Israel’s security cabinet now holds its meetings in an underground bunker

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Jewish parents outraged after NY school holds moment of silence for Gaza dead

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Activist Holds Up Sign Saying Police Hate Free Speech, So they Arrest Him to Prove Him Right

free speechfree speech

Stamford, CT — Free speech and liberty activist, Michael Picard had harmed no one, had not committed a crime, and was merely expressing his right to free speech by claiming the Stamford PD dislikes free speech. Indeed, within just a few minutes, the chief of police himself came out to prove Picard right.

Last Thursday, Picard held a sign that said, “F*ck Free Speech —Stamford PD,” merely attempting to point out the gross violations of the First Amendment committed by the department after they arrested another activist, Michael Friend, for holding up a different sign warning drivers of a distracted driving checkpoint ahead.

Friend was appearing before a judge last week after being charged with allegedly interfering in police duties by warning drivers of a checkpoint ahead. Because Friend was arrested for merely expressing his free speech by holding up a sign that said “Cops Ahead” to warn drivers, Picard went to the courthouse to voice his concern.

Picard had on his GoPro camera which filmed the entire interaction, however, police confiscated it as evidence after his arrest. Luckily, Picard’s friend, Dawud Talib was also at the courthouse to film the interaction.

After a few minutes in front of the courthouse, Picard was confronted by Police Chief Jon Fontneau, who warned the free speech activist to stop expressing himself, or go to jail.

Picard, knowing he was well within his rights to hold this sign up in front of a courthouse, refused. In response to Picard’s refusal to censor himself, Fontneau had him arrested and handcuffed. Picard was subsequently charged with breach of peace.

“I found the sign to be offensive in front of police headquarters as people are coming in and out,” Fontneau said. “I don’t think our day-to-day residents should have to put up with something like that.”

That decision, however, it not up to Fontneau. Indeed, this precedent has already been established in the United States Supreme Court case, Cohen v. California. The Court overturned a man’s conviction for the “crime” of disturbing the peace for wearing a jacket in the courthouse that displayed the phrase, “F*ck the Draft.”

Picard could not comment specifically on the case, however, he did note that “They have a checkpoint for everything nowadays,” adding, “They can’t stop infringing on your rights.”

TFTP spoke with Picard’s attorney, Joseph R. Sastre who explained how unjust this charge against his client is.

Connecticut’s breach of peace statute reads as follows:

“A person is guilty of breach of the peace in the second degree when, with intent to cause inconvenience, annoyance or alarm, or recklessly creating a risk thereof, such person: (1) Engages in fighting or in violent, tumultuous or threatening behavior in a public place; or (2) assaults or strikes another; or (3) threatens to commit any crime against another person or such other person’s property; or (4) publicly exhibits, distributes, posts up or advertises any offensive, indecent or abusive matter concerning any person; or (5) in a public place, uses abusive or obscene language or makes an obscene gesture; or (6) creates a public and hazardous or physically offensive condition by any act which such person is not licensed or privileged to do. For purposes of this section, “public place” means any area that is used or held out for use by the public whether owned or operated by public or private interests.”

“I think the first sentence says it all,” Sastre told TFTP. “A person is acting like a mere fool when he sets out with intent to cause inconvenience, annoyance or alarm. Charging protesters with this statute section, or another like it, sends a message that the police don’t think you have an opinion on anything. No, to them, a guy holding a sign is just an attention seeker, out to make a spectacle of himself. It is the equivalent of the abusive husband who tells his wife to ‘stop acting so hysterical’ when she tries to get him to consider her feelings, or to treat her better.”

For those who follow TFTP closely, you’ve probably seen our reports on Picard before, which is why the police department may have it out for him.

In 2015, Picard was also arrested for his free speech. This time, however, police confiscated his phone and then proceeded to record themselves trying to fabricate ways to charge this innocent man.

“To me, Michael Picard’s case, and Michael Friend’s for that matter, makes it clear that the Stamford Police Department needs new leadership.” Sastre noted. “But what is even more distressing to me about this case is that the Stamford Police seem to have reached out to a prosecutor in the courthouse to ask how to deal with a man holding a sign, and that the prosecutor suggested that he be arrested. Proving once again that freedom of speech really only means that you have the right to say, as loudly as you want, that you agree with the police state.”

If you’d like to peacefully voice your concern about the video below, you can do so at the Stamform police Facebook page here.

