Hirstory Speaks Will America Listen? Democratic Party Ideals Parallel the Nazi Takeover of Germany

The Washington Post (CIA controlled) wrote an article entitled, Trump immigration plan could keep whites in U.S. majority for up to five more years.

The article makes the point that some, unknown, obscure and ultra liberal economist, Michael Clemens, is upset because Hipanics and Africans imigrants are now coming to America in insufficient numbers that would be needed to replace whites as the most prevalent race in America. In the article masquerading as news, the unknown economist is placed upon a pedastal by WAPO quotes this pseudo intellectual:

“By greatly slashing the number of Hispanic and black African immigrants entering America, this proposal would reshape the future United States. Decades ahead, many fewer of us would be nonwhite or have nonwhite people in our families…”  and the “elimination of chain migration would delay the date the white Americans become a minority of the population by as many as one or as many as five years”.

Amazingly this anti-white racist rant by the Washington Post is now accepted as news among the liberals. This is the kind of racist rhetoric that preceded the Nazi concentration camps. When the German people would read newspapers, they would read how the Jews had dominated German society and drove the country into the abyss of social, political, military and economic destruction.

In the 1930’s, when the German people would attend the movies, the show began with a 10 minute newsreel which looked a like like today’s network TV. However, ALL of the newsreels consisted of the same plot. A menacing rat would be shown in the corner of a German home. The narrator would be comparing Jews to rats and that they should be treated the same way in that they should never be handling money (ie working in banks), teaching the young adults (ie working as university professors) and they should never enjoy the fruits of their Jewish criminality (ie owning property). Then came Kristallnacht (ie “the night of the broken glass”) which became a premeditated attack upon many Jewish businesses and homes by the Nazis.

When one looks at the George Soros inspired of a rapidly escalating racist path (ie BLM, Moveon.org, et al) that America is on today, I would ask the readers, where is America at in comparison to Nazi Germany history? And I how do I know this history so well, and recognize this history so clearly? These factors were the primary determinants on why so many of my family came to America, from Germany, via England.

When I first heard the “kill whitey” statements from various post-secondary educators that made their way into the media, I felt it was hyperbole and should not be taken seriously. I no longer believe that to be true. Ask yourself this question, why would the establishment media (eg Washington Post promote such anti-white rhetoric? This is a conditioning process for what is coming and parallels what happened prior the opening of the concentration camps?

As I have stated before, while I was attending a State Republican convention in Phoenix on January 27, 2018, I had a conversation with Representative Dr. Paul Gosar and he clearly told me that the estimates of the Republican Party placed the magic number of future Democratic immigrant voters, who would be granted amnesty, at 10 million people, in order to secure a chance at winning general elections.

The current number of proposed DACA members only totals 1.8 million and that is generous. To get to 10 million new Democratic voters, that means that each DACA member would have to bring an average of 5+ unwarranted people into the country.  This is the height of Democratic Party insanity.

As an aside, when immigrants are here for a few years and begin to assimilate into the culture, many reject the Democratic Party anti-American values that shun the value of patriotism, hard work etc. Many of these hard-working immigrants have had to scratch and claw and earn everything they get. I have noticed that most do not identify with the welfare handout philosophy of “robbing Peter to pay Paul” mentality of the Democratic Party.

The American people can expect that after DACA is passed and chain migration upheld, in five years, the Democrats will be back again looking for more unsuspecting immigrants and they will be trying to get this new group of amnesty seekers as the Democrats try to stay one step ahead of the burning bridge.

the following paragraphs will detail how America has been betrayed by the Democratic Party.

Elizabeth Warren, the Trojan Horse of the Middle Class. She and Senator Kamala Harris are Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers. I am not talking Muslims or the religion of Islam, I am referring to the most senior terrorist group in the world, the Muslim Brotherhood. These two belong to their front organizations for the Muslim Brotherhood. Trevor Louden has fully exposed this in his new documentary, The Enemies Within. Over 80 Democrats in Congress fit this MO. And now you know why they had a tantrum when Trump is pausing immmigration in order to screen immigrants who come from a part of the world that rightfullly hates America.They ae also upset because chain migration, which knows no boundaries, is being threatened by President Trump. Does this fit the definition of treason? Why do Warren and Harris care if immigrants are screened before they are admitted to our country? They have an agenda.


sarsour 33

Anyone who calls for violence against the President is subject to arrest and imprisonment. After making such a threat, Linda Sarsour should be sitting in a prison cell.

Linda Sarsour, just gave a speech in which she attempted to come off as the great Martin Luther King. Instead, when one analyzes the content of her speech, she sounded more like Stalin. Here is an example of what she said:

“…here in these United States of America where we have fascists and white supremacists and Islamophobes reigning in the White House. When I wake up every morning and remember who is sitting in the White House, I am outraged.”

