Red Dragon Of Revelation: AN Area In Space Hidden By GOOGLE, MICROSOFT and NASA

What is The ‘Red Dragon’ anomaly and why was Google Sky hiding it? Something big is about to happen and NASA is systematically covering it up. What is hiding in the Virgo constellation? A question that is causing a lot of commotion in the conspiracy and religious circles.

The world knows that Google is a powerful entity across the globe and their powers are becoming more and more. Away from the obvious, why would they need to hide this area in Space on Google Sky?


When they investigated the same area on other space application platforms, they found similar black boxes hiding what lays beneath. After Google finally released this area in Google Sky, this wild picture shows up. The representation of the area can be compared with a red dragon. That’s how it got its name. 


This object represents a chapter in the Book of Revelations. All that is needed to do is do some research and stories can be found.

The Woman and the Dragon

12 A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. 2 She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth. 3 Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads. 4 Its tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth. The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth so that it might devour her child the moment he was born. 5 She gave birth to a son, a male child, who “will rule all the nations with an iron scepter.”[a] And her child was snatched up to God and to his throne. 6 The woman fled into the wilderness to a place prepared for her by God, where she might be taken care of for 1,260 days. 7 Then war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. 8 But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. 9 The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.



The truth is often covered up when it should be shared. The constellation shows something that could be identified as a serpent-like creature. Resembling the dragon sitting at the feet of a pregnant woman waiting to devour her child, the dragon is wrestling with another constellation which represents St Michael. Red flags have been raised. This is not a clear sign of the end times but in 2017 the world is facing some scary happenings that raise a lot of questions.


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Bodies of 400 Children Discovered in Hidden Mass Grave at Catholic Orphanage


The results of a horrifying investigation into a Catholic orphanage are being released this week. The report revealed the discovery of a mass grave containing the bodies of over 400 orphans—including babies, toddlers, and children.

The investigation, conducted by the Sunday Post and the BBC, looked into the dark secret of the Catholic run Smyllum Park orphanage. While the orphanage—which operated for a century and a half—put headstones on the graves of nuns and staff members, no stone or memorial has ever recorded the deaths of these 402 orphans found buried in a single mass grave.

According to the Sunday Post, the revelation that up to 400 youngsters – and some adults – are buried there today provoked calls for Scotland’s ongoing Child Abuse Inquiry to investigate.

As the BBC reports, the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul, which ran the home, refused to comment on the findings.

Former First Minister, Jack McConnell, who, on behalf of the Scottish Government, apologized to victims of care home abuse in 2004, said it was shameful they were still waiting for truth and justice, reports the Post. He said, “It is heartbreaking to discover so many children may have been buried in these unmarked graves. After so many years of silence, we must now know the truth of what happened here.”

According to the BBC, “Analysis of the records show that a third of those who died were aged 5 or younger. Twenty-four of those who died were older than 15, and most of the deaths occurred between 1870 and 1930.”

The Post noted that what this means is that “the death rate among 1- to 14-year-olds was at least 30 deaths per 1,000.”

“Analysis of figures from the National Records of Scotland, reveal the highest mortality rate among children aged between 1 and 14 was in 1901 when 10.4 deaths per 1,000 were recorded,” it added.

This means the mortality rate for children in the Catholic run orphanage was 300 percent higher than the highest mortality rate of Scottish children ever recorded.

“Some children were sent to the home from other places across central Scotland, so spot checks were also made with a number of other areas. Burial records were discovered in Glasgow for two of the dead. No other area we approached could find any burial record for the names we asked them to check,” according to the BBC.

“As the Daughters of Charity have previously indicated that children were buried in an unmarked plot at the cemetery, and that their records are incomplete, all the bodies are believed to be buried in the graveyard.”

The inquiry into the mass grave began in 2003 when two former residents of the orphanage Frank Docherty and Jim Kane set out in their efforts to expose the rampant physical abuse which they claimed happened regularly to many of the children.

Docherty and Kane were told by Daughter of Charity of St Vincent de Paul that their records suggested that only 158 children had been buried on the property. However, Docherty and Kane, who both died earlier this year, suspected those numbers to be much higher. The BBC/Post investigation proves they were right.

“Oh my God, I’ve got goose pimples. It’s shocking,” said Frank Docherty’s widow, Janet, when the Post told her the results of their investigation.

“He had been trying for years to find a figure and he didn’t get anywhere. That’s unbelievable.

“Frank always feared there were more kids buried there and this is proof of that,” she said. “He would have been content that it has come out now at last.”

