Syria Hit Israeli Aggressive Warplanes and Israel Destroyed Syrian Air Defense Battery

image-SAA - Syrian Arab Army Command
SAA – Syrian Arab Army Command

Israel fighter jets destroyed a Syrian S-200 air defense battery because the Syrian air defense corps targetted an aggressive Israeli fighter jet earlier in this morning.

Monday October 16, 2017 : ”An anti-craft missile was launched from Syria towards IDF air plane during a ‘routine‘ flying over Lebanon! The IDF spokesperson declared. Moreover, the Israeli source pretended that this warplane was a ‘reconnaissance’ plane. The source added, that the Israeli plane was not hit, however the Israeli Defence forces decided to hit the battery of the Syrian anti-aircraft.

The Israeli army targetted the battery with four bombs, according to the IDF, to the level it was no longer operational. The Israeli army said that this anti-aircraft battery was active against the Israeli aggression in March.

image-Israel is the enemy of humanity
Israel is the enemy of humanity

Ironically, these are great lies of the Zionist Israel, which reportedly uses the Lebanese airspace to bomb sites inside Syria, like for example, the Israeli attack against Massyaf in the countryside of Hama province on September 7/2017 which killed two Syrians and destroyed the site.
No Syrian statement yet. Moreover Israel declared that they informed Russia about it some hours after the visit of

Israel claimed that they informed Russia about it some hours after the visit of Russian President Putin to the defense ministry according to the Israeli media.

It is exactly like when Trump bombed Al Shuayrat air base on 6th of April 2017, also after informing Russia.

Funnily, according to the Zionist entity of the Occupiers of Palestine aka Israel, they have the right to bomb the military and the science locations inside Syria and demands no counter-attack be made.

As Israel is swimming in a sea of nuclear bombs, only them have the right of this military power in the region; Therefore Israel also wants to send a message to Iran and Hezbollah, which are also under the strikes of them. The message is ‘it is not allowed for Iran to have more influence in the region than Israel does, which is worried after the Collapse of the Islamist State militants in Syria’. Israel is the original enemy of Syria and its regional allies, Iran and Hezbollah. That’s the reason its backed rebels, started the war against Syria, also by bombing the Syrian important facilities.

Russia is doing great in Syria by eliminating the foreign-backed terrorists. However, we need more reaction towards this Israeli aggression, but at the same time we can say, fighting ISIS is like fighting Israel.

The Syrian authorities seized weapons from terrorists (Made in Israel) in the area between Hama and Homs.

Lately, the Syrian General Command of the Army and Armed forces issued a statement about the Israeli attack and the real story, here is a part of it: ‘Earlier today at 8:51 this morning, Israeli enemy aircraft’s penetrated our airspace on the Lebanese border in Baalbak area. Our air defenses countered the attack hit one of the Israeli planes directly and enforced them to retreat.’ The statement added that our leadership in the Army and the armed forces are determined to continue its war against the armed terrorist groups who are the arm of Israel in the region.

— Afraa Dagher

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Re: Danish pension fund excludes four companies for role in Israeli occupation

A major Danish pension fund has excluded four companies for their ties to Israeli settlements in, and the extraction of natural resources from, the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt).

Sampension, a DKK290 billion ($43.5 billion) Danish labour market pension fund, made the announcement in a press release last week, stating that two Israeli banks, Hapoalim and Leumi, as well as Heidelberg Cement and Israeli telecommunications company Bezeq, are now excluded.

All four companies have been excluded for violating Sampension’s new guidelines for investments in occupied territories, and specifically, “due to the financing of settlements, and the extraction of natural resources and establishment of infrastructure for telecommunication on occupied territory”.

The press release also stated that the Danish pension fund is in dialogue with six more international companies, who are being examined over possible involvement in activities in the West Bank.

The four companies already appear on Sampension’s list of several dozen excluded companies.

Read: Major European pension funds heavily invested in Israeli settlements

The move was welcomed by Danwatch, who published a report in January into Danish pension funds’ links to companies doing business in or around Israeli settlements. The investigative media and research centre’s investigation was specifically cited in Sampension’s press release, and credited for prompting the new policy.

According to Danwatch, Sampension had “invested a total of 400 million Danish kroner in Israeli and international companies with activities in settlements on the West Bank when Danwatch investigated the investments”.

