Admiral Harris Issues Disturbing Warning About China’s Military Intentions

The esteemed Admiral Harry Harris, recently nominated for the ambassador’s position in Australia, has issued a strong warning about Chinese military intentions. This is the stuff that World War III is based upon.

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5 Major Issues The Media Will Completely Ignore During Trump’s State of The Union


As President Trump gives his first State of the Union address, there is no doubt that it will receive an overwhelming amount of media coverage—but as is typical with the mainstream media, the most important issues are the ones that won’t be covered.

Here are five major topics both Trump and the mainstream media will blatantly ignore during the 2018 the State of the Union address:

1. Trump will brag about the economy—but the country’s billionaires were the ones whose wealth increased in 2017

A study conducted by the global charity Oxfam revealed that in 2017, 82 percent of the new wealth created was owned by the top 1 percent, “while 0 percent has gone to the world’s poorest 50 percent.”

Oxfam Chief Executive Mark Goldring said he believes, “The concentration of extreme wealth at the top is not a sign of a thriving economy but a symptom of a system that is failing the millions of hard-working people on poverty wages who make our clothes and grow our food.”

A similar trend has been seen in the United States where Trump has been eager to use a number of “record” stock market closes to prove the country’s economic health. However, a study from NYU economist Edward N. Wolff noted that the richest 10 percent of Americans own 84 percent of all stocks.

2. Trump may discuss the FISA memo, but there will be silence surrounding the staggering power he gave the FBI by signing the FISA Reauthorization Act into law

When Trump signed the FISA Reauthorization Act into law, he claimed that it was “NOT the same FISA law that was so wrongly abused during the election,” and that he would “always do the right thing for our country and put the safety of the American people first.”

However, reports noted that the government is actually following a pattern of legalizing practices that they have already been carrying out, which has been ongoing for years.

With the first new law in place, the FBI no longer has to apply for a warrantwhen national security is involved, or when it determines that there is a ‘threat to life or serious bodily harm,” according to a report from the Intercept. The agency will also continue to have unlimited access to data collected by the NSA, even when it does not pertain to a criminal investigation.

3. Trump will likely criticize the media’s ongoing attempts at keeping “Russiagate” alive, but his administration’s actual collusion with foreign governments won’t be addressed

As the mainstream media continues to push the narrative that Russian hackers helped Trump win the 2016 election, it is ignoring some of the most obvious moments of collusion with foreign governments that have occurred in the last year.

When Trump was on the campaign trail, he claimed that if he was elected, he would hold Saudi Arabia accountable for the role it played in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

However, once Trump was in office, his tune quickly changed, and Saudi Arabia became the first stop on his first foreign trip as president—paving the way for the completion of the largest single arms deal in U.S. history.

4. Trump will brag about his support for law enforcement, but the statistics showing that more than 100 people have been killed by police in 2018 will be ignored

Trump has always been vocal about his support for police, but he does not address the number of people killed by police, which stands at 105 deaths in the first 29 days of 2018, according to the Killed by Police database.

While the number of people killed by police was nearly 1,200 in 2017, the number of police officers who died on the job was at its second-lowest point in over 50 years. According to data from the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, a total of 128 officers died on duty, 44 of whom were shot and killed. Nearly one-third fewer officers died of gunshot wounds this year when compared to 2016 when 143 officers died and 66 were shot and killed.

5. Trump will highlight the importance of “National Security,” but his administration’s foreign policy is creating the opposite

In many ways, the Trump administration’s foreign policy has continued to prolong the wars that were both started and continued by the Obama administration. However, the number of civilian causalities has skyrocketed in the last year, and the mainstream media has remained eerily silent.

Obama’s “war against ISIS,” resulted in anywhere from 2,300 to 3,400 civilian deathsaccording to Airwars, an organization tracking deaths in the war against ISIS. In contrast, after just 9 months in office, Trump surpassed Obama’s murderous record with estimated numbers as high as 4,500 civilian deaths.

There is no doubt that the mainstream media will cover Trump’s State of the Union address, but given the coverage of Trump’s first year in office, it is not likely that his administration will actually be held accountable for the ways in which its decisions in 2017 have harmed the future of the United States.

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Facebook to prioritize local news over ‘divisive’ national issues

“Starting today, we’re going to show more stories from news sources in your local town or city,” Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post on Monday. “If you follow a local publisher or if someone shares a local story, it may show up higher in [your] news feed.”

The algorithm change will be tested first in the United States and then implemented in other countries later this year. According to the Facebook CEO, prioritizing local news will help promote civic engagement and create constructive dialogue on issues less divisive than those usually discussed in national or international media.

