Man Had 'AR-15-Styled Rifle,' Bump Stock Outside Indianapolis Hotel Before Women's March: Report

A 22-year-old man living in the U.S. illegally has been charged with a federal crime after police in Indianapolis, Indiana, found him in possession of guns on two occasions in January, The Indianapolis Star reported Sunday.

Police responding to a Jan. 20 call from security at the Hyatt Regency hotel in downtown Indianapolis saw Ahmed Alaklouk was in possession of a firearm described by the Star as “an AR-15-styled rifle,” which he reportedly told police was “fully tricked out.” 

Alaklouk, described as as a Tunisian native and Saudi Arabian citizen in federal court documents obtained by the Star, had been renting a room at the Hyatt when hotel security contacted the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department around 3 a.m. after they saw several weapons in his parked truck. There were six handguns in the backseat and an assault-style rifle in the front seat, according to the Star.

Police reportedly told Alaklouk to keep his firearms in a hotel safe and out of sight in his truck to avoid a potential break-in. Officers said the rifle had been modified to function like an AR-15 and was equipped with a scope, bipod and bump stock, reported the Star.

Federal law prohibits people in the U.S. illegally from possessing guns and ammunition, prompting federal prosecutors to file a federal gun charge against Alaklouk on Wednesday. U.S. Department of Homeland Security placed an immigration detainer in Marion County Jail for Alaklouk so he may be held in custody while federal agents obtain a warrant to begin deportation proceedings, the Star reported.

A bump stock, shown here in a Utah gun shop in October 2017, attaches to a semi-automatic rifle to increase its firing rate. (George Frey / Reuters)A bump stock, shown here in a Utah gun shop in October 2017, attaches to a semi-automatic rifle to increase its firing rate. (George Frey / Reuters)

Hotel security reportedly contacted police a second time around 7:45 a.m. when they found Alaklouk’s rifle in the front seat of his truck again and were concerned about his hotel room overlooking the area where thousands of Women’s March participants were expected to gather hours later.

Police and hotel security then removed Alaklouk and two other unidentified men from the hotel, according to the Star.

AR-15-style rifles are often the weapon of choice for mass shooters, including the suspected gunman in last month’s deadly shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida.

Bump stocks are a type of gun modification that allow semi-automatic weapons to fire like automatic weapons. Stephen Paddock had outfitted his rifle with a bump stock, which enabled him to fire hundreds of rounds into a crowd of concertgoers at a music festival in Las Vegas last year.

The hotel’s general manager, Joe Pinto, confirmed the incident Monday in a statement emailed to HuffPost.

“At Hyatt Regency Indianapolis, the safety of our guests and colleagues is a top priority,” Pinto wrote. “On January 20, hotel security was alerted to firearms in a vehicle parked in the garage. The police department was in touch with the vehicle owner to notify him of the policy violation, which requires firearms to be unloaded and stored in a locked container, and the guest left the property soon after.”

A week later, police responded to another firearm-related incident involving Alaklouk roughly four miles west of the hotel. A woman called 911 after Alaklouk pointed his rifle at her and her father and threatened to kill them over a business disagreement at Alaklouk’s store, Medo Tire Shop, according to the Star.

Charges were filed against Alaklouk on behalf of the state on Jan. 31 in Marion Superior Court in Indianapolis. He is being charged with two felony counts of criminal confinement, two felony counts of intimidation, one felony count of unlawful possession of a firearm and a battery misdemeanor. 

A representative for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department confirmed Alaklouk was arrested, but did not provide additional comment. Jennifer Lukemeyer, Alaklouk’s attorney in the criminal case, declined to comment.

Read the full report on The Indianapolis Star.


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  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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Indianapolis Police Officer Fatally Shot While Responding to a Car Crash

(INDIANAPOLIS) — A police officer died after being shot multiple times while responding to a traffic crash on the south side of Indianapolis, authorities said Thursday.

Lt. Aaron Allen of the Southport Police Department was responding to a call about a crash with people trapped inside a vehicle Thursday afternoon when he was shot, Sgt. Kendale Adams of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department told reporters at a news conference. Allen died at Eskenazi Hospital, Adams said.

“Shots were fired by one of the vehicle’s occupants, striking the Southport lieutenant,” Adams said.

Two other officers at the scene, including one who was off-duty at the time, returned fire, striking a person inside the vehicle, Adams said. That person and a second person injured in the crash were hospitalized and in custody with non-life-threatening injuries. Police did not release their names or discuss a motive for the shooting.

Allen was a six-year veteran of the Southport department and had nearly 20 years of law enforcement experience, Southport Police Chief Thomas Vaughn said.

“Lieutenant Allen was a hard worker, and today was no different. He responded to a crash with urgency to preserve life. Tragically, his was lost,” Vaughn said at the news conference.

Neighborhood resident Bryan McGary told WXIN-TV the shooting was unusual for the area.

“It’s just hard to believe that this would happen here. I mean I’ve lived here since 1976 and we really haven’t had much. . We do have a lot of policemen in our area that live here so it’s just one of those things,” McGary said.

Southport is an enclave within the city limits of Indianapolis.

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Family friendly July 4th events in Indianapolis 2017

Indianapolis will be a playground for the patriotic on July 4th.