At the time, the investigative media and research centre noted, “Sampension stated that they had no specific investment policy for the occupied territories, but that all of their investments must respect human rights, no matter where the companies are doing business”.

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Leading Israeli rabbi–‘The root and core of the Jewish state is the Torah’

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Daesh training camp set up at Israeli border

According to Channel 2 (Israel), Daesh has opened a training camp for 300 men at the Syrian-Israeli border.

This decision comes after recent years has seen the establishment of excellent relations between Raqqa and Tel-Aviv.

However, in the current context where the main states that were providing funds for the Islamic State have reversed their attitudes, the Israeli Chief of Staff is getting ready for a confrontation with the jihadists, that he was protecting till now.

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Re: Eight Israeli soldiers commit suicide in nearly three months

The number of suicide cases among the Israeli army soldiers is “constantly” mounting, Hebrew reports have revealed.

Israel’s 0404 reported today that an Israeli soldier at the Hatzor military base, located at the southern area of the Palestinian occupied territories, committed suicide last night, as she fired a bullet at her head.

The incident is one of series of suicide cases that have been monitored during the past two and a half months, during which seven soldiers committed suicide.

Read: Palestinian child narrates horrifying experience of 10-hour detention by Israeli forces

The Israeli police are currently investigating into the cases, the Israeli website noted.

The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) spokesperson recently said that the last three years have witnessed an increase in the number of suicide cases among the Israeli soldiers.

In 2016, some 15 IDF soldiers committed suicide over the course of the year, according to The Times of Israel.

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Movie Mogul Harvey Weinstein–‘I Am Israeli in My Heart and Mind…Jews should get as organized as the mafia in fighting anti-Semitism’

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Israeli TV Shows Footage Of ISIS Training Camp On Israel’s Border

(ZH) Last November Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his country “won’t allow Islamic State figures or other enemy actors, under the cover of the war in Syria, to set up next to our borders,” but it appears this has already happened, to the point that a sizable ISIS training camp has been set up just across the Golan Heights border with Israel. Though Syrian al-Qaeda has long been a mainstay in southern Syria along Israel’s border, this constitutes the first widespread public acknowledgment and confirmation of a significant ISIS base of operations in the Golan region.

Israeli media this week is reporting news of the base camp after Israel’s Channel 2 aired an extensive report with video and photographic evidence of what’s being described as a training and recruitment center which has already attracted hundreds of new terror recruits. Channel 2 is one of Israel’s most visible and established news broadcast channels and operates under “The Second Authority for Television and Radio” licensed by the Knesset and the Ministry of Communications. According to the Times of Israel:

Israel’s Channel 2 said the commanders have made their way to an Islamic State-controlled enclave “close to the border” with Israel. They have set up a training camp to which they have recruited 300 local youths, said the report, which showed footage apparently of the camp and training sessions.


Among the commanders is one of Islamic State’s most notorious recruiters, Abu Hamam Jazrawi, the TV report said.


The commanders are also now running Islamic State internet propaganda campaigns from their new base, in place of the former campaign headquarters in Raqqa, the extremists’ former de facto capital in northwest Syria where the fight to oust them has entered what appear to be its final stages.

Featured in Israel’s Channel 2 broadcast: Islamic State training camp (Channel 2 screenshot)
Channel 2 screenshot purporting to show the ISIS base camp just across Israel’s border.

The Channel 2 exposé further notes the presence of multiple senior Islamic State commanders at the camp, which suggests the terror group could be attempting to relocate its assets to Syria’s south as it appears to be crumbling with the onset of SDF, Syrian Army, and Russian forces in the eastern part of the country.

The Times of Israel acknowledges another shocking fact, which has itself become an open secret of sorts among Israeli defense and policy officials: what it calls the long lasting “live and let live” relationship with al-Qaeda in the region. The Times of Israel explains:

Both the IS-affiliated Khalid ibn al-Walid Army and the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, formerly the al-Nusra Front, which is linked to al-Qaeda, have been set up on Israel’s borders for years.


Despite a relatively long-lasting “live and let live” relationship with these groups, the IDF has warned of a potential — some say inevitable — conflict with them and has been preparing to respond to cross-border attacks.

