Joe Biden Boasts of Keeping ‘Brilliant Conservative’ Robert Bork Off Supreme Court

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German woman jailed for 9yrs for murdering her newborns & keeping bodies in freezer

The frozen corpses were discovered in January at the woman’s apartment in Benndorf, a village of 2,000 residents in eastern Germany, after her partner raised the alarm.

In 2004, her hidden pregnancy resulted in the birth of a baby girl, whom the woman promptly put in a plastic bag that, according to her own statement, she had prepared beforehand. Then, still breathing, the baby was left in the freezer to die.

The same scenario was repeated again four years later, in 2008, after the woman gave birth to a baby boy. The autopsy confirmed both children were born healthy. The woman, who has two other, older children, did not attempt to deny her guilt.

“What I did is serious. I have to be punished for it,” she told the court in Halle, where she was prosecuted, Mitteldeutschland Zeitung reported.

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Corrupt Cops Admit To Keeping BB Guns to Plant On Unarmed People They Kill


Baltimore, MD — (ZH) Over the past year, the Baltimore Police Department has undoubtedly gained national attention in a corruption scandal involving the Gun Trace Task Force, running wild on the streets of Baltimore.

Members of this elite group were charged with “racketeering and other corruption, accused of robbing citizens, making illegal arrests and filing for thousands of dollars in overtime they never worked,” said the Baltimore Sun.

Maurice Ward, one of the Gun Trace Task Force detectives, took the stand Tuesday in the case of officers Daniel Hersl and Marcus Taylor who were charged with robbery, extortion, fraud and firearm charges.

Ward’s testimony provided a somewhat shocking account of how detectives used GPS locators to follow drug dealers, and then, eventually rob them of their cash and drugs.

According to the Baltimore Sun, here are some notable and shocking moments from the testimony during Tuesday’s proceedings:

Ward testified that his squad would prowl the streets for guns and drugs, with his supervisor, Sgt. Wayne Jenkins, driving fast at groups of people and slamming on the brakes. The officers would pop their doors open to see who ran, then give chase and detain and search them. Ward said this occurred 10 to 20 times on slow nights, and more than 50 times, “easy,” on busier nights.

The officers had no reason to target the crowds other than to provoke someone who might have drugs or a gun into running. “A lot of times” guns and drugs were recovered in this way, Ward said.

Ward said Jenkins liked to profile certain vehicles for traffic stops. Honda Accords, Acura TLs, Honda Odysseys were among the “dope boy cars” that they would pull over, claiming the drivers weren’t wearing seat belts or their windows were too heavily tinted.

Ward said Jenkins also believed males over the age of 18 carrying bookbags were suspicious and attempted to stop them.

Jenkins would portray himself as a federal agent, telling drug dealers that he was taking their money and drugs but would let them go because they weren’t his ultimate target.

Ward said the officers used illegal GPS trackers to follow the movements of some targets.

Jenkins would ask suspected drug dealers, “If you could put together a crew of guys and rob the biggest drug dealer in town, who would it be?” The officers would use the answers to determine who to target, Ward said.

In Ward’s testimony, he described some detectives carried around fake guns to plant on suspects in case they got into a jam. He further detailed an incident where detectives stole $100,000 from an illegal search of a home. The testimony shows detectives were in the game of robbing drug dealers, but on a positive note, the task force removed plenty of guns from the war-torn streets.

Ward said the officers kept BB guns in their vehicles “in case we accidentally hit somebody or got into a shootout, so we could plant them.” He did not say whether the officers ever planted a BB gun on anyone.

In one incident, police took a man’s house keys, ran his name through databases to find his address, went into the home without a warrant and found drugs and a safe. The officers cracked open the safe, which had about $200,000 inside. They took $100,000 out, closed the safe back up, then filmed themselves pretending to open it for the first time. “Nobody touch anything,” Jenkins can be heard saying on the video, which was played for jurors.

