How to Go Vegan for Good in Twenty-Four Hours: An Interview With James Aspey

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This article is not meant to push anything on anyone. It is meant to help people make a big transition in a short amount of time if you so choose. The key word is choice. Titles, labels and identifications are often limiting, but decisions and commitments we make to ourselves can often come with unlimited benefits.

My personal journey to going vegan was not easy. I can’t eat gluten, so the initial idea of committing to a vegan lifestyle felt like I had nothing left to eat. Every person has their own perceptions and limitations and every one of them are valid until we reach a point where they no longer serve.

In my experience, I stayed a vegetarian for quite some time. For almost three years I would try committing to being vegan for a few weeks and fail. I was gentle with myself about it, but it was no longer a struggle the day I sat down and committed to seeing the truth.

I decided that to motivate myself, I needed to understand what livestock farming looked like. I was aware of the health benefits and aware of how animal agriculture impacted the environment, but I had always justified not watching the terrible videos on the internet.

I figured I might as well check out the actual conditions each species was subjected to, in order to avoid any denial that might exist. I told myself I would make whatever personal choice I wanted to after I did this research.

How This Decision Came Easily 

The first video I saw showed an injured cow getting violently kicked and beaten while she couldn’t get up. I was horrified. I noticed a part of myself try to justify ending my “research,” but chose to take a different approach this time.

 I decided that if I’ve been eating this food for decades, I might as well commit just one hour of my time to investigating what the process of getting my food looked like. I figure this was the only way to make an honest decision about what I was eating.

I knew this way, the decision would be up to me. I’m a firm believer in making clear decisions based on all the details, so I had to see what those details were.

After one hour, I knew eating animal products was in the past for me. There weren’t words to describe the horror that goes on, and I had no real idea about the implications of the industry I was supporting until I saw the truth with my own eyes.

How to Properly Make a Decision For Yourself

The subconscious mind is programmed through repetition. If we have repeatedly seen ads and positive confirmation regarding eating animals or animal products for years, this is simply embedded in our perception. This isn’t an excuse, but it is a reason to be gentle on ourselves as we see these things.

This bombardment in the media has desensitized us over time and even made us defensive because we associate our habits with our identity. If our lifestyle feels threatened, we interpret this as a threat to our survival and our fight/flight mechanisms in the reptilian brain are activated to defend ourselves immediately. This often stunts our ability to investigate with an open mind. This is completely normal, but being aware of it can help us to move beyond this step.

If we want to change our programming, it requires a good amount of research and emotionality to actively change what has already been stored subconsciously regarding our relationship to food.

Exercise Self-Compassion

This is nobody’s fault, and nobody should be forced to do this either. But if we want to make autonomous decisions, we must investigate both sides of what’s happening. There is a tremendous amount of financial incentive for large corporations to keep information hidden and to repeatedly feed us with ads about the “benefits” of animal products.

Everyone is entitled to their own lifestyle and decisions, but they should be made with information that is not just what we see on television or through advertisements that are geared to create a specific perception.

Check Out World-Renowned Activist James Aspey

After an incredible interview with James Aspey, a vegan activist who did a 365-day vow of silence for animals, I learned some more excellent tips and tools to keep me dedicated to my journey. James has over 30 million views on some of his beautiful speeches and is a sensational international speaker. He is also a beautiful human being who has a wonderful story about his own transformation.

The Process of Becoming Vegan Overnight

The First Step: Awareness

  1. Dedicate one hour of your time to watching what happens in slaughter houses. Check out what happens to every species of animal involved. See the process of how your food is created. This way you get to make an educated decision, independent of the media.
  2. James says we must try to imagine the argument from both sides. He isn’t referring to “eating animal products vs. not eating animal products.” He is referring to looking at the perspective of how we are personally impacted, as well as how the victims are impacted.

The Second Step: Educate Yourself

1. Learn about the health benefits of being vegan, while looking at the drawbacks of the lifestyle you are currently living. Take the time to evaluate this with an open mind. If you didn’t already know, The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified processed meat as a Group 1 carcinogen, along with tobacco and asbestos. James shares this as a resource:

2. Learn how animal agriculture impacts the environment. The best source that James Aspey shares is:

3. Learn about vegan alternatives, so you know what you will need to find substitutions for. I suggest simply making a list of foods you need to cut out of your diet and go to the grocery store to pick up these alternatives. Nowadays, you can find almost all alternatives for animal products at your local supermarket.

