Internet Conspiracy Suggests Eminem Died Years Ago From A Drug Overdose

Apparently, Eminem died in 2006 from a drug overdose. Personally, I don’t believe this internet conspiracy but there are some interesting things you can point out. Eminem is worth millions, if not billions of dollars. Did the government pay big money to create a Marshall Mather’s doppelganger?

After you read this conspiracy, watch this video below that proves Eminem is 100% alive and NOT cloned. Thanks

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In 2005, Eminem went into a drug rehab for sleeping pill addiction, then the  following year his friend Proof died. This, I believe, depressed Eminem and, as a result, he kept very low key for a couple of years before releasing his Album Relapse in 2009 followed by Recovery in 2010. When Eminem returned he was different man he looked younger, he looked in shape and his fashion style had a dark punisher vibe. Eminem went from a Detroit wigger who would wear baggy jeans, fitted hats with durags to a punisher with a new all black fashion sense.

Around 2012 I decided to compile pictures of Eminem just to see the changes he has gone through. At the time I was doing this I did know that he “sold his soul”  like most of the main stream artists, I did not know how bad his situation was and how it happened. After learning about the existence of androids from a documentary called American Androids and compiling hundreds of Eminem pictures, I deeply suspected and eventually was sure enough about what happened to him to make a public video stating that, indeed, Eminem had been replaced by multiple doubles/clones  and then finally replaced with an Android which is a synthetic programmable human which lacks genuine emotions.

The first video I created was titled Eminem died 100% Proof in 2012. That first video went viral and is no longer available on youtube. Seeing its success I decided to do 8 follow up videos about Eminem being dead. I received tons of Eminem died video responses which you can still find on YouTube today. My video series went on to receive over 2 million views. I became a somewhat popular YouTuber in a span of 6 months but I was mostly despised and didn’t have any real supporters, only people who wanted to see what I would say next.

My channel was eventually flagged down mysteriously. Luckily I had a backup channel which people found and I received hundreds of emails about Eminem and the more I went deeper into my initial 2006 replacement theory the more I realized that Eminem was replaced not in 2006 or 2001 but in 1999. People who listened to Eminem died 100% videos know that I am known for using lyrical proof. Most people ask me how I know what lyrics to take seriously and which ones to discard because Eminem does says a lot of crazy shit as a shock rapper. What I say to those people is that an artist tends to express or paint a picture of their lives through their music. The easiest way to identify which lyrics an artist wants you to take seriously is if the lyrical content is a recurring theme in their songs. In addition, you can look at the person’s real life behavior, their current lifestyle, and their childhood background. So when Eminem says that he had a bad relationship with his mother, he loves his daughter, and he sold his soul to the devil then its most likely true. On the other hand, Eminem saying he swallowed grenades, killed people, or that his mom gave him a food stamp for a pack of cigarettes and book at the news stand, obviously is not true. Let’s look at a quote by the replacement Eminem in Spin Magazine:

Like that cloning thing they’re doing — they should

hurry that up. Then I’d be able to do movies and rap
and produce at the same time and run a label and rip
my hair out.

Finding this quote was a turning point in my research. I asked myself why he would say that out in the open. Well I believe he was telling the truth because he was a replacement or look alike and he was waiting for the higher ups to finish the clone. Yes I know it sounds crazy but let’s look at what his friend Proof said in his song titled Fall Back.

The Devil’s in the next room. Guess who sparks life

out test tubes Special delivery clone vessels.

I’m at a point where it’s not up for debate whether or not Eminem is dead. People in my circle or who follow my work right now are only debating when exactly he was replaced. Now everyone knows that, when an artist is signed, he records hundreds of songs of which a select few are drafted onto the final album. Following that logic we can understand that the real Eminem wrote the entirety of the Slim Shady LP and all his remaining songs were scattered throughout his later albums which could explain the following lyrics from his song which was released in 2006 called Public Enemy #1.

I sense someone’s tapping into my phones why do

I got this feeling in my bones I might die soon
As I stand before you in this booth a walking dead
man Blank stare dead pan look as my face as I gaze
into space As I wait to be scooped up in that van
Mysteriously disappear into thin air.

