Danish inventor appeals life term over journalist murder

Copenhagen (AFP) – A Danish inventor found guilty of the murder of a Swedish journalist aboard his homemade submarine has appealed his life sentence but is not contesting the verdict, prosecutors said Monday.

Peter Madsen “is found guilty in the murder of Kim Wall and has only appealed the length” of his life sentence, Simon Gosvig, spokesman for the Danish prosecutor’s office, told AFP.

A Copenhagen district court on April 25 sentenced the 47-year-old to life for murdering the 30-year-old journalist, chopping up her corpse and throwing her body parts into the sea in August last year.

The eccentric inventor confessed to stuffing Wall’s head, arms and legs into plastic bags, weighing them down with metal pipes before tossing them into the sea, but maintained throughout his trial that her death was accidental.

The court, however, concluded the gruesome videos Madsen watched of women being beheaded and tortured and the fact that he brought a saw, plastic strips and a sharpened screwdriver on board just before the voyage with Wall were enough to find him guilty.

Most observers had expected Madsen to appeal the verdict.

The prosecutor’s office said Madsen’s bid for a milder sentence could not be interpreted as an admission of guilt.

While a life sentence in Denmark averages around 16 years, Madsen could be held behind bars for as long as he lives if the life term is confirmed.

Despite the testimony of many experts, the lack of tangible evidence in the case and the decomposed state of Wall’s remains made it impossible to determine an exact cause of death.

An autopsy report concluded she probably died as a result of suffocation or having her throat slit.

Fourteen stab wounds and piercings were also found in and around her genital area.

Madsen had argued that he stabbed her because he wanted to prevent gases from building up inside her body that would prevent it from sinking to the seabed.

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Dark Journalist X-Series: Pine Gap

Dark Journalist X-Series: Pine Gap

April 28th, 2018

Dark Journalist is slowly and carefully weaving many strange threads together with his outstanding X-Series. I usually post this sort of material on the Cryptogon Backchannel, but I’m posting this to the main page because Pine Gap is a standard Cryptogon topic, in terms of the surveillance and communications aspects of the facility that we’re all aware of.

I think there’s more to the place than that.

I’ve had a very weird feeling about Pine Gap since I first started researching the ECHELON system back in the early 1990s. Look into Pine Gap, even a little, and you’re going to encounter the woowoo. Is it PSYOP to distract from the communications mission? Or, is something genuinely weird happening there?

Via: Dark Journalist YouTube Channel:



2 Responses to “Dark Journalist X-Series: Pine Gap”

  1. Dennis Says:

    I spent a few days in Alice Springs and worked with a local who told me strange lights in the night sky were not unusual.

    John Pilger on CIA/Pine Gap/Whitlam Dismaissal:


    But there’s also the Loans Affair, an aspect of which was Whitlam’s intention of nationalising Australia’s mineral wealth (“The Australian people shall be restored to their rightful place — as the owners and keepers of the national estate and the nation’s resources.â€�):



  2. Kevin Says:

    The Gough Whitlam takedown is astonishing.


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Government Accidentally Sends Files On “Remote Mind Control” To Journalist

A journalist who requested documents using the Freedom of Information Act received additional files on “remote mind control” and the effects of “psycho-electric weapons”.

A journalist working for the non-profit organization Muckrock made a bizarre discovery after requesting documents from the US government through the FOIA. Indeed, as part of an ongoing investigation about Antifa and white supremacist groups, the journalist sent a request to the Washington State Fusion Center, a Department of Homeland Security, which specializes in counter-terrorism, detecting criminal activity, disaster planning, cyber-security and other threat assessments.

Along with standard documents such as emails, intelligence briefings, and bulletins, the journalist received a bizarre filed named “EM effects on human body.zip”.

One document describes the effects of “psycho-electric weapons” including “forced memory blanking”, “forced rigor-mortis” and even “forced orgasm”.


Another document explains biomagnetic fields and brainwaves (Alpha, Beta, Delta, etc.) two concepts that are extremely important in MKULTRA and Monarch mind control.

The final document describes how shady organizations can conduct “remote mind control” operations through mobile phone networks, trucks disguised as communication vehicles and “Black” helicopters.

Although these documents were sent by the WSFC, they do not appear to be created by a government agency. The first image “Psycho-Electric Weapon Effects” appears to be part of a 1996 article from Nexus Magazine which describes a lawsuit brought by John St. Clair Akewi against the NSA. The 1992 lawsuit claimed that the NSA had the “ability to assassinate US citizens covertly or run covert psychological control operations to cause subjects to be diagnosed with ill mental health”. The article states:

A lawsuit filed against the U.S. National Security Agency reveals a frightening array of technologies and programs designed to keep tabs on individuals. The following document comprises evidence for a lawsuit filed at the U.S. Courthouse in Washington, DC, by John St Clair Akwei against the National Security Agency, Ft George G. Meade, Maryland (Civil Action 92-0449), constitutes his knowledge of the NSA’s structure, national security activities proprietary technologies and covert operations to monitor individual citizens Ed.

