‘You’re a corporatist!’: Elon Musk declares himself a socialist, Twitter loses it

Tweeting Friday, Musk described self-proclaimed socialists as “depressing, have no sense of humor & attended an expensive college.” When asked what he would call himself, Musk said “a socialist,” prompting hundreds of responses from people disagreeing with his own assessment.

Twitter users called the Tesla and SpaceX founder a “corporatist,” and didn’t hold back in highlighting myriad ways in which he appears to be the extreme opposite of a socialist.

Many pointed to examples of Musk’s seemingly extravagant spending, including launching a red sports car out into space, and his recent comment that Tesla employees didn’t need to unionize. The United Auto Workers union (UAW) filed a complaint against Musk in May, accusing him of threatening to take benefits away from those who join a union.

The SpaceX CEO also tweeted that the government was in fact the largest corporation.

Musk is correct in calling himself a socialist in some ways, given the amount of government assistance he receives, despite his $21 billion net worth. His Tesla car company receives millions in tax incentives and breaks, while SpaceX receives federal contracts and has received subsidies from state governments.

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Calls for police action after man films himself, posts video spraying stain remover at Muslim woman



Furore has erupted over an “Islamophobe” filming himself spraying a Muslim woman with a stain remover. Twitterati are calling for the man to be tracked down and prosecuted over what has been called an “illegal” stunt.

The video – shared on social media by Muslim community network 5Pillars – shows the man roaming around the with a pink Vanish spray. He then says: “Let’s see if this f*cking stuff works,” before he points the camera at a woman in a hijab and squirts the product at her.

The victim seems to not notice the man behind her, and carries on with her shopping.

The location of the video or whether it has been reported to the police is not known.

Twitter users have lashed out at the man, with one calling the incident an “assault.”

“He has sprayed a chemical on someone. I hope he has been reported to the police, what he did here is illegal. This is an assault,” he wrote.

Journalist CJ Werleman, one of the first to share the video, wrote: “While I’m hesitant to give oxygen to this racist’s hate, it does illustrate the increasing marginalization and stigmatisation Muslims now face.”

Another appalled viewer, Imran Memon, commented: “This has become a norm in our community because they know they can get away with it.”

Britain’s leading anti-Muslim hate crime organization, Tell Mama, claims in its annual report for 2016 that Muslim women are the most likely to be targeted because their Islamic clothing makes their religion evident. The largest percentage of perpetrators remained white males. It also found that the majority of offline anti-Muslim hate crime incidents occur in public spaces (30 percent).

According to a Home Office report, religious hate crimes increased by 35 percent between 2015-16 and 2016-17, up 1,549 to 5,949.

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Honduran immigrant in US custody kills himself after being separated from wife and child at border crossing

man in jail


A Honduran immigrant reportedly took his own life while in custody after his wife and child were separated from him at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Marco Antonio Muñoz, 39, killed himself in the cell of a Texas jail last month, according to the Starr County sheriff’s department incident report obtained by The Washington Post.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) did not publicly disclose the death, according to the Post. The Hill has reached out to DHS for comment. U.S. Customs and Border Protection and Starr County authorities did not respond to The Washington Post’s requests for comment.

Muñoz’s death occurred just weeks after the Trump administration announced it would crack down on illegal border crossings by prosecuting more parents and separating them from their children at the border.

Border Patrol agents familiar with the situation told the Post that Muñoz, his wife and 3-year-old son were taken into custody after crossing the border into the U.S. near Granjeno, Texas. One agent speaking to the paper on the condition of anonymity said that after the family said they wanted to apply for asylum, they were told they would be separated.

“The guy lost his s—,” the agent told the Post. “They had to use physical force to take the child out of his hands.”

Border Patrol staff labeled Muñoz as “pre-assault” after he became agitated and began violently shaking the chain-link detention cell, prompting agents to relocate him to a padded isolation cell at a local jail.

Agents said that Muñoz attempted to escape twice during the transfer, and had to be restrained.

“We had to get him out,” the agent told the Post. “Those cells are about as secure as a dog kennel. He could have hurt someone.”

Guards checked on Muñoz twice an hour and said they observed him alive and praying the following morning. A guard discovered him unresponsive at 9:50 a.m., according to the sheriff’s report.

Muñoz’s wife and son were released from Border Patrol custody, one agent said.

The Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy has sparked significant outcry among the public and lawmakers. The administration has defended the policy as a necessary measure to secure the border.

