares from the home, leaving his son alone. They left the young boy tied up and told him that if he called the police, they would kill his father. The report noted that the boy was eventually able to free himself, and he reached out to a neighbor who let him call his uncle.

The uncle then received a call from an unknown number, with a man on the line claiming that he was with “El Cartel Del Golfo,” and that Villadares was being held for a ransom of $20,000. While the men who kidnapped him repeatedly said that they would kill him if anyone contacted police, it was not the gang members who murdered Villadares.

The Conroe Police Department was called, and they reached out to the FBI for assistance with the hostage situation. FBI agents tracked the anonymous call Villadares’ brother received to a nearby Best Western hotel.

Jimmy Tony Sanchez, 38, and Nicholas Chase Cunningham, 42, were arrested at the hotel, according to the report, and they now face charges of aggravated kidnapping and aggravated robbery. Cunningham told the officers that Villadares was being held at his girlfriend’s house.

However, the details of what happened when officers arrived at the house, and why they opened fire on Villadares when he was tied up, are still not clear. Click2Houston reported:

“Investigators and the FBI went to the house where FBI agents made entry into the home where Villadares was being held. Court records indicate that authorities found Villadares’ with his hands bound with tape. According to sources, FBI agents accidentally shot Villadares. He was taken to LBJ Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.”

Neighbors told Click2Houston that they heard multiple gunshots around 3 a.m. on Thursday. “We just heard gunshots. It was like four, pop, pop, pops,” one neighbor said.

Conroe Police Chief Philip Dupuis told KHOU News that Villadares’ son is in CPS custody and had not yet been told about this dad’s murder.

“The system failed, whether it was accidental or not, the man is not going home to his family,” Dupuis said.

The two men who kidnapped Villadares and the girlfriend who allowed him to stay as a hostage in her home could face capital murder charges—even though they did not shoot the man, according to Dupuis.

During a press conference, Houston FBI Public Affairs Officer Christina Garza admitted that there were several people in the home, including two children, when the FBI agents entered, and opened fire on Villadares.

The names of the FBI agent who is responsible for shooting and killing Ulises Villadares has not yet been released, and it is not clear if he will face any charges.

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Two NYPD Cops Charged for Kidnapping Teen, Cuffing Her, Then Raping Her in Their Van


New York, NY — The two New York Police Department detectives who were accused of raping a handcuffed teenage girl in the back of their van have reportedly been indicted on first-degree rape charges.

According to a report from the New York Post, officers Eddie Martins and Richard Hall are facing a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 25 years in prison if they are convicted, and they are expected “to turn themselves in early next week for arraignment in Brooklyn Supreme Court.”

Martins and Hall were working as narcotics officers in south Brooklyn on Sept. 15 when they arrested an 18-year-old girl on the allegation that she was illegally possessing cannabis and an anti-anxiety drug. They drove her to a Coney Island Chipotle parking lot, “where Martins raped her and both of the officers forced her to perform oral sex, she has alleged through her lawyer,” according to the report.

Not only did the officers not deny that they had sex with the girl while she was handcuffed and in their custody, they had the audacity to claim that it was consensual. In response, the victim’s lawyer, Michael David, told the Post, “She just wants everybody to know it’s an absolute lie. She was viciously, brutally raped in handcuffs.’’

Both detectives were dressed in plainclothes when they pulled over a car the girl was riding in with two male friends. One of the friends told The Post that the officers proceeded to search the car, where they found his Prozac pills and Klonopin pills inside the young woman’s purse.”

“They said she’s not allowed to have them outside the bottle, they’re a controlled substance, and she has to go to the precinct,” the friend said. “I saw them put her in cuffs. She was like, ‘Are you serious?’ ”

While the fact that the detectives searched the car in the first place should be called into question, the report claimed that “under New York state law, someone can be charged with a felony they did not physically commit if they acted in concert with a co-defendant who did so.” Because the pills were found in the girl’s purse, she was the one who was targeted—but the fact that neither of her friends were targeted by the officers raises questions about whether they sought out a reason to justify arresting her, in order to rape her.