The image also contains the web address www.raven1.net which is now offline.

The author of the second document appears to go by the name Supratik Saha a “Software And Electronics & Comm. Engg”.

The Muckrock journalist has no idea how he ended up with these documents.

“It’s entirely unclear how this ended up in this release. It could have been meant for another release, it could have been gathered for an upcoming WSFC report, or it could even be from the personal files of an intelligence officer that somehow got mixed up in the release. A call to the WSFC went unreturned as of press time, so until we hear back, their presence remains a mystery.”
– Muckrock, Washington State Fusion Center accidentally releases records on remote mind control

While these documents were probably not created by the government, they appear to be relevant enough for the WSFC to keep them archived.

Could these documents explain the mysterious Cuban “sonic attacks” where 24 government officials suffered “hearing loss, dizziness, sleep and vision problems, tinnitus, headaches, fatigue and brain damage”? Nearly all of these symptoms can be found in the first document.





Source Article from https://worldtruth.tv/government-accidentally-sends-files-on-remote-mind-control-to-journalist/

‘Mafia didn’t die, it adapted’: Journalist in hiding talks to RT (EXCLUSIVE)

Borrometi, editor of the anti-mafia site La Spia, says he has been living a nightmare for the past few years. In April 2014 Borrometi was attacked by a group of men.

“First, I received warnings, then letters containing bullets and then anonymous phone calls,” says Borrometi. “Then, one day, I was attacked, I was assaulted by two hooded men. Since then I’ve had an injured shoulder. I’ve now been living under the protection of the carabinieri for four years.”

Borrometi, 35, says at least five mafia clans want him dead, but seems unfazed by attempts at intimidation. “I’ve launched 40 criminal cases against almost 30 mafia bosses. These mafia bosses tried to kill me anyway. I managed to save myself from an attack thanks to the skill of carabinieri,” he tells RT in an exclusive interview.

A recently-leaked recording revealed plans by Syracusan mafia bosses from Sicily to “murder the inconvenient journalist.”

The reporter, who has been investigating the clans’ illegal activities, says the notorious Italian mafia has fought back from the brink because society became complacent about the fight against it and believed Cosa Nostra had lost its power.  

“We thought the mafia was defeated,” says Borrometi. “We thought this because the bombings are over, because arrests were made. We did not understand that the mafia was radically changing. It infiltrated the state and public bodies. Some think that the mafia is just an Italian problem, but unfortunately that’s not true. The mafia has spread from Italy to Europe and the world.”

Borrometi believes there hasn’t been enough coverage of the problem in recent years. “Many journalists do not publish names or photos of mafia bosses,” he says. “Many of my colleagues do not do any investigative journalism. I publish names and surnames, I publish photos, and above all I try to follow their business schemes, their money. This is a business with billions, not millions. We are talking about billions of euros…”

Messages of support for Borrometi have been gaining momentum across social media with many hailing his bravery in the face of violence and threats.

“Solidarity with the Sicilian journalist @paoloborrometi, victim of serious threats from the mafia. The @CislNazionale [an Italian trade union association] is at the side of all journalists who, with their independent investigations, fight for the law against any abuse.”

“Thanks to @paoloborrometi we learned more about how the mafia acts. This is why the journalist became the victim of new mafia threats. This is why he deserves our solidarity!”

“We are on the side of Paolo #Borrometi. Against all threats and mafia intimidation.”

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Palestinian journalist killed in Gaza during Israeli border clashes

Hundreds attended the funeral of a well-known Palestinian journalist in Gaza on Saturday who was killed while covering mass protests along the Israeli border the previous day.

Yasser Murtaja died from a gunshot wound he sustained while filming Friday in an area engulfed in thick black smoke from protesters setting tires on fire. Israeli troops opened fire from across the border, killing at least nine Palestinians and wounding 491 others in the second mass border protest in eight days. The deaths brought to at least 31 the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli fire since last week. The border area appeared calm Saturday.

Witnesses said Murtaja was over 100 meters (yards) from the border, wearing a flak jacket marked “press” and holding his camera when he was shot in an exposed area just below the armpit.

The Israeli military has said it fired only at “instigators” involved in attacks on soldiers and was investigating Murtaja’s death amid a very hectic environment.

Hamas, which has ruled Gaza since a 2007 takeover and calls for Israel’s destruction, has called for a series of protests until May 15, the anniversary of Israel’s founding when Palestinians commemorate their mass uprooting during the 1948 war over Israel’s creation.  (AP)

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POLAND – Polish journalist calls Jewish NGO a ‘gang of international blackmailers’

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NPR Journalist and Catholic College Graduate Botches Description of Easter

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