It was reported Friday that nearly 1,800 families have been separated at the border under the Trump administration.

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Pedophile Cop Gets 27 Years In Prison for Making Videos of Himself Raping Children and Dogs


Harris County, TX — A Harris County Sheriff’s deputy, who was fired after the department found he’d produced and starred in a video where he was having sex with a dog, has been sentenced to 27 years in prison. The cop, Andrew C. Sustaita Jr., 31, was not sentenced to prison for having sex with a dog. Instead, he’s been remanded to Texas’ penal system because he was found to have been in possession of child pornography.

As TFTP reported last year, Sustaita’s bestiality made national headlines but once investigators secured search warrants for his computer, some 200 videos and images of child pornography were discovered, some involving a family member’s daughter.

According to the Houston Chronicle, U.S. District Judge Sim Lake handed down Sustaita’s lengthy 27-year prison sentence. In addition to his time spent in prison, Lake also ordered Sustaita to a lifetime of supervised release as a registered sex offender. The judge also ordered Sustaita to have no contact with children without the express permission of a probation officer.

Judge Lake described the images found on Sustaita’s electronic devices, which showed babies and children being sexually abused, as “some of most horrific” he had ever seen. Lake was particularly troubled that the collection of kiddie porn included multiple lewd videos made after a child was invited over to the officer’s house for a sleepover in 2015. The victim’s mother addressed Sustaita:

For the monster that is before us today, the cost of your crime cannot even begin to be computed as its effects may be compounded throughout the entire life of my baby…Who knows how much counseling she will need? Who knows how her future relationships will be effected? Who knows what my baby thinks when looking at an officer of the law or a man or a family member.

Judge Lake was apparently equally disturbed as he described his feelings having to preside over the former law enforcement officer’s case.

This was not an easy case, in fact, it’s one of the most disagreeable cases I’ve ever presided over.

Sustaita, whose father is a veteran investigator with the Harris County Sheriff’s Department, was found to be in possession of a photo showing genitals identified as Sustaita’s placed on the head 10-year-old girl, a daughter of the deputy’s relative. He also pulled down her underwear to expose her genitals, filmed them, and supposedly uploaded the photos to the internet where they will be distributed for years to come.

According to the Maven:

Some of the victims seen in media images involve children as young as four-years-old. Investigators found Sustaita had an online presence on websites themed around bestiality. Before his sentencing, Sustaita admitted to posting erotic images of children and commenting on websites known for child pornography, U.S. Attorney Ryan Patrick said.

The disturbing case of bestiality led investigators to dig deeper into the officer’s life which revealed the officer’s participation in pedophilia, and child pornography. There are reportedly dozens of victims. Sustaita Jr. was a 6-year veteran of the Harris County Sheriff’s Department. He now says he fears for his life in prison and for what may happen to him. He told Judge Lake:

Your honor, I’m scared to death of what’s going to happen,” said Sustaita.

Indeed, he should be.

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Giuliani: Trump 'Probably Does' Have The Power To Pardon Himself, But Won't

President Donald Trump doesn’t intend to pardon himself, Rudy Giuliani said on Sunday ― but he “probably does” have the power to do so.

“He has no intention of pardoning himself … not to say he can’t,” Giuliani, a lawyer and adviser to Trump on the Russia probe, told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. He characterized the question of a self-pardon as a “really interesting constitutional argument.”

“I think the political ramifications of that would be tough,” he said. “Pardoning other people is one thing. Pardoning yourself is another.”

In another Sunday interview, this one on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” Giuliani took a stronger stand on both the unlikeliness of such a move, and the possibility for political fallout.

“It’s not going to happen,” he said, arguing that Trump had done nothing wrong that would require him to pardon himself.

He added that “the president of the United States pardoning himself is unthinkable… it would probably lead to immediate impeachment.”

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) also weighed in against the idea. “I don’t think a president should pardon themselves,” he said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Preet Bharara, a former U.S. attorney fired by Trump, said on the same program that the idea of the president deciding to pardon himself as “almost self-executing impeachment.”

Giuliani said on “Meet The Press” that Trump has the power to terminate any federal investigation, although he described such a move as “a very unrealistic thing.”

“The Department of Justice is a creature of the president,” he said. “I know based on presidential rulings… [the] Justice Department is given a certain amount of independence. I am tremendously in favor of it, but that’s all the president’s decision.”