According to the BBC’s report,

Analysis of the records show that a third of those who died were aged five or under. Very few of those who died, 24 in total, were aged over 15, and most of the deaths occurred between 1870 and 1930.

One of those believed to be buried there is Francis McColl. He died in 1961, aged 13; his death certificate indicates he died from a brain hemorrhage.

His brother Eddie spent decades wondering what had happened to Francis. At one point, he heard he’d been struck on the head by a golf club, which now chimes with the evidence of the death certificate.

However, according to the report, Eddie could find no records of where his brother was buried.

“It’s ridiculous,” he says. “I’m not happy about that. Whoever is behind this, I hope they can live with themselves.”

Many allegations of abuse at the care home were also uncovered by File on 4 and the Sunday Post, including beatings, punches, public humiliations and psychological abuse, according to the report.

The Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul have declined to speak publicly on any of these recent revelations.

However, they released a statement saying, “We are Core Participants in the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry and are co-operating fully with that inquiry.

“We remain of the view that this inquiry is the most appropriate forum for such investigations.

“Given the ongoing work of the inquiry we do not wish to provide any interviews.

“We wish to again make clear that, as Daughters of Charity, our values are totally against any form of abuse and thus, we offer our most sincere and heartfelt apology to anyone who suffered any form of abuse whilst in our care.”

Below is a clip from the BBC’s 38-minute show on the horrifying discovery.

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7 Hidden Causes Of Varicose Veins You Need To Know

Varicose veins are enlarged veins that often occur in the legs and feet. The lower body is more prone to varicose veins because standing and walking upright increases the pressure in these veins. For most people, varicose veins are a cosmetic concern. For others, they may become painful and uncomfortable.

Here are seven surprising causes of varicose veins:

1. Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most common causes of varicose veins. During pregnancy, the amount of blood in a woman’s body increases, while the amount of blood flowing from the legs to the pelvis actually decreases. This can cause the veins in the legs to become enlarged.

2. Crossing Your Legs

Crossing your legs changes the way the blood circulates throughout your body. Over time, a common habit of crossing your legs can lead to varicose veins caused by poor blood circulation.

3. Certain Skin Care Routines

The way you take care of your skin matters when it comes to preventing varicose veins. If you cut yourself while shaving, your normal blood circulation may become disrupted, which puts added pressure on the veins. Rubbing lotion on your legs can help keep your skin moisturized while increasing circulation.

4. Sitting For Long Periods Of Time

Sitting for long periods of time can lead to varicose veins. Sitting all day can cause blood to pool in your veins instead of being pumped around by the muscles, which can lead to enlarged veins.

5. Lack Of Exercise

Lack of exercise can cause blood to pool in your veins. Exercising regularly and staying active can help maintain healthy blood circulation throughout the body to prevent varicose veins. Weight training can also help strengthen your body and reduce your chances of developing varicose veins.

6. Sodium

Salty foods can directly impact your veins. A diet full of sodium can lead to water retention, which puts a significant amount of added pressure on your blood pressure. This can lead to enlarged veins.

7. Wearing High Heels

Walking around can help prevent varicose veins, but the range of motion in your ankles and calves is limited in high heels. You calf becomes stuck in a single position, which prevents blood from being properly circulated. Switch to flats every once in a while to help prevent enlarged veins.

Watch the video below for some natural remedies to help get rid of varicose veins:

via:Mayo Clinc /  Medline Plus  /  Healthy Eating

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Your Next Car May Have A Hidden Camera In The Rearview Mirror That Records You While Driving

Nowadays it seems like there are cameras everywhere and in an instant, your life could be captured on film. But, imagine being filmed even while you drive?

There is a rumor that the automaker of the Tesla Model 3 has installed a driver-facing camera in the rear view mirror of each vehicle, making it easy to spy on the driver.

Tesla has stated that the cameras are currently deactivated but critics are concerned about the actual purpose of them. The company also refused to mention them in their Model 3 launch last week. While they’ve been fairly quiet about the cameras, they have said that the camera will be activated when the software updates.

According to autonomous driving professionals, these types of driver-facing cameras would be required for vehicles that perform level three autonomous driving. The system would be self-driving, using the driver as a backup while monitoring the environment and making decisions on the road. These same experts have said that the camera would be used to monitor the gaze of the driver to determine if they are paying attention to the road. If they are not then they will be alerted.

The current Tesla autopilot system allows level two autonomous driving where the speed of the vehicle and the steering are controlled by driver assistance systems. All the other elements are controlled by humans.