4. Identify your potential road blocks/fears and create proactive strategies to move through these moments. For example, what do you do if you are stuck late at work and need an emergency snack? How can you make these situations as easy for yourself as possible?

5. Join community support groups online and subscribe to some cool vegan Youtube channels for food recipes!

Some Tips/Suggestions:

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the things you’re uncertain of.
  2. Don’t stress yourself out if you make mistakes. This is how we learn.
  3. Don’t push your beliefs on others. Change doesn’t come from fighting a problem, it comes from being for the solution. Sharing is different than preaching, and we can’t know someone else’s reasoning for their decisions.

Three principles to remember:

  1. Stored subconscious guilt is the biggest cause of self-sabotage for behaviour. If you really want to make the commitment to a new lifestyle and have done your research, remember that what you eat can go so far as to affect your behaviour too.
  2. Every single person makes a difference. No one person is too small to make an impact. Change happens when many individuals take accountability for their lifestyles and habits, to create a collective shift. Your decisions matter.
  3. Where you spend your dollars supports an industry to be upheld. You are generally supporting an industry or not with your funding. Choice by choice, you are a part of the problem or the solution to change.

Check out this interview with James Aspey! He will teach you everything you need to know, and he has a heart of gold that will inspire you to take the next steps!

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NY Times Parts Ways With Tech Opinion Writer Hours After Hiring Her

Please support NewsBusters today! (a 501c3 non-profit production of the Media Research Center)


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Breaking: Wikipedia Reported Super Bowl False Flag Hours In Advance


Facebook’s Zuckerbeg has stated that he is discriminating against Independent News Media sites. He favors more “trusted sites” and that includes Wikipedia. Wikipedia in all of its earned trust, has predicted a false flag attack at the Superbowl. I think this is ludicrous. It shows how ridiculous Facebook or anyone else is in trusting the MSM (ie Wikipedia). The time of this publication is 2pm Mountain. We will soon know if Wikipedia jumped the gun on reporting on a planned attack (not likely). Or, do they lack editorial control for accuracy like CNN, New York Times and the Washington Post?



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Mother Brings Baby Back To Life With Two Hours of Loving Cuddles After Doctors Pronounce Him Dead

It was a final chance to say goodbye for grieving mother Kate Ogg after doctors gave up hope of saving her premature baby.

She tearfully told her lifeless son – born at 27 weeks weighing 2lb – how much she loved him and cuddled him tightly, not wanting to let him go.

Although little Jamie’s twin sister Emily had been delivered successfully, doctors had given Mrs Ogg the news all mothers dread – that after 20 minutes of battling to get her son to breathe, they had declared him dead.

Having given up on a miracle, Mrs Ogg unwrapped the baby from his blanket and held him against her skin. And then an extraordinary thing happened.

article-1306283-0AECB534000005DC-937_468x387 (1)

Awful moment: Kate and David clasp each other and their son Jamie, circled, after being told he did not survive the birth. They were given the child to say their goodbyes but then, miraculously, two hours later he began to show signs of life.

After two hours of being hugged, touched and spoken to by his mother, the little boy began showing signs of life.

At first, it was just a gasp for air that was dismissed by doctors as a reflex action.

But then the startled mother fed him a little breast milk on her finger and he started breathing normally.

‘I thought, “Oh my God, what’s going on”,’ said Mrs Ogg.

‘A short time later he opened his eyes. It was a miracle. Then he held out his hand and grabbed my finger.

‘He opened his eyes and moved his head from side to side. The doctor kept shaking his head saying, “I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it”.’


Proud mum: Kate with son Jamie when they appeared on Australian TVl. The boy was born prematurely with twin sister Emily at 27 weeks

The Australian mother spoke publicly to highlight the importance of skin-on-skin care for sick babies, which is being used at an increasing number of British hospitals.

In most cases, babies are rushed off to intensive care if there is a serious problem during the birth.

But the ‘kangaroo care’ technique, named after the way kangaroos hold their young in a pouch next to their bodies, allows the mother to act as a human incubator to keep babies warm, stimulated and fed.


Pre-term and low birth-weight babies treated with the skin-to-skin method have also been shown to have lower infection rates, less severe illness, improved sleep patterns and are at reduced risk of hypothermia.