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WATCH: Insane Cop Holds Innocent Man at Gunpoint, Illegally Searches Him and Is NOT FIRED


Seattle, WA — Alex Randall was on his way to work last year on his motorcycle when he was assaulted with a deadly weapon by King County Sheriff’s Department detective Richard Rowe. The detective was in the midst of a power trip mixed with road rage when he held an innocent man at gunpoint. And, no one would’ve have known about it had Randall not been filming.

Now, after the department “investigated” themselves, the officer responsible for assaulting an innocent motorist with a deadly weapon will not be fired. Instead, Rowe will get a five day vacation.

What’s more, the “punishment” of five days suspension is not for pulling the gun, according to Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht. It is for the detective’s lack of courtesy and unbecoming conduct. Apparently, holding innocent motorists at gunpoint during a fit of rage is entirely acceptable but you just can’t swear while doing it.

“I’m disappointed in Detective (Richard) Rowe’s behavior,” Johanknecht said in a press conference on Monday, according to the Seattle Times.

“Your demeanor appeared angry and ‘amped up,’ ” Johanknecht wrote in a disciplinary letter to Rowe. “I believe your excessive use of profanity, your verbal and non-verbal communications, were ineffective, discourteous and not aligned with my expectations nor our department Core Values.”

As the Times reports:

However, Johanknecht defended Rowe’s decision to pull out his firearm during the Aug. 16 incident in North King County, agreeing with the conclusion of the department’s internal investigation.

She said she believed the detective’s account in which he said the motorcyclist reached toward his waistband, causing Rowe to believe he may have had a weapon. But she wrote in the letter that she and Rowe agreed he improperly raised his gun horizontally, instead of keeping it in what is called a low-ready position.

However, as the video below illustrates, Rowe snuck up from behind his victim with the gun already pointed at him, making the “reaching for the waistband” argument a fabrication.

Johanknecht said she strayed from the normal slap on the wrist of 10 days—that an officer would receive for such behavior—because Rowe was apologetic. So, she decided to only give him five days of unpaid vacation. She also noted the “extra stress” Rowe had to undergo after the incident because of the media’s response.

The stop, which happened on August 16, 2017, received a different response from then-King County Sheriff John Urquhart. As soon as Urquhart saw the video, he immediately put the detective on administrative leave and called Randall personally to apologize.

The Free Thought Project has reported on many videos of many cops needlessly assaulting people with firearms. However, this incident exposes one of the most brazenly ridiculous and dangerous cops we’ve ever seen.

“This video shows the boldness of the King County Sheriffs Deputies and lack of fear of repercussions in threatening and intimidating an unarmed citizen with excessive use of force,” Randall wrote on YouTube.

Indeed, Rowe did not appear to care about potential repercussions as he likely knew that he wouldn’t face any—and he was right. After several months of paid vacation, otherwise known as paid administrative leave, Rowe returned to his job in his full capacity on Monday.

Citizens of King County, beware.

As the video begins, Randall is pulling up to a red light behind another vehicle and comes to a stop. All of the sudden Rowe, who is in plain clothes, sneaks up behind him with a gun.

“I turn and I am completely unprepared for what I see, which is a man with a gun in my face. And my first reaction is to simply put my hands up,” Randall told KOMO News at the time. “I’m not really able to hear because I’ve got my bike going, I’ve got my helmet on, I’m surprised at what’s happening.”

“What are you doing to me?” Randall said to the man holding him at gunpoint, who never showed him his badge.

“What do you mean what am I doing?” Rowe said. “You’re fucking driving reckless. Give me your driver’s license or I’m going to knock you off this bike.”

“I will pull over. I am unarmed,” Randall said.

“Take your ID out right now,” says the detective. “Move this bike and I’m gonna dump you,” he threatens again.

After their brief exchange, and while he is still assaulting the man with a deadly weapon, Rowe then violates Randall’s Fourth Amendment right and reaches into his pocket and pulls out his wallet.

“I’m sorry. You have a gun drawn on me, so I’m a little panicked,” Randall said.

Only after he’d held him at gunpoint and illegally searched him did the detective identify himself.

“You’re right, because I’m the police,” Rowe said. “That’s right. When you’re driving and you’re going to place people at risk at 100 miles an hour plus on the God dang roadway.”

According to Randall, however, he was not driving 100 mph and that was a “fabrication and exaggeration.” Also, the detective never issued him a citation for the alleged speeding.

After the assault, Randall decided to file a complaint and this is when he found out that the detective never filed a “Use of Force” report for the incident—in spite of holding him at gunpoint.