In the past, Tesla has mentioned that future software updates will allow level three to five autonomy on existing hardware in the vehicles.

A fully autonomous system not requiring a human’s input would be considered a Level five autonomy and it will have the capability to maneuver all types of terrains including dirt tracks. According to Electrek, the camera covers the entire inside of the vehicle in addition to the driver.

The major controversy with these vehicles is the fact that they aren’t very affordable. In a fancy launch ceremony at the company factory in Fremont, California, Tesla sold the first 30 Model 3s and the CEO Elon Musk announced that he is expecting to make and sell 500,000 Model 3s a year.

Musk is on a mission to change the way people drive and has taken on well-established car giants. He hopes to replace today’s cars with the wide range of sleek electric vehicles.

‘This is the day we’ve been working towards since the beginning of the company,” said Musk.

Critics are saying that electric cars are costly, inefficient and impractical, however; others are praising the affordability at $35,000 for customers in the US. In a single charge, the five-seat car will be able to travel 215 miles and have acceleration from zero to 60mph in under six seconds.

Commenters were happy to share their opinions on the advanced vehicles…

“Tesla is way too big brother for me. I do not want a computer running my car that can be hacked and tracked. Apparently, they even track when you manually brake and accelerate, in case you try to say that the autonomous driving feature malfunctioned and caused an accident. Creepy. If this is the future I am going to stop driving.”


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9/11: How Conspiracy Theories Work In The Hidden Hands Of The Deep State

Conspiracy theories are the backbone of US foreign policy. For example, the George W. Bush regime was active in a conspiracy against Iraq and Saddam Hussein. The Bush regime created fake evidence of Iraqi «weapons of mass destruction», sold the false story to a gullible world and used it to destroy Iraq and murder its leader. Similarly, Gaddafi was a victim of an Obama/Hillary conspiracy to destroy Libya and murder Gaddafi. Assad of Syria and Iran were slated for the same treatment until the Russians intervened.

Currently, Washington is engaged in conspiracies against Russia, China, and Venezuela. Proclaiming a non-existent «Iranian threat», Washington put US missiles on Russia’s border and used the «North Korean threat» to put missiles on China’s border. The democratically elected leader of Venezuela is said by Washington to be a dictator, and sanctions have been put on Venezuela to help the small Spanish elite through whom Washington has traditionally ruled South American countries pull of a coup and reestablish US control over Venezuela.

Everyone is a threat: Venezuela, Yemen, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, tribes in Pakistan, Libya, Russia, China, North Korea, but never Washington. The greatest conspiracy theory of our time is that Americans are surrounded by foreign threats. We are not even safe from Venezuela.

The New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, NPR, and the rest of the presstitutes are quick to debunk as conspiracy theories all explanations that differ from the explanations of the ruling interests that they serve.

Yet, as I write and for some nine months to date, the presstitute media has been promoting the conspiracy theory that Donald Trump was involved in a conspiracy with the president of Russia and Russian intelligence services to hack the US presidential election and place Trump, a Russian agent, in the White House.

This conspiracy theory has no evidence whatsoever. It doesn’t need evidence, because it serves the interests of the military/security complex, the Democratic Party, the neoconservatives, and permits the presstitutes to show lavish devotion to their masters. By endless repetition a lie becomes truth.

There is a conspiracy, and it is against the American people. Their jobs have been offshored in order to enrich the already rich. They have been forced into debt in a futile effort to maintain their living standards. Their effort to stem their decline by electing a president who spoke for them is being subverted before their eyes by an utterly corrupt media and ruling class.

Sooner or later it will dawn on them that there is nothing they can do but violently revolt. Most likely, by the time they reach this conclusion it will be too late.

For the gullible and naive who have been brainwashed into believing that any explanation that differs from the officially-blessed one is a conspiracy theory, there are available online long lists of government conspiracies that succeeded in deceiving the people in order that the governments could achieve agendas that the people would have rejected.

If liberty continues to exist on earth, it will not be in the Western world. It will be in Russia and China, countries that emerged out of the opposite and know the value of liberty, and it will be in those South American countries, such as Venezuela, Ecuador, and Bolivia that fight for their sovereignty against American oppression.

Indeed, as historians unconcerned with their careers are beginning to write, the primary lesson in history is that governments deceive their peoples.

Memories Of History: When The People Get Fed Up!

Everywhere in the Western world, government is a conspiracy against the people.