Mrs Ogg and her husband David told how doctors gave up on saving their son after a three-hour labor in a Sydney hospital in March.

‘The doctor asked me had we chosen a name for our son,’ said Mrs Ogg. ‘I said, “Jamie”, and he turned around with my son already wrapped up and said, “We’ve lost Jamie, he didn’t make it, sorry”.

‘It was the worse feeling I’ve ever felt. I unwrapped Jamie from his blanket. He was very limp.

‘I took my gown off and arranged him on my chest with his head over my arm and just held him. He wasn’t moving at all and we just started talking to him.

‘We told him what his name was and that he had a sister. We told him the things we wanted to do with him throughout his life.

‘Jamie occasionally gasped for air, which doctors said was a reflex action. But then I felt him move as if he were startled, then he started gasping more and more regularly.

‘I gave Jamie some breast milk on my finger, he took it and started regular breathing.’

Mrs Ogg held her son, now five months old and fully recovered, as she spoke on the Australian TV show Today Tonight.

Her husband added: ‘Luckily I’ve got a very strong, very smart wife.

‘She instinctively did what she did. If she hadn’t done that, Jamie probably wouldn’t be here.’


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WATCH: Innocent Man Dies 2 Hours After Cops Mock & Abuse Him for “Pretending to Be Sick”


Norman, OK — Infuriating body camera footage has been released showing two police officers torment, mock, and physically assault an innocent man who was merely trying to get treated at a local hospital. Only two hours after Norman police officers accused Marconia Kessee, 34, of “faking it,” this innocent man would be dead.

A local activist group is now calling for the officers involved in the deliberate torment of an apparently dying man to be fired after body camera footage from Officer Kyle Canaan and Officer Daniel Brown showed the disgusting act.

As OU Daily reports, the Norman Citizens for Racial Justice’s press release states that the group believes the Norman Regional Hospital was negligent and the Norman Police Department “treated Marconia with extreme cruelty, denying him basic human rights, and profiling him because he was black, homeless and ill.”

“We fear for the future of Norman if there is not a way to protect the community from a police force that is exhibiting aggression, militarization and a lack of ability to properly interact with homeless, mentally ill and people of color communities,” the press release states.

According to family members, Kessee went to the hospital that day complaining of a headache. Kessee’s uncle, Michael Washington told Oklahoma’s News 4 that the hospital was inadequate in treating his nephew.

“I wasn’t there, but I believe it in my heart that he refused to leave because he wasn’t treated and he felt that he needed more medication because his headache was still hurting him,” Washington said.

Indeed, only hours later, this innocent man would be dead.

The incident happened on January 16, and as the body camera footage shows, the police officers were dispatched to the hospital to remove Kessee from the hospital grounds. When they arrived, Kessee was unable to walk and appeared to be in severe distress.

Officers did not believe Kessee when he told them he was suffering and instead resorted to mocking the man, demanding he get himself to the Salvation Army.

“You can’t just act like this to get back in the hospital, that’s not how it works,” one officer is heard saying.

Kessee was in so much distress that he could barely put on his own shoe. However, the officers thought this was an act, so they mocked him further.

At one point, one officer shows his utter lack of humanity and compares Kessee to his dog, saying, “I could teach my dog to put a shoe on quicker than this.”

After several minutes, the officers lose patience.

“Here in about 15 seconds, I’m going to drag your ass to the curb to get you off this property and then you can find your own way to the Salvation Army. OK? Put your shoe on. I’m losing patience,” an officer says in the video.

Instead of realizing the man is suffering—and apparently dying—they then proceed to drag him to the patrol car and book him for trespassing.

Kessee was then transported to the Cleveland County Detention Center where he was thrown in a cage. As the police report notes:

NPD was later notified that Kessee was found unresponsive in his cell approximately two hours after being booked into the detention center. Detention center staff called 911, and a medical response by the Norman Fire Department and EMSSTAT was initiated. Kessee was transported by EMSSTAT back to Norman Regional Hospital – Porter Campus where he was pronounced deceased.

Two hours after he was arrested for trying to seek treatment at the Norman hospital, Kessee was brought back to the same hospital only to be pronounced dead. A travesty indeed.