The city will have a plethora of events that will celebrate America’s birthday, and most of these events will be geared toward the family. If you’re looking for the perfect family-friendly event, try these events out for size.

Star Spangled Symphony
July 1-4 @ 7 pm
Conner Prairie — 13400 Allisonville Rd, Fishers, IN 46038
(317) 639-4300

Who wouldn’t love a good symphony during the 4th of July weekend? If you’re in the Indy area, you can come to Conner Prairie and see the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra do its thing as it salutes the U.S. Armed Forces. It’s a treat that will inspire and warm the hearts of the entire family.

Firecracker 6 Run/Walk
July 4 @ 8 am
Indianapolis City Market — 222 E. Market St., Indianapolis, IN 46201
(317) 634-9266

If you want the entire family to get into shape, this will be the perfect event for them. The Firecracker 6 Run/Walk at the City Market will bring families together as they strive to get into shape before the main July 4th activities get cranking, and it will be a workout indeed.

IPL Downtown Freedom Fest
July 4 @ 6:30 pm
Indiana War Memorial — 431 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 232-7615

The largest 4th of July festival will go down in the heart of Indianapolis. The IPL Downtown Freedom Fest will have all sorts of activities for the family to enjoy, from kid-friendly activities to live music that will grace the War Memorial. When nighttime falls, make sure that you have your head in the sky in watching the state’s largest fireworks display light up the city’s skyline.

Party on the Plaza
July 4 @ 7 p.m
Indianapolis City Market — 222 E. Market St., Indianapolis, IN 46201
(317) 634-9266

Before the fireworks light up Indianapolis’ skyline, it will time to party in the plaza. This event, which is part of the IPL Downtown Freedom Fest, will have all sorts of activities that will keep the entire family entertained until the fireworks shoot off. So don’t just come downtown for the fireworks, make your way here for some family fun as well.


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Former Indianapolis Cop Who Killed Motorcyclist While Drunk Is Released From Prison


A former Indianapolis police officer convicted of killing one motorcyclist and seriously injuring two others while driving drunk in his police cruiser has been released from prison after serving about four years of his 16-year sentence.

David Bisard was released from the Edinburgh Correctional Facility early Sunday morning.

Bisard was on duty with a blood-alcohol level more than twice the legal limit when his cruiser plowed into three motorcycles stopped at a traffic light on the city’s east side in 2010.

Eric Wells’ mother says she’s not happy that Bisard is free.
“I wouldn’t wish what my family and I have gone through on anybody, even my worst enemies, I wouldn’t wish them to go through this heartache that is always in our heart and will be for the rest of our lives. I hope that when he closes his eyes, he thinks about what he’s done to my family and myself. I hope that when he looks at his children, he thinks about the child he took from me,” said Mary Wells, victim’s mother.

The Indiana Department of Corrections said earlier this year that Bisard’s early release was a combination of credit earned for good behavior, a year’s credit off his sentence for receiving his associate’s degree while in prison, 183 days credit for pursuing vocational education and 90 days credit for completing a substance abuse program.

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Police Officers Ignore Property Rights (VIDEO)

First Church of CannabisFirst Church of Cannabis

First Church of Cannabis

On July 1st I headed to Indianapolis with three other CopBlockers to attend the First Church of Cannabis ceremony that was taking place. It was a beautiful day with several great people in attendance – read my post about the day’s events here. In the video above you’ll see two Indianapolis Metro Police officers whom I caught trespassing on private property. I started to question them about their actions. The video has an interesting twist when a Sergeant calls the pair over for a short chat, so make sure to watch the video.

Do badges grant extra rights?

It seems to this duo they do and they’re perfectly fine with that. Forget that the police department had officers in the area days before to scare nearby homeowners, by telling them that thousands of people where going to trash the neighborhood, into setting up the barriers. One homeowner told me that the police told them that having such barriers would be the only way to make a trespassing arrest stick without having to give a warning first. I even heard that the police furnished the small wooden stakes and yellow tape but I couldn’t confirm that. Another person stated that the church group that came in was also approached by the police department, as well. Of course, the police call this community outreach. But some would call it BadgesDontGrant

BadgesDontGrantsomething else, like intimidation.

The point of this video is that while everyone else respected property rights, even those that weren’t blocked off, the police were the only people I saw that day trespassing. Yes, the church people were behind some yellow barriers too, but I witnessed them being asked to leave their first place and did get permission from the property owner for their second location. The police on the other hand walked, biked, and leaned up on fences in other people’s properties. Sure, it’s possible that they could have had permission in some of those cases, but in the video above you notice the Sergeant direct the officers to the street. You can’t hear the audio but the sgt says, “Don’t give them anything.”

Too late. The officers had already blown me off and then got busted by one of their own. I thought the pair would see the humor in my statement that I was just trying to help keep them safe, as that’s what the police told me while writing me a ticket for jaywalking (which is cop speak for crossing the street), but though they want to do that for, they had little interest in me providing such care for them. Therefore, this merely goes to show that while police expected others to respect property rights they themselves were going to (literally) walk all over them.

It might be a small issue but watch the cops the next time you see them out. Notice how they do things that they would be required to arrest you for. From parking in a handicap (no parking zone) to speeding down the highway the police believe they have more rights than you. Remind them whenever you can that they in fact DON’T!

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