Sderot, “bomb shelter capital of the world”, not as heroic as Israel claims

The border town, “rained on” by Gaza rockets, is still the main plank of propaganda efforts to justify Israel’s vicious stranglehold on Gaza.

Stuart Littlewood writes:

CBN News has run a story with the headline Israel “Takes Diplomats on Tour along Gaza Border”, in which Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely, tells them it’s her duty to let them “see the real challenges on the ground”.

Sderot, which has become known as “the bomb shelter capital of the world”, is a compulsory stop on these propaganda tours. Being only a mile from the Gaza Strip, residents have little time to take cover, though very few have been killed by Gaza’s erratic garden-shed missiles.

The story of brave Sderot is told ad nauseam to brainwash the media and their own people besides the coach-loads of gullible foreign politicians and tourists. The Israeli authorities have studiously counted and broadcast the number of home-made Qassam projectiles, claiming that more than 15,000 “terrorist” rockets have “rained down” on Sderot since the Israeli occupier pulled its citizens and troops out of the Gaza Strip in 2005, saying they were making a concession of territory designed to bring peace. Of course, it didn’t. Why?

For several reasons. Israel’s “concession” was the handing back of territory that didn’t belong to them in the first place. Furthermore, the pull-out on the ground has still left Israel occupying Gaza’s territorial waters and airspace, and in control of all land crossings – including the one into Egypt. The Zionist regime has thus maintained a vicious blockade on the tiny coastal enclave for the last 10 years. Hotovely and her regime colleagues, who preach non-stop about Israel’s right to self-defence, fail to understand that the Palestinians have the same right and are entitled to mount an armed resistance against their illegal occupier.

Sderot is built on the lands of a Palestinian Arab village called Najd, which was ethnically cleansed by Jewish terrorists in May 1948 before Israel was declared a state and before any Arab armies entered Palestine. The 600-plus villagers, all Muslim, were forced to flee for their lives.

What Israelis never admit to is how many missiles, bombs, shells, mortar rounds and other high-tech ordnance launched by their F-16s, helicopter gunships, drones, tanks and navy gunboats have slammed into crowded Gaza, causing horrendous slaughter and reducing homes and vital infrastructure (much of it paid for by European Union and American taxpayers) to rubble.

And there’s another little fact that Hotovely is careful not to mention. Sderot is built on the lands of a Palestinian Arab village called Najd, which was ethnically cleansed by Jewish terrorists in May 1948 before Israel was declared a state and before any Arab armies entered Palestine. The 600-plus villagers, all Muslim, were forced to flee for their lives. Britain, the mandated government, was on watch while this and many other atrocities were committed by rampaging Jewish militias.

Arabs owned over 90 per cent of the land in Najd and, according to UN Resolution 194 and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, they are entitled to return home. But, as we have come to expect, Israel refuses to recognise the rights of others and will not allow them back. Anyway, what is there for them to return to? The 82 homes there were bulldozed. Najd was one of 418 Palestinian villages and towns ethnically cleansed and wiped off the map by Zionist Jews. Its inhabitants became refugees in Gaza and their families are probably still living in camps there.

The irony is that some of them may be manning the rocket launcher!

When Barak Obama visited Sderot he spouted the well-worn mantra backing Israel’s right to protect its citizens from rocket attacks. “If somebody was sending rockets into my house where my two daughters sleep at night, I would do everything to stop that, and would expect Israel to do the same thing.” Well said, Obama. But let’s hope you wouldn’t be so stupid or arrogant as to live on land you stole from your neighbour at gun-point.

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CNN condemns heroic student who shielded others as a "liar" because he won’t parrot left-wing gun control talking points

Image: CNN condemns heroic student who shielded others as a “liar” because he won’t parrot left-wing gun control talking points

(Natural News)
Straight up: CNN is no longer even pretending to be a “news” network, and instead has gone full-blown Marxist in pushing as much agitprop as possible because, obviously, the commies who work there are pushing Americans toward civil war.

Case in point: The Salem witch hunt-like “town hall” meeting the network sponsored Wednesday evening, featuring a whole bunch of Left-wing outrage and two conservatives — Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch.

The event was billed as a forum for ideas about how to solve the growing epidemic of school shootings following the most recent one in southern Florida.

But it never was meant to be a back-and-forth conversation. In fact, there was never meant to be ‘conversation’ at all. CNN and host Jake Tapper, a once-respected journalist who has become little more than a Nazi-like propagandist, designed the event as a forum for Left-wing hatred, period.

But it gets worse.

CNN has also called one of the student heroes of the Florida shooting a liar.

This is CNN.

As The National Sentinel reported:

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Colton Haab says that CNN approached him to ask a question [at] Wednesday’s televised town hall-style meeting but he refused to do so after he was given a “scripted question.”