Below is an infuriating video showing what happens when the system fails society’s most vulnerable. We are told that all this exists to protect the innocent and help those in need. However, Kessee’s case illustrates the antithesis of that philosophy. He was in dire need of help and those who claim to ostensibly protect him ended up playing a role in his untimely death.

Kessee’s cause of death has still not been released. Both the hospital and have since launched separate investigations into his death as well as the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

“Norman Regional Health System is saddened by this loss of life. We are internally reviewing this case,” a representative for the hospital told The Mighty.

According to the department, the officers involved have been placed on paid leave involving the results of an internal inquiry.

There is no indication at this time that the actions of the two officers contributed to the death of Kessee. However, the department has launched an administrative review of the actions and disparaging comments made by the two officers. By policy, the officers have been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the internal investigation.

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Black Ops Agent Claims He Was Paid To Bomb OKC In The 1990’s By Deep State; Hours Later Has A Car Crash

Former independent Black Ops Contractor Robert “Cody” Snodgres took to the airwaves early last month to allege he was offered a massive $1 million dollar paycheck from the CIA to bomb the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City prior to the mysterious deadly explosion in the 1990s, hours later he was in a serious car accident according to reports.

The 1990s’ 9/11, so to speak, where evidence doesn’t add up was originally and officially blamed on fertilizer bombs perpetrated by Timothy McVeigh and his accomplice Terry L. Nichols.  It’s a weaved web of deceit; the investigation was a cover-up in every sense of the word, and may finally get wings for exposure.

The question is why if there is nothing to hide? That question may finally be answered with Snodgres, a career Independent Contractor. Further false flag attacks may be prevented with his stepping forward to blow the whistle on how ICs are approached to carry out these heinous acts against the American people in exchange for large sums of cash. According to Snodgres, he believes McVeigh and Nichols were patsies. (And as you will see later evidence collaborates this assertion.) Snodgres told Jeff Rense:

For over 20 years, I was an Independent Contractor (IC), specializing in sensitive, covert assignments, as well as bodyguard work. In 1994 I was given the task to blow up the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City. This job came from an x-US military man, who told me he worked covertly for CIA. I refused on moral grounds. My strong opposition to attacking U.S. citizens on our own soil changed my status from a CIA asset into a liability, a private, Independent Contractor who ‘knew too much,’

Snodgres appeared on Jeff Rense’s radio show on December 4th and 5th, giving his shocking testimony stating he refused the offer to blow up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

Ironically, hours after Snodgres did the December 5th interview he was in a near-fatal car accident.

Snodgres left an audio message after the crash with further details on the incident.

Further, Snodgres discussed both the Clintons and Bushes involvement in drug trafficking, Iran Contra, and numerous other corruption by the federal government including 9/11 which he said was “obvious.”

This wouldn’t be the first time that someone connected to OKC or looking into it had an accident.

Several mysterious torturous deaths followed others in the story of the Oklahoma City bombing, something that has the markings of a deep state black intelligence operation (false flag attack).

Terrance Yeakey was one of the first responders at the scene after the OKC incident and may have seen the explosive devices that the news reported that day.

Terrance Yeakey’s ex-wife Tonia stated on radio program AM1300 KAKC in 1998 that her husband was killed, with his death framed to look like a suicide only days before receiving the police department’s Medal of Valor for his heroic rescue efforts that day.

On May 11, 1996, only days after Yeakey’s death, the New York Times ran a story with the headline – “A Policeman Who Rescued 4 in Bombing Kills Himself.” But the bold assertion that Sgt. Terrance Yeakey killed himself couldn’t be further from the actual truth.

Sgt. Yeakey’s body was found in a field in El Reno, OK, over a mile away from his abandoned vehicle. There was an extremely large amount of blood found in his vehicle; he had been bound, had rope burn on his neck, ligature marks on his wrists, numerous deep cuts, likely tortured and killed execution-style with a single bullet that entered his right temple at a 45-degree angle. To top everything off, no gun was found at the scene of his death until an FBI agent showed up and suspiciously found a gun in an already thoroughly searched area within just a mere 5 minutes after being there. Yet somehow his death was ruled a “suicide.”

Tonia Yeakey, alleges that her husband witnessed things during his response to the bombing which did not agree with the ‘official version’ of events being put forward by law enforcement and the mainstream media at that time, and he began collecting evidence to support his findings when he was brutally murdered.