After the man’s arrest, Jenkins listened to the man’s calls made from jail. He was discussing the officers taking his money, and said he wanted to hire a good lawyer to go after them. Ward said Jenkins determined the man’s wife was arranging his legal matters, and wanted to cut her out. They wrote a note purporting to be from another woman, saying the man had gotten her pregnant, and left it in the man’s door, Ward said.

Later, Ward said Jenkins contacted him about wanting to rob the man again. They met at an apartment, where Jenkins and Detective Daniel Hersl sipped Twisted Teas and discussed a robbery. Another time, he proposed a different robbery, and showed the officers a large black bag that was full of balaclava ski masks, black clothing and shoes. Another bag contained tools such as a crow bar, battering ram, and a rope with a grappling hook. “I didn’t understand that part,” Ward said of the grappling hook. Both bags were emptied out for jurors in the courtroom.

A federal prosecutor described the elite team of Baltimore detectives as a “perfect storm” of corruption in the opening arguments at the Gun Trace Task Force trial on Tuesday.

Justin Fenton, a crime reporter for the Baltimore Sun provides more updates on the ongoing trial:

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Google reaches a whole new depth of EVIL by keeping "black lists" of white, conservative employees to deny promotions

Image: Google reaches a whole new depth of EVIL by keeping “black lists” of white, conservative employees to deny promotions

(Natural News)
Evidence that the world’s largest social media and media conglomerates and platforms are completely biased against conservatives and Trump supporters continues to grow by the day, with Google now being outed as the latest abuser.

As reported by The Daily Caller, former Google engineer James Damore and other right-leaning Google workers have filed a class action lawsuit against their employer alleging a climate of censorship and discrimination against them.

The suit claims that Google managers discuss openly the existence of blacklists “meant to encourage and coordinate the sabotage of promotions, performance reviews, and employment opportunities for those with conservative viewpoints.”

In addition, the suit says that Google workers are forced to endure Left-wing propaganda in the form of “Bias Busting” sessions that center in on so-called ‘white male privilege,’ and that workers risk losing their jobs or endangering their careers if they dare question the ‘progressive’ orthodoxy.

“The suit claims that Google illegally discriminates against white male employees as part of the company’s diversity efforts,” The Daily Caller notes.

Also, internal messages accompanying the lawsuit show that employees openly conspired against Damore after he shared a memo critical of Google’s diversity policies while calling for more acceptance of right-leaning views.

“You know, there are just certain ‘alternative views, including different political views’ which I do not want people to feel safe to share here,” a high-ranking Google employee posted in a company message board chain.

Another added: “If Google management cares enough about diversity and inclusion, they should, and I urge them to, send a clear message by not only terminating Mr. Damore, but also severely disciplining or terminating those who have expressed support.”

Shortly afterward, Damore was let go by Google.

But those are just the internal machinations of the media giant. (Related: BUSTED: Undercover media sting reveals Twitter targeting conservatives and independent media for censorship via “shadow bans.”)

Google has new ‘fact-checkers,’ in case you didn’t know, and they are nearly exclusively devoted to censoring right-leaning and conservative media outlets. As The National Sentinel reported, a quick investigation revealed that, when searching for a media outlet that leans to the political Right, such as The Daily Caller, Google gives users details on the sidebar that includes what topics the site typically writes about, as well as a section titled “Reviewed Claims.”

Meanwhile, Vox and other left-wing outlets and blogs like Gizmodo, are not given the same fact-check treatment. When searching their names, a “Topics they write about” section appears, but there is no “Reviewed Claims” section.

For the legacy media, the Left-wing bias at Google’s ‘fact-checking’ operation becomes even more apparent. For instance, in searching “The Washington Post,” not only was the “Reviewed Claims” section absent, but there was a section labeled “Awards” in addition to “Writes About.” That was the same for The New York Times. For CNN, there were no categories at all, like Vox and other Left-leaning outlets searched.

And yet, the Times, the Post and CNN have published no small portion of demonstrably, provably false “fake news” stories involving President Donald J. Trump, his administration or his campaign.

Yet there are no “reviewed claims” for any of those rags. Given what Damone’s lawsuit says, are you surprised?

