Trump Joins Mar-a-Lago Disco Party After Visiting Survivors Of School Shooting

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump attended a party at Mar-a-Lago on Friday just hours after visiting first responders and wounded survivors of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting that killed 17 people.

The event was a Studio 54-themed disco party, according to CNN’s Kevin Liptak.

 A photo posted on Instagram captured the first couple sitting down and chatting while people socialized around them in a luridly lit room of Trump’s resort.

“Please take note that the President did NOT dance,” Instagram user Sean Bianca wrote before the photo was removed later Saturday and her Instagram account was switched to private. “He and the First Lady were there for a short time but neither was dancing around as one should have expected. Their mood was somber and they were there for a very short time.”

(Sean Bianca/Instagram)(Sean Bianca/Instagram)


Trump’s appearance at the party was confirmed on Facebook by prominent Florida bankruptcy attorney David Lloyd Merrill. 

“So the president did arrive,” wrote Merrill, who attended the bash after hearing Trump would attend. “I couldn’t meet him or speak but was about 3’ away. Super cool no matter what your political affiliation!”

It was an unusual activity following a visit to survivors of one of the nation’s largest school shootings.

The president’s attendance at the disco party occurred amid a Twitter storm over a group photo featuring a smiling Trump giving a thumbs up while posing with law enforcement officers who responded to the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The photo is Trump’s new header photo on his Twitter page. Twitter comments slammed the president’s “tone-deaf” demeanor.

Trump is spending the holiday weekend at his resort. He will forego his traditional round of golf at Mar-a-Lago on Saturday “to respect the dead and the mourners,” White House aide Jennifer Jacobs tweeted. 

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Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi Joins List of Accused Sex Harassers

The names being added to the list of accused sex harassers in the media and politics have been increasing so fast and furious that it seems you only have to wait a minute until a new name is added. Since we just added Chris Matthews to the list, it’s worth reminding everyone that one of the first journalists was Matt Taibbi of the Rolling Stone.

Taibbi’s misbehavior first caught notice in late October when past statements were resurrected in which he bragged about being a sexual predator. And now, we have someone speaking out about how Taibbi’s statements were anything but fake news.

Matt’s accuser is Washinton Post correspondent Kathy Lally, who worked in Moscow at the same time that Taibbi and a friend were publishing an English language magazine there. Apparently Taibbi’s antics and writings rubbed Lally the wrong way and she chronicles in great detail the sex harassment foibles of Taibbi in the December 15 edition of the Washington Post with The two expat bros who terrorized women correspondents in Moscow:

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Twenty years ago, when I was a Moscow correspondent for the Baltimore Sun, two Americans named Matt Taibbi and Mark Ames ran an English-language tabloid in the Russian capital called the eXile. They portrayed themselves as swashbuckling parodists, unbound by the conventions of mainstream journalism, exposing Westerners who were cynically profiting from the chaos of post-Soviet Russia.

A better description is this: The eXile was juvenile, stunt-obsessed and pornographic, titillating for high school boys. It is back in the news because Taibbi just wrote a new book, and interviewers are asking him why he and Ames acted so boorishly back then. The eXile’s distinguishing feature, more than anything else, was its blinding sexism — which often targeted me.

Thus Lally’s #MeToo moment:

I remember the eXile as a mishmash of nightclub listings (rated on how easily a man could get sex), articles on lurid escapades (sex with a 15-year-old girl, an account Ames now says was a joke), political pieces (“Why Our Military Shopping Spree Has Russia Pissed Off”) and press reviews savaging mainstream Western journalists. It ridiculed one female reporter as a “star spinster columnist” and mentioned women’s “anger lines” and fat ankles. The paper even had a cartoon called the Fat Ankle News , about a woman who tweezes her nose hairs and gorges on doughnuts while editing a story. Some male reporters came in for scorn as toadies or morons or liars. But their outrages concerned their minds and not their bodies.

Lally then goes on to describe how extreme animosity developed between herself and the eXile publishers. The most striking thing is that if Lally’s descriptions are accurate, Taibbi and his friend come off like a couple of junior high school kids rather than as folks who were in their late 20s/early 30s at the time.

What is interesting about Taibbi is that, along with Stephen Cohen at The Nation, he is one of the few left leaning journalists to cast doubt on Trump-Russia collusion. His March 8 Rolling Stone column revealed those doubts in Why the Russia Story Is a Minefield for Democrats and the Media:

If there’s any truth to the notion that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian state to disrupt the electoral process, then yes, what we’re seeing now are the early outlines of a Watergate-style scandal that could topple a presidency.

But it could also be true that both the Democratic Party and many leading media outlets are making a dangerous gamble, betting their professional and political capital on the promise of future disclosures that may not come.

…look at the techniques involved within the more “legitimate” reports. Many are framed in terms of what they might mean, should other information surface.

There are inevitably uses of phrases like “so far,” “to date” and “as yet.” These make visible the outline of a future story that isn’t currently reportable, further heightening expectations.

Take the Times story about Trump surrogates having “repeated contacts” with Russian intelligence officials (an assertion that can mean anything, incidentally – as a reporter in Russia I had contact with Russian intelligence officials, as did most of my colleagues and friends in business, and there was nothing newsworthy about those interactions).