After listening to Public Enemy #1 I said to myself, “Did Eminem really write that song in 2006?” Well obviously not; Eminem wrote that song a long time ago or perhaps the double just wanted to create fake drama . Either ways, I was enraged because I never heard this song before and never thought to get the album Re-UP because it wasn’t an Eminem only album. Little did I know that my enragement was about to multiply 100 times fold after someone sent me the song Canibus did called Dead by Design where Canibus raps:

You scream for hardcore, I felt it But what you gon’ do

when they kill me on some Eminem and L shit?

What more proof do people need that Eminem is dead and has been replaced? Well let’s look at what the fake Eminem says in the following songs. In the song Cinderella Man he raps:

Send da feller Shady dane came to wrap the game up

in cellophane, Raise hell from hell he came,
But didn’t come to bore you with the Cinderella story,
Nor did he come to do the same

In the song The Monster he raps:

Nobody’s home, I’m sleepwalking’ I’m just relaying

what the voice in my head is saying Don’t shoot the
messenger, I’m just friends with the…

In the song Rap God he raps:

So you’ll be Thor and I’ll be Odin You rodent, I’m

omnipotent Let off then I’m reloading Immediately with
these bombs I’m totin’ And I should not be woken I’m
the walking dead But I’m just a talking head, a
zombie floating.

In the song Evil Deeds he raps:

While I plant these evil seeds Please release me from

these demons I never had any of this shit planned ma,
please believe I don’t wanna be Satan’s spawn, never
got the chance to say I’m sorry

Some people may listen to the Public Enemy #1 Song and say he is rapping about iTunes and September 11th so that can’t be the “real Eminem”. Well you’re right that isn’t the real Eminem rapping. As I stated before the original Eminem wrote albums worth of material but was released in later albums as  re-recordings of the songs with additional rhymes about current events or current associates. It’s also possible that they seized the real Eminem’s rhyme book or recordings and created songs from it, or the imposter was told to re-record and make  incomplete songs into full songs or simply create completely new songs with the “I fear for my life theme”. Ask yourself when did Eminem become Public Enemy #1 in  2006? Why were Darling and Be careful what you wish for being released in 2009 as bonuses? The conclusion that makes the most sense is that these are re-done songs by the imposter that the real Eminem may have recorded fully or incompletely. Now if you listen to the song Demon Inside you’re going to clearly recognize that, that is the real Eminem and you will also find out it is not a full song. Now let’s look at some recent freestyles the replacement Eminem has done and how he has repeatedly exposed the fact he is a replacement. In the video uploaded in  2010 titled “Westwood – Eminem freestyle Radio 1”, at 4:23
minutes he raps:

News flash I’m still trashed them pills should have
killed my ass but they didn’t just made stronger like
they rebuilt my ass like the 6 million dollar man after
the crash.

I thought that was bad but when I heard this following
freestyle I almost vomited from disgust. In the video uploaded in
2009 titled “Eminem – Freestyle with Tim Westwood [Complete] –
HQ” at 27 seconds in he raps:

I wasn’t born mean I was push to treachery I walk
the streets looking for some puss to fetch me. I’m like
a veggie brainist turn from mush I’m edgy. Edgy
enough to give Reggie Bush a wedgie. If he don’t give
me kin things could get messy. So pass that ass to me
let me squash the left cheek and press against the
right one till it squash against me and leave a dead
body in the woods to Mc.

I understand the whole bit about Eminem being a shock rapper but these lyrics are going too far. The freestyle he rapped about him being still trashed and how he feels like he was rebuilt like the 6 million dollar man is very telling. This current Eminem is a fraud who knows he’s a fraud and is gleefully shoving it in our faces.


If you are a person with just one eye you can still clearly see this man has been played by different people throughout the years. All of Eminem’s features has changes throughout the years, such as his ears, nose, hairline, facial bone structure, and even the size and shape of his head. Below is a preview of some of the images of the impostor I have collected.