Heck, ABC News recently suspended one of its reporters, Brian Ross, for filing a fake news story regarding former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn, but it, too, has no “reviewed” listings.

“It’s not just Google, either,” The Daily Caller noted. “Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (which is owned by Google) have all exhibited the same pattern of discrimination and censorship against conservatives.”

It’s time for Americans and other users with views opposed to the insane Left-wing nonsense spewed by so-called progressives to vote with our dollars and our computer mouses. is the search engine and email service for those who are tired of having their viewpoints censored. And is a much better, uncensored social media platform than Facebook. Check them out; be sure to follow me on (click here).

J.D. Heyes is editor of The National Sentinel and a senior writer for Natural News and News Target.

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‘I’ve Never Seen That’: FBI Admits MGM Keeping Paddock Weapons Footage Secret

Las Vegas, NV – Any chance of a successful cover-up in the case of the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay massacre just got exponentially more difficult to successfully pull off, as new information provided by an FBI source with direct knowledge of the investigation has revealed that the FBI has yet to see ANY surveillance video of alleged gunman Stephen Paddock bringing weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition to his 32nd-floor hotel suite in Mandalay Bay into the hotel.

“No one has seen that on the video we were provided by MGM,” an FBI official told True Pundit. “Vegas (PD) has looked at the same video. Paddock is on surveillance video but the guns are not. He’s not carrying bags or cases with rifles.”

These latest revelations in the investigation into the massacre of 58 people in Las Vegas raise serious and startling questions as to the veracity of the official story of what took place on Oct. 1.

So, if Paddock isn’t shown bringing cases, bags, weapons or ammo into the hotel, then just what is going on? How did the numerous rifles get into Paddock’s hotel suite?

Interestingly, the FBI source confirmed that he believes there could, in fact, be surveillance footage that proves Paddock transported the weapons into the Mandalay Bay hotel – but that MGM Resorts International, the parent company of the hotel, could be obstructing the investigation by hiding the video.

“They (MGM) control the surveillance video,” an FBI source told True Pundit. “I have never seen that in any other case. We (the FBI) control the physical evidence.”

This would seem to comport with what The Free Thought Project previously reported regarding MGM International allegedly hiring elite crisis management firm Joele Frank to spread disinformation about the massacre online.

According to a bombshell report, published by Thomas Michael on Medium, the crisis management firm deliberately spread outlandish conspiracy theories on social media in an attempt to discredit legitimate inquiry into the bizarre official narrative—actively working to try and muddy the water about events surrounding the mass-shooting.

The report details how MGM International hired Joele Frank to run damage control in the wake of the deadly attack. Michael’s report subsequently exposes ties between the crisis management firm and numerous Twitter accounts posting clearly bogus conspiracy theories about the mass-shooting, claiming “the shooting was fake, there was no blood, no victims, crisis actors, the whole nine-yards.”

The report goes on to explain how Michael discovered that a significant portion of the disinformation on Twitter concerning the Las Vegas massacre was originating from an account with the handle @DeepStvte.

Curiously, the @DeepStvte account is heavily connected with bots, which helped it spread nonsensical conspiracy theories about the shooting, according to GotNews.

Michael then made a number of disturbing discoveries upon further investigation:

“Now, here is where it gets really weird. Sifting through every reply on the DeepStvte account, I discovered someone who made a few replies in the comment sections — an individual by the name of Mr. Scott Bisang, handle @sbis85. Upon further research, Mr. Bisang is the Head Manager of Joele Frank, the crisis management firm that Mandalay Bay hired after the 1 October Shooting. So, when I searched his Twitter to find his comments on the Las Vegas Massacre again for this piece, all of the posts/replies had been deleted.”