Haab, who is a member of the Junior ROTC program, shielded students during the attack by admitted killer Nikolas Cruz. He said he had planned to ask a question about using military veterans as armed security guards…

“Colton wrote questions about school safety, suggested using veterans as armed school security guards but claims CNN wanted him to ask a scripted question instead so he decided not to go,” Janine Stanwood, of WPLG-TV, reported.

“CNN had originally asked me to write a speech and questions and it ended up being all scripted,” Haab said. “I don’t think that it’s going get anything accomplished. It’s not gonna ask the true questions that all the parents and teachers and students have.”

“Colton Haab, a member of the Junior ROTC who shielded classmates in the midst of terror says he did not get to share his experience,” WPLG’s Janine Stanwood explained.

But of course, CNN, the network of ‘integrity,’ denied it, saying in a statement, “CNN did not, and does not, script any questions for town hall meetings, ever.” (Related: There can be NO reconciling between political Right vs. Left, so it’s best we “divorce” peacefully NOW before we turn America into one giant Syria.)

Right. Of course, this is the network that hired former Clinton operative Donna Brazile, who proceeded to give debate questions to Hillary Clinton in advance of a CNN-hosted Democratic presidential debate.

And this is the same network that has a very long history of packing its Democratic-themed events with plants, as Michelle Malkin, host of “Michelle Malkin Investigates,” noted in a January 2016 column:

At the cable station’s Democratic debate in Las Vegas in 2007, moderator Wolf Blitzer introduced several citizen questioners as “ordinary people, undecided voters.” But they later turned out to include a former Arkansas Democratic director of political affairs, the president of the Islamic Society of Nevada, and a far-left anti-war activist who’d been quoted in newspapers lambasting Harry Reid for his failure to pull out of Iraq.

There are many other examples — and Malkin lists them — but you get the point. CNN is nothing but a shill for the Marxist Left, a propaganda tool that would make Josef Goebbels proud.

And now it has stooped to the level of calling a young, hero, military-officer-to-be a liar because he won’t toe their socialist line.

Like the network, Americans who still watch CNN really aren’t interested in ‘fixing’ our school-shooter problem. All they want to do is attack people who don’t agree with them.

J.D. Heyes is also editor-in-chief of The National Sentinel.

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Heroic Parkland Shooting Survivor Calls Out CNN for ‘Scripted’ Questions

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Heroic Man Dives Into Mud To Rescue Impala At Zimbabwe National Park [Video]

By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

If you saw another person in distress, would you help? Most people would likely respond with a “yes.” But change the scenario: if you saw an innocent animal in help — even a frightened, thrashing impala, would you still take time to assist? It’s impossible to know until the moment arrives. But fortunately for an impala at the Zimbabwe National Park, a heroic man nearby wasn’t about to let her die.

GoodNewsNetwork reports that after the impala apparently fell in the mud, it unsuccessfully tried to free itself from the muck. Escape attempt after escape attempt, it failed however. Exhausted from the efforts, it was close to drowning. Then, she was spotted by the right man.

The intelligent individual took a moment to tie a safety rope around his waist. Then, he crawled toward the frightened animal. As soon as he reached the impala, the man tied the rope around it legs. He then told his friends to pull them both to safety.

When the impala made it to safe, dry land, it was too tired to move at first. But then, they poured some water in her mouth and she hopped up and ran away. The incredible rescue can be viewed below. For obvious reasons, it has gone viral.



Mankind has become accustomed to believing he/she is at the top of the food chain and that as a result, no other lives matter. But the contrary is true. The ecosystem thrives because of the complicated symbiosis between all life forms. The compassion the man in the video above extended to the impala is the same every person should extend to all creatures. When this happens, the world will be a drastically different place.

Read more: The Truth Behind My Lion Selfie



I am Luke Miller, content manager at Truth Theory and creator of Potential For Change. I like to blend psychology and spirituality to help you create more happiness in your life.Grab a copy of my free 33 Page Illustrated eBook- Psychology Meets Spirituality- Secrets To A Supercharged Life You Control Here

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[WATCH] Heroic Employee Wrongly Accused Of The Crime He Helped Stop

The City of Decatur Police Department is doing an internal review of an investigation that led to the wrongful arrest of a former Verizon employee who helped stop a crime.

The review comes after 11Alive’s Jennifer Leslie began asking questions about why an investigator relied on the wrong surveillance video as evidence against Omar Malcolm, 31.

Malcolm was one of two employees working at a Verizon store in Decatur on January 23, 2016, when two men in hoodies walked in and tried to steal an iPad from one of the demonstration tables.

Store surveillance video shows Malcolm’s co-worker, Armani Grant, grab one of the men before Malcolm runs up and tackles the other one.

