Fmr Cop Indicted for Conspiracy, Acting as Kingpin of a National Steroid Trafficking Cartel


Edmond, OK — There is no question that many police officers use performance-enhancing drugs. In fact, the problem of police steroid use became so bad, in 2004, the DEA intervened to warn of the “possible psychological disturbances” of roid-raging cops.

The DEA said symptoms included:

  • Mood swings (including manic-like symptoms leading to violence)
  • Impaired judgment (stemming from feelings of invincibility)
  • Depression
  • Nervousness
  • Extreme irritability
  • Delusions
  • Hostility and aggression

Eventually, a few years later, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, made up of 16,000 members worldwide set a standard that “calls upon state and local law enforcement entities to establish a model policy prohibiting the use of illegally obtained steroids” by officers.

However, this policy never happened.

Not only do cops vehemently resist being drug tested by their departments, claiming it is a violation of their civil rights, they are also frequently caught selling steroids, as the case below illustrates.

Former Edmond police officer Christopher Thomas Caplinger served the citizens of Edmond, OK for over 20 years. During this time he was likely building up his customer base as well as his steroid empire which he would grow to epic proportions.

The indictment, filed earlier this month, alleges Caplinger, 55, was “the head of this drug trafficking organization, which manufactured and distributed anabolic steroids throughout the United States.”

According to the indictment, Caplinger made so much money that he was burying it in his backyard like a scene out of a mafia movie.

Caplinger wasn’t only selling steroids but he was importing products and ran his own manufacturing enterprise. As News OK reports:

As part of the conspiracy, Caplinger rented a commercial space in Oklahoma City to manufacture and distribute the steroids, according to prosecutors. The business front was reportedly for an auto sales company, “but, in reality, had little to no involvement in the automobile trade.”

Caplinger obtained raw steroid product from foreign countries, including China, according to the indictment. The raw product would be sent from the foreign countries to individuals in the United States who then “reshipped” the product to Oklahoma City, grand jurors allege. Schott was an alleged “reshipper.”

Along with Caplinger, Donald Ray Vincent Jr., 54, of Edmond; Deborah Ann Crawford, 46, of Oklahoma City; and Michael Brandon Schott, 34, of Newport News, Virginia, are charged in Oklahoma City federal court with conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute anabolic steroids.

If convicted, Caplinger faces the possibility of spending years in prison. However, if history is any indicator, all too often, police use their “exemplary” records as public servants to avoid jail all together—even when they rape society’s most vulnerable.

Unfortunately, as TFTP has reported at length, cops are frequently busted for dealing in and taking steroids.

“This is one of the dirty little secrets of American law enforcement,” says Gregory Gilbertson, a former Atlanta cop who teaches criminal justice in the Seattle area and works as a legal expert on police standards and practices, according to Alternet. “Steroid testing is declining, and I think there’s an attitude in all these agencies of ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ because they don’t want to know about it. Because if they know about it, then they have to address it.”

While anyone should be able to ingest any substance they want, the idea of public servants—whose jobs involve physical interactions with innocent citizens—taking drugs known to induce rage, hostility, and aggression is chilling, to say the least. However, as Alternet pointed out, the cases of cops using and selling steroids are anything but isolated.

These are some of the cases that have made news in the past year, though there likely are others that have not been revealed publicly:

  • In June, a Jeffersonville, Ind., cop, Anthony Mills, resigned after pleading guilty to possession of steroids. His attorney told the media that Mills did not consider steroids to be illegal drugs.
  • This spring, authorities in Edmonton, Alberta, revealed that a handful of police officers had been involved in the use or distribution of Stanozolol, the steroid commonly sold as Winstrol. More than 30 officers in Edmonton have been implicated in steroid use in the past few years, according to press reports there.
  • In January, a Portland, Ore. cop who faced firing for a positive steroid test was allowed to resign.
  • Last fall, a scandal rocked police in the Augusta, Ga., area when a man arrested for steroids possession gave authorities a list of steroid users among local law enforcement officers. At least one deputy resigned; authorities denied that the list included as many 30 others.
  • Also last fall, the Miami New Times revealed that Miami-Dade police officers had been customers of Biogenesis, a South Florida steroid clinic at the heart of professional baseball’s ongoing doping scandal.

The dangers of cops taking steroids are obvious, as the rage associated with their use can become uncontrollable. All too often, we see police officers immediately escalate situations to violence when de-escalation would have been far easier and safer. Steroids could be the reason.

“I keep seeing all of these cases where the level of anger and violence shown by officers makes no sense,” Gilbertson says. “And when things don’t make sense, they don’t make sense for a reason…Maybe steroid rage is a reason so many police officers seem so angry and aggressive.”