Another man who had an untimely death is Kenneth Trentadue who was being held in a suicide-proofcell when he suddenly committed “suicide” by hanging.


Timothy McVeigh stated that he believed Trentadue was mistaken for Richard Lee Guthrie Jr., a suspected co-conspirator in the bombing who was also found dead from hanging. Guthrie was a member of the Midwest bank robbery gang.

But the mysterious hanging deaths don’t end there. A third person, witness Alden Gillis Baker, a month before the trial was to start in 2000, was also found hanging in his cell.

Then there is the death of videographer Norman Perle who suddenly had a heart attack a month after telling Kenneth Trentadue’s brother Jesse that surveillance tapes had been erased.

Terry Nichols, like Robert Snodgres, stated a similar shocking allegation in a 19-page signed declaration asserting that the whole bombing plot was an FBI operation and that McVeigh let it slip during a spout of anger that he was taking instruction from former FBI official Larry Potts.

Nichols claimed that, in December 1992, McVeigh told him that “while he was serving in the U.S. Army, he had been recruited to carry out undercover missions.”

Who was Larry Potts?

Potts was the lead FBI agent at Idaho, Ruby Ridge in 1992, which led to the shooting death of Vicki Weaver, the wife of separatist Randy Weaver. He was also reportedly involved in the 51-day siege in Waco, Texas in 1993, which resulted in a fire that killed 81 Branch Davidian followers.

In 1995, one month after the Oklahoma City Bombing, Potts was promoted to the bureau’s Deputy Director by then FBI Director Louis J. Freeh.

Potts was then demoted months later in July, 1995 after there was intense pressure and criticism for the cover-up of an order to allow agents to shoot anyone seen leaving the Weaver cabin at Ruby Ridge. It was also alleged that he had helped destroy documents, according to the New York Times. (archived)

So Potts very well could have had a hand in the OKC bombing whether deliberately or as an entrapment operation gone horribly wrong. Although the claims by Snodgres don’t mention Potts, he did mention that he was set up to be a patsy himself.

After that accusation by Nichols was made public by Jesse Trentadue, former FBI Terrorist Task Force director Danny Coulson called to reopen the investigation and named German intelligence agent Andreas Strassmeier as potentially involved, BBC reported.

Interestingly, Timothy McVeigh worked for the CIA as a drug smuggler and assassin prior to deciding to blow up the Murrah Building. So, to say the least, he was very connected to military intelligence like Snodgres. In a letter to his sister in the New York Times that is often overlooked, McVeigh mentions the covert operations that he was a part of. (archived)

Later in 2010, it was found that the CIA collaborated with the U.S. Justice Department in the prosecution of convicted Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh after Jesse Trentadue sued the CIA with a FOIA request trying to get information on his brother’s death. He received 37 blank pages, 12 documents altogether, all stamped Secret, or National Security, Antiwar reported.

Further, other documents released under the Freedom of Information Act later confirmed that the FBI received a phone call the day before the Oklahoma City bombing warning that the attack was imminent, and that the feds tried to reach a deal with bomber Terry Nichols to take the death penalty off the table if he admitted making the call.

It is factually documentable that the CIA or elements of (deep state) have planned several false flag attacks throughout history at the peril of the American people, most notably the infamous Gulf Of Tonkin incident, falsified evidence of WMDs and Operation Northwoods. But recently it was also disclosed through the National Archive JFK files that the CIA suggested a third false flag attack, this time blaming the Soviets to start a war with Russia, Newsweek reported.

Additionally, there is the fact that majority of terrorist plots including the first bombing of the World Trade Center were set up by the FBI to either get information out of someone or to ensure job security by stopping terrorist plots planned by the FBI, as this New York Times article documents. (archived)

So was the bombing of the Murrah Building, which injured 700 people and killed 168, including 19 children, also a false flag attack against the American people as former FBI LA Head Ted L. Gunderson suggested? According to Gunderson in his speech, he said that CIA Michael Riconisuto examined seismic graphs and found that it was an advanced bomb and not homemade.

The Oklahoma City Police Department reported 324 buildings damaged including 10 structures collapsed and 13 condemned, 86 cars burned or destroyed, and an estimated 50,000 people evacuated from the downtown area.