Though the IDF has “warned” of some “potential” direct action against the most notorious terrorist groups in the world which seem to be comfortably ensconced within eyesight of Israeli border posts, it has never taken significant direct action against these groups, instead routinely targeting the Syrian army, Iranian-linked militias, and Hezbollah with airstrikes. This is a general reflection of the Israeli strategy of regime change in Syria, which has resulted in a well-documented history of assistance to al-Qaeda affiliated rebel groups.

Wall Street Journal investigation found that this relationship involved weapons transfers, salary payments to anti-Assad fighters, and treatment of wounded jihadists in Israeli hospitals, the latter which was widely promoted in photo ops picturing Netanyahu himself greeting militants. As even former Acting Director of the CIA Michael Morell once directly told the Israeli publicIsrael’s “dangerous game” in Syria consists in getting in bed with al-Qaeda in order to fight Shia Iran. 

Channel 2 screenshot purporting to show the ISIS base camp just across Israel’s border.

Channel 2 News and the The Times of Israel also featured an image from a prior video of a lone ISIS militant holding an Islamic State flag with the Israeli side of the Golan border in clear view.

The Times of Israel featured the above image: “Threats from across the border in a video released by an Islamic State affiliate on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights on September 3, 2016.”

In recent years, multiple current and former Israeli defense officials have gone so far as to say that ISIS is ultimately preferable to Iran and Assad. For example, former Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren in 2014 surprised the audience at Colorado’s Aspen Ideas Festival when he said in comments related to ISIS that, “the lesser evil is the Sunnis over the Shias.” Oren, while articulating Israeli defense policy, fully acknowledged he thought ISIS was “the lesser evil.”

Likewise, for Netanyahu and other Israeli officials the chief concern was never the black clad death cult which filmed itself beheading Americans and burning people alive, but the possibility of, in the words of Henry Kissinger, “a Shia and pro-Iran territorial belt reaching from Tehran to Beirut” and establishment of “an Iranian radical empire.”

With Israeli media now widely reporting the Islamic State’s presence along Israel’s border we wonder why such a clear and documented fact isn’t cause for bigger outrage. Though Israel’s Channel 2 bombshell report aired earlier this week, there’s been resounding silence in international press. ISIS is camping out along Israel’s border, yet all we hear about is the supposed “Iranian threat” to Israel’s existence.

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Re: 40,000 Israeli settlers storm into Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron

An estimated 40,000 Israeli settlers have stormed into the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron over the past two days as they mark the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, the Palestinian Information Centre has reported. Israeli occupying forces imposed a curfew on the indigenous Palestinian residents of the occupied West Bank city and closed off numerous roads leading to the mosque in order to allow settlers to enter freely.

Some 22,500 Jewish settlers performed religious rituals at the Muslim holy site on Monday, with a further 22,000 storming the building yesterday. The extent of the incursion is unprecedented, but such events are increasingly common.

Last month 3,000 settlers stormed the mosque and conducted religious ceremonies inside the prayer hall. Meanwhile, Muslim worshippers have been prevented from entering the mosque to perform their obligatory five daily prayers and have also been banned from making the call to prayer.

The Director and Head of the Ibrahimi Mosque, Sheikh Hafthi Abu Esnaina, condemned the incursions. He stressed that Israel is encouraging the Judaisation of Palestinian religious sites. “The Ibrahimi Mosque will always be a holy site for Muslims only,” he insisted.

Read: Israeli settlers pledge to build temple at Al-Aqsa Mosque

Palestinians in Hebron have expressed growing concern at the ongoing aggression of the Israeli authorities and illegal Jewish settlers.

Last month, Israel approved a new authority to provide municipal services to the illegal settlers in the city, prompting accusations that the state is trying to annex part of the occupied West Bank. A week before, Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman upgraded the status of the settlers in Hebron, so that they would receive the same services provided to other West Bank settlements. The far-right politician also transferred jurisdiction over the area from the Palestinian Authority (PA) to the Israeli Interior Ministry.

Concerns have been raised at the behaviour of extremist Jewish settlers in the city for many years; they act with impunity from prosecution and their aggression is approved by the occupation authorities. Last month, the Israeli Supreme Court sided with a settler claim of ownership and evicted the Shamasna family from their home of over 50 years.