If Eminem died it would be on the news! I have heard all the rebuttals you can think an Eminem fan could use to argue the case for the original Eminem not having been replaced. Now we keep in mind that these people who are using these rebuttals, for the most part, do not understand reality and already have made their minds up and will scoff at any information you send  their way. When backed into a corner they will resort to asking for Eminem’s dead corpse or a news report that confirms his death and replacement. These types of people I call “zombie slaves”. Let’s look at the first argument which is “your ear structure changes with age”. This argument can quickly be shot down because anyone who takes 2 minutes to do some research will see that your ear structure- meaning the creases and folds that make it unique does not change. See for their article . also has an interesting article you can read . The Telegraph recently wrote an article titled “Ears provide new way of identifying people in airports” you can read the entire article here.

Some people will argue that cloning humans is not possible, and ask who would do it and why would the government waste money cloning a rapper? This is a very ignorant argument but you can easily debunk the cloning aspect by sending that individual a link to Popular Science and CNN. Explaining who and why someone would clone a rapper is  not so easy. Although personally I would simply say to the person that they replace celebrities all the time to control the masses, also money is not issue for the elites who are running this operation. That explanation for most people who want to argue will not be enough so I wouldn’t even bother explaining  any further. Another popular argument is that a clone would look the same or the clone would still be young and not the age that thereal Eminem should be. This type of argument is based on what  they have seen in movies and perhaps in mainstream science.

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19 more Colorado cities and counties vote in favor of city-owned internet…

Voters in Vail, Louisville and 17 other Colorado cities and counties Tuesday voted to take internet service into their own hands in a move that could lead to providing citizens an alternative to the entrenched cable internet provider. Fort Collins voters, who voted to do so two years ago, passed a measure to finance exploration of a city-owned broadband utility.

According to the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, which has tracked broadband votes for years, the 19 cities and counties join about 100 others in the state that previously opted out of Senate Bill 152. That bill, passed in 2005, restricts local governments from using taxpayer dollars to build their own broadband networks.

“These cities and counties recognize that they cannot count on Comcast and CenturyLink alone to meet local needs, which is why you see overwhelming support even in an off-year election,” Christopher Mitchell, director of the Community Broadband Networks initiative at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, said in a statement.

Passage, however, doesn’t mean cities and counties will start offering their own broadband internet service.

In 2005, cable and internet providers campaigned to stop cities from offering internet service.  At the time, Steve Davis, an executive at Qwest, which is now CenturyLink, told The Rocky Mountain News, “I think it’s inappropriate for public tax dollars to be invested in competitive businesses. At minimum, taxpayers should have the opportunity (to vote on the matter).”

The law passed, but it gave citizens the right to opt out in order to explore the possibility of building a municipal broadband network.

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Former Presidents Come Together for Photo-Op As Internet Forgets They’re ALL War Criminals


Five former presidents of the United States came together for a hurricane relief benefit, and their photo-op with musician Lady Gaga led to a surprising reaction—the internet loved it! Not only did the public put politics aside, it also seems to have forgotten about all of the things these men have done to give them a very different title: War Criminal.

“Nothing more beautiful than everyone putting their differences aside to help humanity in the face of catastrophe. #OneAmericaAppeal,” Gaga wrote on Twitter.

Here are a few of the highlights from each presidency:

Jimmy Carter (1977-1981)

After the CIA-sponsored assassination of the first democratically-elected prime minister of Congo in 1961, the brand new Carter administration stepped aside and said nothing as its allies provided the country’s new puppet dictator with military equipment to crush a dissenting movement that broke out in 1977.

Guatemala was also dealing with the effects of U.S. military intervention in 1977, and the horrific conditions included the presence of military death squads that tortured innocent civilians. While Carter claimed to cut off aid to the military government, some reports have argued that this was “little more than a PR stunt while tangible support continued.”

When the South African Defense Forces dropped bombs on innocent civilians in Cassinga, Angola, in 1978, more than 600 Namibians in sovereign Angolan territory were murdered as a result. Carter defended the apartheid government before the UN Security Council to ensure that it would not face sanctions.

George H. W. Bush (1989-1993)

Before the Carter Administration was dealing with the aftermath of CIA-sponsored intervention around the world, George H. W. Bush was serving as the Director of Central Intelligence beginning in 1976. His term lasted for just 355 days.

Bush then went on to become president in 1989, and he launched Operation Desert Storm in 1990. The argument was that Iraq had amassed 250,000 troops and 1,500 tanks on the border with Saudi Arabia, according to “top-secret satellite images.”