Gunderson wasn’t the only government official to challenge the official narrative of the Oklahoma City federal building bombing. In the 1990s a U.S. Airforce Brigadier General K. Partin also expressed that the facts didn’t add up surrounding the building’s explosion.

Partin revealed in a scientific analysis that core columns were blown out from within the building and the extensive damage to the Alfred P. Murrah Building was completely inconsistent with the explanation of a truck filled with fertilizer bombs.

Snodgres said he waited for Hillary Clinton to be removed from U.S. politics before coming forward with the shocking allegations.

Today, the Oklahoma City National Memorial stands where the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building once stood. The memorial includes 168 empty chairs made of glass, bronze, and stone, each inscribed with the names of the people killed on April 19, 1995.

You can listen to the full 2 bombshell interviews below:

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This Modern Prefabricated Home Took Just 5 Hours To Assemble

By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

With the advent of technology, architecture is changing fast. To meet consumer demand and preserve the environment, firms are developing prefabricated abodes which can be assembled in a matter of days — if not hours. In fact, the newest prefab home constructed by studio [baragaño] is situated in Valdés, Spain, and took just 5 hours to assemble.

After four months of building the modern home, it was delivered to the small town in Asturias, northwest of Madrid. There, it was assembled in a matter of hours. As Freshome reports, the Montaña House is intended to be a stylistic mix between a traditional home and granaries found in the area.

There are two levels to the small prefab house. The social areas are downstairs and all bedrooms are on the second floor. The interior is simple yet comfortable, with wooden flooring and black and white wall finishes. Light polycarbonate panels allow natural light to penetrate the spaces and add warmth.

A centerpiece of the design is a metal staircase around which spaces are organized. There is even a fireplace suspended from the living room ceiling. Finally, the architects embellished the Montaña House with a traditional slate roof, made by a local artisan.

“The metal staircase is the central element of the dwelling, around which the program runs and which dialogues with the chimney suspended from the living room,” explained the architects. “The upper floor contains two rooms, separated by a light poly-carbonate wall that sifts the light.”

According to Inhabitat, the house was purchased by and assembled for an English landscaper and his family.

Photos by Mariela Apollonio

What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

Read more: How Complaining Rewires Your Brain For Negativity (And How To Break The Habit)

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OB-GYN Delivers Patient’s Twins 14 Hours After Giving Birth To Her Own Daughter

Two families share joy of special holiday deliveries. Hilary Conway (left) and Katie Moss.

An OB-GYN who was determined not to miss the birth of her patient’s twins swooped in to deliver the two babies just 14 hours after she gave birth herself.

Hilary Conway, who works at Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic in Washington, gave birth during the afternoon on Dec. 12, and she revealed to People magazine this week she just couldn’t handle the thought of missing the labor of her patient Katie Moss. When received a text from Moss alerting her she was in labor, Conway got out of her own hospital bed and got to work.

She found out Moss had been admitted to the hospital, and she discovered Moss was in labor in the room right next door to her, she told People. She quickly nursed her hours-old newborn and then walked into Moss’ room to take over her ultrasound exam.

Conway delivered Moss’ twin boys, Luke and Soren, at 5:38 a.m. on Dec. 13, which was about 14 hours after she had given birth to her daughter.

“It was awesome to be there for the delivery, it’s always a bummer to miss them. Being a healthcare provider is such a huge privilege. Patients trust us with so much, and in OB-GYN, this is magnified,” Conway told People. “As doctor and patient, we go through so much together during the pregnancy, it’s a huge disappointment to miss the delivery. So, as soon as I realized that delivering Katie was feasible, I was beyond thrilled for the privilege of being there.”

Conway said a hospital staffers looked after her newborn, Verna, while she went to work to help Moss through the birth of the twins.

“The fact that I got to help Katie deliver twins makes the amazing experience of delivering my own daughter that much more special — if it’s even possible,” Conway said. “Honestly, what I did is not that remarkable. What’s remarkable is how well the timing worked out and the support I got from my partner, Dr. Elizabeth Jacobson, and the nurses who watched Verna while I was in the delivery … and Katie. Let’s not forget she delivered twins, that’s much more amazing!”

Conway told the magazine she bonded with Moss during her time as her doctor, especially since they were pregnant at the same time. Moss told the “Today” show she was relieved to have Conway by her side.