Read: Israel to approve construction in Hebron settlement for first time since 2002

In August, Israeli NGO Rabbis for Human Rights petitioned a court against Hebrew signs being put up around the city by the self-proclaimed “Committee for the Renewal of the Jewish Community of Hebron”. The NGO warned that the group is eliminating Palestinian heritage.

The Israeli settler community was angered in July following the UNESCO declaration that the Old City of Hebron is a Palestinian World Heritage Site endangered by Israel. In response, Israel has pledged to cut its funding to the UN. Right-wing settlers have urged the Israeli government to remain defiant in the face of the UNESCO resolution.

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Re: Attack on UN agency exposes Israeli charge of Palestinian ‘incitement’

Last month saw yet another attack on the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), the body supporting Palestinian refugees in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) and wider region.

“New UNRWA textbooks for Palestinians demonize Israel and Jews” ran the headline in The Jerusalem Post on 28 September, in a piece on a new “study” funded, carried out and published by the Los Angeles-headquartered Simon Wiesenthal Centre, the anti-Islam, Daniel Pipes-led Middle East Forum, and the Jerusalem-based Centre for Near East Policy Research (CNEPR).

There was one problem, however: almost 90 percent of the books cited are not being used in UNRWA schools. As UNRWA pointed out, the “inaccurate and misleading” report included books that “were phased out when the Palestinian Authority changed their curriculum and textbooks starting in 2016”. Some of the books are for grades not even taught in UNRWA schools in the oPt.

The shoddiness of the research should be a source of embarrassment for the groups behind it, but that is unlikely. The Simon Wiesenthal Centre regularly disseminates ludicrous smears against anyone or any entity that threatens Israeli impunity, while the CNEPR is headed by David Bedein, a West Bank settler obsessed with attacking the UN.

Accusations that Palestinian schoolchildren are ‘taught to hate’ are a staple of pro-Israel propaganda. As far back as 2001, American political scientist Nathan Brown wrote that “the charges against it [the Palestinian curriculum] are often wildly exaggerated or inaccurate”.

Read: Israel teams with US officials to dissolve UNRWA

The “myth of incitement” has long since been rebutted by the PA itself, and even a US government-funded study in 2013 – boycotted by Israeli authorities for including their textbooks too – “undermine[d]” claims “by the Israeli government that Palestinian children are educated ‘to hate’”.

Just last month, the UK government rebuffed Israel lobbyists seeking to follow up an April 2017 report on the Palestinian curriculum, which generated familiar headlines about incitement and hatred. The report, a government minister noted, was “not objective in its findings”.

While the Palestinian education system in the oPt faces constant accusations and smears, Israeli textbooks are rarely subjected to anything like the same scrutiny. Yet it is Israeli textbooks that use maps showing the West Bank as Israeli territory, disappear the Green Line, and erase Palestinian population centres.

In 2016, Israel’s Education Ministry unveiled a new high school civics textbook that closely ties “Israeli statehood to Jewish teachings”. It contains “little more than a few dismissive references to Arab culture”, while Muslims, the majority of Israel’s Palestinian citizens, are mentioned in “two short sentences” – which “mainly accuse them of discriminating against and oppressing women”.

A protester holds a placard reading ‘End the occupation of Palestine’ during a BDS rally

In 2011, Israeli academic Nurit Peled-Elhanan, published a major study of Israeli textbooks, concluding that Palestinians are systematically dehumanised. “The Arab with a camel, in an Ali Baba dress. They describe them as vile and deviant and criminal, people who don’t pay taxes, people who live off the state, people who don’t want to develop”, she told The Guardian.

The only representation is as refugees, primitive farmers and terrorists. You never see a Palestinian child or doctor or teacher or engineer or modern farmer,

she added.

After studying the content of Israeli school books for five years, Peled-Elhanan’s conclusion was grim: “Students leave high school knowing nothing about the history and borders of the state, and seeing Palestinians as intruders, and then have to go out and control and sometimes kill them”.

There are two main elements to the political context for the new ‘report’ on Palestinian textbooks and UNRWA. First, are ongoing efforts to target UNRWA and the UN more widely, on account of alleged ‘anti-Israel’ bias.


The Simon Wiesenthal Centre report was discussed on Capitol Hill with Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-Colorado). Lamborn subsequently wrote a piece for pro-settler news site Arutz Sheva, insisting that “all funding for UNRWA should be cut until reform conditions are met”.