The Medium report goes on to expose an intentional disinformation campaign by the crisis management firm to confuse people who are seeking answers to the tragic Las Vegas massacre:

“Furthermore, the REAL conspiracy theories that were being propagated by the above mentioned Twitter handles were pushing stories such as the shooting was fake, there was no blood, no victims, crisis actors, the whole nine-yards; while simultaneously discrediting any viable theories made by the public. These are, without question, professionals. And, when I mean pushing their real conspiracy theories: they were getting 7.5M impressions at one point in October on Twitter. This was a direct disinformation campaign designed to lure folks who were questioning the official narrative into being told fairy-tales about what actually happened that night, and thus become discredited as ‘conspiracy theorists’ after they rattle off some absurd story that they were told by one of those Twitter handles.”

So why would MGM International be trying to run a cover-up?

A new documentary provides a startling answer—the casino is playing a massive game of CYA (cover your ass)!

The film, titled, “What Happened in Vegas,” explores the role of the Las Vegas Police Department covering up the details of the shooting—for the sole benefit of their bosses in the casino.

The reason the police would go along with this is simple, as the documentary explains that they are simply in the pocket of the Las Vegas mega-casinos, which would be liable for tens to hundreds of millions in lawsuits due to extreme negligence in failing to stop Stephen Paddock from killing 58 people that fateful night because of the special treatment given to casino high-rollers.

As Raw Story notes, at the root of the problem, the film explains, is that the LVPD is run by a sheriff elected in large part by donations from MGM. Las Vegas police changed their story multiple times on the timeline of the shooting.

One important detail the police lied about in several instances is the timing of Paddock’s shooting of security guard Jesus Campos. Why? It’s likely that the LVPD wanted to help the casino’s legal case, and if they claimed Campos was shot while trying to prevent Paddock’s rampage, as opposed to during or after, it could help the casino’s lawyers later claim that the Mandalay Bay had taken sufficient action to stop him.

According to Stephen Stubbs, an attorney representing some of the victims in the shooting, Paddock was able to kill so many people that night because the casino treated him differently because he was a high roller. Instead of calling 911 when the shooting began, the casino called their “special back number” to a private wing of the police department in an attempt to keep the incident under wraps.

Because Paddock was a regular high roller at the casino, Mandalay Bay didn’t call 911 and so dispatch was not able to link the shooting inside the hotel with the shooting at the Route 91 music festival.

“If they would’ve called 911, the 911 operator could have linked the two quicker, and the police would have gotten there quicker,” Stubbs said. “Less people would have died, and less people would have been shot if the Mandalay Bay didn’t treat their high rollers differently, and if the LVPD didn’t allow casinos to treat high rollers differently. This is the truth that [Sheriff] Joe Lombardo doesn’t want to come out.”

Given this information, the pieces of the puzzle now fall into place. As TFTP has previously reported, because of his high roller status, Paddock was also granted special privileges at the casino—like access to the service elevator.

One of the most asked questions about the massacre in Las Vegas was, “How did Stephen Paddock get hundreds of pounds of ammo and nearly two dozen assault rifles into his suite on the 32 floor of Mandalay Bay without anyone noticing?” Well, now we know—he was allowed to use the service elevator.

The fact that Paddock had access to the elevator, coupled with the fact that a special back line to police was called instead of 911—the casino now becomes complicit in allowing so many people to die that night.

Additionally, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo has was called a “liar” by a high-ranking insider from the Clark County District Attorney’s Office, according to True Pundit. The DA source claims that Lombardo has not told the truth about his SWAT unit firing its weapons after breaching Paddock’s hotel door.

“He’s a liar,” the DA source told True Pundit of Lombardo. “This is one of the premier SWAT units in the United States. Other police departments pay to train with them here (in Las Vegas). They do not accidentally fire weapons. That is pure fiction.”

After claiming for weeks there were no shots fired by police and Paddock killed himself, Lombardo revised his statements to claim that an “accidental” gunshot fired by LVMPD – but only a week after True Pundit, On Oct. 24th, published audio from Las Vegas Metro SWAT that exposed the sheriff’s lies.

According to a report from True Pundit:

The audio provided a raw and chilling feed from Las Vegas Metro SWAT and confirmed officers did engage in gunfire after breaching Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s hotel suite, directly contradicting FBI and police claims that Paddock killed himself.