The president’s lawyer defended Trump’s shifting explanations about a meeting with Russians at Trump Tower during the 2016 campaign that included his son, Donald Trump Jr. “This is the reason you don’t let the president testify” as part of the special counsel probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, Giuliani told ABC. “Our recollection keeps changing, or we’re not even asked a question and somebody makes an assumption.” 

He predicted that special counsel Robert Mueller would wrap up his investigation by the start of this September. “He’s as sensitive as everybody to not doing another Comey and interfering horribly in the election,” Giuliani said.

He was referring to then-FBI Director’s Jim Comey announcement less than two weeks before the 2016 vote that the agency was reopening aspects of its probe into Democratic candidate’s Hillary Clinton’s private use of email when she served as secretary of state. Although days later Comey said the probe was again being closed without charges being filed, Clinton has blamed his initial announcement as a key reason Trump went on to defeat her.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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Fathi Harb burnt himself to death in Gaza. Will the world notice?

By Jonathan Cook

Fathi Harb should have had something to live for, not least the imminent arrival of a new baby. But last week the 21-year-old extinguished his life in an inferno of flames in central Gaza.

It is believed to be the first example of a public act of self-immolation in the enclave. Harb doused himself in petrol and set himself alight on a street in Gaza City shortly before dawn prayers during the fasting month of Ramadan.

In part, Harb was driven to this terrible act of self-destruction out of despair.

After a savage, decade-long Israeli blockade by land, sea and air, Gaza is like a car running on fumes. The United Nations has repeatedly warned that the enclave will be uninhabitable within a few years.

Blockade and pounding

Over that same decade, Israel has intermittently pounded Gaza into ruins, in line with the Israeli army’s Dahiya doctrine. The goal is to obliterate the targeted area, turning life back to the Stone Age so that the population is too preoccupied with making ends meet to care about the struggle for freedom.

Both of these kinds of assault have had a devastating impact on inhabitants’ psychological health.

Harb would have barely remembered a time before Gaza was an open-air prison and one where a 1,000 kilogram Israeli bomb might land near his home.

In an enclave where two-thirds of young men are unemployed, he had no hope of finding work. He could not afford a home for his young family and he was about to have another mouth to feed.

Doubtless, all of this contributed to his decision to burn himself to death.

But self-immolation is more than suicide. That can be done quietly, out of sight, less gruesomely. In fact, figures suggest that suicide rates in Gaza have rocketed in recent years.

The ultimate protest

But public self-immolation is associated with protest.

A Buddhist monk famously turned himself into a human fireball in Vietnam in 1963 in protest at the persecution of his co-religionists. Tibetans have used self-immolation to highlight Chinese oppression, Indians to decry the caste system, and Poles, Ukrainians and Czechs once used it to protest against Soviet rule.

But more likely for Harb, the model was Mohamed Bouazizi, the Tunisian street vendor who set himself on fire in late 2010 after officials humiliated him once too often. His public death triggered a wave of protests across the Middle East that became the Arab Spring.

Bouazizi’s self-immolation suggests its power to set our consciences on fire. It is the ultimate act of individual self-sacrifice, one that is entirely non-violent except to the victim himself, performed altruistically in a greater, collective cause.

Who did Harb hope to speak to with his shocking act?

Between a rock, hell and the deep blue sea

In part, according to his family, he was angry with the Palestinian leadership. His family was trapped in the unresolved feud between Gaza’s rulers, Hamas, and the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the West Bank. That dispute has led the PA to cut the salaries of its workers in Gaza, including Harb’s father.

But Harb undoubtedly had a larger audience in mind too.

Until a few years ago, Hamas regularly fired rockets out of the enclave in a struggle both to end Israel’s continuing colonisation of Palestinian land and to liberate the people of Gaza from their Israeli-made prison.

But the world rejected the Palestinians’ right to resist violently and condemned Hamas as “terrorists”. Israel’s series of military rampages in Gaza to silence Hamas were meekly criticised in the West as “disproportionate”.

The Palestinians of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, where there is still direct contact with Israeli Jews, usually as settlers or soldiers, watched as Gaza’s armed resistance failed to prick the world’s conscience.

So some took up the struggle as individuals, targeting Israelis or soldiers at checkpoints. They grabbed a kitchen knife to attack Israelis or soldiers at checkpoints, or rammed them with a car, bus or bulldozer.