Second, the charge of Palestinian ‘incitement’ continues to be a central plank in the Israeli government’s propaganda talking points, repeated ad nauseam internally, in the Israeli media and parliament, and externally, to foreign diplomats and journalists.

Read: Is Israel really a safe haven for journalists?

As settlements expand, under the watch of an Israeli government run by an alliance of bashful and proud opponents of Palestinian statehood, claims of ‘incitement’ and Palestinians being ‘taught to hate’ play an important role as a distraction, a way to divert attention from Israeli rejectionism.

Yet perhaps what is particularly striking in this regard is the content of this latest ‘report’, with textbooks criticised for simply giving an account of historical events, such as the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in the Nakba and the colonisation of Palestinian land.

It would seem that the likes of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre and Middle East Forum will not be satisfied until every Palestinian class starts the day with Hatikvah, and every Palestinian schoolchild heads home praising the Zionists for making the desert bloom.

The continued attacks on UNRWA, or the Palestinian education system, are delusional or disingenuous. Palestinian refugees’ rights aren’t dependent on an agency, and there is no occupation without resistance. Palestinian children get their ‘lessons’ in military court rooms and at checkpoints; their ‘teachers’ are the soldiers who kill and jail their relatives. Israeli and Palestinian textbooks alike simply reflect the reality on the ground – that of coloniser and colonised.

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Russia’s Air Force Kill Over 30 U.S. Israeli Terrorist-ISIS Ringleaders In Syria

Russian Air Force

MOSCOW, October 13. /TASS/. Russia’s Aerospace Forces have killed more than 30 terrorist ringleaders since the beginning of October, the chief of the Main Operations Department of Russia’s General Staff, Sergey Rudskoy, said.

“Special attention was paid to destroying the heads of armed groups. Since early October, ~ 31 of them have been killed,” the general said.

According to the general, on October 3, the leader of Jabhat al-Nusra, Abu Mohammad al-Julani, was seriously wounded, and its security chief Ahmad al-Gizai and several field commanders were killed.

  1. Russian aircraft destroy US/Israeli ISIS economic infrastructure in Syria

ISIS Terrorists Killed in Deir Ezzur, Syria.

Rudskoi also said that Russian Aerospace Force had made 383 sorties near Deir ez-Zor over the past week and destroyed 993 targets of so-called Islamic State (a terrorist group banned in Russia).

“Over the past week, only near Deir ez-Zor warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Force have made 383 combat sorties and destroyed 993 targets of ISIS terrorists [former name of Islamic State – TASS],” he said.

Rudskoy added that three intensive missile and air strikes had hit terrorists’ vital facilities with air-to-surface cruise missiles Kh-101 launched from a TU-95 strategic bomber and Kalibr cruise missiles launched from submarines.

“Long-range precision weapons destroyed 37 targets, namely munitions depots, areas with a high concentration of militants and vehicles along with terrorists’ communication units and command centers,” he added.

According to Rudskoi, less than eight percent of Syria’s territory are still controlled by Islamic State.

“As of today, an area of 14,800 square kilometers, or less than eight percent of the Syrian territory, is under control of Islamic State,” he said.

The Russia air force will continue its operation against militants of Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist groups until they are completely eliminated, the general said.

Rothschild Czar McCain Propaganda Photo Op

Attacks by Jabhat al-Nusra

  1. Russia’s Aerospace Forces eliminate 12 Jabhat al-Nusra commanders in Syria
  2. McCain’s Al-Nusra Rebels In Syria Murdered Roman Catholic Priest Fr. François

The Russian General Staff does not rule out repeated attacks by Jabhat al-Nusra (a terror organization outlawed in Russia) militants over the city of Hama, and appropriate measures are being taken.

He noted that after a September 19 attack by Jabhat al-Nusra militants over positions of the government forces near Hama, the situation in the Idlib de-escalation zone was stabilized. “Today, deployment of ceasefire control forces has started directly in the zone,” Rudskoy said.

However, the general noted, “Jabhat al-Nusra groups and gangs beholden to it are being deployed from the northern districts of the Idlib Governorate to the south and the southeast.” “Repeated attacks by militants over the city of Hama are possible,” Rudskoy said.