According to the audio, Paddock was likely gunned down by LVMPD’s elite “Zebra Unit” SWAT force. A SWAT officer code named “Zebra20” and apparent leader of the team’s strike force who led the raid on Paddock’s Mandalay Bay suite reported on police radio that one member of his team did open fire inside Paddock’s room.

Lombardo for weeks, along with FBI officials, claimed no shots were fired and Paddock killed himself. Then Lombardo admitted a gun was fired by Las Vegas Metro after entering Paddock’s room, essentially backing True Pundit’s original story that detailed shot(s) were indeed fired by SWAT.

If a SWAT officer fired his weapon in Paddock’s hotel room it was to subdue or kill Paddock, the DA insider said.

“We have one SWAT officer that did fire,” the SWAT strike force team leader said, according to the audio transcript.

Zebra20 then reported no other people were injured during the breach, alluding Paddock was the sole casualty.

“We just have one suspect down at this point in time,” he said.

So what is really going on?

Clearly, the events heard on the audio reveal at least part of the official narrative to be fallacious and directly contradict both Sheriff Lombardo and the FBI’s Aaron Rouse, head of the FBI’s Las Vegas field office.

Only days after the massacre the DA insider told True Pundit that Lombardo was simply a puppet of the FBI.

Apparently, both Lombardo and the FBI brass are covering for MGM International and its billion-dollar interests – which leaves one glaring question; who is looking out for the victims of this heinous crime and their families?

Please share this important information to help people more clearly understand the ongoing cover-up by MGM International and the continuing victimization of the families affected by the Las Vegas massacre!

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5 New Year’s Resolutions We Should All Think About Keeping

BLuke Miller Truth Theory

The New Year is approaching, a time when many have just spent all their money on Christmas and are getting ready to drink their own body weight in alcohol to kick off the New Year with the worst start. I would just like to share a big fat f**k that! The New Year is a perfect time for a new beginning, and while many marketers and opportunists jump on this to sell you a whole new you, I say the only person you need is yourself. There are many resolutions that are a little more specific and personal, however I believe there are many that we can all make an effort with:

Be Kind To Each Other

Kindness is something that can be unconditional and have a ripple to which the effects can be endless. Smiling at someone you know can make their day, but smiling and talking to someone that never gets a smile could literally change their life. A short while back a homeless man asked me for change, I didn’t have any, but I did give him a hug and ask him his name. He said all day long people walk past and no one ever stops to talk to him. He was more happy with the kindness than money could have ever offered. You really do not know how much of an impact your words and actions can have on people, so please- whatever you do this next year, be kind!

Be Honest To Each Other

Honesty is the most important of values, as once trust is lost due to a lack of it, it can be hard to regain. When you are open and honest there is nothing to hide, and with this comes a sense of freedom unrivaled by anything else. We all make mistakes and are often held to expectations that are unmanageable, however, when you are honest about every inch of your existence, no one can ever hold anything over you.

Accept Each Other

We all have our different ways of being- you may support Trump or Bernie or Hillary or a complete overhaul of the system- it doesn’t matter. You may be a Muslim, a Jew, a Christian, a Hindu, a Buddhist or none of the above- again it doesn’t matter. We all have our different ways of viewing the world and guess what- we can all still be friends. As long as the views of others do not restrict your freedom and/or free will, you can leave them to get on with what they are doing without it affecting you whatsoever. Everyone just wants to be free and happy, sometimes it just manifests in different ways, so please let’s start accepting others, no matter how different they may be.

Repeat All The Above For Ourselves

The 3 above lessons are just as important for ourselves as they are for others. Be honest with yourself, no matter how painful. Be kind to yourself as you really do deserve it! And accept yourself and where you are, because you have come so far! True change does come from within and when you treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated the only way for the love to ripple is outwards!