Again, the world sided with Israel. Resistance was not only futile, it was denounced as illegitimate.

The killing fields

Since late March, the struggle for liberation has shifted back to Gaza. Tens of thousands of unarmed Palestinians have massed weekly close to Israel’s fence encaging them.

The protests are intended as confrontational civil disobedience, a cry to the world for help and a reminder that Palestinians are being slowly choked to death.

Israel has responded repeatedly by spraying the demonstrators with live ammunition, seriously wounding many thousands and killing more than 100. Yet again, the world has remained largely impassive.

In fact, worse still, the demonstrators have been cast as Hamas stooges. The United States ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, blamed the victims under occupation, saying Israel had a right to “defend its border”, while the British government claimed the protests were “hijacked by terrorists”.

None of this can have passed Harb by.

When Palestinians are told they can “protest peacefully”, Western governments mean quietly, in ways that Israel can ignore, in ways that will not trouble consciences or require any action.

In Gaza, the Israeli army is renewing the Dahiya doctrine, this time by shattering thousands of Palestinian bodies rather than infrastructure.

Harb understood only too well the West’s hypocrisy in denying Palestinians any right to meaningfully resist Israel’s campaign of destruction.

The flames that engulfed him were intended also to consume us with guilt and shame. And doubtless more in Gaza will follow his example.

Will Harb be proved right? Can the West be shamed into action?

Or will we continue blaming the victims to excuse our complicity in seven decades of outrages committed against the Palestinian people?

A version of this article first appeared in The National, Abu Dhabi. The version here is published by permission of Jonathan Cook.

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McCain Criminally Implicated Himself

I actually feel sorry for John McCain. He has been my mortal political enemy for the past 14 years and it is personal. However, I get no pleasure from criticizing a dying man. Yet, he is like a bad cold, he just won’t go away.

McCain has just admitted engaging in a serious crime and he responded with, “It is my duty”.

Here what some others have said who have listened to the following interview. It should be noted that nobody defended him.

Hi Dave, Here in ColoRATo, are news station KRDO.COM I COULD NOT BELIEVE SINGING MCSHAMES PRAISES….. OMG. HE TALKED ON AIR IN NAM, while being a “” pow”” Lord knows what he told them ! He left his 1st wife, ( she was in a car accident and disfigured her )) after the divorce was final, he married “THIS WIFE” under 5 weeks. he also got over 140 men killed, on the ship cuz he wanted to go, and hid, instead ! ( they sent a chopper, not cuz of his injuries, but b/c of his shipmates….) He got the name songbird for a reason. Do some homework on mcshame how his daddy and grandpappy pulled a lot of strings to get him his “” lifetime seat”” ! ! ! Talk to some vets, they all can’t be lying ! Under hippa we will NEVER know if he has brain cancer, but in all fairness the msm is painting him as a hero not the ZERO he is. jmtol

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Lawyer Burns Himself To Death To Protest Environmental Destruction

A nationally known civil rights lawyer and environmental advocate died after setting himself on fire in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park on Saturday to protest environmental destruction.

David Buckel, 60, doused himself with an accelerant before starting a fire that ultimately killed him.

“I apologize to you for the mess,” he wrote in a suicide note he left in a shopping cart near his body, the Daily News reported.

In an emailed copy of the note the New York Times received, he said: “Pollution ravages our planet, oozing inhabitability via air, soil, water and weather. Most humans on the planet now breathe air made unhealthy by fossil fuels, and many die early deaths as a result—my early death by fossil fuel reflects what we are doing to ourselves.”

The Times further reported:

In his note, which was received by the Times at 5:55 a.m., Mr. Buckel discussed the difficulty of improving the world even for those who make vigorous efforts to do so.

Privilege, he said, was derived from the suffering of others.

“Many who drive their own lives to help others often realize that they do not change what causes the need for their help,” Mr. Buckel wrote, adding that donating to organizations was not enough.

Noting that he was privileged with “good health to the final moment,” Mr. Buckel said he wanted his death to lead to increased action. “Honorable purpose in life invites honorable purpose in death,” he wrote.

Buckel was the lead attorney in Brandon v. County of Richardson, a lawsuit regarding Brandon Teena, a transgender man who was murdered in Nebraska. Teena’s tragic story was the subject of the Oscar-winning 1999 film Boys Don’t Cry, starring Hilary Swank.