This is Sarsour’s right to make the above statements. The statement is baseless, but under the 1st Amendment, she is allowed to say what she said. However, Sarsour does not have the right to say the following:

“I hope that we when we stand up to those who oppress our communities, that Allah accepts from us that as a form of Jihad.”

This statement was made in direct reference to President Trump. A Jihad is a war and she later went on to direct this at the present administration.  This is illegal as it constituted a clear threat against the President of the United States. In the same speech she later threatened a collective jihad against the government. This is also not allowed under our laws. She has also disparaged white Christians in the same manner. The Nazi Germany parallels are seemingly everywhere.

Time Magazine immediately went into damage control mode by saying that she was not calling for violence against the President. The word jihad” is a violent word which calls for violent action. Even some of the Mainstream Media expressed shock over Sarsour’s jihad comments. These actions parallel the Nazi propaganda against the Jews in Nazi Germany.

Fox News was critical of Sarsour’s jihad comments:

Controversial activist Linda Sarsour is calling for a “jihad” against President Donald Trump and his administration.

Addressing the Annual Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) convention this past weekend, Sarsour attacked the Trump administration and called on the Muslim community to unite against the White House.”

It should be noted that Sarsour was also the organizer of the pro-women’s march against Trump on Inauguration Day. The hypocrisy of Sarsour is notable as she violated her own spiritual precepts by banning all pro-life women from participating in the the march.

Sarsour is intelligent, well-spoken and obviously and obviously very well versed in Marxian ideology as she is attempting to create a victim’s mentality in anyone who is not White in order to form a revolutionary coalition to unseat the existing Constitutional structure of our government. This is a jihad against the American culture.  The move towards a racially motivated civil war gets a big boost from people like Sarsour. It should also be noted that in this speech, she demanded that Muslims not assimilate into the American culture. Why? Because her kind of followers want to conquer America through a stealth jihad. This means that the concern that many Americans have is that the intent of Sarsour and her followers is to supplant the US Constituent with Sharia law. And when that day happens Christians and non-Muslim believers better go into hiding. THEREFORE, THE PRECISE PARALLEL BETWEEN TODAY, OUR IMMEDIATE FUTURE AND NAZI GERMANY OF THE PAST, IS THAT TODAY’S WHITE CHRISTIANS ARE YESTERDAY’S 1930’S GERMAN JEWS. 

It is also noteworthy that Sarsour was a voting DNC delegate. Meet the new Democratic party in all of its bigotry, violence and intolerance.

Was anyone else bothered by the fact the large body count of Democratic Congressmen who did not attend Trump’s Inauguration and displayed disrespectful and unpatriotic behavior at the recent State of the Union speech? These unpatriotic Congressmen were led by the very radicalized John Lewis. Lewis belongs to the Progressive Caucus which a clear front organization  for the Communist Party as are the other disloyal Congressmen (see Louden’s Enemies Within).

At minimum, I am concerned because these Congressmen demonstrated that they will not work with this President. This is troublesome because the Congress and the President must work together for the good of the country.

At maximum, I am concerned about this development because questions about these Congressmen are being asked by my audience with regard to their real motivation. Many of my readers and viewers are questioning if these Congressmen want to simply be “out of the blast zone” for what is coming. In other words they are positioning themselves to survive the coup that is coming.

Again, as New Zealand Journalist, Trevor Loudon, fully documents, through The Enemies Within, he details how the Communist Party of the USA itself has adopted a stealth plan to achieve revolutionary goals by decisions made in the 1970s to infiltrate and manipulate the Democratic Party. Loudon’s newest work (available on Amazon Prime) documents how Lewis is a member of several front organizations have strong ties to the Community Party and the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization.

The Communist and Muslim Brotherhood infiltration plan is to form alliances with the radical elements in organized labor in conjunction with radicals in the African-American community and the feminist movement to establish a progressive coalition on the left that could dominate the national political agenda for decades to come.”  John Lewis is a member of the Progressive Caucus which is a front group for the Communist Party. Lewis is not alone, but his actions and allegiances speak to his lack of commitment to the Republic and most importantly, the Constitution of the United States.

With these associations and his continual efforts in dividing the country, this Congressman should resign. Our country has reached its saturation point with treason from its public officials. Lewis has lost all credibility. Former Congressman, Alan West, has identified 80 of these Congressman as belonging to front groups for either the Communist party or the Muslim Brotherhood, or both. Tervor Louden came to the same conclusion and they are all Democrats.