Oh, and one has to ask, who’s next on being alleged to have committed sexual misconduct? We now await a new name in 5…4…3…2…

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Hungary Joins Russia In Campaign Against Soros: Israel Calls It An Anti Semitic Campaign

Russia Putin Hungary Orban

Russian President Vladimir Putin & Hungary’s President Viktor Orban

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has promised to imprison billionaire globalist George Soros for attempting to undermine Hungary’s national security. 

In a renewed attack on Soros, Orban instructed his intelligence services to investigate all the criminal attempts by Soros to target his country.

  1. Putin Declares “Total Independence” From Rothschild NWO Banking Cabal Which Began In 2006 reports: Intelligence agencies will help evaluate what he sees as efforts by Soros to get Hungary punished by EU institutions pursuing a “mixed-population” continent, Orban said in an interview with Kossuth Radio on Friday.

Orban, who is the favorite to win next year’s parliamentary elections, said Europe is set to be split between a “migrant-free zone” and those in the west who refuse calls to “haul” undocumented migrants away.

Soros, whose philanthropy has supported education and pro-democracy activism in Hungary since the 1980s, has hit back at Orban, himself a former Soros scholar, accusing him of running a “mafia state.”

Orban’s Fidesz party has increased its backing to 59 percent of decided voters, a Tarki survey published this week showed, reflecting an apparent success of his campaign focused on migration and anti-Soros billboards.

With radical nationalist Jobbik poised for second place in Hungary, the allure of anti-immigrant and euro-sceptic rhetoric has also extended in gains at last weekend’s election in the Czech Republic.


soros mccain

Chairman of Soros Fund Management George Soros, left, talks with U.S. Senator John McCain, right, during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Thursday, Jan. 23, 2014.. (AP Photo/Michel Euler)

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George Soros &amp; Benny Netanyahu

George Soros & Benny Netanyahu Using EU & UN For Their Own Aims

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Apollo 15 Pilot Joins The Long List of Astronauts To Tell The World About ‘Alien’ Visitation

Next Story

If we look at the long list of astronauts to share their knowledge and beliefs about UFOs, as well as intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations that are or have been visiting our planet, the list is quite long and it never seems to stop growing. Apollo 14 astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, told us that there “have been crashed craft, and bodies recovered.” Dr. Brian O’leary told the world that there is “abundant evidence that we are being contacted,” Gordon Cooper, and others like Story Musgrave have all made some interesting remarks about their knowledge or beliefs.

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Also joining them is a long and growing list of hundreds, if not thousands of high ranking military personnel, political figures, academics and many more.

On top of this we have hundreds of thousands of pages released by multiple governments that document these interesting cases. Although we may not quite know exactly what is going on, we know something is.

All of this information that’s leaked over the past few years, in turn, has also provoked a response from the “mainstream world,” a world that used to criticize and ridicule the subject is now taking corrective measures to bring more credibility into it, in some cases, despite doing a poor job.

This has been seen with recent citizens hearings on the manner, as well as popular people from within pop culture getting together with some “well known” people from companies like Lockheed Martin, and others from within the intelligence community and starting awareness initiatives, like Tom Delonge.

Take the founder of Bigelow Aerospace for example, who is one of many who has shared his knowledge about the fact that we are not alone, and that are being visited.

For so long, this subject has been swept under the radar by so many people, and all of a sudden we’ve had this burst of information that’s made it clear to most that something is going on here.

The more popular this subject gets, the more it becomes dripped into the mainstream arena, and the more we need to put our critical thinking caps on.

For years, government, and those from within the government as well as intelligence agencies, have had a very heavy interest in this subject. All of the mainstream organizations started to officially investigate this phenomenon, like NICAP, and MUFON, originate by those from within the intelligence and defence community. This is a common trend with regards to mainstream initiatives dealing with the UFO/ extraterrestrial subject.

The point is, our government and mainstream media, for the most part, have been deceiving us on so many different topics, with perhaps 9/11, and other false flag events that have happened in recent history. People still question this narrative, despite the fact that multiple insiders, whistleblowers, and even active presidents, politicians and academicians have been providing the evidence for decades.

It seems that when something that is not heavily present or made known by our sources of ‘reliable’ information, which lie in the hands of a tightly knit, small group of financial elite with vested big powerful interests in multiple areas, is not considered to be of significance.

This comes despite the fact that our mainstream media has direct connections to the intelligence community.

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There is news transpiring everyday that should be making headlines, but it doesn’t and instead we are drip fed with lies, which is made even more clear by international media in other countries sharing information that contradicts the western world.

This is why, the solution is not to censor information or deem it as “fake news,” but rather to have open discussions, teach people how to think critically, and examine sources for themselves. Let them decide, and not have some authority figure deciding it for them.

The latest example would be Vladimir Putin calling out the Syrian chemical weapons attack as a false flag. 

After all, a lot of what we see is used for corruption, and brainwashing, and providing narratives that justify military action.