“Was it instinct that kicked in?” Leslie asked Malcolm.

“It was definitely instinct because I’m not a very truculent person, not very aggressive at all,” he explained.

Malcolm got the iPad back, but the thieves got away.

“So you’re probably thinking you’ve got a piece of evidence for police?” Leslie asked.

“Exactly,” Malcolm said. “As far as fingerprints, I thought they were dead to rights because they didn’t have any gloves on or anything.”

A customer called 911 to report the crime.

“What did they take?” the 911 operator asked the customer.

“They didn’t take anything,” he said. “They got beat up by the guys in the store.”

Decatur Police responded and examined the iPad for fingerprints but never interviewed Malcolm or listed him as a witness or employee in the incident report.

Three months later, police came back with a match to Omar Malcolm, the same store employee who tackled one of the suspects and grabbed the iPad.

His prints were on file with police from a misdemeanor charge that was dismissed years ago.

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Filming Cops

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Heroic Senator Vows to Hold Defense Bill Hostage Unless Congress Ends Iraq & Afghan Wars

The Senate on Monday took up the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), passing a motion in an 89-3 vote which allowed the legislation to proceed. That action essentially limits the procedural debate on the legislation and moves the NDAA to a full vote as early as Wednesday morning.

However, Paul made clear on his Twitter account that he had every intention of slowing down the passage of the NDAA – which sets forth the Pentagon’s budget and major programs for the next fiscal year beginning October 1 – until he was guaranteed a vote on amending the AUMF in Afghanistan in Iraq.

“I will object to all procedural motions and amendments unless and until my amendment is made in order and we vote on these wars,” Paul wrote.

He went on to note the length of time that the US military has been present in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“We have been there for 16 years. It is time for them to end. It is time for Congress to vote on whether or not they should end.”

Paul noted that the Senate was in a “quorum call,” unable to act because of his protest.

He vowed to continue the protest until Congress agreed to vote on whether or not to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Paul noted that his protest was for the soldiers, adding that “hypocrites” are happy to “pretend concern over our constitutional duty to declare war” but are happy to “block any vote on ending any of our 7 current wars.”

The senator said that he “sits nearly alone,” but he is happy to fight by himself if needed.

In addition to Paul, the NDAA cloture motion was opposed by Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden.

Paul took aim at both the “anti-war left” and the “conservative right” in his series of tweets.

“Where is the anti-war left demanding the wars end? Where is the constitional [sic] conservative right demanding Congress reclaim its war powers?” he wrote.

Although an increasing number of lawmakers have been calling on Congress to pass a new AUMF for Afghanistan, Paul has largely been alone in his mission to put a deadline on Congress for a vote.

Paul did appear to strike at least a partial deal with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) about an hour after initially issuing his threats to delay the NDAA passage, with McConnell guaranteeing Paul four hours on Tuesday to state his AUMF reasoning on the Senate floor, the Washington Post reported.

However, that wasn’t enough to get Paul to back down, with the senator later reiterating his plan to “continue to fight, and if necessary, object, to continue this debate, secure a vote, and force Congress to do its duty.”

The war in Afghanistan, which began in 2001 as a US response to the September 11 attacks, is the longest war in US history.

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Idaho Police Department Thanks 'Heroic' Nurse For Standing Up To Utah Cop

An Idaho police department is hailing nurse Alex Wubbels as a hero for standing up to Salt Lake City Detective Jeff Payne, who tried to take blood from a patient without a warrant or consent.

That patient, it turns out, is William Gray, a reserve officer in Rigby, a city about 15 miles north of Idaho Falls. 

“The Rigby Police Department would like to thank the nurse involved and hospital staff for standing firm, and protecting Officer Gray’s rights as a patient and victim,” the agency said on Facebook. “Protecting the rights of others is truly a heroic act.”

Gray, who is also a truck driver, was badly injured in July when a suspect in a car fleeing police slammed into his truck. The suspect died, and Gray was flown to the University of Utah Burn Center. 

In the hospital, police tried to take blood from Gray, who was not under arrest and not conscious and therefore unable to consent to the blood draw. In addition, police did not have a warrant. 

Wubbels told Payne he could not draw blood under those circumstances and even got other hospital officials on the phone to confirm that policy to the detective. 

She was arrested, and eventually released without being charged. 

Payne is now facing a criminal investigation. Another officer is also on leave as the incident is investigated. 

The Rigby Police Department said it was not aware of the incident surrounding the blood draw until last week.

“It is important to remember that Officer Gray is the victim in this horrible event, and that at no time was he under any suspicion of wrongdoing,” the department said. “As he continues to heal, we would ask that his family be given privacy, respect, and prayers for continued recovery and peace.”

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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