However, St. Petersburg Times Journalist Jean Heller reported that according to “two commercial Soviet satellite images of the same area, taken at the same time, no Iraqi troops were visible near the Saudi border—just empty desert. This means that the first Bush Administration convinced the public that it should invade a sovereign nation based on claims that it was threatening a U.S. ally—but there is no proof that those claims were true.

Bill Clinton (1993-2001)

When Clinton took office in 1993, the U.S. continued its war with Iraq through sanctions. While numbers from the United Nations suggested that thousands of children were dying each month because of the sanctions, Clinton defended his administration’s actions, and blamed Saddam Hussein.

In addition to denying humanitarian aid to the country, Clinton bombed Iraq in 1998. He sought no approval from Congress, and it was argued that he used the bombing to distract from his impeachment proceedings.

Clinton also bombed Afghanistan and Sudan in 1998, launching dozens of cruise missiles and claiming it was “an act of self-defense against imminent terrorist plots.” He insisted that the targeted area in Sudan was producing chemical weapons and had ties to Osama bin Laden, but no evidence of that was ever produced.

George W. Bush (2001-2009)

The propaganda against both Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden reached new heights when the second Bush took office. Before the death toll from the 9/11 attacks was confirmed, the Bush Administration had announced, and the mainstream media had spread the claim far and wide, that bin Laden and al-Qaeda were to blame.

Bush is credited with officially starting the “War on Terror,” which led to the illegal invasions of Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003. In addition to killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians over the years, U.S. military intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan is still ongoing today, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Barack Obama (2009-2017)

Despite running on a platform of peace, and even winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, Barack Obama has a record of spending more time at war than any other U.S. president. His administration fueled the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and created new conflicts in Syria by arming so-called “moderate rebels,” and then dealing with the consequences.

Obama also earned the nickname of “Drone King,” as he took U.S. Air Wars to a new level by launching unprecedented drone strikes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen.

Now, as Donald Trump’s first year in office come to an end, it is clear that he is only continuing the battles that were started and prolonged by his predecessors—and the first 9 months of his administration have already resulted in a horrific number of civilian causalities.

“The war is not meant to be won. It is meant to be continuous.” — George Orwell

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Elon Musk Wants To Bring The Internet To Mars

By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk recently revealed new details about the company’s plans to establish human settlement on Mars. In an “Ask Me Anything” forum on Reddit, Musk discussed the insights into SpaceX’s strategy. Specifically, how the giant rocket will transport passengers to Mars, as well as the road map for getting the rocket to its first launch. The rocket is code-named BFR and will be as safe and reliable as commercial aircrafts. The BFR is scheduled for its first flight in 2022.

“[We] will be starting with a full-scale Ship doing short hops of a few hundred kilometers in altitude and lateral distance,” Musk wrote. “Those are fairly easy on the vehicle, as no heat shield is needed, we can have a large amount of reserve propellant and don’t need the high area ratio, deep space Raptor engines.” He added that “[The] next step will be doing orbital velocity Ship flights, which will need all of the above.”

Musk also detailed the scope of SpaceX’s ambitions. He clarified that SpaceX isn’t focused on building cities itself. He said that the company would be designing and building systems for creating fuel, but that they wouldn’t be focussed on how Mars’s occupants would grow food or build cities. Musk also announced his his plans to bring an internet connection to the Red Planet. He intends to set up a huge network of orbiting communication satellites that would not only speed up internet connections across Earth but would also provide people in remote areas with fast, cheap internet. According to Musk, settlers on Mars would be able to use a compressed version of the internet. He suggests that data will take between 3 and 22 minutes to travel between Earth and Mars. “So you could Snapchat, I suppose. If that’s a thing in the future,” he wrote.

“Our goal is get you there and ensure the basic infrastructure for propellant production and survival is in place. A rough analogy is that we are trying to build the equivalent of the transcontinental railway. A vast amount of industry will need to be built on Mars by many other companies and millions of people.”

This highly ambitious project is expected to cost around a staggering $10 billion. But if SpaceX are able to implement a space internet connection, we may witness the colonisation of Mars in the years to come.