Follow Our Dreams

The last and inevitable resolution (if you do the above) is to follow your dreams. This time around is short and before you know it you are old and grey. Don’t spend your life wishing and thinking about what ifs. If you know what sets your soul on fire, do it with every inch of your fire and passion, and if you do not know what it is make it a priority to find out. Dreams come true, but only if we decide that we want them too. So go for it and make this next year about the magic you have been storing away until this moment.

In this very moment you are exactly where you should be, so don’t worry about your past mistakes or your future potentialities. Live from this moment onwards and make the next year as beautiful as it can be! Please share this article, much love!!!

Copyright: whiteisthecolor / 123RF Stock Photo

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NASA likes the BEAM Bouncy Castle, keeping it on the Space Station

Raise a glass of Tang and salute the BEAM bouncy castle; Launched in April, 2016 and inflated in June, it has proven its worth, holding up as well as the aluminum cans that form the rest of the International Space Station. Now NASA has decided to hang onto it until at least 2020.

Designboom tells us that it has been used mostly for storage and testing so far, but now,

NASA and Bigelow collaboratively analyzed the feasibility of BEAM’s life extension. then, astronauts got to work, removing hardware from the initial expansion, installing air ducts, netting, and empty bags in order to define BEAM’s volume of stowage space. soon, BEAM may feature a power/data interface, allowing for more collaborative technology demonstrations.

inside BEAM© NASA via Designboom

It’s on TreeHugger because in space, an inflatable building makes so much sense; as noted in our earlier post, It takes up less room in the rocket, and weights a lot less. The internal air pressure gives it its shape; instead of fighting with air pressure, puts it to use. The skin is in tension, so it can have great strength to weight ratio. “ Bigelow goes as far as to say: “The aluminum cans are antiquated.”

Section Beam© NASA via Designboom

Inflatables are lighter, and take up a lot less space on the rocket, resulting in less fuel, less pollution and less cost. As I noted earlier, it is a lesson in minimalist design going right back to Bucky Fuller: what’s the most efficient and lightest way to enclose a volume? A sphere, which is natural for an inflatable. And since everything in space is pressurized, it makes so much sense to put that air to work.

There may well be more bouncy castles in space; according to Designboom, “this public-private partnership supports NASA’s objective to develop deep space habitation for human missions beyond earth, and it supports commercial capabilities for non-government applications (aka, the growth of the space economy).”

I also look forward to bulletproof Passivhaus-certified inflatable yurts here on earth.

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Apple keeping $47bn of its own money deemed ‘windfall’ profit by tax reform critics

When it comes to taxes, Apple is unique among giant multinational corporations. It stands alone in its practice of setting aside funds specifically in anticipation of potential taxes to be paid. Aside from the tech giant being the most valuable company in the world, that is why the Financial Times focused on the iPhone maker in a specific analysis of the impact of the Senate’s and  House’s tax-reform proposals.

The Financial Times found Apple would benefit from a $47 billion “windfall” under the new tax regime, and as the report ripped through social media this week, it provoked outcry from critics of the Republicans’ tax reform agenda.

However, windfall profits occur when unexpected income is gained, and the $47 billion figure is already in Apple’s coffers. A lower tax rate than the company initially planned for years ago may be unexpected, but simply not paying more in taxes can’t be considered a profit in the same sense that profits are made by producing goods consumers want to buy. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes goes even further, tweeting that the US government is giving, he adds a parenthetical “essentially” $47 billion to Apple.

The Financial Times arrives at the $47 billion figure in a straightforward way. Apple figures that under current US tax law, it would be taxed $78.6 billion if it repatriated the $252 billion it holds in foreign cash and investments. Under the Senate’s version of tax reform, Apple would pay just $31.4 billion on overseas earnings it brought back to the US. The difference between the two potential tax payments is $47 billion.

That side account Apple has for potential tax payments on foreign income, which other multinational corporations choose not to have, has about $36.4 billion in it, $5 billion more than the likely tax bill. The US tax bill could potentially be even lower, just $29.3 billion, if Apple is forced to pay €13 billion ($15.3 billion) in back taxes to Ireland in an ongoing legal battle with the European Commission.