Cops on the juice feel indestructible as if they have superhuman strength.

Or as the DEA puts it, “The idea of enhanced physical strength and endurance provides one with ‘the invincible mentality’ when performing law enforcement duties.”

Starting to make sense now?

“Reasonable suspicion should be raised if they shoot somebody or beat the living daylights out of somebody,” Dan Handelman, a founding member of Portland Copwatch told Alternet. “In some of these recent cases, the officers seemed to be pumped up and were not necessarily working in a calm and level-headed manner. We wonder how much of this was coming from natural adrenaline and how much coming from other substances.”

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Why isn’t Rosie O’Donnell being indicted and prosecuted for criminal campaign donations?

Image: Why isn’t Rosie O’Donnell being indicted and prosecuted for criminal campaign donations?

(Natural News)
There really are two systems of “justice” in America today, and the Left is making it clear which side of that system they are on.

Hint: It’s not the correct side. But what’s maddening and frustrating to tens of millions of Americans is that they keep getting away with it.

And of course, when you’re a celebrity on and of the Left like Rosie O’Donnell, there’s definitely a second set of rules — and when those rules are broken, the punishment isn’t too severe if you didn’t mean to break them.

Leftist justice

Hillary Clinton, flat out, should be wearing prison stripes for her serial violations of The Espionage Act via her trafficking in classified material while conducting official business as Secretary of State on an unsecured email server.

Obama national security advisor Susan Rice and State Dept. official Susan Powell absolutely should have been indicted for improperly unmasking hundreds of American citizens for purely political reasons — just to undermine President Donald J. Trump’s campaign.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry should have already been arrested by federal agents for violations of the Logan Act after reports noted he has been consulting with an American enemy — Iran — as a private citizen, in a bid to salvage the so-called “nuclear deal.”

And Left-wing actress/comedian Rosie O’Donnell ought to be sitting in a booking room at a local FBI office on orders from the Federal Election Commission following serial violations of campaign finance laws.

You may recall that in December, as the vote neared in the Senate for the Trump-backed GOP tax reform bill, O’Donnell took to Twitter to bribe a pair of Republican senators — Jeff Flake and Susan Collins — to vote “no.” 

“So how about this…i promise to give 2 million dollars to senator susan collins and 2 million to senator jeff flake…if they vote NO…” she tweeted. “DM me susan…DM me jeff…no s**t…2 million…cash…each.”

They never took her up on the offer and the tax reform measure, as we know now, passed by the narrowest of margins (51 votes). 

But the offer alone was a felony based on a little statute called “18 U.S. Code § 201 – Bribery of public officials and witnesses” which states:

  1. (1) the term “public official” means Member of Congress, Delegate, or Resident Commissioner, either before or after such official has qualified, or an officer or employee or person acting for or on behalf of the United States, or any department, agency or branch of Government thereof, including the District of Columbia, in any official function, under or by authority of any such department, agency, or branch of Government, or a juror

There’s more:


  1. directly or indirectly, corruptly gives, offers or promises anything of value to any public official or person who has been selected to be a public official, or offers or promises any public official or any person who has been selected to be a public official to give anything of value to any other person or entity, with intent—
  2. to influence any official act

Notice the statute says persons need only make the offer to be in violation. 

But as is so often the case in the Jeff Sessions-run Justice Department, nothing happened to O’Donnell.

Now, however, it’s been revealed that her campaign contributions to Democrats have gone far over the legal limits. 

She’s done it before

As reported by the New York Post, O’Donnell substantially surpassed the legal donation limit of $2,700 to at least five Democratic candidates over the past year. In all, filings show she gave a combined $5,400 in over-the-limit contributions. She claimed to the Post in an email that there was “nothing nefarious” about the excessive donations, adding she just ‘assumed’ that campaigns would return excessive funds.

But then why would she use five different New York addresses and four variations of her name to make these excessive contributions?

The thing is, it doesn’t matter if O’Donnell uses the excuse James Comey/Hillary Clinton criminal mishandling of classified emails excuse — that she ‘didn’t intend’ to violate campaign finance laws.

She apparently did violate them, and being ignorant of the violations is no defense.

So why isn’t she being charged? We know the answer.

Read more about the corrupt system of justice in America at

J.D. Heyes is also editor-in-chief of The National Sentinel.