According to a report from the New York Daily News, after news of the horrific rape allegation surfaced, Martins and Hall were “demoted from detective to police officer” and placed “on desk duty and stripped of their guns and shields.” They were finally suspended after the indictment was announced on Friday.

NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill condemned the officers’ actions on Tuesday, saying, If this case turns out that it actually happened, again, it goes to the trust we’ve been trying to build over the last three years. I’d be extremely disappointed.”

“Not all 36,000 cops deserve to wear their shield around their neck,” O’Neill said. “If these two detectives did something wrong, then they’ll pay the price.”

While it appears that it was not until the story of the gruesome rape allegations began generating media attention that the accused rapists were finally demoted and then later suspended, there is a chance that they will face some form of justice for brutally raping, and forever changing the life of, an innocent teenage girl.

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British glamor model describes her kidnapping by ‘sex slavery gang’ in Italy

Police in Milan say Chloe Ayling, 20, was abducted on July 11 after arriving in Milan for what she thought was a photoshoot arranged through her agent.

Upon reaching the studio, however, the mother-of-one claims she was assaulted and drugged with the horse tranquilizer ketamine, dumped in a car trunk, and driven to a remote farm where she was kept prisoner for six days by a man who said he was part of a gang called Black Death.

Ayling told Italian police she was kept handcuffed to a wooden dresser in a bedroom until she was released on July 17 and taken to the British Consulate by Lukasz Pawel Herba, a British resident born in Poland.

He has been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping her and threatening to auction her as a sex slave on the dark web unless a ransom of £270,000 ($300,000) was paid.

Ayling, who is now back at her home in Coulsdon, south London, told Rai News outside her home: “I’ve been through a terrifying experience. I feared for my life second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour.

“I’m incredibly grateful for the Italian and UK authorities for all they have done to secure my safe release. I have just arrived home after four weeks of being in Italy and I haven’t had the time to gather my thoughts.

“I’m not at liberty to say anything further until I have been debriefed by the UK police.”

Earlier, Ayling told Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera that her abductor said she would be sold outside of Europe.

“He [one of the alleged kidnappers] told me… that he alone had earned more than €15 million (£13.5 million) in the last five years and explained to me that all the girls are destined for the Arab countries.”

She said she was told that at least “three [women] a week are sold, and when the person gets bored of her he gives her to other people.

“When they’re no longer interested they feed her to the tigers.”

Black Death, the organized crime group suspected of her kidnap, claimed they released her after finding out she has a two-year-old child, Italian police say.

Investigators said they found a letter after searching a computer belonging to the gang, which read: “You are being released as a huge generosity from Black Death Group. Your release does, however, come with a warning and you should read this letter very carefully.

“You are certainly aware of your value on [the] human slavery market and must make a note that this isn’t personal, this is business. For your release, we have taken a number of factors into consideration.

“A mistake was made by capturing you, especially considering you are a young mother that should have in no circumstances been lured into kidnapping.”

The group warned her not to talk about them with “bad language” and said it “will not tolerate lying about anything that has happened.”

A spokesperson for West Midlands Police said an address in Sampson Close, Oldbury was raided on July 18 in connection with the inquiry.

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I Stopped A Kidnapping: Why Home Depot Had To Fire Me

He quickly spotted the abductor, whom he described as “obviously drunk, with a kid in his arms, saying something I couldn’t make out because his words were so slurred.” Dillon’s co-worker called the police. “They told us don’t touch him, don’t engage him, but keep an eye on him so we know where he is when [the police] show up.” And so Dillon followed the strange man, at one point just “five to ten feet away” (so he could get visual confirmation that the kid was uninjured). He kept the man in sight and kept the police informed, until a block and a half later they showed up on scene and rescued the kid.

Here’s where we note that this wasn’t technically a kidnapping in the usual sense: “The drunk man ended up actually being the child’s father, and after they separated and calmed everyone down … the woman never ended up actually pressing charges.” But from Dillon’s perspective, it sure as shit looked like a bad situation. And it sounds like he responded appropriately. He didn’t, like, try to dropkick the baby free of the captor or anything. He just followed the guy and kept the police informed.