“Local news helps us understand the issues that matter in our communities and affect our lives,” Zuckerberg wrote.

“Research suggests that reading local news is directly correlated with civic engagement. People who know what’s happening around them are more likely to get involved and help make a difference.”

The news feed tweak is the latest update announced by Facebook as it aims to prioritize “trustworthy” sources and promote more content from friends and family.

READ MORE: Facebook will soon filter out RT news, so this is how you fix it… probably

Zuckerberg said that the new changes were inspired by the conversations and interactions he had while traveling around the United States last year. “Many people told me they thought that if we could turn down the temperature on the more divisive issues and instead focus on concrete local issues, then we’d all make more progress together,” wrote the Facebook chief.

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As Shutdown Looms, Trump Undercuts Chief Of Staff And GOP On Key Issues

WASHINGTON ― President Donald Trump on Thursday used Twitter to add confusion to his stance on two key issues, one day before Congress’ deadline for passing legislation to keep the government open.

In several tweets, Trump insisted that he stands by his signature campaign promise, a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. His comments directly contradicted his chief of staff John Kelly, who reportedly told Democratic congressional leaders that Trump had softened his views on the wall because he had previously been “uninformed.”

In a Fox News interview later that day, Kelly similarly said that Trump has “changed the way he’s looked at a number of things,” and did not deny the reports of what he said at the Capitol Hill meeting, which congressional Democrats confirmed.

“There’s been an evolutionary process that this president has gone through,” Kelly said.

Trump has been using the wall as a bargaining chip in negotiations over how to deal with undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children. Democrats, who oppose the wall, have been pushing for a so-called clean bill that allows these immigrants to stay in the U.S. Without such a bill, they have threatened to not support a government funding bill. 

Trump was angry following Kelly’s interview, according to CNN.

Trump in his tweets also bucked GOP congressional leaders, saying that funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which has also been hanging in the balance, should be included in future legislation, not a short-term bill funding the government.

Republican leaders attached a provision for CHIP, which has been running out of money, in hopes of getting Democrats to back what’s known as a continuing resolution, which would give Congress more time to work out a long-term spending bill.

Later Thursday morning, the White House attempted to walk back Trump’s tweet, issuing a statement affirming that the president does support House GOP leaders’ proposal for extending CHIP funding.

This article has been updated with the White House statement on CHIP funding.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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US State Department Issues Warning Against Traveling to "Sh!thole Countries such as Haiti for example"


The State Dept. recommends US citizens avoid traveling to third-world countries the mainstream media claims President Trump referred to as “shitholes.”

In particular, the department said travelers should “reconsider” going to Haiti “due to crime and civil unrest.”

“Violent crime, such as armed robbery, is common,” warns the State Dept. “Local police may lack the resources to respond effectively to serious criminal incidents or emergencies.”

“Protests, tire burning, and road blockages are frequent and often spontaneous.”

The crime in Haiti is so bad that embassy personnel are banned from walking in certain neighborhoods.

Now, according to the Oxford Dictionary, a shithole is defined as:

An extremely dirty, shabby, or otherwise unpleasant place.

It actually sounds like Haiti is worse than a shithole, given that definition, but there’s African nations even more dangerous than Haiti, such as the Central African Republic.

“Do not travel to Central African Republic (CAR) due to crime and civil unrest,” says the State Dept. “Violent crime, such as armed robbery, aggravated battery, and homicide, is common.”

“Large areas of the country are controlled by armed groups who regularly kidnap, injure, and/or kill civilians. In the event of unrest, airport, land border, and road closures may occur with little or no notice.”

Somalia, however, sounds even worse due terrorism and piracy.

“Terrorists continue to plot kidnappings, bombings, and other attacks in Somalia,” warns the State Dept. “They may attack with little or no warning, targeting airports and seaports, government buildings, hotels, restaurants, shopping areas, and other areas where large crowds gather and Westerners frequent, as well as government, military, and Western convoys.”

“Pirates are active in the waters off the Horn of Africa, especially in the international waters near Somalia.”

It sounds like it’d be difficult to properly vet migrants from such violent countries, especially when compared to somewhere like Norway, which the State Dept. says is a relatively safe country.



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State Department Issues Cryptic Warning of Ongoing Coup In Iran

The cirucmstantial evidence supports the notion that an American-backed coup is underway in Iran. It is clearly being sanctioned by President Trump and the orchestrated by the CIA. Now, we have new proof of this coup from State Department press releases. Here is the story.