Read more: Elon Musk: “Super Intelligent Aliens” Are “Probably Already Observing Us”

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As America Searches for Answers, Internet Notes Saudi Royals Own Hotel Rooms Above Vegas Shooter

Nearly two weeks after the Las Vegas shooting, Americans are still searching for answers as to what happened on that tragic night. In the midst of a range of theories, the internet noted the proximity between a U.S. ally’s government during both this terrorist attack and the 9/11 attacks.

Saudi Arabia is considered a close United States ally, despite an extensive record of human rights abuses. Since 2007, Saudi’s Kingdom Holding Company has owned 45 percent of the stock in the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. Another 45 percent of the stock is owned by Cascade Investment Management, a company controlled by Bill Gates. In 2010, KHC and Cascade worked together to make the Four Seasons private.

In Las Vegas, the top six floors of the Mandalay Bay Hotel are owned by the Four Seasons. This hotel became the subject of a deadly terror attack when suspect Stephen Paddock reportedly opened fire out of the windows of his suite on the 32nd floor, sending a spree of bullets down to a crowd of around 22,000 people at a music festival across the street.

While it may have been pure coincidence that a man intent on carrying out a massacre, happened to rent a hotel room near a floor owned by the Saudi Royal Family, there is one important factor: When the Saudi Air Force visited Las Vegas recently, they did not stay at Mandalay Bay—the hotel in which they own 45 percent of the top six floors.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that a “Middle East Air Force” booked the entire W Las Vegas hotel for the month of August, and sources noted that it was the Royal Saudi Air Force. This raises the question of why the members did not stay at the Four Seasons at Mandalay Bay, when half of the stock is owned by the kingdom, and it is typically their location of choice.

It has been two weeks since the Las Vegas shooting occurred, and there are still a number of questions surrounding how Paddock was able to carry out the attack in the way the FBI claims. Within hours of the shootings, the official narrative was that Paddock was a “lone wolf” terrorist—despite several witness accounts of multiple shooters.

The surveillance footage, which surely exists as Paddock was staying at a hotel in Las Vegas, has still not been released, and evidence has yet to be presented showing that he worked alone in transferring dozens of rifles, thousands of rounds of ammunition and other supplies up to his hotel room.

There remains the question of whether Paddock, who was described by his brother as the opposite of a “gun guy,” had help in obtaining the arsenal of weapons, or in carrying out the attack.

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange suggested that the FBI could be involved, and he noted that the FBI’s business model is to stage terror plots so their agents can swoop in and save the day by foiling the plot they created.

The question of whether Saudi Arabia could be involved stems from President Trump’s leniency towards the U.S. ally, and from the questions of Saudi Kingdom involvement that arose after 9/11.

As The Free Thought Project reported, in July, a federal judge in Miami reversed her decision to push for the release of crucial documents revealing information on the funding of the 9/11 attacks. The information, which stemmed from a 2002 FBI report, is said to have included evidence of “many connections” between the Saudi family and “individuals associated with the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001.”

It was also revealed last year, after the infamous 28-pages were declassified, that the Saudi government aided the 9/11 terrorists.

The fact is that no matter what theories turn out to be true regarding the Las Vegas shooting, police have begun making massive reversals in the original narrative that was initially given, and with each crucial detail that is changed, it serves as a reminder that this case is not yet closed, and Americans have the right to push for the truth to come to light.

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Honest Coca Cola Ads Are Blowing Up The Internet Take A Look At What They Say

BLuke Miller Truth Theory

From using Jesus in their marketing campaigns to heavily contributing to the obesity epidemic Coca Cola certainly have not been short of controversy.

These attempts to mask the truth about their products have not gone unnoticed and many have taken to the internet to expose the real effects of Coca Cola. This photo from journalist Jess Murray was quickly turned into a powerful anti Coca Cola message highlighting the environmental damage that Coca Cola has caused.

In October 2017 Greenpeace shared a report calling out Coca-Cola’s on its single-use plastic bottles.

From Greenpeace

Plastic bottles are one of the most commonly found items on beach cleans and on the ocean’s surface. Once they are in the environment, they become a hazard for wildlife. Larger pieces of plastic can become an entanglement or choking hazard for animals. These larger plastics break down over time into microplastics which have been found in everything from seafood, sea salt and even our drinking water.