So Home Depot, like many businesses, has a perfectly sensible policy: Employees aren’t supposed to step off the premises while on duty. It’s a safety thing. And Dillon had been trained not to chase after shoplifters or anything, “which is totally understandable. My well-being in life is more important than a product in a store.” Dillon’s training specified that in the event of a crime, he call the cops but stay on premises.

Most people would agree that a child actively being abducted by a stranger who seemed more liquor than man is a good reason to break protocol. In 76 percent of missing child homicide cases, the kid is killed within three hours of the abduction. So yeah, an abducted child probably necessitates a somewhat different response than, say, a lawnmower-jacking. But holy nuts, try telling that to Home Depot. Once he got back, Dillon says the manager on duty chastised him. Two weeks later, he met with an HR representative, and two weeks after that, he was fired.

They set things up to get Dillon his final paycheck, had him sign a piece of paper that said he understood his ass was Home-Depot-brand grass, and then it was all over. Dillon was an unemployed vigilante hero, sorta like Batman during that chunk of The Dark Knight Rises when he lives in a hole.

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Illinois man charged with Chinese scholar kidnapping pleads not guilty

By Bob Chiarito

URBANA, Ill. (Reuters) – An Illinois man charged with kidnapping a female Chinese scholar who has been missing for more than a month pleaded not guilty during an appearance in a U.S. court on Thursday.

Brendt Christensen, 28, is accused of abducting Yingying Zhang, a 26-year-old visiting scholar at the University of Illinois from southeastern China, who disappeared on June 9.

Zhang, who had been studying photosynthesis and crop productivity, was last seen when a security camera recorded her getting into a black car that authorities linked to Christensen, according to court records.

Police believe Zhang is dead, although no body has been found.

For many of the 300,000 Chinese students at U.S. colleges, as well as their parents back home, the presumed kidnapping of one of their countrywomen has confirmed their worst fears about coming to America to study.

Appearing before U.S. Magistrate Judge Eric Long in a gray, striped jumpsuit, Christensen said he understood the charges and the possibility that he could receive a life sentence if convicted. He also told Long he was taking antidepressants.

The judge set a trial date of Sept. 12. Kidnapping is a federal crime.

Christensen’s attorney, Anthony Bruno, told reporters that he expects the trial may last a year. “This will become a very long case,” he said.

Christensen, who is married and received a master’s degree in physics from the University of Illinois in May, told investigators he had picked up an Asian female and dropped her off a few blocks later.

He was placed under surveillance by federal agents who heard him talking about how he kidnapped Zhang, according to court documents. A search of his cellphone found he had visited a website that included threads on “abduction fantasy” and “planning a kidnapping,” court records showed.

The university’s police department has said its search for Zhang is a top priority, and last week authorities increased the reward for details on her whereabouts to as much as $50,000.

Zhidong Wang, an attorney for Zhang’s family, said they believe Christensen is guilty and do not fully understand the U.S. judicial process.

“They feel like, ‘How dare he plead not guilty,'” Wang said. “I told them the process and that they have to be patient.”

(Additional reporting and writing by Julia Jacobs in Chicago; Editing by Daniel Wallis and Jonathan Oatis)

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Parents Shocked as School Cop Arrested for Kidnapping and Raping Student


Durham, NC — Bond has been set at 2.5 million dollars for a Durham North Carolina school resource officer accused of kidnapping a child and having sexual relations with her. Deputy Christopher Kelly, 40, was charged with, Statutory Sex Offense with a Child, First Degree Sexual Exploitation of a Minor, Second Degree Sexual Exploitation of a Minor, Indecent Liberties with a Child, Sex Acts with a Student, and Second Degree Kidnapping. He is currently being held for “safe keeping” in prison.

Kelly, who was fired at the end of April as a result of the charges, was the school resource officer at Northern High School in Durham. “I think like anyone else he’s nervous, he’s scared and he’s wanting to have his day in court,” said Daniel Meier attorney for the former officer who was allegedly supposed to have been protecting the students from someone like himself.

