An actor with a soul: Kevin Sorbo says "Abortion is the definition of EVIL"

Image: An actor with a soul: Kevin Sorbo says “Abortion is the definition of EVIL”

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Let’s face it – Hollywood is quickly becoming a cesspool of left-wing goons and social justice activists that are more concerned about destroying their political opponents than they are about making quality movies. That’s why it’s so significant when a Hollywood actor or actress comes forward to either denounce liberalism or voice their support for conservatism – it rarely ever happens.

Incidentally, this is exactly what happened earlier this month when actor Kevin Sorbo and his wife Sam denounced the practice of abortion as “evil” in an editorial published by CNS News. “Secular humanists have made the word abortion sound like a woman’s right, synonymous with health care, female empowerment, standing for women’s issues, a choice, a solution; anything but the truth,” Kevin Sorbo and his wife wrote. “The truth is, however, abortion is the termination of life. It is just a euphemism for murder because the only reason to get an abortion it to avoid the potential of birth – a human birth.”

Kevin Sorbo and his wife go on to say that our society tends to dress up the cruel practice of abortion with bumper sticker phrases like “my body, my choice,” and point out that while something like disturbing a sea turtle nest can result in tremendous fines and years in prison, our country has an entire industry devoted to the termination of innocent life. (Related: Abortion is a big business, bringing in nearly $1 billion per year by murdering human babies.)

The CNS News piece goes on to argue that “this is the new civil rights cause for our country,” and ultimately concludes that the existence of a law that allows citizens to “kill her progeny” is the “definition of evil, pure and simple.”

It’s commendable that Kevin Sorbo would be so outspoken about the cruelty and evilness associated with terminating an innocent unborn child, especially considering the fact that the vast majority of the people he works with in Hollywood feel differently. As a matter of fact, Kevin Sorbo probably gained a lot of new enemies after writing this editorial for CNS News, because Hollywood liberals and leftists in general don’t take too kindly to people who think differently than they do. For writing this piece, Kevin Sorbo will probably be called every name in the book, from sexist, to misogynist, to bigoted, and so on and so forth. That being said, Kevin Sorbo should be praised for his courage and his boldness when speaking about what many consider to be a controversial issue.

Furthermore, Kevin Sorbo and his wife are absolutely correct – a nation that has laws that allow for the termination of an innocent life for convenience is the definition of evil. Many abortion advocates, feminists and supporters of Planned Parenthood claim that a woman has a right to terminate her pregnancy because it’s “her body” and no one else should be able to tell her what to do with it. What they constantly fail to consider, though, is that a fetus growing in the womb is not the woman’s body; it is a separate form of life. Therefore, it deserves to be protected, not treated like some kind of a tumor that is to be removed and thrown in the trash. (Related: Read about the economics of the abortion industry.)

With any luck, the people of our society will one day look back on the issue of abortion, shake their heads, and wonder how on earth the United States ever had laws put in place that allows women to destroy their unborn child. For now, though, all we can do as conservatives is continue speaking out and spreading the truth about this horrific practice.

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5 best Kevin Hart jokes

Kevin Hart is a stand-up comedian and actor with a natural finesse for observational comedy on the live stage and movie screen. As an actor, he is best known for his comedic roles in “Ride Along,” “Soul Plane,” and “The Secret Life of Pets.” He commands audiences through describing family members who irritated him while growing up, his challenges in dating and adventures being a parent. Here are 5 of the best jokes by Ken Hart to enjoy.

1.You ever get a bill so high that you put it under a light like it’s going to change.
On a live show, Hart went into describing what it’s like receiving a bill that is more than what you thought it would be. He drives the joke further acting out the idea of holding the bill up to a light. The result is that he paid it reluctantly.

2.Have you ever started explaining your financial situation when friends want you to pay their bill? 
Hart talks about finances and the importance of staying in his financial lane. He states that sometimes when a person is in a stressful situation, they give out their financial information to get out of paying. He then admits that he is referring to himself.

3.At my daughter’s birthday party, I got mad at SpongeBob because he took off his helmet and started smoking cigarettes in front of the kids. Nobody told me SpongeBob was fresh out of jail. I’m going like what?
Hart talked about doing a cheap birthday party for his daughter. He described the party taking place in his backyard like any normal parent. It included cheap food and a cheap SpongeBob mascot who was just released from prison for assault.

4. A celebrity friend of mine invited me and my daughter to Disneyland to a birthday party he was throwing for his son. When I got there, no one else was there but us in the whole park.
Hart talks about the way celebrities spend money like water. He goes into how this makes him paranoid when he sees them do this. This triggers him into confessing to his friends about his bank accounts and his credit card not being any good.

5. I’m in the middle of spelling a big word at a spelling bee and dad treated it like an athletic event saying, “Alright, Alright! My son spelling all these damn words.”
Hart shared his dad would yell out like a cheerleader at his spelling bees which threw him off on stage when he was trying to spell. He went on to say he never got over these experiences with his dad.