Words are cheap and history is often open to interpretation. For myself, I have crossed the great divide and there is no turning back. The coming conflicts are unavoidable and people need to take defensive action. There is much talk about a civil war, intellecutally and philsophically, we are already there.  The tell-tale sign will be when there is a modern day “Night of the Broken Glass”.

Regardless of the country or the period in history, a totalitarian takeover always follows the same script.


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Take A Look At How Male Body Ideals Have Changed Over 150 Years

The ideal body types for men has changed rapidly over the past few decades and centuries.

Credit: Nickolay Lamm

When looking at body ideals, it’s the bodies of women that are often scrutinized, with artists and those interested in health and culture looking into images of women dating back centuries or studying the fossils of recovered females. Historians compare how women were depicted and their body types are pored over and activists point to these evolving body ideals and say that it isn’t women that need to change with the times, it’s the ideals that need to stop altogether.

Feminists the world over, despite popular belief, generally advocate for the equality of both men and women. This means that most active feminists aren’t “man-haters” as is widely believed because, believe it or not, men suffer from the imposition of gender roles as well. For example, men are often called little girls, wimps, or gay if they cry or show too much emotion. They’re also pressured into finding work and being the breadwinner in their family, while being looked down upon if they stay home while their partner works.

These are just small examples of a much larger problem, but the point is that when we look at body ideals, why haven’t we been looking at men too? That’s exactly the question that artist and researcher Nickolay Lamm asked himself when undergoing a project to catalogue the body ideals for men over the centuries. Lamm has been invested in body types for quite some time, even creating Lammily dolls that have “standard human body proportioned” bodies to challenge Mattel’s Barbies. He decided to turn to the male form and used a 3D computer to model his characters.

By conducting research into the portraits of men as well as depictions of them in literature, he was able to come up with composite images that showed how the ideals have changed with time. Of course, the most change has been seen in the past few decades because of technology and media, which gives humans more access to images of male (and female) models and changes our idea of what people should look like.

1. 1870s: The Fat Men’s Club

Credit: Nickolay Lamm

In 1866 a Fat Men’s Club was started in Connecticut and spread throughout the country because being fat was a sign of wealth and the upper class. The club was restricted to those weighing 200 pounds or more, a feat which isn’t hard today in modern society, and went on until 1903, when America just wasn’t interested in the overweight body type. Today, obesity is associated with low economic status and a lack of body care, and is far from the body ideal for many people.

2. 1930s: The Muscular Mesomorph

Credit: Nickolay Lamm

The introduction of cinema brought to the screen many male figures whose faces and bodies are ingrained in the minds of Americans and brought new ideals to the general population. As Dr. Harrison Pope, author of The Adonis Complex, pointed out,

“Hollywood’s most masculine men of the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, John Wayne, Clark Gable, Gregory Peck – look like wimps in comparison to modern cinema’s muscular action heros – Arnold Schwarzenneger, Stallone, Jean-Claude van Damme.”

However, the muscular mesomorph of the time was the ideal, as a man’s job and their clean cut, Anglo-Saxon American look is what defined their attractiveness.

3. 1960s: The Lean Rocker

Credit: Nickolay Lamm

The post and mid-war decades brought about activism that the nation had never seen and an attitude against government and normal lifestyles that was unprecedented. With it came a distaste for “corporate bureaucracy, companies profiting from the Vietman War, and blind obedience to authority,” which included a defiance for the typical male look.

“Members of the counterculture were often the highly educated children of the prosperous and influential middle class; yet they turned their backs on affluence and conformity. With their attention focused on protest, social change, and discovering their inner beings, young men appeared to care little about fitness or body image. They didn’t work out, they were fond of drugs, and many seemed unacquainted with the notion of a comb. On the other hand, they were likely to prize the length of their hair, wore interesting clothes, and made a great fuss over eating natural foods,” said Lynne Luciano, author of Looking Good, Male Body Image in Modern America.

4. 1980s: The Muscular Man

Credit: Nickolay Lamm

With the 80s came a focus on revealing clothes, a wave of action-based cinema, and actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, who set the bar high when it came to muscular men. Health clubs, working out, and bulking up became popular and body building was now at the forefront for the average joe.

“The films operated on the notion that one man, a pinnacle of physique, would be the savior, and that strength, guts, and glory were the resolution to any challenge these characters would face,” reads HDNet Movies.

5. 1990s-present: The Everyman

Credit: Nickolay Lamm

While today’s ideal is more reasonable than the 80s muscular man and healthier than the 60s lean rocker, it’s still pretty demanding of men in that it encourages a regular regimen of weight lifting and protein packed meals. As movies focus more on the everyday man, who also happens to be pretty buff, more men feel like they can fit into this ideal of being a regular person while also being highly attractive by today’s standards. When asked, most men and women prefer a lean but muscular body type for themselves and their partners.

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