The report is especially critical of the companies failing to reach the goals it set to source 25% of its bottles from recycled or renewable sources, and the non-existence of targets to reduce its use of single-use bottles since then. Greenpeace also claims that Coca-Cola has actively lobbied against recycling and deposit return schemes in several European countries, while at the same time maintaining a green marketing facade with vague promises and false-solutions such as sizable donations to schemes that put the emphasis of anti-littering on the consumer, instead of the producer of the litter itself. Source Wikipedia

Coca Cola often uses slick marketing ploys in an attempt to mask the detriment their products have to our health and the planet. Another example of this is diet and low calorie alternatives which contain chemicals such as aspartame.

In 2013 Coca Cola released a video saying they are helping to fight against the obesity epidemic. The video below is a response to the original Coca Cola video with the words changed to give a more accurate and honest representation of the role Coke have played in the obesity crisis.  

Coca Cola are the world’s leading manufacturer of soft drinks, and have an obligation to not destroy our health and planet just so they can heighten their profits. Please share if you agree.


I am Luke Miller the author of this article, and creator of Potential For Change. I like to blend psychology and spirituality to help you create more happiness in your life.Grab a copy of my free 33 Page Illustrated eBook- Psychology Meets Spirituality- Secrets To A Supercharged Life You Control Here

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Internet Conspiracy Theory Predicted Attacks on Vegas and the Police State Response—3 Weeks Ago


In America, after every crisis, government reacts by stripping freedoms and rights to provide an illusion of security. This methodology is nothing new and, in fact, stems from the work of a 19th Century German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, known as Hegelian dialectic.

Hegelian dialectic usually presents itself in a threefold manner—a thesis, giving rise to its reaction, an antithesis, which contradicts or negates the thesis, and the tension between the two being resolved by means of a synthesis. In more simplistic terms, one can consider it thus; problem → reaction → solution.

If we apply this philosophy to the Las Vegas shooting, the problem is that a crazy person murdered dozens of people allegedly using legally obtained firearms. The reaction is that people are scared and don’t want others to have guns and they want to feel safe. The solution, as presented by those exploiting this tragedy for personal and political gain, will be to increase the police state and attempt to disarm Americans.

Like a record spinning on a turntable, this scenario plays out over and over again in America—all while the citizens cheer on the creation of the police state. This cheering is bipartisan as the left cheers for the dismantling of the 2nd Amendment while the right cheers on the expansion of the police state and militarization of police.

Sadly, both sides perpetually forget the very wise warning that those who surrender personal liberty for perceived security—deserve neither freedom nor security.

Indeed this warning is so tried and true that many of those paying attention are able to make predictions based on how the government will react to real or staged events. And, one internet sleuth on 4chan made some incredibly ominous predictions on the Las Vegas shooting and how it will usher in a windfall for the police state.

Disclaimer: We are not reporting what this user predicted as fact. We are only showing it because it serves to illustrate the motivation behind the problem, reaction, solution methodology of the state and their corporate partners.

Several weeks ago, on 9/11, a mysterious 4chan user who went only by “John” made a series of at the time overlooked posts. He warned users to stay away from any gatherings of large groups of people in the Vegas or nearby Henderson areas. Stating that he had insider knowledge of what he referred to as a “high incident project” that was set to occur soon.

The poster was ignored at the time since nothing seemed to occur on the 12th. However, the fact that John wrote “I can’t guarantee anything will happen tomorrow but las vegas is on their minds,” seems almost frightening now that only weeks later this massive massacre took place.

While these predictions can easily be written off as a broken clock being right twice a day, the next prediction he made cannot.

As Squawker notes, he states this “project” will be done with an endgame goal of passing new laws in Nevada regarding casino security. Making pricey new security screening machines mandatory for all guests. With even further more ambitious plans to follow suit in our schools and other public buildings if the public goes along with the casino machines easily enough.

He also specifically names former head of the Department of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff and Casino owner and billionaire Sheldon Adelson as the two men set to profit most off the wave of new regulations set to spring up in response to the Vegas incident. It’s not all that unreasonable even to believe that Mr. Chertoff might seek to profit from a new security panic in the wake of Vegas. Given that the man has already been accused of abusing the public trust by raising security fears among average American’s in an attempt to sell his companies body scanners before, all the way back in 2010.