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Cat In The Racist Hat? Time Promotes Scholar of 'Hidden Racism' In Beloved Children's Books

THE CAT IN THE HAT: Dr. Seuss was a complicated figure – many of his books promoted tolerance, like Horton Hears a Who! Others descended to racial stereotyping, like characters “who wear their eyes in a slant” in If I Ran The Zoo. His famous Cat in the Hat took partial inspiration from minstrelsy. (Take a closer look at the white globes and the extravagant top hat)

LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE: “The Little House books are super racist in the way they present Native Americans,” Nel says. “They are to be removed from the land, and are dehumanized when they are mentioned. The line ‘The only good Indian is a dead Indian’ shows up in there.”

PIPPI LONGSTOCKING: Books can have both virtues and sins. Pippi is a spunky role model for young girls, but her father travels to the South Seas and becomes “King of the Negros” (or in American editions since the ‘50s, “King of the Cannibals.”)

THE STORY OF BABAR: Babar presents “colonialism as benign,” Nel says. “ Babar becomes this civilized elephant, and because of that is able to go back to his people and be more respected because he’s become more European.”

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The Hidden Massive Racial Discrimination in America against Whites

The main argument for affirmative action is that institutions should reflect racial percentages of population, if not there must be de facto racial discrimination. Here is the breakdown of students by race at America’s premier university, Obama’s alma mater, Harvard. Even though non-Jewish White Americans are about 65 percent of the population and are 70 percent of the highest performing students, non-Jewish Whites are only about 20 percent of the Harvard student body.

So what race is really the victim of racial discrimination? For those who are truly dedicated to stopping racial discrimination, what are you going to do about this massive discrimination, or does it not matter to you because White people happen to be the victims?

The hidden, massive racial discrimination that goes on in America against White people!

A U.S. Government study offers proof that European Americans face massive institutional racial discrimination that affects millions of the most talented and educated of our people

Commentary by Dr. David Duke — As most of you know, the term “white supremacist” has become literally a prefix of my name when I am in the news. It is the media’s way to condition readers not to pay attention to what I say because I am a “white supremacist.” The truth is I am not a White supremacist, and I seek no supremacy or control over any people, but I do demand that the rights and heritage of people of European descent be respected as much as any other people’s rights.

The fact is that in the United States of America, Canada, the UK and in many other areas of Europe Whites face a powerful state-sanctioned, and often mandated, racial discrimination against White people who are better-qualified than their non-White counterparts. It may be surprising to some reading this, but millions of the discriminated against Whites are often poorer and face more difficult social situations than many of their non-White counterparts who are being given preference over them.

It also affects the most talented of our people.  Many Whites are under the mistaken impression that the White victims of racial discrimination are mostly from the low income and low IQ sectors of the population. Nothing could be further from the truth. In actuality, the percentages of Whites who are victims of racial discrimination are much higher in the sectors of the White population with the highest intelligence and greatest abilities. The facts are shocking, but true.

Most people know that most universities have programs of admittance that give less-qualified minorities preference over better-qualified Whites. Almost all of the Fortune 500 largest corporations have affirmative action and diversity programs that discriminate against White people, both male and female, in hiring. They also have programs of discrimination that favor non-Whites in promotions and advancement. This is true in the academic area as well.

You can look at almost any academic department of any American university and you will see in place a strong racial bias for “minorities” in preference over Whites in hiring and advancement.

Whether you are talking about a university History, English or Math department in almost any university, these policies are in place and powerful. These racial discriminatory policies are real, and they can be easily proven to exist. But now, thanks to a government study, there is even a more powerful way to show their real impact on tens of millions of White Americans.

The brilliant economist and author, whose pen name is Yggdrasil, has compiled the data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY)  (beginning 1979,and continuing) which was a massive study conducted for the U.S. Department of Labor, which contacted 155,000 families to obtain a representative sample by race, IQ, income, education and other factors, to see how remedial efforts for minorities were doing. 12,686 survey participants were to be interviewed each year, of which 11,914 took the AQFT test – an IQ test with a very high “g” loading. The income, education and net worth charts deal only with the group which completed the test and then were tracked over time. The charts use the AQFT89 percentile scores, considered by experts to be the most psychometrically accurate.

It was done after the installation of so called “affirmative action” programs which gave preference to non-White groups over whites. The NLSY study is meant to follow this huge sampling for their entire lives to see how diversity is working out for America. The data from this ongoing study is tangible proof of the horrendous level of racial discrimination going on against White people. I will link you to Yggdrasil’s fine paper in a moment, but let me first give you a couple of snippets from his work that proves the existence of massive racial discrimination going on against our people.