Sources include:



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You Have Been Warned: The Civil War Begins When Hillary Clinton Gets Indicted

 It’s important to recognize events that are likely to trigger the coming civil war. And by “civil war,” I mean a domestic, kinetic conflict between anti-American Leftists and pro-American patriots. In this case, “civil war” is not a political metaphor. I’m warning about actual kinetic conflict.

Finally, after years of cover-ups, the participants in the Clinton criminal cartel may be facing indictment and imprisonment. Earlier this week, lawmakers joined forces to send a criminal referral to the Dept. of Justice that recommends criminal investigations into James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Andrew McCabe, all “swamp creatures” who have committed outrageous criminal acts against the people of America.

1) lying about intelligence in order to spy on the 2016 Trump campaign; and 2) intentionally botching the probe into Clinton’s criminal mishandling of classified data via an unsecured private server.

See the criminal referral letter at this link.

Also, as reported Comey transformed the FBI into a corrupt, treasonous deep state apparatus that actively obstructed justice in order to make sure Hillary Clinton got elected President:

In the first draft of a statement former FBI Director James Comey prepared for the press when he discussed the bureau’s criminal investigation into then-Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton last summer, he dropped language that would have directly implicated her in a crime.

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The point is, unless President Trump is literally killed in some brazen assassination coup — which is always a possibility — he’s going to make sure Hillary Clinton and her cohorts get indicted. Regardless of what happens in the 2018 mid-terms, Trump is still President through 2020, and there’s no way he’s leaving office without making sure the corrupt deep state gets some serious payback.

The unhinged Left, of course, will immediately start rioting once Hillary Clinton gets indicted. Once the riots begin, I fully expect “kinetic engagement” to begin. Note that I do not support such bloodshed, and I don’t condone it. The last thing I want to see is the blood of Americans spilled on the streets of America. Yet I fear this is exactly where things are headed for the simple reason that Leftists can no longer participate in a free society in any rational, lawful way. They are deranged, hate-filled lunatics who despise law and order and literally seek to murder their political enemies. The very idea that their own deep state treasonous swamp creatures might face the rule of law will drive Leftists to unhinged extremism, which is likely to include their bombing of government buildings, mass arson, chaos in the streets, the widespread targeting of police officers and the attempted murdering of conservatives and Trump supporters.

The extreme intolerance, irrationality, anger and lawlessness of the Left, in other words, is simply irreconcilable with a free society. The current situation cannot persist much longer without something breaking.

We aren’t far away from a trigger event that could unleash all this. In fact  there are globalist elements that actively seek to push America into a civil war in order to call for United Nations “peacekeeping” intervention (run by Obama, of course).

Listen to my podcast for more details, and make sure you’re fully prepared for this dangerous possibility of what may yet come to pass:


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‘High-Ranking People’ Protected Hillary Clinton From Being Indicted – The Truth Is Coming out

Next Story

The 2016 presidential election presented a great deal of opportunity for us to begin to see through how our system of politics truly functions and what the goal of the deep state/media is within this entire charade.

It’s always serving in the early stages of these articles to make it clear, my (and CE’s) stance on Trump is simple, we don’t support the current political scene and we don’t choose any side nor any politician, we simply report on what’s actually happening, and facts that are not always presented in the mainstream, without an agenda.

In many ways, things people have been trying to raise awareness about became quite clear. Politicians buy the media to help gain public approval. Polls are used to help sway public opinion even if they are false. There is corruption within party systems to push certain candidates to the top. There is a bigger force at play, trying to get the public to vote a certain way for their own benefit.

Essentially, democracy is an illusion, and to think we truly live in democratic countries here in the western world is naive.

Remember when we learned the DNC was corrupted and Hillary’s camp conspired to push Sanders out of the race? Then of course the story became that it was Russian Hackers who caused all of this. This was an obvious tactic, for decades the media and deep state have been brainwashing Americans to fear and think Russia is the all time enemy. Many times Russia has served as a great scapegoat for the US to turn attention away from internal corruption and out to some ‘enemy.’ It has worked, but the truth is coming out more and more.

Former FBI Assistant Admits There Was Conspiracy

Now, with admissions from Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom that there was a conspiracy in Washington to protect Hillary Clinton from indictment, we can see more clearly what is going on. Kallstrom added that the ongoing chaos in Trump’s cabinet may be a symptom of the plot. This suggests that Trump’s administration is somewhat infiltrated. But then again, when has an administration not been? Deep state agendas are always at play.

Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. Theodor Roosevelt (source)

Who is sitting above the presidency?

“I think we have ample facts revealed to us during this last year-and-a-half that high-ranking people throughout government – not just the FBI – high-ranking people had a plot to not have Hillary Clinton, you know, indicted,” Kallstrom, a 27-year veteran of the FBI.