“I was hoping to see her maybe the next day but not so soon and so awake,” Moss told “Today.” “She looked completely normal — unlike she just had a baby half a day earlier. After laughing about how crazy it was that we were both in the hospital at the same time, she was like, ‘Well, since I’m here, I might as well deliver your babies.’”

Conway told “Today” it was “amazing” the timing worked out so she could be there for her patient.

“There was a whole lot of serendipity that allowed for this to happen.”

This story originally appeared on

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Black Ops Contractor Reveals CIA Blew Up OKC Building—Hours Later He’s in a Near Fatal Collision


Oklahoma City, OK – In what can only be described as a bombshell revelation, a former independent black ops contractor, Cody Snodgres, recently blew the whistle on a plot in which he alleges that he was offered $1 million from a CIA contact to bomb the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City — prior to the deadly bombing of the federal building on April 19, 1995.

“For over 20 years, I was an Independent Contractor (IC), specializing in sensitive, covert assignments, as well as bodyguard work. In 1994 I was given the task to blow up the Alfred P. Murray building in Oklahoma City. This job came from an x-US military man, who told me he worked covertly for CIA. I refused on moral grounds. My strong opposition to attacking U.S. citizens on our own soil changed my status from a CIA asset into a liability, a private, Independent Contractor who ‘knew too much’”.

In radio interviews on December 4 and 5, Snodgres, who subsequently refused the offer to blow up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, gave testimony that detailed the nefarious offer.

Ironically, Snogres was in a near-fatal car accident only hours after his whistle-blowing radio appearance, according to reports.

Snodgres left an audio message after the crash with further details.

While it may seem like the stuff of Hollywood spy movies to intimate that the two-car collision, in which both vehicles were reportedly totaled, was an assassination attempt, it is indeed a means to an end by the state. A little research into the case of reporter Serena Shim, who was the first journalist to report on links between ISIS and the Turkish government, and who was killed in what was reported to have been a car accident—but that most analysts suspect was an assassination by vehicle—reveals intelligence assassinations being carried out in this exact manner.

During the interview, Snodgres goes on to discuss both the Clintons and Bushes involvement in drug trafficking, Iran Contra, and numerous other dastardly misdeeds undertaken by the federal government.

Interestingly, Snodgres stated that he waited for Hillary Clinton to be gone from the U.S. political scene before coming forward with the allegations.

Please listen to the riveting interviews below:

As TFTP has previously reported, Snodgres had every reason to remain silent as another whistleblower, who was a cop, was silenced for his role in exposing the OKC bombing.

Instead of being treated as the hero he truly was, Sgt. Terrance Yeakey was silenced by his own government in an effort to keep him from exposing their complicity in one of the largest mass murders in American history – which senselessly ended the lives of 168 people, including 19 children.

According to his widow, instead of being showered with accolades by the US government for his heroism, Yeakey was killed, with his death being framed to look like a suicide (although a very poorly staged one) only days before receiving the police department’s Medal of Valor for his heroic rescue efforts on day of the Oklahoma City bombing.

On May 11, 1996, only days after his Yeakey’s death, the New York Times ran a story with the headline – ‘A Policeman Who Rescued 4 in Bombing Kills Himself’. But the bold assertion that hero cop Sgt. Terrance Yeakey killed himself couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sgt. Yeakey’s body was found in a field in El Reno, OK, over a mile away from his abandoned vehicle. There was an extremely large amount of blood found in his vehicle, he had been bound, had rope burn on his neck, ligature marks on his wrists, numerous deep cuts, likely tortured and killed execution-style with a single bullet that entered his right temple at a 45-degree angle. To top it off, no gun was found at the scene of his death — until an FBI agent showed up and suspiciously found a gun in an already thoroughly searched area within 5 minutes of being there.


The real story behind Yeakey’s death, as attested to by his ex-wife, Tonia Yeakey, is that he witnessed things during his response to the bombing which did not agree with the ‘official version’ of events being forwarded by law enforcement and national media at that time and began collecting evidence to support his contentions.