Indeed, OSI, the company mentioned in the prediction, is already seeing record profits. On Thursday, OSI stocks reached record highs and have never seen a higher level other than immediately following the horrific attacks in Paris in November 2015. Beginning to see how this works?

  • Problem: Insane criminals with guns
  • Reaction: “Take our guns! Keep us safe!”
  • Solution: Foster the corporate police state at the expense of personal liberty.
OSI Systems, Inc reached a near all-time high Thursday morning at $93.57

Now, the “solution” of a police state, as predicted by ‘John’ on 4chan, is being rolled out. “Nevada will pass a law in the future making all casinos have mandatory metal detectors and backscatter machines,” he predicted. However, no law was needed.

As Bloomberg reports, customers waited nearly ten minutes before entering the Wynn resort in Las Vegas on Monday afternoon as guards scanned visitors with metal-detector wands and inspected their bags, creating a 10-minute wait to get inside. The new security protocol, put in place after Sunday’s mass shooting nearby, is likely to become the norm in Vegas, and possibly beyond.

Casinos and entertainment venues are going to have to take a more holistic approach to security, thinking about rooftops and other potential shooting – considering the possibilities for an attack from all angles, said David Shepherd, a former FBI special agent in counterterrorism who later was the security director for Las Vegas Sands Corp.’s Venetian resort.


“We have to start thinking like the Secret Service – start looking at tall buildings,” said Shepherd, who co-authored a book called “Active Shooter.” “How far do we have to take it?”

Metal detectors and door checks will likely become standard operating procedure at most of the city’s hotels and casinos, one executive told Bloomberg.

One executive at another casino operator, who asked not to be identified because security matters are sensitive, said the Wynn’s security check at the door is probably the industry’s future because there’s no other way to screen for people carrying weapons.

While this may seem fine on the surface, the reality is that no amount of police state measures can ever prevent a deranged lunatic from killing people. Short of locking everyone in a maximum security prison, there will always be this looming—albeit extremely rare—threat.

To see how ineffective and brutal further massive police state expansion will be, we need only look at the TSA which came into existence as the state’s problem, reaction, solution to 9/11.

The TSA is, without a doubt, one of America’s most corrupt, incompetent, and freedom stomping agencies whose ostensible job is fighting terrorism. Earlier this year, they became apparently so unsatisfied with the mere ability to strip search babies, remove colostomy bags, beat up blind cancer patients, and fondle your genitalia, that they announced a more invasive physical pat-downs. The pat-downs, which TSA warned would probably prompt assault complaints, are now happening. 

The TSA has never stopped a terror attack and is unable to stop 95 percent of the tests against its tactics, yet it gropes and molests children and adults alike — who unquestioningly accept it. Americans are being conditioned for a total police state and they have no idea.

The problem, reaction, solution paradigm is not in the interest of freedom and only serves to enrich those who profit from tragedy and the usurpation of rights.

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Assange accuses Spain of conducting ‘world’s first internet war’ to shut down Catalan referendum

In a series of tweets on Saturday, Assange outlined how hundreds of websites have been censored by Spanish authorities, who have also suspended the use of 29 Catalan government apps relating to the referendum and occupied telecoms buildings.

The official referendum website was just one of hundreds to be blocked. On September 20, Spain’s Guardia Civil raided the offices of the .cat domain registry in downtown Barcelona, seizing computers and arresting the registry’s IT manager.

The registry was established to provide an online space for Catalan language and culture and has over 100,000 active domain names. The raid came just days after the Spanish government ordered the registry take down all .cat domains used for the referendum.

On Friday, following a court ruling, Google blocked a Catalan government app that allowed users to check their polling stations. The following day police entered the headquarters of the Catalan government’s Telecommunications and IT Center, known as CTTI.

Undeterred, Catalan authorities have issued instructions advising citizens to use proxies to circumvent restrictions put in place by internet service providers such as Movistar and Vodafone. Pirate bay co-founder, Peter Sunde, offered his assistance to the Catalan people and government via Twitter.