The teenage victim’s father said Kelly approached him, and much like an Uncle/niece type of relationship wanted to mentor his daughter. “It seemed appropriate at the time,” the father said discussing the relationship with reporters from Eyewitness News 11.

As The Free Thought Project has reported on numerous occasions, pedophiles will try to befriend the family of their targeted victim in an attempt to gain their trust, only to abuse their children later. According to court documents, the sexual relationship started in July of 2016 and lasted until April of 2017.

Kelly, who’s married and has three children of his own, had been with the Durham Sheriff’s Office for four years, and was considered reliable enough, apparently, to work with high schoolers at both Hillside and Northern. But placing Kelly into the schools has now turned into a scandalous mistake if these allegations against him hold up in court.

“I really have nothing to say to him (Kelly),” said the father as he seemingly choked back the tears and anguish.

Kelly will return to court on July 19th for his next appearance. However, if the charges against him are true and he’s found guilty, the damage to the 15-year-old’s life has already been done. She now has to live the rest of her life knowing someone, a police officer no less, robbed her of her innocence.

According to the Durham Herald-Sun;

Detectives discovered explicit photos on Kelly’s cellphone of a video “chat session” with a minor in which the girl is completely naked. An arrest warrant states Kelly did “induce and encourage a minor” to engage in sexual activity and take part in video chat sessions “in which the juvenile would perform sexual acts and/or the defendant would take part in sexual acts.”

Sheriff Mike Andrews released the following statement which reads in part;

When one of our own is accused of abusing the trust we work hard to earn, it is both disheartening and devastating to all involved. Our thoughts are with the family at the center of this ongoing investigation. The Sheriff’s Office will continue to work with the Durham County District Attorney’s Office, and we will respect the judicial system in the next phase of this process.

Kelly’s sick relationship with the victim goes back to the 2014-15 school year when he was a school resource officer at Carrington Middle School. It seems his infatuation with the victim led him to follow her to Northern High School where he served as an off-duty school resource officer even though he was permanently assigned to Hillside High.

Because this police officer served in three different schools, we are asking parents of children at those three schools to speak with their children about Kelly. If there are other victims out there, now’s the time to come forward. If your daughter or son was a student at Carrington Middle, Hillside High, or Northern High School, take a few moments and have that hard talk with your child about pedophiles. As statistics show it is likely that there is more than one victim.

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Ex-Cop Facing Rape, Kidnapping Charges Takes Plea Deal


A former police officer facing charges of rape and kidnapping pleaded no contest to a lesser count, a prosecutor said.

Former Covert Township police officer Erich Fritz pleaded no contest to a single count of unlawful imprisonment on Friday, June 9, Van Buren County Prosecutor Michael Bedford reports.

In exchange, prosecutors agreed to dismiss charges of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and kidnapping that Fritz was facing, Bedford said.

The charge Fritz pleaded to carries a 15-year maximum penalty, Bedford said.

Police have said Fritz pulled over a man July 9, 2016, in Covert Township and arrested him for drunken driving, then took the passenger in the car, a woman who also was drunk, to his hotel room and sexually assaulted her.

Erich Fritz is accused of two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and one count of kidnapping. All three charges carry up to life in prison.

The woman testified in Fritz’s preliminary exam in September that much of which she recalled from that night was “blurry,” but that at one point she woke up and “he was on top of me.”

The woman testified that Fritz took her to three different hotels that night to find her a room.

Fritz had not yet transported the driver he had arrested to jail when they went to the third hotel, Det. Sgt. Shane Criger of the Michigan State Police testified at a probable cause hearing in July. He took the man to jail after dropping the woman off at his hotel room, Criger testified.

The woman testified she was “dumbfounded” when she awoke to him having sex with her. She said she doesn’t think she had any conversations with Fritz about wanting to have sex with him and doesn’t think she consented to it.

The woman said she went to a hospital the next day and had a sexual assault kit done at the urging of her ex-boyfriend, who she contacted to pick her up the next day.

For the full story visit : http://www.mlive.com/news/kalamazoo/index.ssf/2017/06/ex-cop_facing_rape_charge_take.html

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