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Kevin Spacey Now Under Criminal Investigation As Mom Details Sexual Assault of Her Teen Son


Star Trek Discovery’s Anthony Rapp was the first actor to come forward accusing Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey of attempted rape of a teenager. Following Rapp’s accusation, others came forward. Calling him a “pedophile”, an additional accuser, an unnamed man in his late forties, said Spacey tried to rape him when he was also a young teen. And on Wednesday, late-breaking news revealed a Nantucket, Massachusetts teenager has come forward alleging the A-list actor groped him, an allegation which could likely result in criminal charges being filed against one of Hollywood’s most successful actors.

Heather Unruh, her lawyer, and her daughter held a press conference with reporters Wednesday morning and told reporters the actor, who won an Oscar for Best Actor in the film American Beauty, had molested her 18-year-old son. Unruh, who was a news anchor for many years with Channel 5 in Boston, said her son was “star struck” when he met Spacey at a local eatery in July of 2016. But all that changed very quickly. She told reporters:

Actor Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted my son…(he) had no idea that the famous actor was an alleged sexual predator or that he was about to become his next victim.

She says Spacey met her son at the Club Car restaurant in Nantucket, and even though he was not 21 at the time, she says Spacey got her son drunk.

Flanked by her lawyer Mitchell Garabedian, Unruh told reporters

whether he was over 21 or not, Kevin Spacey has no right to sexually assault him. There was no consent…Spacey stuck his hand inside my son’s pants and grabbed his genitals…this was completely unexpected. My son’s efforts to shift his body to remove Spacey’s hands were only momentarily successful. The violation continued.

The unnamed teen attempted to push the actor away but was only granted space when the actor had to use the restroom. A concerned bystander told the boy to “run,” and run he did, all the way to his grandmother’s house where he woke up his sister and allegedly told her the story. They then called Unruh who was in Boston, and she joined the children and grandmother in Nantucket the next day.

Since the attack she says her son has been devastated:

Nothing could have prepared my son for how that sexual assault would make him feel as a man. It harmed him and it cannot be undone. He has tried his best to deal with it. As he says ‘it’s always there’.

She says her son has suffered from sleepless nights and anxiety since the attack but didn’t report the crime until now because of “embarrassment and fear.” She says all that has changed now that so many have come forward to accuse the actor of sexual abuse.

We are so proud of our son. And we are so proud of Anthony Rapp for revealing what Kevin Spacey did to him when he was only 14-years-old. To Kevin Spacey I want to say this. Shame on you for what you did to my son. And shame on you for using your apology to Anthony Rapp to come out as a gay man. That was an appalling attempt to deflect attention away from what you really are, a sexual predator.  Your actions are criminal

The Unruh family has filed a police report and allege the touching was not at all consensual and was unwelcomed. They consider the act a violation of the law and are prepared to press charges. The family stated in the press conference a criminal investigation is being launched into the allegations.

Tara Miltimore, assistant district attorney and spokeswoman for the Cape & Islands District Attorney’s Office, confirmed to USA TODAY that “an individual has provided information to the Nantucket Police regarding an allegation of an indecent assault and battery.” She said the state statute of limitations for indecent assault and battery is six years.

Unruh says there are many more victims of Kevin Spacey and says she’s been contacted by “many of them.” She says they’re still afraid to speak out but admitted to her, for the first time, they, too, are Spacey’s victims.

I want to see Kevin Spacey go to jail. I want to see the hand of justice come down on him, not just for my son but for the many others that have yet to speak their truth. And I know that some of them probably will now.

She did not reveal their identities but did say that there is at least one other person living in Nantucket who was a Spacey “target” but has yet to come forward.

The Unruh family wants the lady who saw the attack last year to come forward and help the family and apparently serve as an eyewitness in the case against Spacey.

Spacey is currently in rehab in Phoenix, in the same center, reportedly, where Harvey Weinstein is being treated. Spacey’s Netflix series, The House of Cards, will be ending after the show’s sixth season. But even though the actor is not in the state, she wants to make it clear they’re not letting the incident go.

We want to make it clear. This was a criminal act…shame on you for what you did to mmy son

Garabedian called the young man “brave” and said he is now 19-years-old. He explained the family is seeking to file a civil lawsuit against Spacey and that the “statute of limitations” has not run out for a “criminal” case to be brought against the celebrated actor.

The alleged unwanted groping by Spacey is not considered pedophilia as the young man was considered a legal adult at the time the groping was reported to have taken place. But rarely, in the opinion of TFTP, do pedophiles ever actually change. They seem to get better at victimizing their prey. More than likely there are many more child victims out there who have yet to come forward with their own story to tell. If there’s ever been a good time to come forward it is now, apparently, as victims are opening up about their abuse.


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