So, when it comes to the UFO/extraterrestrial topic, why should we really expect anything else?  This field, being a veteran researcher within it, has a long history of infiltration by special interests, to change narratives, and more. Hillary Clinton seemed to use the topic a lot this year and speak about it in a serious matter in order to rack up more votes, but who really knows.

Related CE Article discussing the potential for a false flag alien invasion. 

This type of thing has been seen within our media, and even academia, to sway or persuade a perception.

“Behind the scenes, high ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense.” – Former head of CIA Roscoe Hillenkoetter (source)

If you want to learn more about the UFO/extraterrestrial topic, we’ve published many heavily citied articles on the subject. You can read those, as they are all archived, by visiting the exopolitics section of our website, here.

While we’ve had so many astronauts share their experiences, others are quick to dismiss any talk of UFOs, saying that they have not personally come across any evidence to suggest that the phenomenon is real. This is quite confusing, and brings into question the possibility of a ridicule campaign in continuance, while a disinformation is currently underway. Who knows?

It’s important for us to be able to distinguish between a ‘credible reliable source,’ that’s honest, and another that fits the same description but is not reliable, and spreading disinformation. How we do that is a topic of discussion for another article.

Let’s take a look at what the astronaut said. 

He said, very seriously, “We are the aliens, we just think they’er somebody else, but we’re the ones who came from somewhere else. Because somebody else had to survive…they got in a little space craft and they came here and they landed and they started civilization here, that’s what I believe. And if you don’t believe me, go get books on the ancient Sumerians and see what they had to say about it, they’ll tell you right up front.” 

Again, he is sharing his beliefs, perhaps he has more knowledge on the subject, but who really knows. After all, everything with regards what really happened and is happening on the moon is quite scattered and hard to piece together.

It’s not like this astronaut is saying something along the lies of what Dr. Edgar Mitchell did when he said he “happens to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we are not alone on this plant ” and that we have “been visited many times.” (source) (source) (source)

As far as coming from space, this astronaut is not the only one who has brought for this theory. You can read more about that in the article lined below.

Nobel Prize winning co-discoverer of DNA says our genes were brought here by extraterrestrials

Obviously, this brings a lot of other questions into play. Anything on this topic really does open a can of worms that dive and related to multiple areas and aspects of human life and history.

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Mike Adams joins Vin Armani for powerful discussion on health tyranny, defensive eating and how we achieve liberty through nutrition

Image: Mike Adams joins Vin Armani for powerful discussion on health tyranny, defensive eating and how we achieve liberty through nutrition

(Natural News)
Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, sat down with political activist and author Vin Armani last Aug. 21st to talk about health; its biggest threats and how you can protect yours the natural way.

Armani got the ball rolling with the simple yet powerful question about what inspired the Health Ranger to become the “outspoken consumer health advocate” he is today. Mike Adams revealed that he was once like the majority of the population and bought into the mainstream media’s lies about “health, food, and medicine.” Because of this, he shambled through his 30s “a health wreck” who was “borderline obese, borderline type-2 diabetic” and bogged down with “chronic pain, depression, and all those things.”

It was then that Mike Adams opened his eyes to the truth: that the drug companies supposedly committed to our health were actually profiting off our illnesses and that our government claims to be protecting our bodies when in truth they’re poisoning our food supply and making us sick. He cited the processed meat and sodium nitrate cover-up pulled off by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in the 1970s, one that was spurned on by a lobby from the meat industry.

From here, Armani asked the Health Ranger about the push-back he received on the truth about vaccines. Mike Adams responded by describing at length the variety of health-promoting foods one could easily find in their local grocery, and how scientific papers are being written about these foods and their amazing benefits. The curcumin in turmeric, resveratrol in red grapes, sulforaphane in broccoli, and catechins in green tea were just some of the healing nutrients he mentioned that had “powerful medicinal effects” and could free us of our dependence on the pharmaceutical industry, doctors, and healthcare. (Related: 5 foods and spices to keep your immune system strong when fighting cancer.)

“You know what’s affordable? Staying healthy and preventing diseases,” said Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.

The Health Ranger then went on to speak about Food and Drug Administration (FDA) whistleblower Dr. David Graham, who is also poised to star in the upcoming environmental feature flick “Biosludged”. Because of Graham, the collusion between the FDA and pharmaceutical companies became widespread, making it known that harmful medicines like the liver-damaging diabetes drug Rezulin were put out for public consumption because of this collusion.

William Thompson, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) whistleblower, was also mentioned for his efforts to let the public know that certain vaccines were increasing the likelihood of autism among African-American babies.

All the more reason for people to not trust the pharmaceutical industry and to instead go back to basics.

“The wisdom of natural medicine is much, much older than the pharmaceutical industry by far and older than the FDA,” Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, stated. “In fact, 80 percent of the world’s population currently relies on what’s called ‘indigenous medicine’, which is medicine people grow in their own backyard…all over the world there is traditional medicine and it is affordable. It is safe. It is effective, and it works.”

The Health Ranger, described how he is “a big believer in self-reliance and growing your own food and medicine” and that the people should practice this as well to free themselves from the medicinal and health monopoly put in place by the those who want to fatten their pockets through our bodies.

Visit to read up on all things related to the Health Ranger.

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