“The fact that he had his gun out on a traffic stop. For a reckless driving. Allegedly reckless driving. Which is a misdemeanor. You don’t pull your gun out on somebody for something like that. We just don’t do that,” Urquhart said at the time. However, his replacement seems to be just fine with it.

After the stop, Randall asked several questions which are undoubtedly warranted. One question is why did the detective escalate to deadly force immediately? Another question is why is he holding the gun in a way to seemingly hide it? How was Randall supposed to know that he wasn’t being held up by a criminal? And, if his driving was so terrible as the detective claimed, causing him to draw his pistol—why wasn’t Randall given a citation?

These and many more questions will likely be answered in Randall’s subsequent federal lawsuit against the department for unlawful search and seizure.

As you watch the video below, think about all the incidents—not captured on video—in which we hear about unarmed individuals who are shot and killed by police officers. It is not unsafe to assume that some of those incidents could’ve happened just like this one. All the while, as this case illustrates, the officers involved get off with little to no accountability and return to their jobs.

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China voices support for Russia on Syria, holds naval drills against USA

Home » Asia, Wars / Conflicts » China voices support for Russia on Syria, holds naval drills against USA


Following a massive missile attack launched by the US and its allies against Syria, it appears that Beijing is moving to make its opinion on the matter known via a show of strength in the Pacific.

One of the key goals of the upcoming Chinese naval drills scheduled to be held in the Taiwan Strait is a show of support for Russia over the latter’s standoff against the United States in Syria, the South China Morning Post reported citing a source “close to the PLA.”

“[US President] Donald Trump’s warning of military attacks on Syrian forces was a bit of a surprise for Beijing and Moscow … As Russia’s strategic partner, Beijing is trying to cause some well-timed and controlled trouble for the US, a drill in the Taiwan Strait being the most plausible option that will benefit both Xi and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin,” the source said.

Earlier, a large number of Chinese warships led by the Liaoning aircraft carrier had engaged in a series of live-fire military exercises in the South China Sea.

China Military, a newspaper linked to the People’s Liberation Army, reported that 48 warships, 76 fighter aircraft and more than 10,000 PLA Navy personnel participated in the exercises.



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Scotland Yard holds emergency meeting as London murder toll reaches 55

Community and youth workers have been invited to the Metropolitan Police headquarters, Scotland Yard, as London’s murder investigations rose to 55 this year alone. Two people were killed just this week in the east London borough of Hackney, while another six were taken to hospital on Thursday after being injured in knife attacks.

Among those attending the meeting will be Labour MP for Tottenham David Lammy, who recently spoke out to say police are “vanishing” from the streets of the capital, and Nicola Calica-Myall, an activist against knife crime whose son survived after being stabbed 37 times at the age of 17.

“It’s important to know that our fears as a community are being recognized and things are in place,” Calica-Myall said, according to the Guardian. “It’s everybody’s problem and more Londoners need to recognize this situation may not go away any time soon.”

It comes as the former head of diversity and policing in Tottenham, Victor Olisa, warned that police are losing control of public spaces and hit out at senior officials for their “deafening silence.”

“Communities are saying we don’t see the police around anymore,” he said. “It appears to people I have spoken to as though the police have lost control of public spaces and the streets,” the Guardian reports. “The silence from senior officers in the Met is deafening. They should say we need more information from the public, this is what we are doing, this is what the results are.”

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick has tried to take control of the spate of violence by pledging to adopt ‘Al Capone’ tactics to deter potential criminals and take violent offenders off the streets “for any crime.” She added a further 120 officers will be deployed to tackle organized crime, apparently in addition to the 80-member Operation Sceptre anti-knife unit launched last May.

READ MORE: Labour MP David Lammy rants on live TV about ‘vanishing’ police… as cop stands in background (VIDEO)

However, Olisa said that wider cuts were making police officers’ jobs harder.“You don’t have as many officers available to patrol or spend time in public spaces as you did five years ago. There is less time to build conversation lines so you can get information back.”

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North Korea Holds Massive Military Parade Ahead Of 2018 Winter Olympics

North Korea staged a large military parade on Thursday, just one day before the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

The parade was reportedly held to commemorate the 70th anniversary of founding of the country’s armed forces, according to South Korea’s Yonhap News, but it also marks a display of power mere hours before the North is expected to march under a unified flag with the delegation from South Korea. 