In an interview on AM1300 KAKC, in 1998, Tonia Yeakey clearly exposes the reality underpinning the death of Terrance Yeakey. The extremely important interview with Tonia Yeakey can be heard in the video below — and begins at the 8-minute mark (please watch):

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46 Earthquakes Have Shaken California Over The Past 24 Hours

It appears that something unusual is happening along the California coastline.  Over the past 24 hours, California has been hit by 46 earthquakes.  That is approximately twice the normal daily number, and much of the shaking has taken place in the southern part of the state.  In recent weeks I have been writing repeatedly about the alarming seismic activity that we have been seeing along the west coast, and many believe that the potential for a megaquake is significantly higher than normal right now.  Unfortunately, most residents of California are not paying any attention to what is going on at all, and so if there is a major event they will be completely blindsided by it.

When a magnitude 4.0 earthquake struck near Julian, California on Wednesday, that immediately got my attention, and that quake was followed very rapidly by several others

The shaking began at 4:33 p.m. on Wednesday when a 4.0 quake occurred nearly 10 miles beneath the earth’s surface, just east of the Earthquake Valley fault, one of the most active systems in Southern California. The temblor had originally been listed at 4.2.

The main shock was followed five minutes later by a 3.0 aftershock in the same spot. Then a 3.6 quake occurred near the same spot at 7:57 p.m. Wednesday.

Seismologists say that a 3.6 quake broke in the same area at 2:32 a.m. on Thursday, continuing the seismic spasm.

Of course Julian is not the only one that has seen a substantial earthquake over the past 24 hours.  Just 6 hours ago, a magnitude 3.2 earthquake struck Gonzales, California.  Anything in the magnitude 3 or magnitude 4 range is not going to cause any significant damage, but the concern is that these smaller quakes may be building up to something larger.

According to a study published by the USGS, there is a “99% chance” that California will be hit by a major earthquake within the next 30 years

In a 2008 study, the US Geological Survey found there’s a greater than 99% chance of a 6.7 magnitude quake or larger hitting the California area over the next 30 years. That type of quake along the San Andreas Fault in Southern California could kill an estimated 1,800 people, the study said, injure 53,000 and result in $214 billion in damage. California’s infrastructure could be crippled for weeks, if not months.

Such an event would definitely be catastrophic, but California could definitely recover.

However, if the California coastline were to be hit by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake, the devastation would be unlike anything that we have ever seen before in American history.

Not too long ago, the Los Angeles Times published an article that discussed what the damage from a magnitude 8.2 earthquake would look like.  The following is a short excerpt from that article

Main freeways to Las Vegas and Phoenix that cross the San Andreas fault would be destroyed in this scenario; Interstate 10 crosses the fault in a dozen spots, and Interstate 15 would see the roadway sliced where it crosses the fault, with one part of the roadway shifted from the other by 15 feet, Jones said.

“Those freeways cross the fault, and when the fault moves, they will be destroyed, period,” Jones said. “To be that earthquake, it has to move that fault, and it has to break those roads.”

The aqueducts that bring in 88% of Los Angeles’ water supply and cross the San Andreas fault all could be damaged or destroyed, Jones said.

And remember, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake would be far, far worse than a magnitude 8.2 earthquake.

At the same time all of this shaking has been happening in California, we have also seen very disturbing seismic activity elsewhere on the globe.

For example, just recently a supervolcano in Russia shot hot volcanic ash “six miles into the sky”

A Siberian super-volcano is worrying scientists after it’s shocking and sudden eruption flung hot ash six miles into the sky. This volcano is one of the most active in Russia.

Scientists working at the geophysical department of the Russian Academy of Science in north-eastern Russia’s Kamchatka Krai region have confirmed the giant eruption took place at the site of the Shiveluch Volcano yesterday over a 20 minute period.  They also verified and saw the volcano spew piping hot ash 10 kilometers (6 miles) into the sky.  So far, no locals or villages have been affected by this volcano’s eruption, but it’s sparking fears that a larger and more powerful explosion could occur in the very near future.

A major eruption of just a single supervolcano anywhere in the world could cast enormous amounts of dust and ash into the atmosphere and cool global temperatures significantly for up to a decade.  If that happened, we would see massive crop failures all over the planet and millions upon millions of people could end up dying from the resulting famine.

With each passing year our planet is becoming increasingly unstable, and scientists assure us that absolutely cataclysmic seismic events are in our future.  Now is the time to get prepared, but unfortunately most people aren’t listening to the warnings.

Michael Snyder is a Republican candidate for Congress in Idaho’s First Congressional District, and you can learn how you can get involved in the campaign on his official website. His new book entitled “Living A Life That Really Matters” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on

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