As we mentioned above, media is corrupted by powerful people to buy elections. Kallstrom alleged that both inter-departmental collusion and complicit media within the fourth estate helped to undermine the Trump campaign and subsequent cabinet. They also heavily pushed the RussiaGate narrative. Which was thoroughly debunked  yet still heavily pushed in mainstream media.

Like many others, Kallstrom also shared that Obama’s CIA director, John Brennan, an extremely vocal critic of the Trump administration, was involved in manipulation.

“My sources tell me that he was leaking almost weekly and daily. He was taking that bunch of phoney crap supposedly from Russia, and peddling that through the Congress, all his buddies in the media, he was one of the active people. I’ve known him a long time.” stated Kallstrom.

Many in alternative media outlets covered these stories as they unfolded, but the mainstream kept very quiet about it and even kept turning people’s attention to other matters. Luckily, the power of alternative media has grown so strong that enough people are listening. Even though the ‘fake news’ agenda came forth, it didn’t work out well enough fast enough.

Media Cover Up & Russian Propaganda

As a 9 year vet in the media world, having founded Collective Evolution and building its media presence, watching what went on in the mainstream media during the election was obvious. Hillary was using the media to attempt to buy the election.

Never have I witnessed such a blatant one-sided run of stories during an election. First it was Hillary vs Sanders. Even though Sanders was clearly the one more suited for the influential position, he was pushed out by Hillary. Then it became Trump vs Hillary, or as the media sneakily put it, male vs female.

I don’t believe in how our political world functions. I don’t vote because I don’t consent to the illusion that voting does anything. I have spent much time and energy educating myself in the space to know that a president decides nothing, and that if we are interested in what will happen in a country, it’s wiser to pay attention to the deep state agenda than it is to the illusion being spread that the citizens have a say or choice.

Herein lies the beauty of what we have as an opportunity to learn. Simply, it’s time to wake up to how our world works and move from a world where we are willingly enslaved, to one where we can live from our hearts and thrive.

You see, all this political agenda stuff, identifying with one political side and fighting over which policy is best, is simply a reflection of a world that is not in touch with itself and operates from the mind and ego consistently. It’s effortful, confused and a struggle.

The more we get into our hearts, and see one another for who we truly are and live that truth, the more our wold will change and we won’t fall for this illusionary stuff anymore. This level of corruption only happens because we remain unconscious and continue to support it by voting and supporting the system in the way we do.

Read our rundown on what Trump represents for our collective consciousness. Here.

The Conscious Truth

The environment for us to see this more clearly in the everyday world is also showing up. Divides in the deep state have become clear. No longer can they pull off such mass manipulative events like 9/11 without people seeing through it all. Not only that, whistleblowers are coming out like crazy. It’s now time for people to realize that although the FBI, NSA, CIA and other intelligence agencies have been heavily corrupted by deep state agendas, they are still made up of people. Many of these people are going through a shift just like you and I, and they are starting to feel uneasy about what they are doing.

For that reason, whistleblowers come forward, people leak information, and people like Trump get into power. No, it does not mean Trump is ‘all good’ or anything. Much of what he is doing still isn’t about humanity thriving. It simply means he’s an outsider and is playing out a very difference experience and agenda than the one we have been used to. In some ways, he is helping to break down the deep state which will be helpful to humanity in the long run. Clinton, Bush, Obama etc. They are all cut from the same cloth and would only have created an even more fascist state.

It’s also time for us to reflect. Hillary kept getting the female vote during the election, but does she truly represent what you would want in a female president? Lies, cheating, corruption, killing? Further, why  would we vote for someone just because they are a man or a woman? Does this not reveal how silly and primitive our way of viewing politics truly is? Are we ready and clear at this point that the time to change this game is now? For Trump supporters, does Trump truly represent how you want our world to look? Can we truly thrive through his leadership?

It doesn’t serve us to simply hate on anyone and reduce our conversation about politics to “that person is evil, stupid or a terrible person etc.” We must challenge ourselves to see things for what they are, for what’s actually happening. Don’t forget, so much of what happens is simply the media manipulating you like they did with Hillary and RussiaGate, what’s happening beyond that?

It’s time for conscious conversation, and conscious media.

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Feds: Judge admitted taking bribes from indicted lobbyist

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) – Federal prosecutors say an Arkansas judge admitted last month to taking $100,000 in bribes from an indicted lobbyist while the judge was a state lawmaker.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Steven Mohlhenrich said Jefferson County Judge Henry “Hank” Wilkins IV admitted to taking bribes in a Feb. 22 statement to the FBI. Wilkins hasn’t been charged with any crime.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports Mohlhenrich referenced the incident Friday in Missouri federal court during the arraignment of indicted lobbyist Milton Russell Cranford on corruption charges.

