Patrick Slattery interviews Jason Kessler about the importance of the Charlottesville law suits

Patrick Slattery interviews Jason Kessler about the importance of the Charlottesville law suits


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Grid Girls, Feminists & the Importance of Western Beauty — New Mark Collett Video

Grid Girls, Feminists & the Importance of Western Beauty — New Mark Collett Video

Feminists attack and picket beauty pageants and campaign against other women who uphold the ideals of beauty, femininity & traditional female roles. The latest victim in the feminists war against women are the grid girls. But this attack on beauty is also an attack on excellence – find out why those behind feminism wish to tear down excellence and why feminism and this attack on excellence are both part of the plot to destroy the West.

Statues, Heritage & Bad Role Models

My book, The Fall of Western Man is now available. It is available as a FREE eBook and also in hardback and paperback editions.

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PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to debate with me in the comments about anything I have said, I welcome that. However please listen to the complete podcast and ensure you argue with the points I have made. Arguments that simply consist of nonsense such as “what gives you the right to judge” or “I’m a [insert religious affiliation] and you should be ashamed of yourself” or other such vacuous non-arguments will simply be ridiculed.


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The Importance Of An Unhappy Adolescence

By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

Comfort breeds complacency. In moving forward we’re leaving our current location behind, which is why humans are reactive by nature and only strive to improve upon that which we’re greatly dissatisfied with – something we’re willing to leave behind. And the more threatening something is to our wellbeing (be it emotional or physical), the harder and quicker we’ll work to overcome it. Thus, it can be argued that an uncomfortable adolescence can lead to one pursuing a life acutely tailored to their needs and desires, a life that provides solutions to their problems. The video below, by Alain de Botton’s ‘The School of Life’, eloquently details the positive impact an unhappy adolescence has on one’s motivation to lead a deeply fulfilling life; touching on our universal desire to be understood and reminding us adults that it is our purpose to do right by the child within us.

“The true end point of adolescence is not when one stops asking huge questions and just gets on with their day to day but when one acquires the resources and intelligence to build an entire life around the big questions that first obsessed one at 17” — Alain de Botton.

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The importance of family holiday traditions

You don’t need decades of history for a tradition to feel established. Start now, and start with food.

When you think about your family’s holiday traditions, what do you picture?

I think immediately of my parents’ home, nestled in the snowy forest of Muskoka, Ontario, where I’ve spent every Christmas of my life, minus four. We attend a Christmas Eve service at the tiny local church, and it always ends the same way, with congregants singing “Silent Night” by candlelight. At home, we eat tourtière and cheese fondue, hang our stockings, and listen to Alan Maitland read Frederick Forsyth’s haunting story, “The Shepherd“, on CBC Radio. If these little things didn’t happen on Christmas Eve, it just wouldn’t feel the same.

There is great value in creating traditions for families. It creates meaningful memories, especially for children, and gives them something to look forward to year after year. The actions become associated with emotions, which in turn make the event even more special.

But there is a tendency to assume that traditions need to have been established years ago in order for them to be real traditions. That’s not true. In the words of Jenny Anderson, writing for Quartz, “You don’t need centuries of history to create Christmas traditions for your kids.” Every tradition is born at some point, which means you can start the traditions you want for your own family this year.

It doesn’t take much. Some of the most powerful traditions are extremely simple, but they acquire meaning through repetition. It could be the simple act of giving a book every Christmas Eve, as the Icelanders do, or giving a new pair of pajamas with a Christmas-themed movie, which my friend Kristin’s family does. It could be a group hike with family and friends before a Christmas Day meal. It could be baking the same cookie recipe year after year, decorating a gingerbread house together, going on a sleigh ride, or going out for hot chocolate after the Santa Claus parade.

Christmas dinner© K Martinko — A big Christmas dinner is an annual tradition in my family.

If you’re confused about where to start, begin with food. Everyone loves to eat good food, especially their favorite foods, and special occasions are the best opportunity to make the dishes we crave or don’t have time to make on a daily basis. If a holiday meal was a success, take note and make the same thing next year. Before you know it, you might be like Jenny Rosenstrach, who has made the same Christmas meal with her husband and in-laws for two decades:

“It includes cranberry-marinated beef tenderloin, curried carrots with pecans, and Sybil’s Salad, a creative take on a Waldorf salad. ‘I like that there are recipes that conjure up a feeling of warmth and family and Christmasness’.”

Rosenstrach is the author of “How to Celebrate Everything,” which Anderson reviews in her Quartz article. The cookbook is a testament to food’s ability to mark both special occasions and the passing of ordinary days, something that has become more important to Rosenstrach as her children grow older.

“Rituals help me answer the questions that are central to my life as a parent: How do we help our children recognize things that matter? These rituals have a way of stopping time.”

gingerbread house© K Martinko — Making a gingerbread house with my kid. The candy was leftover from a local fundraiser event, hence the embarrassing plastic bags! (I prefer to use reusable containers at Bulk Barn for candy hauls like this.)