“Syria’s forces and aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces are taking all measures to prevent spread of armed groups from the given de-escalation zone,” the general stressed.

  1. Russia Warns Israel Of Ceasefire Checkpoints In Syria

He reiterated that on September 19 Jabhat al-Nusra attacked positions of the Syrian forces north and northeast of Hama. The offensive was brought to a halt and terrorists pushed back to their release points. Terrorists incurred substantial damages: the government forces killed 2,400 militants and destroyed 27 tanks, 21 multiple rocket launchers, 14 infantry fighting vehicles, 160 pickup trucks and 25 mortars.

Syrian Forces take positions at the top of Mount Annan overlooking the Tishrin dam, after they captured it on Saturday from US Israeli Islamic State terrorists, south of Kobani, Syria December 27, 2015.

Syrian army’s success

The Syrian government troops were able to repel the attacks by 3,000 terrorists in late September and break the blockade of the road to Es Sukhne, according to Rudskoi.

“In late September, the chieftains of the ISIS made the attempt of a large-scale counter-offensive into the depth of the Syrian territory, which involved about 3,000 militants. This grouping was created also through the re-deployment of detachments from Iraq,” Rudskoi said.

“Currently, the operation to liberate the city and free the road has been completed and all the terrorist formations have been eliminated,” the Russian general said.

According to Rudskoi, “over a thousand terrorists with tanks, multiple launch rocket systems and artillery crossed the Syrian border near the town of Abu Kamal from the Iraqi provinces of Anbar and Nineveh where the operation of the US-led coalition is under way” while another 450 IS militants attacked the government troops’ positions from the area near the community of Al Tanf.

Separate terrorist groups were still able to blockade the Es Sukhne – Deir ez-Zor road and also advance towards the town of al-Karatain, the general said.

“As a result of decisive operations by the government troops with the support of the Russian air task force, the terrorists failed to achieve their goals and the ISIL counter-offensive was thwarted while the terrorists’ main forces were eliminated,” the head of the Russian General Staff’s Main Operations Department said.

Euphrates River ~ Euphrates River is The Iraq, Syria, Turkey Border of the deep state pipe dream called ‘Greater Israel’.

  1. Netanyahu’s Big Whopper: The State Of Israel’s Role In The Cataclysm To Come

The Syrian government troops are expanding the bridgehead on the east bank of the Euphrates, successfully developing their offensive in the north and the south of the river, according to Rudskoi.

“The bridgehead on the east bank of the Euphrates River is being expanded. The offensive in the north and the south of the river is developing successfully,” the general said. Russian Airstrikes Kill 304 US Israeli ISIS Terrorists On Euphrates Eastern Bank

The engineer units of the Syrian army have laid out three pontoon and one bridge ferries across the Euphrates with the help of Russian military specialists to provide for the uninterrupted logistics supplies of the grouping and deliver humanitarian aid to civilians, the Russian general said.

  1. President Putin Imprisons 130 US Deep State Antifa Activists On ‘Terror Charges’ After Violent Riot

The general also said that Syria’s government forces had entered Mayadin, the largest city under control of the Islamic State.

“Over the past 10 days, the units of General Hassan Sukhel have entered Mayadin, which remains the major settlement that is under control of ISIL (former name of IS),” Rudskoy said.

In Mayadin, in eastern Syria’s Deir ez-Zor Governorate, the terrorists planned to set up a powerful fortified region and pulled in their most combat-effective forces. “Currently, the city is fully seized and the operation to liberate its central quarters is about to be completed,” he said.

Syrian government troops have also completely eliminated Islamic State units near the city of Akerbat. In all, militants have been driven out of 57 populated localities over the past month, Rudskoi said.

“In central Syria, government troops have completely eliminated Islamic State units besieged near the city of Akerbat. Over the past month, Islamic State terrorists have been driven out of 57 populated localities,” he said, adding that government control has been established over an area of 236 square kilometers.

Apart from that, de-escalation zones continue to function in southern Syria, in Eastern Ghouta and ion the north of the province of Homs, and near Tell Rifaat. “Russian military police officers are ensuring the observance of the ceasefire in these zones,” Rudskoi said.

  1. Russia Warns Israel Of Ceasefire Checkpoints In Syria

TASS Russian News Agency

Damascus, Syria ~ Mountain View Of The City.

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