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From the Hagmann blood sugar protocol to the Hodges joint protocol, Dr. Broer has helped hundreds of thousands of people. There is something for everybody at  FOR COMMON SENSE SHOW LISTENERS, YOU CAN TAKE 5% OFF OF ALL ORDERS FROM HEALTHMASTERS.  ACT NOW, THIS IS A VERY LIMITED TIME OFFER. USE THE COUPON CODE “5COMMON”


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‘Bitcoin Banned By Islam’: Egypt’s Grand Mufti Issues Fatwa Against Cryptocurrency

The Egyptian Grand Mufti has issued an official fatwa, banning bitcoin which soared in value over the $20,000 mark in December. Trade in cryptocurrency is similar to gambling, which is forbidden in Islam, he said.

The fatwa was issued after consultations with several economic experts, Egypt’s Grand Mufti Shawki Allam said on Monday, as cited by Ahram newspaper. Egypt’s legitimate bodies do not consider trading a virtual currency like bitcoin to be acceptable, he said, and the use of cryptocurrencies “impinges on the state’s authority in preserving currency exchange.”

The mufti compared cryptocurrency’s trade exchange to gambling, which is banned in Islam “due to its direct responsibility in financial ruin for individuals.” The cleric said that bitcoin could negatively affect the legal safety of those who trade it, and lead to an “ease in money laundering and contrabands trade.”

Allam’s statement came as the value of bitcoin continues to fluctuate unpredictably. As of January 3, its price stands at $15,000.

Egypt’s Grand Mufti is not the first Muslim cleric to criticize the now-famous cryptocurrency, which has skyrocketed in value over recent months. In December, popular Saudi cleric Assim Al-Hakeem ruled that digital currencies are banned under Islamic law because they are “ambiguous.”

“We know that bitcoin remains anonymous when you deal with it… which means that it’s an open gate for money laundering, drug money and haram [forbidden] money,” Hakeem said at that time.

In November, Turkey’s highest religious authority – the Directorate of Religious Affairs, also known as the Diyanet – declared that buying and selling of digital currencies is at odds with its religion due to its lack of regulation and close connection to criminal activities.

Last year saw cryptocurrencies steal the headlines and take retail investors on a rollercoaster ride. Despite declines in December, bitcoin has seen a remarkable rise over the course of 2017, during which its price increased by over 1,300 percent.

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Ron Paul Issues Dire Warning: U.S. ‘On the Verge of 1989’s Soviet System Collapse’


Washington, D.C. – Never one to shy away from controversy, but often accurate assessments of fact, Ron Paul—who rose to prominence with presidential runs in both 2008 and 2012, running on an anti-war, pro-civil liberties message—made a monumental statement about the current state of the extremely dysfunctional U.S. political system, during an interview with the Washington Examiner, and noted how that could benefit libertarians in 2020.

“The big opening for us is the fact that this system is coming apart. We’re on the verge of something like what happened in ‘89 when the Soviet system just collapsed,” Paul said. “I’m just hoping our system comes apart as gracefully as the Soviet system.”

The “us” Paul is talking about is the libertarian movement, as Paul is perhaps the most prominent ideologically libertarian voice in the world.

The libertarian thought leader told the Washington Examiner that while he does not foresee the United States breaking into separate countries like the Soviet Union did, he does expect the coming systemic collapse to include an end to our currently unsustainable monetary policy and an end to the global “empire” maintained by the U.S. military—with over 800 bases operating in over 70 countries.

“We have ownership of these countries, but it’s not quite like the Soviets did,” Paul said. “I think our stature in the world and our empire will end, and that’s when, hopefully, the doors will be open and [people will] say, ‘Hey, maybe these libertarians have some answers to this.’”

Paul presciently noted that “the country’s feeling a lot better, but it’s all on borrowed money” and that the whole system’s an illusion” built on corporate, personal, and governmental debt that will never be paid back.

“It’s a bubble economy in many many different ways and it’s going to come unglued,” he said.

Paul calls the Federal Reserve “the chief culprit” in the financial crisis of 2008, and says the Fed’s willful printing of more currency under the guise of “quantitative easing,” or whatever other fancy name they use for printing money out of thin air, creates “boom” and “bust” scenarios which have eroded the value of the U.S. dollar to record lows amounting to a total loss of 96 percent of its value.

Paul went on to note that he disapproves of Trump’s foreign policy, in particular, his handling of the North Korean nuclear crisis and his staunch support for Saudi Arabia—who Trump, prior to becoming President, intimated on video was possibly behind the 9/11 WTC attacks.

“I think the foreign policy is a total disaster. Trump’s approach sounds good one day but the next day he’s antagonizing everyone in the world and thinks we should start a war here and there,” Paul told the Washington Examiner.