The Associated Press reported that tens of thousands of people watched and participated in the parade, but Yonhap noted that the display was both smaller and shorter than past similar events. The parade was also not broadcast live, a decision that Yonhap described as “an attempt to keep it low-key.”

North Korean state television broadcast footage of the parade a few hours after it concluded. The footage appeared to have been edited, the AP noted.

Foreign media was largely absent at the event, but Michael Spavor, the head of a non-profit consulting firm that facilitates work in North Korea, tweeted several video and photos he said were taken from the sidelines of the parade:

Images taken at the parade showed a procession of trucks carrying soldiers and military personnel passing large crowds, followed by a contingent of tanks. Footage from the official broadcast also showed what looked like several intercontinental ballistic missiles, including the newly developed Hwasong-15s, which North Korea claims is capable of hitting the U.S. 

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un also delivered a speech celebrating the country’s military prowess.

Nearly 300 North Koreans crossed the Demilitarized Zone between the two countries on Wednesday to participate in the Olympics, including 229 women that were part of a large “cheering squad,” The Washington Post reported. They will soon be joined by a high-level delegation of senior officials, including North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong. They are scheduled to meet with South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Saturday.

The Post notes that if the visit goes forward, she would be the first member of the Kim family to ever visit the South, a significant development in the fraught relationship between the two nations.

Kim is expected to arrive on Friday for the Opening Ceremony and stay for three days. U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, who is also attending the games this week, told reporters on Thursday that he has no plans to meet with North Korean officials.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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Trump an Embarrassment to the Office He Holds

US Forces to Remain Indefinitely in Syria Illegally

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russia intervened in Syria at the request of its government – to combat US-supported terrorists.

They continue pouring into the country cross-border, replacing others eliminated by Syrian and allied forces, greatly aided by Russian airpower, considerably reduced from its earlier strength.

Last October, Syria’s Defense Ministry reported seizure of large amounts of weapons and munitions made in America and its rogue allied countries.

They included rockets, rifles, machine-guns, surface-to-air missiles, man-portable air-defense system MANPADS, TOW anti-tank missiles, tanks and other heavy weapons.

Washington and its rogue allies continue supplying these and other weapons to ISIS and other anti-government terrorists – wanting endless war and regime change, opposing peaceful conflict resolution.

The Trump administration intends indefinite occupation of northern and southern Syrian territory it controls illegally, operating from bases it constructed.

Moscow and Damascus demand US presence in the country ends, ignored by Washington, putting the Trump administration sharply at odds with Russia.

Sophisticated drones used in the thwarted terrorist attack on its Syrian bases almost certainly were supplied by the Pentagon or CIA.

Putin slammed what happened, saying he knows when and where these UAVs were supplied to terrorists, indicating knowledge of the supplier.

Who gains by supporting ISIS and other terrorists wage war in Syria for regime change? Washington and Israel most of all. Along with their rogue allies, they’re partnered against Assad.

Separately on Thursday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry commented on humanitarian aid needed for the Rukban refugee camp in southern Syria – largely blocked by US occupying forces, the ministry saying:

“No Syrian army units or representatives of the legitimate authorities of the Syrian Arab Republic are allowed” in a US illegally occupied 55 km zone around At Tanf near the Iraq border.

The Pentagon uses this territory to train anti-government terrorists. Around 60,000 Syrian refugees face dire conditions, prevented from receiving vital food, medical supplies and other essentials to life and well-being.

“We regard as unacceptable attempts by Washington to justify the use of military force against the sovereignty and territorial inviolability of the Syrian Arab Republic,” Russia’s Foreign Ministry said, adding: 

“Assurances by the United States that its military are allegedly staying on Syrian soil for the purpose of fighting terrorists are unconvincing and open to criticism.” 

“We demand that all restrictions on access for convoys of food and medicines be lifted and that humanitarian operations in the area be more transparent.”

Demands aren’t good enough. Nor is saying Washington must “respect the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of Syria…”

The Trump administration ignores these comments, doing what it pleases, at war with Syria. Russia’s good faith efforts aren’t enough to turn things around.

The only language Washington understands is force. Unless confronted responsibly, it’s free to pursue its imperial agenda unimpeded.

It’s hostility toward Russia and other sovereign independent countries is unrelenting – perceiving efforts by Moscow for improved relations as weakness.

Putin needs a new approach in dealing with America – its adversary, not ally or partner.

Nor will things change as long as virtually all congressional and administration officials remain hostile to Russia – the disturbing reality of dismal bilateral relations.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

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