Here is a chart showing the ethnic breakdown of the most prestigious university in the United States of America: Harvard. America’s premier university is extremely expensive (unless you receive special grants and scholarships) and a degree from it just about guarantees its graduates the best paid and prestigious jobs America has to offer.

Affirmative action advocates have long said the companies or institutions that don’t reflect the actual racial population percentages are de facto racist and discriminatory. So what is the situation at Harvard, where non-Jewish Whites who are about 70 percent of the highest performing students in America but are now only about 20 percent of the Harvard student body.

Also read The Myth of American Meritocracy by Ron Unz.

One should first consider the fact that Whites are represented in the top two percentile level on college admission tests on an average that is a 5 times higher rate than non-White groups. If one then factors in the fact that Whites are also 70 percent of the population, there should be at least 25 times more Whites who would be better qualified than the non-White students currently at Harvard. But even though these Whites are the best and brightest America has to offer, they are limited to only 20 percent of Harvard students! Such is nothing more than blatant, racial discrimination.

Jews use Affirmative Action to Discriminate Against Whites at the Elite Universities and to favor of less qualified Jews!

Another shocking fact one can gleam from this chart and many in the NLSY studies, is that Jewish over-representation is not based simply on the fact that Jews have a high intelligence. The are 10 times overrepresented than their intelligence bracket would indicate. Such would suggest their intra-tribal racist tribalism that promotes their own and discriminates against their White competitors. Jews have gained control of the administrations of most of the Ivy League universities and use affirmative action (which lowers the importance of entrance examinations and academic records) to put less qualified Jews over better qualified Whites.

The Jewish takeover and discrimination against Whites in the elite universities not only are horrifically unfair to the White victims, it has a huge impact in empowering a Jewish elite in America that dominates the critical areas of American politics, academia, media and finance.

In talking about the academic takeover by Jews of American elite universities David Brooks of the NY Times literally calls it”Jewish Takeover of America” because the academic takeover translates to enormous power over the American establishment.

Massive, Repressive Racial Discrimination Proven Against White People

The NLSY data also shows how incomes today in the USA correlate with race and intelligence. Let’s take a look at the NLSY tracking studies of intelligent White women, these are White women in the 90 to 97 percent IQ bracket as compared to Black women in that same high 90 to 97 percent IQ bracket.

So when you look at the Blacks have intelligence in the highest performing group as Whites — The average Black females of that IQ level earned an average of approximately $54,000 per year through 1996, whereas White females on the same IQ level earned only half of that amount, about $28,000 per year through 1996.

When White women in the same intelligence bracket of Black women earn half of the average amount that the Black women do, that’s real racial discrimination.

I am not referring here to a select few White women who are at least equally qualified but getting half the salary that Black women do, I am talking about the average high intelligence White women in America! The NLSY is a big enough sample that reflects the whole nation. In fact it is meant to. The average White woman of high intelligence earns one-half of what Black women do of the same intelligence! White men of higher abilities also earn less than their black counterparts but the disparity is not as great.

Non-Jewish White women earn only 40 percent of equally qualified Jewish women earn

As incredibly discriminatory affirmative action is against White women in regard to Blacks, it is far, far worse in regard to Jews. According to the NSLY study, White women in the same higher ability brackets as Jewish women who are in those brackets — Earn only 40 percent of the income as the Jews do. Again, flying under the radar of affirmative action, which gives administrators the ability to lessen the impact of qualification exams, they bring in massive numbers of less qualified Jews and racially discriminate against better qualified European Americans.

I obviously don’t like this racial discrimination against our people. Neither does the economist Yggdrasil. We advocate that the best person, regardless of race, gets whatever college admission or job or promotion their abilities dictate. We have no fear of how well our people will do on a fair playing field. Because we stand for true civil rights, human rights in the matter, we are called racists, and the real capper: “white supremacists.”

There are many people in America and around the world who are ignorant of the facts of anti-White racial discrimination. The media act like it doesn’t exist. Even after the election of an affirmative action African-American President, America is still painted as an anti-Black racist country. The truth is that European Americans are facing racial discrimination in the very institutions and nation that our forefathers created. Our movement is truly a liberation movement like any other in the world, that strives for a people to be free and live in a society of our own values, rather than in an oppressive society imposed upon us.

We are not racists or supremacists trying to deny the rights of others.

We are human rights activists defending our people’s rights and heritage.

The Jewish elite who “has taken over America” constitutes the real racism in America, one that is against European Americans!

–Dr. David Duke

Here is the link for Yggdrasil’s great article complete with his powerful charts that show the racial discrimination going on against our people. Let this truth go out to America and to the world!


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