However, only one of the two US tax payment scenarios actually has a chance of becoming reality. Apple has no plans to move its $252 billion to the US under the current tax code. That money just sits in place. It only “gains” the $47 billion it already had stashed away after paying the US government tens of billions of dollars in taxes. Not to say $47 billion is a pittance, even for Apple. No other US corporation earns that much in profits per year, according to the Financial Times.

The US economy is doing well for multinational corporations and Wall Street, even without tax reform. But average American workers are cautiously optimistic about tax reform in various polls. There seems to be a very large question mark over the prospects of wage growth and job creation.

The Financial Times reports that Apple executives probably will use their repatriated money for stock buybacks, not creating factories or jobs. If that happens, and Apple is any indication, then the rest of the US corporations repatriating much of their over $1 trillion parked overseas may not translate into a windfall for workers either.

The House and Senate, along with input from the White House, will work out the differences between their two tax reform proposals this month. Trump has said he hopes to sign the final product into law as a “Christmas present” for the American people.

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Keeping preparedness simple: Tips from the Health Ranger

Image: Keeping preparedness simple: Tips from the Health Ranger

(Natural News)
Is survival and preparedness getting too complicated for you? Learn how to keep preparedness simple with these wise tips from Natural News founder/editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, and creator of “I’ve been a prepper for at least 20 years, maybe even longer, and I live the lifestyle,” Adams says in a recent podcast for “It’s not just something I do academically.”

That means, for instance, “if the entire power grid went down tomorrow, my lifestyle wouldn’t be any different,” he said. In fact, it might even be a little better, “because I wouldn’t have to post anything online,” he said, jokingly.

As an experienced prepper, then, Adams is in a very unique position of having learned long ago what does work, what doesn’t work, and importantly, how to achieve self-sufficiency effectively, efficiently and simply.

One question Adams says he gets often is, ‘What’s the best prepper book on the market?’ He says it’s the “one that burns the best” because you’re not going to learn everything you need to learn about becoming a self-sufficient prepper from the pages of a book (although it can be a good start). Experience, he says, is the best instructor and, thus, the easiest way to learn.

Having said that, Mike Adams does find prepper reference books very helpful, and he says he has quite a few himself — in particular, medical reference books and others that discuss essential oils, medicinal herbs, emergency dentistry and the like.

“My point is, many people buy ‘how-to’ books but they never, ever read them,” Adams said. “Books don’t work by osmosis, you actually do have to read it, but then, more importantly, to put it in use.

The Health Ranger went on to say that he is also very often told by readers that they feel “overwhelmed” by the notion of prepping — that it seems like perhaps it is too big for them to take on, that there’s so much to learn and do in order to “be prepared.”

In particular, people say that there are “so many categories of things they have to acquire,” Adams said — food supplies (which could take an entire room all by themselves), water, tents, gear, equipment, firearms, medicines, communications systems, power generation and so forth.

It all gets to be too much. People “don’t know where to start,” he said, adding that many people live in cities in small apartments and simply don’t have space to prep.

“Here’s my answer: You have infinite space in your head to learn things,” said Adams, “and what you really need in an emergency is knowledge and skills.”

He said the most important tool is your brain. It enables you to not simply read and absorb information, but to then practice what you’ve learned, becoming more and more skilled as time goes by. (Related: 5 reasons why you’re totally crazy if you aren’t growing your own food.)

“You can start with outdoor skills” like “camping and hiking,” he said, adding in courses on survival skills like “wild edibles harvesting” courses.

Even in cities, you can often book tours with experts who can show you which plants are good for which conditions, which are edible, which are poison, and which ones to avoid.

“You don’t need a single square foot of storage space in your house to have that knowledge,” he said. “If you’re limited on space, start there.”

Many people, he said, have loads and loads of survival gear — too much, in some cases — that they’ve never even tested or used, which actually puts them at a disadvantage to someone who has little in the way of gear but much in the way of knowledge.

There is much more to learn and hear, as Adams has a lot to say about how to simplify your prepping activities. Click below or click here to listen.

Learn more at and



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