In a tweetstorm during a Trump speech back in February, Ron Paul laid waste to Trump’s warmongering and hypocrisy.

After running for the presidency on a platform that included getting the U.S. out of NATO, Trump—like all politicians do—switched his stance and began to promote it as a historic alliance.

“We strongly support NATO, an alliance forged through the bonds of two World Wars that dethroned fascism,” Trump said.

The former congressman has a way of presenting the facts in a clear and compelling manner that is often extremely difficult to refute.

Paul said that he continues to view the U.S. as on a steady path to fascism.

“This time when we have a permanent war on terrorism there’s no backing off—and with the war on immigrants, and the borders,” Paul said. “Anybody who thinks we’re not doing too badly has not been flying on an airplane lately. That’s about as authoritarian-fascism as you can get.”

Sadly, many former Ron Paul supporters jumped on the Trump bandwagon, as they perceived him to be an outsider running against the status quo. As Paul describes it, the appearance of Trump has been a setback for the libertarian movement, but he maintains hope for the near future.

“The appearance of the libertarian movement has been set back partially because of Trump, but intellectually we’ve been doing well,” Paul told the Examiner, noting a substantial “hardcore nucleus.”

“We as libertarians have some work to do before [voters] are going to accept a true-blue libertarian,” he said, “but I think moving in that direction and having a popular candidate [in 2020] is very possible.”

“If they only hear our message, I know they would choose liberty and sound money and freedom and peace over the mess we have today,” Paul said.

Perhaps breaking up like the former Soviet Union is not that bad of an idea after all.

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‘US doesn’t acknowledge environmental issues’: Veterans slam US polluting Okinawa

Michael Hanes, a former US marine, saw for himself the effects of decades of pollution caused by the American military on the island, which is home to nearly 1.1 million residents. Now he is a member of Veterans for Peace, a global group of military veterans which promotes alternatives to war. In an interview to RT Hanes recalled his visit to Okinawa, within the group’s delegation supporting local people opposed to the construction of military bases in Henoko district. US bases take up nearly 19 percent of Okinawa. 

“I heard reports that there was trash all over the place, but I had to see with my own eyes,” Hanes said, “So I went up there and it just blew my mind, I couldn’t believe what I saw. All that trash in such a pristine area.”

Having seen all the trash left by US marines, Hanes says that he is sure the US is the biggest polluter in the world. “The US doesn’t look to the environmental issues or acknowledge them,” he said.

Hanes recalled that when he served in Okinawa he never littered. “Marines [with whom I served] would never do that. We were trained if you would pack it in, you take it out,” he said.

Earlier in December Hanes, together with the Veterans of Peace, was featured is the video showing the Yanbaru rainforest in the north of the island. The US Jungle Warfare Training Center occupies some 7,500 ha of Yanbaru’s land.

The activists found dozens of empty packs for Meal Ready-to-Eat – commonly known as the MRE – a field ration for the US military which doesn’t seem to be clearing up after itself.

“Do US marines behave like this even in their own country? Or they just do it here because it’s Okinawa?” Akino Miyagi, a local biologist who joined the group, asks rhetorically. She says she comes to the forest every weekend to clean up the trash.

Former US soldier William Griffin believes that Washington doesn’t want to cooperate in any investigation on the environmental issue in Okinawa “because it’s a direct threat to their national security goals.”

“The problem is that environmental issues [are] a direct threat to our lives. The US gets away with a lot of environmental issues,” Griffin, who also joined Veterans for Peace, told RT.

Having a training center in the middle of a rainforest should ultimately come down to the people who live in and near that rainforest, Griffin said, referring to the Yanbaru area. “People who live there have to suffer from the consequences of that training. They don’t want it there,” he added.

In the meantime, empty packs from chicken and brownies are not the only litter found on the island. According to a Japan Times report from 2013, workers unearthed some 20 rusty barrels from beneath a soccer pitch in Okinawa which was once a part of Kadena Air Base. The barrels contained ingredients of highly toxic military defoliants used in the Vietnam War.

READ MORE: Banned chemicals contaminate groundwater near US bases on Okinawa

The Pentagon repeatedly left pollutants containing arsenic, depleted uranium, nerve gas and carcinogenic hexavalent chromium on Okinawan soil, the report said.

In May 2017, the Eco Watch environmental news site ranked the US military the world’s biggest polluter. “While the US military’s past environmental record suggests that its current policies are not sustainable, this has by no means dissuaded the US military from openly planning future contamination of the environment through misguided waste disposal efforts,” Eco Watch said. 

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