Wilkins served in the Legislature from 2011 to 2015. During that time, authorities say Wilkins received money from Cranford in the form of donations to a Pine Bluff church where Wilkins is pastor.

Wilkins didn’t immediately return an e-mail seeking comment Saturday. His cellphone couldn’t accept a voicemail.

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Nurses seen on video laughing as WWII veteran dies indicted

DECATUR, Ga. — A Georgia grand jury has indicted two nurses and an aide in the death of an elderly patient.

Former licensed nurse practitioners Loyce Pickquet Agyeman, of Snellville, faces a charge of felony murder and neglect to an elder person and Wanda Nuckles, of Buford, is charged with depriving an elder person of essential services. Certified nurse assistant Mable Turman, of College Park, is charged with neglect to an elder person.


A screengrab, used by permission from WXIA-TV, shows a part of the video that the television station discovered while investigating a war veteran’s death at a nursing home.

All three also were indicted on one count of concealing the death of another in the indictment returned Tuesday by a DeKalb County grand jury.

The charges stem from the Feb. 27, 2014 death of 89-year-old James Dempsey, a World War II veteran and patient at Northeast Atlanta Rehabilitation Center. The indictment alleges the defendants failed to provide timely medical assistance resulting in Dempsey’s death.

The Brookhaven Police Department launched a criminal investigation after television station WXIA uncovered hidden camera video that showed nurses ignoring Dempsey as he repeatedly calls for help and gasps for air. It also shows the nurses failing to take life-saving measures and laughing as they try to start an oxygen machine. The station’s report also uncovered video depositions in which the nurses changed their stories.

Dempsey’s family sued the Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center in 2014. A statement from the center at the time says care has improved since then, under different leadership.

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Virginia State Senator Richard Black: Mueller indicted 13 Russians to drag probe out and keep his position (VIDEO)



By indicting Russian nationals and entities for meddling in the 2016 US election, FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller seeks to drag the probe out for his own gain, Virginia State Senator Richard Black told RT.

Thirteen Russian individuals and three entities, were accused of attempting to advance the presidential bid of Donald Trump and tarnish the reputation of Hillary Clinton with the ultimate goal to “spread distrust towards the candidates and the political system in general.” However, none of the activities described in the indictment were able to sway the vote, US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told media.

According to Black, the lackluster outcome of the ever-widening investigation invokes suspicion that although Mueller knows there’s nothing substantial to uncover, he and his team will continue feeding the media headline-grabbers to keep his rather lucrative job.

“To a certain extent, I think, Robert Muller is struggling to keep alive his position of a special counsel. The special counsel has already earned 7 million dollars. When you become a special counsel, you have an open checkbook for the US Treasury and you are guaranteed to become a mega-millionaire if you simply can drag out the proceedings,” Black told RT.

I suspect that this is just a case of dragging out the proceedings, throwing some indictments on some silly things – not registering as a foreign agent – that typically is not prosecuted, but they are prosecuting it in this case because they are running out of ideas.

The latest twist of the Russia probe saga, which has so far failed to provide any proof of Trump’s collusion with Moscow, indicates that “there is simply nothing there to go after,” Black said. He noted that since both sides appear to agree that the alleged meddling could not have changed the outcome of the election, the probe is essentially “irrelevant.”

The record of US intelligence, which is no stranger to providing “completely fabricated” intel, does not lend much credibility to the “intelligence assessments” over the Kremlin’s alleged role in the election, Black said.

I’m not really impressed, I want facts; I don’t want some generalized conclusions from these intelligence agencies,” he said, noting that if he were Trump, he would ask them to “show precisely” what evidence they have in their hands.

Back believes that what is really on the agenda is to rein in Trump so he will not oppose the hawks in their pursuit of hostile foreign policy towards Russia.

“One of the things they wanted to do is to undermine Donald Trump and to keep him constantly on the defensive against Russia so he cannot do the rational thing, which is to reduce the tensions with Russia, to draw back from the Russian borders,” he said, noting that the “deep state” seeks confrontation with Russia as it allows them to “sell weapons and increase the size of the military.”

Speaking about the claims that Russia-linked operatives spent $100,000 on Facebook ads to promote divisive social and political issues to stir up American voters, Black compared it with throwing a penny to a beggar,” arguing that by “creating chaos” in the election, nobody could have achieved anything, “no matter who they are.”

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