Many prominent internet activists and academics, including Edward Snowden and Noam Chomsky, have rallied to the Catalan cause in recent days.

READ MORE: Echoes of Franco in Spain’s ‘political repression’ of Catalonia – 70 academics incl Chomsky

Assange has been a vocal supporter of the Catalan independence referendum, tweeting that the fate of Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and his government “hangs in the balance over Catalonia.”

“What is happening in Catalonia in the most significant Western conflict between people and state since the fall of the Berlin wall,” Assange tweeted Saturday.

Despite the Spanish government’s crackdown, Catalan separatists are determined to hold the referendum. Activists have occupied dozens of schools, intended to be used as polling stations, to stop police from shutting them down.  

On September 6, Catalonia’s Parliament passed a bill paving the way for an independence referendum to be held on October 1. The Spanish government, however, insists the proposed referendum is illegal.

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Posey County Cops Brag About Cannabis Raid The Internet Quickly Puts Them In Their Place

BLuke Miller Truth Theory

The post shared from the Posey County Sheriff’s facebook page brags “a job well done” the comments quickly sent the post viral.

The Facebook status made this past Friday reads:

“Over 50 pounds of marijuana will not be delivered to the intended destination thanks to Deputies Montgomery and Brock. The deputies intercepted the marijuana bales and other paraphernalia on I-64 early this morning. The deputies became suspicious while dealing with a driver during a property damage collision. Keeping it off the streets, accolades to both Deputy Montgomery and Deputy Brock. JOB WELL DONE!!”

Given the nature of this plant- which if consumed responsibly is for the most part is harmless, the internet quickly picked up and the post went viral with some great responses from onlookers:

Some comments highlight how ridiculous the officers look:

Why pose with it like a trophy kill? You look like idiots. It’s pot. You aren’t saving anyone.

Really? This is what you’re wasting time and money on? Enforcing an unpopular law? Is Posey County still stuck in 1962? Dancing against the law there as well? You look really foolish.

Don’t break your arms patting yourselves on the back for your bravery and heroism in getting this killer plant material off the street!

Maybe when you are done chest bumping you could find some time to work on actual crime……with actual victims.

JL chimes in with a comparison to prohibition

Wearing a costume doesn’t make you any less of a terrorist or a thief. When prohibition ends, you cats are going to be on the wrong side of history. As it is, taking away freedoms from citizens for a plant that’s literally more benign than coffee makes you a terrible person.

Many commenters added the fact that cannabis could curb the current addiction to opiate based pharmaceuticals

With the opioid epidemic destroying your state and the news marijuana can help curb this epidemic…. Do you think you did a good job? Cannabis helps, this hurts

Of course they know, that’s why they keep going after cannabis so hard. They NEED the opiate epidemic to escalate so they can justify their own existence. Problem, reaction solution.

Yes, marijuana is illegal. Yes, marijuana is a plant. Marijuana, however, is not illegal because it’s dangerous. It’s illegal because we live in a society that only cares about money. The medicinal benefits of marijuana alone would cause big pharmaceutical companies hell. Use your brains, sheeple. MARIJUANA IS NOT DANGEROUS. Sick people make money. Why give someone a product that’s biggest side effect is hunger when you can prescribe them a medication that’s side effects will cause you to have to write 5 more outrageously expensive prescriptions to treat the side effects?

The sad thing is these cops probably think they are doing the right thing

OMG are there still places in this country where they still arrest people for weed? What a backwards state and county. And you can tell these poor cops are proud of this like they did something good.

This comment managed to add all the points and humor in one winning the internet

I for one am glad they are keeping it off the streets. Imagine all the sitting around, chilling, eating pizza, and other non violent acts that would be committed if this plant had been allowed to fall into the right hands. Not to mention people not becoming addicted to opiates because they use it for pain management.

You boys are doing Bob’s work. The only thing missing from this story is a no-knock raid in the middle of the night at the wrong address where you shoot a 12 pound dog because you feared for your life. But you’ll get your chance next time.

Many states in the US and countries worldwide have made cannabis legal, add to that the fact that it has been shown in its many forms to be medicinal, maybe it is a time to rethink it legality. Please share if you agree!


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