The environmental activist was the senior organics recovery coordinator with the NYC Compost Project and worked as an Added Value member at the Red Hook Community Farm. In the video below, Buckel explains how to build a windrow to make rich compost for the local community.

Family and friends told the New York Times they were shocked by Buckel’s death. They acknowledged he had become distraught over the national politics of climate change—”all that’s going on with the Trumpadministration and the rollback by [Scott] Pruitt at the Environmental Protection Agency,” his partner of nearly 34 years, Terry Kaelber told the newspaper.

Experts caution that the cause of suicide is unknown, but can include psychiatric illness, in particular, mood disorders.

A growing body of research shows that climate change is taking a significant toll on mental health, according to 2017 report from the American Psychological Association. The report finds that “ecoanxiety”—the feeling of impending environmental doom—is happening on a global scale.

Buckel also served as marriage project director at Lambda Legal, a national organization that fights for the civil rights of LGBT people. He was the strategist behind same-sex marriage cases in New Jersey and Iowa.

He “was all about justice, but he was also all about what it means to be human,” Susan Sommer, a former Lambda Legal lawyer who is now the general counsel for the mayor’s office of criminal justice in New York, told the Times.

“He was a very smart and methodical lawyer. He knew his craft and his trade and was strategic in how to build the blocks toward a sweeping victory,” Sommer said.

Source Article from https://truththeory.com/2018/04/17/lawyer-burns-himself-to-death-to-protest-environmental-destruction/

Martin Luther King Tried to Defend Himself with a Gun, But Gov’t Took Away His Right To Do So


Fifty years after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., his struggle for peace lives on.
When most people think of the great man, born Michael King on January 15, 1929, they see an advocate for peace, who is celebrated by the US government — honored every year in January, on the third Monday. However, what the government tells us and what this great man did are two separate stories — especially when it comes to gun rights.

Dr. King’s position as the leader of the Civil Rights Movement began after his election as spokesman for the Montgomery Improvement Association in December of 1955. What also started in that December of 1955 was the FBI’s investigation into him.

Like all those who stand against government-sanctioned violence, Dr. King was an enemy of the state. The fact that he’s celebrated today by the same state that persecuted him is quite Orwellian. Equally as Orwellian is the fact that his death was used as the cornerstone for gun control in the United States.

What few people know, however, is that King was pro-gun. Many people believe that since King was such an outspoken advocate for peace that he didn’t believe in the rights of others to protect themselves. This is wrong.

King was known to keep firearms to protect himself against his many enemies. In fact, he actually applied for a concealed carry permit in 1956 — but thanks to a racist and corrupt government — he was denied.

In Alabama, where King applied for the permit, the state had laws on the books which allowed police to individually deny constitutional rights of citizens, arbitrarily.

Alabama was a “may issue” state at the time, meaning they were under no legal obligation at the time to issue the permit. Instead, police had final say in whether an application was approved.

In a “may issue” state, a concealed carry permit is only issued if the local governing authority believes such issuance apropos. This tyrannical legislation allows the state, via sheriff’s offices and/or local police departments, to stand between the citizen and the constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

UCLA law Prof. Adam Winkler explained this approach in an article for HuffPo:

Most people think King would be the last person to own a gun. Yet in the mid-1950s, as the civil rights movement heated up, King kept firearms for self-protection. In fact, he even applied for a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

A recipient of constant death threats, King had armed supporters take turns guarding his home and family. He had good reason to fear that the Klan in Alabama was targeting him for assassination.

Winkler added:

In 1956, after King’s house was bombed, King applied for a concealed carry permit in Alabama. The local police had discretion to determine who was a suitable person to carry firearms. King, a clergyman whose life was threatened daily, surely met the requirements of the law, but he was rejected nevertheless. At the time, the police used any wiggle room in the law to discriminate against African Americans.

Sadly, the same tyrannical legislation that was used to deny King a potentially life-saving concealed carry permit is still alive and well in the land of the free. Americans of all colors continue to face the barriers to self-defense in “may issue” states like California and New Jersey.

Last year, the Gun Owners of America issued a powerful tweet highlighting the dangers of such control.

As King’s assassination illustrates, police can’t or won’t protect you and a gun may be your only line of defense. As the anti-self-defense groups rally around this day to use it to call for removing your right to protect yourself and your family, remember that even one of the most peaceful men in history knew the importance of the second amendment — as well as the implications when the state acts to remove it.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/martin-luther-king-assassination-gun-rights/