My own children are still young, but I love the idea of establishing family rituals that we will repeat for years to come. We started a new one this year — a trip to see the 5,000 candles at Sainte Marie among the Hurons — as well as entering the annual gingerbread house competition held at our library.

Do you have established Christmas traditions that you can’t live without, and do they feature food? How do you mark holidays with the people you love most?

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The Importance of Drudge, Quayle, Rivero, and Rense

The independent media is at risk. Google, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter are simultaneously suppressing any message they deem unfit, and that is a danger to our ability to access information.

Due to the sneaky tactics by the gatekeepers, the independent media is it at a critical crossroad. This type of selective channeling results in blatant censorship and makes link aggregates like, and even more important in the escalating information war.

Much like the Drudge Report before them, these innovators were once laughed at due to their dated web designs and controversial content. Now they are often the first stop for open minded readers interested in learning the truth about what is really going on in the world, something the mainstream media would prefer to hide.

Independent media relies heavily on social media and google search to draw in, gain and retain readership. Sites with an alternative view trying to gain readership via the search engines like Google will undoubtedly be sent to the search purgatory. I recently wrote an article referring to their 160 handbook that details exactly how Google plans to do this.

When a user types into a search engine such as Google and that search engine deliberately omits alternative information about vaccines, GMO’s, holistic health, 9/11, or the history of banking from the search results they are effectively tampering with one’s ability to access pertinent data. Unfortunately, most people have learned to rely on search engines such as Google to find information which makes this even more dangerous.

Mike Adams, the Editor of Natural News ( whose Facebook page has over 2 million likes), states: “Facebook has attempted to utterly silence Natural News and our message of healing and self-reliance by squashing nearly one hundred percent of article shares. They have failed, however, because the people who are awake and aware of the sinister aims of Mark Zuckerberg are leaving Facebook in droves, and they’re increasingly coming to sites like to learn the truth about everything.”

Drudge, Quayle, Rivero, and Rense, have had a tremendous impact on shaping public opinion.

Matt Drudge is a right-leaning publisher with a massive readership that averages almost 150 million visits per month. Steve Quayle, an outspoken Christian, has a loyal group of followers reaching millions per month. Michael Rivero, an atheist, is known to be an outspoken anti war activist and proponent of freedom, and can also generate a large readership. Jeff Rense, a champion of even the most unpopular free speech has a readership that spans into the millions. All four, and others like them are crucial contributors to the independent media. Why? Because they’re providing access points to information that Google and Facebook are internally suppressing or hiding.

Drudge is one of the most powerful men in media. Last month he recorded over 147 million visitsmaking his readership bigger than the populations of Mexico and Russia. Drudge, who can’t be controlled, often walks to the beat of his own drum, refusing to allow the mainstream to dictate what news he believes is important. Referral traffic from the Drudge Report has single handily made Infowars a household name, giving them hundreds of authoritative links, and driving millions of readers to articles penned by Paul Joseph Watson and Mikael Thalen. Drudge has also propelled Zero Hedge into the mainstream by frequently linking to their content. Occasionally he likes to throw a middle finger to the establishment by linking to smaller sites like and even indirectly linking to a few articles by Michael Snyder of the Economic Collapse Blog. This is something I’m sure the media gatekeepers hate. Getting a coveted referral link from Drudge can result in 50,000-300,00 visitors reading your story.

Quayle has been at the forefront of Independent media for decades. A link from will result in tens of thousands to your websites; he is by far the second most powerful after Drudge in referring readers to your site. Like Drudge, Steve operates his link aggregate around the clock. He’s a tremendous asset to the independent media, and more importantly Christians, around the world.

Rivero has an interesting background that spans from NASA to Hollywood. Rivero stumbled into the alternative media after questioning the death of Vince Foster which ultimately resulted in the end of his Hollywood career. Luckily for us, it led to the birth of WRH, as known by its members, can generate up to 10,000 referrals a day, which makes his site another important piece of the independent media. Mike and his wife Claire have logged thousands of hours in a fight for truth and freedom.

Rense has been around for decades, and his influential site has been at the forefront of pushing traffic to the independent media for almost 18 years. Jeff is another one who is often marginalized for his beliefs and outdated site. Say what you want about Jeff Rense, but he is another very import piece in the alternative media. A link from can often result in tens of thousands of visitors landing on your site.

No matter what your beliefs may be, if you value the importance of information, you need to support these sites. Don’t make a mistake and wait until the last minute We’re approaching a crossroad where censorship by Google, Facebook, and various other platforms are taking aim at the truth. If these four webmasters stop publishing due to health issues, insane copyright laws or, even worse, death, the alternative media is dead.


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